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The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network - How The NSA Has Secretly Brain Fingerprinted The American People & Seeks To Cover This Up

Proof That The 1995 Murrah Building Bombing In Oklahoma City Was An FBI/ATF Black Operation

Did The Centers For Disease Control & The National Institutes Of Health Attempt To Cover Up The Fact That Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Is A Biological Weapon?

American Indian Movement Activist John Trudell Implicates The FBI In The Murder Of His Wife, Mother In Law, And Three Young Daughters As Punishment For Trudell's Burning Of An American Flag On The Steps Of The J. Edgar Hoover Building - Trudell Burns A Flag And The FBI's Cadre Of Murderous Pyromaniacs Incinerates FIVE Human Beings

Dr. Robert Strecker Exposes The U.S. Department Of Defense, World Health Organization, And National Cancer Institutes' Role In The Creation Of The AIDS Virus - Strecker's Brother Is Murdered For His Role In Creating This Documentary

"Everybody said so. Far be it from me to assert that what everybody says must be true. Everybody is, often, as likely to be wrong as right. In the general experience, everybody has been wrong so often, and it has taken, in most instances, such a weary while to find out how wrong, that the authority is proved to be fallible. Everybody may sometimes be right; 'but THAT’S no rule,' as the ghost of Giles Scroggins says in the ballad."

- Charles Dickens

"The Haunted Man And The Ghost's Bargain"

"Would You Mind If We Fingerprint Your Brain?" By Dave Mcgowan

The Greatest American Scandal
You've Never Heard About

John St. Clair Akwei VS The NSA

An Exposition Of The NSA's Signals Intelligence Program

And Its Use To Spy On American Citizens

Read Akwei VS NSA Here

The NSA Spies On All Americans

"NSA Satellite Based Millimeter Wave Technology enables the NSA to see through the roofs of your own homes as if you were living in a fish bowl. Gone is any privacy that you thought you had. And the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network relies on its utilization of SQUID technology (Super Conducting Quantum Interference Devices) in order to enable the NSA to electronically brain fingerprint you. Such electronic brain fingerprinting enables the NSA to deploy its wireless computer to brain interface technology to remotely access your sub vocalized thoughts, so that its network of artificial intelligence computers can actually record your thoughts (i.e. remotely read your mind).

This is quite literally an electronic rape of your mind. And by an agency whose own legislative charter expressly prohibits it from spying domestically. Yet the NSA illegally spies on all Americans each year, and uses its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network in which to remotely monitor the thoughts of millions of us without our knowledge or consent.

This is the sign of a government which is secretly functioning as a dictatorship.

During the 1970's Church Committee Hearings which were held by Congress in order to investigate the U.S. Intelligence community, Senator Frank Church was quoted as saying that given its technology, if the NSA fell into the wrong hands it could be used to turn the United States into a dictatorship. Senator Church was correct in his assessment of the NSA, which under the House of Rothschilds' covert leadership has been used to turn America into a furtive dictatorship. Get educated on the NSA's remote sensing of humans. Google Akwei VS NSA."

-Alternative Journalist
James F. Marino

NSA Satellite Prisoner

Non Consensual Human Experimentee

Other Suggested Readings:

"Would You Mind If We Fingerprint Your Brain?" By Dave Mcgowan

Project Shamrock, Further Evidence Of The U.S. Intelligence Community's Intent To Spy Domestically While Using Advanced Technology In Which To Destroy The United States Constitution And The American People's Right To Privacy And The Due Process Of Law - The NSA Like Its Zionist Leadership Is Communistic In Its Clandestine Motives

"The Council on Foreign Relations And the Trilateral Commission - the two organizations that run the United States" By Melvin Sickler/ Both The CFR & Trilateral Commission Are Front Organizations In The United States For The House Of Rothschild & Its Cartel Of International Zionist Counterfeiters & Money Launderers - The CFR & Trilateral Commission Exist To Promote A One World Government Dictatorship Controlled By The House Of Rothschild

How The 17Th Amendment Failed To End Big Government & Its Characteristic Plundering Of Resources - "Naturally, amendment proponents tended to view their proposal as an improvement upon the original structure rather than an important step in the dismantling of it. Had the founders lived through the industrial revolution, so the argument goes, and seen the huge concentrations of business, capital, and labor that diminished the significance of the individual citizen and rendered him seemingly voiceless in the decisions that affected his daily existence, surely they would have supported giving him more direct control over the political processes. Had they but witnessed the dark alliance between large corporations and the legislative machines in the election of senators, they no doubt would have opened the processes to the light of popular elections." - Democratizing the Constitution: The Failure of the Seventeenth Amendment By C. H. Hoebeke Government

Did The FBI Orchestrate The Murder Of AIM Activist Anna Mae Aquash By Leaking Information To Other AIM Activists That Aquash Was An FBI Informant, After Aquash Refused To Cooperate With The Bureau? This Is The Typical Type Of COINTELPRO Deception That The FBI Is Known For Perpetrating As An Agent Of Political Repression - A Situation Where The FBI Will Fabricate Information And Then Promulgate It As Part Of A Propaganda Campaign, While Circumventing The U.S. Constitution

College Student Says That She's Being Setup Regarding The Alleged Bombing Material Found In A Yemeni Package Aboard A UPS Plane (The So Called Bombing Material Looks Like Something That Was Torn Out Of Notebook Computer) -- Given The FBI's History Of Entrapment & Fabricating Evidence In Such Cases, This Woman May Well Be Another Of The FBI's Patsies, Regarding The Bureau's Desperate Attempts To Propagate The Bush 43 Administration's Fraudulent War On Terror Campaign, Now Having Lost The American People's Trust

Congressman Documents Long Working Relationship Between FBI & Mafia

Editor's Note: The FBI electronically interferes with the following post as soon as this author lists it. Then, after I post this the link is "suddenly" restored. This is yet another example of the gaslighting tactics that the FBI & NSA routinely subject this author to in their attempts to drive me to a state in which I will commit an act for which I can be incarcerated.

It also serves as on of myriad examples of the FBI/NSA electronic sabotage of this Website.

The FBI and NSA have also committed so many crimes against my person, that they cannot enter a courtroom in regard to this author without denying the crimes which they have perpetrated against me (thus committing perjury), while fabricating witnesses who will be coerced into lying for the FBI; this is known as suborning of witness perjury, and the FBI has a long history of committing this crime in regard to those citizens whose Constitutional rights the FBI has violated.

The FBI does this with the intent of avoiding cross examination in a court of law, which would force these agents to either admit to the crimes they have committed, or risk being cited for perjury.

Thus it is much safer for the FBI and NSA to foment a whitewash of the facts, in order to obfuscate their own complicity in these crimes, since these agents are criminals who should prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The fact of the matter is that if the FBI had any legitimate case against this author, they would have been in a court of law decades ago; not using the media to foment a covert smear campaign against my person, while attempting to justify their total circumvention of the Constitutional rule of law.

The most important issue here is the FBI/NSA attempt to cover up the NSA's electronic brain fingerprinting of the American people, and the NSA's use of its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, in which to clandestinely track American citizens by way of their brain's own unique electromagnetic signatures.

The exposure of this elaborate and costly domestic satellite spy network is what has the U.S. Intelligence community so concerned that they would attempt to circumvent the Constitutional rule of law, in order to avoid having this information made available to a federal jury.

This is why for the past two decades, John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the National Security Agency has never been heard in a court of law. Akwei's lawsuit exposes the NSA's brain fingerprinting of Americans, as well the agency's global Signals Intelligence operations; something which is not only extremely damaging the NSA and the rest of the Intel community, but also the President Of The United States & The United States Congress.

In order to maintain this cover up, this author has also witnessed people who are usually honest, lie pathologically as a result of being coerced by the FBI, as well as taking part in the psychological warfare attacks which the Bureau conducts against my person.

The FBI's use of such psyops has occurred because the FBI does not have a legitimate case against my person; nor has the Bureau ever had the authority to investigate me, since no federal crime has been committed. And if these agents admit to the crimes which I have accused them of, they would subject themselves to a criminal investigation that would expose the FBI's resurrected COINTELPRO operations, as well as the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit would finally be heard in a U.S. courtroom as it should have been when it was first filed (and ignored) in the early 1990's.

Moreover, the internal search feature of this blog is also electronically tampered with, making it nearly impossible to edit posts on this Website without searching through each individual post.

This is done to prevent this author from referencing many of the older articles (at this point there are thousands) that I have written in the past four years, as well as others which I have referenced on this Website. This is yet another form of the FBI/NSA criminal conspiracy against this author, and part of the vicious psychological warfare operation that these government psychopaths continue to perpetrate against my person, while attempting to completely circumvent the Constitutional rule of law.

The FBI and NSA have done so in order to cover up the crimes which they have and continue to commit against my Family and person; felonies which include: crimes committed under Title 18 of the United States Code, which involve the color of law, precedent setting illegal spying, collusion, entrapment, slander, blackmail, non consensual human experimentation, perjury, suborning of witness perjury, and conspiracy to commit murder.

- James F. Marino

FBI COINTELPRO Target James F. Marino Revisits The Early Years Of The Organized Stalking Perpetrated Against Him In The FBI's Attempt To Drive Him To Commit Suicide - Nearly A Decade Later He's Still Writing About His Experiences As A Target Of The FBI's Murderous COINTELPRO Operations, While Having Reached Millions Of Readers Who Have Now Learned Of This Egregious Violation Of The U.S. Bill Of Rights

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The Latest Political Football - The U.S. Federal Government's War On Bullying In Our Schools - Another Red Herring Which Will Go Unfulfilled

  • The FBI Is As Sleazy In Its Entrapment Operations As Any Crime Syndicate On This Planet - And Since The FBI Has No Legitimate Oversight & Never Has, This Only Encourages The Bureau's Agents To Commit Crimes, Because They Know That They Are Not Going To Be Held Accountable For Them - So Learn To Recognize An FBI Entrapment Scheme So That You Can Understand When This Covert Gestapo Is Violating Your Constitutional Rights - There Are Some Good FBI Agents, However They Are Few And Far Between - Most Are Lying Scum Who Will Commit Any Crime Imaginable If They Believe They Can Get Away With It - Even Covert Forms Of Torture & Murder - And As For Privacy In Your Own Home, The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network Has Destroyed Any Privacy That You Thought You Had

  • The 9-11 Commission's 571 Page Lie & FBI Agents Who Lie Through The Omission Of Facts Which Serve To Expose The FBI's Own Abject Criminality - The FBI's Goon Squad Is Protected By The Zionist Controlled Congress, Department Of (In)Justice, And U.S. Media, Who's Intent Is To Protect The Lies The FBI Promulgates While Deliberately Leaving Out Any Information Which Exposes FBI Complicity In Criminal Activity

  • The War On Terror Fraud Continues With More Bogus Information & Fabricated Evidence - Like The Boy Who Cried Wolf, Few Americans Believe Anything That The Zionist Controlled Federal Government In America Says Any Longer - And Fewer Still Believe The FBI & Its Myriad Fabrications & Confabulations, Including Today's FBI Claim Of A UPS Jet Carrying Yemeni Cargo That's Reported To Have Been Planted With Explosive Material - The FBI Has Told So Many Lies That Even On The Rare Occasion When They Tell The Truth, It's Become Impossible To Trust The FBI & Its High Flying Criminal Management

  • The U.S. Federal Government
    Concerned Over Children's Civil Rights?
    This Government Doesn't Even Preserve Adults' Rights

    As Americans, we can always tell when it's election time in America, because months beforehand the politicians (along with their political footballs) start circling over the media, like buzzards over a landfill. All sorts of promises are made by those who claim to represent real change in government, however, one thing they all have in common is that their promises are never realized once these fraudulent "winds of change" are elected to office.

  • Mandating That American Children Are Forced To Get Harmful Vaccines Which Seriously Debilitate And Even Kill Them - Is This The U.S. Federal Government's Idea Of Protecting Children In This Country?

  • They get what they wanted and then we're stuck with another crop of political hacks who take advantage of the benefits of office, while the electorate suffers the same problems (or even worse ones) that were present prior to the election.

    The latest political football in America surrounds the terrible bullying which children are subjected to in U.S. schools. Bullying which has been occurring since time immemorial, and which will continue to occur regardless of what promises are made to end it, because bullying is part of the human psyche just as Darwinism is part of the human lexicon.

    Even though Darwin was only partially correct in his theory of evolution.

    Children bully children, just as adults bully other adults.

    It is a law of nature, just as it is in the animal kingdom.

    Humans are just more clever in regard to how they justify such bullying.

    It's true that the world would be a much better place if people made allowances for one another, didn't try to elevate themselves over each other through the types of chicanery that characterize the corporate world, and refused to be drawn into a society which secretly endorses such cruel tactics; regardless of how cleverly they hide them (or publicly denounce them).

    However, such an ideal society has never existed and will never exist. Not even one in which we all become robotized as Dr. Jose Delgado once suggested in the following excerpt:

    Actual 1974 Congressional Testimony of Dr. Jose Delgado

    "We need a program of PSYCHOSURGERY for POLITICAL CONTROL of our society. The purpose is PHYSICAL CONTROL OF THE MIND. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be SURGICALLY MUTILATED. The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. This lacks historical perspective. Man does NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must ELECTRICALLY CONTROL THE BRAIN. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain.'"

    -- Dr. Jose M.R. Delgado Director of Neuropsychiatry Yale University Medical School Congressional Record, No. 26, Vol. 118 February 24, 1974 (Author of "PHYSICAL CONTROL OF THE MIND" 1969)

    The moral of the story here is that there is no Utopia.

    And people should start thinking for themselves, while denouncing the House of Rothschild and its leadership, as well as its media system of disinformation. Now that's change that we can all live with!

    - James F. Marino

    * For those who've never heard of the House of Rothschild, it would be wise to learn more about this powerful juggernaut, since it's existed for more than two centuries, owns more than half of this planet's wealth (the Rothschilds' are said to own more than 500 trillion dollars worth of gold and famous artwork, while controlling myriad corporations), has fomented virtually every war which has taken place since the 18Th Century (including the War of 1812, U.S. Civil War, World Wars I & II, and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq), and is responsible for the dire suffering which is taking place around this planet in the modern day.

    The following articles are a good primer on the House of Rothschilds' criminal history.

    The first is a chronology of the Rothschilds in their developmental stages, learning to perfect the art of counterfeiting and money laundering, prior to taking their act internationally. An act which would eventually result in the Rothschilds' infiltrating the United States with the criminal passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, and the creation of the Federal Reserve System Communist central bank in 1914.

    The second article concerns Lord Evelyn Rothschild, modern day Patriarch of the House of Rothschild, and a fortune which may eventually make the Rothschilds' the first quadrillionaires on this planet.

  • The History Of The House Of Rothschild

  • Lord Evelyn Rothschild - The Latest Patriarch Of The House Of Rothschilds' 500 Trillion Dollar Global Crime Syndicate - His Successor Will Likely Be David De Rothschild

  • The following are two of the best books ever written on the House Of Rothschild & Its Furtive Control Over This Planet - Once You Read Them You'll Begin To Recognize The House Of Rothschilds' Influence Over Everything From The Federal, State And Local Governments In This Country, To The Military Intelligence Complex, Educational System, And Even Formalized Relgions; All Of Which The Rothschilds Have Perverted For Their Own Criminal One World Government Agenda

  • "Final Warning A History Of the New World Order" By David Allen Rivera

  • Secrets Of The Federal Reserve" By Eustace Mullins

  • Also See:

  • The Pentagon's (U.S. Department Of Defense) Role In The Creation Of The AIDS Virus

  • If Over 100,000 Federal Government Employees In The United States Don't File A 1040 Income Form & Are Not By Law Required To Pay A Federal Income Tax On Their Wages, Why Should You Be Just Because You Work In The Private Sector? Isn't The Money You Pay In A Federal Income Tax Better Off In Your Pocket Than In The Federal Reserve System's? Or Are You So Independently Wealthy That You Can Afford To Be Fleeced By The Federal Reserve's Internal Revenue Service Private Collection Agent, Every Year?

  • The FBI's Predatory Gestapo Attempts To Whitewash Its Political Spying In The United States

  • How The House Of Rothschilds' American Representatives - The Rockfeller Foundation - Took Furtive Control Over The U.S. Educational System - And Why American Kids Are Subjugated To The Rothschilds' Disinformation From Pre-K Through College

  • Why The American People Must Condemn The Obama Administration's "Internet Kill Switch Bill" - This Treasonous Legislation Is An Aggressive Attempt To Destroy Our Right To Freedom Of Expression Under The 1St Amendment To The United States Bill Of Rights, By Attacking Those Within The Blogosphere Who Have Openly Criticized The U.S. Federal Government's Lies Regarding The Terrorist Attacks On 9-11-2001, The Federal Reserve System's Counterfeiting & Laundering Of Fiat Currency In The United States, The NSA's Covert Brain Fingerprinting Of Americans, The FBI's Resurrected COINTELPRO Operations & Myriad Other Crimes Which The Obama Administration & Its House Of Rothschild Leadership Are Attempting To Hide From The American People
  • Wednesday, October 27, 2010

    Who Controls The House Of Rothschild In The Modern Day? A Man Whom From His Inner Sanctum Wields More Power Than The Vatican's Pope Benedict

  • How Did The American People Become Unwitting Satellite Prisoners To The House Of Rothschild? It All Began With The Creation Of The NASA Space Program Under A Nazi Scientist By The Name Of Wernher Von Braun

  • "Today, more than 23,000 representatives of private industry are working quietly with the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security. The members of this rapidly growing group, called InfraGard, receive secret warnings of terrorist threats before the public does-and, at least on one occasion, before elected officials. In return, they provide information to the government, which alarms the ACLU. But there may be more to it than that. One business executive, who showed me his InfraGard card, told me they have permission to "shoot to kill" in the event of martial law." - The America People Should Be Concerned Regarding The FBI's InfraGard "Corporate Snitch Program" Since It's Based On A Fraudulent War On Terror Which The FBI & DHS Are Using To Destroy Our Constitutional Rights To Privacy & Due Process Of Law - Both The FBI & DHS Are Pawns Of The House Of Rothschild & Its Covert Attempt To Destroy The United States Of America.

  • The Rothschilds Declare War On The United States

    "That same year (1862) The Times of London publishes a story containing the following statement, 'If that mischievous financial policy, which had its origin in the North American Republic, should become indurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without a debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of civilized governments of the world. The brains and the wealth of all countries will go to North America. That government must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe.'”

    - Source: Eustace Mullins' "Secrets Of The Federal Reserve"

    Lord Evelyn Rothschild
    The Modern Day Head Of The House Of Rothschild
    And Its Estimated 500 Trillion Dollar Fortune

    "These families intermarried over the generations to form America's big money aristocracy. Skull and bones member Alfonso Taft catapulted his son William Taft right into the top job at the White House. President Taft's 17Th. Amendment to the US Constitution guaranteed the right of big-money insiders to hand-pick Senators and buy control of the US Senate. Today, the most influential members of the CIA, the US Government, and big finance are Skull and Bones men.

    The Hollywood movie lots are owned by the Illuminati - Lehman brothers, Rothschild agent Kuhn and Loeb and Goldman Sachs."

    The following article was sourced from:

  • "Jubilee 2010 Website

  • Jubilee 2012

    The House of Rothschild

    1. The Grand Vizier.

    Similar to the structure of government in ancient Egypt, consisting of a step pyramid model with the grand viziers and priesthood one step below the pharaoh, today's monarchy reigns using a much more sophisticated pyramid model of authority.

    Like the pharaohs of Egypt who had a grand vizier, QE2 also has a grand vizier who serves as her most trusted advisor. His name is lord Evelyn Rothschild and he is the second wealthiest and most powerful person on earth. He is also lord of the world's financial capitol, the City State of London. Lord Rothschild and his ring of power hide their identities behind 13 City Council members who stand in as their representatives.

    Just how rich and powerful is lord Evelyn Rothschild? Historically, the Rothschild family wealth was hidden in underground vaults. The Rothschild's secret financial records are never audited and never accounted for. Their family commissioned biographies give the illusion that their family fortune has dwindled. But researchers estimate their wealth at close to 500 trillion dollars – more than half the wealth of the entire world.

    Besides their many castles, palace mansions, wineries, race horses and exotic resorts, the Rothschild's bought Reuters in the 1800's. Reuters then bought the Associated Press, which selects and delivers the same new stories to the entire world, day after day. They have controlling interests in three major television networks and easily avoid media attention, since they own the media.

    Until recently, they owned and operated England's Royal Mint and continue to be the gold agent for the Bank of England, which they also direct. They control the LBMA – London Bullion Market Association, where 30 to 40 million ounces of gold, worth over 11 billion dollars are traded daily. The Rothschild's earn millions weekly, just on transaction fees alone. They also fix the world price on gold on a daily basis and profit from its ups and downs.

    Over the centuries, the Rothschild's have amassed trillions of dollars worth of gold bullion in their subterranean vaults and have cornered the world's gold supply. They own controlling interests in the worlds largest oil company Royal Dutch Shell. They operate phony charities and off-shore banking services where the wealth of the Vatican and black nobility is hidden in secret accounts at Rothschild Swiss banks, trusts and holding companies.

    Although Evelyn Rothschild may seem like a harmless old man, make no mistake about it. Rothschild and his ancestors have hand-picked presidents, crashed stock markets, bankrupted nations, orchestrated wars and sponsored the mass murder and impoverishment of millions.

    The wealth hoarded by this one family alone could feed, clothe and shelter every human being on Earth.

    How did Evelyn Rothschild become the filthy rich grand vizier to QE2 and godfather of the black nobility? By birth. Evelyn Rothschild is the great, great, great grandson of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, and will be passing the godfather-ship down to David de Rothschild.

    2. Mayer Amschel Bauer.

    Their story begins in 18th century Frankfurt Germany, on a cobblestone street called Frankfurt on the Main. Mayer Amschel Bauer was the son of a goldsmith and loan-shark, called Moses Amschel Bauer, who hung a red hexagon shield over the doorway of his shop. When Mayer took over his father's business, he changed his name from Bauer to Rothschild, which means “Red Shield” in German. The red hexagon shield was the symbol for the world revolutionary movement.

    Family biographers describe Mayer Rothschild as a poor man, who lived with his family above his shop and sold rare coins to Royal customers. On the contrary, Mayer stashed a big supply of gold, precious coins and jewels in special hiding places inside his house.

    One special hiding place was beneath the back courtyard, where he accessed his strongbox, through an underground passageway. Mayer taught his 5 sons the tricks of the trade. To them he wasn't just their father, he was their lord and master. To them, he was Lord Mayer.

    3. The Birth of the Illuminati and the New World Order Conspiracy.

    In 1773, Mayer Rothschild invited 12 wealthy revolutionary-minded men to his goldsmiths shop. Together they formulated a plan to seize control of the worlds wealth. They made a pact to secretly pool their wealth to bankrupt the nations of the world and create a New World Order.

    Using his connections, Mayer teamed up with prince Wilhelm IX Landgrave, who was the ruler of Germany's Hesse-Kassel district. Wilhelm had a reputation as a cold-blooded loan-shark, who trained and rented out his Hessian solders as mercenary troops.

    It was a popular blood for money business which made prince Wilhelm one of Europe's richest men. Working as prince Wilhelm's agent, Mayer Rothschild collected fees for each dead Hessian solder killed on he battle-field. He hired his sons to help him collect the blood money from renter nations. Since wars were good for the rent-a-troop business, prince Wilhelm used his Royal connections in Denmark and England to provoke these wars.

    King George the 3rd. of England rented Hessian solders from Mayer Rothschild and prince Wilhelm to fight the American colonists. American colonists had already shot down millions of American Indians, whose spears and arrows were useless against the deadly gunfire. The worst holocaust in human history occurred not in Nazi Germany but on American soil.

    By 1776 British and Hessian troops arrived on American shores, ready to fight the American colonists.

    The colonists won their independence and Mayer Rothschild won his blood money from the heads of each and every Hessian solder killed on the battle-field.

    Back in Europe, Napoleon with his mighty French army, became master of Europe.

    When Napoleon and his troops marched into Germany, Wilhelm feared for his life and his vast fortune. He left 3 million dollars in the hands of Mayer Rothschild to pay the Hessian solders. Then he escaped to Denmark to stay with his royal relatives.

    Mayer Rothschild received a stock-market tip from his world revolutionary network. Instead of paying the Hessian solders with the 3 million dollars that was left to him by Wilhelm, he bet the money on his insider stock market tip.

    With his new fortune, Mayer Rothschild set up 5 family banks to be run by each of his 5 sons in London, Paris, Naples, Frankfurt and Vienna.

    On Sept. 19th 1812, Mayer Rothschild died at the age of 68. He left instruction that the amount of the inheritance must never be made public, that secrecy and ruthlessness must be used in all business practices and that family members must intermarry with their own relatives to keep the family fortune all in the same family.

    All 5 brothers dedicated themselves to their ancestor's world revolutionary dream. That dream was to control the entire world under One World Government.

    Mayer Rothschild's most successful sons were Nathan, who ran the London bank, and James who ran the Paris bank. Together they changed the face of history and became known throughout Europe as the Demon Brothers. Their father had given them a detailed NWO plan for world control. Adam Weishaupt wrote and completed the plan on May 1, 1776 with Rothschild financing. It was a futuristic plan that would put NWO members over the next century into political power positions.

    It was a plan to divide and conquer the nations of the world, by provoking war then profiting from war loans and sales of weapons to both sides. Exhausted by war, terror and chaos, humanity would eventually bow-down to One World ruler and One World army as a solution.

    It was a plan to control public opinion, by purchasing controlling shares in newspaper houses, TV networks, publishing houses and film studios.

    Sports, games and alcohol would be used to distract the masses. Laws would be changed, banks would be monopolized and people and nations would be made into obedient debt-slaves.

    With Rothschild financing, Adam Weishaupt formed a secret world revolutionary group called the Illuminati. He recruited thousands of influential members by convincing them that only men of superior ability had the right to rule over the ignorant masses.

    French police exposed the plan, when they found documents on an Illuminati courier who was struck by lightening while traveling from Germany to France.

    The Illuminati was forced underground. They took refuge with the Freemasons.

    4. Taking control of the Bank of England.

    Nathan and James Rothschild had come up with a scheme that would put the Illuminati plan for world domination into action. It would also make them filthy rich.

    The brothers helped finance both sides of Napoleon's famous battle at Waterloo, between the French and the English.

    With advanced knowledge of the British victory, Nathan Rothschild spread lies that the British had been defeated, which caused a crash in the value of British Government bonds. While panicked English investors sold up their life savings, Nathan Rothschild bought-up their bonds for pennies on the dollar.

    When official news of the British victory at Waterloo arrived, the English bond-market skyrocketed and so did Nathan Rothschild's wealth.

    In one foul swoop, the Demon Brothers had double-crossed the English masses and taken control of the Bank of England.

    Flaunting their tremendous wealth, the brothers went on a lavish spending spree. They bought mansions, fashionable clothes and hosted extravagant parties.

    5. International Banks and Multinational Corporations.

    By 1818 they had fleeced the French investors, by crashing the French Government bond market.

    According to plan, the brothers formed the first International bank and named it M. Rothschild and Sons.

    The pope became their most famous customer. The Catholic Church which had financed the wholesale slaughter, torture and looting of hundreds of thousands of Muslims during the Christian Crusades, were now doing business with the Demon Brothers.

    By 1823 the Rothschilds were guardians of the entire papal treasure and took over the financial operations of the Catholic Church.

    Enraged citizens accused the Rothschilds of trying to control the world's money markets. Fearing for their lives, the Rothschilds retreated into the shadows and cast their eyes on the youthful USA. To avoid publicity, the Rothschilds made themselves invisible by creating and hiding behind two front companies. J P Morgan and Kuhn and Loeb.

    By 1906 J P Morgan's bank controlled 1/3 of America's railways and over 70% of the steel industry. He eventually had a major stake in the 20th. century’s major companies. Among them ATNT, ITT, General Electric, General Motors and Du Pont.

    6. The Opium trade with China.

    The Rothschilds bought controlling interests in British East India Shipping Company and the illegal Opium trade with China. They offered junior partnerships to New England's leading American families.

    The Russell, Coolidge, Delano, Forbes and Perkins families became fabulously rich smuggling Opium aboard their speedy Clipper ships into China. In 1820 Samuel Russell bought out the Perkins syndicate and ran the Opium smuggling operation with his partner Warren Delano Jr. who was the grandfather of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

    Britain had finally found a commodity that China would take – Opium. Imported from India, just a few chests at first, and then thousands. When the Chinese authorities tried to stop the Opium trade, the British sent in their Gunboats. After nearly 20 years of turmoil the treaty of Tien-Tsin in 1858 not only allowed Opium to be imported, but handed over China's ports and all her International trade to Western control.

    After the war, Opium poured into China on an even greater scale and her Emperors were powerless to stop it.

    In 1842, the British stole Hong Kong from China in an Opium drug-deal called the treaty of Nanking. The Russell family who controlled the US arm of the Rothschild drug smuggling operation, set up the Skull and Bones fraternity Yale University. America's big money families formed the fraternity's inner power circle. Taft, Russell, Schiff, Hariman, Bush, Warburg, Guggenheim, Rockefeller, Stemson, Weighouser, Vanderbilt, Goodyear and Pillsbury were all members.

    These families intermarried over the generations to form America's big money aristocracy. Skull and bones member Alfonso Taft catapulted his son William Taft right into the top job at the White House. President Taft's 17th. Amendment to the US Constitution guaranteed the right of big-money insiders to hand-pick Senators and buy control of the US Senate. Today, the most influential members of the CIA, the US Government, and big finance are Skull and Bones men.

    The Hollywood movie lots are owned by the Illuminati Lehman brothers, Rothschild agent Kuhn and Loeb and Goldman Sachs.

    See The Following Website For More Information On The History Of The House Of Rothschild & Its Secret Control Over The Citizens Of This Planet:

  • "Jubilee 2010 Website

  • The following are two of the best books ever written on the House Of Rothschild & Its Furtive Control Over This Planet - Once You Read Them You'll Begin To Recognize The House Of Rothschilds' Influence Over Everything From The Federal, State And Local Governments In This Country, To The Military Intelligence Complex, Educational System, And Even Formalized Relgions:

  • "Final Warning A History Of the New World Order" By David Allen Rivera

  • Secrets Of The Federal Reserve" By Eustace Mullins
  • Tuesday, October 26, 2010







    Read About How The FBI & DEA Got Into The Drug Trafficking Business For Profit And Then Got Caught - "Operation Swordfish" - Why Didn't You Hear About This On The Evening News Or In Your Local Paper? Because Since 1948 When The House Of Rothschild Used The CIA To Foment A Covert Takeover Of The U.S. Media Called Operation Mockingbird, The Media Has Been Controlled By The CIA & The Rest Of the Military Intelligence Complex - This Is Also Why The Mainstream Media In The United States Has Never Exposed The Federal Reserve System's Counterfeiting And Money Laundering Operation, The Fact That The 16TH Amendment Was Never Legally Ratified, Or Did A Story On The Two Dozen Americans Who Beat The IRS Tax Evasion Cases Against Them In Court, Because The Prosecution Could Not Show The Law Which The IRS Claims Authorizes It To Impose The Federal Income Tax On The American Workforce

  • Operation Swordfish - The Movie - It's Not Surprising That The Motion Picture Which Depicted The Real Operation Swordfish Was A Flop At The Box Office, Since The Intel Community Also Controls Much Of What Goes On In Hollywood - What Is Surprising Is That This Movie Got Made At All

  • Also See:

  • Were Simon Monjack & His Actress Wife Brittany Murphy Covertly Murdered By Way Of Electromagnetic Weaponry? When A Husband And Wife Both In Their Thirties Suddenly Die Within Months Of Each Other And Under Very Strange Circumstances, While Law Enforcement Conveniently Ignores The Fact That Any Actuarial Table Would Portray Such Deaths As An Anomaly, One Must Wonder Why The Police Didn't Investigate The Sudden Deaths Of Monjack And Murphy?

  • The Department Of (In)Justice Lets The FBI Off The Hook For Much Of Its Domestic Spying, Even Though The FBI Was Violating The 4TH Amendment & "Fabricating Documents" In Order To Justify Its Illegal Spying

  • America's Police Are Being Reduced To Little More Than Gestapo-Minded Death Squads, By The House Of Rothschild & Its Covert Control Over The U.S. Federal Government

  • An Amusing Anecdote Regarding The FBI's Sociopathic Gestapo Cranks & An American Citizen Of Color Whom They Racially Profiled - "The FBI Can Go F*%$# Themselves" Is An Excellent Illustration Of How Most Americans Feel About These Constitution Raping Perverts From Hell - The FBI & Its Agents Should Go F*%S# Themselves

  • Editor's Notation: The NSA's satellite deployed electronic attacks on this author continue. Since the 1990's this author has been subjected to myriad electronic attacks via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and directed energy weaponry deployed via NSA weaponized satellites, against my person.

    These weaponized satellites utilize many different frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum in order to perpetrate such attacks; attacks which are manifest in myriad ways, depending on the frequencies used by NSA operatives.

    Ultra low frequency waves are regularly used against this author, which results in an intense fatigue that many targets of this technology have referred to as being so debilitating, that they are often forced to rest for many hours of the day, simply because they don't have the energy to function normally while being subjugated to such electronic attacks.

    Of course the body politic in the United States, being secretly controlled by the House of Rothschild, will not acknowledge that these attacks are taking place; nor will they publicly acknowledge that the U.S. Military Intelligence complex has weaponized outer space by equipping their satellite spy networks with directed energy weapons' technology; weaponry that can be used to both torture and murder American citizens.

    These elected officials will also not admit to the one world government which the Rothschilds are presenting establishing, based on Zionism.

    Those of us who write about these crimes are being demonized, dehumanized and subjected to the most egregious violations of our inherent rights as citizens of the United States, ever reported.

    America is now operating under a hive mentality due to the intense brainwashing being conducted against this nation, through the Zionist financed and controlled military-intelligence complex; one which promulgates their disinformation through the mainstream media in the United States.

    Saturday, October 23, 2010

    The Atlantic Monthly & Its Writers Are At It Again ... Circulating Disinformation To The Public Regarding The Privately Held Federal Reserve System

    The Pentagon's Role In The Creation Of AIDS

  • Further Proof That The FBI Is Nothing But A Puppet Of The Zionist Controlled White House & That These Degenerate Sadists Are Spying On All American Citizens

  • How The National Security Agency Has Been Using Its Signals Intelligence EMF Satellite Scanning Network In Which To Secretly Brain Fingerprint The U.S. Population Since The Late 1970's - Former NSA Employee John St. Clair Akwei Exposes This Treasonous Plot By The NSA To Destroy Your Rights To Privacy & Due Process Of Law Under The U.S. Bill Of Rights

  • "Oh what a tangled web we weave,
    When first we practice to deceive”

    - Sir Walter Scott

    The Atlantic Monthly
    Aids & Abets The Federal Reserve's Lies
    While Demonizing The Internet & Alternative Journalism

    In the case of the Atlantic Monthly's latest House Of Rothschild propaganda; two articles which can be found in a special issue, the first entitled: "Why Is the U.S. Hoarding Gold?" and the second: "How The Web Is Killing The Truth," the word web can be taken in two different context; the usual web of lies, and the Atlantic Monthly's overt attack on the Internet.

    The Atlantic Monthly is referring to the myriad and ever growing number of blogs which promulgate the Federal Reserve System's treasonous counterfeiting and money laundering operation in the United States.

    Blogs which unlike the Atlantic Monthly, take their sources directly from documents obtained through the U.S. Freedom Of Information Act.

    Independent researchers who refuse to accept another lie told by the Rothschild shadow government in the United States.

    And who instead now function as the only legitimate journalists on the face of this planet, given that the global media system is inhabited by brainwashed clones of the House Of Rothschild, who refuse to admit that the Rothschilds control this planet through their established network of Communist central banks.

    A Family Member Of This Author's

    Asks About America's Hoarding Of Gold

    A few weeks ago a member of my Family stated that since this author has been saying that the House of Rothschild looted the U.S. Treasury with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act (which resulted in the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank), as well as the Gold Confiscation Act Of 1933, how is it that he'd heard on the news that the United States has more gold bullion than virtually any of the other countries on this planet?

    I was quick to reply that while there is a tremendous amount of gold bullion to be found in the United States, it is not to be found within the United States Treasury, where it resided prior to the House of Rothschilds' subversion of the U.S. Federal Government, with the creation of the Federal Reserve Communist central bank in 1914.

    I told this Family member that the Federal Reserve System's Manhattan location holds much of the gold bullion found within the United States. And that the Federal Reserve System has never been a legitimate part of the U.S. Federal Government; nor has the Internal Revenue Service.

    When I showed this Family member the recent article in The Atlantic Monthly, entitled "Why Is The U.S. Hoarding Gold," which includes a photo of the 27 pound bars of gold bullion - stacked row after row in the Federal Reserve System's underground vault - my point was made.

    Moreover, if it's a crime to use gold as *legal tender, how is that the Federal Reserve System has such a large amount of it? And if it's a crime for people to own gold based on the Gold Confiscation Act of 1933, how is it that a privately held company like the Federal Reserve can have control over so much gold?

    *Any American citizen who is caught using gold coins as legal tender will be arrested for doing so. This is how the Federal Reserve System protects its control over the U.S. monetary system. They use the police to arrest anyone who attempts to use real money to purchase goods or services, while allowing the Federal Reserve's counterfeited reserve notes to be laundered through the U.S. Treasury and economy.

    The U.S. Treasury has become yet another conduit for this treasonous fraud, and financial swindle, perpetrated by the House of Rothschild and its cartel of Zionist international counterfeiters and money launderers.

    The Atlantic Monthly As A Purveyor Of The Untruth

    The Atlantic Monthly now claims that the U.S. Treasury holds nearly 265 billion in gold bullion, while the Federal Reserve holds approximately 11 billion; this while attempting to deceive its readership into believing that the Federal Reserve System is a legitimate part of the U.S. Federal Government; which it clearly isn't.

    Moreover, given that the Federal Reserve has been controlling the U.S. Treasury for the past Century, any claims that the Treasury makes regarding the amount of gold it holds must be considered as suspect as the Federal Reserve's claim to be a legitimate part of the U.S. Federal Government.

    The U.S. Treasury ceased being the American people's Treasury the day that the Federal Reserve Act was passed, since this gave a private corporation the authority to coin and regulate the currency in the United States; something which to this day remains unconstitutional.

    The U.S. Congress also ceased being the American people's Congress at the same time, as did the White House, since the House of Rothschild now controls both through its Federal Reserve Communist central bank.

    For those who are curious about who actually owns stock in the Federal Reserve System, you'll find the following Website of interest. Once these Websites began to promulgate the Federal Reserve's lies and real ownership, the Fed was quick to attack the Internet with its own disinformation; den of vipers that they are.

  • Who Owns The Federal Reserve System?

  • Given this information one must conclude that the U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve System should be considered interchangeable, since the Federal Reserve controls the Treasury by the artificial debt which it imposes on the Treasury, through the lending and laundering of its counterfeited currency to and through the Treasury, at usury interest rates.

    This when the U.S. Treasury should be printing its own currency interest free.

    The Zionist Jews who control the Federal Reserve System are the slickest criminals who've ever walked the face of this planet.

    And they are protected by the three branches of the U.S. Federal Government as well as the FBI and The Department Of Homeland Security.

    How's that for a few ugly facts regarding the Zionist shadow government in the United States?

    Here's a few more:

    They control our three branches of government just as they control the mainstream media in the United States. And they lie as easy as they breathe. Moreover, these reprobates destroy anyone who challenges their financial autonomy over this nation's money supply, as they did with Presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy, as well as the judge who presided over the now famous Credit River Decision; the man who proclaimed that the Federal Reserve System is a complete and utter fraud, and declared the Fed null and void, only to be poisoned to death six months after his declaration - Judge Martin V. Mahoney.

    Judge Martin Mahoney & The Credit River Decision

    "The activity of the Federal Reserve Banks... and the First National Bank of Montgomery, is contrary to public policy and contrary to the Constitution of the United States and constitutes an unlawful creation of money and credit for no valuable consideration. Activity of said banks in creating money and credit is not warranted by the Constitution of the United States.

    "No rights can be acquired by fraud. The Federal Reserve Notes are acquired through the use of unconstitutional statutes and fraud. The law leaves wrongdoers where it finds them. Slavery and all its incidents, including peonage, thralldom, and the debt created by fraud is universally prohibited in the United States. This case represents but another refined form of slavery by the bankers. Their position is not supported by the Constitution of the United States."

    -Judge Martin Mahoney

    *Judge Mahoney would be murdered by members of the Zionist House Of Rothschild controlled Federal Reserve System six months after making the aforesaid statement

    The Internet's Become A Formidable Opposition

    To The House Of Rothschild

    Why would the Atlantic Monthly suddenly do an article on the Federal Reserve System, then make a quick transition to the U.S. Treasury claiming that the Treasury controls most of the gold bullion in the United States?

    Because the works of three men have become such a powerful indictment against the Federal Reserve System, that the Fed must use its influence over the media in an effort to create yet another smokescreen.

    Eustace Mullins' "Secrets Of The Federal Reserve", G. Edward Griffin's "The Creature From Jekyll Island," and Aaron Russo's powerful documentary exposing the Federal Reserve System entitled "America Freedom To Fascism," have created such a stir, that the U.S. Federal Government is now on the defensive, in efforts to prove that these men were misinformed.

    However, Mullins, Griffin, and Russo were not the least bit misinformed. They were dead on target when it came to the crimes being committed by the Federal Reserve System, and their work continues to circulate across the Blogosphere like a raging inferno.

    As for the Atlantic Monthly's statement that much of the gold bullion in the United States is in Fort Knox; this claim should be aggressively challenged by the American people. Especially in a day and age where the Zionist shadow government which controls our elected officials will use these politicians to protect this shadow government, by attempting to deceive us in anyway they have to.

    And the statement about the U.S. Treasury having more than 200 billion in gold bullion should be taken with a grain of sand. Especially since the present head of the Treasury, Timothy Geithner, was formerly heading up the Federal Reserve System's main branch in Manhattan before being appointed to the Treasury by Barack Obama.

    Heaven only knows what he's been up to since taking over the Treasury at the onset of the Obama Administration.

    Moreover, if you're thinking that you couldn't trust Geither as far as he'd fall after he was tripped, you're on the right track. You can't trust any of the Federal Reserve's Zionist counterfeiters and money launders, since they are part of one gigantic high level crime syndicate known as the Illuminati.

    And you can expect that in the future, they'll be using more rags like the Atlantic Monthly in their attempt to further pull the wool over the American middle class's eyes.

    Thanks to Mullins, Griffin, Russo, and now Congressman Ron Paul, the Federal Reserve and its international Zionist Jewish bankers have become that desperate to cover up their theft of America's gold bullion, as well as their counterfeiting and laundering of Federal Reserve Notes through the Treasury and U.S. economy.

    Like their ancestors, these Zionist Jews, as the late President Andrew Jackson once stated, truly are a "den of vipers," as well as being a threat to the rest of the Jewish population and every other person on this planet.

    Moreover, the Federal Reserve has such control over the U.S. Federal Government, that if pushed to the wall, they could easily transfer much of their gold into the Treasury in yet a further effort to deceive the American people.

    And none of us would even know about it, since the elected representatives in this country would cover up for such a crime, being little more than pawns of the House of Rothschild and its third Communist central bank in America.

    We're Off The Gold Standard

    Because The Fed Stole Much Of Our Gold Bullion

    The fact is this. If the U.S. Treasury had enough gold to support the U.S. economy in 1933, the American people would not have been taken off the gold standard. Nor would the treasonous Gold Confiscation Act have been passed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

    A law which makes it a crime for Americans to use gold (real money) as legal tender.

    And the federal government itself, would not have been taken off the gold standard under the Nixon Administration in the 1970's.

    As for the Atlantic Monthly, the last time that this author made a statement about this rag was in regard to a story it did pertaining to Dr. Steven Hatfill. I said that the Atlantic Monthly's story came too late, and that they should have interceded when Hatfill was being demonized by the FBI, who'd decided to subject Hatfill to the type of COINTELPRO operation that has been responsible for driving many of the FBI's victims to the commission of suicide over the years; and done so because these agents were either too lazy to go out and find the real anthrax mailer, or knew who it was and were covering up for them.

  • Atlantic Monthly Interview With Dr. Steven Hatfill Should Have Taken Place Long Before The FBI Was Forced To Drop Its Investigation Of Him

  • In the next issue of the Atlantic Monthly, there was an advertisement within the first few pages of this magazine with this author's name embossed on a billfold.

    A coincidence?


    However, given that this Website does have millions of viewers from around the world reading my articles, as well as the many that I reference from other alternative journalists (in spite of its being electronically tampered with on a regular basis by the FBI), perhaps my name appearing in the Atlantic Monthly was not coincidental at all.

    One thing that I am certain of is that the Atlantic Monthly is serving as yet another venue for the House of Rothschilds' disinformation in regard to the real purpose for the Federal Reserve System - to secretly deploy a form of class warfare against the American middle class in which to furtively enslave them, while quitely stealing their wealth, and subjugating them to a life of indebted servitude.


    This author wrote the following post in May of 2010, regarding the Atlantic Monthly:

    The Atlantic Monthly's Attempt At Humor?

    OR Brainwashing?

    Last month, this author wrote a post in reference to the May, 2010 issue of the Atlantic Monthly. This post pertained to an article on Dr. Steven Hatfill, in which I documented much of the FBI's COINTELPRO harassment of both Dr. Hatfill and the late Dr. Bruce Ivin's, stating that the Atlantic Monthly's article was too little too late.

    In this author's opinion, the Atlantic Monthly played it safe by waiting until the FBI had closed the case, instead of making a bold move in which to come to the aid of Hatfill, when he could have really used the media's help. This author also believes that Dr. Bruce Ivin's was not the anthrax mailer, but instead, a convenient scapegoat whom the FBI quickly latched onto when they could no longer get away with bullying Dr. Hatfill, and wanted to close a case which has lasted the better part of a decade.

    Now, in the June, 2010 issue of the Atlantic Monthly, on the second page, there is an advertisement for an aviation company called Flexjet, which features a credit card billfold in which the name "James Marino" is embossed.

    Given the myriad of people named James Marino in the phone book, this might seem plausible.

    However, the fact that this author posts the following article, and then finds his name prominently displayed in this add, appears to be more than just a coincidence.

    This Author Questions The Atlantic Monthly's Timing In Its Article On Dr. Steven Hatfill Stating That The Article Is Too Little Too Late

    Especially since this author now openly criticizes the Zionist movement, and the House of Rothschilds' role in furtively controlling the United States of America through its Federal Reserve System Communist central bank. A situation in which the Rothschilds have succeeded in taking over the United States (a plan fomented by the late Mayer Amschel Rothschild in the late 1700's after the U.S. Colonies broke away from England's King George III and which became even more aggressive by the mid 1800's, after Abraham Lincoln decided to coin his own currency through the U.S. Treasury in order to finance the Civil War) through their creation and laundering of fiat money by way of such central banks.

    The Rothschilds also secretly control the global media system, including such rags as the *Atlantic Monthly. The FBI & NSA regularly interfere with the media which this author receives, whether it's cable TV or radio broadcasts (all Intel manipulated for the COINTELPRO against this author), or the print media; so this copy of the Atlantic Monthly may be a "one off" so to speak, or the advertisement may be for real.

    *At least the Atlantic Monthly finally did an article in which to exonerate Steven Hatfill, instead of bashing him like the rest of the parasitic media in this country did.

    As for coincidence, another target of government sanctioned mind control technology once told this author that once you are subjugated to such a difficult and precarious life, there's no such thing as a coincidence. And this certainly remains the situation for my person and the myriad others who continue to be subjected to such covert black operations.

    - James F. Marino

    Also see:

  • The FBI's COINTELPRO Attack On Dr. Steve Hatfill - Another Scapegoat Of The FBI's Evil Machinations

  • Judge Martin V. Mahoney Rules In The Now Famous 1968 Credit River Decision, That The Federal Reserve System Is Unconstitutional And Counterfeits Its Currency, And Is Then Murdered By The House Of Rothschild For His Attempt To Shut The Federal Reserve Down For Good

  • The House Of Rothschilds' 18TH Century Plot To Destroy The United States Of America Out Of Fear That The United States' Debt Free Status Would Ultimately Destroy The House Of Rothschild - Former IRS Investigator, Bill Benson, Conclusively Proves That The 16TH Amendment Was Never Legally Ratified, And That The Internal Revenue Service (The Collection Agent For The Federal Reserve System) Is Committing Fraud By Imposing An Income Tax That Is Illegal - Benson Is Then Censured By A Judge To Prevent Him From Circulating His Book The Law That Never Was, Which Proves That The 16Th Amendment Was Never Legally Ratified

  • Alternative Journalist, Eustace Mullins' "Secrets Of The Federal Reserve" - The Best Expose Ever Written On The House Of Rothschilds' Patented Method For Subverting A Country's Government With The Establishment Of A Rothschild Controlled Communist Central Bank, And Then Taking Complete Control Of that Country's Money Supply & Government

  • Another In the Myriad Cases Of The Vigilante Hate Crime Of Organized Stalking Reported - This Time In Vancouver, British Columbia - Canada Has Reported More Than Its Fair Share Of Organized Stalking, With Many Canadian Citizens Documenting That This State Sponsored Terrorism Has Become Nationwide, As It Has In The United States - Europe Has Reported A Similar Instance Of Organized Stalking In Many Countries Including But Not Limited To Great Britain, Germany And France - Organized Stalking Offers Further Evidence Of The Global Zionist Dictatorship Which Is Presently Emerging Under The House Of Rothschild & Its Illuminati Crime Syndicate - A World Government In Which The Constitutions Of Our Respective Countries Are Being Destroyed Under The Guise Of A Fraudulent War On Terror Fomented By The House Of Rothschild & Its Global Counterfeiting-Money Laundering Cartel
  • Friday, October 22, 2010

    The Rothschild/Rockefeller/Morgan "Drug Trust's" War On Cancer Fraud -- Millions Of Americans Have Died As The Result Of This Genocidal Conspiracy

  • Why Does The Internal Revenue Service Really Exist? It's Real Purpose Will Shock & Infuriate You

  • "America Slides Deeper Into Depression" - Steve Lendman, Baltimore Chronicle

  • The FBI & DOJ Deception -- Rooted In Corruption, These Pawns Of The Zionist Controlled Executive Branch Of The U.S. Federal Government, Have Long Been Portrayed To The American People As Legitimate Law Enforcement Organizations, When In Reality Nothing Could Be Further From The Truth

  • "Cancer is a Vitamin and enzyme deficiency disease"

    - Dr. John Richardson - Advocate Of Laetrile Therapy

    The War On Cancer FRAUD

    In the time that I write this article, men, women and children from around the world will succumb to the cancer which has destroyed their bodies.

    In fact, roughly 12 people die every minute from cancer.

    What is tragic here is not only the fact that these people have died painfully, but that they have been subjugated to a third rate system of medical treatment, which while being very profitable to those who dispense it, is more often than not, deadly to those who are forced to accept it as the only legal treatment protocol for cancer in the United States.

    The fact remains that billions of dollars and millions of lives have been lost to cancer, while the allopathic medical community continues to profit obscenely, qnd deliberately making little progress in finding a cure for this disease.

    It has also become painfully clear to those who've watched their loved ones die from cancer, that those who set the guidelines for cancer treatment and research in the United States have little to gain by finding a cure for cancer, and much to gain through its propagation.

    Cancer treatment and research is a multi billion dollar a year business in the United States alone. Find a cure for cancer and this industry (which employs more people than the population of cancer victims in this country) would come to a grinding halt.

    Laetrilists Survive Cancer & Defend Laetrile Therapy

    A community known for their own empirical research into the drug Laetrile, a derivative of Vitamin B17, has exposed this Rothschild/Rockefeller/Morgan Drug Trust fraudulent war on cancer. Most Laetrilists are cancer survivors who were given up on by the allopathic medical community in the United States, and told that they had only months to live.

    However, many of these people remain alive two to three decades later, singing the praises of Laetrile therapy and deriding the U.S. Drug Trust's medical status quo, for its part in the murders of millions of cancer patients; patients whom the Laetrilists believe would have lived much longer had they only followed this demonized treatment, instead of the Drug Trust's malevolent slash, poison and burn protocols; those which are endorsed by the American Medical Association, American Cancer Society, National Cancer Institute, and Federal Drug Administration.

    Each of whom has wittingly or unwittingly played a significant role in propagating what can only be described as a form of plausibly deniable mass genocide.

    It has been proven scientifically that cancer in the human body is caused by a deficiency of both pancreatic enzymes and Vitamin B17. It is the pancreatic enzymes which dissolve the electric coating surrounding Trophoblast (cancer) cells, which then allows the body's white blood cells to destroy these cancer cells before they can metastasize. If there aren't enough *pancreatic enzymes in which to perform this important task, then the Trophoblast cells propagate uncontrollably leading to cancer.

    *There are specific diet regimens which can lead to an increase in the body's pancreative enzymes.

    Laetrile therapy is mandatory for survival once one develops a cancerous condition. However, it is in the preventive maintenance of the body through the consumption of Vitamin B17, that cancer cells can be destroyed before they become problematic.

    Moreover, it is Vitamin B17 which attacks the cancer from within a cell and destroys it without doing harm to other cells. In fact, it is not the tumors themselves which are cancerous, but the cancer cells within the tumors that eventually lead to death. As such, with Laetrile therapy, cancer cells can be destroyed without necessarily completely eliminating such tumors.

    Moreover, the tumors themselves will likely become benign and thus harmless to the body, since any cancer cells within them should be destroyed by this Vitamin B17 therapy.

    However, even if Laetrile is successful in eradicating the cancer from a patient's body, if vital organs of the body have been irreversibly damaged by such cancer cells, patients can die, even if their cancer is in remission.

    Vitamin B17 As Preventive Maintenance

    Laetrilists believe that a diet regimen rich in Vitamin B17 can protect the body from developing cancer. However, for those who are unable to obtain Vitamin B17 in their daily diet (it has been banned in the United States by the FDA in order to protect the Drug Trust's slash, poison and burn protocol), they must leave the United States in order to do so.

    For those who contract cancer, there have also been a number of important studies conducted by oncologists which prove that Laetrile therapy is far more effective in treating any form of cancer than radiation and chemotherapy; both of which have an abysmal track record for curing cancer patients. However, hospitals known for treating cancer have buried these studies in order to prevent the public from ever learning of them.

    Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center is one of the establishments which has done so, and as such has allowed for the needless deaths of many of its patients. In the 1970's, the board of directors at Sloan Kettering intentionally buried research which conclusively proved that Laetrile therapy was far superior to Sloan Kettering's own radiation/chemotherapy protocol.

    They also demonized Dr. Kenneth Sugiura, the physician whom they hired to do the study on Laetrile, when he told them that this cancer treatment (based on Vitamin B17) was so superior to Sloan Kettering's cut, poison and burn protocol, that it was obvious that Sloan Kettering should adopt the use of Laetrile in its cancer treatment protocol.

    American Medical Association's Demonization Of Vitamin B17
    And The Needless Deaths Of Millions Of Americans From
    Cancers Which Could've Been Cured

    Excerpt from G. Edward Griffin's "World Without Cancer"

    "It is hard to hear this unbroken record of deception in the cloak of science, but the grandaddy of them of all occurred a few years later at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan. For five years, between 1972 and 1977, Laetrile was meticulously tested at Sloan-Kettering under the direction of Dr. Kanematsu Sugiura. As the senior laboratory researcher there, with over 60 years experience, Dr. Sugiura had earned the highest respect for his knowledge and integrity. In a science laboratory, where truth is sought to the exclusion of all else, he would have been the perfect man for this test.

    For the purposes of Sloan-Kettering, however, he was the worst possible choice. Sugiura broke his experiments down into a serious of tests using different types of laboratory animals and different tumors: some transplanted and some naturally occurring. At the conclusion of his experiment, he reported five results: (1) Laetrile stopped metastasis (the spreading of cancer) in mice, (2) it improved their general health, (3) it inhibited the growth of small tumors, (4) it provided relief from pain, and (5) it acted as a cancer prevention.

    The official report stated:

    'The results clearly show that Amygdalin (Laetrile) significantly inhibits the appearance of lung metastasis, in mice bearing spontaneous mammary tumors and increases significantly the inhibition of growth of the primary tumors... Laetrile also seemed to prevent slightly the appearance of new tumors... The improvement of health and appearance of the treated animals in comparison to controls is always a common observation... Dr. Sugiura has never observed complete regression of these tumors in all his cosmic experience with other chemotherapeutic agents.'

    The reader is advised to go back and read the last section again for, as we shall see, just a few months later, spokesmen for Sloan-Kettering were flatly denying that there was any evidence that Laetrile had any value.

    To fully appreciate what happened next, a little background is in order. The board of directors at Sloan-Kettering is virtually controlled by corporate executives representing the financial interest of pharmaceutical companies. Most of that control is held by the Rockefeller dynasty and their cartel partners.

    At the time of the Sugiura tests, there were three Rockefellers sitting on the board (James, Laurence, and William) plus more than a dozen men whose companies were within the Rockefeller financial orbit.

    The history of how the Rockefellers became involved in the pharmaceutical industry is contained in Part II of of this book. But, to appreciate how that effects this part of the story, we must know that John D. Rockefeller, Sr., and his son, J.D. II, began donating to Memorial Hospital in 1927. They also gave a full block of land on which the new hospital was built in the 1930's. Nothing was given without something to be received. In this case, was control over one of the great medical centers of the world."

    Memorial Sloan Kettering Lies To The Public

    Today, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan, New York, will state that successful cancer treatment is in either eliminating or reducing the size of a malignant tumor. However, this is untrue. Using radio therapy (radiation) to irradiate a tumor only increases the amount of cancer within the tumor itself, even though the tumor is reduced in size. And even if the cancerous tumor is eradicated from the body by such means, that does not ensure that the person will remain cancer free, because the condition which caused the malignant tumor was never addressed.

    Laetrile therapy, on the other hand, can destroy the cancer from within the tumor, oftentimes eliminating it completely, even if the tumor is not completely destroyed. However, if the tumor has not been eliminated completely, it will often revert from being cancerous to becoming benign.

    One of the more famous Laetrile success stories was actor Steve Mcqueen, whom to this day the medical establishment and the mainstream media report died from cancer. Even the actor's wife and son have publicly stated that Mcqueen died from cancer, illustrating just how powerful the conspiracy by the American Medical Association to demonize Laetrile therapy is.

    Moreover, the truth is that Steve Mcqueen was cured of his cancer after taking Laetrile injections, only to die on the operating table from an aneurysm, when undergoing elective cosmetic surgery in which to remove a benign growth which remained in his stomach.

    The following are some testimonials from Laetrile patients which you will not hear about in the U.S. media or the allopathic medical community in this country. Those who in order to earn a living, routinely lie to the American public about anything which could significantly improve some aspect of our living conditions. Those whose allegiance is to their paychecks and the New World Order.

    Just A Few Of The Cancer Patients Cured By Laetrile

    Dave Edmunds

    "Mr. David Edmunds of Pinole, California, was operated on in June of 1971 for cancer of the colon, which also had metastasized or spread to the bladder. When the surgeon opened him up, he found that the malignant tissue was so widespread it was almost impossible to remove it all. The blockage of the intestines was relieved by severing the colon and bringing the open end to the outside of his abdomen - a procedure known as colostomy. Five months later, the cacner had worsened, and Mr. Edmunds was told that he had only a few more months to live.

    "Mrs. Edmunds, who is a Registered Nurse, had heard about Laetrile and decided to give it a try. Six months later, in stead of lying on his deathbed, Mr. Edmunds surprised his doctors by feeling well enough to resume an almost normal routine.

    "An exploratory cycstoscopy of the bladder revealed that the cancer had disappeared. At his own insistence, he was admitted to the hospital to see if his colon would be put back together again. In surgery, they found nothing even resembling cancer tissue. So they re-connected the colon and sent him home to recuperate. It was the first time in the history of the hospital that a reverse colostomy for this condition had been performed.

    "At the time of the author's last contact three years later, Mr. Edmunds was living a normal life of health and vigor."

    Joanne Wilkinson

    "In 1967 in Walnut Creek, Californian, Mrs. Joanne Wilkinson, mother of six, had a tumor removed from her left leg, just below the thigh. Four months later there was a recurrence requiring additional surgery and the removal of muscle and bone.

    "A year later, a painful lump in the groin appeared and began to drain. A biopsy revealed that her cancer had returned and was spreading. Her doctor told her that surgery would be necessary again, but this time they would have to amputate the leg, the hip, and probably the bladder and one of the kidneys as well. The plan was to open up her lungs first to see if cancer had located there. If it had, then they would not amputate, because there would be no chance of saving her anyway.

    "At the urging of her sister and of a mutual friend, Mrs. Wilkinson decided not to undergo surgery but to try Laetrile instead. Her doctor was greatly upset by this and told her that, if she did not have the surgery, she couldn't possibly live longer than twelve weeks. Mrs. Wilkinson describes in her own words what happened next:

    'That was Saturday, November 16, 1968. I'll never forget that day! The stitches from the biopsy were still in the leg. Dr. Krebs gave me an injection of Laetrile - and the tumor reacted. It got very large - from a walnut size to the size of a small lemon -- and there was bleeding four or five days. I went back on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week for five weeks to get injections, and the tumor then started getting smaller. Five weeks later I could longer feel it.

    ' An X-ray was taken the first Monday, and regularly after that to watch the progress. Injections were continued for six months -- 10cc's three times a week and of course the diet: No diary products, nothing made with white flour - no eggs - but white fish, chicken, turkey.

    'And I felt wonderful! In fact, In August, 1969, the doctor told me I needed no more injections. My X-rays were clear, showing that the tumor had shrunk, was apparently encased in scar tissue and was not active.'

    "Our last contact with Mrs. Wilkinson was nine years after her doctor had said that she couldn't possibly live longer than twelve weeks without surgery. She was living a healthy and productive life and all that was left was a grim reminder of her narrow escape was a small scar from the biopsy."

    Joe Botelho

    Mr. Joe Botelho of San Pablo, California, underwent surgery (trans-urethral resection) and was told by his doctor that he had a prostate tumor that simply had to come out. His reaction?

    'I didn't let them take it out because I figured that would only spread it. The doctor told me I wouldn't last too long. He wanted to give me cobalt, and I wouldn't agree to that either. At a health food store I heard about a doctor in San Francisco who used Laetrile. I went to see him, was told that the prostate was the size of a bar of soap. I got one injection every four days for several months.

    'Mr. Bothelho, who was sixty-five at the time, also maintained a strict diet designed specifically not to use up the body's pancreative enzyme, trypsin. When the author interviewed him three years later, his tumor was gone, and he even reported that his hair was turning dark again. He was not sure what was causing that, but attributed it to his better eating habits.'"

    Alicia Buttons

    Wife Of Comedian Red Buttons

    "Alicia Buttons, the wife of the famous actor-comedian Red Buttons, is among the thousands of Americans who attribute their lives to the action of Laetrile. Speaking before a cancer convention in Los Angeles, Red Buttons declared:

    'Laetrile saved Alicia from cancer. Doctors here in the U.S. gave her only a few months to live last November. But now she is alive and well, a beautiful and vital wife and mother, thanks to God and to those wonderful men who have the courage to stand up for their science.'

    "Mrs. Buttons had been suffering from advanced cancer of the throat and was given up as terminal by practitioner of orthodox medicine. As a last resort, however, she went to West Germany to seek Laetrile therapy from Dr. Hans Nieper of the Silbersee hospital in Hanover. Within a few months her cancer had completely regressed, the pain had gone, her appetite had returned, and she was as healthy and strong as ever. Doctors in the United State verified the amazing recovery, but could not believe that a mere vitamin substance had been responsible. Alicia is still going strong twenty-three years later."

    Dr. Dale Danner

    "In 1972, Dr. Dale Danner, a podiatrist from Santa Paula, California, developed a pain in the right leg and severe cough. X-rays revealed carcinoma of both lungs and what appeared to be massive secondary tumors in the leg. The cancer was inoperable and resistant to radio therapy. The prognosis was: incurable and fatal.

    "At the insistence of his mother, Dr. Danner agreed to try Laetrile, although he had no faith in its effectiveness. Primarily, just to please her, he obtained a large supply in Mexico. But he was convinced from he had read in medical journals that it was nothing but quackery and a fraud. 'Perhaps it was even dangerous,' he thought, for he noticed from the literature that it contained cyanide.

    "Without a few weeks the pain and the coughing had progressed to the point where no amount of medication could hold it back. Forced to crawl on his hand and knees, and unable to sleep for three days and nights, he became despondent and desperate. Groggy from the lack of sleep, from the drugs, and from the pain, finally he turned to his supply of Laetrile.

    "Giving himself one more massive dose of medication, hoping to bring on sleep, he proceeded to to administer the Laetrile directly into an artery. Before losing consciousness, Dr. Danner had succeeded in taking at least an entire ten-day supply -- and possibly as high as a twenty-day supply -- all at once.

    "When he awoke thirty-six hours later, much to his amazement, not only was he still alive, but also the cough and pain were greatly reduced. His appetite had returned, and he was feeling better than he had in months. Reluctantly he had to admit that Laetrile was working. So he obtained an additional supply and began routine treatment with smaller doses. Three months later he was back at work."

    William Sykes

    "In the fall of 1975, William Sykes of Tampa, Florida, developed lymphocyctic leukemia plus cancer of the spleen and liver. After removal of the spleen, he was told by his doctor's that he had, at best, a few more months to live.

    Although chemotherapy was recommended -- not as a cure but merely to try to delay death a few more weeks -- Mr. Sykes chose Laetrile instead -- In his own words this is what happened:

    'When we saw the doctor a few weeks later, he explained how and why Laetrile was helping many cancer patients, and suggested that I have intravenous shots of 30cc's of Laetrile daily for the next three weeks. He also gave me enzymes and a diet to follow along with food supplements.

    'In a few days I was feeling better, but on our third visit the doctor said that he could no longer treat me. He had been told that his license would be revoked if he continued to use Laetrile. He showed my wife how to administer the Laetrile, sold us what he had, and gave us an address where more could be obtained.

    'The next week I continued on the program and was feeling better each day. One afternoon the doctor from Ann Arbor called to ask why I had not returned for the chemotherapy. He said I was playing 'Russian Roulette" with my life. He finally persuaded me to return for chemotherapy, so I went to Ann Arbor and started the treatments. Each day I felt worse. My eyes burned, my stomach felt like it was on fire. In just a few days I was so weak I could hardly get out of bed. The 'cure' was killing me faster than the disease! I couldn't take it any longer, so I stopped the chemotherapy, returned to my supply of Laetrile and food supplements, and quickly started feeling better. It took longer this time as I was fighting the effects of the chemotherapy as well as the cancer...

    'In a short time I could again do all my push-up[s and exercises without tiring. Now, at 75 years of age (20years after they said I had only a few more months to live), I still play racquet ball twice a week.'"

    Bud Robinson

    "The following letter from Bud Robinson in Phoenix, Arizona, needs no further comment. It was sent to Dr. Ernst Krebs, Jr."

    "Dear Dr. Krebs,

    Thank you for giving me another birthday (May 17).

    Please , again, remember November 15th, 1979, when my doctor and four other urologists gave me a maximum of four months to live with my prostate cancer, and they set up appointments for radiation and chemotherapy, which I knew would kill me if the cancer didn't, and refused their treatment.

    Then on a Sunday afternoon I contacted you by telephone and went with your simple program.

    I am 71 years old and am in my 13th year (of survival). Three of the four urologists have died with prostate cancer, and forty or fifty people are alive today, and doing very well, because they followed my 'krebs' simple program. Thanks again for giving me back my life.

    Your friend,
    H.M. 'Bud Robinson'"


    These are just a few of the myriad testimonials to the effectiveness of Laetrile therapy in the treatment of cancer, and why the cancer fraud propagated by way of the "Drug Trust" and its slash, poison and burn therapies must be exposed for what they are and ended.

    Those who control this Drug Trust are responsible for a form of genocide by preventing cancer patients from obtaining a superior treatment protocol, and for demonizing both the Laetrile protocol as well as any doctor who attempts to prescribe it for their patient.

    - James F. Marino

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    The American Medical Association's Demonization Of Vitamin B17 & The Needless Deaths Of Millions Of People From Cancers Which Could Have Been Cured By Laetrile Therapy

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