Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Internet Is Controlled By The U.S. Federal Government & Is The Most Significant Venue For Government Spying Ever Created

  • The Vigilante Hate Crime Of Organized Stalking Comes To Hollywood - Are Actors Who Fall Out Of Favor With Hollywood's Powerful Zionist Production Companies Being Targeted For Furtive Murders In Order To Steal Their Wealthy Estates? The Allegation Has Now Been Made By More Than A Few Actors Who Realize That The CIA Has Had It Tentacles Around Hollywood Since The 1950's

  • "Facebook and My Space were created by the CIA to spy on Internet users"

    - Alex Jones

  • As Alternative Journalists Continue To Expose The Fact That The British Monarchy, House Of Rothschild & Vatican Are Secretly In Control Of The United States And Seeking To Incorporate It Into Their New World Government, The Obama Administration (Or The One Which Follows) Will Be Used To Remove Any Blogs That Are Challenging The U.S. Corporation's Status Quo - That Is Unless Americans Refuse To Allow This Treasonous Attack On Their Freedom Of Speech, For If They Fail To Do So, They Will Lose Their 1St Amendment Rights And The Rest Will Follow
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