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Was CNBC Anchor Mark Haines Murdered For His Publicly Aired Comments About The World Trade Center Towers Collapsing As They Did?

Media Blackout In The Death Of CNBC Reporter

Nine days since his mysterious death, there's still no official cause promulgated for the death of CNBC newsman Mark Haines.

What's responsible for what must now be considered to be a media blackout?

On 9-11-2001, Haines was one of the first newsmen to state while on the air, that the World Trade Center Towers collapsing the way they did, while falling within their own footprint, was anomalous. His view was shared by many other people in the media, until a few days later, when the Bush 43 propaganda machine, began its "war on terror" campaign, and the mainstream media became part of one of the worst criminal conspiracies in United States history.

The fraudulent 9-11 Commission report also ignored how the World Trade Center Towers were constructed; specifically how the core structure of the buildings would have made it impossible for the buildings to have collapsed as the 9-11 Commission claims the Towers did.

  • "Each tower was supported by a structural core extending from its bedrock foundation to its roof. The cores were rectangular pillars with numerous large columns and girders, measuring 87 feet by 133 feet. The core structures housed the elevators, stairs, and other services. The cores had their own flooring systems, which were structurally independent of the floor diaphragms that spanned the space between the cores and the perimeter walls. The core structures, like the perimeter wall structures, were 100 percent steel-framed."

  • Moreover, as part of this false flag operation, in August of 2002, the Bush 43 White House would create a special team used to market the war on terror, in order to manipulate the U.S. population into believing that Osama Bin Ladin (whom Americans were told was responsible for the terrorist attacks on 9-11-2001) was hiding out in Afghanistan, in order to justify the U.S. Military's invasion of Afghanistan.

    However, when Bin Ladin didn't turn up in Afghanistan, this propaganda machine was quick to circulate further disinformation stating that Bin Ladin was in Iraq, even though neither Bin Ladin nor - his non existent weapons of mass destruction - were ever found there either.

    And even though a short time after the attacks on 9-11 took place, the Federal Bureau Of Investigation had stated that it had no evidence to prove that Osama Bin Ladin was responsible for these terrorist attacks. This propaganda team was known as the White House Iraq Group, and included some of the most savvy propagandists in Washington at the time.

    A similar false flag operation occurred in England in 2005, when the British media was used as a similar tool for the British and Israeli intelligence communities' black propaganda, in aiding and abetting an MI5-Mossad terrorist attack in London, on July 7Th of 2005.

    This was done in order to trick the British population into supporting the British Military's joining the U.S. Military's attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq, which were orchestrated by the Project For A New American Century through the Bush 43 Administration, as part of their "war for Iraq's oil and natural gas reserves" as well as their attempt to build a trans Afghanistan oil pipeline which would be used to exploit the natural resources offered by the Caspian basin. This was something that the British citizenry were strongly opposed to.

    The fact is that most people on the face of this planet know that Osama Bin Ladin was a CIA asset since the Soviet Afghan War in 1979, and remained so until his death in 2001. That Bin Ladin was very ill at the time of the attacks on 9-11, dying from kidney failure, and that his use as a terrorist, along with the Al Qaeda, served as nothing more than fodder for the Bush 43 Administration's fraudulent war on terror and the 9-11 false flag operation.

    Moreover, most Americans don't believe the Obama Administration's claims that Bin Ladin was actually found hiding out in Pakistan in 2011, much less that Bin Ladin's corpse was actually thrown into the ocean after his alleged execution, given that if this were true, the Obama Administration's propagandists would have had a feeding frenzy over such a find.

    Furthermore, most Americans appear to believe that the Obama Administration's refusal to show photographs of the U.S. Military's execution of Bin Ladin, only fuels speculation that the entire Bin Ladin capture and execution was completely fraudulent, and yet another part of the original 9-11 false flag operation; this time being used to perpetuate American hatred for the Pakistani people, who've been reluctant to support the United States because of the duplicity of its Zionist leadership.

  • U.S. Demonization Of Pakistan

  • Mark Haines Intimidated Politicians

    Even though Mark Haines never publicly admitted that the Federal Reserve System is nothing but a glorified counterfeiter and money launderer, controlled by the House of Rothschild through the Bank of England, the fact is that Haines took Washington politicians to task in a way that few others in his profession did, and many hated him for it. This is evidenced by the following video which shows Congressman Barney Frank ending an interview, after Haines infuriated him, by stating that the financial system in America is not working.

    How could the financial system in America be working properly when for the past century it's been controlled by a group of very clever counterfeiters and money launderers, who've done everything possible to destroy the U.S. economy and the American currency? A group of Zionist lawyers and bankers who in *1871 turned the United States into a corporation, under the illegally ratified 14Th Amendment, in order to make each American citizen a slave to the British Monarchy and its House of Rothschild banking cartel.


    * 1871, The Year That The American People Became The Property Of The British Monarchy

    The media blackout regarding the death of Mark Haines, has many conspiracy theorists now seriously considering the possibility that Haines was the target of a covert government assassination, and that this is why his official cause of death has not been released to the public.

    In this author's opinion, Haines may very well have been murdered as the result of a criminal conspiracy, having been targeted via spy satellite deployed directed energy weaponry.

    And moreover, that even when the official cause of his death is finally released, few people will believe it.

    This is the kind of country that Americans are now living in under a furtive Zionist dictatorship controlled by the House of Rothschild and the British Monarchy.

    Those reprobates who have cleverly taken the United States and her people from within, as they continue to use the Federal Reserve System and the IRS in which to conduct a clandestine form of class warfare on America's middle class, in efforts to destroy the United States of America, while having nullified the U.S. Constitution and our governmental system of checks and balances.

    And as the direct result of the criminal passage of the draconian Patriot Act.

    The secretive brain fingerprinting of the U.S. population by the National Security Agency is yet another example of the House of Rothschild and British Monarchy's attempts to furtively enslave us through a technocratic dictatorship, while forcing the American people into becoming part of this Zionist world government.

    Moreover, the Bush 43 war on terror has in reality always been a war of terror which has been used to turn the United States of America into a militarized police state, with a nationwide system of ready to occupy concentration camps, which have been cleverly disguised as civil unrest detention centers, under FEMA's REX 84 program.

    These are high crimes of treason, which in this author's opinion are going to provoke a major uprising in America beginning with a tax revolution within the next few years, and which will result in the repeal of the Federal Reserve Act and 16Th Amendment, and the abolition of the Federal Reserve System and the Internal Revenue Service; thus banishing the Rothschilds and the British Monarchy from the United States, after more than a century of their furtive control over the U.S. Federal Government.

    What we can also be certain of is that our elected officials as well as the Rothschild financed and controlled intelligence community in America - including the Federal Bureau of Investigation - will continue to protect these Zionist bankers and their global counterfeiting- money laundering crime syndicate until the American middle class decides that they have had enough of the House of Rothschild and its Federal Reserve and IRS appendages.

    - James F. Marino

  • After Nine Days Still No Official Report Into The Cause Of Death For CNBC Reporter Mark Haines - Was Haines Killed By A Directed Energy Weapons' Attack As Punishment For His Claims That The Attacks On 9-11-2001 Were An Inside Job?

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