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Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory Program Is Being Sabotaged After Ventura Does An Episode On Targeted Individuals And Mind Control Weapons - How Long Before Ventura Becomes A Targeted Individual, Given His Provocative Expose On The U.S. Military-Intelligence Community's High-Tech Mind Control Weapons & Their Use In Attacking American Citizens? Ventura Also Did A Program On Plum Island And Its Ties To Lyme Disease As A Biological Weapon, Supporting Allegations That Lyme Disease Was Created

"The Federal Agent As A Sociopath" (There Are Many Within The U.S. Intelligence Community) - The Following Is Testimony From The Former Wife Of A DEA Agent Who Terrorized, Beat And Raped Her The Entire Time They Were Married - When She Attempted To Stop The Beatings, He Had Her Arrested Claiming That He Was A DEA Agent And Could Do Whatever He Wanted To Her - Many Other Spouses Of Federal Agents Have Also Posted On This Woman's Website Describing Similar Abuses At The Hands Of The Federal Agents They Were Married To - Read This Testimony Before The Intel Community Can Have It Removed - It Is This Type Of Sociopathic Mentality That Enables Federal Agents To Use Directed Energy Weapons On Those Of Us In The TI Community, Many Of Whom Have Been Tortured for Years, While Other TI's Have Been Murdered With This Orwellian Technology

Reporters Caroline Crowley & Serene Branson speaking almost the same exact gibberish during live TV broadcasts, appears to be a form of transcranial magnetic stimulation of the brain - And further evidence that the media are being subjected to mind control experimentation, while their brainwaves are being synchronized with artificial intelligence computers, via the type of EEG heterodyning technology that Dr. Robert Duncan refers to in his book "The Matrix Deceiphered" - Like the rest of the American people, the men and women within the U.S. Media have become unwitting targets of this satellite predation

Is Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, The Latest Directed Energy Weapon's Target Of The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex? Was Chavez's Cancer Caused By A Microwave Weapon?

U.S. Media & Political Leadership In The United States Are Nothing More Than Mind Controlled Puppets Whose Brains Are Electronically Accessed By The U.S. Military Intelligence Community, And Remote Neurally Monitored Through EEG Heterodyning Technology - These Men And Women Are Incapable Of Exposing This High Tech Satellite Predation & Willingly Aid And Abet These Crimes Against The TI Community

UFO spotted over Long Island In June Of 2012 - This person also comments about many of the commercial aircraft we see in the night skies, and the strange strobes and navigation lights they have; something this author has noticed for many years

Remote Behavioral Influence Technology Using EEG Heterodyning Technology - How A Signals Intelligence Satellite Can Be Used To Remotely Enter The Human Brain Through The EMF Spectrum, And To Both Retrive As Well As Implant Thoughts Into A Person's Mind

Brain Zapping = Electronic Mind Control (Part I)

The brainwashing of the American middle class

Electromagnetic War On Humanity

The Human Brain Has No Firewall!

"One of the more advanced microwave hearing effect tricks - Phase angle segmentation of voice throwing. Imagine a bunch of soldiers surrounding a speaker listening to static, barely able to pick up their orders which are cutting in and out, garbled intentionally by the electronic warfare jammers.

Every listener will have a different angle relative to the speaker. It is possible to make every person hear different commands coming through the speaker. Several psychic soldiers could get them to argue over what was heard or get them all to do the wrong things in a disorganized fashion. How is this done? I was demonstrated this technique for an entire day and had many different theories how it was done at the time but I am certain that the ventriloquism and bar trick is done this way… So an amusing spy game that was played with me, as a nice distraction from the torture, was an encoded message, one like I have never seen.

I studied how to crack DES and other encryption technologies but had no real experience in the hacking techniques of the human mind before my ordeal. In secret government laboratories, the encryption keys are changed as frequently as can be cracked by the best decryption machines they have. The human brain can not change its encryption, so once decoded your brain is forever part of the TAMI database and network. The mind has no firewall.

- Dr. Robert Duncan - "The Matrix Deceiphered"

Dr. Fred Bell Is Given A Fatal Heart Attack Via Satellite Deployed Directed Energy Weapons, 48 Hours After Being Interviewed By Former Governor Jesse Ventura

Editor's Note: The U.S. Military Intelligence Complexes' Active Denial Weapons System has been used to murder myriad Americans with plausible deniability. Over the past few years former Minnesota Governor, Jesse Ventura, has done some excellent investigative research into topics ranging from the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' creation of Lyme Disease as a biological weapon, to the mind control weapons being used on those of us who refer to ourselves as targeted individuals.

Jesse has gone into areas that no other person in the mainstream media will dare to approach, because it would mean the end of their career, and possibly even result in their furtive murder.

Directed energy weapons have been used to murder a myriad of American citizens with plausible deniability. And because of his ability to reach millions of viewers, and his asking the right questions about this DEW technology, Jesse Ventura could be the next target on this electronic murder hit list.

Please circulate this video and the one below in regard to Jesse Ventura, since the more people who know about his reporting and the conspiracy to silence him, the more difficult it will be for these government agencies to harm or murder him.

Jesse Ventura is not a glory seeking fraud like Alex Jones.

He understands that these mind control weapons are real and that they were created to enslave us. And he has risked everything he has in an attempt to help the TI community.

As a result of this, Ventura has gone into areas that publicity hounds like Alex Jones don't have the guts to go into.

Moreover, Jesse Ventura is taking this fight to the government for the benefit of all targeted individuals, and has earned the support of the men, women and children who have, and who continue to be used for non consensual human experimentation, by what can only be described as a modern day group of Nazis operating under the cover of a shadow government in America.

Until this shadow government is exposed and destroyed, no American will be safe from this high tech electronic warfare predation. And those of us who are targeted daily will continue to wonder how much longer we will remain alive, before being murdered by the incarnated evil who are secretly deploying this electronic warfare technology against us every day.

- James F. Marino

Conspiracy Theory Program Regarding GWEN Radar Towers & Satellite Based Mind Control Weapons

"So apparently without telling me they've moved Conspiracy Theory to Mondays at 11pm. They just can't seem to stop messing with the show."

- Jesse Ventura, Facebook

"Two years ago This show first aired on Wednesdays, literally got highest ratings EVER for a new show, was the Number 2 show on truTV, A HUGE hit. Then they moved the show to Friday Night (The Dead Zone), STILL got Great ratings.

The FEMA episode wouldn't get re-aired & got Homeland Security Threats (Made National News). Unprecedentedly got Erased from People's TIVO's and DVR's. This 3'rd season was mysteriously held and Re-edited for a Year.

The *Guy that was interviewed about Directed Energy Weapons DIES a week after being interviewed for the show.

*Dr. Fred Bell Murdered By A Directed Energy Weapon After Being Interviewed By Jesse Ventura On Conspiracy Theory - Bell Is One Of Myriad Victims Of Directed Energy Weapons Technology

Then TSA (Eighth) Episode WILL NOT BE AIRED this Season. The Show was just moved from 9 to 10PM. Then It was JUST moved to Monday Night this past week.

And NOW THEY WON'T SAY WHEN IT IS GOING TO AIR! Is the show being intentionally sabotaged?

If you are a cable, dish network, or directv television subscriber, Call truTV & Time Warner and Express your concern over this season seemingly being sabotaged.

Time Warner Phone #: (212) 484-8000
Time Warner Toll Free #: (1-800) 268-7856
TruTV Phone #: (800) 268-7856

Ask them where the TSA episode is, about the Cancer Clusters. Where Chertoff gets interviewed (& intellectually Annihilated). Ask them WHY the show has been moved all around this season and not Advertised, or told when it is going to Air. Ask them Why episodes were erased from DVR's last year! Why has Jesse Ventura not been paid for the Season yet, when in contract they are obliged to."


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Electromagnetic Warfare On The Earth's Human And Animal Populations

Lawyer Testifies To His Knowledge Of FBI/CIA Use Of The U.S. Media For The Purpose Of Disinformation

Intel Agents Are Continuing To Post Bogus Websites While Claiming To Be Legitimate Targets Of Mind Control Experimentation - These Intel Provocateurs Are Using These Websites To Discredit NSA Whistleblower John St. Clair Akwei's (And More Recently Dr. Robert Duncan's Claims Regarding DOD/CIA EEG Heterodyning Technology) Testimony Regarding The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, & The Agency's Use Of EEG Heterodyning Technology And Remote Neural Monitoring Protocols, To Read & Manipulate The Thoughts Of Each American Via Signals Intelligence Spy Satellites & Phased Array Radar Systems - John Akwei And Robert Duncan Are Telling The Truth, Which Is Why Intel Is Trying To Discredit Them & The Myriad Targets Of This Technology Who Know These Whistleblowers Have Exposed The Biggest Government Scandal In U.S. History

Remote Behavioral Influence Using EEG Heterodyning Technology - How A Signals Intelligence Satellite Can Be Used To Remotely Enter The Human Brain Through The EMF Spectrum, And To Both Retrieve As Well As Implant Thoughts Into A Person's Brain

GOP Rep Accuses FBI Of Blackmailing General Petraeus To Testify That Anti-Islam Video Sparked Libya Attack

The Reality Is That The House Of Rothschild And Its Zionist Ideology Continue To Be Used To Control All Branches Of The U.S. Federal Government, The U.S. Banking System & The Mainstream Media In This Country - Is It Any Wonder Why Rabbis Have Universally Condemned Zionism As A Radical Ideology, Whose Practitioners Continue To Threaten Humanity With Their Intent To Electronically Enslave The Global Middle Class, Through The Illegal Use Of Mind Control Weapons That Are Deployed Via The Electromagnetic Spectrum?

Former Governor, Jesse Ventura, States That His TV Show Is Being Sabotaged Since He Did The Following Program In Regard To The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex's Use Of Mind Control Weapons On American Citizens - Dr. Fred Bell Was To Be A Guest On One Of Ventura's Episodes On Free Energy (Tesla Technology) And Died 48 Hours After Being Interviewed By Jesse Ventura

What Appears To Be A Bolt Of Lighting Over The Pope's Residence - An Act Of God Or A DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPON? Regarding Directed Energy Microwave Weapons, Is Pope Benedict's Shocking Announcement - That He Will Be Stepping Down As The Head Of The Vatican Due To Poor Health - The Result Of A Conspiracy To Attack This Pope With Electronic Warfare Technology?

Article On How The House Of Rothschilds' Control Of The U.S. Media Is Used To Portray Those Who Speak Out Against Zionism As Anti-Semites, When In Reality, They Are Speaking Out Against Zionism, Not The Jewish People - Jewish Rabbis Are The Most Vocal Opponents Of Zionism, Calling Zionism A Complete Perversion Of Jewish Teachings, And The Most Dangerous Threat To Humanity That Presently Exists

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