Monday, March 17, 2008

Suggestion For TI's Experiencing Vehicular Stalking In Front Of Their Homes

While there continues to be myriad ways and venues in which the Nazi idealized and government sanctioned organized stalking community malfunction, there is a quick fix to deal with those who like to parade up and down in front of a TI's home, while using their color coordinated vehicles to perpetrate this stalking crime.

Lift your window to the point where the bottom of the frame is directly at the height of your eyes. This will block out the area of roadway in which these demented Satanists travel, and further frustrate their depraved and criminal efforts to deny you your inherent and Constitutional right to be free.

** On another note, the latest NSA attack on my computer involves the opening of a Microsoft error message which forces me to log off from the Internet to close the screen. For the past two weeks or so this has been happening several times a day, and is one in myriad ways in which these government employed computer hackers invite themselves into my home computer. These federal POS (the readers can use their imaginations on the aforementioned acronym) respect no one's rights. So it is extremely important to expose every aspect of what these bathroom peeping degenerate pornographers at the NSA, FBI and other agencies of US UNintelligence perpetrate.
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