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The National Security Agency's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network & The Covert Brain Fingerprinting Of The American People

  • "Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness" by Jim Keith - This Book Got Author Jim Keith Killed For Writing It - His Friend, John Hammel Writes About The Government Conspiracy To Murder Jim For Exposing This Clandestine Wireless Computer To Brain Interface Technology - The House Of Rothschild & Its New World Order Agenda To Turn The Global Middle Class Into A Race Of Slaves Is A Horrifying Reality

  • "Prefabricated Fascists: The FBI's Assembly-Line Provocateurs"

  • "The $5 Trillion Dollar Cold War Hoax" By Eustace Mullins -- This Essay, Written By The Greatest Historian In American History, Documents The House Of Rothschilds' Wars For Blood Money, In Which These Zionist Jews Built Their Fortunes, While Preying On Every Race Of People On This Planet; Including The Jewish People Themselves

  • The U.S. Military Intelligence Complexes' Weaponization Of Outerspace & Its Appropriately Named Active Denial Weapons' System - Who's The Target Of This Multi Billion Dollar Satellite Spy Network? You Are..

  • Obama Administration Concerned About Wikileaks' LEAKS

    One must wonder how candid the Obama Administration is being in regard to the Wikileaks' situation. As for North Korea's nuclear weapons' program being far more advanced than Americans have been told, that should come as no surprise to anyone, given the Bush 43 Administration's false flag operation on 9-11-2001, and the illegal attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq.

    There are many nations who now see the U.S. Federal Government as being run by a group of Zionist militarists (such as the former Project For A New American Century which controlled the White House from 2000 - 2008), whose intent is global domination. As such, these nations understand that the attacks on 9-11 were an inside job, done with the express purpose of giving the Zionist controlled Bush 43 Administration a plausible reason in which to attack Afghanistan, since Bush 43 had been trying to secure a contract with the Taliban to construct the Trans Afghanistan oil pipeline; however, on three separate occasions (the last of which occured shortly before 9-11) *Bush 43 failed to do so.

  • *"The Fraudulent War - The Facts About The Bush Administration's War On Terror"

  • As for any Intel organization that claims ignorance regarding such topics as nuclear weaponry (and more to the point which countries actually have them), one must find such claims to be unfounded, given the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network's ability to electronically intercept and decode the thoughts of any person targeted by this technology.

    The NSA & Synthetic Telepathy

    Artificial Mind Control Of The Masses

    Through A Global Brain Fingerprinting Program

    Given its brainscanning of any persons of interest through wireless computer to brain interface of that person's brain states, the NSA has long had the ability to steal our thoughts before we ever express them, either verbally or in writing.

    The fact is that the NSA can steal anyone's thoughts; which begs the question:

    How many traitors are operating within the NSA at the present time, or for that matter, other factions of the Zionist shadow government in the United States?

    NSA whistle blower, Russ Tice, was attempting to tell us what was really going on within the NSA when the FBI was used to intimidate Tice into remaining silent.

    And former NSA employee, John St. Clair Akwei, has revealed to those who've read his 1991 lawsuit against the NSA, what's really going on within this spy agency, as well as the treasonous brain fingerprinting program which the NSA has secretly implemented against the American people.

    In all likelihood, Tice was going to tell Congress what Akwei has already told the thousands of people who've read Akwei VS NSA. The following quote tells us that Russ Tice has information that's going to shock Congress, and that his information is "pretty hard to believe."

    An NSA national brain fingerprinting program, perhaps? That would certainly shock Congress. Or would it? How many of these politicians may already know about this brain fingerprinting and be sworn to silence?

    "I think the people I talk to next week are going to be shocked when I tell them what I have to tell them. It's pretty hard to believe."

    - NSA Whistleblower Russ Tice

    As a long-term target of the NSA's satellite predation, this author is not at all shocked by what Tice would have to say regarding the NSA's covert operations. Especially as they relate to the NSA's Signals Intelligence, Domestic Intelligence and Human Intelligence operations. Every American citizen should know about these covert operations, since they exist to violate our inherent rights as citizens of the United States.

    Consequently, there's no doubt why the Intel community continues to attack anyone who promulgates Akwei VS NSA from their own personal experience as targets of such satellite predation (including this author), with their vicious propagandized smear campaigns. And when it comes to the Intel community's sense of arrogance, consider the following quote by CIA asset Dr. Jose Delgado regarding the CIA's intent to create a hive mentality in America, by destroying the human mind:

    Actual 1974 Congressional Testimony of Dr. Jose Delgado "We need a program of PSYCHOSURGERY for POLITICAL CONTROL of our society. The purpose is PHYSICAL CONTROL OF THE MIND. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be SURGICALLY MUTILATED. The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. This lacks historical perspective. Man does NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must ELECTRICALLY CONTROL THE BRAIN. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain.'"

    -- Dr. Jose M.R. Delgado Director of Neuropsychiatry Yale University Medical School Congressional Record, No. 26, Vol. 118 February 24, 1974 (Author of "PHYSICAL CONTROL OF THE MIND" 1969)

    Then There's The Following 1991 Quote

    "NSA personnel can dial up any individual in the country on the Signals lntelligence EMF scanning network and the NSA's computers will then pinpoint and track that person 24 hours-a-day. The NSA can pick out and track anyone in the U.S. NSA agents in remote offices can instantly identify (using~ RNM) any individual spotted in public who is in contact with surveillance subject."

    -- Former NSA Employee

    John St. Clair Akwei In His 1991 Lawsuit Against The NSA

    John St. Clair Akwei's precedent setting lawsuit against the National Security Agency, implicates the NSA in implementing a national brain fingerprinting program, which has been used to electronically brain fingerprint the U.S. population, while cataloguing our brain fingerprints into the NSA's vast computer database.

    Isn't It Time That You Read AKWEI VS NSA For Yourselves?

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  • Senator John McCain And His Pals In The Nuclear Power Industry Conveniently Forget The Three Mile Island And Chernobyl Disasters, As Well As The Shoreham Power Plant Debacle On Long Island, NY In The 1980's, When They Propose Building More Nuclear Power Plants In The United States. And Like The Rothschild Rockefeller Morgan Drug Trust & Its Failed Slash Poison & Burn Protocols In The Treatment Of Cancer, McCain Refuses To Ignore The Obvious Dangers That Nuclear Power Plants Represent

  • The NSA's Inclusion Of Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices (SQUIDS) On Its Echelon Spy Satellites, Allows These Spy Satellites To Track The Minute Electromagnetic Field Given Off By The Human Brain -- SQUID Technology Also Enables The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Satellite Scanning Network, To Catalogue The Unique EMF Field Of Each American Citizen's Brain Into Its Vast Computer Database -- This Enables The NSA To Illegally Track & Through Wireless Computer To Brain Interface, Remotely Monitor & Manipulate A Person's Thoughts - This Clearly Indicates That The NSA Has Been Used To Secretly Brain Fingerprint The American People, Even Though Its Charter Strictly Prohibits The NSA From Spying In The United States

  • "High Tech Crimes & Electronic Madness" By Arlene Tyner - A Powerful Indictment Against The U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence Complexes' Use Of Unwitting Subjects To Test Its Classified Technology On

  • A Swedish Target Of Mind Control - Non Consensual Human Experimentation Creates Yet Another In The Thousands Of Websites Describing This Orwellian Crime Against Humanity - Like The U.S. Federal Government, The Swedish Government Also Denies That This Covert Attack On Its Citizens Is Taking Place

  • The Scare Tactics Implemented By The U.S. Intel Community Via Our Elected Officials And The U.S. Media Are Being Used To Instill Fear In The American People While Simultaneously Destroying Our Constitutional Rights
  • Thursday, November 25, 2010

    Author Gloria Naylor Corroborates The NSA's Brain Fingerprinting/Remote Neural Monitoring Of Americans

  • FBI Nationwide Raids Target Peace Activists, With The FBI Using Its Usual Gestapo Tactics In Which To Violate The 1St Amendment Right To Freedom Of Speech And Public Assembly

  • Dr. Ron Paul Introduces House Resolution 6416: The American Traveler Dignity Act - This Has Been Done In Response To The TSA's Orwellian Use Of Body Scanning Technology & The Molestation Of Any Airline Passenger Who Refuses To Submit To The Body Scan - However, This Bill Will Likely Go Nowhere And Neither Will Dr. Paul's House Resolutions Regarding The Abolition Of The Federal Reserve System's Board Of Governors, Or The Bill To Audit The Federal Reserve - Further Evidence Of The Zionist Control Over The U.S. Congress & The White House Which Both Represent The Will Of The House Of Rothschild & Its Federal Reserve Banking Cartel; Not The American People

  • "High Tech Crimes & Electronic Madness" By Arlene Tyner - A Powerful Indictment Against The U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence Complexes' Use Of Unwitting Subjects To Test Its Classified Technology On

  • Are You Being Electronically Tracked By The National Security Agency's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network?

  • A Long Island Town Seeks To Ban New Construction Of Cell Phone Towers Citing Their Dangers - Cell Phone Towers Operate On The Same Frequencies As The Human Brain Yet Few Cell Phone Users Know This

  • Editor's Note: It's interesting to note that the Urban dictionary coined the phrase "ostrich syndrome" in 2006, in reference to those Americans who still refuse to accept the fact that the U.S. Federal Government has lied to us regarding who the real terrorists behind the attacks on 9-11 are. It is also interesting to note that in 2006, the famous writer, Gloria Naylor, penned a book entitled 1996, regarding Naylor's experiences as a target of the NSA's Signals EMF Scanning Network, and the predation covertly perpetrated by a U.S. Government Agency conducted by way of satellite.

    Ostrich Syndrome:

    "Denying or refusing to acknowledge something that is blatantly obvious as if your head were in the sand like an ostrich."

    Author, Gloria Naylor, is one of the more famous citizens to document their experience as a target of the types of non consensual human experimentation that this author has been writing about for the past several years. Like the myriad others who are subjugated to this Orwellian nightmare, each account has a similar theme:

    Years of being illegally surveilled by a government agency, used for some form of non consensual human experimentation, subjected to the vigilante hate crime of organized stalking, being demonized, dehumanized and denied our inherent rights as citizens of our respective countries.

    Whether you refer to such rights as God given, civil rights, or any form of basic human rights which protect you from a government which seeks to deny you your Constitutional rights to privacy and due process of law, the leadership within these governments, including the United States, are committing the most serious crimes imaginable against us. And doing everything possible to cover up these crimes, as well as the brain fingerprinting technology which is being used in which to covertly perpetrate them.

    What Gloria Naylor is documenting for us is what former NSA employee John St. Clair Akwei, this author, and many other targets of non consensual human experimentation are exposing over the Internet:

    The National Security Agency's implementation of a national brain fingerprinting program which has been used to electronically brain fingerprint the U.S. population, while cataloguing our brain fingerprints into the NSA's vast computer database.

    "NSA personnel can dial up any individual in the country on the Signals lntelligence EMF scanning network and the NSA's computers will then pinpoint and track that person 24 hours-a-day. The NSA can pick out and track anyone in the U.S. NSA agents in remote offices can instantly identify (using~ RNM) any individual spotted in public who is in contact with surveillance subject."

    -- Former NSA Employee

    John St. Clair Akwei

    And neither the NSA nor the politicians in this country are ever going to admit to this high crime of treason; one which has been used in which furtively destroy the United States Constitution. And with the destruction of the U.S. Constitution, the control over the U.S. Federal Government, that the Constitution guarantees the American people.

    The U.S Federal Government was created to be the American people's public servant; not the other way around. However, since this Government was subverted by the House of Rothschild with the creation of one of its Communist central banks in 1914, the U.S. Federal Government now exists in name only; being controlled by a Zionist oriented shadow government which secretly controls the three branches of the U.S. Federal Government (as well as the U.S. Treasury), the U.S. Military Intelligence Complex, and the American economy.

    Moreover, the Rothschilds have always made most of their money by fomenting wars between the governments of other countries, and then profiting by financing both sides of these wars. Something their predecessors continue to do in the modern day through the Communist central banks which they establish in these countries.

    For instance, every war that the United States has fought since World War I has been financed by the Rothschilds' Federal Reserve System Communist central bank, since the Federal Reserve prints its counterfeited currency and then lends it to the United States Treasury at usury interest rates. The Federal Reserve then passes this debt from the Treasury to the American workforce in the way of a federal income tax.

    To say the Federal Reserve System is operating criminally is a gross understatement. This organization is an abject cancer on the American people, and being used in which to destroy America's middle class by imposing a form of class warfare on us which is being used to steal what little wealth America's middle class has left, and giving it to the wealthy Zionists who control the Federal Reserve System - a 150 billion dollar a year counterfeiting and money laundering cartel.


  • "Secrets Of The Federal Reserve" By Eustace Mullins

  • Gloria Naylor Corroborates
    The NSA's Secret Brain Fingerprinting Of American Citizens

    When Naylor wrote her book in 2006, there were a scant few people on the Internet writing about their own experiences regarding being targeted for such brain scanning technology. However, in 2010 this has become an entirely different situation, with thousands of targeted individuals (TI's) taking to the Web, while documenting the outrageous attacks on their privacy and inherent rights to freedom. Is the NSA the only agency responsible? Not at all. TI's have reported being attacked by every organization from the NSA, to the FBI and CIA - all three of whom have been given access to the types of weaponized satellites from which electronic warfare can be deployed. In fact it's safe to conclude that any organization within the U.S. Military Intelligence complex can have access to electronic warfare technology,

    However, when it comes to remote thought reading/mind manipulation, this requires the use of Signals Intelligence technology; and the NSA remains the premier Signals Intelligence organization on this planet. John St. Clair Akwei has also documented this in his 1991 lawsuit against the National Security Agency.

    Their Eyes Were Watching Her
    Gloria Naylor
    Meets the Thought Police In Her Fictionalized Memoir

    By Makkada B. Selah

    Decades from now, Gloria Naylor's 1996--published earlier this year by Third World Press--may be considered a groundbreaking testament on the advent of the New World Order. The National Book Award winner writes in the first line of her book, "I didn't want to tell this story." Her self-described "fictionalized-memoir" claims that in 1996 she was targeted by the National Security Agency for surveillance and thought control. It sounds pretty outlandish, and the title's Orwellian nod isn't subtle, but in this age of privacy erosion and the NSA's recently unveiled warrantless surveillance program 1996 is timely. It proposes that it's quite easy for the average law-abiding citizen to become the target of an NSA investigation for reasons not directly related to national security.

    "The Naylor woman"--as the memoirist is referred to by the fictional NSA officials in the text--is vacationing at her beachfront home on St. Helena, one of the Gullah islands off the coast of South Carolina, when she gets into a spat with her neighbor Eunice Simon. Simon is a woman of many cats, which keep defecating on Naylor's property. All attempts to reason with Simon are unsuccessful. Other neighbors suggest she install a fence, but, Naylor writes, "I stubbornly rejected their advice. It was my land and my garden. Why should I be the one to make concessions?"

    In addition to the cat problem, Naylor has tree rats in her attic. An exterminator sets poisonous bait in the attic but says it would be more effective to place it underneath the house as well--provided she doesn't have any pets. She tells him she doesn't, but one day one of Simon's cats eats it.

    Presumably, fiction enters the memoir at this point. According to Naylor, her neighbor is the sister of the assistant deputy director of the NSA, Dick Simon. She supposes that her neighbor called her brother and told some lies about her to trigger her surveillance in retaliation for the death of her beloved cat--Orwell. Eunice, who is Jewish, also tells her brother that Naylor is an anti-Semite because she was quoted in the local paper as having "cried at the Million Man March." In addition, Eunice tells the sheriff that she suspects Naylor is dealing drugs.

    Naylor switches to an omniscient third-person to capture the thoughts of Dick Simon and the sheriff, who muses, "She's a writer. She's black. And she wears dreadlocks. Some kind of radical, that was for sure, but not necessarily dealing. Then again, how could she afford a place like that on that end of the island without some major help? You didn't pay for a place like that on welfare checks. "

    The problem--here and elsewhere--with Naylor re-creating the thoughts of those she believes invaded her privacy is her sarcasm, such as the above reference to welfare checks. While it's believable that racism does make somebody a target, very few people, black or otherwise, have endured the break-ins, noise disruptions, tagging, tapping, and electromagnetic mind tampering that Naylor says she experienced.

    Presuming to read her watchers' minds makes it harder to believe her story--and it does feel like Naylor wants us to believe her. But these fictional passages are filled with hyperbolic language, what Naylor presumes her adversaries were thinking--and it comes off simply as the real-life Naylor putting words into people's heads and mouths. Instead of true fiction, what you get are machinations and puppeteering.

    And Naylor is not a political threat--her books of fiction, save this one, aren't radical. If we believe Naylor's interpretation, we are forced to believe that the second highest ranking official in the NSA would waste thousands of dollars spying on someone whose only crime was killing his sister's cat--and maybe being anti-Semitic, if saying you liked the Million Man March tags you as that. Stranger things have happened, but if Naylor's objective was to alert us to the abuses of the NSA, a lopsided-fiction approach, while perhaps safer legally, only clouds the issue.

    The most successful parts of the book are the straight memoir sections because, ultimately, the fictional spying motives and objectives don't make sense. At first it feels like the Simons' objective is to scare Naylor off St. Helena, but the harassment intensifies when she returns to New York. Naylor describes an experience of "electromagnetic thought tampering" through the use of classified brainwashing equipment, which she says is pointed at her from a neighbor's home. Supposedly, the NSA and military have used such equipment for many years and call it "zapping." She writes:

    I remember watching Mel Gibson's "Braveheart" for the fifteenth time when the first thought came to me: I am a bitch. It seemed to have just floated up from the bottom of my mind. It had nothing to do with what I was thinking because at that moment I wasn't thinking anything at all. I had been watching a particularly gory battle scene. I am the worst bitch in the world. I want to kill myself. Where was this stuff coming from? I frowned and rubbed my forehead. Why was I thinking these things? This wasn't me. A thought came that hit me to the heart, I hate Jews.

    This thought tampering continues for months until Naylor goes to a psychiatrist, who thinks she has schizophrenia. Frustrated that no one believes her she finds a community of people on the internet who call themselves T.I.s--targeted individuals. They claim to have been subjected to electromagnetic mental torture and 24-hour surveillance, too. While their numbers are few--500 or so documented cases--their stories are astonishingly similar.

    Some people--on web sites such as,, and say, like Naylor, that they got "turned in" for this form of harassment and privacy invasion because of a personal vendetta with an influential person, or because of some sort of political activism or whistle-blowing. Others say the targeting is random but that the surveillance process, in most cases, extends the T.I.'s entire life. Many people believe it a form of experimentation. While few of the T.I.s claim that the government itself is behind their surveillance, most of them say governmental agencies are complicit and help the stalkers gain access to classified weapons. There's even a lawsuit pending, filed against the NSA in 1991 by a former employee named John St. Clair Akwei, who says the V2K or "voice to skull" technology was used on him, and he cites the NSA's "covert operations to monitor individuals."

    The book ends, and Naylor says nothing about whether or not the surveillance stopped, or when it stopped, though in a recent interview posted online, she says she hasn't had an attack for about a year. In the final scene, she has retreated to a public library to write her memoir where the thought police can't read or interfere with her mind. She begins with the words: "I didn't want to tell this story."

    1996 is not, in any sense of the word, a "good read"--not just because of its troubling subject matter, but also because of the understandably awkward and speculative manner in which it is presented. It is a haunting book, though, one that stays with you: You don't want to believe it. In the end, no hard conclusions can be made, but there are too many things we do not know to discredit 1996 completely. At the very least it's a book of this era, and the implications that it raises are only now being mined.

  • Freedom Of Information Act Requests - There's No Guarantee That You Will Get The Information You Request And You May Pay Quite A Bit To Go Through The Process - However, There Are Waivers For Special FOIA Requests That May Be Beneficial To The Public - Learn More About The Freedom Of Information Act Here

  • "Al-Qaeda Is A Front Group For The US Military-Industrial Complex" - This Statement Answers So Many Disturbing Questions Regarding Why Al-Qaeda Remains A Consistent Part Of This False Flag Operation

  • FBI COINTELPRO - The FBI's COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Operations) Illustrates The Criminal Mindset Of The Bureau & Its Complete Disregard For The Rule Of Law In America As Set Forth By The United States Constitution - COINTELPRO Expert, Paul Wolf Discusses This Treasonous Operation In Detail - One Which Has Been Used To Violate The Civil Liberties Of Millions Of American Citizens, While Even Resulting In The Torture And Murder Of Myriad Americans

  • DARPA Creates An RFID Implantable Microchip For The Human Brain That Is Far More Advanced Than Digital Angel - A Further Indication Of The House Of Rothschilds' Intent To Create A Global Zionist Dictatorship Under Its Illuminati Crime Syndicate While Turning This Planet's Middle Class Into A Group Of Mind Controlled Slaves

  • Senator John McCain And His Pals In The Nuclear Power Industry Conveniently Forget The Three Mile Island And Chernobyl Disasters, As Well As The Shoreham Power Plant Debacle On Long Island, NY In The 1980's, When They Propose Building More Nuclear Power Plants In The United States. And Like The Rothschild Rockefeller Morgan Drug Trust & Its Failed Slash Poison & Burn Protocols In The Treatment Of Cancer, McCain Refuses To Ignore The Obvious Dangers That Nuclear Power Plants Represent

  • The NSA's Inclusion Of Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices (SQUIDS) On Its Echelon Spy Satellites, Allows These Spy Satellites To Track The Minute Electromagnetic Field Given Off By The Human Brain -- SQUID Technology Also Enables The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Satellite Scanning Network, To Catalogue The Unique EMF Field Of Each American Citizen's Brain Into Its Vast Computer Database -- This Enables The NSA To Illegally Track & Through Wireless Computer To Brain Interface, Remotely Monitor & Manipulate A Person's Thoughts - This Clearly Indicates That The NSA Has Been Used To Secretly Brain Fingerprint The American People, Even Though Its Charter Strictly Prohibits The NSA From Spying In The United States

  • "High Tech Crimes & Electronic Madness" By Arlene Tyner - A Powerful Indictment Against The U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence Complexes' Use Of Unwitting Subjects To Test Its Classified Technology On

  • A Swedish Target Of Mind Control - Non Consensual Human Experimentation Creates Yet Another In The Thousands Of Websites Describing This Orwellian Crime Against Humanity - Like The U.S. Federal Government, The Swedish Government Also Denies That This Covert Attack On Its Citizens Is Taking Place

  • The Scare Tactics Implemented By The U.S. Intel Community Via Our Elected Officials And The U.S. Media Are Being Used To Instill Fear In The American People While Simultaneously Destroying Our Constitutional Rights
  • In Light Of The Crimes Being Committed By The U.S. Intelligence Community Under The Guise Of The War On Terror The Following's At Their Expense ...

    Author Gloria Naylor

    Exposes The NSA's Satellite Predation

    The Women Of Brewster Place author, Gloria Naylor, a target of both non consensual human experimentation as well as the vigilante hate crime of organized stalking, becomes the subject of a real life nightmare, as an unwitting satellite prisoner of the National Security Agency - Imagine a horrific situation in which an entire country has been secretly brain fingerprinted; whose minds are tethered to a satellite spy network, and by an organization that has violated its charter in order to aid and abet a treasonous conspiracy in which to turn the United States into a covert dictatorship.

    And you can make the transition from fiction to reality, as those of us who know this from our own first hand experiences as NSA satellite prisoners, corroborate former NSA employee, John St. Clair Akwei's testimony against the NSA, and its Echelon based Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network - You can imagine the Intelligence community's vicious slander against those of us who expose this abject act of treason, while the propagandists within the U.S. Federal Government promulgate their disinformation; all done in an equally treasonous effort to cover up the NSA's use in the creation of a global dictatorship.

  • Read About Author Gloria Naylor's Experience As An NSA Satellite Prisoner

  • Al-Qaeda Is A Front Group For The US Military-Industrial Complex - This Statement Answers So Many Disturbing Questions Regarding Why Al-Qaeda Remains A Consistent Part Of This False Flag Operation

  • Thanksgiving 2010

    On this Thanksgiving Day in 2010, Americans will give thanks for their loved ones and friends; and their country. However, as for the U.S. Federal Government, can the 20 U.S. States who are seeking ways in which to secede from this government citing a lack of trust, all be wrong?

    Not likely..

    Few Americans (only the brainwashed ones) will be thankful for the Obama Administration, or the Zionist shadow government which it currently presides over.

    Some US Intelligence Agency Credos

    That Are Certain To Tick You Off

    1. When we want the American citizens' opinion we'll give it to them.

    2. We didn't realize that we were illegally spying on the Marino Family in their own home over the past 25 years. We just stopped by and lost track of the time. Ya know, it does happen... And don't give a second thought to what this means to your 4Th Amendent rights under the United States Constitution, since we are working on destroying oops.. protecting that too...

    3. We're interested in prosecuting criminal activity as long as it is not our own. Please do not bring up our own criminal activity or we'll have to hurt you -- real bad.

    4. Yes, of course we use entrapment to create criminals. How else do you expect us to arrest innocent citizens if we can't entrap them first? Duh...

    5A. The FBI did not blow environmental activist Judi Bari up in her car. Honest. It was just a strange coincidence that we were holding an explosives seminar in the vicinity of the bombing at the time. Really...

    5B. Our FBI defense attorney was absolutely right in saying that Judi Bari was faking having cancer while she was being deposed in her trial against us. She even faked her own death 6 weeks later just to make us look bad. Don't believe a thing about her funeral. It was all a put on just to make the FBI look bad. Really it was...

    6. The Federal Marshals who ended up in a shoot out with the Weaver Family did not really intend to provoke the Weavers in efforts to assassinate them. If they had the Marshals would not have deliberately tossed rocks at the side of the Weaver home to agitate their dogs in order to provoke a confrontation with the Weaver Family, after Randy Weaver refused to do spy work for the FBI. These Marshals were just a bunch of innocent guys looking for directions. The fact that Vicki and Sammy Weaver would be killed by them and FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi was just one of those things. It was just an accident ... Really....

    7. That 6000 pages of exculpatory evidence we had regarding AIM activist Leonard Peltier got lost by our cleaning staff. We'd never let an innocent man rot in prison. Honest.... And don't believe what you hear about us setting up Peter Limone either.. that was a screwup by the DA's office not us... Really it was...

    8. We at the FBI believe that entirely too much is being made of the Branch Davidian situation. They tried to live their lives in peace away from the rest of us. How dare they do such an Un-American thing! Don't believe those photos of the charred remains of women and small children either -- they are fakes -- honest!

    9. The CIA is not the second largest drug trafficker in the United States. It is the oldest and largest drug trafficker, by far... Just ask former President George H. W. Bush, who aided and abetted the CIA's drug trafficking operations beginning in the 1950's, by allowing the CIA to hide shipments of their illegal drugs on the offshore drilling rigs of Bush's Zapata Oil Company - the drugs that were eventually sold to your kids by the local drug pusher, and which were used to initiate the drug culture in American schools. -- Oops, we actually made a mistake and told the truth on this one. It happens now and then.

    10. Don't believe that we had anything to do concerning possible foul play regarding an informant of ours by the name of Emad Salem - the fact that no one's seen him since his slip of the tongue while claiming that that the FBI was actually behind the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center is just a strange coincidence.. a really strange coincidence... yep...

    11.Real estate mogul Larry Silverstein was drunk at the time that he told reporters that the New York City Fire Department decided to "PULL" (in other words knock down in a controlled demolition) Building Number Seven. And don't give a second thought to the fact that the North and South Towers collapsed into their own footprints either - your eyes were just playing tricks on you - And the sudden and mysterious deaths of whistleblowers like Barry Jennings and Beverly Eckert - well that's just you being paranoid; that all.. We're the FBI and we only have your best interests at heart so you can trust us... As for the missing 84 tapes and the 3 three black boxes that we confiscated on 9-11 .. paranoia.. that's all.. you 9-11 truthers are just being paranoid..

    12.Please believe us when we tell you that back in 1996, TWA Flight 800 really wasn't accidentally shot down by a heat seeking missile during a U.S. Navy training exercize - it really was a faulty fuel tank, and we at the FBI spent over $7 million dollars concocting oops.. proving it. Those two hundred eyewitnesses who saw a missile heading for Flight 800 before it exploded were all nearsighted or something; that's the only reason that we ignored all of them.

    13. The NSA has not initiated a clandestine program in which to electronically brain fingerprint the American people, in order to remotely satellite track you while reading your thoughts. And despite what you may have heard, this is not being done as part of an agenda in which to create a global Zionist dictatorship under the House of Rothschilds' counterfeiting and money laundering operations. No, there's no such technology in place to commit such an act of treason against you. But we do have a special group of super alien psychics who are being used to remotely read the minds of terrorists from outerspace. So as long as you are doing nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about. Oh and by the way, don't read John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA either, since this might be used to expose us.. oops, we mean poison you against us.

    Tuesday, November 23, 2010

    The Google/NSA Merger Combined With The Internet Kill Switch Bill Exposes A Covert Plan To Destroy Free Expression On The Internet

  • How To Neutralize The Vigilante Hate Crime Of Organized Stalking - This Is Another Article Which The FBI's Evil Minions Electronically Interfere With Regularly

  • Editor's Note: The FBI again electronically interferes with the following article this author posts, when damaging the hyperlink to the article regarding the ACLU's concerns over a Google partnership with the National Security Agency.

    Every person who values the Internet as the final frontier for freedom of expression should be concerned about the NSA/Google partnership, since it will allow the NSA to use Google's huge database as an adjunct to the NSA's domestic spy program and treasonous data mining of American citizens.

    Such electronic tamperings by the FBI & NSA on this author's Website have become commonplace, since these House of Rothschild financed and controlled crime syndicates seek to prevent the American public from learning of their crimes.

    Moreover, the NSA-Google partnership is clearly being formed so that the NSA can take Google's daily operations over, while using the organization to spy on Internet users.

    This would make Google yet another of the myriad front organizations that the NSA uses in which to conceal its domestic spying from the American public.

    If this partnership goes through and Google's present leadership does not acquiesce to the NSA's intent to use Google as little more than a domestic spy, one can only imagine how long it will be before Google's leadership will be removed from power at the world's largest search engine?

    Moreover, will these people be murdered in a plausibly deniable way as so many others have been when their knowledge of an Intel black operation threatens the U.S. Intelligence community's status quo?

    The House Of Rothschild
    Moves To Monopolize The Internet
    While Destroying Our Right To Free Expression

    Why does the ACLU strongly object to a reported partnership between the Google search engine and the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA)?

    Because the ACLU understands that the *NSA will utilize Google just as the NSA uses all of its cover operations - as a front organization which the NSA in this particular instance, will use to furtively spy on Internet users.

    * This author is also certain that there are many lawyers within the ACLU who have become familiar with the lawsuit filed by a former NSA employee by the name of John St. Clair Akwei, which implicates the NSA in electronically brain fingerprinting the American people - a clear sign of the military-intelligence dictatorship which lies just beneath the surface of the facade of a democracy that this shadow government within the United States conceals itself behind.

    Perhaps this is why at least * 20 U.S. States are seeking a way in which to secede from the U.S. Federal Government, and to establish themselves as their own sovereign nations - citing a complete distrust of the U.S. Federal Government - a government which is controlled by the House of Rothschild and its Zionist leadership.



  • The closest these U.S. States have come thus far is in the way of a protest by seeking to adopt a form of Arizona's stringent new immigration law for themselves. A clear sign that these states are not pleased with how the U.S. Federal Government is being run under the Obama Administration.

  • Half The U.S. States Are Considering Adopting A Version Of Arizona's Immigration Law

  • The Internet's The Last Frontier For Free Expression

    The Internet represents the final frontier for the independent researcher/alternative journalist; those men and women who haven't been bought off by some faction of the House of Rothschild and its global *media cartel.

  • Timeline Of The House Of Rothschild - Why Don't The American People Know What The House of Rothschild Is Or Why For The Past 300 Years It's Been Responsible For Most Of The Suffering On This Planet? Because In The 18Th Century The Rothschilds Got So Tired Of The Media's Demonization Of The Rothschild Criminal Empire & Their Zionist/Satanist Ideology, That They Bought Up Stock In All Of The Major Media Organizations From Britain's Reuters To Germany's Wolf News Services & Have Controlled The Global Media Ever Since - Including The Totally Biased & Controlled Media System In The United States

  • *The mainstream global media was taken over long ago by the Rothschilds' Zionist counterfeiting/money laundering cartel. In the United States the mainstream media was gradually compromised by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) under a covert program known as Operation Mockingbird. Like the rest of the military-intelligence complex in the United States, since its inception the CIA has been funded by the House of Rothschild through its Communist Federal Reserve System central bank.

    This is where the U.S. Treasury borrows its currency from, and where the U.S. Congress obtains the currency it uses in which to appropriate funding to various government agencies; even though the Treasury could and should be printing its own currency interest free.

    This would mean that the American working class would not have to pay a federal tax on their earnings; an unconstitutional tax which is then collected by the Internal Revenue Service and paid back to the Federal Reserve System to cover the interest on the debt which the Federal Reserve Communist central bank charges the U.S. Treasury for printing this counterfeited currency and then lending it (at usury interest rates) to the Treasury in order to operate the U.S. Federal Government.

    A commission empaneled by the Reagan Administration was tasked with the job of determining where all the money collected by the U.S Federal Government is allocated. Interestingly enough, the Grace Commission found that all of the federal income tax that is paid by the American workforce to the Internal Revenue Service, is then sent back to the Federal Reserve System to pay down the interest on the debt which the Federal Reserve has imposed on the U.S. Treasury, for the fiat currency that the Federal Reserve lends the Treasury at usury interest rates.

    A standard predatory lending practice of all of the Rothschilds' Communist central banks in order to place the governments with which the Rothschilds do business, in permanent debt to the House of Rothschild.

    Moreover, the Grace Commission found that not one cent of the federal income tax goes towards the daily operations of the U.S. Federal Government. The Commission also found that the corporate income tax (which is Constitutional) goes to support the military-intelligence complex.

    This clever deception by the Federal Reserve System, IRS, and our elected leadership offers further proof that the House of Rothschild controls the United States of America through the Federal Reserve's control over the U.S. economy, and that the House of Rothschild uses the Federal Reserve System in which to conduct its own covert class warfare on the American middle class.

    As further proof of this, the news recently reported that more than 100,000 federal government workers did not pay a federal income tax on their wages, yet were never arrested or charged with tax evasion. This while tens of millions of American workers in the private sector are tricked into filing a 1040 income tax return, and paying a large portion of their annual earnings to the Federal Reserve System.

    Why didn't these government employees get arrested for not filing a 1040 tax return?

    Because there is no law which authorizes the Internal Revenue Service to impose a federal income tax on the wages of the American workforce, since the 16Th Amendment was never legally ratified, and thus both the IRS as well as the federal income tax are a criminal fraud imposed by the Federal Reserve System on the American working class, in order to keep this class of Americans from ever establishing any wealth of their own.

    Class warfare in America, courtesy of the House of Rothschild.

    Furthermore, the precedent setting trial of tax protester Whitey Harrel is further evidence that the IRS is operating illegally.

    Whitey Harrel was indicted for failing to file a 1040 income tax return, however, the jury empanelled in the Harrel case acquitted him of tax evasion when the IRS could not show the jury the law which it claims authorizes it to impose a federal income tax on the wages of the American workforce. The jury foreman, a woman by the name of Marcella Brooks, also stated that the jury noted that it's not a crime for federal workers within the state in which this trial took place to file a 1040 income tax return.

    Brooks and her fellow jurors reasoned that if it's not a crime for a federal employee to file a 1040 form, then it logically follows that it is also not a crime for an American citizen employed within the private sector to not file a 1040 income tax return.

    Moreover, if this applies to the state in question, than it should automatically apply to all U.S. States.

    However, Americans never heard about the Harrel case in the mainstream media, or the other 20 or so cases of Americans who've been exonerated of tax evasion for the same reasons that Whitey Harrel was, because the news media in the United States is controlled by the House of Rothschilds' private Federal Reserve corporation -- better known as "Thieves & Liars Incorporated."

    As for the House of Rothschild, their Zionism ideology, and criminal counterfeiting/ money laundering operations, let's not forget what the British sentiment towards the United States was during the 1860's, when President Abraham Lincoln decided to use the U.S. Treasury in which to print U.S. currency, instead of borrowing the House of Rothschilds' fiat money in which to finance the U.S. Civil War.

    "Ninety Percent Of Creating A Communist Government Is Accomplished By Establishing A Central Bank In A Country."

    -- Vladimir Lenin - House Of Rothschild Lackey

    Like the War of 1812, which was fomented by the Rothschilds as punishment for the U.S. Congress's refusal to renew the Rothschilds' First Bank Of The United States Communist central bank, the U.S. Civil War was orchestrated by the Rothschilds as punishment for President Andrew Jackson's vetoing Congress's vote to renew the charter for the Rothschilds' Second Bank of The United States Communist central bank.

    So What Is A Communist Central Bank Doing In America?

    The Rothschilds Attempt To Take Over America
    With One Of Their Communist Central Banks
    Until They Finally Succeed With The Federal Reserve System

    The House of Rothschilds' hatred and fear of the American people can be seen in the following excerpt taken from an article which appeared in The Times of London daily newspaper in 1862; a short time after the Rothschilds learned that Abraham Lincoln was going to finance the U.S. Civil War through the United States Treasury, and keep the Rothschilds out of the United States for good.

    Lincoln decided to do so after refusing the Rothschilds' demand to lend him their fiat currency, only if he'd allow them to establish another of their Communist central banks in the United States. The establishment of such a bank is the only way that the House of Rothschild could claim the United States for themselves.

    President Lincoln's refusal to do so would result in his assassination three years later, in 1865; a conspiratorial murder plot fomented by the Rothschilds as revenge for Lincoln's refusal to allow another of their central banks into the United States.

    The House of Rothschild would finally succeed (after two former attempts in which to establish one of their Communist central banks) in setting up a very lucrative central bank in the United States in 1913. Once established, the Federal Reserve System would grow to dominate the U.S. economy throughout the 20Th Century while giving the Rothschilds nearly total control over the U.S. Federal Government.

    It has only been since the advent of the Internet and the Blogosphere, that the American people are gradually awakening to the treasonous crimes which the Federal Reserve System has been used to perpetrate against them for the past Century, in the way of class warfare; something which will eventually result in a vicious and calculated backlash against the Federal Reserve and its House of Rothschild controllers, in order to destroy them.

    The Rothschilds' adverse sentiment towards the United States and the American people by the mid 1800's is best illustrated by the following statement:

    "That same year (1862) The Times of London publishes a story containing the following statement, 'If that mischievous financial policy, which had its origin in the North American Republic, should become indurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without a debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of civilized governments of the world. The brains and the wealth of all countries will go to North America. That government must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe.'”- Source: Eustace Mullins' "Secrets Of The Federal Reserve"

    Anti-Rothschildism Is Flourishing Over The Internet

    This is why the Rothschilds and their cadre of evil minions are now making an aggressive move in efforts to take complete control of the Internet through the Google/NSA merger, and their intended passage of the Internet Kill Switch Bill -- legislation which will allow the Zionist controlled President Of The United States to close down the Internet for several months at a time, under the pretense of protecting American citizens from terrorism.

    However, the Internet Kill Switch Bill, like the Patriot Act and 2006 Military Commissions Act -- as well as the myriad other pieces of treasonous legislation which have been passed since the *terrorist attacks took place on 9-11-2001 -- will be yet another complete deception.

    * A majority of the American people no longer believe the U.S. Federal Government's official explanation regarding the terrorist attacks on 9-11-2001, and millions of Americans in the 9-11 Truth Movement believe that these attacks were perpetrated by factions within the U.S. Federal Government itself. In other words, the attacks on 9-11 were an inside job.

    A complete fraud, just like the Bush 43 Administration's fraudulent war on terror, which was perpetuated through their White House Iraq Propaganda Group.

    The White House Iraq Group was the propaganda minister for the Bush 43 Administration, and controlled the flow of disinformation regarding the fraudulent war on terror, from the White House on down to the U.S. Media; that is up until the time that George W. Bush left the White House.

    This propaganda campaign is still being promulgated by our elected officials as well as the media system in the United States, under the Obama Administration.

    The "Internet Kill Switch Bill" Is Another Deception

    The intent of the Internet Kill Switch Bill, as well as the Google/NSA merger, is to destroy the independent researcher/journalist, by taking control of the Internet and its Blogosphere, since the Blogosphere has proven to be far too powerful for the Rothschilds' global media network to overshadow.

    So much so, that the mainstream media has lost a tremendous amount of its viewership since the advent of the Blogopshere, while failing abysmally to aggressively take on the Blogosphere and its myriad of independent journalists.

    This has resulted in the latest assault on the community of independent journalists around this planet whose free reign over the Internet has allowed them to expose the House of Rothschild for the harmful role that it has played in the destruction of the human race, as well as the myriad other topics which are deliberately ignored by the Rothschilds' controlled media system of disinformation.

    Their latest attempt in which to commandeer the Internet and Blogosphere for their own criminal agenda, is yet another desperate attempt by the House of Rothschild to stay alive, while wiping out the concept of legitimate journalism altogether.

    And using the Internet to serve as yet another venue for the Rothschilds' network of disinformation -- a new universal media platform for their coming global Zionist dictatorship.

    However, the Internet and its Blogosphere belong to the people of this planet - not the House of Rothschild, or its Zionist murderous monopolists.

    As such, the global middle class cannot allow the Rothschilds to take control of the Internet.

    If we do so, we will have willing given up our only means in which to defend our freedom, while documenting the true history of this planet over the past three centuries. Recording the gross perversion of history that the Rothschilds have fomented, in order to exculpate themselves from the myriad of atrocities that these Zionist interloping parasites have perpetrated against the human race.

    - Alternative Journalist

    James F. Marino

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  • The Types Of Alternative Journalism Regarding The House Of Rothschilds' History Of Committing Global Atrocities That The Rothschilds Now Seek To Destroy Through Their Utilization Of Their Own Political Pawns, And The Passage Of Treasonous Legislation Like The "Internet Kill Switch Bill"

  • National Geospatial Intelligence Agency Grants - The Media Announces That Google Has Received A No Bid Contract From The National Geospatial Intelligence Agency But States That Neither Google Nor The Agency Will Go Into Any Details Regarding This Arrangement -- Is This Grant An Incentive For Google To Engage In A Partnership With The National Security Agency? Will Google Eventually Become A Part Of The U.S. Intelligence Community's Global Spy Operations?

  • The Senate Moves Closer To Voting On The Internet Kill Switch Bill

  • Revisiting Echelon & The NSA's Datamining Program

  • Given The Advanced Technology The NSA Uses In Which To Track The Astral Body Which Surrounds Our Physical Bodies, Does The Agency Have The Ability Trap This Astral Body (AKA Soul Matrix) At The Time Of Our Death?

  • Meltdown Within The FBI - How Much Longer Can This Constitution Raping Pawn Of Zionism Last? - With Few Exceptions, FBI Agents Are A Group Of Miserable Lowlife Backbiting Cocktail Hor D'Ourvers Who Delight In Creating Conflict, Pain And Suffering - They Serve As Part Of The House of Rothschild's Evil Agenda To Destroy Humanity

  • Neutralizing The Vigilante Hate Crime Of Organized Stalking - To A Large Extent, This Can Be Done While Documenting The Characteristics Of Such Crimes For Those Targeted Individuals Who Have Recently Become Aware That They Are Targets Of Organized Stalking As Well As Those Citizens Who Are Still Unaware Of What Organized Stalking Is - Organized Stalking Is A Psychological Warfare Operation Fomented By The Global Intelligentsia & Deployed By Way Of Our Own Communities, Which Completely Disregards The Constitutional Rule Of Law - A Federal Crime & Act Of Treason -- The Fact That Organized Stalking Exists In the United States Is Proof That There Is A Shadow Government Operating Within The United States Which Does Not Acknowledge The United States Constitution Or The American People's Inherent Rights To Privacy & Due Process Of Law Under The U.S. Bill Of Rights

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  • Memphis Jury Rules That The FBI Murdered Martin Luther King Jr. - To Anyone Who's Familiar With The Late John Edgar Hoover's Abject Hatred For Dr. King, This Information Will Probably Come As No Surprise To Them - Especially Given The FBI's Murderous Culture

  • Since The 1960's The U.S. Central Intelligence Community Has Been The Main Supplier Of The Illegal Drugs That Get Sold To American Youth - What Has The FBI Done For Your Kids Lately? Well, There's Ruby Ridge And The Murrah Building Bombing In Oklahoma City Which Killed Several Children - And Of Course Then There's The FBI's Massacre Of More Than Two Dozen Children At The Branch Davidian Church In WACO Texas In 1993 As Well As Dozens Of Their Parents, Many Of Whom Were Burned Beyond Recognition - Most FBI Agents Are Dangerous & Shouldn't Be Around Children Or Other Humans

  • Former FBI Agent Don Clark Caught Lying - Yet Another Of The Myriad Instances Of FBI Agents Who Lie All The Time - Many Routinely Commit The Crime Of Perjury, Yet Are Seldom If Ever Cited For It In U.S. Courts Of Law - A Further Illustration Of How FBI Agents Consider Themselves To Be Above The Rule Of Law & Are Usually Not Held Accountable By U.S. Judges When Committing The Crime Of Perjury - A Common Problem With Agents Of The Federal Government

  • A Washington Socialite Has An Affair With President John F. Kennedy, Tries To Convince Him To Base His Presidency On A Peaceful Agenda & To End The Vietnam War, And Gets Murdered For It - The Story Of CIA Murder Victim Mary Pinchot Meyer

  • The Real Story Behind The Kidnapping Of Publishing Heiress Patty Hearst - CIA/FBI Collusion In A 1970's Plot To Destroy A Plan To Reform California's Draconian Prison System

  • In regard to the NSA's Signals Intelligence technology, the following statement is of great consequence:“We are rapidly entering the age of no privacy, where everyone is open to surveillance at all times: where there are no secrets from the government” ~ William O. Douglas (U.S. Supreme Court Justice)
  • Sunday, November 21, 2010

    Lying By Omission - The 9-11 Commission's 571 Page Lie -- FBI Agents Routinely Lie By Omission In U.S. Courtrooms - They Also Commit Perjury

  • David Ray Griffin Discusses More Than 100 Crucial Lies Told By The U.S. Federal Government Which He Documents In His Book: "Lying By Omission - The 9-11 Commission's 571 Page Lie"

  • An Open Letter To The FBI By Playwrite Arthur Miller - Miller Was, Like So Many Other Americans Targeted For COINTELPRO, Constantly Harassed By The FBI's Americanized Gestapo - So Much So That He Wrote The Following Letter To The FBI Regarding Its Anti-American Activities

  • Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Another Biological Weapon Developed By The U.S. Military-Intelligence Complex? And Did The Centers For Disease Control, National Institutes Of Health, And World Health Organization Deliberately Sabotage The Research Done By Wistar Institute's Dr. Elaine DeFreitas Regarding CFS?

  • Did The FBI Destroy The 84 Tapes It Confiscated From The Pentagon & Surrounding Areas On 9-11-2001? If So, Did The FBI Do So Because Many Of These Tapes Will Prove That A 757 Never Crashed Into The Pentagon, & That The U.S. Federal Government Has Committed A High Crime Of Treason By Lying To The American People By Concealing Evidence In A Terrorist Investigation?

  • The Murders Of Thousands Of White Afrikaner Farmers In South Africa Continue To Be Ignored By The Global Media - Why?
  • Saturday, November 20, 2010

    The Rothschild/Rockefeller Crime Syndicate's Control Over The Tobacco Industry - Why Their Tobacco Gives You Cancer When The Native Americans Didn't

  • The TSA's Orwellian Molestation Squads Are Making Enemies Of The Passengers That They Are Being Paid To Molest Faster Than The Federal Reserve System Can Counterfeit A Hundred Billion In Its Funny Money - Read This Very Compelling And Tragic Story About What One Passenger Was Forced To Endure As A Result Of The Bush 43 Administrations' Fraudulent War On Terror

  • The NSA's Attempt To Cover Up Its Electronic Brain Fingerprinting Program In The United States Involves The Agency's Covert Torture Of Those Citizens Who Attempt To Expose This High Crime Of Treason

  • An American Jew Exposes The House Of Rothschilds' Covert Oversight Of Israel & Its Zionist Leadership & Is Furtively Murdered For It - The Late Jack Bernstein Describes The Time He Spent Living In Israel As A Nightmare

  • John St. Clair Akwei VS The National Security Agency - The Most Important Lawsuit In America, Which Is Why The U.S. Courts Have Refused To Hear AKWEI VS NSA For The Past Two Decades - Read About The NSA's Secret Brain Fingerprinting Program Involving The Brain Fingerprinting Of the United States Population Here

  • "The Rothschild/Rockefeller Crime Syndicate's Control Over The Tobacco Industry - Why Their Tobacco Gives You Cancer" Adding Sugar To Tobacco - Part Of The Medical Monopoly

    - Author
    James F. Marino

    As one researches the collusive nature of the House Of Rothschild and the myriad tentacles that it uses under its Illuminati global crime syndicate, in which to control virtually all aspects of our societies, the better one can understand why these ultra elitists continue to crush the Proletariat, while demonizing those who challenge their criminal supremacy.

    In Eustace Mullins' "Murder By Injection," a powerful indictment of the Zionists' collusion in which to control the global medical profession, Mullins makes a very interesting observation in regard to the cancers that are associated with smoking tobacco. However, not all tobaccos, but instead those grown by factions of the House Of Rothschilds' Zionist banking cartel; the Rothschild Family in Europe, and their Rockefeller crime under bosses in the United States.

    For this tobacco, unlike the untainted tobacco grown by Native Americans for hundreds of years, is laced with refined sugar in which to give the tobacco a sweeter flavor. This sugar interacts harmfully with the nicotine in the tobacco which ultimately results in many different forms of cancers in humans.

    And it's not by accident either, since the Rothschild/Rockefeller criminal syndicate controls the medical monopoly in Europe and the United States; in particular hospitals like Memorial Sloan Kettering in Manhattan, which have only served to profit handsomely by avoiding any research which would actually help to effect a cure for cancer. These Illuminati driven organizations have shown us that they must propagate cancer in any way possible, in order to profit the drug trust which they control through myriad venues.

    Read Eustace Mullins' Murder By Injection to learn more about the Rockefellers' control of the medical profession in the United States, and how it adversely affects you with regard to the higher medical insurance premiums which you're forced to pay each month.

    Murder By Injection should be required reading in every medical school in the United States. And as you read through this well researched book, you will immediately understand why the Rockefeller controlled institutes of higher learning would never allow this powerful book to be included in any of their curricula. They have far too much to lose by doing so.

    The Scrib'd version of Eustace Mullins "Murder By Injection" has intentionally been removed from the Internet because it documents the devastating crimes committed by the American Medical Association and its complicity in genocide.

    The Rothschilds Take Control Of The U.S. Economy

    The Rockefellers (the Rothschild's criminal representatives in the United States) have been successful in carrying out their treasonous crimes, by propagating systems of education which are based on untruths that have allowed these Illuminati criminals to flourish in the United States. To expose the Rockefellers' hidden agendas is to expose a plot in which to destroy the American way of life, while propagating a Communistic system of government - a paradigm of government in which the wealthy live as royalty, dependent on a powerful military to protect their interests, while ensuring that the Proletariat live lives of indentured servitude.

    In most respects this describes the system of government within the United States. An ultra rich class which uses a Communist central bank (The Rothschilds' Federal Reserve System banking cartel) in which to redistribute the wealth from the middle class to the upper class.

    This is why your average American worker cannot afford to purchase a home, and is losing further economic ground each year, due to the Federal Reserve System's deliberate propagation of inflation. With the recent sub prime mortgage meltdown (one which was secretly orchestrated by the Federal Reserve System), the unemployment rate of the middle class in America is beginning to grow to frightening levels, while the mainstream media is again used to mislead the American people into believing that this situation is not as dire as it truly is.

    The best example of such fraud perpetrated by the House of Rothschild through government agencies is when these Zionist bankers bribed Senators to pass the treasonous Federal Reserve Act, which allowed for the creation of the Federal Reserve System central bank. This was done in 1913 under President Woodrow Wilson's Administration, and the United States has never been the same since.

    In one fell swoop, the Federal Reserve Act robbed Congress of its Constitutional right to coin and regulate the value of American currency, and placed this power directly into the hands of the House of Rothschilds' Federal Reserve counterfeiting-money laundering cartel.

    And because the Federal Reserve Act gave the President of the United States the power to appoint the head of the Federal Reserve's board of governors, Congress would lose its sovereignty as well as the checks and balances over power which Thomas Jefferson had built into the Constitution more than a century earlier; the checks and balances which Jefferson had intentionally included in the United States Constitution to protect the American people from an overbearing government had been destroyed by the House of Rothschild, which used its criminal connections within the U.S. Congress to perpetrate this abject act of treason.

    The next best example of a treasonous fraud committed by the Rothschilds occurred in 1933, under President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Administration.

    It was at this time that the *Rothschilds orchestrated the greatest robbery in global history. They had Roosevelt pass a law which made it a crime for American citizens to own more than $100 worth of gold coins. As such, Americans were forced to surrender their gold coins (which were quickly stolen by the Federal Reserve System's Zionist bankers and placed in the Federal Reserve System's own private vaults) in exchange for the worthless paper notes that the Federal Reserve continues to counterfeit in the present day.

    In reality, the Rothschilds have been using their Federal Reserve Communist central bank to loot the U.S. Treasury since the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, and creation of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1914.

    It was also at this time that this cartel took control of the United States Treasury and the American people's gold bullion; much of which was sent to Europe during the remainder of that decade. This looting is why Roosevelt was forced to pass the Gold Confiscation Act of 1933, since the Rothschilds had looted so much of the gold bullion from America, that the American people were forced to go off the gold standard. The situation became so problematic, that by 1971, President Richard Nixon was forced to take the U.S. Federal Government off the gold standard for good.

    There have been a myriad of such egregious and criminal frauds perpetrated against the American people by these criminals since the mid 1800's. As for the theft of this gold, all one need do is gain access to the Federal Reserve System's balance sheet, which lists considerable amounts of gold in its holdings - just some of the gold which it has stolen from the American people over the past Century.

    *The House of Rothschild always perpetrates its crimes through the use of federal and state government agencies, which provide effective cover for their treasonous activities. They are presently doing so through the Obama Administration, which refuses to address the Federal Reserve System's major role in destroying the U.S. economy and our Constitutional rule of law.

    The following was excerpted from Eustace Mullins' "Secrets Of The Federal Reserve":

    "Warburg responded that the administrators of the proposed central banks should be subject to executive approval by the President. This patent removal of the system from Congressional Control meant that the Federal Reserve proposal was unconstitutional from its inception, because the Federal Reserve System was to be a bank of issue. Article 1, Sec. 8, Par. 5 of the Constitution expressly charges Congress with 'the power to coin money and regulate the value thereof.' Warburg's plan would deprive Congress of its sovereignty, and the systems of checks and balances of power set up by Thomas Jefferson in the Constitution would now be destroyed. Administrators of the proposed system would control the nation's money and credit, and would themselves be approved by the executive department of the government. The judicial department (the Supreme Court, etc.) was already virtually controlled by the executive department through presidential appointment to the bench."

    -- Eustace Mullins - "The Secrets Of The Federal Reserve"

    Read the following two excellent E-books to develop a better understanding of how the House Of Rothschild and its Zionist idealized Illuminati global crime syndicate have taken over control of the United States Of America through federal government agencies and secret societies.

  • See: The Secrets Of The Federal Reserve - Eustace Mullins

  • Final Warning: A History of the New World Order Illuminism and the master plan for world domination -- by David Rivera, 1994 source: View From the Wall

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  • Witness Corroborates Senator Nancy Pelosi's Comment Regarding The CIA's Having Lied To Congress About Using Torture On Guantanamo Prisoners - Undoubtedly Why The CIA Destroyed The Physical Evidence Of These Tortures - The CIA Is A Cancer On Humanity

  • Accounts By Organized Stalking Victims Of This Psychological Warfare Crime, As Well As Their Experiences With Myriad Forms Of Directed Energy Weapons' Harassment

  • "Before The Income Tax" By G. Edward Griffin - An Excellent Expose On The Federal Reserve System's Counterfeiting/ Money Laundering Operation - The FBI Regularly Removes This Article From The Internet So Read It While You Can

  • G. Edward Griffin's Shocking Expose On The American Medical Association's Acts Of Genocide In Its Demonization Of Laetrile (A Refined Version Of Vitamin B17) Therapy, While Promoting The Dangerous And Failed Radiation/Chemotherapy Treatments That Have Been Used To Murder Millions Of Citizens In The United States Alone - Why Radiation? Because The Founders Of The AMA Maintained Controlling Interests In Radium Mines & Were Seeking To Profit Off Of Radium By Using It In The Medical Treatment Of Cancer/ Just As They Have Sought To Dispose Of The Deadly Chemical Fluoride, By Convincing The Public That It's Necessary For Good Health - When In Reality Fluoride Is A Chemical Used In The Manufacture Of Aluminum Which Is Highly Toxic To The Human Brain

  • "[Independent Media Center -- Seattle Community] FW: Detecting EMF Fields in Humans for Surveillance" - This Article Is A Must Read For Every Person On This Planet

  • Editor's Note: This author has reposted the above article on several occasions, after the FBI electronically disabled it from the right hand column of this Blog for the fourth time. The FBI and NSA routinely commit such electronic tamperings of this Website, either completely deleting articles, altering them, or disabling the hyperlinks to them.

    Such crimes are characteristic of the types of COINTELPRO operations that the FBI has been secretly conducting against Americans for the better part of a century, which include but are not limited to the FBI's egregious violations of our rights to freedom of speech under the 1St Amendment.

    The FBI's tyrannical lexicon does not allow for such freedoms.

    Moreover, when the FBI's crimes against a citizen of the United States become outrageous enough, and the Bureau cannot obtain an indictment of the person being targeted for COINTELPRO, the FBI will then wage a multifaceted attack against the person. Two of the main components in these attacks include the Bureau's use of psychological warfare in which to destroy the targeted person's mental state while utilizing the mainstream media in which to furtively demonize the person by using a myriad of psychological triggers which the public has been conditioned to identify with the targeted person.

    *(While this occurs, the FBI and those whom it uses - through a number of inducements including but not limited to coercion and bribery - will deny that they are taking part in these psychological warfare campaigns. Such campaigns as in the instance of this author, can take place for decades.)

    -- James F. Marino

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  • FBI Fabricating Terrorist Information To Justify The Bush 43 Administration's Fraudulent War On Terror - Further Proof That The FBI Is A Criminal Pawn Of The Zionist Controlled White House & That Most FBI Agents Are Pathological Liars With The Morals Of A Jackal

  • The Types Of Entrapment Schemes Which Have Characterized The FBI's COINTELPRO Criminal Operations For Decades, Continue To Be Problematic In The United States - And A Further Indication Of The Upper Echelon Crime Syndicate That This Zionist Pawn Of The White House Has Been Since Its Inception - There Has Never Been, Nor Will There Ever Be An Organization That Has Less Respect For The United States Constitution Than The Federal Bureau Of Investigation

  • Computer Generated Thoughts Implanted Into The Mind By Way Of Remote Means - Wireless Computer To Brain Interface Has Been Used By The Global Intelligentsia For Decades - The Target? - This Planet's Middle Class -Another Target Of Such Non Consensual Human Experimentation Documents Their Experiences With This Orwellian Technology
  • Wednesday, November 17, 2010

    STEPFORD CITIZEN SYNDROME - "TEN" Signs That Your Neighbor Is Brainwashed - America's Neighborhoods Have Become Completely Brainwashed Since 9-11

    "FBI agents invent new Horror-Science fiction genre called The Uniform Crap Reports"

    The FBI Is Deporting Muslims Who Refuse To Become Informants - The FBI's Snitch Machine

    Nonconsensual Brainwave and Personality Studies by the U.S. Government

    FBI Sweeps Anthrax Probe Under The Rug

    FBI Alleged Spy Story Full Of Holes

    FBI Wants To Maintain Its Unconstitutional Powers Under The Patriot Act

    ACLU Says FBI Is Using Terrorism As An Excuse To Violate The Privacy Of American Activists

    The Global Media's Conspiracy To Destroy Tiger Woods

    Actor Charlie Sheen Arrested In Colorado On Assault Charges - A Possible Setup As Punishment For His Statements Regarding The Attacks On 9-11-2001 Being An Inside Job?

    LMB (Lying Media Bastards) Radio Podcast Regarding The Aforesaid Zionist Controlled Media System

    FBI/Department Of Justice Murderous Culture - Index Of Their Treasonous Criminality & Use As Political Pawns For The Zionist Global Dictatorship

    Agent Discusses FBI Agenda To Murder Black Leaders - COINTELPRO

    The FBI/NSA Electronic Warfare Attacks
    Against This Author One Year Ago

    Editor's Notation: This author is presently being subjected to a DEW weaponry attack being used to cause dizziness. Moreover, the other day while plowing the snow from my driveway, I slipped while backing the snow thrower down the driveway. However, the violence with which I was thrown to the ground (which resulted in injuring my hip) was beyond anything I have ever experienced in regard to falling in the past.

    And while it is possible that the fall was not related to DEW weapons, I must still record this situation given *Intel's furtive intent to murder my person, and the fact that I am electronically targeted 24 hours per day for illegal NSA satellite surveillance. Had I hit my head and ended up dead (or in a vegetative state), the "accident" would have served Intel's intent in which to murder my person with plausible deniability.

    *The FBI also continues to intimidate this author's Family into taking part in the psychological warfare operation that the Bureau has been aggressively waging against this author for most of this decade. As such, Family members are brainwashed and refuse to listen to the facts regarding this situation, since they are no longer acting of their own free will, and are terrified of what further criminal actions the FBI will perpetrate against them. These Family members not only take part in the FBI's vicious psychological warfare operations against this author, but also refuse to admit to doing so, out of fear that the FBI will subject them to the same despicable operations if they fail to submit to the FBI's Gestapo-minded directives.

    This author also remains concerned for the safety of my Family which is why I document every aspect of the COINTELPRO crimes which the FBI continues to subject us to. These accounts serve as a written record of the FBI's crimes, so that there can be no question that if foul play against this author or a member of my Family takes place, that either the FBI or its provocateurs will be the likely suspects in such criminal acts. The NSA's use of DEW technology against this author is also of great concern here, since this technology has been used to remotely torture my person for years, and in this author's opinion has also been deployed against other Family members without their knowledge.

    In fact, the FBI's crimes have become outrageous; as has their criminal propaganda smear campaign against this author; one which is being used for the express purpose of obscuring the fact that for the past thirty years, these federal agents have egregiously violated this author's civil rights (as well as my Family's), by committing a myriad of crimes under the color of law; crimes which these agents could be indicted and sent to prison for.

    Moreover, the fact that the Department Of Justice has allowed these agents to get away with these crimes is illustrative of how the DOJ aids and abets the FBI's criminality. A situation which has resulted in a federal agency whose agents are never held accountable for their crimes, even when they torture and murder their victims. Several government whistleblowers have even spoken publicly in regard to the FBI's torture and murder of American citizens.

    Moreover, the FBI's agents will not commit such acts unless they are certain that they can do so with the type of anonymity that using electromagnetic weapons (DEW) affords them. Furthermore, there is no longer any doubt that spy satellite networks like NSA Echelon are being used to covertly perpetrate such murders, while those who do so maintain their anonymity.

    The perfect crime, since no one can prove that these agents are involved in the torture and murder of their unsuspecting victims, while using various frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum in which to commit such heinous crimes.

    Intel will also seize on anything in which to cause further distress to this author and his Family. Holidays offer the added bonus of giving gifts which are not sent with any beneficence, but instead, for the sole purpose of acting as psychological triggers intended to function as an adjunct to the rest of the ongoing psychological operations conducted by these criminal agencies during the rest of the year.

    And as I have stated in the past, this author's Family is not operating under their own free will, but instead being controlled and undermined by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and through the criminal COINTELPRO operation that this treasonous organization has been carrying out against this author for decades.

    Once again, there is no rule of law here, since the Intel community does not want to admit to the mind control experimentation which they have subjected this author to for so many years. So they now promulgate a vicious smear campaign (however covertly done it may be) in efforts to demonize and dehumanize my person, in order to discredit my testimony as a target of government sanctioned mind control experimentation.

    The American courts clearly want nothing to do with cases that involve this government's use of classified technology on American citizens, since these courts are not equipped to deal with such cases, given that this technology has been created in secret, and in which to circumvent the United States Constitution.

    Such denial of Constitutional rights to any American citizen by some government agency is a blatant act of treason.

    And the use of any citizen for the express purpose of non consensual human experimentation is only a further and egregious abuse of such inherent rights.

    Thus, the United States Judicial System will refuse to hear any case which involves a government agency's use of classified technology. The best evidence of this is John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the National Security Agency.

    This is without a doubt the most damaging lawsuit against the U.S. Federal Government ever filed, since it alleges that the National Security Agency can electrically target and track the unique bioelectromagnetic field which surrounds the human body, and use this field as a tracking device.

    And such lawsuits continue to be conveniently dismissed as being frivolous, simply because they are extremely damaging to the Intelligence community's use of classified technology in order to destroy the protections guaranteed to all American citizens under the United States Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

    John Akwei's lawsuit was filed in a Washington D.C. Federal Court in the early 1990's, yet has never been heard, simply because no judge wants their career destroyed by the Intel community for helping to expose this outrageous and treasonous violation of the American people's right to a physical sense of privacy.

    Moreover, a nation of citizens who have been secretly electronically brain fingerprinted by a federal spy agency that has no authority within its charter to spy domestically, is indicative of an enormous and treasonous conspiracy in which to secretly destroy the United States Constitution.

    And the House of Rothschild and its agenda for a global dictatorship are at the forefront of this outrageous conspiracy being waged against the American middle class.

    Furthermore, no government which claims to be democratic in its ideology would ever admit to such an outrageous violation of privacy, since in doing so, that government would also be admitting to its true function as a dictatorship.

    And once such a government was exposed for being a dictatorship, it would not be long before the citizens denied their rights under that government, would rise up against it to take back their country.

    So those of us who have been illegally targeted for non consensual human experimentation and Intel satellite predation (tracked by way of the electromagnetic frequencies surrounding our own bodies), can testify in open court to the fact that we have been electronically brain fingerprinted by the National Security Agency, and subjected to mind control experimentation within the so called privacy of our own homes.

    We are targets of a modern day version of the CIA's MKULTRA, and there is no question that the U.S. Intel community wants us dead. Moreover, if an agency like the FBI would intentionally burn men, women and young children to death as they did to the Branch Davidian's in their Church back in 1993, these agents will have no compunction about murdering American citizens whom they have furtively subjected to remote forms of mind control experimentation, under classified electronic warfare programs such as those being conducted through the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

    Hence, the continued electronic harassment of those of us who have cited the NSA or some other government agency, as the source of the electronic warfare being conducted against our persons continues, while our elected representatives refuse to speak out in regard to this technology, out of fear that they will find themselves being attacked by those within this shadow government using the same weaponized technology.

    And subjected to the same vicious slander campaigns that Intel is presently waging against us.

    Moreover, these agencies are slandering those of us who are telling the public this ugly truth. And they are using coercion against Family members and others with whom we communicate, in order to prevent the American people from learning that they have been electronically brain fingerprinted by the National Security Agency.

    We are subjected to some aspect of psychological warfare 24 hours a day, each and everyday, in efforts to drive us to the commission of suicide or a crime for which we can be incarcerated. Incarceration would only serve as a further means in which to murder us, since once out of the public eye, Intel can murder us while claiming that we committed suicide.

    And Family members who are being coerced into denying that this is happening are also suffering from vicious psychological abuse perpetrated by these Intel agents, who are committing these crimes under the color of law, yet denying that they are doing so.

    John St. Clair Akwei VS The NSA

    Given this outrageous deception, every adult in the United States should read John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the National Security Agency.

    Akwei has told us the truth about the military-intelligence dictatorship which secretly controls the United States of America. And we can either acknowledge this horrible truth, or we can live in a state of denial until the Zionist controlled one world government rounds us up and sends us off to extermination camps, like the Nazi's and Zionist Jews did to the Jewish population during World War II.

    In the United States of America, the middle class is being economically dismantled by the Federal Reserve System, and will lose everything they have if they do not recognize what they are being subjected to, who is responsible for it, and what the evil agenda of Zionism represents to the rest of the people on this planet.

    *Zionism has been responsible for the creation of every oppressive government in existence over the past few centuries, including Nazism, Fascism, and Communism. So it should be no surprise that the American people are now being subjected to a Communistic form of health care under a president who is clearly controlled by a secret cabal of Zionist leadership.

    Americans have been subjugated to a form of enslavement through a Communist central bank since 1914, when the Federal Reserve Bank was illegally brought into existence. The latest health care system takes us one step closer to a total Communist police state.

    Moreover, Zionism is responsible for the destruction of the United States of America, while subjugating the American middle class to a state of undeclared serfdom. And Americans must recognize this and act in concert with one another in order to take our nation back from this duplicitous and evil group of scoundrels.

    Beginning with the abolition of the Federal Reserve System and its systematic creation of debt, which the American people continue to be enslaved by. The national debt is presently at more than 12 trillion dollars. However, this is a debt which has been created based on counterfeited currency, which means that the debt is based on fraud, and thus there is no legal means in which to force the American people to pay it back.

    However, even if this debt were the result of legitimate lending of currency, the Zionist bankers in London, England would never have any intention of collecting the entire debt, since they want the American people to be indebted to them. This is why these Zionist bankers foment wars in the first place - to take solvent nations and to force them into borrowing fiat money so that the nations then go into debt which they cannot repay.

    Once this occurs, these nations will not be able to free themselves from the hold which these Zionist central banks have on them, until they wage war on the central banks themselves.

    A situation in which the American middle class (who bear the burden of most of this debt) presently finds itself with the Federal Reserve System - a central bank which is not federal, has no reserves, and is not a system. The deception by these international bankers is unparalleled. And they will use the IRS or FBI to destroy the lives of any persons who challenge the Federal Reserve's autonomy, just as the alphabet community will be used to slander and destroy the lives of any person who exposes a federal government agency which is subjecting them to non consensual human experimentation.

    This mounting debt enables the super rich ultra class which is inhabited by Zionists, to wage class warfare on the middle class by keeping them in debt. This debt acts as a secret form of slavery, since if you don't pay back the interest on the debt itself via the federal tax on your income, the Internal Revenue Service will be used to place you under arrest and seize your property.

    Yet, your average American citizen has been brainwashed into believing that he is a bad American if he does not pay a tax on his income. An income which the United States Supreme Court long ago ruled was private property and not subject to taxation of any kind. A tax which does not go to support the United States Federal Government, but instead, the Zionist controlled Federal Reserve System; which is rumored to collect more than 150 billion dollars each year, in what is nothing more than a legitimized counterfeiting/money laundering operation; one which is being used to bankrupt America's middle class.

    - James F. Marino

    State-By-State Index Of Potential US Concentration Camps CONCENTRATION CAMPS IN AMERICA - Source:

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