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Access This Website From The Website And Choose The IXQuick Proxy Feature - The Unintended Acceleration Issue In Automobiles Manufactured By Audi, Ford, Toyota And Hyundai - Are These Companies The Unwitting Targets Of Signals Intelligence Satellite Predation?

Is It More Than A Coincidence That So Many Automakers Are Being Sued For The Unintended Acceleration Problems With Some Of The Vehicles They Manufacture?

Written by James F. Marino

First there was the situation with the Audi 5000 series of automobiles, suffering from unintended acceleration problems back in the 1980s. By the time the 5000 series had run its course, 700 accidents and six deaths had been caused by Audi 5000s, suddenly accelerating when they were placed into drive or reverse gear.

See:Wikipedia Source Regarding Audi Problems With Unintended Acceleration With The Audi 5000

Back then, this author had heard about the problems with the Audi 5000, and had even driven an acquaintance's without incident.

However, one day while stopped at a traffic light, a red Audi 5000 station wagon also stopped at the adjacent intersection, suddenly bolted out into the intersection under full throttle, with its driver desperately attempting to get the vehicle stopped.

In spite of this, her Audi 5000 lunged forward until it ran up on a center divider and stalled out with the woman - hands tightly gripped on the steering wheel - looking out the driver's side window in utter terror.

I was then certain that the Audi hype was for real. Since that time Audi is no longer the only car manufacturer with unintended acceleration issues either. There are several, including but not limited to Ford, Hyundai and Toyota.

Toyota has already paid out over a billion dollars in claims regarding vehicles its manufactured between 2009 - 2011, which have suffered from unintended acceleration issues.

Hyundai has also experienced such problems, and in 2013, Ford is the latest automotive company to be sued as the result of some of its models suffering from unintended acceleration problems.

You can learn more about this issue and some of the automotive companies involved with it at the following hyperlink.

Google: Car Companies Involved With Unintended Acceleration Issues

Are The Computers In These Vehicles Being Remotely Tampered With?

Had it not been for all this author has witnessed as a target of MKULTRA and non consensual human experimentation over the years, and how easily an Intel Agency like the NSA can access the circuitry in an electronic component, such as an automobile's computer, a home PC, TV, radio, refrigerator, motion sensitive spotlight, microwave oven, burglar alarm, elevator etc., perhaps I would not be so suspicious of the unintended acceleration issue in the cars of some automotive manufacturers.

However, I have witnessed more than I even care to remember in regard to such high-tech satellite predation, and I would be remiss if I did not broach this subject based on the dangers of automobiles which can suddenly lunge forward or backward without any warning.

There's no question that these issues can cost an automobile manufacturer a fortune to correct. However, if these issues are being caused by remote means, how can you correct them? Or for that matter the damage to the reputation of these companies?

This is especially true if an automotive manufacturer spends millions of dollars in an effort to repair a *problem that was related to signals intelligence electronic sabotage. As opposed to there being a legitimate problem with these vehicles.

* As part of the electronic harassment of our persons, the NSA used a signals intelligence satellite to remotely tamper with an SUV that we had. At times it would run fine, however, at other times the timing was so erratic that the vehicle would stall out. No mechanic could explain this anomaly and we eventually traded the vehicle in during the Obama Administration's "cash for clunkers" program.

However, there is no question that this vehicle's engine timing problem was the result of signals intelligence electronic sabotage to the SUV's engine computer management system.

Given this, I must again ask if the unintended acceleration issue going back to the Audi 5000 and leading up to the present day is a coincidence? Or is there something more nefarious going on here that involves the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, its clandestine black operations, and its furtive experimentation on an unwitting American public?

- James F. Marino

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