Monday, May 18, 2009

Another Citizen Being Targeted For Directed Energy Weapons Reports Terrible Isolation And Suffering

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The following is just further evidence that citizens from many countries are being tortured and murdered by those within our respective intelligence communities who are using directed energy weapons (DEW) via satellite to commit these crimes with both anonymity and impunity.

The "Silent Holocaust" as these crimes against humanity have been dubbed, continues to plague millions of citizens around this planet.

Many journalists who refuse to kowtow to the official 9-11 mega lie continue to be targeted for this alternative anti judicial punishment, by squads of vigilantes who have no respect for basic human decency, or the Constitutional rule of law.

Another Former Journalist Who Is Being Subjected To DEW Attacks & Organized Stalking Crimes

The following disturbing post was sourced from: Freedom From Covert Harassment & Surveillance & Concerns The Torture & Rape Of Former Washington Post Reporter Jane Davidson

Editor's Notation: The Washington Post was the first American media venue to be infiltrated by the CIA as the result of the CIA's Operation Mockingbird covert operation, in which to usurp the United States media for its own treasonous agenda.

The CIA's 1948 furtive takeover of the Washington Post (under then publisher Phillip Graham), would eventually lead to the complete usurpation of the American media system; one which since 1948 has become little more than a venue for which the U.S. Intel community propagates its own disinformation.

And as we have seen in the attacks on many former reporters (including that of Vic Livingston and Jane Davidson), these people are being ostracized for speaking their mind, and used as examples to the rest of the media community, to either acquiesce to the official 9-11 Mega Lie, or suffer the devastating consequences for having failed to do so. What we are witnessing here is a vicious and treasonous attack by the U.S. Federal Government, on the 1ST Amendment of the U.S Bill Of Rights. Once which will not be tolerated under any circumstances.


"I heard from Jane Davidson,( Peterborough Ontario Canada) last night (May 15)and it was a panic call. She and I were close about a year ago, but she dropped out because of the increase in directed energy attacks and refused to talk to any TI.

Jane asked me to write to the TI community in the hopes of feeling safe if she informed as many as possible of her past 2 week experience with an agent she befriended / infiltrated her life.

Here is what she has asked me to relay to other targets.

Jane Davidson is a former reporter for the Washington Post. She lives in Peterborough Ontario Canada and has now taken refuge at a friends house.

Jane now fears for her life as she is able to name a few of her perpetrators.

Most recently, her life was infiltrated by an agent and he was attempting to find out what she knew. They had an intimate affair. After a period of time she believed he was communicating with someone about her. During an intimate moment with this man, she heard what she thought was a tape loading up. At a later date she found the camera in the bedroom. The agent discovers he has been caught and Jane was subsequently drugged by this agent, raped and filmed again when she was under the influence of something like a date rape drug. She has injection marks in her ankles and bruises around her entire ankle.

After the drugs wore off Jane can recall being interrogated as well.

Jane feels her life is in danger.

Jane has asked that we send her prayers and lots of them. Currently, she has no computer access.

I will keep you informed."

Debbie ******* (last name omitted to protect the poster's identity)

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