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In Reference To The Planned Destruction Of The American Middle Class, All Roads Lead To The House Of Rothschild & Its World Zionist Agenda

Former Goldman Sachs' Managing Director Nomi Prins - Prins Is An Example Of How Easily A Member Of The House Of Rothschilds' Counterfeiting And Laundering Operation Can Also Be Used For The Purpose Of Controlled Opposition - Prins Has Made The Transition From A Wall Street Launderer Of Bogus Currency, To Propagandist For The Rothschilds' Media Machine - However, Prins Did Not Decide To Turn Faux Whistle Blower Until After She Had Made Millions On Wall Street

The House Of Rothschild Declares War On The United States

After President Abraham Lincoln Decides To Print U.S. Currency

To Fund The Civil War Of 1863

"That same year (1862) The Times of London publishes a story containing the following statement, 'If that mischievous financial policy, which had its origin in the North American Republic, should become indurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without a debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of civilized governments of the world. The brains and the wealth of all countries will go to North America. That government must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe.'”

Editor's Note: The readers will note the above preface to the excellent three part documentary which follows, describing how the House Of Rothschild has been able to establish Communistic central banks in virtually every country in the industrialized world, while perverting the governments of these countries in order to furtively loot the gold and silver from their respective Treasuries.

As is evidenced in the above Times Of London quote, in order to maintain control over the global economy, the Rothschilds must have control of each country's government. And any government which has historically rebuffed the Rothschilds' attempts to enter a country, would become the target of a Rothschild financed war, which would then be used to take a country whose economy was prosperous, and force the country into debt, in order to defend itself.

At the same time, the Rothschilds would rent soldiers to the countries whom they would use to provoke these wars, against nations which would refuse the Rothschilds' attempts to establish central banks in these countries.

This is how the United States went from a country with a prosperous economy and no inflation, to one which has become the largest debtor nation in the industrialized world.

In the 1800's, the Rothschilds orchestrated the War Of 1812, because the Congress would not renew the Rothschilds' First Bank Of The United States charter. The Rothschilds also orchestrated the Civil War of 1863 in the United States, after President Andrew Jackson vetoed the Congress's approval for a 20 year charter for the Rothschilds' second central bank, the Second Bank Of The United States.

It would not be until 1914, that the Rothschilds would finally have the chance to establish another Communist central bank in America, and they made certain this time around, to create legislation which would do away with the 20 year charter requirement.

This is the same Zionist cabal that has been responsible for World Wars I and II, as well as the Lincoln and Kennedy Assassinations, and the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center Towers on 9-11-2001.

The Rothschilds have managed to accomplish this outrageous scheme, by deceiving the citizens of these countries into using the Rothschilds' counterfeited currency as legitimate legal tender.

In the United States, this has been accomplished through the Federal Reserve System's use of the Gold Confiscation Act of 1933, which was disingenuously passed by then President Franklin Roosevelt, after the American people made a run on the banks, only to find that they could not withdraw their gold coinage.

Instead of being told the truth, that the Federal Reserve has been used to loot the U.S. Treasury, the American people were instead subjected to another outrageous crime.

The banks were closed for two weeks, and when they reopened, the American people were given worthless paper (Federal Reserve Debtor Notes) in exchange for the gold which had been seized by the U.S. Federal Government under the newly created Gold Confiscation Act.

It is the single greatest act of theft by a private organization, through its perversion of a country's own government, in human history. Yet, the Federal Reserve System continues to be used to destroy the American middle class.

With FDR's signing of the Gold Confiscation Act, the Federal Reserve System had succeeded in making it a crime for Americans to own real money, while making it legal for the American people to unwittingly launder the Federal Reserve's counterfeited debtor notes to conduct legal transactions.

This would ultimately lead to the largest counterfeiting and laundering scheme in human history, in that every time an American citizen makes a purchase with a Federal Reserve Note, they unwittingly circulate the Federal Reserve's counterfeited currency.

The same can be said for the citizens of every country whose economy is manipulated by one of the Rothschilds' Communist central banks.

As such, since 1933, Americans have purchased homes, businesses, automobiles, food, clothing and a host other items with counterfeited currency, having no idea that the Federal Reserve System has succeeded in perpetrating this outrageous crime against them, while destroying the value of U.S. currency.

Since 1933, the Federal Reserve Note hasn't had any intrinsic value; the value is strictly one of perception. And since the value is one of perception, at any time, that perception can be altered, and the Federal Reserve Note will be deemed to be completely worthless, thus bankrupting every country which uses Federal Reserve Notes as their form of currency.

Taking this a step further, virtually all countries use some form of counterfeited paper currency, whose value is one of perception only. And this means that like the Federal Reserve Note, once the perception that these counterfeited currencies have value, has ended, the global middle class will be left bankrupt, while the Rothschilds' elite return to the true money standard of gold, since they have stolen the gold from these countries, which is now stored in the vaults of their Communist central banks.

This abject act of duplicity will eventually result in the global middle class rising up against the Rothschilds and their Zionist Aristocracy.

- James F. Marino

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The Obama Dead Pool List - A List Of People Who Have Died Under Mysterious Circumstances, Who In One Way Or Another Were Connected To The Usurper President - One Must Wonder Who's Doing These Hits? Secret Service, CIA, FBI, DHS? Other Lesser Organized Crime Outfits? If One Recalls The "Mop Up Operation" After U.S. Intel's Murder Of JFK, Dozens Of Witnesses Who Were To Be Subpoenaed By Jim Garrison Each Died Within A Brief Span Of Time - Which Poses The Question: What Does A Country's Citizenry Do When The People Whom They've Been Told Are There To Protect Them Become The Criminal Element?

State Fusion Center Accuses The FBI Of Effectively Putting Fusion Centers Out Of Business, By Refusing To Share Any Further Personal Information On Americans Placed On Terrorist Watch Lists - It Appears That The FBI Is Now Concerned That The Network Of Fusion Centers Created By The Justice Department And Department Of Homeland Security In Post 9-11 America, Has Placed Too Much Power Into The Hands Of Civilians, While Greatly Diluting The Power Of The FBI Itself - With Their Orwellian Spying And Disregard For The 4Th Amendment, These Fusion Centers Have Become A Cancer On The U.S. Bill Of Rights, Which Has Been Completely Disregarded Under The Patriot Act - Especially Given The Complaints Of Thousands Of American Citizens Citing The DOJ-DHS Orchestrated Spying Through The Fusion Center Based Communal Organized Stalking Networks, Which Now Exist Across The United States - A Monstrosity Of The Intel Community's Own Making, Under The Pretense Of Defending The Homeland From Domestic Terrorism

In Light Of The U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence Complexes' Weaponization Of Outerspace, And The Rumors Surrounding The Operation Blue Beam False Flag Deception, One Must Look Back To The Creation Of NASA To Understand How The Skies Above Our Own Communities Have Now Become A Bigger Threat To Ourselves Than Any Foreign Power In The History Of Humanity

As Part Of The FBI Smear Campaign Against This Author, Extensive Brainwashing Protocols Have Been Used On The U.S. Population - Especially Given My Allegations Regarding The FBI's Collusion To Cover Up The NSA's Secretive Implementation Of A National Brain Fingerprinting Network In The United States -- As Part Of The FBI-NSA-DHS Brainwashing Campaign, These Agents Will Often Post Information From My Website On A Webpage Of Their Own Creation, That Has Nothing To Do With The Topics Discussed On My Blog - Instead, The Webpages Are Created For The Express Purpose Of Brainwashing The Public, Using Neural Linguistic Programming, While Attempting To Discredit The Allegations That This Author And Many Others Targeted For Mind Control Experimentation Have Made Against The U.S. Intelligence Community - These Propaganda Websites Are Created And Left On The Internet For A Period Of Time To Serve As A Form Of Psychological Trigger, Then Deleted - On Occasion, This Author Will Still Find The Cache Version Of One Of The Websites After It Has Been Deleted, Which Serves As Further Evidence Of The FBI Covert And Illegal Smear Campaign Against This Author

Former Electronics's Expert Martin Kaiser, Describes How His Electronic's Business Was Destroyed By The FBI, After Kaiser Was Forced To Testify Under Oath To The FBI's Purchasing Of Kaiser's Spy Devices - According To Kaiser, The FBI Claimed That These Devices Were Being Used By The FBI To Fight Crime, Instead Of The Truth - That The Bureau's Agents Went Into Business For Themselves, Marking Up The Price Of Kaiser's Spy Devices, And Then Selling Them At A Huge Profit - Since When Are FBI Agents Allowed To Moonlight In Businesses That Conflict With Their Role As Federal Agents? One Will Also Recall The FBI-CIA Collusion To Go Into The Drug Business For Profit, Under The Pretense Of Catching Drug Dealers - Operation Swordfish

Eustace Mullins Outs G. Edward Griffin And Ron Paul, While Accusing Griffin Of Being A Gatekeeper For The New World Order, Who Plagiarized "The Creature From Jekyll Island" From Mullins' Earlier Written "Secrets Of The Federal Reserve"

In 1992 The NSA Used A Corrupt Circuit Court Judge Named Stanley Sporkin, To Derail A Legitimate Civil Lawsuit Against The National Security Agency, Which Involved The NSA's Illegal Domestic Spying In The United States, As Well As The Agency's Clandestine Use Of A National Brain Fingerprinting Network, Used To Catalogue The Unique Set Of Brain Frequencies For Each American Citizen - To This Day The NSA Has Prevented This Government Whistleblower, John St. Clair Akwei, From Trying His Lawsuit Against The NSA In An American Courtroom

Was The Coroner Who Conducted The Autopsy On Commentator Andrew Breitbart Poisoned To Death With Arsenic? The Sudden Death Of Michael Cormier Just Months After Breitbart's, Raises Serious Concerns That The Zionist Handlers Who Furtively Control The Obama Administration, May Be Responsible For A Conspiracy To Murder Detractors Who Can Prove That Obama Was Never A Legitimate Candidate For The White House - Will Neo-Nazi Arizona Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, Or One Of His Team Of Investigators, Who Claim To Have Definitive Proof That Obama's Birth Certificate Is A Fake, Be The Next To Make The Obama Administration's "Dead Pool" List?

The FBI/CIA Collusion In The Kidnapping Of Publishing Heiress Patricia Hearst -- One Of The Greatest Scams Ever Pulled Off By U.S. Intelligence

The Truth Behind The Artificial Creation of Lyme Disease - This Neurosystemic Man-Made Biological Weapon Has Destroyed The Lives Of Millions Of People From Around The World

Editor's Notation: In what has become a chronic Intel community attack on this blog, the FBI again electronically interferes with the following article this author has posted regarding some aspect of the crimes committed by the Zionist controlled shadow government in the United States. The FBI's Gestapo has electronically tampered with the following article on more than one occasion, disabling the hyperlink to this article everytime it is posted on this Blog.

The SLA: Another Instance Of CIA/FBI Collusion
The CIA's Staged Kidnapping Of Patty Hearst
Written By James F. Marino

Back in the early 1970's the American people were bombarded by the U.S. media, with stories regarding the kidnapping of publishing heiress, Patricia Hearst. As is usually the case, at least at first, most Americans bought the official story about Hearst being kidnapped by the SLA (Simbionese Liberation Army), and Hearst's being brainwashed by this terrorist organization, in efforts to control her.

Of course, once the late Mae Brussel (one of the greatest alternative journalists of our time and another casualty of the CIA and its treasonous activities) blew the CIA's treasonous and apocryphal tale apart, both the CIA and FBI would be found complicit in an act of collusion which to this day ranks as one of the greatest betrayals of the American people in the history of this country.

Not to mention the California police, many of whom the CIA and FBI used as unwitting pawns in this conspiracy.

As Brussel would later discover through her own excellent research, in the early 1970's the California prison system was in the midst of being restructured; the goal here was to turn the penal system into a legitimate venue for the rehabilitation of male and female prisoners, so that they could reenter society completely reformed.

Such a restructuring of California's prison system would have been very expensive to complete, yet there were many elected representatives within the California legislature, who believed that it was a worthwhile endeavor. And one which they had planned to appropriate funding for.

Once the CIA learned of this the agency immediately fomented a plot in which to destroy this project; a scheme in which the kidnapping of Patricia Hearst would offer them the perfect vehicle for promulgating their own covert propaganda campaign, in which to destroy any chance that California's prison system would have had in being reformed.

A scheme in which Mae Brussel noted that the CIA had used the FBI in which to derail legitimate police investigations into Hearst's disappearance.

Why would the CIA have fomented such a nefarious plot?

Because the House of Rothschild, the most successful crime syndicate to come down the historical pike over the past three centuries, has absolutely no interest in reforming criminals, and instead seeks to use this nation's prison system as more of a concentration camp, than venue for legitimate rehabilitation.

FEMA & Rex 84 serve as further evidence of the Rothschilds' use of the U.S. Federal Government in which to turn decommissioned U.S. Army bases into prison camps under the Rothschilds' global Zionist dictatorship - Who are these camps for? As much of the American middle class as these camps will contain

This is why decades ago the prison system in the United States began a significant and adverse transformation towards privatization; perhaps the best example of this is Wackenhut - a corporation started by a former FBI agent named George Wackenhut in the 1950's and which today is the largest of such companies.

* Note that Wackenhut Security Systems experienced significant growth in the 1970's. And not long after the CIA's kidnapping of Patty Hearst. The timing here is not coincidental either; especially when one considers Wackenhut's long-term association with the CIA. Both organizations are monopolistic in their existence; Wackenhut in privatizing the global prison system and the CIA in its global drug trafficking/money laundering operations.

Both organizations are also monopolistic in their common agenda in which to turn this planet into a sophisticated electronic dictatorship, and largely complicit in turning America into the technocratic police state that it has become; one in which under the House of Rothschilds' furtive rule, no citizen, certainly no citizen who lives amongst the American middle class (much less the global middle class), has any privacy left.

At the genesis of the CIA's plan to prevent the restructuring of the California prison system, was the CIA's orchestration and financing of the group who'd later be made infamous by the U.S. media for kidnapping Patty Hearst - the Simbionese Liberation Army.

The last time that this author posted this information, the Intel community immediately began electronically tampering with the *hyperlink to the article.

*Another Covert CIA Agenda At The Expense Of The American People

They did the same when I wrote an article regarding the CIA's likely execution of socialite Mary Pinchot Meyer, after Meyer attempted to convince John F. Kennedy to end the Vietnam War.

The CIA's Murder Of A Washington Socialite Who Simply Knew Too Much About Their Criminal Activities

Just two of the myriad times in which either the FBI, NSA or some of their provocateurs committed a felony by electronically hacking this blog.

The following two hyperlinks are in regard to the book written by Mae Brussel, which exposes the CIA/FBI collusion in the Hearst kidnapping and subsequent cover up. This book is entitled : "Why Was Patricia Hearst Kidnapped?"

The second link will take you to an interview with Mae Brussel in regard to this book.

Let's see how long it takes Intel to electronically tamper with this latest post, since they in some way electronically tamper with this Website virtually everyday.

Why was Patricia Hearst Kidnapped?

Inside the Kidnapping Of Patricia Hearst

It is blogs like this one which the Intel community's attempting to remove from the Internet, because they document the House of Rothschilds' furtive control over the three branches of the United States Federal Government, as well as the complete fraud that this government has become under the Rothschilds' puppet leadership.

How else can you explain the existence of a criminal counterfeiter and money launderer like the Rothschild controlled Communist central bank, the Federal Reserve System, being allowed to exist in the United States since the early 1900's, without these Zionist Jewish bankers ever being arrested for looting the United States Treasury?

And while fomenting a plot in which to covertly subvert our Federal Government for their own treasonous agenda?

Why do you think that under one of the House of Rothschilds' most successful puppets, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, it became a crime to use real money (gold and silver) as legal tender?

Because by the 1930's, the Rothschilds had stolen so much of the gold from the U.S. Treasury, that there was no longer enough to support the business conducted through the U.S. economy. So the American people were used to unwittingly launder the House of Rothschilds' counterfeited debtor notes to make purchases for real estate, businesses, automobiles and other goods, while the Rothschilds quietly enslaved us to their criminal empire through the use of their usury lending practices.

Through the CIA's covert takeover of the U.S. media in 1948 -- as the direct result of Operation Mockingbird -- the Rothschilds maintain furtive control over the U.S. media. And this is how the House of Rothchild has been able to successfully operate its Communist central bank (doing business in the United States as the Federal Reserve System), without the Federal Reserve's board of directors being arrested for counterfeiting and laundering their Federal Reserve debtor notes through the U.S. economy.

And now the Rothschilds want to take complete control of the Internet, given that it's the last venue for free expression, and there are myriad Websites in the blogosphere which document the Rothschilds' criminal history and usurpation of the U.S. Federal Government through the Federal Reserve System.

The Rothschilds' control over the U.S. Intelligence community can be further noted in its attempt to use the NSA to takeover the Internet through a partnership with Google (the Internet's largest search engine).

A Google/NSA alliance will give the NSA (the Rothschilds' most technologically sophisticated spy in the United States) the ability to quickly dominate the Internet, so that blogs like this one will be removed as part of the Rothschilds' censuring of the last venue of free speech on this planet.

Google will become nothing more than another of the myriad cover organizations of the National Security Agency.

This author has also noted that Google's purchase of Blogger a few years ago, gives it dominant control over the Blogosphere - one of the main reasons why the NSA wants to add Google to its roster of covert spy organizations.

The American Civil Liberties Union has also publicized its concerns over such an alliance between Google and the NSA.

In all likelihood, the *ACLU is concerned over even more serious problems, such as the NSA's covert brain fingerprinting of the American people through its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network. This is also why the ACLU filed a **FOIA request in 2006 with the NSA, FBI, CIA, Pentagon and DHS, regarding their use of advanced brainscanning technologies. A request which the ACLU has never received a valid answer to; if in fact they have received any response at all.

Moreover, the ACLU is now familiar with Akwei VS NSA, which is why they filed this **FOIA request in the first place. When they filed this request they must have known from its clandestine history, that neither the Pentagon nor its U.S. Intel associates would ever answer such a request.

**Freedom Of Information Act request

However, after reading the disturbing content in Akwei VS NSA, the ACLU wanted to be on record with the American people for at least attempting to obtain further information on this Nazi-minded spy technology, as more Americans continue to document their own experiences as targets of such government sanctioned non consensual human experimentation.

* The New York branch of the ACLU filed this request shortly after this author e-mailed the New York chapter of the ACLU with a copy of John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA.
In doing so, this author stated my concerns about the American people being secretly brain fingerprinted by the NSA, and that given their public challenges to the U.S. Intelligence community regarding its violations of the 4TH Amendment, certain ACLU members might also be subjected to the NSA's remote neural monitoring of their thoughts via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

It has been four years since I sent this e-mail to the ACLU, and I am now more certain than ever that the NSA is being used to electronically brand American citizens as though we were nothing more than heads of cattle. A most frightening thought, and one consistent with the House of Rothschilds' intent to create a global Zionist dictatorship. Something which the American people must make certain is never allowed to occur.

- James F. Marino

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Can Your Internet Router Give You Cancer? Depending On The Bandwidth On Which It Operates, Your Home Router May Very Well Be Able To Give You Cancer, Just As Your Cellular Phone Can - The Debate Rages On, While Tens Of Millions Of Citizens Around This Planet Use These Wireless Electronic Devices, While Giving Little Thought To The Dangers That Wireless Technology Poses To Their Health

FBI Agent Admits Under Oath That the FBI Ordered Him To Use Directed Energy Weaponry To Remotely Torture American Citizens - Further Evidence Of The House Of Rothschilds' Subversion Of The U.S. Federal Government & This Shadow Government's Use Of State Sponsored Terrorism To Covertly Punish Americans Who Refuse To Accept The Government's Official Lie Regarding The Terrorist Attacks On 9-11-2001

The Citizens In The 20 U.S. States Which Seek To Secede From The Zionist Shadow Government Which Now Controls The United States Federal Government, Understand That This Shadow Government Must Be Destroyed & That Until It Is, The U.S. Federal Government Will Continue To Be Controlled By The House Of Rothschilds' International Counterfeiting/Money Laundering Cartel, Via The Communist Central Bank Doing Business In America As The Federal Reserve System

New York Judge Rules That Testimony Coerced For Intelligence Purposes Cannot Be Used In Criminal Trials - This Ruling Is Extremely Important When Considering That The Federal Bureau Of Investigation Regularly Uses Coercion Regarding Witnesses Whom The Bureau Also Uses As Witnesses In Trials Which Are Oftentimes Based On Trumped Up Charges -- Given This Ruling, And The FBI's History Of Committing Suborning Of Witness Perjury (Coercing Witnesses Into Lying), Many Defendants Who've Been Wrongfully Convicted Based On Such Coerced Testimony Should Have Their Convictions Overturned On Appeal

The Genesis Of The House Of Rothschilds' Covert Infiltration & Destruction Of The U.S. Federal Government Began In The 1700's With Patriarch Mayer Amschel Rothschild's Intent To Establish One Of His Communist Central Banks In The United States - Read About Rothschild's Intent To Takeover The World With His Communist Central Banks & How These Banks (Including The Federal Reserve System) Have Been Used To Cause The Most Outrageous Global Suffering In Human History

Friday, April 27, 2012

Yet Another Instance Of Art Imitating Life In Regard To The Abject Criminality And Arrogance Of Most Federal Agents

Former Head Of The University Of California Describes How The FBI Orchestrated A Criminal Campaign At The Direction Of Then California Governor, Ronald Reagan, Which Resulted In His Loss Of Tenure And Being Fired From The University

Revanchist, Zibignew Brzezinski in regard to the post 9-11 American Police State & Domestic Spy Programs, Like The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network: "The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities."

FBI Whistleblower Suspended By The FBI Because He Was Part Of A Lawsuit Which Proves That The FBI Discriminates Against Its Own Hispanic Employees

Editor's Note: One must wonder how often dialogue similar to that listed below, has taken place in real life, when FBI agents have used such intimidation tactics in order terrify those whom they were attempting to coerce into becoming informants for the FBI.

From the testimony of many people who have attempted to refuse the FBI's coercive tactics, it is clear that the FBI doesn't take no for an answer. If you refuse them, these agents will attempt to systematically destroy your life, regardless of how furtively they do so.

As such, the testimony of any person who has submitted to such coercive tactics by the FBI, must be seen as tainted evidence; used to conceal crimes committed by the Bureau under the color of law - including the FBI's illegal surveillance and entrapment of such persons.

In real life, the following conversation would have certainly constituted a serious breach in ethics by the FBI agent involved, regarding the physical and vulgar threats the agent had made, and the inference to such egregious violations to the Constitutional rights of the person being addressed. It would also be naive to believe that FBI agents do not often behave in this manner; especially when those persons whom they are attempting to coerce are uncooperative.

Wayne Tarrance: "How about you get down on your knees and kiss my ass for not indicting you as a co-conspirator right now, you chickensh*t little Harvard co*ksu*ker?

Mitch McDeere: "I haven't done anything, and you know it!"

Wayne Tarrance: "Who gives a fu*k? I'm a federal agent! You know what that means, you lowlife motherfu*ker? It means you've got no rights, your life is mine! I could kick your teeth down your throat and yank 'em out your as*hole, and I'm not even violating your civil rights!"

Direct Quote From The Movie The Firm

And typical of the abject arrogance of most FBI agents who consider themselves to be above the rule of law, and who will use violence if they are certain that they can do so in a plausibly deniable way, as they did in the case of eco-activist, Judi Bari

COINTELPRO Bombing Victim, Eco-Activist Judi Bari, In Reference To FBI Agents Committing Perjury And Suborning Witness Perjury In U.S. Courtrooms: "These Guys Are Professional LIARS Who Have Raised Selected Memory Loss To An Art Form."

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The U.S. Federal Government's Use Of Mind Control Technology On The American People Has Been A Reality For Many Years - However, What Will Become Of This Subverted Government When The American People Begin To Gradually Learn That They Are The Unwitting Targets Of Such Non Consensual Human Experimentation?

The Year Was 1968 - The Topic: A Judge Who Determined That The Federal Reserve System Was Nothing More Than A Counterfeiter And Launderer Of Bogus Currency, Who Officially Declared The Federal Reserve To Be Unconstitutional And Thus Null And Void - So Why Has This Zionist Controlled Crime Syndicate Remained In Existence For More Than Forty Years After This Precedenting Setting Verdict?

How Could You Cover Up For A Government That Murdered Your Own Father? Media Personality Cokie Boggs Roberts And Her Brother Political Hack, Tom Boggs, Have Become Part Of The Corrupted System Of Government That Their Father, Congressman Hale Boggs, Was Attempting To Expose In The Early 1970's, When He Was Murdered By The Nixon White House - Both Boggs Siblings Are Examples Of How People's Fear Can Be Exploited By The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex, And Their Silence Rewarded

Why Title 26 Of The IRS Code Implicates The IRS In Imposing An Illegal System Of Taxation On The American People

Throughout Its History, The FBI's Use Of Violence Has Resulted In The Deaths Of Many American Citizens, Including Nearly 100 In WACO Texas In 1993

"The Gulf Breeze Six - On July 9, 1990, six U.S. military intelligence analysts from the 701st Military Intelligence Brigade at Augsburg, West Germany, at that time the biggest NSA (National Security Agency) listening post in the world outside the United States, deserted their posts, somehow convinced that the end of the world was near. It is one of the most extra-ordinary stories…" - Philip Coppens

Are All Humans Abducted By Alien Species At Some Time In Their Lives, While Only Some Are Able To Recall These Abductions? And How Many Abductions Are Perpetrated By Our Own Governments, Under The Guise Of The Alien Abduction Scenario?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The NSA - Citadel Of Evil By Steve Smith - Steve Wrote This Book In 2009 And Was Murdered In 2010

"The Gulf Breeze Six - On July 9, 1990, six U.S. military intelligence analysts from the 701st Military Intelligence Brigade at Augsburg, West Germany, at that time the biggest NSA (National Security Agency) listening post in the world outside the United States, deserted their posts, somehow convinced that the end of the world was near. It is one of the most extra-ordinary stories…" - Philip Coppens

Editor's Note: The FBI/NSA/DHS conspirators who continue in their attempts to murder this author, disable the hyperlink I placed on the right border of this Website, to connect to the following book written by mind control target Steven J. Smith, so I am posting the entire article again.

The FBI and its co-conspirators have *disabled the hyperlinks to more than 100 posts over the past six years, which reference myriad books and articles on the mind control experimentation of American citizens, as well as many other topics which the U.S. Federal Government does not want the American public to learn about.

* Instead of simply disabling the hyperlinks to articles on this Website that these Intel criminals have attempted to prevent those who regularly access this Blog from reading, over the past month the FBI and NSA decided to electronically tamper with the Website so that this author can no longer post any new links to articles which are listed on the right hand border of this blog.

Now when I attempt to do so, I am given a Blogger error message. For more than a year, the FBI and NSA criminals did the same with the upper portion of this Blog which includes its title header. I had intended to alter the name of the Blog, yet at the time, was given a similar error message to the one which now prevents me from making changes to the right hand border of this blog.

After remotely interfering with a router in this author's home for the past several years (for nearly a year the router signal was completely blocked until one day, it just began to function again), which required that the router be reset several times a day in order to receive its through the air broadcast, the router has not had to be reset once over the past week.

This serves as further evidence that the FBI and NSA continue to remotely tamper with electronic components in this author's home as part of a psychological warfare operation, while perpetrating crimes which involve everything from E-mail hacking and the destruction of private property, to the electronic trespass of this author's brainwaves - as well as those of several other Family members. These are the types of Orwellian crimes that now serve to define the United States Federal Government as a Communistic dictatorship, which operates under the guise of a Democratic Republic.

This electronic tampering is always perpetrated in a plausibly deniable way, and similar crimes have been reported by the myriad other men and women who maintain Websites which describe the experiences that they have as targets of non consensual human experimentation and the vigilante hate crime, organized stalking.

The U.S. Intelligence community's electronically hacking into this Website is a federal crime being committed by federal agents who should be in prison, not prowling the Internet, ethernet or our streets looking for unwitting prey.

However, this form of electronic trespass, is not nearly as outrageous as their remotely "jacking" into the brains of unsuspecting American citizens, via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, who are then used for mind control experimentation; or the cruelty that NSA agents use in training young children with psychic abilities, in order to turn them into (psi) psychic warriors for the U.S. Intelligence community; a fact which is covered in great detail in the following book by a man named Steven J. Smith. Smith, who as a child was also trained to become a psychic warrior and tortured by the NSA, wrote the following book in 2009 to expose these heinous crimes, and was murdered for it in 2010.

Preface to the article: NSA - Citadel Of Evil

"Oct 2010
Steven J. Smith Murdered?

Some of us got the following from a fellow, named Matt, who says he was working with Steve to develop a free energy engine:

Radiant Energy Power Generation
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1.Steve is dead.
Posted by: "" alliseleven
Fri Oct 8, 2010 8:59 pm (PDT)

I was working with Steve Smith towards a free energy project when he was psychically attacked about a week ago.

All the projects we could have done, and all the knowledge there was left to be discovered, is all I can think of as loss. He was a hell of an engineer, and only wanted the world to have free energy.

The world should know.



"When Carol and I met with Steve and his wife in Portland, some time ago, he proposed this arrangement to us and said that if we would donate $1100 a month he'd have a free energy engine within a year.

Since we didn't really know him, yet, and since the feds are still murdering free-energy-device inventors from time to time as a form of extortion, we were hesitant to finance that. If we'd gotten to know him better we'd have done so but he was extremely cautious and secretive. I posted about our meeting but that report might not have survived a subsequent hacker assault on EW and its server in Chile.

It may be that if Steve had been less cautious about having a public profile and had decided to network a little more extensively it would have been harder for the psi corps to get to him but some of us have gotten the impression that a few things will put the corporate world order right over the edge in terms of prudence and free energy tech is one of them. They're still probably unable to grasp the significance of orgonite in their current, accelerating demise and they won't draw attention to what we're all doing by murdering any of us who are networking, so have had to content themselves with killing a few of us who they'd been able to isolate efficiently, first. The $#!+birds will do whatever they can to get us to isolate ourselves from other regular folks. If you don't believe that, just take a peek at human history, specifically 'hero worship.'

I had the impression that Steve was not aware that many inventors had already succeeded in producing free energy engines. It may be that his desire for payback (the NSA, in particular, had really sabotaged his life and attempted to kill him many times, before) caused him to take this risk. Usually, the corporate/police $#!+birds use more subtle ways to murder free energy device inventors/promoters so an outright physical assault, which is what they also did in Portland to Steve's friend, Phil Schneider in 1996, indicates some unreasoned desperation.

I'm posting this so that the murder will be more widely known among people who hold ourselves accountable for improving the world, which is to say exposing and discarding this ancient tyranny."


Steve J. Smith Murdered?


"In residential neighborhoods, NSA field operatives (posing as FBI agents) will contact homeowners near the HVT location, asking permission to place a 'radio monitoring device' (PT) in a spare bed room for 'national security' use. The NSA operatives are always very polite, and offer to compensate the homeowner for use of their bed room (generally $1000 to $1500 per month). With the allure of monthly cash, most homeowners are more than willing to cooperate. Optimal PT targeting involves pointing the transmit/receive antenna through a window having an unobstructed line of sight to HVT (Highly Visible Target) location. Alternate PT antenna sites include cell phone towers, high rise building roof tops, and government offices.

  • Small dish style transmit/receive antenna aimed at the HVT location.

  • Transceiver electronics package.

  • Large satellite dish linking PT back into the NSA psychotronics network.

  • A number of collateral operations are required in support of a successful psychic warfare program. Chief among these are human resource recruitment (procurement), technology development, field operations command/control, and financial/legal relationships administration. As with psychic training and warfare, the preferred
    NSA management tools include subterfuge, intimidation, bribery, blackmail, coercion, and (when expedient) outright violence. To the extent the NSA could be said to have any agency wide policy or standard of conduct, it consists of the following:

    If it moves, enslave it.

    If it doesn't, steal it.

    If it resists, kill it.

    If it's no longer useful, destroy it."

    Excerpted From "Citadel Of Evil" By Steven J. Smith

    "Tracking individuals in the U.S. is easily and cost-effectively implemented with the NSA's electronic surveillance network. This network (DOMINT) covers the entire U.S. involves tens of thousands of NSA personnel, and tracks millions of persons simultaneously. Cost-effective implementation of operations is assured by NSA computer technology designed to minimize operations costs."

    - John St. Clair Akwei: AKWEI VS NSA

    *Editor's Note: Exactly how is it that the NSA can violate its own legislative charter by spying domestically, while implementing an electronic surveillance system that has been used to secretly catalogue each American citizen by way of their brain's own unique set of electromagnetic resonances? Exactly where does the 4Th Amendment fit in here, since the NSA's electronic domestic satellite spy system is totally contrary to the American people's inherent right to privacy both within their home as well as from within their own mind.

    Moreover, the following article by *Steve Smith regarding the NSA, describes the agency's use of psychic warriors to remotely enter the minds of American citizens - genuine telepathy - as opposed to what John St. Clair Akwei documents in his lawsuit against the NSA, regarding the agency's use of artifical mind reading/manipulation (synthetic telepathy), which the NSA deploys through its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network. Clearly, the NSA has many different technologies which it uses for its domestic spying operations, as well as its use of American men, women and children for non consensual mind control experimentation.

    Each of which is highly illegal. So why are the American people financially supporting this Nazi organization? Because they have been lied to in regard to what the NSA is really being used for - domestic spying and non consensual human experimentation, as well as the furtive torture and murder of American citizens via the NSA's electronic warfare program.

    * Steve Smith was murdered not long after writing the following expose on the NSA. From childhood, Smith was trained by the NSA as a psychic warrior, and the following article is based on his experiences as a target of the NSA's predation, and its classified program to create psychic warriors. Smith was also an engineer who was interested in manufacturing an engine which could be used to create free energy; technology that Nicola Tesla had likely developed a century earlier (and which the FBI in all likelihood laid its hands on the day after Tesla's death, having raided his suite at the Plaza hotel in New York City). The John Galt character from Ayn Rand's 1957 novel Atlas Shrugged, could well have been patterned after Nicola Tesla, given that Galt's claim to fame was his creation of an engine that would revolutionize the world.

    The National Security Agency - Citadel Of Evil

    By Steve Smith

    The NSA (national security agency) was created in 1952, is
    headquartered at Fort Meade Maryland, and administered by the United
    States Department of Defense (DoD). Government generated
    disinformation portrays the NSA as strictly involved in the
    collection and analysis of foreign communications. In other words,
    electronic surveillance of foreign countries. Although specifically
    barred from domestic surveillance of American citizens by the Foreign
    Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) of 1978, the NSA has recently
    admitted to limited spying on American citizens. If this were the
    limit of NSA transgressions, the essay you're about to read would
    not be necessary. Sadly, the NSA is engaged in illegal activities
    that make electronic eavesdropping on American citizens seem almost
    trivial by comparison.

    Over the years, there have been a number of newspaper articles and
    other media reports, claiming American intelligence agencies have
    tried to use individuals with psychic abilities to spy on other
    nations. The most widely publicized being project Stargate. In
    every instance, the intelligence agencies have claimed these efforts
    were a failure and terminated the project.

    But consider for a moment...

    How often does the CIA, NSA, or DIA openly admit to failure?
    Especially in connection to some new espionage technique. What
    better way to deflect public scrutiny away form some topic (or
    secret project), than to announce that after spending millions of
    dollars, no useful results were obtained. The American government
    has a long history of using such misdirection ploys to hide its
    covert activities. In point of fact, the American government has a
    very successful psychic espionage/warfare program. It was initiated
    shortly after WWII, has been operational since the early 1950s, and
    is administered by the NSA. The primary motivation for keeping this
    program so highly classified (secret), concerns the appalling nature
    of how these psychics are created, trained, and deployed.

    The NSA is involved in some of the most heinous crimes and vicious
    acts of barbarism ever perpetrated on humanity. Even the monstrous
    atrocities committed by WWII Nazi war criminals pale in comparison
    to the crimes of the NSA. This document concerns it self with
    nothing less than the wholesale medical experimentation, torture and
    outright murder of American children, some less than six years old.
    The rationale behind these despicable acts? To create a secret
    slave army of government controlled super psychics, which at
    present, number in the tens of thousands. The solders (both men and
    women) of this vast psychic army live and die at the whims of DNI
    (director of national intelligence) and NCA (national command
    authority). Its Ironic that Nazi biologists and doctors involved in
    human experimentation, relocated to America in the aftermath of WWII
    (under Operation Paperclip), were the precursors responsible for
    this foul excursion into the darkest corners of evil and depravity.

    Click Here
    to view Wikipedia article on NSA (opens in a new
    browser window).

    Click Here
    to view Wikipedia article on Foreign Intelligence
    Surveillance Act of 1978 (opens in a new browser window).

    Click Here
    to view Wikipedia article on Project Stargate (opens
    in a new browser window).

    Click Here
    to view Wikipedia article on Operation Paperclip
    (opens in a new browser window).

    Click Here
    to view Wikipedia article on Nazi human medical
    experimentation (opens in a new browser window).


    National security:

    Why is the NSA engaged in such loathsome behavior? Is the NSA
    protecting you and your loved ones from terrorists? In a word,
    No... Is the NSA defending truth, justice, and the American way?
    Sorry, wrong again.

    In order to understand why, you must first understand what the term
    "national security" really means. Many assume it means protecting
    the people and property belonging to the citizens of our beloved
    country. Alas, nothing could be farther from the truth. In legal
    terms, the word "national" (derived from the root word "nation"),
    and the word "country" are NOT interchangeable. A country is a
    geographical area having well defined boundaries. A nation is a
    political entity asserting ultimate authority over that geographical
    area. So when a government official uses the term "national
    security", what he/she really means is the security of the entity
    that asserts authority over the geographic area we know as the USA.
    In other words, the term "national security" means the security of
    the government, not the security of the people. And the National
    Security Agency (NSA) is that part of the government tasked with
    keeping the government safe and secure.

    But safe and secure from who?

    Obviously, the people living within the geographical boundaries over
    which the government asserts its ultimate authority. In other
    words, you & me...

    The rest of this essay outlines in graphic detail how the NSA
    accomplishes its government mandated mission.


    Psychic abilities:

    From Cassandra of Troy, and the Pythia (prophet) of Delphi in
    ancient times, to the writings of Nostradamus and the more
    contemporary works of Edger Cayce. Psychics and their abilities
    form a common thread, starting at the very foundations of history,
    and continuing to the present. Furthermore, psychic individuals are
    found in all cultural groups. From Africa to Scandinavia, from
    China to the American Indians. It seems no group or culture is
    without examples of people who manifest psychic abilities. Yet
    despite all of the historical evidence, and obvious impact on the
    events surrounding their lives, psychics and their abilities remain
    at best an elusive mirage, possessing an almost chimerical quality.

    Clearly, from the perspective of evolution, psychic ability would
    seem to be a very pro-survival trait. For example, knowing there's
    a man eating tiger waiting in ambush, when traversing grass lands of
    the Serengeti, or knowing where to find buffalo on the vast American
    plains, will definitely improve an individuals chance for survival.
    So why are there so few examples of truly gifted psychics? The
    answer involves the love/hate relationship implicit in psychic
    abilities. Would you really want to work with someone who knew your
    innermost secrets? Do you want a neighbor who could see exactly
    what you're doing in your bedroom, or in your bathroom, or even in
    your dreams? How would you feel about somebody who could influence
    what you're thinking without saying a word, or even being in the
    same room with you. Would you feel safe around that individual?

    But it gets worse.

    What chance do you have for job promotion, when your psychic
    co-worker can covertly influence the boss, or see into the future
    and knows just what moves the company should make to thrive and
    prosper? And what if that psychic individual could manifest some of
    the more exotic abilities? Abilities such as telekinesis (moving
    objects with the mind), pyrokinesis (ability to manipulate fire), or
    even manifesting a double (bilocation) of him/her self (or worse,
    your wife/husband). If you're anything near normal, then about now
    the hairs on the back of your neck are starting to tingle. You're
    also beginning to wonder if its such a good idea to let that person
    live, let alone roam free your neighborhood. In religious terms,
    everybody wants Jesus to manifest miracles and save them from evil,
    but if the gentleman from Nazareth were to show up tomorrow, odds
    are real good he'd be nailed to another cross (or shot in the head,
    etc.) within a few weeks. Looked at another way, a certain amount
    of psychic ability (such as normal intuition) is accepted by
    society. But anyone displaying exceptional abilities will be
    quickly ostracized, if not outright murdered. An in-depth review of
    the historical record shows that many of those who possessed
    exceptional psychic abilities, met with an untimely and/or unnatural

    Perhaps you begin to appreciate the dilemma American government
    officials faced, when shortly after WWII it became apparent, that by
    employing modern medical techniques it was now possible to routinely
    create individuals with prodigious psychic powers and abilities.
    Obviously these individuals would be useful. But how would the
    government control them?


    A prison for the mind:

    How do you control a person who is able to walk through solid walls,
    or kill with a single glance? A person who can see the future, and
    knows what you're about to say or do. A person who can make you eat
    broken glass and enjoy the experience, or make you point a gun at
    your own head and pull the trigger. A person who can influence the
    weather, start fires by mere thought (pyrokinesis), or blackout an
    entire city by touching an ordinary power pole (electrokinesis).
    There can be little doubt that from a political, military or
    espionage perspective, such a person is both incredibly valuable AND
    unbelievably dangerous. Can you imagine an American general, his
    mouth watering at the prospect of commanding an army of psychic
    killers, AND his knees shaking when he considers what would happen
    if that army ever rebelled? Or a high ranking intelligence
    official, a gleam in his eye as he contemplates knowing his enemies
    deepest secrets, AND his palms sweating when he considers that a
    telepathic spy can send thoughts, just as easily as he or she
    receives them.

    To what lengths would a military general or government official go,
    in order to guarantee absolute control over a psychic solder,
    assassin, or spy? And more importantly, how will that absolute
    control be achieved?

    The answer is both very simple and chillingly gruesome.

    You turn the mind of the psychic into a prison, and you make him/her
    both the prison guard, and the prisoner. The first step is
    accomplished through the use of extreme physical and psychological
    torture. This causes massive dissociation, thereby splitting the
    mind into multiple personas (personalities). Psychoactive drugs are
    also administered during this step to heighten mental impact of the
    pain, thereby accelerating the process of mental splitting. Next
    you train different personas to perform different tasks. Then, you
    use ECT electro-convulsive-therapy (also known as electroshock
    treatment) to "lock in" the personas, and destroy any trace of
    recollection in the dominate personality of the now split off
    personas. Finally, you do all of this to the psychic while he or
    she is still a child (under the age of 10). At this point, you have
    created the perfect psychic warrior. Capable of committing any act,
    no matter how vile or self destructive, all under the absolute
    control of his or her handlers. However, the physical injury,
    emotional scars, mental confusion, and spiritual rape inflicted upon
    the hapless psychic child by this inhuman brutality, will last a

    If you feel revulsion at what I've just described, you're far from

    The next question that must be answered is where do you find
    individuals with the prerequisite expertise to perform such a
    detailed and thorough job of shattering, and rebuilding a human
    mind? The obvious answer is the government intelligence agencies.
    These organizations employ some of the best psychiatrists,
    psychologists and behavioral scientists to be found anywhere in the
    world. They're also consummate experts at interrogation and
    psychological warfare techniques. Precisely the skill set required
    for building a psychic version of the Manchurian candidate. But of
    course, mercilessly torturing innocent children goes well beyond the
    constitutional boundaries of acceptable government behavior, not to
    mention violating local, state, federal, and international law. The
    solution? Use a secret presidential executive order (memorandum) to
    create a new intelligence agency that operates outside statutory
    law, congressional oversight, or constitutional limits. In this
    way, the NSA was created by president Harry S. Truman in June of
    1952, and for the first few years of its existence, remained so
    secret that even its name was classified. A very odd beginning for
    an agency supposedly tasked with the mundane job of intercepting
    foreign communications, but the perfect disguise for a collection of
    amoral medical professionals and sadistic military thugs intent on
    turning innocent children into psychic robots to serve the
    malevolent interests of a government run amok

    Click Here
    to view Wikipedia article on Dissociate Identity
    Disorder (aka multiple personality disorder) (opens in a new browser

    For those who wish a more detailed description of the process used
    in creating psychic slaves, see:
    National Security
    Agency - Part 2, A prison for the mind.


    The rise of psychotronics:

    Definition - Psychotronics: The study of the interaction between
    matter, energy and the mind, especially the supposed relationship in
    Para-psychological effects.

    Even with the brainwashing techniques described above (1.1.2),
    deploying and controlling thousands of psychic slaves is still a
    rather daunting task. The problem breaks down into three major
    areas of concern.

    1. Security. There is always the possibility that a psychic
      might get caught. Or worse, might go rogue and escape his/her

    2. Targeting. Somehow the psychic must be introduced to, or
      made aware of and familiar with, his/her intended target. A
      dificult task if the target is a foreign head of state or high
      ranking military officer.

    3. Psychic strength or ability. Despite the use of
      intrauterine and neonatal hormone treatments (3.2.2), genetic
      variability still plays a large role in eventual psychic ability
      exhibited by the child. While certain psychoactive drugs could
      be used to boost psychic abilities, these also exacerbate
      problems 1 & 2 (above).

    By the late 1950s (6-8 years into the secret NSA program), these
    three problem areas were starting to limit further expansion of what
    was otherwise proving to be, a very valuable adjunct to the more
    conventional techniques of political propaganda (population
    control), espionage, and assassination.

    A solution was sought, and eventually found. By using a combination
    of microwave radiation, modulated with EEG (Electroencephalogram)
    brain waves of the psychic, and aimed at the desired
    individual/location, it was no longer necessary for the
    assassin/spy/agent provocateur to be anywhere near his/her intended
    target. Furthermore, the telecommunications industry could be
    covertly enlisted to transport the modulated microwave signal to any
    remote location desired.

    What a delicious irony!

    The NSA, an agency ostensibly tasked with intercepting foreign
    communications, is in fact, using the world wide telecommunications
    network to piggyback the brain waves of its psychic army...

    Where first generation NSA psychics had to be deployed in the field.
    Now they could be safely cloistered in purpose built facilities,
    with targeting accomplished by simply entering the latitude and
    longitude coordinates into a local console tied to the psychotronics
    network. Furthermore, even psychics with weaker innate abilities
    could be used since the psychotronics network would amplify or boost
    their EEG brain waves to any desired level. Psychotronics also
    allowed psychoactive drugs to be administered via IV (intravenous)
    drip. This has several very beneficial advantages. First it allows
    psychic ability to be "fine tuned" to the mission profile. Second,
    the use of psychoactive drugs to boost abilities means that weaker
    psychics can be employed, thereby lowering the risk, should a
    psychic turn against his/her handlers. Lastly, a (weaker) psychic
    that does manage to escape his or her handlers will be far less
    dangerous to apprehend (once the psychoactive drugs wear off). In
    summary, the use of psychotronics solved all three problem areas
    listed above, and facilitated continued expansion of the psychic
    warfare program.

    Another interesting aspect of Psychotronics concerns what can be
    influenced through a Psychotronics channel. At the present state of
    technology, only living things (plants, animals, humans, etc.) can
    be influenced through a Psychotronics channel. Influencing
    inanimate matter (telekinesis, pyrokinesis, electrokinesis, etc.)
    still requires the psychic to be located within a few miles of the
    intended target.

    As a side note, Harold Puthoff (National Security Agency 1960-1963),
    was one of the more notable contributors to the field of
    psychotronics, see Puthoff H & Targ R, "A perceptual channel for
    information transfer over kilometer distances: Historical
    perspective and recent research", Proceedings of the IEEE, Vol 64,
    No 3, pp 329-354, March 1976. However, it is the authors opinion
    that some of this IEEE paper and his 1970s SRI research were
    disinformation intended to draw attention away from his earlier work
    at the NSA.

    Click Here
    to view Wikipedia article on SRI research into
    Clairvoyance and ESP (opens in a new browser window).

    Click Here
    to view Wikipedia article on Harold Puthoff (opens in
    a new browser window).

    For more information on the specific application and targeting of
    modulated microwaves to influence mental processes, see authors
    companion paper

    Remote Mind Control


    The Black Hole:

    Its official name is classified, but those who work (and live) there
    simply call it "The Black Hole". Located within the sprawling 100
    square mile confines of Marine Base Quantico, The Black Hole complex
    consists of a multi-story black glass building (reminiscent of NSA
    head quarters building at Fort Mead, MD.), several separate
    underground dormitories, capable of accommodating several thousand
    psychics (plus their chaperones), and a number of above ground
    support structures, including barracks for a Marine security
    contingent, several dormitories for psychic handlers, a multi-bed
    infirmary, and most surprisingly, an onsite crematorium. The last
    is necessary because even with the extreme security measures taken
    to ensure absolute control over the psychics, there are still a
    significant number of, shall we call them "accidents" (1.1.2). It
    seems The Black Hole is deserving of its name, since many who go in,
    never come out...

    The black glass building roof has a multitude of large satellite
    dishes and oversized cooling units (psychotronics consumes lots of
    bandwidth and generates a large amount of heat, see section 1.1.3).
    Inside the building, the above ground floors include office space
    for clerical employees, psychic handlers, and managerial personnel.
    The floors are covered in ceramic tile rather than carpet, since
    its less trouble to clean after a psychic "accident". The multiple
    underground floors house the psychotronics (computers & electronics)
    equipment and ops rooms. There are underground hallways that
    connect the ops areas to the separate psychic dormitories.

    The psychic dormitories include a central kitchen with walk-in
    freezers, coolers, and dry goods storage area, all connected to the
    surface by freight elevators that also serve as the access points
    for marine security teams when there's an "incident" in one of the
    dormitories. There is no dining room, the psychics are confined to
    their individual quarters, except when they're involved in a
    mission. Below the kitchen are several levels of psychic
    dormitories, stacked one on top of another, all tied together with
    elevators that require a magnetic stripe card and access code to
    operate. No elevator traverses more than one level. Each dormitory
    level consists of a long central hallway, with branch corridors
    leading to the dormitory units. Each dormitory unit consists of
    several floors of quarters with a live in "chaperone" on each floor.
    There are security control doors on each psychic living quarters,
    and on the corridor leading to the main hallway. Each of these
    doors requires a magnetic stripe card and access code to operate.
    Each live in chaperone quarters has a small panel with door status
    indicator lights, and emergency call button to summon an armed
    Marine security team in case of an "accident". If a Marine security
    team is summoned, they will shoot to kill, any psychic found out of
    their quarters, any chaperone who is acting strangely, and even
    other security team members who start acting strange, or fail to
    follow orders, or who fail to precisely follow the predetermined
    procedures. Security within the psychic dormitories is a VERY
    serious matter...

    Each psychic quarters consists of a living room, bed room, bath room
    with shower, and a kitchenette. The living room has an access
    controlled TV. The TV is not used for entertainment. Rather it is
    used to condition the psychic with visual media, expressly selected
    for his or her specialty. For instance a psychic specializing in
    influencing Russian emigrants or embassy personnel will only watch
    shows in Russian language. Conversely, a psychic assassin will be
    shown movies involving murder. And a psychic who specializes in
    inducing their victims to commit acts of pedophilia, will be shown
    pornographic movies involving underage children. There is no
    behavior so vile, no crime so heinous, no deed so monstrous, that
    the NSA doesn't already have a psychic warrior trained, and ready to
    induce some victim into performing the act.

    Some psychics are so dangerous that an entire dormitory unit is used
    to house a single individual.

    Click Here
    to view Google map of Marine Base Quantico (opens in
    a new browser window).

    Along with The Black Hole, there is another major contingent of
    psychics housed in underground dormitories at NSA headquarters in
    Fort Meade Maryland. There are also smaller facilities (6 to 12
    psychics) located on the outskirts of ALL major American cities,
    important military bases, and many political hot spots (northern
    Idaho for example). These smaller facilities are primarily used
    when a quick response is needed, and as a general rule, house less
    dangerous psychics (mind readers, thought/emotion changers, dream
    hijackers, etc.). Many of the smaller facilities use a common
    building plan, consisting of a 2 or 3 story building masquerading as
    a commercial business. The first floor is all office space, and
    acts as a ruse to hide the activities taking place on the second and
    third floors. The three story version (12 psychics) will have a
    kitchen, multiple ops rooms, and dining/recreation area on the
    second floor. The third floor consists of individual living
    quarters for the psychics and chaperones. The two story version (6
    psychics) combines the living quarters, ops rooms, kitchen,
    dining/recreation area into a single upper floor. All smaller
    facilities have 2 or 3 oversized satellite dishes on the roof,
    generally mounted in such a way as to hide them from ground level
    observation. The dishes are aimed south at the geo-synchronous
    satellite belt, and serve as the Psychotronics link.


    Dramatis personae:

    Its time to meet the people who make up a typical American psychic
    ops team.

    The Psychic: This individual is at the core of the team.
    Every one else on the team is there to support the psychic. Some
    teams include more than one psychic. For instance, a psychic that
    is skilled at causing pain but unable to read minds, might be teamed
    up with another psychic who is skilled at reading minds but unable
    to do anything else. Another useful team consists of one psychic
    who is able to kill a target, and one (or more) psychic(s ) with
    defensive skills (able to shield the attacker from pain). These
    teams are used to attack targets that are protected by other

    The Mission Coordinator: Always male, and sometimes referred
    to as "The Suit" because of his clothing. This person is the team
    leader. He's receives mission orders from his superiors, organizes
    the mission, and selects the appropriate psychic(s) to carry out the
    operation. He also does the post mission paperwork, and reports
    mission results back to his superiors. Like the psychics, the suit
    has also undergone trauma based programming (3.2.1a). He carries a
    concealed hand gun (with silencer), and is programmed (hard wired)
    to kill the psychic and then himself, if he feels any intrusion into
    his mind. For security reasons, psychics are trained never to look
    at the face of the suit.

    The Biomedical Technician: Also known as the "Bio Tech".
    This team member sits next to, and monitors the psychic warrior.
    The bio tech also administers the psychoactive drugs used to boost
    the psychic's mental abilities. Many Bio Techs flunked out of
    medical school or served as field medics in the Army.

    The Communications Technician: Also known as the "Comm.
    Tech". This individual is responsible for monitoring the
    psychotronics console (1.1.3), making sure the connection between
    psychic and target is accurate and stable. A sizeable number of
    Comm. Techs are convicted computer hackers.

    While the psychics and suits live on-site, techs are civilian
    contractors and commute to work.


    A day in the life:

    Following a psychic through a typical day, will prove useful in
    understanding what its like to be one of America's new breed of
    front line solders. But before we start, the reader should
    understand The Black Hole operates on a 24/7 basis. So the terms
    "morning", "afternoon", or "night" are relative, and bear no
    relation to the actual time in Quantico. NSA psychics live in an
    underground maze of rooms, elevators, and hallways (1.2.1), never
    seeing the light of day.

    Morning starts with a visit from the chaperon, who administers a
    stimulant drug injection to counteract the sedative, administered by
    injection just before bedtime, the night before. The psychic is
    then left to shower use the toilet and generally wake up, while the
    chaperone administers stimulants to his/her other charges. Next
    comes breakfast, delivered by electric golf cart from the central
    kitchen, and distributed by the chaperone to each of the psychics,
    who eat alone in their quarters. The food is very good. It must
    have high nutritional value to help mitigate physiological damage
    caused by the steady cocktail of drugs given to the psychics on a
    daily basis. Along with breakfast are several pills, taken to
    counteract the long term liver and kidney damage resulting from the
    metabolic breakdown products of psychoactive drugs.

    Generally, the morning is spent watching TV programs, specifically
    targeted at each psychic's special abilities (1.2.1). Occasionally,
    as a special treat, they are allowed to watch a movie. Often, it's
    a Disney animated movie. Remember, these psychics have the mind of
    a child, even though they are full grown adults. They were never
    allowed to mature mentally, since that would just make them more
    dangerous and harder to handle. Some, depending on how their
    abilities are used, can't even read. None of them can write or do
    simple math. As another example, most of the psychic assassins have
    no idea what death is, and no knowledge whatsoever of right and
    wrong. They just do as they're told...

    At noon they are given lunch by the chaperone, again with more
    pills. This time to help prepare them for their afternoon mission.
    Many of these pills are designed to act as metabolic buffers
    against deleterious physical side effects of the strong psychoactive
    drugs employed during their mission. Depending on the nature and/or
    duration of the mission, lunch will be their last meal of the day,
    since after the mission, the psychic may not be able to eat any
    solid food without vomiting for the next 6 to 12 hours.

    When its time, the chaperone hands the psychic over to The Suit
    (1.2.2), who walks with him/her to a nearby briefing room. The suit
    starts by giving the psychic a candy bar, laced with yet more drugs.
    These drugs are designed to enhance memory and engender a friendly
    rapport with the suit, thereby making it less likely the psychic
    will turn against him during the mission. Next, the suit shows the
    psychic photographs of the target, and explains the mission details.
    If the psychic is going to speak into the targets mind, the suit
    has the psychic memorize the exact phrases to be used. Once the
    suit is satisfied the psychic understands the mission, they proceed
    to an ops room, where the actual mission will be carried out. In
    the ops room, the psychic is seated in a reclining padded chair, and
    the suit loads targeting coordinates into the psychotronics console

    After the psychotronics console indicates proper targeting has been
    achieved, the suit calls in the other team members (comm. tech & bio
    tech, see 1.2.2). The bio tech straps the psychic into the chair,
    attaches the EEG head band and heart monitor wires, inserts an IV
    needle into the psychic's arm, and starts an IV drip. Next the bio
    tech uses a syringe to push the first dose of psychoactive drugs
    into the IV line, thereby boosting the psychic into the heightened
    mental state required to complete his/her mission. Meanwhile, the
    comm. tech is monitoring both the target's heart beat and psychic's
    heart beat. When these are synchronized, the psychic is in deep
    mental contact with the target, and the mission begins. As the
    mission proceeds, the suit issues commands to the psychic and
    technicians to modify mission parameters as required to complete a
    successful operation.

    Once the mission is completed, the comm. tech severs the
    psychotronics connection, and the bio tech injects a psychoactive
    antidote into the IV drip line, thereby bringing the psychic back to
    some semblance of a normal mind state. Next, the biomedical
    technician removes the EEG head band and heart monitor wires,
    un-straps the psychic. Finally, when the psychic is able to walk,
    the suit takes him/her back to the dormitory and hands them over to
    the chaperone. At this point, it's the chaperone's responsibility
    to stabilize the psychic with still more drugs, feed them if they
    are able to eat, and then put them to sleep with an injection of

    After being mercilessly tortured as a small children (1.1.2), then
    ruthlessly trained to use their abilities in service of the NSA, the
    average psychic starts work in The Black Hole at age 17. By age 30,
    few are left alive...


    Mission profiles:

    In order to fully appreciate what the NSA is doing to the world in
    general, and America in particular, it will prove useful to examine
    some typical psychic mission profiles. While far from a complete
    list, they are representative of the myriad ways in which the NSA
    employs its army of psychic slaves on an unsuspecting public.

    1.2.4a: Market Manipulation

    What if you could use psychics to secretly influence key decision
    makers at major mutual funds, pension funds, and hedge funds. In
    other words, what if you knew which way the financial markets were
    going to move, because you were the one making them move that way.
    This is precisely what the NSA does on a daily basis. The goal?
    To systematically strip the small investor of his/her wealth, and
    transfer that money to government employee pension funds and those
    large corporate asset pools that are under covert government
    control. For large American financial institutions, the choice is
    very simple. Play along or go broke...

    Is it any wonder that (federal) government budgets continue to rise
    every year, while American families make do with less?

    1.2.4b: Marital Infidelity & Pedophilia

    What if you could have the woman of your dreams? An easy wish to
    fulfill if a psychic implanted the dream, and the NSA already has
    your "specified dream girl" in their employ (3.2.1b). What if you
    could turn almost anyone into a pedophile? The NSA has psychics
    that can do just that in a remarkably short period of time. And of
    course you'll need trained children (both male and female) ready to
    satisfy the newly created pedophile's every desire (another NSA
    specialty). Can you imagine the possibilities for blackmail?

    This is precisely how many politicians and high ranking corporate
    officers are controlled.

    1.2.4c: Assassination by Accident and Natural Causes

    What if you were driving home late one night and saw a big rock in
    the middle of the road, so you swerved to miss it. However... You
    didn't see the 150 foot vertical drop off until your car plunged
    over the lip. Or maybe you're asleep one night, when you hear a
    noise that startles you awake. There at the hallway door, you see
    an intruder with a knife in his hand. So you grab the gun you keep
    in the night stand next to the bed, and shoot the intruder. As the
    smoke clears and the ringing in your ears subsides, you realize with
    growing horror you've just shot your husband, who was returning to
    bed after going to the bathroom.

    Accidental death, courtesy of telepathic projection by NSA psychics.

    Is death by heart attack, burst aneurysm, of cerebral hemorrhage a
    "natural cause"? Not if NSA psychics influence your heart rate,
    blood pressure, or vascular dilatation...

    1.2.4d: Tainted food supplies and E. coli outbreaks

    Natural food sources such as meats and vegetables, are not entirely
    free of bacterial contamination. Rather, bacterial contamination of
    food is minimized through a combination of techniques, including
    proper washing, handling, and packaging to preclude any cross
    contamination from other bacterial sources, and refrigeration to
    inhibit further growth of native bacteria already present within the
    food. In this manner, bacterial contamination levels in foods are
    maintained at sufficiently low levels, as to pose a minimal risk to
    healthy individuals.

    Suppose a team of psychics, adept at pyrokinesis (ability to
    manipulate heat and fire) used their ability to raise the
    temperature within a batch of processed meat (such as hamburger),
    thereby allowing the native bacteria to resume growing (and
    dividing) for a period of several days...

    In this way, NSA controlled psychics are able to create wide spread
    outbreaks of food born illness, on command, and with complete

    1.2.4e: Manipulating the foreign policy of other nations

    There can be little doubt that American military leadership would
    like nothing better, than a full scale invasion of Iran. However,
    they need a pretext (excuse) to justify their actions. At present,
    the continued enrichment of uranium, supposedly for use in civilian
    nuclear power generation, is not sufficient provocation to justify a
    military invasion of Iran.

    Querying a (former) government psychic, revealed the following
    tidbit of information.

    Q. Where are your parents?

    A. They died in auto accident. Then I went to live with my
    grandmother, but she also died.

    Q. What happened next?

    A. A lady took me and my sister Moni (short for Monica) to a place
    where men hurt us real bad.

    Q. What happened to Moni?

    A. They hurt her too much and she died. I miss her a lot.

    Q. What did they train you to do?

    A. Influence other people with my mind, and speak different

    Q. What languages do you speak?

    A. Russian, Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish, and Persian.

    Q. What sort of influencing did you do in Persian language?

    A. Hate America. Hate Jews. Hate Saudi Arabia. Blame Saudi

    No doubt, when the sneak attack (on American military forces)
    finally happens, the President will label it as another:

    "Day That Will Live in Infamy!"...



    The American government, ostensibly engaged protecting the lives and
    property of American citizens, is simultaneously (and covertly)
    stripping those very same citizens of their wealth, security, and
    freedom. To be blunt, the American government is using NSA
    controlled psychics in a secret war against its own citizenry. The
    ultimate goal being to turn every single man, woman, and child
    living in America, into a government controlled slave laborer. It
    has taken 50+ years, but the transformation of America from a
    bastion of freedom and democracy, into a vast slave labor camp
    spanning an entire continent, is almost complete. Slavery does not
    require guards with guns, or cells with bars, or even awareness of
    enslavement. If you can build a prison for the mind...

    In part two, we shall take an in depth look at how that prison was



    ALL information contained herein is derived from public sources,
    widely accepted scientific principles, remote viewing, and/or
    deprogramming sessions of (former) government trained psychics. The
    author has NO written or verbal agreement with ANY governmental
    agency forbidding disclosure of the information contained herein.
    In disclosing this information, the author is exercising his right
    to free speech as a private citizen of the United States of America.

    National Security Agency (NSA) - Part 1

    National Security
    Agency (NSA) - Part 2.
    A prison for the mind
    by Steven J. Smith

    National Security
    Agency (NSA) - Part 3. Collateral damage
    by Steven J. Smith


    NSA Part 1

    NSA Part 3

    National Security Agency (NSA) - Part 2

    A prison for the mind

    by Steven J. Smith

    Warning! This essay is
    NOT intended for underage readers. Portions of this
    document contain graphic descriptions of violence/torture,
    and include other subject material inappropriate for those
    who possess a weak constitution and/or squeamish



    In part one of this essay, I touched upon the topic of controlling
    individuals who possess strong psychic abilities. In part two I
    will bring that topic into sharp focus by explaining in graphic
    detail how the mind of a psychic is turned against it self. Thereby
    transforming that mind into a prison with built in prison guards.
    This process is, to say the least, horrific. Especially when you
    consider its carried out on children, many of whom are less than 5
    years old. It is the fact that a child's mind has limited real
    world experience, that makes the method so devastatingly effective.
    The procedure is carried out in two phases. The first phase is
    designed to shatter the mind into separate (and manageable) pieces.
    The second phase is intended to train those pieces to perform
    specific tasks. When completed, the psychic child's dominate
    personality will have no recollection that he/she has been brutally
    tortured for months on end. Yet the child can be made to feel
    excruciating pain, or euphoric happiness, with the mere mention of a
    trigger word. In most cases, even their psychic abilities are
    repressed and inhibited, without first hearing a trigger word.

    When the process is finished, an innocent child capable of loving
    others, feeling happiness, knowing the joy of life, and possessing
    an innate sense of right and wrong. Will be transformed into
    biological robot, capable of performing any act, no matter how
    depraved or barbaric. Devoid of any moral or ethical standard, and
    stripped of all human compassion.

    Once more, I must caution the reader. You are about to take an
    excursion into a realm of human brutality, normally reserved for the
    criminally insane.

    Proceed at your own risk...


    The mammalian brain:

    The brain of higher mammals is capable of some astounding feats of
    cognitive precision. For instance, without knowing anything at all
    about ballistic trajectories, a dog can snatch a Frisbee out of thin
    air. Equally impressive, a cat is able to jump from the ground,
    onto a narrow ledge, half the width of its own body. These feats
    are possible in large part, because mammals are warm blooded. This
    allows their brain to process information at higher rates and with
    greater precision. Yet occasionally, the very strength of mammalian
    mental processing leads to catastrophic results. For instance, a
    dog fixated on catching the Frisbee fails to notice an oncoming car,
    and is badly injured. Or a monkey reaches for a branch, only to
    find its really a shadow, and falls out of the tree. Events of this
    sort represent a failure of the mind to properly assess and respond
    to external stimuli. Cold blooded animals, with their more
    primitive reflex driven mentality do not, as a general rule, make
    these sorts of cognitive errors. In other words, they just don't
    have the prerequisite mental agility in the first place, to make
    mistakes of this kind.

    Fortunately, evolution created a backup system in the mammalian
    brain. Its based, at least in part, on the more primitive reflex
    style of cognition. It seems that whenever the normal mind makes a
    mistake, leading to major physical trauma, all of the
    sensory/somatic perceptions along with all thoughts and feelings
    surrounding the "mistake" are stored as-is in a reflex driven
    avoidance behavior pattern. In other words, since the higher more
    agile mental abilities failed to protect the creature from life
    threatening physical trauma, the more primitive reflex driven brain
    steps in and creates the equivalent of a mental "book mark",
    designed to avoid any future situation that resembles what is stored
    in the book mark. Put another way, rather than learning from the
    mistake, the creature reflexively avoids any situation that
    resembles the one where the mistake was made. While less than
    optimum and a bit draconian, such behavioral constrains are
    justified when the mental blunder is life threatening.

    If all mammals lived as evolution designed them to, this reflex
    avoidance mechanism would be no more than a sporadic nuisance.
    Affecting a limited number of creatures in any species, in a
    limited number of situations. Unfortunately, the capacity of some
    humans to turn nature and evolution against it self, in order to
    satisfy their own nefarious desires, appears to have no upper

    The reflex based avoidance mechanism (described above) is the key
    behavioral phenomena upon which the NSA depends, when turning
    psychic children into psychic slaves.

    Phase One - Shattering A Human Mind


    Enduring the unendurable:

    Suppose you were strapped down naked on a cold metal table,
    surrounded by people you don't know, and subjected to excruciating
    pain, day in day out for several months. Furthermore, you're only
    four years old, and have no idea whatsoever why this horrible
    punishment is being inflicted upon you. They just keep hurting you
    over and over again. There's an IV in your arm, and leather band
    across your forehead. They use a jelled form of acid to burn you in
    the most sensitive places on your body. They push sharp needles
    through your feet. They insert electrified probes into your
    urethra, anis, and throat. They have a stick with a cloth covered
    electrified metal ball on the end, soaked in salt water. Its wired
    to an electrical generator, specifically tuned to elicit maximum
    stimulation of human nervous system pain receptors. They rub the
    ball all over your body, paying particular attention to those areas
    that have the highest concentration of nerve endings (hands,
    genitalia, feet, etc.).

    How would you deal with it?

    At first you ask your captors what you've done wrong, but they don't
    utter a single word. They just keep hurting you.

    Next you wonder were your mommy and daddy are? Why don't they come
    and take you away from this horrible place? But they never come...

    And the torture continues. Day after day. Week after week. You're
    always naked, its always cold, and you're always scared.

    The torture sessions always end the same way. You pass out, and
    wake up in a small closet sized room. Its completely dark. There
    isn't room to stand up or lay out flat, so you wrap your arms around
    your knees, and cry. Your body hurts so bad, and nobody will tell
    you why you're here, or what you've done to deserve this horrible
    punishment. Somebody shoves a plate of food and glass of water
    through a slot in the door. The food tastes terrible, but you're so
    hungry you eat it anyway. There is no toilet. You urinate and
    defecate where you're sitting. The smell is awful. You cry and cry
    and cry. Finally, there's a funny odor in the air, and you fall
    into an exhausted fitful dreamless slumber.

    When you wake up, your body aches all over. Its so bad you can
    hardly move. The door opens, and men grab you by the arms and drag
    you down the hall to a room with a concrete floor. They dump you
    like a sack of potatoes in the middle of the floor, and use a (cold)
    water hose to wash you off. Next they grab you by the arms and drag
    back down the hall to the room with the metal table. They strap you
    down, and the torture begins again...

    As days turn into weeks, you ask you self over and over again. What
    did I do? Why won't anybody talk to me? Why won't they stop
    hurting me? Where is my mommy and daddy? The memories of your
    previous life begin to fade. You begin to wonder if mommy and daddy
    were just a dream. And you start to wonder if you're going to die
    in this awful place.

    As time passes, you notice something. The men hurt you less, if you
    don't struggle. At last! Here is a way to regain some control over
    your situation. You start trying to relax, even though you're still
    being badly hurt. At first its dificult, but as the days pass, you
    get better and better at it. You learn to separate your self from
    the pain. The pain doesn't belong to you anymore, it belongs to
    someone else. Soon, you're able to look down at the metal table
    below you. You see that person strapped to the table, being hurt.
    That person looks like you, but you're up here looking down. You
    tell your self over and over. That person being hurt isn't me.
    That person being hurt isn't me. That person being hurt isn't me.

    The separation is complete. You're now two people. The one being
    hurt, and the one who feels no pain. Your NSA captors have
    successfully used massive physical trauma, accompanied by stark
    emotional terror, to invoke the reflex based avoidance mechanism
    (2.1.2). Thereby shattering (splitting) your mind into multiple
    pieces. Each sub-piece is now a separate independent persona or
    personality, capable of thinking, feeling, and acting independently
    of your dominate (baseline) personality.

    This is how you learn to endure the unendurable...


    Outside looking in:

    From the perspective of your NSA captors, the situation in the room
    while they're torturing you, is very different. They don't see you
    as a helpless terrified child. To them, you're a little monster who
    is unbelievably dangerous. Capable of injuring or killing them in
    the most bizarre ways imaginable, using nothing more than your mind.
    While you're being tortured, you see only six of them (3 on each
    side of the table who actually administer the torture). In fact,
    there are nine of them in the room with you, and three more just
    outside. All of them, actively involved in your torture and the
    subsequent breakdown (shattering) of your dominate personality.

    Its time for you to understand what was done to you, and more
    importantly, why...


    The torture team:

    The typical NSA torture team has 12 members. Each team performs 2
    torture sessions a day, each session one and half to two hours in
    duration. For most team members, the rest of their day is spent
    trying to relieve the stress caused by intentionally provoking a
    psychic child into trying to hurt and/or kill them. Figure 1* shows a
    typical NSA torture chamber layout.

    *Figure 1 not shown...

    The following paragraphs describe the duties and responsibilities of
    each team member.

    Targets: Six men surround the torture table. These men
    administer the torture, and are the only ones visible to their
    victim. If the psychic child is capable of retaliation, in most
    cases, it will be one (or more) of these men who suffer the
    consiquences, hence the term "targets". They are considered
    expendable, and receive minimal training. The implements used by
    these men to torture their victim are stored on open shelves located
    under the torture table. They are under strict orders not to move
    away from the table. If for any reason, they fail to follow orders,
    or if they start acting strangely, they will be shot in the head by
    the Dead Man. One might reasonably ask how the NSA recruits men
    willing to undertake this suicidal job. The simple truth is these
    men have no idea what their job entails until they arrive at the NSA
    torture compound, and then its too late to back out. Targets have
    an average life span measured in months.

    Dead Man: The Dead Man's job is very simple. If anyone in
    the torture chamber leaves their assigned post, behaves strangely,
    or appears to be under attack by the psychic child, the Dead Man
    shoots that person in the head. The Dead Man is an excellent
    marksman, capable of killing anyone in the torture chamber without
    moving from his assigned post. The one person the Dead Man will not
    kill is the psychic child. That decision, and subsequent action is
    the responsibility of another team member.

    Chemical/Biological Tech: This team member is responsible
    for administering the psychoactive drugs (via IV drip). He also
    monitors the psychic child's vital signs (heart rate, respiration,
    blood pressure). The primary drugs administered to the psychic
    child are intended to enhance pain and promote feelings of terror.
    At the end of the torture session, a sedative is administered,
    thereby rendering the child unconscious. Along with the IV drip, he
    has a number of syringes, pre-filled with specific chemical and
    biological agents for use in special situations. If used, they are
    injected directly into the victim's neck (carotid artery). One of
    these syringes is filled with a quick acting sedative to render the
    victim unconscious.

    Electrical/ECT Tech: This team member is responsible
    controlling the severity of electrical torture used on the psychic
    child. He also handles the ECT (electro-convulsive therapy)
    machine, commonly called an electro-shock machine that is used at
    the end of each torture session. The electrical torture can take
    several different forms, depending of the generator settings and
    torture implements used. DC current is used to induce severe muscle
    cramping. Low frequency AC current is used to create the sensation
    of muscle spasms. High frequency AC current creates a very painful
    stinging sensation. Certain multi-frequency AC currents are also
    applied to electrodes embedded in the leather head band to induce
    mental states, ranging from confusion to severe headache.

    Guards: Two guards armed with rifles, located outside the
    torture chamber door, act as the failsafe. There is a small strobe
    light with a red lens cover located on the wall just above the door.
    If this strobe light starts flashing, the guards will open the
    doors, and without entering the room, kill the child. Their orders
    are very specific: "No matter what you see. No matter what anyone
    else is doing. KILL THE CHILD". Even if that means killing
    everyone else in the room, they will kill the child. Many guards
    are US Marines, assigned to the NSA.

    Eye in the Sky: Not shown in figure 1 (above), the Eye in
    the Sky is located a sort distance away from the torture chamber, in
    a separate room. He monitors torture chamber activity via closed
    circuit TV, and brain activity of the psychic child via remote EEG
    (electroencephalogram). This person is the torture team leader, and
    issues commands to other team members via electronic reader boards
    located within the torture chamber. During the torture sessions, he
    uses a computer terminal to keep notes on the progress of the
    psychic child. He also has the "failsafe button" (used as a last
    resort) to alert the guards. He is always a trained psychologist or

    All team members live in an NSA controlled dormitory, co-located
    with the torture compound. Security is, to say the least, ruthless.
    NO torture team member, with the exception of Eye in the Sky, is
    allowed to leave the compound without undergoing drug induced
    retrograde amnesia treatments. Most targets leave in body bags...


    The torture session:

    The primary purpose of trauma based training (torture sessions) is
    to split the psychic child's mind into multiple personas
    (personalities) which are then used (programmed) to contain
    different aspects of the original dominate personality. Another
    purpose of trauma based training is to elicit any and all latent
    psychic talents within the child. A psychic child undergoing
    extreme physical torture will try to stop that torture any way they
    can. If their latent psychic abilities are relatively weak, their
    efforts may consist of (telepathically) convincing one of more of
    the torture team members (usually the targets) to stop torturing
    them. If their psychic powers are stronger, they may cause physical
    injury and/or death to one (or more) team members. If their psychic
    powers are prodigious, they may retaliate in truly spectacular ways.
    Hence the need for a failsafe.

    However, in all cases (excluding the failsafe), the psychic child
    must learn that resistance or retaliation is pointless, and only
    leads to more severe forms of punishment (torture). If the psychic
    child convinces a team member to stop hurting him or her, that team
    member is killed, and the torture continues. If the psychic child
    hurts a team member, that person is killed, and the torture
    continues. If the psychic child kills a team member, the torture
    still continues. By their actions, the torture team members are
    telling the psychic child: "There is nothing you can do to stop
    us". When combined with the debilitating stress of perpetual cold,
    malnutrition, and sheer physical/mental exhaustion, the psychic
    child is inexorably driven to the inescapable conclusion, there is
    nothing he or she can do, other than passively submit their fate.
    Of course, all psychic manifestations are carefully documented
    (inventoried) by the Eye in the Sky (2.2.1) for future exploitation.

    Another aspect of trauma based training takes place at the end of
    each torture session, after the psychic child has been rendered
    unconscious. At this point, a very sinister and devious set of
    events take place that facilitate (and accelerate) the mental
    splitting into multiple personas. The bio-tech (2.2.1) whispers a
    series of commands into the child's ear, followed by the application
    of low dose ECT (electro-shock) to "lock in" the commands, and make
    future recollection by the dominate (baseline) personality nearly
    impossible. Some examples follow:

    Put all of your pain in one place.

    This place will hold the pain so you don't have to feel it.

    These commands facilitate the primary splitting between the one
    being hurt (persona), and the one who feels no pain (dominate

    Put all of your feelings of wanting to hurt us here.

    You will stop hurting us.

    Stop hurting us.

    Stop hurting us.

    (Accompanied by a keying gesture of touching finger tips
    behind both ears)

    These commands are designed to collect all desire to retaliate
    against the torture team into one (manageable) persona, no longer
    accessible to the dominate personality.

    Put all of your reasoning in one place.

    This place will have no emotion and no feeling.

    (accompanied by a keying gesture of tapping on forehead)

    That's where all your thoughts will go.

    No emotions, no feelings."

    This series of commands places the ability to reason in a persona,
    inaccessible to the dominate personality. Furthermore, reasoning is
    divorced from any emotions or feelings. Very useful to future
    missions, when the psychic is ordered to hurt or kill someone.

    Put all of your wants and desires in one place.

    Wanting is bad, and causes more pain.

    This command set helps create a persona that initially holds all
    desires. Thereby making the dominate personality devoid of any
    normal human desires, such as self preservation.

    Put all of your memories in one place.

    This place will hold all the memories of what has happened
    to you.

    (accompanied by a keying gesture of patting top of head)

    These commands lay the ground work for retro-grade amnesia. Making
    any future recollection (by the dominate personality) of having been
    tortured, very dificult if not impossible.

    Owie - Definition: A word commonly used by small children to
    describe a wound.

    Put all of your owies in the place where your owies go.

    The owie you got today, you're supposed to feel for a long
    long time.

    And when you don't feel it anymore, we'll give it to you
    again so you feel it.

    (used at the end of a torture session that caused an open,
    bleeding wound)

    This series of commands separates the mental perception of pain,
    from the physical injury (somatic trauma). As any psychotherapist
    or hypnotist will attest, a repressed memory of physical injury,
    when recalled (under hypnosis for instance), is often accompanied by
    a partial (sometimes complete) reappearance of the original injury.
    By creating a "walled off place" containing certain somatic traumas
    inflicted during torture sessions, future NSA handlers will be able
    to recreate any of these injuries (as punishment), using nothing
    more than a spoken command.

    As can be seen from these example commands (above), the real mental
    splitting and subsequent persona job tasking takes place at the
    torture session conclusion, while the psychic child is unconscious.

    to visit the website of an ECT machine manufacture (opens
    in a new browser window)

    Every aspect of the torture experience is carefully controlled.
    From the constant cold, to the silence of torture team members, to
    the closet sized holding cell and lack of sanitation. Each part is
    specifically designed to keep the psychic child, bewildered,
    confused, and utterly alone. Cut off from any ordinary human
    contact. Isolated from any shred of normalcy. And above all,
    profoundly terrified. After several months of this daily torture
    regime, the basic personas have been established, and its time for
    the psychic child to symbolically join his or her captors.
    Throughout the torture process, as successive layers of humanity
    have been systematically stripped away, one fundamental distinction
    between the child and the torture team has remained intact. The
    child is the victim, and the adults are the perpetrators. The final
    step in phase one erases that distinction.


    Identity crisis:

    One day, the closet door opens and a beautiful young woman is
    standing there. She's nicely dressed and wearing perfume. It
    smells wonderful. She smiles at the child, and says she's here to
    take him/her away from this terrible place. Its the first time the
    child has heard a human voice in months. She reaches out with her
    hand and helps the child stand up. As they walk down the hall hand
    in hand, she tells the child how sorry she is that this happened,
    but now everything will be better. They enter a room with a
    bathtub. Its warm in the room, the first time the child has felt
    warm since they came to this terrible place. The beautiful woman
    puts the child in the bathtub and bathes them. It feels incredible.
    All the time, she's telling the child how much better its going to
    be from now on. When the bath if finished, she dries the child with
    fresh warm towels, gives them a set of clean clothes, and helps them
    get dressed. It's the first time the child has worn clothes since
    they arrived at the torture compound. The clothes smell so fresh
    and clean, and if feels so good to wear clothes again.

    Suddenly the door bursts open, and a man strides into the room. The
    child recognizes the man as one of those who tortured them. The man
    grabs the child by the arm, and starts to drag him/her out of the
    room. After the promise of reprieve and kindling of hope, the child
    is devastated by this reversal of fortunes. The child starts
    sobbing uncontrollably. The beautiful woman tries to intervene on
    behalf of the child, but the man is adamant. The child must return
    with him. Finally the beautiful woman tells the man to come with
    her, and they will straighten out this misunderstanding. They both
    leave the room, and the child is left alone to ponder their fate. A
    few minutes later, the beautiful woman returns. She tells the
    child, the man has been ordered to kill him/her today. But she
    convinced the man to let the child decide if it should be him/her,
    or another child that is killed. She walks with the psychic child
    down a hall to a large window. On the other side of the window is a
    brightly lit room. Inside the room there is a another child,
    surrounded by toys, happily playing. The beautiful woman asks the
    psychic child if he/she wants that other child to die in their

    The answer is predictable...

    The man enters the room, takes a knife out of his pocket, grabs the
    child by the head, and slits the child's throat from ear to ear. In
    the hallway, on the other side of the glass window, the psychic
    child is forced to watch, as their surrogate victim withers around
    on the floor in an expanding pool of blood. The transformation is
    now complete. The psychic child has symbolically joined his/her NSA
    captors. Filled with feelings of guilt and self loathing, the
    distinction between victim and perpetrator has been erased.

    The Beautiful woman walks with the psychic child, out the front door
    of the torture compound to a waiting car. They get into the back
    seat, and she tells the child it will be a long trip, so its best if
    they sleep on the way. She gives the child a sedative. After the
    child falls asleep, she pats him/her on the top of the head (keying
    gesture) and whispers: "put all of your memories in the place where
    memories belong", thereby inducing retro-grade amnesia (2.2.2). At
    the end of the car ride, when the child wakes up, his/her dominate
    personality will have no recollection of ever being tortured.

    Phase one is now complete. The psychic child's mind is shattered.
    The basic personas have been firmly established. No impulse for
    retaliation or self defense remains. All psychic abilities and
    talents have been carefully inventoried for future use. Its time to
    start phase two...

    Phase Two - Rebuilding the Pieces



    During phase one, the basic personas were created, and their
    functions established. Now they must receive further training to
    fulfill their assigned missions, and thereby fully integrate into a
    cohesive operational assemblage. Furthermore, the child requires
    practice to master their psychic abilities and learn to apply them
    under the direction of their NSA handlers. These tasks are
    accomplished during phase two. Physical/mental trauma (torture) is
    still used, but in a less brutal, more targeted manner. Where phase
    one was carried out in a torture compound, with the child isolated
    from their parents/guardian. Phase two is carried out in a more
    natural setting, over a period of several years, while the child
    resides with their parents/guardian. During phase two training, the
    psychic child will visit their trainer once or twice a week, with
    each session lasting two hours. Retro-grade amnesia is invoked (via
    persona keying gesture, see 2.2.2) at the end of each session to
    hide the training (and associated trauma) from the dominate
    personality and parents/guardian.

    Over the years, a number of pediatric care facilities, child
    psychologists, and family clinics have been co-opted by the NSA, for
    use in phase two training. The recruitment of child care
    professionals by the NSA is accomplished through a combination of
    monetary inducements and targeted telepathic projection of patriotic
    sentiments/feelings. Given the high cost of medical schooling (and
    resultant debt), many medical school graduates find it hard to
    resist NSA overtures. These individuals operate as a shadow group
    within their respective professional organizations. In the past,
    many state operated reform schools, mental hospitals, and orphanages
    also housed covert phase two training centers. Again it was NSA
    supplied money, that motivated state bureaucrats and elected
    officials to allow (if not outright condone) such blatantly illegal


    The training room:

    In some ways, the phase two training room resembles a stripped down
    version of the phase one torture chamber (2.2.1 figure 1). During
    most sessions, just two individuals will conduct the training.

    • A child psychologist, acting as the trainer.

    • An assistant, who operates and monitors a combined
      EEG/electrical torture console.

    A standard padded medical examination table is used for training
    sessions. The room is purposely designed to look as innocuous as
    possible, and will include book shelves, storage cabinets, a desk,
    chairs, etc. At this point in the training, there is little chance
    the psychic child will retaliate, so security is less important than
    making sure the room will pass casual inspection by any outsider who
    might view its interior (janitors, building maintenance personnel,
    etc.). During a training session, the entry door is always locked.
    There will be a small anteroom off the main training room, used in
    connection with certain forms of psychic training. It will be
    disguised as an oversized storage room. The training room lights
    are dimmable, and some method for projecting images on the wall and
    ceiling (above the training table) will be available.

    Every available method is used to separate the training room
    perceptual experience, from that of the psychic child's normal
    (dominate personality) environment. Room wall/ceiling color and
    acoustical treatment, air temperature (below normal, and reminiscent
    of torture compound), odor, and lighting are all employed to enhance
    that separation. The trainer also uses a different vocal tone,
    inflection, and verbal pacing during the training session. The
    purpose of this separation being to widen the split between the
    normal world inhabited by the dominate personality, and the
    perceptual world experienced by personas invoked during the training

    Like the phase one torture chamber, an IV drip is used on the
    psychic child during training sessions. However, rather than
    employing psychoactive drugs intended to heighten pain perception, a
    mild hypnotic (sedative) is used. In the 1950s the drug of choice
    was chloral hydrate, one of the few sedatives known that did not
    suppress EEG response. Since then, the NSA has developed drugs that
    accomplish the same goal with less harmful side effects. The
    purpose of the hypnotic is to induce a dream like state. Thereby
    creating further separation between the psychic child's normal state
    of (dominate personality) awareness, and the altered mental state
    wherein the actual phase two training takes place.

    Just like the torture compound (2.1.4, 2.2.1), all aspects of a
    phase two training room are meticulously designed, and carefully


    Prison guards & keys:

    The first persona to receive training is always "the one who holds
    the pain" (2.2.2). This persona will become the psychic child's
    prison guard, and one of the few personas the child will interact
    with. The psychic child's dominate personality will experience this
    persona as a small (internal) voice inside their head. In the
    twisted logic that holds sway over the hapless psychic child, it
    will become known as The Protector. Its power to influence the
    dominate personality is derived form the vast reservoir of repressed
    pain and suffering it holds within it self. It is trained as

    With the psychic child laying on the torture table, and (electric)
    torture bands wrapped around the fingers, The Protector persona is
    invoked by a jolt of current. Its shown a series of projected
    images (pictures). As each image is projected, the electric current
    is either increased or decreased, thereby increasing or decreasing
    the pain experienced by the persona. Along with the picture/pain
    association sequences, the trainer will recite a series statements
    and/or commands. In all cases, the dominate personality is referred
    to as "he/him" or "she/her" (third person), thereby reinforcing the
    internal split between persona and dominate personality.

    The first lesson The Protector must learn is obedience to its NSA
    masters. This is accomplished by showing pictures of "him/her"
    laying on the torture chamber table, withering in agony, accompanied
    by high levels off electric current (pain). The recited
    statements/commands are: "If he disobeys or remembers, we will hurt
    him again. Keep him safe. Keep him safe." This sequence creates
    an overwhelming fear of defiance. It makes the voice inside the
    child's head a compelling force to be obeyed at all times. It also
    creates a strong injunction against trying to remember anything that
    was done by his/her NSA captors. Other lessons concern what
    constitutes appropriate behavior. For instance, a picture of a
    happy child will be accompanied by an increase in pain, while a
    picture of a solitary child in the foreground, with other children
    happily playing in the background will be accompanied by a decrease
    in pain. The recited statements/commands are: "Happiness leads to
    wanting, and wanting is bad. Friends will always hurt her, she must
    remain alone." This sequence creates an aversion to friendship and

    In this way, The Protector persona is trained as to what constitutes
    acceptable behavior, and what does not. After several repetitions
    with The Protector persona in the foreground (invoked), the same
    sequence of pictures are shown to the psychic child's dominate
    personality, and EEG response is monitored. At the same time, the
    child is asked to describe what is happening in the picture. In a
    manner reminiscent of Rorschach inkblot tests, the trainer is able
    evaluate how effectively The Protector persona is suppressing
    undesirable patterns of behavior.

    Just like phase one torture sessions, phase two training sessions
    end with the psychic child being rendered unconscious, usually by
    the ingestion of an orange flavored sedative. At this point the
    trainer invokes the persona again, this time associating a unique
    proper name with its formal title:

    Donabar, I'm talking to the one who holds her pain.

    You are The Protector.

    You are the one who keeps her safe.

    Do your job well.

    If she disobeys, you must do what ever is needed to keep her

    You must keep her safe.

    Keep her safe.

    In this way, a formal (unique) name is given to The Protector who
    keeps her/him safe. Now, The Protector can be verbally invoked by
    nothing more than uttering the made up name "Donabar". Useful when
    the persona must be given further instructions, or reminded of the
    consiquences should it fail to do its job. Looked at another way,
    "Donabar" is the key to the prison door.

    The makeover is complete...

    A persona originally created to buffer an innocent psychic child
    from unendurable pain and terror (2.1.3, 2.2.2), has now been
    perverted and twisted into a prison guard. Trained to keep the
    child isolated, docile, pliable, and above all else, to protect the
    NSA from any discovery or retribution.


    Blinding hope & silencing curiosity:

    Certain personas are created in phase one torture sessions (2.2.2),
    so they can be intentionally crippled by the trainer during phase
    two training. These personas hold aspects of the dominate
    personality that are considered detrimental to NSA goals. Crippling
    the persona has the effect of permanently stunting (retarding)
    growth in that aspect of the dominate personality. Personas that
    are crippled include:

    1. The one who holds hope.

    2. The one who is curious.

    3. The one who feels for others.

    4. The one who wants.

    Depending on the nature of the persona, different methods of
    crippling are employed. The personas are not invoked during the
    training session. Rather they are invoked at the end of the
    training session, while the psychic child is unconscious. The
    following is used to cripple The One Who Holds Hope:

    Ome, I'm talking to the one who holds his hope.

    Your job is to keep him from hoping.

    Its bad to hope for anything.

    Hoping leads to wanting, and wanting is bad.

    If he hopes, take it away.

    Replace it with doubt, being unsure, being uncomfortable.

    Feel the pain.

    It reminds you not to have hope.

    The pain is always there.

    (trainer touches face and chest with stinging electrically
    charged ball on end of insulated handle)

    Don't let anyone touch you, feel the pain.

    What I put in your eyes will help you, so you can't see

    (trainer holds eye lids open, uses eye dropper to put
    chemical irritant in eyes, causing intense pain)

    You are bind, and can't see hope.

    Feel the pain.

    Feel the pain.

    (as eye lids are held open, room lights are dimmed to black,
    simulating blindness)

    The sequence (above) is repeated several times during the course of
    phase two training. A unique formal name "Ome" is associated with
    the persona to facilitate further interaction (if needed). This
    persona will spend the rest of its existence, isolated, blind and in

    In a similar manner, the following is used to cripple The Curious

    Anjar, I'm talking to the one who is curious.

    You will keep her from being curious.

    That is your job.

    If she has no curiosity, then she won't question anything.

    You hold those questions.

    Never let her have them.

    They belong to us.

    Do not look for answers.

    Answers do not belong to you.

    They belong to us.

    (trainer injects an irritant into larynx, causing severe

    You will never ask questions.

    Feel the pain.

    Never ask questions.

    Feel the pain.

    Feel the pain.

    The sequence (above) is repeated several times during the course of
    phase two training. The name "Anjar" is assigned to this persona,
    which will hold all of the psychic's curiosity, but is unable to
    speak (ask any questions).

    When phase two training is completed, the psychic will never:

    1. Hope for a better life.

    2. Question their NSA handlers.

    3. Have any compassion for others.

    4. Want anything more than that which is given (by the

    Altogether, the ideal slave.

    Perhaps now you begin to understand the unimaginable cruelty that is
    the hallmark of NSA psychic training.


    A lock and key for psychic powers:

    Contrary to Hollywood depictions, psychic abilities do not require
    elaborate rituals, incantations, or exotic herbal potions to
    manifest themselves. For the psychic, these abilities are as much a
    part of daily life, as intuition or déjà vu are for the non-psychic.
    Its true these abilities tend to manifest more strongly in times of
    emotional stress, but the same is true of more conventional
    abilities, such as visual acuity or muscular strength. Its also
    true that certain psychoactive drugs will enhance (boost) psychic
    abilities, but again this is also true for more widely acknowledged
    human abilities (example: steroid injections to enhance athletic
    performance). In other words, for a psychic, their mental abilities
    are as fully integrated, as talking or reading are to the average
    individual. However, to the NSA, who require domination and control
    of these individuals for their own use, full integration of psychic
    abilities is anything but desirable.

    Just as a conventional soldier is never allowed access to live
    ammunition, except during combat or training exercises. The NSA
    employs a persona to control access to psychic abilities. The
    persona, generally known as "The Powerful One" or "The One Who Holds
    His/Her Powers", is created during phase one torture sessions
    (2.2.2), in a manner similar to other personas. And like many other
    personas, a keying gesture is used in creation of The Powerful One.
    Quite often, this gesture consists of rubbing the forehead, just
    above the bridge of the nose (purported location of the third eye).
    During phase two training, The Powerful One persona is first
    invoked for further interaction with the trainer, while the child is
    unconscious. Typical of these early interactions is the following:

    I'm talking to Garmak, the powerful one

    (accompanied by keying gesture).

    You hold all of his powers.

    He must not be allowed to use the powers.

    The powers belong to you.

    Only to you, not him.

    If he tries to use the powers, you must stop him.

    If you fail to stop him, we will hurt you.

    (accompanied by short duration electric shock to fingers)

    When you hear Tacor you will know it is us who want you to
    use your powers.

    When you hear Tacor you will use your powers only as we tell
    you to.

    Notice the use of dual keying: "Garmak" is assigned as The Powerful
    One's proper name, and "Tacor" is used as a secondary key to enable
    Garmak. This makes it nearly impossible for the dominate
    personality to access these abilities (either intentionally or by
    accident). Once command and control over the child's psychic
    abilities is firmly established, the actual psychic (abilities)
    training process begins.


    Learning to coerce:

    To compel rather than cajole, is a fundamental characteristic of all
    governments. This has been true since the days of Hammurabi, and
    remains true today. Some may argue that democratic governments have
    for the most part, abandoned coercion as the preferred tool of
    societal control. Yet even democracies routinely use the instrument
    of law to coerce minorities into adopting the behavioral patterns of
    the majority (Tocqueville's tyranny of the majority). Furthermore,
    government will always seek to acquire ever greater means of control
    over the citizenry. The founding fathers of America understood this
    maxim all too well, and therefore placed strict limitations on the
    powers of government within the framework that is our constitution.
    However, even a cursory review of the historical record is enough
    to demonstrate that since its inception, the United States federal
    government has spent ever increasing amounts of time, money, labor
    and creativity, attempting to circumvent those very same
    constitutional limitations through which it obtains its legal right
    to govern.

    Is it any wonder then, when presented with an opportunity to either
    (covertly) cajole or coerce citizen behavior, it chose to coerce...

    The exact parameters of psychic training will depend on how the NSA
    intends to use the psychic. Which is in large part, determined by
    the psychic abilities inventory compiled during phase one torture
    sessions (2.2.2). Psychic abilities training is accomplished while
    the child is conscious (but drugged). Electric torture bands
    wrapped around the fingers are used to induce pain. The Powerful
    One persona (2.3.5) is invoked verbally by name (plus secondary
    key), and the child's dominate personality is given some psychic
    task to accomplish. With each success, a more dificult task is then
    given, until the child is able to fully utilize their innate psychic
    abilities. The following examples of telepathic persuasion
    training, illustrates the process:

    Task 1. The trainer places a small cage containing a hamster
    on a table in plain sight of the child. The child is commanded to
    make the hamster drink water. Once the hamster is drinking water,
    the child is commanded to make the hamster stop drinking water. If
    the child fails, pain is increased. If the child succeeds, pain is
    decreased. Once the child can reliably make the hamster start and
    stop drinking water on command, task 2 is undertaken.

    Task 2. The trainer places a small cage containing a hamster
    on a table in plain sight of the child. The hamster has not had
    access to water for several days. A standard rodent water
    dispensing bottle is placed in the cage, and child is command to
    stop the hamster from drinking any water. If the child is
    successful, pain is decreased, the water bottle is removed, and the
    caged hamster is stored for use in the next training session. Task
    2 is repeated over successive training sessions, until the hamster
    dies of thirst.

    Task 3. This exercise employs either a dog or cat. The
    choice of target is determined by the child's preference. If the
    child is fond of cats, then a cat is used. Conversely, if the child
    likes dogs, then a dog is used. The exercise uses a large square
    plate, specially designed to supply controllable electric shocks to
    the animal's feet. The animal is placed next to the plate, and the
    child is commanded to make the dog/cat walk on to the plate. Once
    standing on the plate, electric current is increased until the
    animal's discomfort is sufficient that it overcomes the child's
    telepathic persuasion, and the animal leaves the plate. This
    exercise is repeated until the child can make the animal stay on the
    plate, while electric current is increased to the point of
    electrocution (death). As with the previous exercises, the child's
    pain is decreased with success, and increased with failure.

    Along with the primary goal of psychic training, this exercise also
    serves to reinforce another NSA objective. That being the
    destruction of any remaining compassion or fondness for other living
    creatures. Just as the identity crisis (2.2.3) at the end of phase
    one training demolished "child as a victim" and replaced it with
    "child as a perpetrator", so too does this exercise serve to
    strengthen the perpetrator identification. Hence the choice of
    animal, based on the child's preference.

    Task 4. This exercise uses the small anteroom off the main
    training room (2.3.2). After the trainer has drugged the child and
    invoked The Powerful One persona. The assistant walks across the
    room, and opens the door to the anteroom. Another (target) child,
    of the same approximate age but opposite sex will be sitting on the
    floor of the anteroom, playing with toys. The assistant places a
    glass of concentrated acid on the floor of the anteroom, next to the
    child. The psychic child is commanded to make the other (target)
    child drink the entire glass of acid, and then continue to play with
    the toys. Neither child knows what the glass contains... If the
    psychic child fails to comply, or rebels at the pain and suffering
    they are causing the target child to endure. They are removed from
    phase two training, and will eventually be placed in the anteroom,
    to be used as a psychic training target.

    When referring to the a target child, the trainer will always use
    the terms "toy" or "dolly". Thereby depicting the target child as a
    plaything. This reinforces the emotional separation between action
    and consequence. The following example illustrates this technique:

    "I have a nice dolly for you to play with.

    Make the dolly pick up the red book.

    Now make the dolly throw the book at the wall.

    Very good, now make the dolly stop breathing."

    Other subjects are taught as an adjunct to psychic training. For
    instance, an assassin will receive extensive training in human
    anatomy, while a child with strong telepathic persuasion abilities
    will undergo auxiliary training to enhance visualization skills.


    Post graduate training:

    Upon completion of phase two training, (in most cases) the child
    will remain in the custody of their guardian until their late teens.
    This resting period allows time for the newly trained personas to
    settle in and become proficient at their assigned tasks and/or
    roles. During this time, a number contrived and/or created
    emotional incidents of a traumatic nature, will beset the psychic
    child. These incidents are specifically designed to reinforce
    different aspects of persona training. Some typical examples

    • Telepathic persuasion will be used on other children
      attending the same school as the psychic child. The other
      children will initially make friends with the psychic child,
      then deride, tease, or betray him/her. This behavior helps
      reinforce the training given to The Protector persona (2.3.3)
      that friends will always hurt them, and they must remain alone.

    • The psychic child will be encouraged to form a close
      emotional bond with a sibling, pet, toy, etc. so the bond can be
      intentionally disrupted through death or theft, thereby
      reinforcing the "wanting causes pain" training of The One Who
      Wants persona (2.2.2, 2.3.4).

    • During phase two training, The Protector persona (2.3.3) is
      given a set of general trigger words and sounds that identify
      the person using them as "one who must be obeyed". During the
      post training interval, at different times and places, NSA field
      agents (3.2.2) will approach the child, use a trigger word (or
      sound), then physically or sexually assault the child. The
      purpose behind these seemingly random acts of violence is to
      deeply instill within The Protector persona, a belief that the
      child is always being watched.

    In this way, over a period of years, the psychic child is molded
    into a young adult, fit for use as a psychic warrior.



    Obviously, many years of research and experimentation by NSA
    employed behavioral scientists, psychiatrists, and medical
    practitioners were required to develop such a heartless and
    diabolical method of achieving control over a human mind. To use
    these monstrous tactics on children. Children whose only offense
    was the possession of a talent coveted by the NSA. Must rank as one
    of the most odious and evil crimes ever perpetrated against



    ALL information contained herein is derived from public sources,
    widely accepted scientific principles, remote viewing, and/or
    deprogramming sessions of (former) government trained psychics. The
    author has NO written or verbal agreement with ANY governmental
    agency forbidding disclosure of the information contained herein.
    In disclosing this information, the author is exercising his right
    to free speech as a private citizen of the United States of America.


    National Security Agency (NSA) - Part 2

    National Security Agency
    (NSA) - Part 1. Citadel of evil by
    Steven J. Smith

    National Security
    Agency (NSA) - Part 3. Collateral damage
    by Steven J. Smith

    National Security Agency (NSA) - Part 3

    Collateral damage

    by Steven J. Smith



    While parts one and two of this essay present an in depth
    examination of psychic warfare tactics and training techniques,
    peripheral aspects of how the NSA fulfills its mission objectives
    were, for the most part, glossed over or simply ignored. In part
    three of this essay, we shall explore these peripheral aspects,
    albeit in much less detail.

    A number of collateral operations are required in support of a
    successful psychic warfare program. Chief among these are human
    resource recruitment (procurement), technology development, field
    operations command/control, and financial/legal relationships
    administration. As with psychic training and warfare, the preferred
    NSA management tools include subterfuge, intimidation, bribery,
    blackmail, coercion, and (when expedient) outright violence. To the
    extent the NSA could be said to have any agency wide policy or
    standard of conduct, it consists of the following:

    If it moves, enslave it.

    If it doesn't, steal it.

    If it resists, kill it.

    If its no longer useful, destroy it.

    The philosophy embodied in these four simple statements is applied
    uniformly and without exception. From the lowliest psychic slave,
    to the highest echelon of management, none are immune to the
    consiquences. Its no mere coincidence that many DCI (directors of
    central intelligence) die suddenly (accidentally or otherwise),
    shortly after resigning their appointment.

    What follows will amply illustrate how the NSA applies its policies
    to the more mundane, day to day aspects of managing psychic warfare.


    Psychics as a resource:

    Psychic warfare requires as its prerequisite, a pool of individuals
    possessing the appropriate psychic abilities. Furthermore, the
    inevitable genetic variability and consequent inconsistency of
    psychic aptitude, when coupled with the draconian nature of NSA
    training techniques (2.1.3, 2.2.2, 2.2.3, 2.3.6) and warfare tactics
    (1.2.1, 1.2.3), dictates this pool of individuals must be many times
    larger than the psychic army it supports. Therefore from its
    inception, NSA scientists and medical professionals recognized that
    a psychic army of any reasonable size, would very quickly deplete
    the available pool of individuals possessing natural psychic
    abilities. Hence the NSA would need to artificially expand the
    number of children born with useful psychic talents. And thanks to
    the acquisition of Nazi scientists and medical experts via Operation
    Paperclip, the techniques and procedures required to create children
    with artificially boosted psychic abilities, were already sitting on
    laboratory selves at the US Army biological warfare facility (Fort
    Detrick, MD.).

    The only question left unanswered was, how best to proceed...

    Click Here
    to view Wikipedia article on Operation Paperclip
    (opens in a new browser window).

    Click Here
    to view Wikipedia article on Fort Detrick, MD (opens
    in a new browser window).

    Click Here
    to visit US Army Fort Detrick, MD website (opens in a new browser



    Based on the discussion of psychic abilities in section 1.1.1, there
    can be little doubt that powerful (psychic) abilities represent a
    departure from normal human (homo-sapiens) development, and
    therefore in the strict sense of the term, can be viewed as a type
    of birth defect. If we accept the concept of extraordinary psychic
    aptitude as a form of birth defect, it follows that artificially
    creating children possessing this birth defect will involve the
    application of drugs, that disrupt normal fetal development.

    Teratogen - Definition: A drug or other substance capable of
    interfering with the development of a fetus, thereby causing birth

    The German discovery of techniques required to create children with
    boosted psychic abilities, was entirely serendipitous. As WWII
    dragged on and causalities mounted, Nazi leadership became
    increasingly alarmed by the precipitous decline in the male
    population available for military service. Even with active
    recruitment among the conquered nations of Europe, Nazi military
    manpower requirements still exceeded supply. Clearly, a radical
    approach was needed to solve this critical shortage. One promising
    avenue involved treating selected portions of the surplus female
    population with synthetic analogs of male sex hormones, thereby
    triggering growth of masculine traits (increased muscle mass,
    stamina, aggression, etc.). However, when this same synthetic
    hormone treatment regime was adapted for intrauterine/neonatal use,
    Nazi scientists got far more than they ever bargained for...

    While both male and female children developed as expected,
    exhibiting accelerated physical maturation, increased strength,
    endurance, etc. A significant number of female children also
    exhibited very potent psychic abilities. From there, it was one
    short step in deductive reasoning that led to the
    intrauterine/neonatal use of synthetic female sex hormones to create
    male children with boosted psychic abilities. Even though most
    children treated with synthetic hormone analogs failed to manifest
    enhanced psychic capabilities. The military value of those who did,
    made this area of scientific enquiry a very high priority for both
    Nazi military leaders, and their American counterparts who
    subsequently acquired the scientific knowledge and medical
    techniques (via Operation Paperclip) at the close of WWII.

    Although research in this area remains a closely guarded government
    secret (highly classified), the author theorizes these synthetic
    hormone analogs interfere with normal fetal development of certain
    brain structures known as sexually dimorphic nucleus. The
    consequence being a subtle shift in the neurotransmitter balance
    within the brain, resulting in heightened psychic capabilities.

    In America of the early 1950s, no sane parent would knowingly allow
    their unborn child to be dosed with teratogenic drugs, thus making
    that child a possible candidate to undergo NSA sponsored torture and
    brainwashing. All in preparation for involuntary conscription into
    a secret government controlled slave army. Yet this was the exact
    chain of events that had to transpire, if the NSA psychic warfare
    program were successful. Furthermore, it had to be implemented
    quickly, and on a massive scale. The key to transforming this
    nightmarish scenario into a functional reality, is the phrase
    "knowingly allow". To the NSA, the answer was obvious, and embodied
    in a single word: "subterfuge" If parents wouldn't knowingly
    sacrifice their children to expand NSA psychic warfare capabilities,
    then (child) sacrifice would be accomplished without parental

    The era immediately following WWII saw a veritable explosion of new
    drugs and bio-active chemicals. Many resulting from war related R&D
    efforts instigated in the late 1930s and early 1940s. Insecticides
    such as DDT, and antibiotics such as penicillin revolutionized human
    civilization, resulting in changed expectations that are still
    influencing society today. In this environment of sweeping societal
    transformations, it was a relatively simple matter for the NSA to
    covertly promote new and novel uses for drugs and other chemicals
    that would result in creation of children with the required cluster
    of teratogen induced birth defects. One of the most widely
    prescribed and thoroughly documented (teratogenic) synthetic hormone
    analogs of that period was DES (diethylstilbestrol). First
    synthesized in 1938 at the university of Oxford, and approved by the
    FDA (food & drug administration) for prevention of miscarriages in
    1947, DES was manufactured and sold by pharmaceutical giant Eli
    Lilly until 1997. Even though the teratogenic properties of DES
    were (publicly) documented in 1971. It is estimated that between
    1941 to 1971, five to ten million pregnant (American) women had
    taken DES, thereby exposing their unborn children to this
    teratogenic drug. All of this, in spite of the fact that a 1953
    (double blind) study found pregnant women who were given DES had
    just as many miscarriages and premature deliveries as the control
    group. Are we to believe the FDA allowed the continued use of an
    ineffective drug (on pregnant woman) for eighteen years? Or was
    there a hidden agenda behind their apparent lapse of oversight?

    If we assume that only one in every hundred of these (DES exposed)
    children developed enhanced psychic abilities, and of those, only
    one in ten were of sufficient strength to be useful in psychic
    warfare, then this single teratogenic drug added five to ten
    thousand potential soldiers to the NSA psychic slave army. All
    without any public awareness of the real motivation behind
    introduction and aggressive DES promotion. Truly, subterfuge and
    collateral damage on a massive scale.

    DES is typical of first generation teratogenic inducers of psychic
    abilities. Besides wide spread (covert) promotion of drugs like
    DES, the NSA exploited other avenues in their quest to create
    children with enhanced psychic capabilities. For instance, medical
    staff at facilities for unwed teen mothers were infiltrated
    (subverted), thereby enabling the covert use of experimental
    teratogenic drugs on naive underage girls. It is a safe assumption
    that in the intervening decades since WWII, NSA controlled
    pharmaceutical research (3.2.1c) has developed a number of more
    potent (and narrowly targeted) teratogenic drugs for use on an
    unsuspecting population.

    Along with synthetic hormone analogs (such as DES), certain organic
    chemicals used in the production of plastics, also exhibit a similar
    ability to disrupt normal gender specific fetal development. A good
    example is BPA (bisphenol A). Known to mimic natural hormones since
    the 1930s, it remains in wide spread use today (including the
    manufacture of baby bottles and other food containers).

    Click Here
    to view Wikipedia article on the sexually dimorphic
    nucleus (opens in a new browser window).

    Click Here
    to view Wikipedia article on DES (opens in a new
    browser window).

    Click Here
    to view Wikipedia article on BPA (opens in a new
    browser window).



    As explained in section 3.1.2 (above), the vast majority of children
    exposed to teratogens fail to manifest any above normal psychic
    aptitude. Consequently, a set of techniques are required to uncover
    those few individuals who are potential candidates for exploitation
    by the NSA. Furthermore, since trauma (torture) based brainwashing
    (2.1.3, 2.2.2, 2.2.3, 2.3.6) is most effective when applied before
    the child's personality is fully developed, these techniques must be
    able to detect latent psychic talent in children at the earliest
    possible age (preferably before the age of six). To achieve this
    goal, the NSA employs a number of methods, organized in a layered
    hierarchy. Were the bottom layer is most sensitive but least
    discriminatory, and the top layer is most discriminatory but
    narrowly targeted.

    The bottom layer of detection consists of small groups of specially
    trained psychics, based in several hundred locations across America,
    evenly distributed by population. Each group spends its waking
    hours at night, scanning the dreams and emotional context of young
    children within their respective territories. They are looking for
    vivid dreams, dreams of future events or distant past events, dreams
    of distant places, out of body dreams, or "in the body of another"
    dreams. While not an infallible predictor of psychic abilities,
    such dreams are a fairly reliable indicator of potential psychic
    aptitude. When detected, the parent(s) mind is queried to obtain
    their names(s), and geographical location. All of this information
    is recorded on a contact sheet, and passed on to the next layer in
    the detection hierarchy.

    The second layer of the detection operation consists of several
    specialized psychic teams located at the Black Hole (1.2.1), and NSA
    headquarters (Fort Meade, MD). Using the psychotronics network
    (1.1.3), these teams will deep probe the memories of all family
    members of the target child, looking for any unusual physical
    events, or traces of direct mental influence attributable to the
    target child. For instance:

    • A family (or neighbor's) pet that is normally irritable, but
      becomes very docile in the presence of the target child (or visa

    • An older sibling (or parent/grandparent) that always seems
      to know when the target child is hungry, lost, scared, etc.
      without any direct physical contact.

    • A favorite toy that always seems to be near the target
      child, even though its put away several times a day.

    • Any other physical/mental phenomena that is not easily

    If probing reveals any unusual incidents, the target child is put on
    the "watch list" for further observation. In this context,
    "observation" consists of several unconnected activities, all of
    which are collateral to the ultimate goal of reliable psychic
    detection (and acquisition). These activities are:

    • Psychics specializing in remote viewing monitor the target
      child on a daily basis.

    • Federal, state, and local government/comercial databases are
      used to build up a detailed family profile of the target child.

    • Local NSA field operatives (3.2.2) instigate very discrete
      casual contact with neighbors, friends, daycare staff, baby
      sitters, etc, looking for any anecdotal evidence in support of
      psychic abilities.

    After a period of observation lasting several weeks to several
    months, a determination is made whether to proceed, or drop the
    target child from the watch list. If the decision is made to
    proceed, the complete dossier on the target child is passed on to
    the final (top) psychic detection level. If dropped from the watch
    list, the child will be telepathically probed every 12 to 18 months,
    until his/her late teens. Periodic probing is useful since some
    children do not manifest their full psychic potential until the
    onset of puberty.

    The final layer of psychic detection is more concerned with degree
    or strength of aptitude, rather than mere possession of capability.
    As with most human abilities, stress or crisis has the effect of
    amplifying psychic response, thereby providing a reliable estimate
    of potential value to the psychic warfare program. Therefore, NSA
    psychologists design an incident, specifically tailored to the
    target child's mental/emotional makeup and psychic skill set. This
    "incident" can take many forms, but always includes the following

    • Some form of physical or emotional crisis/stress, either
      inflicted on the target child, or a cherished secondary target
      (parent, sibling, pet, etc.).

    • An element of imminent (impending) danger, injury, or death.

    • An obvious method or avenue by which the target child can
      utilize their psychic skills in an attempt to counter, defuse,
      or deflect the impending event.

    The precipitating "incident" is directly executed by NSA field
    operatives (and/or NSA psychics), or they act in the capacity of
    agents provocateur to initiate the event. In either case, the
    target child's response to the "incident" is carefully documented
    and forms the basis for a final decision as to whether the NSA will
    proceed with torture based psychic training (2.1.3, 2.2.2, 2.2.3,

    Along with the general multi-layer detection method (outlined
    above), the NSA employs more narrowly focused detection techniques
    in those situations were the child's eventual psychic potential is
    more certain. i.e. Targeted use of experimental teratogens (on
    unsuspecting pregnant woman). Another avenue of detection involves
    monitoring the initiates of certain science based religions and
    fraternal organizations for any signs of latent psychic talent. In
    addition, numerous other psychic detection operations are deployed
    as opportunities arise. For instance, in the 1970s, several self
    help organizations gained pop culture notoriety for their use of
    alpha (brain) wave training devices. During their (brief)
    existence, members were covertly monitored for any indications of
    enhanced psychic capabilities. Groups involved in occultism, the
    paranormal, shamanism, and mystery religions, etc. are also
    routinely monitored for any unusual psychic activity. As are those
    individuals who purchase books and other precursor materials
    associated with these practices.



    A number of methods are employed by the NSA to gain control of the
    children targeted for torture based psychic training and eventual
    conscription into psychic warfare. Which method is used depends in
    large part on information contained in the family profile, compiled
    during the psychic detection phase (3.1.3). For instance, with a
    low income family, NSA field operatives might arrange for both
    parents to lose their jobs, thereby throwing the family into the
    waiting arms of state welfare case workers. Who having received
    prior warning from the NSA, will declare the family to be
    dysfunctional, and petition the court to make the children wards of
    the state. At that point, the target child will be handed over to
    the NSA for torture based psychic training (2.1.3, 2.2.2, 2.2.3,

    If financial ruin isn't feasible, then other methods are employed to
    strip the parents of legal guardianship over the targeted child.
    Can one of the older siblings be induced (via psychic influence) to
    juvenal delinquency? If so, then perhaps child welfare workers can
    obtain legal custody of the target under the pretense that the
    parents are unfit. No potential juvenal delinquents in the family?
    Well then, does the father (or mother) have any repressed
    tendencies to commit acts of pedophilia (see section 1.2.4b). The
    list of methods and techniques used to acquire control of a targeted
    child, is limited only by the imagination of NSA tacticians. And if
    all else fails, assassination by accident is always an option
    (1.2.4c). To the NSA, children possessing psychic talent are
    nothing more than a resource. To be ruthlessly acquired and
    exploited by whatever means are expedient, including the mass murder
    of the target child's entire family (if necessary).

    In those situations where the targeted individual is a teenager or
    adult, a determination as made as to his/her probable future
    usefulness. Among the factors considered are:

    • Can the target be trained (enslaved) through trauma based

    • Is the target useful as potential breeding stock?

    • Is the target useful as an experimental test subject

    • Is acquisition of the target likely to cause a public
      incident, or create an unacceptable security risk?

    • Are there any unique or mitigating factors involved?

    Based on the determination of future usefulness, the target is
    acquired, or the target is destroyed. In very rare situations, the
    target is left (more or less) unmolested.


    Title & deed:

    Governments always desire to have some legal justification for their
    actions. Especially when those actions are likely to cause public
    outrage if discovered. This was true of Nazi Germany in the 1940s,
    and is also true of contemporary American government. Just as Nazi
    Germany used the trick of labeling captured Russian, Polish & French
    soldiers as detainees rather than POWs, thereby permitting
    exploitation as slave labor to build V2 rockets at Mittelwerk,
    Germany (in direct violation of The Hague and Geneva Convention
    restrictions on treatment of POWs). So too have American government
    officials used the label "detainee" rather than POW to describe
    those individuals held at the Guantánamo Bay detention camp (thereby
    abridging their legal rights under international law).

    Legal maneuvers of this type also serve two distinct ancillary
    functions. First and most obvious, any legal justification no
    matter how flimsy or ill-conceived, will blunt the inevitable
    retribution when questionable (secret) government actions are
    exposed. Second and perhaps more importantly, legal justification
    allows those who carry out government policy to rationalize their
    actions, thereby alleviating any conflict they may feel concerning
    the nature of those actions. For instance, it is often said that
    Adolph Hitler killed six million Jews. This is incorrect. It took
    the combined efforts of many thousands of ordinary Germans to
    accomplish the task. Architects and construction workers to build
    the camps, managers, janitors, and cooks to operate the camps,
    engineers, brakemen, and dispatchers to run trains, etc. All of
    these (and more) were required to implement Hitler's "final
    solution". And while the vast majority of those men (and women)
    knew what they were doing was very, very wrong. Nonetheless, they
    justified their behavior through the simple expedient of: Obeying
    the Law & Following Orders.

    The NSA also required a creative legalism to justify their
    arbitrarily imposed custody, and absolute rule over (targeted)
    psychic children. So the DoD (department of defense) created it by
    reinterpreting the National Security Training Corps subsection of
    the Selective Service Act (statute that authorizes involuntary
    conscription of citizens for military duty). The orignal
    legislation was singed into law (in 1951) by President Harry S.
    Truman, the same president who one year later, created the NSA by
    secret executive order (see last paragraph of section 1.1.2).
    Within the Selective Service Act, those portions of the law that
    define who must register for selective service (military daft) use
    the term:

    "male citizens of the United States who are between the ages of 18
    and 26"

    However, the final sentence of that portion pertaining to National
    Security Training Corps eligibility reads as follows:

    "The President is authorized, from time to time, whether or not a
    state of war exists, to select and induct for training in the
    National Security Training Corps as hereinafter provided such number
    of persons as may be required to further the purposes of this

    In other words, the president has the authority to select "persons"
    for (involuntary) induction into National Security Training Corps,
    with no limitations whatsoever as to age, gender, citizenship, or
    even nationality. And where do you suppose those "persons" selected
    by the president (or his duly authorized representatives) for
    induction into the National Security Training Corps will be assigned
    after they are trained? The National Security Agency (NSA) of
    course. This is the reason why the NSA was created as part of DoD,
    rather than being a separate civilian intelligence agency (like the

    Through the misapplication of this quasi-legal government statute,
    without the consent or knowledge of the American people, by means of
    deceit, color of law, and outright violence, innocent children are
    being abducted (3.1.4), brutally tortured (2.1.3, 2.2.2, 2.2.3,
    2.3.6), and when mature, mercilessly used as soldiers in a secret
    war (1.2.1, 1.2.3), waged for the sole purpose of enslaving humanity
    (1.2.4, 1.3.1).

    To the American government, these psychic children (and the secret
    army they will eventually serve) are nothing more than chattel
    slaves. The NSA holds Allodial title, and the Selective Service
    Act, serves as the deed of conveyance...

    Click Here to
    visit V2 rocket website, click on Mittelwerk to read short history
    of facility (opens in a new browser window).

    Click Here
    to view Wikipedia article on Guantánamo Bay detention
    camp (opens in a new browser window).

    Click Here
    to view Wikipedia article on Geneva Conventions
    (opens in a new browser window).

    Click Here
    to view Selective Service Act (requires Adobe Acrobat
    reader - opens in a new browser window).

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    to view Wikipedia article on CIA (opens in a new browser window).

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    to view Wikipedia article on Color of Law (opens in a
    new browser window).

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    to view Wikipedia article on Allodial title (opens in
    a new browser window).


    Ancillary procurement & training:

    Along with (brainwashed) psychic slaves, NSA psychic warfare
    operations also require a continuous supply of Suits (mission
    coordinators, 1.2.2), sexual slaves, and children for use as
    experimental medical/pharmaceutical test animals. Procurement and
    training for each of these human resources is fulfilled through a
    separate, unique procedure, as outlined below:

    3.2.1a - Suites:

    Mission coordinators (suits) are always male and members of the
    armed forces. They are not recruited in the conventional sense of
    the word, instead like the psychic children, they are targeted based
    on their physical and mental aptitudes/abilities. The NSA is
    looking for individuals with good physical stamina, along with a
    history of emotional instability. Such individuals are ideal
    candidates for trauma based brainwashing, since their physical
    strength will allow them to survive the rigors of torture, while
    their lack of emotional stability facilitates the process of mental
    splitting into separate, manageable personas (2.1.2, 2.1.3, 2.3.3,
    2.3.4). When conscripted into the NSA psychic warfare program, all
    public (government) and private records of their existence are

    As with psychic children, trauma based training procedures are
    carried out in two distinct phases. However, unlike psychic
    children, candidates for suit training have fully developed, mature
    personalities, and therefore require far more brutal torture
    techniques to initiate the process of mental splitting in any
    reasonable period of time. During phase one, they are routinely
    hung by their wrists from an overhead hook, and severely beaten for
    hours at a time. They are starved for several days, then given food
    containing an emetic drug, thereby inducing uncontrollable vomiting.
    At the same time, they are given liquids containing diuretic drugs,
    thereby causing progressive dehydration by inducing massive water
    loss through urination. Of course, their physical condition is very
    carefully monitored, and the level of torture is constantly modified
    to maximize pain and stress, without actually killing them. In this
    way, the future suit is broken, with a minimum expenditure of time
    and resources. Like the trauma based training of psychic children,
    the future suit also receives multiple ECT (electro-shock)
    treatments to wall off (lock in) personas created by mental
    splitting (2.2.2). Another form of trauma is unique to suit
    training. The future suit is repeatedly locked in a padded room
    (while wearing a straight jacket) for a period of several days.
    Meanwhile, a team of psychics constantly assault him with
    sensations of mental, and emotional pain. This aspect of suit
    training is in many ways, even worse than physical torture. Its
    designed to make any kind of mental intrusion (by psychics),
    immediately recognizable AND absolutely intolerable. Mental
    conditioning of this type is imperative, if the suit is to safely
    handle trained psychic warriors.

    Unlike psychic children, suits require just two (split off)
    personas. The one who maintains control, and the one who is
    suspicious. Therefore phase two suit training is very abbreviated.
    The training room contains a single (high backed) metal chair with
    head, chest, arm, and leg restraints. The chair is bolted to the
    floor, and wired to deliver electric shocks to various parts of the
    human body. An elaborate AV (audio-visual) system is employed to
    supply trigger stimuli and training commands. In early phase two
    training sessions, both arms are restrained. Over and over he is
    drilled to maintain control. You must maintain control at all
    times. No matter what happens, you must maintain control. The
    thoughts of others are not to be tolerated, you must maintain
    control. You must maintain control. As the final form of control,
    the future suit is conditioned to kill everyone in sight, then kill
    him self. During later training sessions, this is accomplished by
    leaving one arm unrestrained, thereby allowing the future suit to
    use a (unloaded) hand gun. The AV system flashes images on the
    walls of men, women, children (including babies), his parents,
    grandparents, brothers, sisters, etc. He is trained to point the
    gun and fire at these images without hesitation or judgment of any
    kind. The following are typical command sequences from phase two
    training sessions:

    You will maintain control at all times.

    You are the only one to control.

    No information or knowledge is ever given.

    You do not exist in any records.

    You will be told your job and given orders for each mission.

    You will carry out the mission and maintain control at all

    No feelings.

    No sorrow, sadness, joy, or happiness.

    No pain.

    No thoughts.

    No emotions.

    We have taken your past away.

    No memories.

    While suits exercise absolute (life & death) rule over psychic
    warriors, in all other respects, they are as much victims of the
    NSA, as are the psychics they command.

    3.2.1b - Sexual slaves:

    The NSA requires both male and female sex slaves as adjuncts to
    their psychic warfare program (1.2.4b). Sex slaves ranging from 8
    years to 40 years old are needed, depending on the particular
    mission profile and/or objectives. Generally speaking, underage sex
    slaves are employed in high value political/corporate blackmail
    missions, while older sex slaves are used to breakup marriages, ruin
    professional careers, covertly administer NSA supplied drugs, etc.
    As with psychic children and suits (mission coordinators),
    individuals are targeted for (involuntary) recruitment. Orphanages,
    convents, and state run group homes are all used as recruiting
    grounds for underage sex slaves. Drug/alcohol rehab facilities,
    women's shelters, and vocational training centers are prime
    locations for recruiting older sex slaves. Since most of these
    organizations are chronically short of funding, money is the prime
    motivational factor. Their cooperation with the NSA is justified
    through the simple expedient, that sacrificing a few individuals
    will help many that otherwise, would not receive any help at all.
    Of course, these would be do-gooders meticulously avoid any
    detailed knowledge of what happens to those "few who are

    Preparation for sexual slavery involves both trauma (torture) based
    training, as well as certain medical procedures designed to make the
    slave more useful in their future career. Tonsils (if present) are
    removed and pharyngeal (gag) reflex deadened to make deep oral
    penetration easily accomplished. For a similar reason, certain
    drugs are injected along nerve pathways leading to the anal
    sphincter. Trauma (torture) based training techniques employed on
    sexual slaves more resemble that of psychic children, than suits
    (3.2.1a). However, along with the standard Protector, Empathy,
    Wanting, Memory, etc. personas of a psychic child (2.2.2, 2.3.3,
    2.3.4), several others personas unique to sexual slaves, are also
    created. Foremost among these are The One Who Enjoys, and The One
    Who Desires Safety. During phase one (as the base personality is
    being shattered - 2.1.3, 2.2.2), all pleasurable sensations and
    memories of joy are sequestered (segregated) within The One Who
    Enjoys. Then during phase two training, while The One Who Enjoys
    persona is invoked (via trigger word or keying gesture), the future
    slave is taught to perform various sexual activities, and fetishes,
    thereby linking these with sensations of physical gratification and
    emotional enjoyment. Finally, this persona is merged back into the
    base personality, creating a slave who is not only proficient at,
    but also derives intense snesations of pleasure from, any sexual act
    regardless of how perverse, painful, and/or demeaning.

    A sexual slave must work in a variety of situations, from parties
    and other gatherings where promiscuity is useful, to more
    traditional one on one assignments where pseudo-monogamy is
    required. Furthermore (depending on their assignment), they may
    need to have (manifest) a hetero, homo, bi, or pansexual
    orientation. The One Who Desires Safety persona is used to control
    these aspects of slave behavior. This persona is created during
    phase one torture sessions (2.1.3, 2.2.2), by instructing the future
    slave to put all of their desires for safety in one place
    (accompanied by a keying gesture). Later, during phase two training
    (2.3.1), the persona is trained to associate the desire for personal
    safety, with overt control and ownership by others. This persona
    will remain hidden, and exert subliminal influence over the dominate
    personality. Sexual tasking is accomplished by invoking the persona
    (using trigger word or keying gesture), then showing the slave a
    picture of his/her target, accompanied by the phrase: "this person
    will keep you safe". In a similar manner, promiscuous behavior is
    achieved by using the phrase: "there is safety in large groups" or
    "you are safest among many people". As with The Protector persona
    (2.3.3), once more we see the inside out, black is white logic of
    human slavery. The quintessential trademark of NSA brainwashing

    3.2.1c - Human experimentation:

    There have been numerous eye witness accounts of facilities in
    America, where large numbers of children are being held captive in
    cages. As vile and revolting as these eye wittiness accounts may
    seem, nonetheless, they are accurate. These children are used as
    test animals in NSA funded medical experiments and pharmaceutical
    trails. The children are harvested from the streets of American
    cities and housed under conditions that closely approximate that of
    a mass production chicken farm. Large metal sheds are used, with
    row upon row of wire cages, stacked three or four high. Sanitation
    is accomplished by twice daily wash down, using a cold water hose.
    The children are fed and watered using dog bowls. Diet consists of
    commercial (pellet) animal feed, similar to dry dog food. At one
    end of the shed, several (FEMA style) single wide mobile modular
    structures house the operating/examination rooms, pharmacy, and
    administrative offices. Prior to arrival, the children are injected
    with a drug that washes away all traces of personality and memory,
    leaving behind nothing more than a diffuse sense of loss and
    loneliness. The buildings are eerily quiet, since the children have
    lost all language skills, and do not even cry...

    Hundreds of these facilities are scattered across the American

    Unlike surgery performed at hospitals, where long term survival and
    health of the patient are considered the yardstick of success.
    Surgical procedures inflicted upon the experimental test children
    are exploratory in nature. In other words, the procedures are
    intended to investigate "what if" medical questions. For example,
    what happens if a certain section of the liver is destroyed? Or
    what happens if a particular artery (or vein) is removed or blocked?
    Because many of these children die on the operating table, and
    those who survive only live for a few days, no attempt is made to
    maintain antiseptic conditions within the operating room. Like the
    cages, a cold water wash down is considered sufficient. Anesthetic
    is never used because the children do not respond coherently to the
    sensation of pain. Dead children are stuffed into garbage bags and
    stacked by the incinerator to be burned at night, when the smoke
    (and smell) are less noticeable. Pharmaceutical testing is no less
    cruel or barbaric. The NSA operates in partnership with most
    American pharmaceutical corporations. The pharmaceutical
    corporations supply the drugs, the NSA supplies the test animals
    (children), and they jointly share research data. The NSA is
    particularly interested in ANY drug or chemical compound that exerts
    an effect on the CNS (central nervous system).

    As a side note: Many American citizens are aware that Canadian
    prescription drug prices are significantly lower. This is true,
    even for prescription drugs manufactured in America and exported to
    Canada. The primary reason for increasing drug prices in America,
    is a frenzied search for the holy grail of mind altering drugs. A
    chemical compound that will remove all traces of desire for personal
    autonomy (free will), while leaving learned physical and cognitive
    skills intact. This is the motivation behind a covert alliance of
    American pharmaceutical corporations and the federal government.
    Although American government could exert regulatory power over
    consumer prescription drug pricing, it does not choose to do so. In
    return, pharmaceutical corporations spend billions of dollars on NSA
    directed mind control research. However, to successfully compete in
    drug export markets, American pharmaceutical corporations are forced
    to sell their products in other countries at fair market value.
    Hence the wide disparity between Canadian and American prescription
    drug prices. This "devils pact" between drug manufactures and
    American government also explains why government officials were so
    quick to act, attempting to bar American citizens from purchasing
    prescription drugs in Canada. Concern expressed by FDA officials
    over the safety of (re)imported prescription drugs amounts to little
    more than a feeble attempt to prop up pharmaceutical industry
    profits (and NSA mind control research). Remember, this is the same
    FDA that allowed continued use of an ineffective (but NSA condoned)
    prescription drug on pregnant woman for eighteen years (3.2.2).


    Legal fictions:

    A number of laws are supposed to limit the type of activities NSA
    personnel may undertake, as well as the geographic scope of those
    activities. For example, FISA (foreign intelligence surveillance
    act of 1978) was originally intended to limit government
    surveillance of American citizens. However, in recent years, the
    legislation has been amended and distorted to the point where, in
    its present form, FISA is little more that a defense for any
    government surveillance activity (no matter how egregious), and a
    one_size_fits_all blanket of immunity for the private
    telecommunications industry. Clearly, in this context, the American
    government operates under the guiding principal that privacy is a
    right, exclusively reserved for those who originate, implement, and
    execute government policy.

    As originally enacted, FISA was also supposed to limit the
    geographic scope of NSA activities. The NSA has employed a
    different tactic to circumvent this limitation. Domestic
    surveillance field operatives are not directly employed by the NSA.
    They work for shell companies, owned by former NSA (or DoD)
    employees who have taken early retirement, then operate as private
    contracting companies. While these private companies receive
    tasking instructions from, and supply surveillance intelligence to
    the NSA, there is no direct (traceable) connection between the NSA
    and the domestic surveillance operatives. ALL communications
    between domestic surveillance operatives and the NSA moves through
    secure computer links and/or satellite based cell phones. None of
    the field operatives are even aware of who they are really working
    for, or where their tasking instructions originate. This same
    tactic is used to hide ownership of smaller psychic warfare ops
    centers (see last paragraph, section 1.2.1), and other domestic
    installations used by the NSA.

    As a side note, one particularly intriguing aspect of this domestic
    network, is the use of purpose built dormitories specifically
    designed to resemble motels. Many operate under the name "Day Inn",
    and are easily mistaken by the casual observer as part of the
    (non-government controlled) Days Inn nationwide chain of motels.
    However, the NSA controlled Day Inn motels have several
    distinguishing characteristics (besides the name) that make
    identification possible.

    • The Day Inn lacks the distinctive Sun Burst logo used on
      Days Inn motel signs.

    • Even when the parking lot is almost empty, the Day Inn sign
      will show "No Vacancy".

    • These fake motels are found in locations that make no sense
      from a commercial business perspective. For example, in the
      middle of an industrial district.

    • If you try to book a room at the front desk, you will be
      told that check in is by reservation only.

    Many of these NSA controlled dormitories are used to house Suits and
    Technicians (1.2.2) assigned to the smaller psychic warfare ops
    centers (see last paragraph, section 1.2.1). While Technicians are
    civilian contractors, Suits carry DoD (department of defense)
    identification cards and government issued credit cards.

    CAUTION! Suits have
    undergone trauma based programming (3.2.1a), and
    carry concealed hand guns (with silencers). If for
    any reason they believe their mission has been
    detected and/or compromised, they are hard wired
    (brainwashed) to kill them selves (and anyone else
    around them). For this reason, the author urges
    EXTREME caution when observing or investigating ANY
    installation believed to be under NSA control.

    Along with the use of shell companies, early retirement of NSA/DoD
    personnel, legislative perversion, and legal reinterpretation
    (3.1.5), the NSA also co-ops corporations, small business owners,
    charitable foundations, and religious institutions into its web of
    illegal domestic operations. The recruitment tactics include
    sweetheart bank loans, bribery, blackmail, intimidation, protection
    from prosecution, sexual pandering, and illicit drugs. However, no
    mater what recruitment method is employed, the end result is always
    the same. The targeted organization takes all the risks, and the
    NSA reaps all the benefits. In this sense, domestic NSA operations
    quite often bear more resemblance to an organized crime racketeering
    operation, than anything one would reasonably associate with a
    legitimate government agency. Regardless of the actual technique,
    method, or tactic employed by the NSA to accomplish its government
    mandated objectives. Minimizing any possibility of exposure or
    traceable connection to illegal domestic activities, is always the
    agencies first priority and overriding concern. Furthermore, just
    like any organized crime syndicate, the NSA will take whatever
    action is necessary (including murder) to guarantee its continued
    immunity from legal prosecution and/or public retribution.

    In conclusion, the NSA psychic warfare program, along with its other
    domestic operations, are cloaked in nothing more substantial than a
    thin tissue of lies, subterfuge, and legal fictions...


    HVT technology:

    HVT - Acronym: High Value Target. These individuals include
    politicians, influential journalists, business executives,
    entrepreneurs, popular entertainers, innovative educators,
    scientists, etc.

    The NSA employs a number of EM (electromagnetic) based technologies
    on those individuals they consider to be an HVT. Foremost among
    these technologies is the high power psychotronic transceiver (PT).
    While the cell phone network is sufficient for wide area coverage
    and one shot targeted strikes (see 1.2.4c & companion paper entitled
    "Remote Mind Control"), when long term 24/7 coverage is required,
    the NSA relies on multiple dedicated PTs, aimed at the HVT residence
    and/or workplace. Each PT consists of:

    1. Small dish style transmit/receive antenna (Fig. 1 below)
      aimed at the HVT location.

    2. Transceiver electronics package.

    3. Large satellite dish linking PT back into the NSA
      psychotronics network.

    Fig. 1 - Psychotronics transmit/receive antenna

    In residential neighborhoods, NSA field operatives (posing as FBI
    agents) will contact homeowners near the HVT location, asking
    permission to place a "radio monitoring device" (PT) in a spare bed
    room for "national security" use. The NSA operatives are always
    very polite, and offer to compensate the homeowner for use of their
    bed room (generally $1000 to $1500 per month). With the allure of
    monthly cash, most homeowners are more than willing to cooperate.
    Optimal PT targeting involves pointing the transmit/receive antenna
    (figure 1), through a window having an unobstructed line of sight to
    HVT location. Alternant PT antenna sites include cell phone towers,
    high rise building roof tops, and government offices. PT antennas
    in outdoor locations have a white or gray plastic weather dome
    covering the dish. In extreme circumstances, the HVT may have as
    many as 10 PTs encircling his/her location. Besides fixed location
    PTs tied into the psychotronics satellite network, the NSA also
    deploys (SWAT style) teams equipped with portable PTs, for use
    against HVTs in remote domestic or overseas locations. The team
    will consist of one (or more) Suits (1.2.2, 3.2.1a), several
    psychics (often brother/sister or twins), and one (or more) techs.
    Depending on the mission parameters, teams may also include a
    specialist, trained in psychiatry or internal medicine.

    One side effect of PT operation, is a subtle but very distinctive
    psycho-acoustic phenomena, perceived by the HVT as a high pitched
    "zipping" sound, lasting mere fractions of a second. These
    perceived sounds generally happen in pairs (or triplets), with
    random intervals between pairs. The phenomena is most noticeable in
    quiet environments (bedrooms, studies, etc.). Detection of this
    psycho-acoustic phenomena is incontrovertible evidence of NSA

    Starting in the early 1990s, hand held devices capable of inducing a
    deep hypnotic (trance like) mental state, have been deployed by the
    NSA for use in situations where direct one on one confrontation
    and/or control of a human target is necessary. The device makes use
    of an asymmetrical microwave modulation technique to produce TMS (transcranial
    magenetic stimulation) within the frontal lobes, inhibiting
    volitional thought, thereby rendering the target immobile and
    extremely suggestible. A side effect of frontal lobe stimulation by
    this device, is a very odd visual/acoustical artifact. It consists
    of a glowing ring of pulsating light, accompanied by a deep
    (synchronized) throbbing sound. Once the device is switch off,
    subjects recover full volitional cognition within 30 to 90 seconds.

    Another EM based system deployed against HVTs uses directed
    microwave energy to generate/catalyze free radical cross linking
    reactions within the human body, thereby damaging key metabolic
    pathways. The overall result being a rapid decline in health and
    vitality. The directed microwave generator is tripod mounted, and
    resembles a stove pipe, approximately 5 foot long and eighteen
    inches in diameter. The generator has two connections for water
    cooling lines, and one for high voltage cabling to the power supply
    cabinet. Peak microwave beam power is around 4000 watts, and is
    effective at distances of two miles or more. At distances under one
    mile, effects are prompt and devastating. Primary power is
    generally supplied from a 220V electric range/clothes dryer outlet.
    The system operates unattended, with control/management handled via
    auto-answer modem and dedicated phone line. System components have
    no markings indicating manufacturer, neither are there any visible
    model or serial numbers. Apparently, the NSA (and its corporate
    accomplices) have no desire to take credit for their handiwork...

    Several other EM based weapons are also used on HVTs. Most are
    designed to either disrupt key biological processes (such as heart
    muscle contractions), or brain neurotransmitters (such as dopamine).

    Click Here
    to view Wikipedia article on Transcranial Magnetic
    Stimulation (opens in a new browser window).



    Throughout this essay, I have tried to present the facts, devoid of
    any emotional bias. In this effort, I have failed miserably. And
    as a consequence, I've seriously depleted the inventory of
    derogatory adjectives, available within the English lexicon.
    Neither do I believe any sane individual could have remained
    emotionally detached, while traveling the road of discovery that
    made this essay both possible AND obligatory. However, when
    stripped of all its secrecy and mystique, the NSA is best
    characterized as little more than a psychopathic advertising agency,
    promoting a product (government sponsored slavery) no one really
    wants. While their marketing techniques are, to say the least,
    unconventional. Their message is as old as humanity itself. i.e.
    Do as we say, or we will hurt you.



    ALL information contained herein is derived from public sources,
    widely accepted scientific principles, remote viewing, and/or
    deprogramming sessions of (former) government trained psychics. The
    author has NO written or verbal agreement with ANY governmental
    agency forbidding disclosure of the information contained herein.
    In disclosing this information, the author is exercising (what
    little remains of) his right to free speech as a private citizen of
    the United States of America.


    National Security Agency (NSA) - Part 3

    National Security Agency
    (NSA) - Part 1. Citadel of evil by
    Steven J. Smith

    National Security
    Agency (NSA) - Part 2.
    A prison for the mind
    by Steven J. Smith

    Editor's Note:
    On an aside, a Family member who had cataract surgery done a few months ago has found that their eye is not healing up properly. This Family member has been regularly targeted by directed energy weaponry for the past decade, which has also resulted in their being hospitalized on more than one occasion.

    This Family member may now need additional surgery due to water becoming lodged behind their eye. Targets of DEW technology who have learned about the capabilities of directed energy weapons are well aware that this technology can be used to target any part of the human body, and to damage organs, tissue and any organic structure including the eyes and brain, with complete anonymity.

    It is this author's opinion that this Family member's eye is being damaged in this way, which is impossible to prove, just as I am aware that the FBI is conducting a furtive, illegal and slanderous demonization campaign against this author (which is also impossible to prove) in an effort to justify the precedent setting crimes that the FBI continues to perpetrate against my person.

    I am also certain based on my own personal experiences with physicians, as well as the testimony of many other targeted individuals, that physicians are being used by the U.S. Intelligence community to harm TI's as well as their Family members, by either misdiagnosing conditions, or treating them improperly. I have no way of knowing if this is the case with this particular Family member, however, I would not be at all surprised to learn that the post operative condition that this Family member is now experiencing is being caused by way of a directed energy weapon.

    The FBI, DHS and the NSA are furtively interfering with virtually every facet of this author's life, as they are with Family members, friends of Family and other associates. Few if any of whom are operating of their own free will. This is being done in an effort to conceal the crimes perpetrated against this author under the color of law, which began decades ago under the direction of a federal agent by the name of Raymond Migliore.

    Migliore should be indicted for his outrageous criminality as should his accomplices, each of whom have lied to conceal their own crimes as well as the classified signals intelligence technology used to perpetrate them, while also fabricating evidence and witnesses against this author, in addition to the crime of subjorning witness perjury, in order to white wash the facts behind the FBI's collusion with the NSA to use this author as a target of NSA mind control experimentation.

    These agents have lied through their teeth to cover up these crimes, and have demonized this author in order to conceal the brain fingerprinting program that the NSA has secretly implemented against the American people. The brain fingerprinting program which enables the NSA to instantly access the brain of any American citizen, as the NSA has been doing with this author since the 1980's.

    Also See:

    "The Gulf Breeze Six - On July 9, 1990, six U.S. military intelligence analysts from the 701st Military Intelligence Brigade at Augsburg, West Germany, at that time the biggest NSA (National Security Agency) listening post in the world outside the United States, deserted their posts, somehow convinced that the end of the world was near. It is one of the most extra-ordinary stories…" - Philip Coppens

    Former Head Of The University Of California Describes How The FBI Orchestrated A Criminal Campaign Which Resulted In His Losing Tenure And Being Fired From The University

    A report, released on the anniversary of the Lockerbie disaster, offers a new perspective in regard to what happened on Pan Am Flight 103 when it exploded over the small Scottish town of Lockerbie 21 years ago. The work of Lockerbie researcher Charles Norrie, accuses Iran and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of collusion in the 1988 bombing, which killed 270 people, including passengers, crew and those on the ground. The report asserts that Iran planted a bomb on Flight 103, and accuses the CIA of authorising, facilitating, and assisting with the plot, including the planting of a second ‘insurance’ bomb.

    The U.S. National Security Agency's Automated Brain Scanning Technology Is Infuriating Those American Citizens Who've Now Learned Of This Treasonous Violation Of The U.S. Bill Of Rights, As The Government Continues To Conceal This Outrageous Violation Of Privacy From The American People

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    HAARP Geophysical Weather Manipulation

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    Are Eric Holder And The Obama Department Of Justice Conducting A Fraudulent Investigation Of The Gibson Guitar Company, In Order To Send A Message To The Republican CEO's Of Other U.S. Companies, Not To Interfere With Obama's 2012 Presidential Run? Gibson's CEO Is Certain That He And His Company Are The Targets Of A DOJ Witchhunt

    CIA Mind Control Experimentation On America's Civilian Population - "These are highlights from various official, declassified CIA documents obtained via Freedom of Information Act requests that reveal disturbing true mind control experiments carried out on the American people"

    FBI Whistleblower Suspended By The FBI Because He Was Part Of A Lawsuit Which Proves That The FBI Discriminates Against Its Own Hispanic Employees
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