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Official Report On TWA Crash A LIE

Listed on the front cover of today's Long Island Newsday daily paper was a photo of a piece of the tail section of TWA Flight 800, floating on the surface of the Atlantic Ocean along Long Island's southern coast. When I flipped to the page on which the story was listed, I immediately saw the FBI's orchestrated disinformation campaign at work.

The article's message: the safety systems on these planes needs to be redesigned so that such a terrible tragedy like the one which befell Flight 800 never happens again. After 10 years the mainstream media is still parroting the FBI's disinformation campaign here, and deliberately misleading the American people as to the terrorist attack which blew up Flight 800 and took the lives of 230 innocent people.

There were more than 270 eyewitness accounts which reported seeing a flare launch from the ground into the air and then radically alter course just before seeing Flight 800 explode. At least 270 accounts!!

Yet the FBI never bothered to take one of their statements seriously. Instead this federal agency spent millions of taxpayer dollars and took nearly a year in which to fabricate a complete work of fiction in regard to what happened to Flight 800, which many experts in aviation engineering have to this very day said defies the very laws of physics.

Even an FAA special agent named Bogdan Dzakovic was unhappy with the FBI's explanation and wondered why the Bureau never took even one statement from the 270 eyewitnesses who came forward to testify to the flare that they saw travel from the ground to Flight 800 just before it destroyed the jet. It simply does not make any sense. Most times you have to search for witnesses to a crime. But here the FBI had 270 eyewitnesses and discounted all of their testimony?What is wrong with this picture?

Bogdan quickly found himself under fire for his inquiry, and even author James Sanders and his wife found themselves under arrest, after publishing a book which claimed that the FBI had covered up the terrorist attack and deliberately obstructed justice, by creating the bogus investigation which to this day is leading people to believe that Flight 800 was destroyed by a mechanical malfunction and not a terrorist attack!

C'mon people, are you really going to let this Government continue to deny the terrorism that it is perpetrating on its own people? Even the IMC Websites are afraid to let you know the truth, in spite of their so called opposition to the mainstream media's denial of the facts in any questionable situations in which the Federal Government and intelligence community are involved.

American history books are still teaching our kids that Lee Harvey Oswald killed President John F. Kennedy, when it's clear that his assassination was a conspiracy by some very powerful people in this country and elsewhere, to get rid of Kennedy and make his murder appear as simple as possible.

Some deranged lone gunmen is much easier to soft sell the American people, than the true story in which the Federal Government was involved at the highest levels.Let's face it. Every terrorist attack on US soil since 1993 has had the Government's fingerprints all over it. And the Murrah building bombing in 1995, TWA Flight 800 in 1996, Egypt Air in 1998, and of course the attacks on 9-11 all share the same common denominator -- Big Business interests -- and in the case of 9-11 we are talking about stealing the Iraqi's rich oil reserves and allowing American defense contractors to make a fortune profiteering on this war.

And they are doing just that!

They are making billions!
If you research these events carefully and the people involved in them you find one conspiracy after another in which the American people have been lied to.
That's right. This Government is repeatedly lying to its own citizenry and has gotten so used to doing so, that it considers it the norm at this point.

And Congress is so busy aiding the special interest groups who are funded almost entirely by corporate money, that you can forget about any legitimate investigations into Government corruption. Some Americans who are either ill informed about the facts behind 9-11, or aware of them and delusional, might actually say that George W. Bush would never have orchestrated the attacks on 9-11, since that would make him a monster.

However, if you research Bush, his father H.W, and their ancestors going back at least 3 generations, you will find that the trail leads to men who were completely devoid of any moral or ethical fiber; men who, while millions others were dying in wars which were created for bogus reasons, became war profiteers and Nazi sympathizers.

And George W. Bush with his Intelligence Quotient of 90 is not exactly a Rhodes Scholar either. He only got into Yale because of his father, and cheated his way through that school as he has in everything else in life.

The real issue is when are the American people going to say enough is enough and force this Government to come clean about all of its criminality? For over 100 years they have failed to do so, and the country has only gotten much worse in all that time; with families like Bush and Rockefeller becoming filthy rich at the expense of the rest of us. And these names repeatedly show up in criminal business dealings, yet these people never go to prison.

In particular I cite Neil Bush's shady loans while working for Silverado Savings and Loan, which nearly destroyed the S&L banking business back in the '80's. And the media rarely if ever talks about it, and when they do, they skirt over the issues with Bush.

And of course Pappy Bush, Dubya's father, is working for the Carlyle Group now, selling American technology to our so called friendly, yet soon to be enemy neighbors, in the same vein as Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden.

Americans, you'd better wake up to what these miscreants are doing to you, before you have nothing left in this country that is worth saving.

To learn some very unpopular truths about this country and the present adminstration visit my Website, and circulate it to your family and friends. And don't forget to see the best documentary ever made in regard to 9-11: "9-11 Loose Change," by film maker Dylan Avery, which shows conclusive proof that George Bush and the group known as The Project For A New American Century were behind these attacks. Thanks for listening.

James F. Marino
US Government Political Prisoner

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Wiring The Brain With Nanotechnology

Wiring the Brain at the Nanoscale

Nanowires in blood vessels may help monitor, stimulate neurons in the brain

Neuroscientist Rudolfo Llinas and his colleagues envision an entire array of nanowires being connected to a catheter tube, which could then be guided through the circulatory system to the brain. Once there, the nanowires would spread into a kind of bouquet, branching out into tinier and tinier blood vessels until they reached specific locations. Each nanowire would then be used to record the electrical activity of a single nerve cells, or small groups of nerve cells.

By Zina Deretsky, National Science Foundation

July 7, 2005

Working with platinum nanowires 100 times thinner than a human hair--and using blood vessels as conduits to guide the wires--a team of U.S. and Japanese researchers has demonstrated a technique that may one day allow doctors to monitor individual brain cells and perhaps provide new treatments for neurological diseases such as Parkinson's.

Writing in the July 5, 2005, online issue of The Journal of Nanoparticle Research , the researchers explain it is becoming feasible to create nanowires far thinner than even the tiniest capillary vessels. That means nanowires could, in principle, be threaded through the circulatory system to any point in the body without blocking the normal flow of blood or interfering with the exchange of gasses and nutrients through the blood-vessel walls.

The team describes a proof-of-principle experiment in which they first guided platinum nanowires into the vascular system of tissue samples, and then successfully used the wires to detect the activity of individual neurons lying adjacent to the blood vessels.

Rodolfo R. Llinás of the New York University School of Medicine led the team, which included Kerry D. Walton, also of the NYU medical school; Masayuki Nakao of the University of Tokyo; and Ian Hunter and Patrick A. Anquetil of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

"Nanotechnology is becoming one of the brightest stars in the medical and cognitive sciences," said Mike Roco, Senior Advisor for Nanotechnology at the National Science Foundation (NSF), which funded the research.

Already, the researchers note, physicians routinely use arterial pathways to guide much larger catheter tubes to specific points in the body. This technique is frequently used to study blood flow around the heart, for example.

Following the same logic, the researchers envision connecting an entire array of nanowires to a catheter tube that could then be guided through the circulatory system to the brain. Once there, the wires would spread into a "bouquet," branching out into tinier and tinier blood vessels until they reached specific locations. Each nanowire would then be used to record the electrical activity of a single nerve cell or small groups of them.

If the technique works, the researchers say, it would be a boon to scientists who study brain function. Current technologies, such as positron emission tomography (PET) scans and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), have revealed a great deal about how neural circuits process, say, visual information or language. But the view is still comparatively fuzzy and crude. By providing information on the scale of individual nerve cells, or "neurons," the nanowire technique could bring the picture into much sharper focus.

"In this case, we see the first-ever application of nanotechnology to understanding the brain at the neuron-to-neuron interaction level with a non-intrusive, biocompatible and biodegradable nano-probe," said Roco. "With careful attention to ethical issues, it promises entirely new areas of study, and ultimately could lead to new therapies and new ways of treating diseases. This illustrates the new generations of nanoscale active devices and complex nanosystems."

Likewise, the nanowire technique could greatly improve doctors' ability to pinpoint damage from injury and stroke, localize the cause of seizures, and detect the presence of tumors and other brain abnormalities. Better still, Llinás and his coauthors point out, the nanowires could deliver electrical impulses as well as receive them. So the technique has potential as a treatment for Parkinson's and similar diseases.

According to researchers, it's long been known that people with Parkinson's disease can experience significant improvement from direct stimulation of the affected area of the brain. Indeed, that is now a common treatment for patients who do not respond to medication. But the stimulation is currently carried out by inserting wires through the skull and into the brain, a process that can cause scarring of the brain tissue. The hope is, by stimulating the brain with nanowires threaded through pre-existing blood vessels, doctors could give patients the benefits of the treatment without the damaging side effects.

One challenge is to precisely guide the nanowire probes to a predetermined spot through the thousands of branches in the brain's vascular system. One promising solution, the authors say, is to replace the platinum nanowires with new conducting polymer nanowires. Not only do the polymers conduct electrical impulses, conductive, they change shape in response to electric fields, which would allow the researchers to steer the nanowires through the brain's circulatory system. Polymer nanowires have the added benefit of being 20 to 30 times smaller than the platinum ones used in the reported laboratory experiments. They also will be biodegradable, and therefore suitable for short-term brain implants.

"This new class of materials is an attractive tool for nanotechnology," said MIT's Anquetil. "The large degrees of freedom that they offer synthetically allow the rational design of their properties."


Media Contacts
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M. Mitchell Waldrop, NSF (703) 292-7752

Program Contacts
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Principal Investigators
Rodolfo Llinas, New York University Medical Center (212) 263-5415

The National Science Foundation (NSF) is an independent federal agency that supports fundamental research and education across all fields of science and engineering, with an annual budget of nearly $5.47 billion. NSF funds reach all 50 states through grants to nearly 2,000 universities and institutions. Each year, NSF receives about 40,000 competitive requests for funding, and makes about 11,000 new funding awards. The NSF also awards over $200 million in professional and service contracts yearly.

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George W. Bush & Adolf Hitler

"Both Nazi's And War Profiteers"

The Bush Family Has Such Control Of The US Media That It Has Become Impossible To Get The Mainstream Media To Report The Truth About It. I Went To Wikipedia (the online self publishing encyclopedia which can be edited by anyone) to include pertinent facts about the Bush Family's history of crimes. If it is not removed within an hour I will be very surprised. Last night I posted another accurate but less than favorable Website on the Bush Family and it was gone this morning.

This is just a brief illustration of what happens when one attempts to post the truth about the Bush Family or for that matter any powerful family or group of right wing extremists who consider themselves above the law, as the Bush's do.

The Democrats Do Not Have The Same Long Term History Of Controlling The Media That The NEO Conservatives Do.

When Bill Clinton Became, How Shall I Say It -- Sexually Contented By The Buxom Beauty Known As Monica Lewinsky, He Was Impeached Over It. It Was The Shot (sorry could not resist) Heard Round The World.

Yet, No One Was Injured, Much Less Killed In This Scandal. And It Would Have Not Cost The American People A Dime Had The NEOCONS Not Used Their Connections In The Media To Cause This Scandal, Which In Turn Forced The American People To Pay For An Unnecessary Trial To Impeach Clinton.

President George W. Bush On The Other Hand, Along With Some Of His NEO Conservative Fascist Pals Declares War On The American People, By Orchestrating The Murders Of Over Three Thousand Americans.

As If That Is Not Horrible Enough, Bush Then Spends Hundreds Of Billions In American Taxpayer Money On A War Fought For Oil, While Lying To The American People And Hiding This War Under The Pretext Of Attacking Osama Bin Laden And The Alqaeda, Who To Date Bush Has Never Found.

Let's Face It - 9-11 Was A Self Inflicted Wound.

And The Media Has Never Once Even Dared To Question The Diabolical Aspects Of What Bush Has Done.

To Those Who Say That The Right Wing Extremists In The Republican Party Don't Control What Goes On In This Country, Read The Last Few Paragraphs Again!

Americans Must Eventually Realize That Much Of US History Is A LIE. A Carefully Crafted Deception Orchestrated By The Robber Barons Of This Country, Using The Media And Other Powerful Venues To Furnish These EVIL People With An Almost God-Like Persona.

Something So Sacrosanct, That Anyone In The Media Or Elsewhere Who Dares To Question Such History, Is Quickly Dealt With By Those In Power -- And If Necessary, Using The Intelligence Community To Do So.

The reality of the situation is that the Bush men consider themselves part of an oligarchy -- and an oligarchy has no rightful place in the political structure of a democratic nation.
Yet under closer scrutiny, that is exactly what one will find when examining the roots of the Republican party and its fascist Neo Conservative right wing extremists.

Links To Some Excellent Articles On The Bush Crime Family

These are truthful accounts of the Bush Family (One Of The Greatest Frauds In American History). Accounts that you will never hear the mainstream media discussing, because since 1948 the CIA has taken control of the media through its creation and implementation of Operation Mockingbird.

Getting George Pinnochio Bush out of office is not going to fix the problems with the Illuminati
and its control of our government, but it will not hurt either. Bush is easily one of the most
corrupt politicians in history. Is it any wonder why he has the least number of press conferences of just about any US President since the broadcast medium became available?

He has an IQ of just 90 points, has a difficult time stringing a sentence together, and has
an even more difficult time reading off a teleprompter.

Please go to the Impeach Bush Website link at this site now and do your part do rid Americans of this FASCIST murderer.

Dylan Avery's 9-11 Documentary

June 28th, 2006

Dylan Avery's Movie 9/11 Loose Change -- Every American Should See It As Soon As Possible

I have just finished viewing the documentary on the 9/11 attacks entitled 9/11 Loose Change, by filmmaker Dylan Avery.

It can be viewed at the following Website.

Dylan Avery's Documentary On The 9-11 Fraud -- 9-11 Loose Change -- Watch This Movie And Pass It On To Everyone You Know -- The United States Is Now In Fascist Hands -- Not Since Nazi Germany In The 1930's Has Such An Overthrow Of Government Taken Place With The Sanctioning Of A Country's Military/Industralist/Intelligence Complex.

If you have not yet seen it, I would recommend doing so as soon as possible, and sharing it with everyone you know. "911 Loose Change" is one of the most important documentaries of our time, and honestly chronicles an ugly truth about the United States Federal Government that few others have had the courage to address.

That this film has had any commercial success at all is a tribute to Mr. Avery and his staff's due diligence, since the powers that be are presented in a very disturbing and accurate light.

And if the mainstream media had dared to produce such a work, they would have surely gotten hell from Heir Bush and his Fourth Reich.

Of course, the American media has been banned from making such a telling film about its own Government since CIA agent Frank Weisner was enlisted to create Operation Mockingbird in 1948, to co-opt key figures in the mainstream media to circulate the CIA's disinformation to the American people -- thereby destroying any objectivity when it concerned the media's reporting regarding the US Intelligence community.

I do find it ironic that the so called liberal Washington Post was first on Weisner's list, where he found a very willing editor by the name of Phil Graham more than ready to cooperate with the CIA.

Of course, this was during a time where the word red did not refer just to the color, but to anyone who was considered to be a communist or communist sympathizer. So it was easier in those days for the US Intelligence community to infilitrate the US media, and in doing so all but destroying it as a legitimate venue for news reporting.

And from the complete blackout in the media regarding anything having to do with corruption in the US Intelligence community, one would have to conclude that Weiser's program was a unequivocal success.

Of course, Weisner was also enlisted to smuggle German Nazi war criminals into the United States after World War 2, even while the Nuremburg Trials were taking place, to utilize in various covert programs such as the CIA's MKULTRA. MKULTRA was used to test the limits of pain that a human being could withstand before their personalities would be split, making them more suggestible to the programming of their handlers.

Many of these poor wretches were subjected to the worst forms of torture, in efforts to reshape their minds. Numerous CIA mind control victims went on to become unwitting assassins, programmed to murder those targets the CIA needed to rid itself of. Of course given the sociopathic and homicidal tendencies of CIA operatives, the agency's destruction of the lives of these "sleepers" or those they were programmed to murder, meant nothing to it or those agents who took part in this program.

The CIA's operatives have always been conditioned to appear normal in public, while leading the lives of robots behind the scene.

Only robots could take part in such evil torture and not be adversely affected by it. As for "911 Loose Change," this is a work which comes from an intelligent 22 year old amateur film maker. As if that were not in itself amazing enough, given the imminent importance of the film's subject matter, and its clear threat to the corruption within the US Federal Government, what is even more impressive is how compelling a story teller Mr. Avery is, guiding us along so that we miss none of his carefully presented research.

"Loose Change" grabs you from the second you begin to watch it and draws you in, in a way that few movies can. The fact that it is based on real events only further serves to accomplish this.

And it does what I am certain Dylan intended for it to do: strike a chord in the heart of every American citizen as to just how horrible this event truly was, as it raises many issues which conclusively prove that certain elements of our own Government were behind this horrific event.

In essence, Dylan is jumping up and down yelling to his audience to get their attention, and with this film, he has certainly achieved that.

I was unable to turn away from the screen for the entire hour and 21 minutes running time.

During my viewing of this movie I also learned something that I have long suspected, but until now could not prove.

That voice morphing technology does in fact exist. And even more important, that the Federal Government (specifically the intelligence community) has access to it.

This means that once they have a copy of any person's voiceprint, they can recreate that person's voice to say anything they want,which I am certain has been used when the FEDS have spoken with my family in regard to me.

Can you imagine the FEDS playing a tape for your family or friends that is derogatory, only to find that you never made any of the statements being used to impugn your character? Such is the state of morphing technology in this day and age.

Knowing that this technology exists, and given the criminality within the federal intelligence community, any laypersons who learns about it can now use it to prove that the government can "fake our own voices whenever it suits their purposes."

As if we were not facing enough adversity as it is with the NSA scanning and manipulating our own thoughts.

I would like to hear the US Intelligence community admit that they have been spying on millions of Americans within the privacy of their own homes, bedrooms, bathrooms, and in fact each and every private moment that Americans think that they are having, but which no longer exist because of this invasive and unconstitutional technology.

Will the NSA ever admit to this incredible abuse of power?

Well, in time it might be forced to, since it is already attempting to justify warrantless spying on Americans illegally authorized by George Bush.

And Bush has had no problem with repeatedly lying to the American people in regard to his tremendous abuse of the US Constitution.

Moreover, why I sense that behind the scenes Bush has already created his own constitution replete with all of the tyranny that this monster has shown us thus far?

He has already revealed to us that he's so obessesed with his own power, and so corrupted by it, that there is virtually nothing that this miscreant will not say or do to further his own interests at the American people's expense.

Dylan Avery cites a textbook example of the government's covert use of this morphing technology in pointing out that the cell phone calls made from Flight 93 were faked with said technology, and that those persons who were reported to have made these calls never did.

This is a bold statement by this young man which is certain to raise more than an eyebrow or two.

Dylan also concludes that the FEDS were using morphed copies of the voiceprints of some of the passengers who were alleged to have traveled on Flight 93, in order to convince their own families as well as the American people that the 9/11 hoax was real.

The entire "Let's Roll" statement which was heard from one of the passengers on Flight 93 during an alleged cell phone call (which took place just before that flight was supposedly crashed in Pennsylvania), appears to be nothing but a hoax, perpetrated through the use of this morphing technology.

And to those in this Government who would say that a voice print confirms that this was the actual voice of the woman in question, morphing technology has proven that this does not necessarily have to be the case.

Americans hung on every word of these conversations in an attempt to grasp what was occuring in the air on 9/11/2001.

And said conversations have become part of the belief system created by this Government's fraud, to assure the American people that 9/11 unfolded exactly as we have been told.

However, to anyone with a functioning brain, it is obvious that the Government's story has more holes in it that a slice of Swiss cheese.

An even greater issue which Dylan raises is whatever happened to the 200 passengers on Flight 93?

The crash site in Pennsylvania never turned up one body -- not one. And one of the coroners sent out to investigate the crash was quoted as saying that he has never seen one drop of blood at the alleged crash site. Still other witnesses at the Skanksville crash site have said that nothing at the site even remotely approached resembling a plane.

Two witnesses at the site said that it looked as though someone had just dropped a ton of metal scrap from the sky.

Dylan's conclusion based on careful research, was that Flight 93 never crashed in PA as we were told by this Government, but instead, landed at Cleveland Airport. Note that there is a record of this flight indeed landing there, and its passengers being sent to an NASA staging area.

What happened to them after that remains a mystery.

So whatever became of the passengers on Flight 93? And what about their poor families who have been led to believe that they are deceased, when in all likelyhood they are still alive somewhere?

Furthermore, Dylan cites that many of the alleged hijackers on the day of 9/11 are alive and well, and were never charged by the US Federal Government with any crimes having to do with the attacks.

In fact, shortly after 9/11 the US Media never even mentioned most of them again.

Why not?

In certain respects Dylan's film raises almost as many questions as it answers.

Yet, while I was familiar with much of the information presented here, there was plenty that I did not know before, which made viewing this film worthwhile.

And given all of the black propaganda that the mainstream media is being forced to shove down our collective throats, Dylan's truthful and inspirational work is a breath of fresh air.

Do you hear that Washington. D.C.? We are sick of you and your filthy lies!!

These are some very EVIL people folks, and they are not sitting in some jail cell on death row (although they should be). It's Apparent That Many Of Them Are Living It Up On Capital Hill And Flourishing At Our Expense.

911 Loose Change is a seminal work. A well researched piece of journalism combined with skillful videography, used to paint a real life color portrait of the deceit of the Bush Administration, and those complicit in what United States history will certainly one day record as the greatest fraud ever perpetrated against the American people.

If you have not yet seen it, I highly recommend doing so now. I also suggest sharing this video with everyone you know, since it contains incontrovertable evidence that 9/11 was a carefully orchestrated coup de etat; a
black operation carried out with military precision, to subvert The United States Justice System, and deprive the American people of their Constitutional rights.

Dylan Avery's "911 Loose Change" Proves Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt, That The United States Of America Is Now In The Hands Of Fascists Who Have Subverted Our Constitutional Republic.

It Also Proves That President George W. Bush; His Cabinet; The Think Tank Known As The Project For A New American Century (PNAC) -- Which Includes As Its Members: Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary Of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Governor Jeb Bush, And The Hierarchy Within The United States Federal Intelligence Community (FBI, CIA, NSA, DOD etc.), Orchestrated The Events Leading Up To And During 9/11, And The Subsequent Black Propaganda Disinformation Campaign Post 911, To Keep The American People From Learning That Attacks On 9/11 Were AN INSIDE JOB.

Note*** I have contacted Dylan Avery to thank him and his crew for the time and effort that they've put into this critical film.

I have also warned him that given his visible opposition to the 911 cover up by this administration, that he is most assuredly now targeted by the NSA for its Remote Neural Monitoring program, and consequently advised him to watch everything that he says and does. I have also sent him John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit information in regard to the NSA, in order to alert him to the advanced satellite/computer/spy/mind influencing technology that it deploys against those this Government considers to be dissidents. (synthetic telepathy)

I know that once he finds that this information is accurate (provided that he ever receives it), he'll be as stunned to learn of the NSA's capablities as so many of us have been, and that every American citizen is unwittingly listed in this system.

Given the brilliant job that Dylan has done in writing and directing "911 Loose Change," I can only imagine what he would bring to the table in an expose on the NSA and its SIGNALS INTELLIGENCE Remote Neural Monitoring technology.

That is if he was actually able to live long enough to produce such a film. Something that given my experience with the Intelligence community in this country I highly doubt.

I can only hope that he receives my E-mail as it has been sent with the best of intentions. And given the historical importance of his film, I am EXTREMELY concerned for his safety.

Moreover, it would not be out of the question for the Intelligence community to wage a demonization campaign against this young man to destroy his credibility, since it is obvious that his knowledge of their criminal acts regarding 9/11, have them more than a little concerned with Dylan and any future attempts which he may make to uncover further Government crimes.
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