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Former Investigative Journalist Terry Tomalin (Brother Of Actress Susan Sarandon) Dies Suddenly Of A Heart Attack At Age 55 - Another Death By Directed Energy Weapon? / Is Signals Intelligence Sabotage Responsible For Seven Plane Crashes On Long Island In The Past Five Months?

John Nash Murdered To Cover Up His Use As One Of The CIA's Earliest MK-Ultra Subjects - Was The Car Crash Which Killed Nash And His Wife Orchestrated By The CIA Because Nash May Have Figured Out That The Story About His Being A Schizophrenic Was False And Used To Cover Up His Use As A Target Of CIA Mind Control Research?

*Was A Germanwings' Flight Carrying Booz Allen Hamilton Contractor, Yvonne Selke, Deliberately Crashed In Order To Murder Selke? Selke's Husband Believes That The Crash Was Caused Intentionally For The Express Purpose Of Murdering His Wife, Regarding Classified Information She Knew About Pertaining To The Ultra Secret National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

Pentagon Mind Control Weapons Are Being Used To Enslave The American People

It's Time To Abolish The Democratic And Republican Parties Since They Are Essentially A One Party System Under Rothschild Zionist Control

Editor's Note: 5/24/16 - The FBI continues in its attempts to financially bankrupt us. Recently, FBI provocateurs initiate an E-bay purchase for a boat we have for sale. An FBI provocateur posing as an E-bay member agrees to purchase this boat, then fails to follow through with the purchase. This is just one of a myriad of instances where these criminals interfere with any business deals we attempt to conduct.

The agents will never admit to their furtive efforts to bankrupt us, because such an admission would serve as evidence that the FBI is conducting a criminal conspiracy against us. And doing so in order to conceal the crimes they have perpetrated against this author for the past four decades, regarding their use of my person for MK-Ultra mind control research, and other forms of non consensual human experimentation.

5/23/16 - After posting the following, this author is hit with a directed energy weapon in my skull. I could feel the electricity running through my head and a sudden lack of coordination. The frequency was then quickly modulated downward and the symptom stopped as quickly as it began. There are a large number of people being murdered with this technology, whose deaths are being wrongfully *reported as having been the result of natural causes.

*Megadeath Drummer Dies Of A Massive Heart Attack During A Concert At The Age Of 51 - Is He The Victim Of Another Directed Energy Weapon's Induced Murder? - Is Actor Randy Quaid Correct In His Claim That Famous Media Personalities Are Being Murdered So That Their Multi Million Dollar Fortunes Can Be Stolen?

*It is this author's opinion that Football Hall Of Famer, Frank Gifford, is one of such victims, and there are myriad other well know personalities who are also being murdered with these weapons, including the late pop music stars Michael Jackson and Prince.

The FBI, NSA and DHS are just some of the alphabet agencies that are using this technology on American citizens, as a plausibly deniable way of torturing and murdering them. One of the best examples of this technology being used right under the public's nose, was on Serena Williams during the Wimbledon Tennis tournament in 2014.

I knew from the moment that I saw this video on YouTube, that Serena had been hit with a directed energy weapon. The vacant look in her eyes revealed how disoriented she was, and her complete lack of energy and coordination only served to further confirm this.

This also serves to confirm my suspicion that Serena Williams is being remotely tracked by way of her body's own unique EMF signatures, via the electromagnetic spectrum. The NSA is the likely culprit, and Serena is yet another of myriad targets of non consensual human experimentation; specifically psychotronic computer to brain interface weaponry that operates through the electromagnetic spectrum.

Serena Williams Under Directed Energy Weapons ELF Attack - A Likely ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) Wave Which Would Have Created Tremendous Exhaustion And Disorientation In The Tennis Star - It Would Also Explain Her Complete Lack Of Coordination

Earlier .. In today's Newsday Long Island newspaper, there's an article regarding several plane crashes which have taken place over a five month period in 2016. All of these crashes involved small aircraft. And most of the crashes ended in fatalities, while a few ended in crash landings in which the planes' passengers were not seriously injured.

The Newsday article seeks to find a reason for the anomaly of so many small plane crashes on Long Island over a span of only five months. This author believes that these crashes were intentionally caused using *signals intelligence satellites, which were able to remotely interfere with the electrical systems in these planes. I also believe that over the past few years, in several instances where automobiles have crashed into buildings and homes on Long Island, that signals intelligence sabotage is also to blame for causing these so called accidents.

*Is The NSA Using Its Signals Intelligence Technology To Secretly Perpetrate Corporate Espionage Against Certain Auto Manufacturers? And Did This Begin In The Early 1980s Against Audi, With The Unintended Acceleration Issues Regarding The Audi 5000?

Spike In Small Plane Crashes Over Long Island Has Some Calling For Federal Intervention" - Are The Crashes The Result Of Signals Intelligence Or Directed Energy Weapon's Attacks?


5/22/16 - For years the FBI and NSA provocateurs who use furtive means to attack this MK-Ultra target, have been quietly infiltrating Internet organizations that claim to be attempting to expose government non consensual human experimentation, as well as the vigilante hate crime organized stalking that is orchestrated through fusion centers and the FBI's Infragard program.

These agents have been very successful in destroying any legitimate activism that these groups set out to accomplish, while managing to create so much dissention, that no legitimate target of these Orwellian crimes will trust anyone - including another legitimate TI.

For years the FBI has attempted to use any means possible to entrap this author, while using anyone around me as a provocateur. When it became obvious that the FBI was using other Targeted Individuals to do so, I began to realize just how pervasive the FBI's sabotage of the TI community has been. Especially given what the U.S. Military Intelligence complex has to lose if the general population in the United States begins to realize, that the unique EMF fields produced by their own bodies are being collected by government agencies, and for the express purpose of remotely tracking us by way of the EM spectrum.

Today, even most long term members of the TI community are now admitting that though they don't understand exactly how it is accomplished, their minds are being remotely read and manipulated through the air. Moreover, they continue in their attempts to stonewall those of us who have been targets of this technology for *most of our lives, by claiming that we can't prove our allegations.

However, the stealth nature of this technology was the basis for its creation, because this technology operates through the parts of the EM spectrum that are invisible to the naked eye. So while these crimes are taking place right under the collective nose of the public, because we can't actually see this technology as it is being deployed, this gives the criminals who are using it against us the plausible denial they need in order to perpetrate these crimes with anonymity.

The end result with such weapons is the total corruption of those who secretly deploy them, since they are not operating based on any rule of law, but rather their own inhumane brainwashing. And the hierarchy of the military industrial intelligence complex, including the world's premier defense contractors are all using these weapons in order to secretly torture and murder their own citizens.

*Much of the information that was collected by various legitimate Targeted Individuals several years ago, which is to serve as an official documentation of these Orwellian crimes being perpetrated against us, is now disappearing from the Internet. Hyperlinks to Websites on these files are either no longer operational, or the files themselves have been corrupted and are no longer functioning.

In many instances, the information has simply been deleted.

Most disturbing is that the original Mind Control Forums' Website, which was created many years ago and contained the names of hundreds of legitimate targets of Mind Control experimentation, has since disappeared from the Internet; now replaced with a forum that appears to be little more than yet another venue for the government to entrap unwitting Targeted Individuals, as they search for ways in which to survive this nightmare.

The reader should also note that if a TI is murdered, there is nothing preventing those who murdered the person from taking on their persona over the Internet, and taking over the dead person's Website. I have suspected for quite some time that this has been taking place, and that many Websites that were started by legitimate TI's, are now controlled by the very government miscreants whom these venues were created to expose.

So be very careful when visiting any Website which documents Organized Stalking and Mind Control, because they may very well be secretly overseen by those who are perpetrating these atrocities against you, while they continue to destroy our Constitutional rule of law.

Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices Are Used By The NSA To Remotely Target The Unique EMF Fields Produced By The Human Brain, For The Purpose Of Establishing Computer To Brain Interface With The Neural Pathways Of Any American Citizen's Brain - The U.S. National Security Agency has long been thought to be the catalyst in regard to this Orwellian technology, and as time goes on, it has become apparent that the NSA is operating an electronic surveillance system that is based on tracking the human body through the air, and by the unique electromagnetic signatures that the body produces. This is how the NSA is able to distinguish one American citizen from another, when scanning the EM spectrum through its cellular arrangement.

Terry Tomalin Fatal Heart Attack
Murder By Directed Energy Weapons

Terry Tomalin - Did The Investigation He Did Into Polk County Police Corruption Back In The 1980s Which Made His Career, Eventually Catch Up With Him?

Editor's Note: Could there have been a conspiracy to murder Terry Tomalin? The fact that in the mid 1980s Tomalin uncovered a scandal within the Polk County Sherriff's office, which would later lead to dozens of other scandals being uncovered regarding rampant corruption and cronyism in Polk County, would not have put him in good stead with the police.

I also noticed the number *55 again (the age at which Terry Tomalin died), which has been used quite frequently over the past few years as part of the psychological warfare campaign conducted by FBI/NSA against this author.

*How Mind Control Weapons Deployed Via The Electromagnetic Spectrum Are Being Used To Destroy The Human Race

*Psychological Operations involve the use of myriad different psychological triggers which are used to systematically drive the targeted person insane. Numbers, objects, words, phrases, virtually anything can be used for such psychological warfare, as long as those who perpetrate these heinous acts never admit to doing so. Neural Linguistic Programming has become the most common use of such psychological warfare in regard to Targeted Individuals. And today, we as Americans are living in a completely brainwashed society in which NLP and the remote neural monitoring of our brains via computer to brain interface are the primary means by which such furtive mind control experimentation is taking place.

"At the Lakeland Ledger, Mr. Tomalin distinguished himself as a hard-charging investigative reporter. He broke one of the biggest stories of his career on Halloween 1985. Mr. Tomalin had overheard Polk County sheriff's deputies saying then-Sheriff Dan Daniels was requiring new hires to take polygraph tests. On instinct, Mr. Tomalin requested the tests and sifted through more than 200 polygraphs, only to discover that two deputies, hired from the Lakeland Police Department, had disclosed affiliations with the Ku Klux Klan — and were still hired."

"That initial bombshell story led to more scoops. The 50 stories that followed shocked the Central Florida community, detailing everything from warrantless entries, bid-rigging and cronyism."

*Sounds a lot like what is happening with Suffolk County law enforcement on Long Island these days, thanks to the earlier work done by private investigator Jay Salpeter. Salpeter investigated the role of the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office regarding the framing of Martin Tankleff, who was wrongfully convicted in the murders of his parents in the late 1980s.

Private Investigator Jay Salpeter Uncovers Rampant Corruption In Suffolk County Law Enforcement Which Will Eventually Lead To A Federal Investigation Into Corruption And Cronyism, And Possibly Further Information Regarding How Many People Within Suffolk County Law Enforcement Took Part In The Frame Up Of Martin Tankleff

Salpeter's investigation on behalf of Martin Tankleff, would later lead to Tankleff's release from prison, based on evidence which focused on the relationship of then District Attorney, *James Catterson Jr., with Jerry Steuerman, (a friend and gambling associate of Seymour Tankleff's) and the likely orchestrator of the murders of Seymour and Arlene Tankleff - so that Steuerman would not have to pay back a $500,000 gambling debt, whose promissory note, Tankleff was about to call due.

*Years before Catterson prosecuted Martin Tankleff for the murders of his parents, he had defended Jerry Steuerman's son regarding cocaine charges, and allegations that Steuerman's son was running a cocaine operation out of his father's bakery business.

For years now, Steuerman has been hiding out in Florida, the detective who helped to frame Martin Tankleff, James Mcready, has since died, as has James Catterson.

Meanwhile, questions continue to arise in regard to Martin Tankleff's half sister, Shari Mistretta, regarding her possible role in the murders of her father and step mother.

Did Mistretta have any foreknowledge of the murders of her father and step mother, and is this why she attempted to demonize her half brother with the public, knowing that he was innocent?

Moreover, why did she go into business with James Mcready, the lead investigator in the case, after her brother was convicted of a crime that he did not commit? Did they create this business arrangement prior to Martin Tankleff's arrest? And if so, how long before his arrest?

Or was the business arrangement discussed even prior to the murders of the Tankleffs, and predicated on these murders, with Shari Mistretta knowing in advance that she would inherit the Tankleff's entire estate. That is, if her brother was convicted of the murders of his parents?

Monies which she could use to start a business with Mcready.

Is present Suffolk Country District Attorney, Tom Spota, conspiratorial in attempting to keep Martin Tankleff in prison so that this scandal would never be exposed? If so, was Spota coerced into doing so and by whom? Was his life threatened if he failed to cooperate in the conspiracy regarding Martin Tankleff?

Amongst these important questions is the following: Since there is no statute of limitations for murder, will Jerry Steuerman, his son, or their accomplices ever be prosecuted, or will they remain free?

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