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Like Virtually All Wars Which Have Taken Place Since The 18TH Century, The House Of Rothschild Was Behind The U.S. Civil War

  • M. William Cooper "The Secret Government" - Cooper's Whistleblowing activities would eventually result in his being setup for covert assassination

  • The Late Court Reformer, Sherman Skolnick's Website - Skolnick Was The Bane Of The House Of Rothschild Since He Was Forever Exposing Some Aspect Of Their Crime Syndicate In The United States, Whether It Was The Rothschilds' Intelligence Community -- Domestic Spies Like The FBI, NSA Or CIA -- Or The Rothschilds' Furtive Control Over The White House Or The Court System In The USA

  • The House Of Rothschild
    Its Three U.S. Central Banks

    The House of Rothschild learned their lesson well after having lost their first two central banks when the charter for the first bank was not renewed, and President Andrew Jackson vetoed the Congresses renewal of the Rothschilds' Second Bank Of The United States.

    Unlike the First and Second Banks Of The United States, the Rothschilds' third central bank, the Federal Reserve System, appears to have an open ended charter which allows this private corporation to operate without concern for having its charter revoked.

    And while rumour has it the Federal Reserve System's charter will expire in 2013, one hundred years after the Federal Reserve Act was illegally passed, it would appear that the Rothschilds have already ensured that maintaining the Federal Reserve System's charter will not be problematic for them.

    Thus it would appear that the only way in which to remove the Federal Reserve System from the United States is for the American people to refuse to recognize the Federal Reserve as a bank.

    In other words, a state of national non cooperation in which the American people refuse to acknowledge the Federal Reserve System, in order to force the United States Congress to abolish the Federal Reserve Act (which empowers the Federal Reserve System).

    This act of civil disobedience is the only way in which to destroy the Federal Reserve System, and to drive the House Of Rothschild out of the United States for good.

    And given the suffering of the American middle class, especially since the Federal Reserve's engineering of the sub prime mortgage meltdown over the past few years, it is such terrible suffering which will result in the destruction of the Federal Reserve System and its criminal counterfeiting/money laundering operation.

    The American people are finally wising up.

    It's just too bad that it's taken the American middle class (the real target of the House Of Rothschilds' planned destruction of the United States) more than two centuries of pain and suffering at the hands of the Rothschilds, in which to now understand how it was this cadre of evil which looted the U.S. Treasury of their gold, while turning the American people's Constitutional Republic into a Rothschild financed and controlled military-intelligence dictatorship; one which to this day operates under the facade of a democracy.

    How The House Of Rothschild Fomented The U.S. Civil War

    Once again, this was yet another war engineered from its outset by the House of Rothschilds' global counterfeiting- money laundering cartel, and as punishment for Andrew Jackson's vetoing of the Rothschilds' charter renewal for its Second Bank Of The United States Communist central bank.

    The War of 1812 was the Rothschilds' punishment to the American people for the U.S. *Congresses refusal to renew the House Of Rothschilds' charter for its first Communist Central Bank in America; deceptively named, The First Bank Of The United States.

    *In fact, the vote was extremely close, with the Bank losing its charter renewal by only one vote; further evidence that by 1811, the House Of Rothschild had nearly taken complete control of the United States Congress.

    The Second Bank Of The United States, as its name implies, was the Rothschilds' second attempt in which to permanently establish one of their Communist central banks in the United States. By the time that the Second Bank Of The United States was seeking to renew its 20 year charter, the Rothschilds had managed to gain total control of the U.S. Congress, which overwhelmingly voted to renew this charter, while President *Andrew Jackson, later vetoed it - making him a sworn enemy of the Rothschilds.

    *Andrew Jackson understood that the American people had begun to recognize the power which the Rothschilds' second central bank had developed, as well as its ability to manipulate the U.S. economy at will.

    As such, Americans feared the Second Bank Of The United States and sought to abolish it; something the American middle class is now doing with the House of Rothschilds' third (and in this author's opinion last central bank in America) - the privately held Federal Reserve System.

    Jackson, thus sensing the American people's concerns ran on a platform in which he promised to rid America of the Rothschilds and their Communist central bank, which resulted in his winning the presidency, and later vetoing the charter renewal for the Second Bank Of The United States; which the U.S. Congress had previously overwhelmingly passed.

    *It's just a shame that in the modern day Americans no longer have a loyal president who has the courage to take on the House of Rothschild the way that Andrew Jackson, John Tyler, Abraham Lincoln, and John F. Kennedy once did; the last two of whom were murdered by the Rothschilds, while Jackson managed to avoid being assassinated, in spite of numerous murder attempts.

    From the moment that President Andrew Jackson destroyed the House of Rothschilds' attempts in which to establish their central bank in America, the Rothschilds began a plot in which to split the North and South against one another, thus creating the divisiveness which would ultimately lead to the Civil War; the means by which the House that Rothschild built then used in which to destroy the American Republic.

    The House Of Rothschild

    Attempts To Destroy Christianity

    Since the 1700's the House of Rothschild has been establishing their Communist central banks all over the world, in order to take over countries whose resources the Rothschilds wanted to help themselves to. This while attempting to destroy the Christian belief systems held by the citizens of these countries.

    A primary goal of the House of Rothschild has from its inception been to eradicate Christianity from the earth, as well as all other formalized religions, and to replace them with the Zionist's own perversion of Judaism which they will then use to rule this entire planet.

    This Zionist plan is commonly referred to as the New World Order agenda for a one world government dictatorship and a unified religion under Zionism.

    The following is an excerpt in regard to the Rothschilds' Second Bank Of The United States, from author David Rivera's meticulously researched Book on the House of Rothschild and its Illuminati global crime syndicate; published on the modernhistoryproject Website.

    Andrew Jackson Kills the Bank (1828-36)

    "People began to see how much power the Bank really had, and the voter backlash led to the election of Andrew Jackson as President in 1828. His slogan was: 'Let the people rule.' Jackson maintained: 'If Congress has the right under the Constitution to issue paper money, it was given them to be used by themselves, not to be delegated to individuals or to corporations.' Jackson said that the control of a central bank 'would be exercised by a few over the political conduct of the many by first acquiring that control over the labor and earnings of the great body of people.'"

    "During the 1828 presidential campaign, Jackson said in an address before a group of bankers: 'you are a den of vipers. I intend to rout you out and by the Eternal God I will rout you out.' He went on to say: 'If the people only understood the rank injustice of our Money and Banking system, there would be a revolution before morning.' Jackson said that if such a Bank would continue to control 'our currency, receiving our public monies, and holding thousands of our citizens in dependence, it would be more formidable and dangerous than the naval and military power of the enemy...'"

    "After fiscal mismanagement by its first President, former Secretary of the Navy, Captain William Jones, the Bank was forced to call in loans and foreclosed on mortgages which caused bankruptcy, a price collapse, unemployment and a depression. However, the Bank began to flourish under its new President, financier Nicholas Biddle (1786-1844), who petitioned the Congress for a renewal of the Bank's Charter in 1832 four years before its current charter expired. The Bill for the new Charter passed the Senate 28-20 and the House 107-85, and everyone knew how Jackson felt. Biddle threatened: 'Should Jackson veto it, I shall veto him!'"

    "Jackson did veto the Charter, and abolished the Bank in 1832. He ordered the Secretary of the Treasury to remove all Government deposits from U.S. Banks and deposit them in state banks. On January 8, 1835, Jackson paid off the final installment on our national debt and it was the only time in history that our national debt was reduced to zero and we were able to accumulate a surplus, $35 million of which was distributed to the States. Nicholas P. Trist, the President's personal secretary, said: 'This is the crowning glory of A.J.'s life and the most important service he has ever rendered his country.' The Boston Post compared it to Christ throwing the money-changers out of the Temple."

    "James K. Polk, the Speaker of the House (who later became the 11Th President in 1845) said: 'The Bank of the United States has set itself up as a great irresponsible rival power of the government.' The Bank continued to operate until 1836 and it was used by Nicholas Biddle to wreak havoc upon the economy by reducing loans and increasing the quantity of money."

    "Jackson became the first President of the United States to be censured which was done in March, 1834 'for removing the government's deposits from the Bank of the United States without the express authorization of the United States Congress.' It is quite obvious that he did it because of the 'abuses and corruptions' of the Bank and the censure was later reversed by the Senate in 1837. The Bankers continued their attempts to revive the Bank; President John Tyler vetoed two bills in 1841 that would have rechartered the Bank of the United States."


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