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NSA Covert Enslavement Of The American Citizenry/ Is E-mail-Gate Really About Just Going After Hillary Clinton Or About Going After Barack Obama As Well In Order To Remove Obama From The White House, While Making Sure That Clinton Never Gets Elected President ? --- Is Hurricane Joachim Being Turned Into Another HAARP Created Storm Like 2012's Sandy? And Will It Again Be Directed At New York And The Tri State Area To Intentionally Cause Another Made Made Catastrophic Event? Who Controls The HAARP System? The Pentagon!

"I was a liberal mole at Fox News: from Bill O'Reilly to Roger Ailes, here's all the inside dope - Inside the beast: O'Reilly hates Hannity. Producers know what's acceptable. Everyone fears a call from Roger Ailes"

The Terrible War On Those Alternative Medical Practitioners Whose Successful Use Of RIFE Technology (To Treat And Oftentimes Cure Many Of The Worst Chronic Illnesses Currently Plaguing Society), Made Them The Targets Of The Rockefeller Foundation's "Junk Science" Drug Trust

Has The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex Used Reverse Engineering Of UFO Technology In Their Spy Satellites? When Was The Last Time That You Saw A Manmade Satellite Change Direction In Space?

Rothschild Zionism's Total Subversion Of The U.S. Federal Government On 9/11/2001

Retired Major General Albert Stubblebine Admits That A Plane Did Not Hit The Pentagon On 9-11 - This Is Proof That 9-11 Was A False Flag Operation & That As Of 9/11/2001, The Congress & White House Have Been Subverted In A Coupe D'Etat, And Are Thus Completely Incapable Of Admitting To The 9/11 False Flag Operation

A Lecture On The New World Order By Bill Cooper More Than Twenty Years Ago, Reveals Just How Well Cooper Was Exposing Rothschild Zionism And Its Attempt To Take Over This Entire Planet - Bill Cooper, Like Phil Schneider And The Myriad Other Government Whistleblowers Who've Since Been Murdered For Exposing This Conspiracy Against The Global Middle Class, Made The Supreme Sacrifice For Doing So

Zionism And The Talmud Are Based On The Worship Of Satan - No Self Respecting Jew Will Have Anything To Do With A Zionist, Israel, Or The House Of Rothschild - The Rothschilds Must Be Removed from Israel And Israel Must Be Given To The Jewish People, Since It Is Their Rightful Home

Former Clinton Cabinet Secretary Donna Shalala Suffers Stroke - Is Shalala Yet The Latest Target Of The Types Of Directed Energy Weapon's Attacks That Are Being Reported By Millions Of Targeted Individuals Around The World?

10/4/15 - *Today, my Dad, who's also been a target of FBI/NSA directed energy attacks for the past twenty years complains of sudden acute headache and nausea, as the result of a directed energy weapon's attack. I document this here in an attempt to stop the attack, since he could easily be murdered by the "Comey FBI" or NSA, both whom have access to directed energy weaponry, and routinely use these weapons to murder unsuspecting American targets of these Orwellian organizations.

The following are just a few of the manifestations of directed energy weaponry and synthetic telepathy, that a target of the NSA's Radiation Intelligence mind control experimentation, experiences as part of this Orwellian non consensual human experimentation.

The American people must demand that the U.S. Congress conduct a new Church Committee investigation into the Orwellian crimes being perpetrated by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, before they destroy the American middle class.

•Tingling sensation running through your body when you first awaken in the morning, like the feeling you get when you bang your elbow, except that this runs throughout your body

•Microwave hearing

•Transmission of specific commands into the subconscious

•Visual disturbances, visual hallucinations

•Inject words, numbers into brain via electromagnetic radiation waves

•Manipulation of emotions

•Reading thoughts remotely

•Causing pain to any nerve of the body

•Remote manipulation of human behavior from space

•Harassment, stress symptoms such as helicopters flying overhead

•Seeing, as in a camera, through your eyes, i.e. to see what you see exactly

•Control of sleep patterns

•Computer-brain interface, control and communication

•Complex control of the brain such as retrieving memories, implanting personalities

*Editor's Note: 10/2/15 - FBI Director, *James Comey must not have appreciated the following comments this author made in regard to the FBI or his person, since for the third time in the past five years, a large tree branch is strategically knocked down to hit the power line which runs from the road to our home; not long after I post these comments.

*Yesterday, 10/3/15, this author made a comment to another Family member in regard to how Google street view places a block on the multimillion dollar house which James Comey sold in Westport Connecticut, back in 2013, after being appointed to head the FBI and moving to Washington D.C.

My comment was that the FBI and NSA can illegally spy into our homes for years on end in total violation of our 4TH Amendment rights, yet they have Google block the view of this home, even though Comey no longer even lives there.

Within seconds of my making this comment, the power grid to our community is shut off for a few seconds via NSA signals intelligence satellite, while the local fire department alarm sounds for several minutes.

Then our phone rings, and a prerecorded message with a male voice claiming to be a U.S. Presidential candidate - used by the FBI specifically for the purpose of psychological warfare - is left on our answering machine. However, the name of the presidential candidate is never actually mentioned, and the voice does not sound like that of any of the current male Republican candidates; each of whom have very distinctive sounding voices.

So here we have an incident where FBI psychopaths are making prank phone calls as part of their psychotic psychological warfare operations.

We have received myriad types of bogus phone calls for more than a decade as part of these Orwellian and Satanic psyops. So the latest phone call was no coincidence, any more than the tree branch being knocked down on the power line to our home was a coincidence. It was done intentionally as an intimidation tactic.

The American people must demand that the U.S. Congress implement a new Church Committee hearing into the hierarchy of the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, before this modern day Third Reich can destroy the American middle class.

As for the damage caused to the electric mast which attaches to our home, unlike the past two times where the weight of the branch actually pulled the electric mast completely off the side of our home, this time the damage was limited to just lowering the power line from the weight of the branch, and bending the electric mast.

What is also of interest here is that the steel braided cable which runs from the road to our home, and which the power line is twisted around for added strength, was actually split in half. Could a directed energy weapon have been used to split this cable along with the damage done to the tree limb?

It takes an enormous amount of force to split an approximately inch in diameter steel braided cable.

In any event, the cost of tree removal and the repair (or replacement of the mast) will be at least $2000.

And this is the third time that this anomaly has occurred over the past five years.

This is just another example of the myriad ways that the FBI uses its COINTELPRO operations to destroy the finances of the target of such an Orwellian and criminal conspiracy.

For the moment, we still have power, even though an electrician will have to come in to replace the electric mast, while the tree will have to be removed by our landscaper.

Once again, this is just one example of myriad different ways that directed energy weapons are used to cause damage, while those who perpetrate these crimes are able to do so with complete and cowardly anonymity.

The fairly high winds offered plausible deniability in this covert attack. However, we have lived here for over fifty years, and for more than 45 of them, without this power line ever being knocked down.

Moreover, since the Organized Stalking began against this author in 2003, this power line has been hit in precisely the same place on three separate occasions over the past five years.

This is no coincidence. This was another directed energy weapon's attack, using the wind as plausible deniability. None of our nearby neighbors have lost any trees. Just us.

Even though the falling tree branch was not heavy enough to completely tear the electric mast off the side of our home as it did twice before, this was, once again, the intent of the FBI.

Moreover, I heard a cracking sound for several minutes before this branch fell, as a microwave energy weapon was used to weaken the branch so that it would fall.

These agents really are Satanic and evil minded, pathological psychopaths.

And it's no wonder why so many former FBI agents are now blowing the whistle on the criminality of this modern day Gestapo, whose alliance with those whose Satanic belief system known as Rothschild Zionism, is being used to destroy the rule of law in the United States.


FBI Director James Comey's Not A Good Guy
He's Just Not As Bad As Dick Cheney
At Least Not Yet

James Comey claims that the FBI "does not give a rip about politics" in regard to its investigation into Hillary Clinton's E-mail server.

When FBI Director, James Comey, describes the FBI as a patriotic and law abiding organization which protects the civil rights of all Americans, while rigorously defending the United States Constitution and its Bill of Rights, Comey does not tell the truth.

In fact, to put it quite bluntly, James Comey lies through his teeth, while oftentimes using demagoguery and fear mongering in order to manipulate the emotions of the American people, while concealing exculpatory information that often places the FBI in the worst light possible.

James Comey Plays The Game Of Corporate & Government Politics As Well As Anyone - And He Was The Logical Choice To Replace Former FBI CEO, Robert Mueller, When Mueller Decided To Retire From The Bureau

The FBI is now, always has been, and until the day that it is abolished, always will be one of the most politically charged organizations in the United States.

The FBI is overseen by the Department of Justice and the U.S. Attorney General. And the U.S. Attorney General and the head of the FBI are appointed by the President of the United States, who can force them to resign at any time he decides to.

This is why they refer to the DOJ as the Obama DOJ, because they ultimately answer to the President. He is their boss, regardless of what Comey says.

Moreover, the FBI does not have a legislative charter (as it by law should), was not created through the Legislative Branch of Government as it should have been, but was instead created as a secret police arm of the White House and its Executive Branch.

"The FBI was simply created out of the mists and vapors swirling around the Justice Department"

- Investigative Journalist Sherman Skolnick

The FBI's false flag terrorism and its use of entrapment in creating terrorists has come to define this Orwellian organization for what it is. A well financed organized crime syndicate that perpetrates its furtive acts of terrorism, while oftentimes using MK-Ultra mind controlled assassins to perpetrate its false flag terrorist operations, who are then scapegoated as monsters by the mainstream media.

Is the alleged shooter in the Oregon shooting at Umpqua College yesterday, 26 year old Chris Harper Mercer, yet another target of MK-Ultra mind control experimentation?

Moreover, the FBI cover ups regarding its complicity in Ruby Ridge, WACO, the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, the Oklahoma City bombing, the missile destruction of TWA Flight 800, the false flag terrorism of 9/11, and the more recent Boston Marathon bombing, have most Americans so jaded to this organization, that they rightfully don't believe a single word that the FBI states.

Yet, the Zionist controlled mainstream media continues to be used by the FBI to promulgate its deceptions, as we are forced to ready ourselves for the next U.S. Intelligence false flag terrorist operation.

This is not speculation it is fact. Just as it is fact that the head of the Bureau of Investigation, Andrew Palmer - which would eventually morph into the FBI in 1924, after a young DOJ attorney by the name of John Edgar Hoover was appointed to head the FBI - was used to conduct his Orwellian Palmer raids in the 1920s.

The Palmer Raids Were An Orwellian Attack On American Civil Liberties, Based More On Ignorance And Fear Tactics, Than Actual Facts

As such, the FBI has always had more in common with the German Gestapo or the Italian Stasi than it has ever had with any type of legitimate police force.

As for any so called ethics that Comey claims the FBI has, the fact is that it has none. To quote the late investigative journalist, Sherman Skolnick, the FBI's primary function involves spying on American citizens, especially those in powerful positions such as federal judges, politicians, and corporate heads, in order to obtain sensitive information on them, which the FBI can then use to blackmail them.

Sherman Skolnick was once quoted as saying that because of the completely unethical and oftentimes immoral ways in which the FBI operates, that blackmail has always been the FBI's stock in trade.

The late eco-activist and once head of the powerful ecological activism organization EarthFirst!, Judi Bari, was quoted as saying: "These guys are professional liars who have raised selective memory loss to an art form."

Judi was referring to the deposition of several FBI agents who were being sued by EarthFirst! for using COINTELPRO tactics to destroy this organization.

In 1990, Judy was nearly killed after the FBI orchestrated the planting of a gravity fed bomb in her station wagon, in order to murder Judy, while also attempting to portray her as an eco-terrorist.

However, a forensic investigation would later prove that the bomb was not situated behind the driver's seat of her car - as the FBI had claimed - but instead, secreted underneath the seat where Judy could not have seen it.

Once it became apparent that Judy had no knowledge of the bomb, the FBI quickly fabricated another terrorist suspect whom the Bureau claimed must have planted the bomb in Judy's car.

However, when no arrest was made, it became obvious that the FBI's own Richard W. Held, then head of the FBI's Division 5 Office in California, was directly responsible for orchestrating the attempt on Judy's life.

Judy survived the bombing and lived for several more years, even though she was permanently crippled from the blast. And it was during the time that Judi was attempting to bring suit against the FBI, that she developed a fast spreading form of breast cancer which would ultimately kill her.

It is this author's opinion that the FBI used directed energy weaponry to irradiate Judy Bari, in order to cause this cancer, thinking that if Judy died, her lawsuit against the FBI would be dropped.

Instead, Judy's Family and friends continued the lawsuit, and eventually won a $4.4 million judgment against the FBI, which was to be split between Judy Bari's estate and her partner Daryl Cherney - another member of EarthFirst!

So the FBI really is, first and foremost, both a political and terrorist organization which has a history of carrying out some of the most evil minded black operations ever devised.

And James Comey is now the head of the FBI.

A well educated, multi millionaire lackey of the Obama Administration, whose job as head of this modern day Gestapo, is to protect the Zionist elite class in the United States, and at the expense of the American middle class.

The reality here is that this guy is as much of a Zionist pawn as Donald Trump.

He has no interest in protecting the American people anymore than his predecessor did.

He is a wealthy businessman (who once claimed to be a Communist) and pawn of Rothschild Zionism, who will get richer and richer the longer he remains in so called government service jobs.

I say this because James Comey's business acumen is characterized by many of those whom he competes with in the hierarchy of his own realm. Specifically, he makes important business connections which in the long run serve his own financial interests.

It would not surprise this author in the least that after he retires from the FBI, James Comey will make millions more working in the private sector, as a security consultant. Perhaps even heading up his own security firm, as the late former FBI agent, George Wackenhut did.

After retiring from the FBI, Wackenhut used the connections that he developed while serving as an FBI agent in the 1950s, to establish one of America's largest private security firms - Wackenhut Inc.

Not only is James Comey a smart businessman, he is also a political animal who knows how to play the game he is involved in better than most of his peers; which is how he became a multi millionaire, and head of the FBI.

Moreover, his claims about the FBI being an honest organization with total integrity that abides by the Constitutional rule of law, is a complete falsehood. As are his claims that the FBI operates in complete secrecy so that it can better do its job.

The FBI operates in complete secrecy because it routinely commits horrible crimes against American citizens under the color of law, that it does not want the American people to learn about. The FBI operates in complete secrecy, because most of its day to day operations involve counterintelligence operations (COINTELPRO based tortures and murders of American citizens) which are not only illegal, but remain an abject threat to the Constitutional protections of all American citizens.

For instance, using directed energy weaponry to torture and murder Americans within the privacy of our own homes, while setting precedents in violating the U.S. Bill of Rights - and in particular the 4Th Amendment - which are so outrageous, that no honest U.S. Judge in their right mind would ever allow such badly tainted FBI cases into their own courtrooms.


In retaliation for posting the following information on my experiences with the NSA and its Orwellian mind control technology, the FBI has a fusion center send one of its vehicular stalkers to trespass on my property with their automobile, in order to trigger a spotlight that is on the front of our home.

The driver, like the FBI's criminal hierarchy, is a lowlife Constitution raping thug, who exemplifies the total cowardice of those within the federal government who perpetrate these crimes through the use of fusion centers, and the FBI's Orwellian Infragard program.

After posting the following, this author is also neurologically targeted by FBI/NSA operatives using a directed energy weapon, which causes a floating sensation, which is artificially created.

Google: Directed Energy Weapons; Organized Stalking; Street Theater; NSA Mind Control Experimentation Via The Electromagnetic Spectrum; FBI Infragard Program & DOJ/DHS Fusion Centers Being Used To Turn Corporate America Into A Domestic Spy And Our Communities Into Nazi Indoctrinated Vigilantes

This symptom is used in conjunction with a directed energy attack which is utilized to induce muscle pain on the right side of my torso. This is a covert form of torture, and such torture is being documented by thousands of other American citizens over the Internet. These attacks are being perpetrated against millions of Targeted Individuals across the globe, by their own subverted and abjectly corrupted Military Intelligence complexes.

The NSA's Covert Enslavement Of The American People

The American citizenry must begin to realize that the NSA's most highly classified programs include one that involves radiation intelligence.

Radiation Intelligence refers to unintended non ionizing radiation which emanates from the body (as the well as the human brain) which is then broadcast into the electromagnetic spectrum, where the NSA's specialized signals intelligence equipment can intercept, record, and decode this information; bioelectric information which is then stored within the NSA's vast computer database.

The subvocalized thoughts that you have which you believe are secret, in reality, leave your brain once they are generated in an EEG (Electroencephalogram) format, and enter the electromagnetic spectrum.

And if your EMF brain map has already been decoded by the NSA, under the cover of National Security, the NSA can then read your mind, by decoding and your recording these thoughts into its computer database.

This artificial process of mind reading is called synthetic telepathy, and it can be used on any American citizen whose EMF brain map has previously been decoded by the NSA.

According to NSA whistleblower, John St. Clair Akwei, the NSA can instantly access the neural pathways of the brain of any American citizen, by using the Agency's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

And moreover, that NSA personnel can instantly identify any person who approaches an American citizen whom the NSA is already remotely tracking through the NSA' s Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, by using the same Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network to identify this second person.

This would mean that all American citizens are EMF fingerprinted by the NSA as part of an Orwellian signals intelligence driven domestic spy program. An Orwellian signals intelligence driven domestic surveillance system, that can be used to instantly identify you regardless of where are located on the face of this planet.

So how does the NSA obtain this information?

There have been a few theories, however, none that I believe are more plausible than the one which I began to promulgate nearly a decade ago.

Specifically, that the NSA uses the hospitals in the United States, to record basic bioelectric information from the body of each infant once they are born.

At the very least, this information includes an EEG brainwave print, as well as an EKG heartbeat print of the infant, which are then sent to the NSA, and entered into a computer file that the Agency opens for this person (even though they are still just a child).

With this basic bioelectric information, the NSA can now instantly identify this child regardless of where they are, and follow them throughout the remainder of their life, without the person ever becoming aware of this.

As long as the person is alive, the NSA can use its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, to remotely track the unique EMF signatures produced by this person's body - regardless of where they are located.

This means that the NSA could be extremely useful in finding missing persons, including missing children who are still alive, simply by scanning the electromagnetic spectrum for the unique EMF fields produced by the bodies of these people.

Instead, the NSA chooses to use this technology to experiment upon, torture, and even murder myriad Americans, who serve as unwitting non consensual human experimentees for this Orwellian and demonic program.

As for when this clandestine and treasonous program began, it is impossible to say without having access to the NSA's classified files, which are protected under the cover of National Security.

This serves as yet another example of how the U.S. Military Intelligence complex uses the cover of National Security to hide many of their horrific programs from the American people.

However, it is quite possible that this EMF fingerprinting of American children began with the Generation X'ers (or as they are more commonly referred to, Baby Boomers), who were born in the years directly following the end of World War II.

The reader should also note that for the past century, the Rockefeller Foundation has overseen the American Medical Association, which in turn establishes general policies in regard to the American medical community; including the hospitals in this country.

And the Rockefeller Foundation, has long been the American intermediary for the House of Rothschild in the United States.

What is the primary goal that the House of Rothschild has been intent on accomplishing for the past three centuries?

A world government agenda. A global government based on a Communist ideology, in which an elite class enslaves the rest of the citizenry on this planet, through the covert implementation of a powerful military intelligence complex, whose primary function is to imprison the citizenry.

However, given that the citizenry would revolt against the elite class in regard to such a Satanic scheme, the Rothschilds had to be very clever in regard to how they would implement such imprisonment.

New scientific discoveries made by the early 1960s would offer the ideal means of secretly enslaving the citizenry, by exploiting the unique Electro Magnetic Flux signatures produced by each person's body, and then using the electromagnetic spectrum as a way in which to track these EMF signatures by remote means - including signals intelligence satellites and over the horizon radar systems.

By the mid 1970s, the NSA and CIA developed technology to do just that.

Ironically enough, in 1976, while the American people were celebrating two centuries of what they at the time falsely believed to be their independence, the Pentagon, NSA and CIA were secretly implementing the technology which would ultimately serve to reduce each American citizen to the status of an electromagnetically branded head of cattle.

However, before this Orwellian system of electromagnetic enslavement could be implemented on a national basis, the U.S. Federal Government would have to find a way of privatizing it, so that they could circumvent the legislative charters which prevented them from operating in a domestic capacity, or in anyway allowing them to interact with the American people.

This problem was solved in 1981, under an Executive Order signed by then President, Ronald Reagan. EO 12333, which Reagan was **deceived into signing, would allow U.S. Intelligence agencies like the CIA, and Military agencies like the NSA, to privatize any of the domestic operations which would clearly be considered to be treasonous by the American people.

This privatizing of these evil operations gave the *U.S. Military Intelligence complex, the anonymity which they required, to exculpate themselves from any wrong doing, in regard to the torture and murders which they have perpetrated against the millions of American citizens, whom they have used for such non consensual human experimentation over the past sixty years.

*This is in no way meant to impugn the integrity of the soldiers who faithfully serve us. This comment is aimed squarely at the hierarchy of this complex, who view soldiers as pawns to be used however they decide to.

The result is that the men and women who serve in the U.S. Armed Forces are treated as little more than non consensual human subjects, who are experimented upon, brainwashed, and then sent off to fight in unnecessary wars, which are usually fomented based on the false flag terrorist operations, and other machinations of the Zionist investment class in the United States, who secretly control the U.S. Federal Government through the *Federal Reserve System.

The House of Rothschilds' Satanic hold on the American people is the Federal Reserve System.

**Reagan was convinced by his friend, William Casey, then head of the CIA, that EO 12333 was necessary for the U.S. Intelligence community, in order to do an effective job of protecting national security interests in the United States. Of course this was a blatant lie.

However, Casey did manage to get Ronald Reagan to use his authority as U.S. President, to unwittingly nullify the protections that all American citizens had under the United States Bill of Rights, by allowing for the creation of a new Third Reich, which to this very day operates under the cover of the *U.S. Military Intelligence complex.

An Orwellian shadow government that was secretly created after World War II had ended, when the CIA created a treasonous program called Project Paperclip.

Paperclip was used to smuggle Nazi war criminals (who should have been executed at Nuremberg for their crimes against the Jews) into the United States. War criminals who were involved in the torture and murders of millions of Jews, who were then given lucrative employment within the U.S. Military Intelligence complex; in exchange for their knowledge of the sciences, as well as psychological warfare.

William Casey would like his predecessor William Colby, die under suspicious circumstances. Just days before Casey was to testify before a Congressional Committee in regard to his knowledge of Iran Contra, he was alleged to have suffered a seizure, while being examined by his personal physician, who later claimed to have found that Casey was suffering from a brain tumor.

However, the timing here was extremely convenient, given how this sudden finding of a tumor kept Casey from testifying before Congress. One must wonder if the tumor finding was completely fabricated, in order to prevent Casey from testifying before Congress in regard to the Iran Contra affair and its subsequent cover up.

Perhaps suspecting this, Casey told his doctor that he did not want to have brain surgery to remove the tumor (fearing that he might be murdered while under sedation), but instead insisted on using energy medicine (radio therapy) in an attempt to reduce the size of the tumor.

However, Casey's doctor (a likely collaborator in the conspiracy to silence him) stubbornly refused, and insisted that Casey have the surgery, which ultimately left him unable to speak.

The following is a quote from the Website:

"Casey was due to appear before the HSCI on 16th December. The day before, CIA physician, Dr. Arvel Tharp went to visit Casey in his office. According to Tharp, while he was being examined, Casey suffered a seizure. He was taken to Georgetown University Hospital and was not able to appear before the HSCI. Tharp told Casey he had a brain tumor and that he would have to endure an operation. Casey was not keen and asked if he could have radio therapy instead. However, Tharp was insistent that he needed surgery.

"Casey entered the operating room on 18th December. The tumor was removed but during the operation, brain cells were damaged and Casey lost his ability to speak. As his biographer, Joseph E. Persico, points out (The Lives and Secrets of William J. Casey): "one school of rumors ran, the CIA or the NSC or the White House had arranged to have a piece of the brain removed from the man who knew the secrets."

NSA Implements Its "Big Brother"
SIGNIT EMF Scanning Network On Americans

According to NSA whistleblower John St. Clair Akwei, it was around 1981, that the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network was secretly implemented against the general population in the United States.

And this Orwellian program has since been used to reduce the status of each person living in this country to that of a head of cattle, who is imprisoned by the very space which surrounds them in the electromagnetic spectrum.

Moreover, while Americans have been told that the NSA's primary function is to intercept and decode information which is transmitted through the air (signals intelligence), for the purpose of national security, a much darker and nefarious side of the NSA actually deals with an advanced form of mind control research, that is being used as the primary means of enslaving the minds of the American citizenry.

The unpleasant fact of the matter, is that the NSA's mind control technology has advanced well beyond what most people can realistically imagine, due to many decades of technological development, and the criminal use of myriad different American citizens, as unwitting human subjects of this Orwellian non consensual human experimentation.

In short, your own brain is an organic form of computer which the NSA can instantly access via the electromagnetic spectrum. And like your home personal computer, your information can be both uploaded from your brain (your thoughts) to an *NSA Artificial Intelligence computer, while information which is foreign to your own mind, can be downloaded to your brain (AI computer generated thought streams via EEG Heterodyning and computer to brain interface) without your knowledge or consent.

*This author speaks from first hand experience as a unwitting target of this MK-Ultra technology for the past forty years.

This is a reality in the modern day that the NSA will vehemently deny, even though they are well aware that they are perpetrating these atrocities against the American people under the cover of national security.

Is Email-Gate A Furtive Means Of Removing
Barack Obama From The White House?

And Is The Pentagon Secretly Behind This Conspiracy?

Over the past week the FBI's investigation into Hillary Clinton's home E-mail server has taken on the look of a soap opera.

Just a week ago the FBI claimed that they were calling off their investigation into Clinton's Email server, saying that they did not want to be used as a pawn in the partisanship of Congress.

Then Republican Senator, Charles Grassley, raised a very public ruckus by complaining that the FBI had dropped the ball on this case, and demanded that they continue this investigation.

So all of the sudden the investigation is back on again.

Meanwhile, Senator John Boehner has abruptly announced that he will retire from Congress at the end of 2015, as rumors circulate throughout the Internet, that Boehner was blackmailed into doing so.

If the rumors are true, who is doing the blackmailing? And what are they using for blackmail?

Moreover, we now find Republican Senator, Mitch McConnell, has become the target of a conspiratorial campaign in which to force him out of Congress.

McConnell, coincidentally, was largely responsible for the Republican Party's stalling tactics, which forced Obama U.S. Attorney General nominee, Loretta Lynch, to wait for months before finally being confirmed to the position. Which only served to further infuriate Barack Obama.

Washington pundits have claimed that if the FBI finds any E-mails that can result in a DOJ criminal prosecution of Hillary Clinton, that the White House has the power to interfere with the investigation through Barack Obama's recent appointment of U.S. Attorney General, Loretta Lynch.

Moreover, while many have hypothesized that Obama's Senior Presidential Advisor, Valerie Jarrett, was behind the E-mail-Gate red herring regarding Hillary Clinton, others have claimed that she was not.

So the plot thickens. Especially since the aforesaid pundits have claimed that E-mails on Clinton's server might prove that Barack Obama did in fact have foreknowledge of the Benghazi debacle; which he claims he did not.

These same pundits have also claimed that Hillary will sell Obama out in a heartbeat if she is forced to cut a deal with the DOJ, and that could also have negative consequences for Jarrett as well.

What we are witnessing here appears to be a legitimate showdown between the Obama White House and the Republic Party, as part of a protracted battle that they have conducted against Barack Obama since his earliest days in the White House.

As this situation builds to a crescendo, one must wonder if the FBI's investigation will go anywhere, or will it fizzle out like a spent firecracker on the Fourth Of July, in the face of such abject partisanship?

And if any evidence of criminal wrongdoing is found by the FBI, will the DOJ simply bury it under the orders of the White House?

Since it's not like situations similar to this one haven't occurred in the past under other presidential administrations.

Something that the media really hasn't focused on here, which has this author intrigued, is if the E-mail-Gate debacle - from its inception - has been used to directly implicate Barack Obama in the Benghazi scandal, so that he can be forced to resign from the Presidency?

And in doing so, also ensure that Hillary Clinton is taken out of the running for the Presidency.

In other words, that E-mail-Gate has never really been entirely about Hillary Clinton at all, but instead, a furtive campaign by the Republican Party to go after Barack Obama.

If so, is the Republican Party the real catalyst in this situation, or are they themselves being used as pawns by yet another organization?

For instance, the Pentagon and its Joint Chiefs Of Staff; Whom from Barack Obama's inception in Office, have seen him as being weak on U.S. Military policy, and as such, continue to seek a plausible way in which to remove Obama from the White House.

If this turns out to be the case, then Email-Gate really has been a red herring from its inception.

Directed Energy Weapons & HAARP Weather Warfare
Are Being Used To Murder Americans

With the way the NSA, FBI and other Intel agencies are using *directed energy weapons to commit acts of torture and murder in the present day, no one is immune from this high tech form of predation.

*The Pentagon's use of its HAARP phased antenna array in Gakona, Alaska has in the past been used to perpetrate many horrendous crimes regarding weather warfare, which is also plausibly deniable.

In 2012, Hurricane Sandy was the result of HAARP manipulation of the jet-stream over the United States, which absolutely devastated the Northeastern coastal regions of the United States.

The State of New York was hit particularly hard.

Is the latest tropical storm, just turned hurricane, Joaquin, another HAARP created or augmented storm?

If so, as this storm heads up the eastern seaboard of the United States, will it suddenly turn towards NY and the rest of the Tri-State area to cause the type of man made devastation that we saw in October of 2012?

And if so, will this storm, like Sandy, be the result of intentionally created devastation as part of the Pentagon's experimental weather warfare program?

In regard to such use of electromagnetic warfare technology, in every instance in which a high profile media personality (including politicians and their staffs, as well as judges) is suddenly afflicted with a life threatening illness, or killed by a heart attack, stroke, or aneurism (or subjected to an accident in which they are either badly injured or killed), these situations must be aggressively scrutinized by the American people in Post 9/11 Communist/Patriot Act AmeriKa.

This is why in 2001, former Congressman Dennis Kucinich, drafted the original Bill known as HR 2977, or "The Space Preservation Act of 2001."

The Bill was largely centered around the need for Congress to monitor the spaced based weapons' technologies used by the Military Intelligence complex, in order to ensure that they were never used against American citizens.

However, before Congress would pass HR 2977, the Pentagon made sure that Congress removed virtually all of its meaningful legislation.

In post 9/11, the result is that millions of American citizens are now being experimented upon, tortured and slowly murdered from within the privacy of our own homes by this complex, through its clandestine use of these Orwellian weapons; weapons which harness the energy from the electromagnetic spectrum, and then direct this energy at a specific target.

Hence the name: Directed Energy Weaponry.

And more often than not, the "specific target" is a person who is unwittingly used for such non consensual human experimentation.

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