Thursday, August 27, 2015

In 1975 Senator Frank Church Attempted To Warn Congress And The American People Of The NSA's Ability To Track The EMF Signatures From The Human Body Via The Electromagnetic Spectrum And Use Them As A Means In Which To Enslave Us - Church Was Murdered For Having Done So, Intentionally Given Pancreatic Cancer Which He Died From At The Age Of 59

Dangerous, Unreliable And Unconstitutional, The FBI's Facial Recognition Program Is Yet A Further Violation Of The Civil Rights Of The American People

U.S. Intelligence Community Using Its Agents To Infiltrate The Internet, In Order To Discredit The Allegations Being Made By Targets Of NSA And CIA Modern Day MK-Ultra Programs That Are Conducted Through The Electromagnetic Spectrum - FBI And DHS Also Involved In This Massive Cover Up - Many Major Internet Social Media Websites Including YouTube And Facebook Are Also Involved In Allowing These Agencies To Conduct These Black Operations

Planned Parenthood Is A Euphemism For Rothschild Zionism's Genocidal Policy - The Bill And Melinda Gates' Foundation Has Become One Of The Main Venues For Eugenics Experimentation, Sterilization Programs, And The Future Mass Murder Of Billions Of Third World Countries' Citizens, Through Cancer Tainted Contaminated Vaccines

CNBC's Jim Cramer - Financial Analyst Or Zionist Fraud Huckster?

Adding To The Mystery Of His Death, Frank Gifford's Wife, Actress Kathie Lee Gifford Stated That Frank Had Had The Best Medical Report In Eight Years, Just Prior To His Sudden Death - Was Frank Murdered With A Directed Energy Weapon? And Why Won't His Family Release The Official Report Of His Death?

The Global Media Is Completely Overrun With Zionist Provocateurs Who Blatantly Lie To The Public With Their Revisionist History - Ben Mankiewicz Is Just One Example Of A Zionist Shill Who Routinely Lies To Cover Up For Israel's Crimes Under Its Rothschild Leadership - Zionists Are Satanists Whose Intent Is Global Domination Through Mass Genocide And World Government - These Monsters Are An Abomination

9/1/15 - Vehicular Stalking Has Become A Form Of Satanic Ritual Abuse

Vehicular stalking is aggressive today, by those Satanically inculcated carbon life forms who have the collective conscience of a turnip.

As a veteran target of Organized Stalking going back many years, I have learned that when these mean spirited psychopaths take to their automobiles to swarm your neighborhood, the best thing to do is to ignore them.

However, keep an ear open in the event that they crash their vehicles as part of this psychotic harassment, since they often travel at two to three times the posted speed limit when racing past the home of a Targeted Individual.

Thus, you might have to call the authorities in order for them to render assistance to these EEG heterodyned lunatics.

I use this term because it has become frighteningly apparent that my entire village is under mind control via the electromagnetic spectrum and computer to brain interface.

A few weeks ago, a woman in the neighboring town was followed home by reporters after she left her child unattended in her automobile. Someone saw the child and rightfully notified authorities.

However, when a local reporter arrived at the woman's home unannounced, in order to to ask her some questions, the woman opened the door and tossed a large bucket full of ice cold water in the reporter's face.

Does that sound like normal behavior?

Nicely asking the reporter to leave probably would've done the trick.

It would be interesting to see how many crimes the average Organized Stalker commits every day, while taking part in this Orwellian vigilante hate crime.

To say that these carbon life forms drive recklessly is if anything understating the case.

I have also seen them take expensive luxury automobiles costing in an excessive of $100,000 and side swipe shrubbery, which is certain to badly scratch the paint on these automobiles.

What type of person would deliberately scratch up the paint job on a $100,000 Mercedes or BMW?

Certainly not a sane one. Those who participate in Organized Stalking can hardly be referred to as normal, since their actions are indicative of a psychopathic personality, who will take part in the psychological torture of someone else until that person commits suicide.

What we are talking about here are government created monsters, who operate based on complete denial that they are committing these crimes against humanity.

Not one politician in the United States will admit that Organized Stalking is taking place on a national scale, much less that the Justice Department, FBI and Homeland Security are orchestrating these Orwellian crimes.

All the more reason to ignore these psycho's because they are being remote neurally monitored by the NSA via Artificial Intelligence computer to brain interface. And that means their minds are being remotely influenced without their knowledge, which makes them extremely dangerous.

Moreover, and as previously stated, with all of this reckless driving, you may eventually be required to call the authorities in order to render these vigilantes assistance. Especially if they are seriously injured in an auto accident due to their own negligence.

After all, you may be a TI, however, you are human. And you would certainly never take part in the depraved and oftentimes horrible activities that these proponents of a Satanically driven world government would.

Which is why when they come calling, it is better to just ignore them, since they have become part of the post 9/11 cancer that is the Patriot Act.

And like a hive of angry killer bees, they can be easily riled up by their FBI handlers; those who oversee fusion centers and the Satanist program known as Infragard; both of whose intent is to create a riotous atmosphere in this country - which if they have their way - will ultimately be used to justify martial law.

If you ignore vehicular stalking, they will eventually tire out, and just park someplace waiting for the next opportunity to attract your attention, since there's no reason to pass your home when you are ignoring them. The fact that in the early days of this criminal campaign against your person, when you approached them to ask what they were doing in your neighborhood, they didn't tell the truth (by stating that you have been blacklisted by the federal government and that they are in your neighborhood to try to entrap you into committing a local, state or federal crime), but instead, just manufactured an excuse - serves as proof that these people know that they are committing crimes against you.

Many novice Targeted Individuals waste months if not years attempting to chase these demonic creatures down, taking their license plate numbers and makes of automobiles, only to eventually find that this vigilante system is orchestrated by the U.S. Justice Department, FBI, and Department Of Homeland Security.

What these agencies are doing here is outright treason in their attack on the United States Bill of Rights, which is why they commit these Gestapo activities covertly.

Those who take part in them are either brainwashed into doing so, or if the brainwashing does not work, threatened to take part or suffer the consequences.

Why does this sound like bullying?

Actually, there's another word for it: extortion, carried out by the FBI and DHS under the color of law.


How The NSA's Signals Intelligence Technology Is Combined With Directed Energy Weaponry Such As The Pentagon's HAARP Technology, To Form The Most Effective Warfare Program Ever Created - One Which Also Enslaves The Citizenry By Exploiting The EMF Fields Produced By Their Own Bodies

Extrajudicial Capital Punishment In America
The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network
And Space Based Directed Energy Weapons

Sister Helen Prejean, Where Is Your Voice Against The Death Penalty When Thousands Of Americans Are Being Executed Within Their Own Homes Through This Orwellian And Satanic System Of Unauthorized Capital Punishment?

Signals Intelligence is used by the NSA to decode any electromagnetic flux emissions produced within the electromagnetic spectrum. This includes the unique electromagnetic flux signatures which are produced by a person's body.

The Intel community is now concerned enough about this author's written expositions on this technology, that they regularly use their own shills to post cynical commentary on the Internet, in regard to NSA Orwellian surveillance technology, that they know exists.

Internet social media Websites such as Facebook and YouTube now function as part of the FBI's fascist Infragard program, where vigilante Organized Stalking street theatrics have become the driving force behind these Websites.

The nuclear family is being systematically destroyed, while the entire social infrastructure unravels under the weight of Rothschild Zionism's intent to implement world Communist government.

Under the Zionist bankster regime which controls Washington D.C., the United States has become a gigantic psychological operation. Similar to those now being conducted by all countries controlled by Rothschild Satanic Zionism.

To quote one former Intelligence agent: "In post 9/11 America we are dealing with nothing but false flag terrorist operations conducted by the Intelligence community. The entire system has become a lunatic asylum!"

The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Fingerprinting of the American people, and the use of a Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network to remotely track the unique EMF signatures of any American citizen's body, through the use of Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices (SQUIDS) - These devices are able to remotely track the unique EMF signatures produced by the magnetite in our brains.

*An Example Of The U.S Intelligence Community's Useful Idiots To Discredit Legitimate Whistleblowers - What This Shill Does Not Realize Is How Easily The NSA Can Remotely Access The Neural Pathways Of His Own Brain Via A Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network

When used in combination with electromagnetic warfare technology such as directed energy weaponry, the NSA can remotely access the unique EMF signatures that are produced by your own body, and then use them to remotely track you by way of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Once the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network has been used to locate you, an Artificial Intelligence computer will be used to monitor your physical whereabouts 24 hours a day, as well your subvocalized thoughts; regardless of where you are.

You've become an unwitting satellite prisoner regardless of how free you may think you are, and you can now be experimented upon, tortured, and even murdered through the use of this technology, while those within the NSA or other Intel agencies (including the FBI, CIA and DHS) maintain complete anonymity from prosecution for these crimes against humanity.

Think about how easily the NSA can murder you through the use of this of technology.

The following are a just few scenarios that have already been played out in real life many times before, through the use of these technologies.

An unwitting target of the NSA's SIGNIT EMF Scanning Network has attempted to expose some illicit activity occurring within the U.S. federal government or corporate America.

The person uses an auto start feature to start their automobile while they are still in their home. A brief time later, as they walk behind this vehicle, they are struck with a directed energy weapon which causes them to momentarily fall to the ground.

At the same time, a signals intelligence satellite is used to remotely shift the transmission from their automobile into reverse, which results in the person being run over and killed by their own vehicle.

When the police arrive, they are completely baffled at how odd the accident is, and just conclude that the person forgot to put the vehicle in park before they exited it.

This is just one example of how directed energy weaponry and signals intelligence technology can be used for the purpose of covertly perpetrating a murder, by making it appear accidental in nature.

Here's another. You get in your car and you start driving. The car is brand new and you are enjoying taking it for a nice ride.

Suddenly the car starts to accelerate on its own and when you place your foot on the brake pedal nothing happens. The car continues to increase speed, and you notice that the electric door locks and windows have suddenly failed to operate. You now feel the steering wheel moving from under the grasp of your hands.

Your automobile is now under the total control of someone else. The car increases speed so that you are now dangerously above the posted speed limit on the road you are traveling.

The car suddenly swerves and heads off the road. The last thought that flashes through your mind before your car crashes into a tree and explodes - killing you instantly - is who tampered with your car?

I just described what Rolling Stone investigative journalist Michael Hastings' experienced when being targeted for a covert murder, which may well have been perpetrated by the NSA, and as revenge for the article that Hastings' wrote, which resulted in the forced resignation of General Stanley McCrystal.

There's little doubt that Hastings was the target of a revenge killing, which was used to serve as a message to American journalists to keep their noses out of the Military Intelligence complexes' clandestine operations.

One of the best real life examples of someone whom I am absolutely certain was the target of a signals intelligence induced murder, concerned Madison Avenue executive Suzanne Hart.

Hart was crushed to death when the elevator she was entering was remotely tampered with using signals intelligence technology, to cause the elevator to suddenly and abruptly move upwards, before Hart had a chance to completely enter the elevator.

The night before this occurred I had seen a movie called Paperman (1971), where a woman was crushed to death by an elevator, after the elevator had been remotely tampered with. The following morning during the time that Suzanne Hart was killed, there was a van parked in the road in front of my home for several hours with the name Hart painted on its side.

This was a warning that Suzanne Hart had been murdered as the direct result of the movie I had seen the night before. And that those who carried out this pernicious act got the idea to do so through the remote neural monitoring of the visual cortex region of my brain using computer to brain interface; as I watched this movie.

I have experienced several of these types of bizarre situations over the past decade, however, none was more obvious or terrifying than knowing that Suzanne Hart had been forced to suffer a gruesome death, as the direct result of the murderous psychopaths within the FBI and NSA, who have been carrying out these psychotic psyops against this author since 2003.

There are an infinite number of permutations in regard to how directed energy weaponry and signals intelligence technology can be used in such instances.

I have just described a few of them.

Hart could have been momentarily subjected to a directed energy neurological attack on her brain, which prevented her from reacting in time to back out of the elevator as it began to move, while the electric motor in the elevator was remotely triggered to move abruptly in order to catch her off guard.

The NSA also maintains the voiceprint for each American citizen, so that your voice can be instantly identified when you speak. Even worse, this voiceprint can be used to fabricate a conversation that you never took part in, where a computer creates the dialogue and then uses your voice to speak the dialogue.

This can also be done with your physical being, as a computer is used to digitally animate you, including your mannerisms and voice.

This is already being done on a limited scale with Hollywood actors who have recently died, in order to fulfill their contractual obligations with the studios that they had agreed to appear in movies for.

CGI technology has already evolved to the point where an actor's image can be digitally recreated and become indistinguishable from the real person.

Hollywood Actors Replaced With CGI Actors?

Given the ridiculous salaries being earned by the marginal talent on most of Hollywood's A list *productions in the modern day, there will come a time in the not so distant future where instead of acting, men and women will be paid a fee for licensing their images to Hollywood studios, and computers will then be used to digitally animate these actors to create motion pictures.

*Most of the movies themselves have become little more than CGI creations with poorly written scripts. Legendary actor, Harrison Ford, recently commented in regard to how most of the movies geared towards younger people today are essentially video games, where scripts and acting are forced to take a back seat to such CGI animation. Perhaps this is the real reason why the engine in Ford's vintage plane just happened to quit on him a few months ago, resulting in a serious crash that could have easily killed Harrison. (Was the engine's stalling intentionally signals intelligence induced as a means in which to furtively murder this actor?)

For quite some time this author has also wondered if there is an understanding with the Satanists who *secretly rule Hollywood, that at some point in their careers, certain superstar actors are worth more in merchandise value dead, than they are alive. And if this results in the furtive murders of these people simply for economic reasons.

*Does the same nefarious situation apply to professional sports' personalities?

For instance, it is commonly understood that merchandise in regard to a famous celebrity tends to increase in value after they pass on. Given the bottom line mentality of Tinsel Town and its Satanic roots, why would this theory sound so outlandish? Especially when we now have former actors who were driven out of Hollywood, publicly accusing its ruling elite of murdering actors who fall out of favor with these studios, with the intent of finding legally plausible ways in which to raid their multi million dollar estates, once (or even before) they have been killed.

As for using CGI animations to replace actors, the 1981 movie Looker, whose screenplay was written by the late science fiction writer, Michael Creighton, involved this scenario. In the movie, TV personalities were being paid to use their images in commercials and TV series, so that computers could create CGI versions of the actors which were then used to take their place on screen.

Creighton really was a visionary, well ahead of his time.

In the future, whether Hollywood actors like it or not, this will become the new business model for the film industry, in which Hollywood studios will significantly improve their bottom line. If a movie is a tremendous success at the box office, they will have only been responsible for paying the actors involved a negotiated fee for using their images, while reaping the tremendous profits generated by the success of the movie.

And if a movie is a financial flop, the studios will not have suffered nearly the economic losses that they do in the modern day, when a movie does not live up to expectations at the box office, yet they must still pay Hollywood A list actors a fortune for appearing in the movie.

This new paradigm in the motion picture industry will be done in order to save the studios billions of dollars in actors' fees each year.

Personally, I think that acting should be left to people and not computers.

However, the outrageous fees that A list actors are earning in light of the tremendous economic suffering that the American middle class is experiencing, given that these people are not exactly splitting the atom or offering anything other than entertainment, is ridiculous.

The same can be said for Wall Street and the disparity in corporate America where a company's board of directors are treated like royalty, while the average worker in the company is used as little more than a slave.

As for the federal government's wastage of capital...

As for the NSA, because the Agency has now used the electromagnetic spectrum as the means in which to lock onto the unique EMF signatures produced by your body and brain, you can be subjected to non consensual human experimentation at any time; including mind control research, without your knowledge or consent.

Moreover, you can also be tortured and even murdered with directed energy weaponry, because the NSA has locked onto your body's own unique EMF signature set, and you cannot escape from this Orwellian program.

This is outright slavery, regardless of how cleverly and covertly it has been implemented against the American people.

And the same electromagnetic systems of enslavement now exist in all countries, as the result of clandestinely implemented Signals Intelligence EMF Fingerprinting programs, which are used to decode the unique EMF signatures from the bodies of citizens; which are then used as a furtive means of remotely monitoring them by way of the electromagnetic spectrum, and Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Networks.

Google: Akwei VS NSA, Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network

For those who are religiously indoctrinated, it is said that Satan controls the air.

This is certainly made evident by the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and how it is being used to enslave the American citizenry through the decoding of our bodies' own unique EMF signatures.

It also offers further proof that the NSA is controlled by Satanists, whose primary function is to enslave the American people, through the aforementioned Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

8/31/15 - Texas Governor Signs Law Giving Texas The Right To Repatriate $1 Billion In Gold From The NY Federal Reserve System/FBI Magic Lantern Trojan Virus Downloaded Onto Personal Computers Under The Guise Of Downloading Microsoft Updates In Order To Take Remote Control Of The Computer

Texas Governor, Greg Abbott claims that he recently signed into law legislation which gives the State of Texas the right to repatriate $1 billion in gold bullion from the Federal Reserve System's New York branch.

Federal Reserve System Required To Pay Texas $1 Billion In Gold Bullion Texas Claims Is Owed To Its Residents?

The Zionist controlled media appears to be ignoring this situation because they don't want the general population in the United States to learn about this, or the likely catalyst: the written works of the late political historian, Eustace Mullins.

And in particular his book exposing the Federal Reserve System's counterfeiting and laundering Of bogus U.S. currency and the illegal passage of the 16TH Amendment, and its criminal use in the implementation of the unconstitutional income tax, as a means of conducting class warfare against America's middle class: "Secrets Of The Federal Reserve."

I wonder exactly when it was determined that the Jade Helm 15 military exercise would include the State of Texas? Before or after this new legislation regarding repatriating gold from the Federal Reserve System was enacted?

Is Jade Helm an act of intimidation against Governor Greg Abbott and the citizens of Texas, for attempting to hold the Federal Reserve responsible for its theft of the American people's gold bullion from the U.S. Treasury in 1914?

That part of the alternative media that is also controlled by the CIA through its Mockingbird propaganda program, is being aggressively used to discredit Texans and Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, by attempting to portray them as conspiracy lunatics; while both the mainstream media and the controlled portion of the alternative media completely ignore the House of Rothschilds' history of taking over legitimate governments through the establishment of their Communist central banks.

The State of Texas has good reason to be concerned about the Obama Administration's use of Jade Helm 15 to secretly initiate a state of martial law in the State of Texas, as well as the rest of this country.

The fact that Texas would utilize their State's Governor to pass legislation which demands that the Federal Reserve return $1 billion in gold bullion which Texas claims it is owed by the Federal Reserve System, only further supports the research done by Eustace Mullins in regard to the House of Rothschilds' use of corrupt politicians to pass the Federal Reserve Act, which allowed for the Rothschilds' looting of the U.S. Treasury in 1914.

With this legislation, Texans are now threatening the Rothschilds' autonomy over the U.S. economy, since if other U.S. States pass similar legislation in order to force the Federal Reserve into returning the gold bullion that it stole from the U.S. Treasury in 1914, then the Federal Reserve System is going to face its greatest challenge since its unconstitutional creation a century ago.

And this would mean that even its perpetual charter (created under the Pepper McFadden Act of 1927) will not save the Federal Reserve from abolition this time around.

Moreover, when was the last time that the Federal Reserve System faced a serious challenge to its autonomy over the U.S. monetary system?

In 1963, when President John F. Kennedy passed an Executive Order which repealed an earlier Executive Order, which resulted in the U.S. Treasury's ability to coin and regulate certain denominations of U.S. currency, for the first time since the Rothschilds' took control of the U.S. Treasury in 1914.

JFK waged an aggressive challenge to the Federal Reserve System, which is why he became the target of a Federal Reserve driven murder conspiracy that also involved several branches of his own government.

If I were Governor Greg Abbott, I'd stay as public as possible for as long as possible, in an effort to prevent this modern day "den of vipers" from murdering me.

Furthermore, Abbott and the people of Texas have taken an important step in removing the Federal Reserve from power. What if the other 49 U.S. States all decided that they also wanted the billions in gold bullion that the Federal Reserve stole from the U.S. Treasury in 1914 which they claim belong to them, repatriated? What would the Federal Reserve do then?

More than likely use this Rothschild Communist central bank to force Congress and the White House to impose martial law throughout the United States.

Perhaps this is what Jade Helm 15 is really being used for at the moment.

And this is why Internet shock jock, Alex Jones, is hiding out in Spain under the pretense of covering the economic collapse in that country, out of fear that he'd be targeted for liquidation if he returned to the United States.

Jones has covered the collapse of other national economies from his studio in Texas in the past. So why did he need to go to Spain to cover the economic collapse there?

Many of his critics have stated that Alex Jones has finally been exposed as the CIA provocateur that he really is (something that the late Bill Cooper attempted to do during a live podcast with Jones several years ago); Cooper was murdered by a SWAT team just yards from his home as likely retaliation for blowing Jones' cover a brief time later.

It's been alleged that this is the primary reason for leaving the United States, since many of Jones' former listeners have now turned against him.

Whether or not this is true remains to be seen. However, what is interesting is how Alex Jones' trip to Spain was timed to occur just before Jade Helm arrived in Texas.

His so called coverage of Spain's economic collapse began with Jones' leaving the United States right before Jade Helm 15 began. And he is not expected back in this country until Jade Helm is scheduled to end some time in mid September.

That is if Jade Helm is just an exercise, and not a covert military takeover of the United States, which it appears Jade Helm may be turning into.

Especially if Texas is intent on forcing the Federal Reserve to repatriate what it claims is $1 billion worth of Texas gold bullion.

One must wonder how long the Rothschilds can secretly maintain control of a nation's government, before they are driven out of that nation by the citizenry whom they have betrayed?

They were recently kicked out of Hungary after this country paid off the debt the Rothschild central bank claimed they were owed, and Russia has recently done the same, in order remove the House of Rothschild from Russia.

Russia had been under the Rothschilds' control since the Russian Revolution ended. So the Rothschilds' reign in Russia was for about a century.

The Rothschilds have been in control of the United States since 1913, with Congresses' illegal passage of the Federal Reserve Act, and if States like Texas have their way, the Federal Reserve Act will be repealed and the Federal Reserve System abolished, so that the Rothschilds will be forced to leave the United States.

However, not before all of the American gold that the Rothschilds have looted from the U.S. Treasury is returned to the American people.

Russia is presently establishing a new version of the Soviet Union in order to avoid being absorbed into the Rothschilds' European Union, which is part of a plan to create a world Zionist dictatorship, in which all former governments will be dissolved, and what were once sovereign nations will become nothing more than territories controlled by the Rothschilds' Zionist world government.

And since the Rothschilds are using the United States as the means in which to take on the Russians, this could result in World War III.

The logical answer for avoiding a war with Russia is to remove the Rothschilds from the United States, by shutting down the Federal Reserve System, which is the means by which the House of Rothschild has controlled the United States for the past century.

FBI Magic Lantern Trojan Virus

As is the case with all Targeted Individuals who own personal computers, our computers are made slaves to the computers used by Intel agents who keep us under illegal surveillance.

The reader should keep in mind that this does not just involve illegal surveillance, but instead, the remote tampering of our computers as well.

Files are illegally opened and often times corrupted by these federal psycho's, our keyboards are monitored through the use of FBI's Magic Lantern key stroke logger, which is little more than a Trojan virus planted on a computer's hard drive, during what appear to be regular downloads of Microsoft Windows' software updates.

The reason that the FBI uses these software updates is that they appear to be innocuous, since Microsoft's software is programmed to routinely download the latest updates to this software on your computer's hard drive.

The FBI, with the help of the NSA can duplicate this software with their own added viruses, which are then loaded onto your computer's hard drive without your knowledge.

These viruses can manifest in any number of different ways, based on the sudden problems that you experience with your computer.

One that this COINTELPRO target has noticed for years now involves the remote tampering with the keyboard on my computer.

The FBI can actually prevent a character from being typed at all. They can also stiffen up the keys on the computer keyboard in order to make them difficult to press. One of the types of sabotage on the keyboard involves freezing the keys as you type, so that their characters appear on the computer screen slightly delayed, which interferes with your ability to type.

The FBI will also abruptly highlight an area of text so that when you press a key, you accidentally delete the text. Moreover, they will routinely move the cursor so that you find yourself typing over text that you already typed.

They will also freeze your computer while you are in the process of typing a document, so that you lose the document. This is why you must constantly save the information in the document well before you have completed it.

These are just a few of the plausibly deniable ways that this Gestapo uses in an attempt to drive you stark raving mad.

The FBI's response to these covert operations will be to lie, by claiming that the target of these psyops is imagining what is happening to them, because they are either paranoid or schizophrenic.

This isn't nearly as bad as when the FBI suborns witness perjury in order to obtain fabricated testimony which the Bureau then uses to supports its claims in regard to a target of COINTELPRO.

Since many TI's spend a lot of time on their computers in an attempt to obtain enough information in regard to Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment, to help them to survive the nightmare that they are forced to live each day, the FBI's Magic Lantern Trojan virus is downloaded onto their computers, for the purpose of using the computer as yet another part of the Satanic psychological operation that they are being subjected to.

Once this is done the FBI can remotely tamper with the computer in myriad ways.

They can easily destroy the computer as they have in certain instances with some of the higher profile TIs who once worked for the Intel community, before becoming whistleblowers.

However, if the FBI were to destroy the computers of most TI's, the Bureau would lose this particular venue for conducting such furtive psychological warfare operations.

As disturbing as this is, what is far more troublesome is how the NSA's signals intelligence technology is being used to remotely hack into that computer which we refer to as the human brain, in order to be able to program a person's mind while they are in a REM state of sleep.

This is becoming a nightmare, given the NSA's access to a Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network that can be used to arbitrarily access the neural pathways of the brains of any of more than 300 million American citizens, for the purpose of such mind control programming, without the targeted subjects having any idea of what is being done to them.

What is of greatest concern here is, who is being subjected to such remote programming of their minds? And precisely what is it that they are being remotely programmed to do?

8/30/15 - FBI Controls E-mail Accounts As Part Of The COINTELPRO Operation Against Us

Editor's Note: The media reports that an MI6 agent who had hacked into a computer containing personal information in regard to Bill Clinton was found dead; wrapped in a plastic bag in a bathtub. CIA agents should write soap operas for a living, since they orchestrate this kind of psychotic entertainment for real, as part of their murderous nature.

As for the bathtub, you could soak them in it for decades on end and they'd never come clean; such is the Satanic nature of the spook business; forever executing the evil actions that they plan out well in advance, after having hatched these notions from within their own demented minds.

In the early days of the FBI COINTELPRO attack on this author, one of the venues that they attempted to use unsuccessfully was my E-mail account. At first, I noticed that every E-mail that was sent had words that the FBI was attempting to sensitize this author to, as part of their psychological warfare campaign against me.

This became more aggressive until I decided to just look at E-mails that I knew were related to something pertinent, while deleting the FBI psyop E-mails.

For instance an E-mail regarding an Internet purchase that I had made I'd open.

However I would delete the rest of the E-mails without wasting any time bothering to read them. I did this because when the FBI had setup a particular E-mail account for the purpose of sending these psyop E-mails, at first I responded by asking the person to remove me from their E-mail list.

I also inquired as to how it was that they gained access to my E-mail address since I hadn't asked to be included in their mailings.

In nearly all instances the person ignored my requests to stop sending E-mails to my account, so it made no sense to argue with them any longer.

Moreover, as punishment for deleting the E-mails, the FBI would then sabotage my E-mail account by preventing me from opening pertinent E-mails that I needed to read.

After awhile I started opening other E-mail accounts to see if the FBI would electronically tamper with all of them at the same time.

They decided that this was impractical, so while they continued to perpetrate such illegal tampering, they did so on a more limited basis, while deciding to employ this psychotic operation to another Family member's E-mail account.

As such, the FBI began sending E-mails to the accounts of other Family members who have since that time been coerced by the FBI into covering up these COINTELPRO forms of psychological warfare attacks.

Many of these Family members are also targeted for FBI subterfuge in their lives, even though they would publicly deny this.

This is how badly subverted our Constitutional government and Bill of Rights have become.

At the direction of the FBI, one of these E-mail accounts has been targeted by a significant Zionist contingent who now take regular part in this criminal conspiracy, as revenge for what this author has written in regard to Rothschild Zionism and its Satanic control over the human race.

Since this psyop is done under FBI Infragard, the Zionists who have been told to utilize Neural Linguistic Programming as the means by which to conduct their attacks in a furtive manner, send E-mails on a daily basis as part this electronic psyop.

Clearly, they don't approve of what this author has written about in regard to Rothschild Zionism or the Zionist controlled State of Israel, anymore than what I have written in regard to the Zionist control over the U.S. federal government, media, financial and educational systems, since this furtive control over our country is being used to destroy it.

The fact is that Zionism is at its very basis, without a doubt the worship of Satan.

All conservative Jews know this, and an increasing number of reformed Jews (Ashkenazi Jews) are beginning to realize that the Rothschilds have been deceiving them since the Rothschilds' creation of the 1ST Zionist Congress in 1897 - whose intent was to create a global hatred for all Jews which would force them to flee their countries, and to seek safety in a country that would guarantee them just that.

This country, Israel, would materialize after World War II had ended. However, Israel would not be the haven for most Jews that was promised. Instead, it would be ruled by the Rothschilds and their Zionist/Satanic ideology, as an apartheid society, which treats Zionists like royalty, while the rest of the Jewish inhabitants are treated like slaves.

Those Jews who have attempted to expose this are often murdered for doing so, as has been the case with two courageous Ashkenazi Jews: Arthur Koestler and Jacob Bernstein; both of whose documenting in scathing detail, the hellish situation that non Zionist Jews face while living in Israel got them killed.

However, unlike many who believe that Israel should be destroyed, this author believes that it is world Zionism that should be abolished, while Israel is turned over to her rightful citizenry.

The Jewish people.

While the Rothschilds and their Zionist terrorists, are held accountable for their centuries of crimes against humanity.

Until this occurs, Rothschild Zionism and its allegiance to Satan will continue to plague us as a citizenry, while their Satanic central bankster cartel continues to maintain control of nearly all of the countries on this planet.

This is why we no longer have Constitutional governments, since they have been replaced by criminal cabals, which are used to enslave us through the covert implementation of false flag terrorism like 9/11, and legislation that is more akin to slaves than a free citizenry.

No one understands this better than this author, since in the history of the United States, no American citizen has ever been subjected to such an outrageous violation of their Constitutional rights, where the government criminals who perpetrate crimes against you, attempt to conceal their own crimes, by completely abrogating the Constitutional rule of law.

And all because the U.S federal government will not admit that for the past 40 years, this author has been the subject of a covert program conducted illegally by the U.S. National Security Agency, that involves the interfacing of an Artificial Intelligence computer with the neural pathways of my brain; and for the purpose of mind control experimentation.

A second generation MK-Ultra program, however, this time around, without any type of electronic brain implant.

My public testimony in regard to this conspiracy implicates the NSA in what whistleblower John St. Clair Akwei attempted to expose more than two decades ago.

A signals intelligence driven domestic surveillance system that tracks Americans through the air, via the electromagnetic spectrum, and by way of the unique electromagnetic flux signatures that are produced by our own bodies.

My allegations, like those of John St. Clair Akwei, and more recently, a number of other targets of this program, are true.

And this Orwellian program is so evil that no government official will ever admit to its existence. They will find a means in which to murder us before they will ever admit that they have allowed themselves to become party to such a malignant and depraved attack on humanity.

The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network is without a doubt the most nefarious act of treason against the American people that has ever been perpetrated against us, and by criminals within our own subverted and Zionist controlled government.

When you go to sleep this evening, consider that the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network can be used to remotely enter the neural pathways of your brain without your knowledge or consent, as part of a national Signals Intelligence EMF Fingerprinting program, that is secretly used to enslave American citizens from the moment that we are born in this country.

The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network has ensured that your children are born into an Orwellian form of high tech slavery, and will be illegally monitored for the rest of their lives.

Every thought, every movement, remotely monitored from space, by the real life version of George Orwell's Big Brother.


8/28/15 - FBI Use Of Infragard To Get Another Family Member Of This Author Fired From Their Job

For the past several years the FBI has interfered with another member of this author's Family, by not only orchestrating this person's being fired from their job, but in also preventing them from obtaining new employment.

Moreover, the only person at the time who was helping this Family member and looking out for their best interests (this person's immediate boss), suddenly developed a very aggressive form of brain cancer, and died within months of being diagnosed (directed energy weaponry was more than likely involved here).

It was shortly after this that this Family member was fired from their job.

This was more than two years ago.

Now as this Family member is about to lose their home, another Family member has suggested that this person put a resume together which can then be sent to a possible employer; and with the resume, include the references of several people with whom this Family member has worked within a business capacity over the years.

The question that this author has is: Where were these positive references a few years ago when this Family member needed them most? They were not even taking this Family member's phone calls because of the FBI's subterfuge.

So why is it that all of the sudden these people are now offering support when they were no where to be found before, and this Family member was being blackballed in their industry; being turned down at a number of jobs that they were qualified for, and prior to the FBI's COINTELPRO, would have been given serious consideration for?

Because the FBI has been manipulating this entire situation from the beginning, as the result of the Infragard program that enables the FBI to secretly control the management of any business in the United States, under the Patriot Act.

The main issue here is what did it cost this Family member to be able to suddenly benefit in this situation? What deal did they have to make with the FBI in order to be able to become viable in their business again?

What else did they have to sacrifice?

This person is extremely competent at what they do, and should never have been fired from their job to begin with. The only reason they were fired was because the FBI was intent on forcing them to spend the savings that they had accumulated, in order to intentionally put them into debt; which the agents involved have now succeeded in doing.

Moreover, again for emphasis: Why would all of these positive references suddenly show up now, when they should have been available a few years ago when this Family member needed them most, and when due to the FBI's interference, were not even returning phone calls to this Family member?

When the FBI is involved in a situation concerning a COINTELPRO operation against a particular person, everyone around that person becomes a target of this nefarious program, and forced to lie in order to support whatever allegations the FBI makes, or suffer the consequences.

Thanks to Project Paperclip and the Patriot Act, the FBI has become even more nefarious as a Gestapo, than Hitler's Gestapo. The organization that so impressed J. Edgar Hoover, that he decided upon having been appointed to head the FBI in 1924, to pattern the Bureau after the Gestapo, because of its ability to circumvent the Constitutional rule of law in the United States, as well as basic human rights.

That is exactly what is occurring here in regard to several members of this author's Family, who have been targeted for these COINTELPRO operations for many years, as well subjected to directed energy weapon's attacks in the past.

I just hope that this Family member can finally obtain employment now, so that they are not forced to sell their home.

However, with the way in which the FBI agents involved in this conspiracy are wheeling and dealing, in order to conceal the crimes they have perpetrated against this author and several other members of my Family, there is no telling what will occur next.

Since it is these agents, through their own chicanery and attempts to cover up their crimes, who are quite literally flying by the seats of their own pants.

*Given the FBI's NLP propaganda campaign against this author in the mainstream media, will we see this saying routinely used in the Zionist media now?

After all, when you attempt to abrogate someone's Constitutional rights in order to conceal the crimes you have perpetrated against them, you become the criminal.

As that is exactly what these FBI agents have become. The criminals.

Through the cover up that the FBI has established in order to conceal crimes that they have and continue to perpetrate against this author and other members of my Family, under the color of law, the FBI has perpetrated a deception against the American people, that is in and of itself not only precedent setting, but based on outright insanity.

And the FBI's collusion to conceal the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF fingerprinting of the American people, serves as further proof that this organization has always been nothing more than a political arm of the Zionist White House; an organization with no legislative charter, which uses both false flag terrorism and propaganda as the means by which to maintain the Satanic status quo in the United States.

The American people have been electromagnetically branded as a herd of cattle by the National Security Agency, as part of a signals intelligence driven domestic surveillance system that has been used to turn the electromagnetic spectrum into an invisible prison that surrounds us.

The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Fingerprinting of the American people is the real life version of Orwell's 1984 and his concept of the ultimate in slavery: Big Brother.

8/27/15 - In 1975 Idaho Senator Frank Church Tried To Warn The American People About The National Security Agency's Signals Intelligence Capabilities And How Easily They Could Be Used Against Us - We Should Have Listened To Him - Especially Since Church Appears To Have Been Referring To The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network And Its Use In Tracking The Human Body By Its Own Unique EMF Signatures - We've Become The Slaves Of This Real Life Version Of George Orwell's 1984 "Big Brother"

Source: Wikipedia:

"Daniel Ellsberg quoted Church as speaking of the NSA as follows: 'I know the capacity that is there to make tyranny total in America, and we must see to it that this agency and all agencies that possess this technology operate within the law and under proper supervision, so that we never cross over that abyss. That is the abyss from which there is no return."[16] More specifically on August 17, 1975 Senator Frank Church stated on NBC's 'Meet the Press' without mentioning the name of the NSA about this agency:

'In the need to develop a capacity to know what potential enemies are doing, the United States government has perfected a technological capability that enables us to monitor the messages that go through the air. Now, that is necessary and important to the United States as we look abroad at enemies or potential enemies. We must know, at the same time, that capability at any time could be turned around on the American people, and no American would have any privacy left such is the capability to monitor everything - — telephone conversations, telegrams, it doesn't matter.

There would be no place to hide.

If this government ever became a tyrant, if a dictator ever took charge in this country, the technological capacity that the intelligence community has given the government could enable it to impose total tyranny, and there would be no way to fight back because the most careful effort to combine together in resistance to the government, no matter how privately it was done, is within the reach of the government to know. Such is the capability of this technology.

I don't want to see this country ever go across the bridge. I know the capacity that is there to make tyranny total in America, and we must see to it that this agency and all agencies that possess this technology operate within the law and under proper supervision so that we never cross over that abyss. That is the abyss from which there is no return.[17][18][19]”

NSA monitoring of Senator Church's communications

"In a secret operation code-named 'Project Minaret,' the National Security Agency (NSA) monitored the communications of leading Americans, including Senators Church and Howard Baker, Dr. Martin Luther King, prominent U.S. journalists and athletes, who criticized the U.S. war in Vietnam.[20] A review by NSA of the NSA's Minaret program concluded that Minaret was "disreputable if not outright illegal."

The following is an illustration of what Senator Frank Church feared most about the NSA's Signals Intelligence technology, and how it would be used to enslave the American people. Consider that in the modern day, the NSA uses signals intelligence to monitor the entire electromagnetic spectrum, including the evoked potentials that are produced by our brains every time we have a thought.

Once produced, our thoughts leave our *brain and enter the electromagnetic spectrum as evoked potentials, which NSA Artificial Intelligence computers can then instantly decode. If you have an adverse thought in regard to the U.S. federal government, the NSA will know about it, and can place you under signals intelligence surveillance, by using a Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network to scan the electromagnetic spectrum for the unique EMF fields produced by your own body (including your brain).

A few years ago I decided to see if by wrapping a cellular phone in aluminum foil, this would prevent the satellite broadcast signal from reaching the phone. It worked. The cell phone could not ring as long as it was surrounded by aluminum foil.

A few days later I was experiencing a microwave energy weapon induced headache. I decided to try placing some aluminum foil inside a baseball cap to see if it would help.

The headache eased quickly. The following day my Dad was hit in the head with a directed energy weapon as revenge for doing this.

At the time I did not realize this, however, this occurred again at a later time where after I placed some aluminum foil in a baseball cap in order to ease a microwave induced headache, the following day my Dad was again hit in the head with a directed energy weapon.

Evidently, placing aluminum foil around your head, interferes in some way with the NSA's ability to remotely monitor the neural pathways of your brain.

However, keep in mind that if you wear aluminum foil around your head, the Satanists who perpetrate these remote forms of sadistic torture could easily heat up the foil around your head.

How does the NSA's SIGNIT EMF Scanning Network recognize the unique EMF signatures from your own body? A Signals Intelligence EMF Fingerprinting Program that is used to decode some of the basic EMF fields from our bodies from the time we are born; including brain EEG signatures and heart EKG signatures.

As Frank Church said, there's no escape from this Orwellian system because it scans the electromagnetic spectrum in search of any unique EMF signatures that an NSA Artificial Intelligence computer is programmed to search for.

If that EMF signature belongs to you, then the NSA will locate the EMF signature set produced by your own body and use it as a tracking device, while also interfacing an AI computer with your brain. From then on you are tracked by the NSA for the rest of your life.

This is outright slavery, regardless of how secretly it is carried out. And why the Congress has been told to deny that this SIGNIT EMF Scanning System exists, even though they know that it does, and that they can be targeted by it just as easily as we can.

My documentation of this technology for the past decade as well as the documenting of my experiences as a target of this electromagnetic (through the air type) version of MK-Ultra non consensual human experimentation, is also why I have at present become the subject of an aggressive, Zionist based psychological operation, involving the U.S. media, that involves the most intricate use of Neural Linguistic Programming as a form of public brainwashing, that has ever been documented.

Thousands of psychological triggers being incorporated into U.S. broadcast and print media, using NLP protocols as part of the FBI COINTELPRO operation being illegally conducted against this author.

How can you benefit by this NLP scheme? Think of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network and how the NSA is secretly using it to enslave you. And what kind of a government would secretly implement such a tyrannical system against you?

8/25/15 - How The FBI Goes On An Illegal Fishing Expedition By Using The NSA To Remotely Scan Your Thoughts Via A Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, Then Lies To The Public In Regard To The Information Obtained

As a target of what is perhaps the longest MK-Ultra mind control experiment ever conducted by way of the electromagnetic spectrum (40 years), this author has experienced myriad different manifestations of this Orwellian and Satanic violation of basic human rights. And the same can be said for the millions of other Americans are who subjected to this precedent setting violation of the 4TH, 5Th, 6TH, 7Th and 8TH Amendments to the United States Bill of Rights. Not to mention the Nuremburg Code and the Geneva Convention.

As part of the FBI/NSA illegal brain scanning of this author via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, the FBI will claim that they are obtaining my thoughts, when in reality they often manufacture information that they claim has been obtained through the remote neural monitoring (or EEG Heterodyning) of the neural pathways of my brain.

The same is true of computer generated imagery that they claim is of this author, yet is fabricated using today's most advanced computer graphic technology.

They will also deny that the NSA routinely implants computer generated information into the neural pathways of my brain as part of this Orwellian non consensual human experimentation, even though they have been for several decades.

Men and women who are targeted for this tyrannical abuse are also routinely attacked with directed energy weapons. There are a myriad of manifestations from such attacks.

Google: Physical and psychological symptoms manifested from directed energy weapon's attacks, and view the list at the end of this post, since those within the NSA and FBI who perpetrate these crimes against humanity, are the equivalent of high tech predators and serial killers who operate with complete anonymity and impunity from prosecution.

The CIA's original MK-Ultra program did not end with the Church Committee's findings that the Agency was committing horrific crimes against Americans by using them as targets of mind control experimentation. The program may have officially been shuttered by Congress in the early 1970s, however, it soon continued without any official Congressional oversight or funding.

The Church Committee also found the NSA's signals intelligence operations to be Orwellian, and Frank Church, himself, stated before Congress, that if the NSA ever fell into the wrong hands, it could be used to turn the United States into a fascist dictatorship.

How wise the late Senator was, since that's exactly what has happened over the past forty years. And why Frank Church was covertly liquidated at the age of 59; since politicians who can't be bought or controlled by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex are considered to be dangerous to their Orwellian operations.

President John F. Kennedy was another politician whom this complex could not control, and Kennedy's attempt to wrestle control of the U.S. monetary system away from the Rothschilds' Federal Reserve Communist central bank, would threaten Israel's Zionist control over the United States.

This is the real reason why Kennedy was murdered.

A treasonous conspiracy in which his own Judas Vice President, Lyndon Baines Johnson, would take part.

The new MK-Ultra program involves both the CIA as well as the NSA and its signals intelligence technology. And the use of the electromagnetic spectrum as the means by which these Agencies can now interface Artificial Intelligence computers with the neural pathways of the brain.

All that was needed was a way in which to collect the unique brain map of each American citizen, so that this bioelectric information which the brain produces, could then be scanned for by way of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Google: John St. Clair Akwei VS NSA; NSA Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network; NSA EMF Stimulation Of The Brain

Also consider that an NSA agent who is trained in this field of non consensual human experimentation, can use computer to brain interface via the electromagnetic spectrum, to remotely program the mind any American citizen, by accessing the neural pathways of their brain while they are REM sleep.

This means that the targeted person could be programmed to do anything. To commit any crime including murder. And they could even be programmed to murder anyone including their own spouse or children.

And we have seen far too many examples of this in recent years, while the cowardly and wicked perpetrators of these crimes conceal this technology and their identities under the cover of national security.

This program likely began shortly after World War II ended, with the hospitals in the United States collecting EEG and EKG prints from every child once they were born, which were then sent to the NSA as part of a file that they created for each child.

The NSA maintains extensive files on all American citizens. And any person who moves to the United States either to become a citizen, or to just live here indefinitely, will find that the NSA compiles extensive files on them as well; information which is transferred from the country they emigrated from.

With this bioelectric information, the NSA would now have the ability to scan the electromagnetic spectrum for the unique EMF signatures produced by the child's brain, so that not only could that child be remotely tracked by the NSA, but also subjected to the interfacing of their brain with a computer via the electromagnetic spectrum.

Think of the opportunities that the NSA has to experiment on us from the time we are children, and to then follow us into adulthood for further non consensual human experimentation.

The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network allows for such Orwellian monitoring and predation.

This signals intelligence driven system of enslavement has existed for at least forty years. And because of it, the NSA now has the ability to instantly access the neural pathways of any American citizen's brain, by using a Signals Intelligence EMF scanning Network to scan the electromagnetic spectrum for the unique EMF signatures produced by our bodies.

Google: John St. Clair Akwei VS The U.S. National Security Agency

This is a clandestine means of enslaving the American people without their knowledge, since the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network is being used to turn the electromagnetic spectrum into an invisible prison system that surrounds us.

Of course, in regard to this author, this is done furtively so that these organizations cannot be challenged on the lies which they secretly circulate, which is just further proof of the deception that the FBI and NSA are attempting to perpetrate on the American people, in regard to the COINTELPRO slander campaign that they continue to promulgate against this author.

This deception is so well coded in secrecy, through the use of many different levels of NLP (Neural Linguistic Programming - a form of brainwashing), that the lay persons who are tertiary to this Intel operation are often totally confused by the complexity of this coding.

Moreover, the counterintelligence crimes that are used in conjunction with this mind control program, are now being committed by our own communities, with the oversight of the fusion centers which are controlled by the U.S. Justice Department, FBI, and Homeland Security.

This modern day Gestapo is using fusion centers and the FBI's Infragard program to criminalize our society, by reducing them to the status of a mob of vigilante psychopaths, who have become more dangerous than the Nazi federal psychopaths who are employing them in these treasonous crimes.

For instance, when the Targeted Individual is productive and ignoring the Satanic Organized Stalking protocols that these vigilante miscreants are attempting to subject them to, they will implement more aggressive tactics in an attempt to attack the Targeted Individual in another way.

It is the FBI's own pathological psychopaths whose brainwashing is responsible for this insanity, however, it is the public who is becoming the dangerous crime syndicate, through their vigilante mob mentality, while the FBI's own murderous psychopaths orchestrate these crimes via cell phone and other wireless devices.

The most difficult part in this is that the FBI uses blackmail to control the Family members of a Targeted Individual, who are quite literally the slaves of these miserable and treasonous interlopers.

As a result of this, the longer this black operation goes on, the more criminal the FBI becomes, and the more dangerous and sociopathic the vigilantes within our own communities become.

As an illustration of how completely insane this situation has become, in the latest psyop against this author, the exterminator that we employ is used as a means of communicating that this author is not responding negatively to the latest sadistic Organized Stalking street theater.

So they are going to have to employ the use of some different tactics now.

Keep in mind that this psyop, dubbed street theater, has been occurring for nearly 13 years now. Twenty Four hour a day psychological warfare harassment, in addition to directed energy weapon's attacks on a regular basis, and the illegal monitoring of our evoked potential thought streams in real time, every second of the day.

Adolf Hitler would have been envious of the NSA's electromagnetic enslavement program of the American people, through the covert EMF Fingerprinting of our persons.

The latest round of vehicular stalking has become intensified because I am completely ignoring these criminals for my own sanity.

It should also be noted that those who take part in vehicular stalking routinely violate state and local traffic laws, through their reckless driving, which becomes a danger to the neighborhoods which they enter for the express purpose of conducting these illegal and depraved black operations.

We can only imagine how many automobile accidents and hit and run injuries and fatalities have taken place over the past decade, as the direct result of people who were taking part in the vehicular stalking of a Targeted Individual, causing these accidents.

In order to implement a more aggressive psychological warfare operation against this author, an electronic frequency is created by way of the NSA signals intelligence technology , in order to attract yellow jacket bees to our home. Some of them are now entering through small openings in storm doors.

It is not a major problem, however, this offers a plausible reason to call the exterminator to say that we need a company employee to stop by to do another spraying.

In other words, the perpetrators of these crimes need to try another psyop against this TI because the ones they are using have failed to accomplish their objective. I am still alive and not acting out in a way in which I can be removed from society by legal means.

Of course, this visit by the exterminator costs additional money, which offers yet another example of the FBI's attempt to financially break this Targeted Individual as well as other members my Family, since these types of artificially created situations in which we need to spend money to get something repaired or replaced, occur constantly, as they do with all targets of the FBI's Satanic COINTELPRO operations.

These are Gestapo tactics that the FBI is using here, which is why they are perpetrated using covert means.

In reality, the chemicals that the exterminator uses to kill these insects are far more dangerous to our neurological systems than the insects are.

However, this is code for the Organized Stalking psychopaths saying that they need to increase their psychological warfare attacks against this author, in an effort to regain control of the psychological warfare operation which is being illegally conducted against my person.

Regardless of how plausible deniability is used to deny that they are occurring.

Over the past decade these psyops have grown far more sophisticated, in which all communication in regard to the Targeted Individual is heavily coded, in order to conceal the criminal conspiracy that is being waged against the TI.

The fact that our communities are becoming as evil minded as those which eventually took part in the murders of millions of Jews in Nazi Germany, is just a further illustration of how the United states is run by a shadow Nazi government that has existed in this country since 1948, when the CIA began smuggling thousands of Nazi war criminals into this country under a treasonous program called Project Paperclip; criminals who were used to create a Nazi paradigm within the military intelligence complex in the United States.

A shadow government based on Satanism that is financed by Rothschild Zionism, through its Federal Reserve central bank counterfeiter and launderer of counterfeited currency.

The Federal Reserve isn't even a real money launderer, because they don't create money. They create worthless paper that the American people have been tricked into believing has real value, when it does not.

The illustration regarding the exterminator is just one example of myriad different ways in which the FBI and its vigilante psychopaths perpetrate these Orwellian crimes against the American people and the U.S. Bill of Rights.

Any company that the TI, or the Family of the TI deal with: exterminator, newspaper delivery, delivery services such as USPS, UPS, or FEDEX, landscaper, cable installer, tree surgeon, plumber, electrician, mechanic, dentist, doctor etc., will be used by the FBI to take part in this vigilante hate crime.

Communication often takes place through the phone line of the Targeted Individual. And now that cable TV lists the phone number of the call being placed to your home, the fusion center who orchestrates these crimes will use the phone number of a business to act as code for communicating with a Family member, who is then coerced by the FBI into taking part in these crimes against the Targeted Individual.

For instance, a phone number will appear on the TV screen, and a Family member will instantly react by leaving the room and following through with whatever coded message the phone number represents.

This is further proof of how the Families and homes of Targeted Individuals are illegally infiltrated by the FBI through its Satanic Infragard program, while the NSA illegally spies upon us within our own homes, by remotely monitoring our thoughts via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and the Agency's remote neural monitoring of our brain's evoked potentials.

What we have here within the U.S. Intelligence community is a cadre of fully mind controlled murderers, who operate based on their worship of Satan.

And what is worse is that they can fabricate any evidence that they decide to, use coercion to suborn witness perjury in order to support their bogus claims, while making certain that the target of this criminal conspiracy can never legally challenge any of the allegations being made; because of the extent of the crimes being perpetrated by these federal agents..

This isn't America anymore. This is a despicable and evil gulag operated by tyrants.

List of symptoms from directed energy attacks by the FBI, NSA, DHS and CIA - Other Alphabet Agencies Are Also Involved:

Chilling of Skin/ Instant Coldness - Generalized or Localized
Thermal heating, nighttime, severe night sweats
Thermal heating, daytime, discernible "microwave hot spots" on skull
Intense Itching
Benign or Malignant Tumors
Ringing in Ears
Body Manipulation
Induced Imagery/Thoughts
Induced Sleep
Sensation of Blunt Trauma to Head
Induced Smells
Coughing up Blood
Sensation of Electric Current Running through the Body
Sudden onset asthma
Irregular Heartbeat
Hyperactive bladder, sudden incontinence
Sensation of Objects being Forced into various areas of the Body
Deterioration of Cognitive Abilities
Jaw or Tooth Pain
Severe facial and glandular swelling
Sleep Deprivation
Dizziness or Loss of Balance
Blackouts or loss of consciousness
Severe disorientation while driving
Lesions on Internal Organs
Sudden Rashes
Sudden appearance of large burn marks
Dream Manipulation
Memory Loss
Thought Monitoring/Manipulation
Electronic Rape
Metallic Taste in Mouth
Thyroid Problems
Extreme Fatigue
Topical & Internal Burning
Genital Manipulation
Vision Loss/Impairment
Hair Loss

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