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Diane Schuler And Her Involvement In The Deaths Of 7 People - Was This A Cruel Case Of Life Imitating Art? And If So Was The Movie Danika Involved?

"Obama Signs Defense Act: Military Can't Detain Citizens - For a moment, what read like a chapter of 1984 could have been reality: a section of the National Defense Authorization Act would have allowed the military to detain any U.S. citizen indefinitely and without charge if they were suspected of being a terrorist. On New Year’s Eve, 2011, President Obama signed the NDAA into law, however, 'lawmakers eventually dropped the military custody requirement for U.S. citizens or lawful U.S. residents,' according to the Associated Press" - Given that the Associated Press has been controlled by the House of Rothschild since its inception, one must wonder about the veracity of the aformentioned statement - Moreover, even if it is true, Americans must wonder how long it will be before the Congress attempts to pass yet another piece of Orwellian legislation which would allow the federal government to declare it open season on the American people under the pretense of the fraudulent war on terror?

Editor's Note: In light of the mind control weapons' technologies being randomly used by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex on many unwitting American citizens, which oftentimes involves the targeted person reacting violently, one must seriously consider that Diane Schuler may have been an unwitting target of such mind control experimentation via the EEG heterodyning of her own brain, prior to committing a criminal act which resulted in the deaths of eight people.

This could explain her strange behavior before Schuler entered the Taconic State Parkway in 2009, driving in the wrong direction at a high rate of speed, just minutes before she slammed head on into another vehicle, killing a total of eight people - including five children.

The U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' covert use of EEG heterodyning for such non consensual mind control experimentation has become so problematic (as has the U.S. federal government's denial of these crimes), that we can no longer rule out the possibility that EEG heterodyning has been used in regard to someone who's accused of committing a crime, if they've been diagnosed as being mentally ill.

This is especially true given the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' control over the medical profession in the United States, and how easily they can coerce a physician into fabricating a diagnoses which conforms to mental illness; since this lets the real perpetrators of these crimes off the hook, while the persons whom they have subjected to such mind control experimentation, are left to take the blame for these Orwellian crimes.

This author has also cited another case in which a Long Island woman who was well thought of by her neighbors, stands accused of stabbing her husband to death, after stating that he was involved in a conspiracy to harm her.

The woman, Kathleen Prisco, has been found to be unable to stand trial because it has been medically determined that she is insane. However, statements made by other acquaintances of Prisco's describe a woman who was mentally unraveling prior to committing the crime she was arrested for - accusing people of attempting to harm her by conspiring against her.

Prisco's claims have all the earmarks of the vigilante hate crime *organized stalking. And if this is the case, then even her own family could have been coerced into taking part in this heinous act, without ever admitting to it. Whether or not Kathleen Prisco was a target of organized stalking and non consensual mind control experimentation remains to be seen. However, it can no longer be ruled out. And the same can be said for Diane Schuler, since both women may well have been targets of such non consensual human experimentation prior to committing their crimes.

* If you attempt to contact your state elected representatives, your local police department, or even the FBI or the Department Of Homeland Security in regard to obtaining information on Organized Stalking, you will be told that there is no such thing. This is an example of the "conspiratorial wall of silence" which has been established by the U.S. federal government, in order to deny that this very real and Orwellian hate crime is taking place across the United States. And moreover, that it is being orchestrated by a network of 72 fusion centers which are controlled by the U.S. Justice Department (FBI) and Homeland Security.

The fact that Organized Stalking has been reported by a myriad of citizens from a number of different countries (each of whom are members of NATO) indicates that this conspiracy is global in scale, and involves the covert implementation of a Zionist overseen world government. A technocratic police state which is already being used to systematically destroy our own nations, while reducing our citizenry to the status of serfs; slaves of a high-tech 21St century Zionist controlled feudal system.

Tragedy On The Taconic State Parkway
Were The Deaths Of Eight People Accidental Or Deliberate?

Author: James F. Marino

Long ago, the American media used the court of public opinion to try and convict a Long Island woman by the name of Diane Schuler, in the vehicular homicide of seven other people.

This faux conviction was based not on the rule of law, but rather, on her autopsy findings, which indicate that Diane was impaired by both drugs and alcohol at the time of her death.

And, moreover, that it was this impairment which led to the tragic deaths of seven other people.

The speculation as to why Diane Schuler may have attempted to drug herself in preparation for what many people have come to believe was a type of Kamikaze suicide mission, remains rampant.

Speculation, which also involves the reason or reasons why Schuler would have wanted to end her life, as well as those of her children and nieces, while unwittingly using three complete strangers in which to carry out this horrific act.

Recently, this author was watching a movie entitled "Danika," in which actress Marisa Tomei portrays a character whose fate is in many ways so eerily similar to that of Diane Schuler, that I am left wondering if Schuler may have seen this movie prior to her death.

And more importantly, actually got the idea of committing suicide from this movie, by using her automobile in which to take both her life as well as those of some her children and nieces.

Of course, it is entirely possible that Diane Schuler did not attempt to kill anyone on the day she caused a multiple car accident which ended the lives of both herself and seven other people, and instead did so out of negligence - not malice.

However, if Schuler had decided to take her own life after some unexplained event had taken place, then one must wonder where she may have gotten the idea to end her life exactly the way she did?

And this is where the movie "Danika" becomes of particular interest.

Because if Diane Schuler saw this movie prior to her death, one can certainly make a case for its giving her the idea to commit suicide in the way that she did.

"Danika" & The 2009 Taconic State Parkway Tragedy

While the viewers are unaware of this from its inception, "Danika" is in reality a retrospective which takes place within the mind of Marisa Tomei's character; a woman named Danika, who on the surface appears to have the ideal life - much as Diane Schuler did.

However, as Danika unfolds, we are left watching what can only be described as a very bizarre series of events, which ultimately results in Tomei's character learning that her husband has been unfaithful to her; finding him in a motel with her children's babysitter.

Coming to the realization that her life as she knew it is now over, Danika soon flees the motel while driving a minivan (very much like the one which Schuler was driving at the time of her accident).

In the next instant, Tomei's character drives her minivan through a red light, which is then crushed by an oncoming truck. The accident results in the deaths of all her children.

At first the viewer is led to believe that Tomei's character is also killed in the crash, until we are shown a scene in which she, now homeless, is sitting on a bench at the intersection in which the fatal crash had taken place; replaying the entire scenario within her own mind - which is, for all intents and purposes what the movie is all about.

Perhaps the most frustrating part of this movie is that one is left to wonder if Danika accidentally crossed into the path of this vehicle, or did so with the intent of ending her life and taking her children with her, in order to punish her husband for his infidelity.

In any event, even though Danika survives this horrific crash, the way in which Diane Schuler and her children died, is eerily similar to how Danika's children are killed in this movie.

Similar enough for this author to wonder if Diane Schuler may have seen Danika prior to her own death, and gotten the idea to take her life the way she did after watching this movie.

If so, this tragedy on the Taconic State Parkway could certainly be considered an instance of life imitating art.

And this is perhaps why the media has completely ignored the role that this movie may have played in the deaths of eight people; a movie that as this author has previously stated, is so frighteningly similar to the way in which Schuler and her children died, that people might start drawing comparisons between the two and the violence promoted by Hollywood.

Violence (oftentimes so abject) which continues to adversely affect our society.

Moreover, movies such as Danika continue to reveal Hollywood's complete disregard for the content of many of the works which they produce, or how these movies may give people dangerous ideas which would have otherwise never occurred to them. Especially where acts of violence are concerned.

Furthermore, the CIA/Zionist influence over Hollywood continues to prove that as long as there is a profit to be made and propaganda to be disseminated, the violent content of many of Hollywood's movies and their adverse impact on the collective American psyche, is of absolutely no concern to these business people.

As an illustration of this, I have often wondered how a movie as gruesome as "Se7en" could have been given the accolades that it has.

Especially since the horrific and unnecessary violence in "Se7en" bespeaks a conspiracy by Hollywood to poison the minds of our citizenry, under the pretense of giving the public the type of violent entertainment that Hollywood claims the American public wants.

A public, which to this day remains completely brainwashed by the Satanic sorcery and psychological warfare programming, which can be found throughout Hollywood's Illuminati driven film industry.

Furthermore, the fact that Se7en is widely regarded by American movie goers as one of the greatest horror films ever made, is in and of itself a frightening commentary in regard to how Hollywood has brainwashed Americans into accepting such abject violence and inhumanity, as cinematic art.

- James F. Marino
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