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Former Governor Jesse Ventura Admits That Targeted Individuals Are Being Subjected To Electronic Warfare Attacks - Ventura Also Acknowledges That Many Media Personalities Who Began Speaking Complete Gibberish While Doing Live Broadcasts Are Likely Targets Of Government Funded Mind Control Research

Former Governor Jesse Ventura States That His TV Show Is Being Sabotaged Since He Did The Following Program (Which Can Be Watched Below) In Regard To The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex's Use Of Mind Control Weapons On American Citizens - A Targeted Individual Who Appeared On This Program Also Died A Short Time After It Aired - Regarding Directed Energy Microwave Weapons, Is Pope Benedict's Shocking Announcement That He Will Be Stepping Down As The Head Of The Vatican Due To Poor Health, The Result Of A Conspiracy To Attack This Pope With Electronic Warfare Technology?

What Appears To Be A Bolt Of Lighting Over The Pope's Residence - An Act Of God Or A DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPON?

Editor's Note: FBI/NSA DEW attacks on this author and other members of my Family continue at an abated pace, while the psyops against us become more aggressive.

Moreover, in the past few weeks two members of this author's Family were involved in minor traffic accidents; one vehicle was hit from behind, and the other nearly sideswiped and forced to graze a parked car to avoid a collision with the other offending driver - who did not bother to stop after causing this accident.

I document this because FBI agents do follow Family, friends and other persons who are acquainted with the targeted individual, keeping them under illegal surveillance, while oftentimes attempting to cause an automobile accident that can be used to entrap the person.

If the FBI is able to entrap a person who's acquainted with the target of such a COINTELPRO operation, they can then blackmail that person (the FBI calls this coercion) and use that person in their entrapment scheme against the COINTELPRO target.

Decades ago, while placing me under illegal surveillance, the FBI had one of its vehicle surveillance teams following me around, looking for the opportunity to cause an accident with my automobile.

For example, on several occasions FBI operatives caused - or in some instances - nearly caused car accidents with this author, in an attempt to set me up for insurance fraud.

In one instance more than two decades ago, FBI agents actually had an insurance agent mail me two checks for damages caused to my vehicle by an FBI prococateur, who intentionally sideswiped my vehicle. When I called the insurance company they told me to keep the second check, saying that computers don't make mistakes. I ended up hand delivering the duplicate check to the insurance agent who handled my claim.

This is another example of how the FBI uses its entrapment schemes in an attempt to force someone into a criminal act, because the FBI cannot legally prosecute the person.

These days, most if not all the terrorists whom the FBI parades before the mainstream media are created through the use of FBI entrapment schemes.


The FBI Goes Rogue & Is Responsible For Much Of The Terrorism In America Through Its Creation Of Terrorists

As for the FBI's history of attempting to entrap this author, they are now more interested in finding a way in which to murder my person in order to get even with me, for in 2005, publicly accusing the U.S. Military Intelligence complex of secretly enslaving the American people, through its covert implementation of a national EMF fingerprinting program.

This also explains the illegal slander campaign which these agents have been conducting against me for the better part of this decade, while they get away with the most precedent setting violations of the 4Th and 6Th Amendments in American history.

Perhaps it was Judi Bari who described the FBI and its agents best for all time, when she said (in regard to deposing them in her civil suit against the Bureau)"These guys are professional liars who have raised selected memory loss to an art form."

In this author's opinion, and I am far from alone in this opinion, Judi Bari was murdered by the FBI who by the mid 1990's had been given access to directed energy weapons by the U.S. Department of Justice, and given permission to use these weapons on American citizens.

Interestingly and tragically enough, Judi Bari would end up dying during the late 1990's, while attempting to see her civil lawsuit against the FBI to fruition, when she was suddenly afflicted with the breast cancer that would ultimately take her life.

I believe that Judi Bari's cancer was caused by her exposure to a directed energy weapon, and that many other targets of goverment surveillance were also killed by such weapons, including but not limited to Mae Brussell, UFOlogist Karla Turner and Aaron Russo.

One can only imagine how many American citizens the U.S. Military Intelligence complex has murdered by means of such covert weaponry, since this technology was acquired by the Pentagon and U.S. Intelligence community decades ago.

The FBI was alot more covert in carrying out its illegal operations against Americans in the days before the Patriot Act was passed, based on the 9-11 false flag operation. Now, however, these agents just use members of the targeted person's community to commit these crimes against them, promising that they will not be held accountable for these crimes.

Of course, if the person has been coerced into committing a crime against a COINTELPRO target, the FBI can now use that as leverage to control the person anytime they want someone else to do their dirty work for them. As such, that person will find themselves beholden to the FBI for the rest of their lives.

This is what the DOJ and DHS really created fusion centers for - a plausibly deniable form of vigilantism used to destroy any American citizen whom this government cannot prosecute through legitimate legal channels. There are now thousands, if not millions of Americans who find themselves in this Orwellian predicament - blacklisted without ever being charged with a crime, and sentenced to a lifetime of covert torture that is delivered through criminals whom Adolph Hitler would have been proud to have conspired with.

FBI/NSA operatives who perpetrate these crimes have become desperate to conceal the fact that this author has been a target of a modern day version of MKULTRA since the 1970's, and that these crimes have been perpetrated against my person via the NSA's signals intelligence satellite networks; in the instance of the satellite predation I've been subjected to all this time, the NSA's Echelon satellite array and signals intelligence EMF scanning network are involved here, as well as EEG heterodyning technology which makes use of through-the-air computer to brain interface covert electronic surveillance of American citizens.

The U.S. Military Intelligence complex is synchronizing their artificial intelligence computers with the unique brain wave print that emanates from each of our brains; effectively branding each one of us as a head a cattle who can be instantly identified and tracked, regardless of where we are on the face of this planet.

So is it any wonder why the politicians in this country, as well as the U.S. Judiciary and media, are ignoring the fact that these federal agents are slandering us while attempting to find a way in which to murder us with plausible deniability?

This technology, which insiders refer to as the "holy grail" of the U.S. Military Intelligence complex's domestic spy apparatus, can be used to access our brainwaves and thus our thoughts, while these thoughts are then cloned and stored into the U.S. Military Intelligence community's computer databases.

How The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex Is Using The Electromagnetic Spectrum To Secretly Enslave The American People - Mind Control Technology Deployed Through The Electromagnetic Spectrum To Influence Your Mind Via EEG Heterodyning Technology

Our thoughts can also be adversely affected by implanting the cloned thoughts of another person into our brains without our knowledge.

This can result in a targeted individual changing their behavior without even realizing that they are the target of a covert form of mind control experimentation; experimentation perpetrated by government agents via signals intelligence satellite arrays, that are used for the purpose of synchronizing an artificial intelligence computer with the brainwaves of targets of such non consensual human experimentation - a covert method of reading and manipulating a person's thoughts by remote means, through a technology known as EEG heterodyning.

For more on this high crime of treason, read Dr. Robert Duncan's book "The Matrix Deceiphered," which can be accessed in downloadable PDF format through the Google search engine.

Our thoughts can also be remotely implanted into another person's brain through the use of phased array radar systems and signals intelligence satellites, which broadcast these thoughts into a person's brain at the particular resonance that the person's audio cortex operates at.

Once again, for more on this scandal, Google: EEG heterodyning technology and Dr. Robert Duncan's "The Matrix Deceiphered." This technology is being used by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex in order to electronically enslave the American people, while this technology and the government agencies that use it illegally (DOD, NSA, CIA, FBI, DHS etc.) continue to conceal these crimes under the cover of the National Security Act.

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The Brainwaves Of TV Reporters Are Electronically Tethered To Signals Intelligence Satellites VIA EEG Heterodyning Technology In Order To Control What They Say On Live TV - The Rash Of TV Reporters Who Recently Began Speaking Total Gibberish On Live TV Is Further Proof Of This - Even Judge Judy Has Been Subjected To This Mind Control Technology

Democracy Now Program Regarding The FBI's Use Of Informants To Entrap American Citizens - These Allegations Pertain To The FBI's Attempt To Create Terrorists Through Its Entrapment Schemes
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