Wednesday, August 03, 2016

FBI/NSA Continue To Attack My Dad With Directed Energy Weapons - They Are Torturing Him To Death!!!

Editor's Note: My Father has just passed out due to a directed energy weapon's attack and we are trying to save his life!

These attacks have been ongoing for more than a decade, however, over the past two months they have been intensified under the guise that my Father has been suffering with a pseudomonas infection. The infection is reported to have been treated effectively, however, an intestinal infection was caused from IV antibiotics and has persisted and is still being treated. The medication being used has certain side effects which allow for more directed energy weapon's attacks.

His symptoms are typical of a directed energy weapon's ELF attack. Intense nausea, headache and terrible fatigue.

All induced by directed energy weaponry. My Dad is being tortured to death!

A digital thermometer (the thermometer can be remotely tampered with using signals intelligence technology) shows that his body temperature is 95.1 degrees which is bordering on hypothermia. Directed Energy Weapons can be used to artificially induce a state of hypothermia, which is what is happening here.

My Dad was to a doctor earlier today and no serious problems were detected. So these symptoms are Directed Energy Weapon's related!

To the politicians in this country who say that the United States does not torture Americans, that is completely untrue.

Directed Energy weapons have become the weapons of choice for committing such torture and other atrocities. All perpetrated by way of the electromagnetic spectrum and by certain factions within our Military Intelligence complex.

There are thousands of Americans who are being tortured by this government through the use of these weapons, many of whom have taken to the Internet to document these horrible crimes.

Yet the mainstream media has been ordered not to report on these atrocities, and those few courageous reporters who have have had their careers destroyed. Even worse, some have been murdered.

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