Friday, May 20, 2016

Are Airliners Being Stolen Through The Use Of Signals Intelligence Computer To Computer Interface, And Physical Signs Of A Crash Intentionally Left In The Waters These Aircraft Were Travelling Over In Order To Make It Appear That They Crashed Into The Ocean?

Today's Alleged Crash Of Egyptair Flight 804 - Was It Taken Down By A Missile, Or With A Bomb Or Signals Intelligence Sabotage Of The Airliner's Computer System? - Air Traffic Controllers Lost Contact With The Airliner As It Approached Egyptian Airspace - Could Flight 804 Have Been Accidentally (Or Intentionally) Shot Down By The Egyptian Military? Or Could Israel Have Been Involved As Payback For Two Egyptian Fighter Planes Violating Israeli Airspace In December Of 2015? Or, Could The Flight Have Been Stolen Like Malaysian Air Flight MH 370 Was Back In 2014 And Flown To Some Secret Location?

The CIA Evolved From The OSS (Office Of Strategic Services) while the NSA Evolved From Several Different Organizations Since 1917, The Last Of Which Was The Armed Forces Security Agency (AFSA, Which Like The NSA, Existed Under The Direct Oversight Of The Pentagon's Joint Chiefs Of Staff)

Editor's Note: Egyptair Flight 804 disappeared off radar in a similar way to how Malaysian Air Flight MH 370 did a few years ago. The reader will consider the following hypothesis if in fact these aircraft were stolen so that they could later be used for other purposes; possibly acts of terrorism.

*Was A Germanwings' Flight Carrying Booz Allen Hamilton Contractor, Yvonne Selke, Deliberately Crashed In Order To Murder Selke? Selke's Husband Believes That The Crash Was Caused Intentionally For The Express Purpose Of Murdering His Wife, Regarding Classified Information She Knew About Pertaining To The Ultra Secret National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

If you wanted to steal jetliners for some type of covert purpose so that you could misdirect any legitimate search for these missing aircraft what would be the best way to do it?

Steal an aircraft that will be flying over a large body of water, which will offer a plausible way for the aircraft's remains to never be found, given the enormity of the oceans.

During the aircraft's flight, turn off all equipment which would be used to track the aircraft, so that all communication is lost. Then drastically alter the aircraft's altitude so that it would be lost from radar, and then fly the aircraft below the height limit for a radar system.

Then fly the aircraft to its intended secret destination so that you can later use it for whatever purpose you decide to, while the mainstream media unwittingly (or in some instances wittingly) *aids and abets your crime, by leaving the public with the impression that the airliner crashed and all of its passengers and *flight crew were killed in the crash.

*If the plane's controls are taken over by remote means (signals intelligence computer to computer interface), all of the passengers and flight crew could be killed when the oxygen system in the plane is remotely turned off.

*The media would be used to routinely cover stories which claim that debris found floating in the waters in which a lost aircraft was traveling were part of the doomed aircraft, when in fact the debris is not from the actual aircraft that was lost.

The passengers and crew would either be suffocated on board (when the oxygen system to the plane is turned off by remote means) or later be executed as part of this black operation (think of the mystery behind the alleged four airliners on 9/11 and what became of any real passengers which may have been on some of these flights - That is if the flights themselves were not completely fabricated as part of the 9/11 false flag).

*What Really Became Of Malaysian Air Flight MH370?

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