Thursday, June 09, 2011

The Mystery Deepens Regarding the Death Of CNBC Anchor Mark Haines - Was Haines Murdered?

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  • Editor's Note: The following post is from the Billspetrino financial blog. Bill has taken an interest in the death of Mark Haines, and has stated that both CNBC as well as the media's reticence in publicly stating what caused Mark Haines' death is strange.

    This author agrees with Mr. Spetrino's comment. Moreover, I believe that Mark Haines was murdered by way of a directed energy weapon, which caused his heart to stop. There can be any number of reasons for Haines' murder, given that Mark had a history of asking tough questions to politicians that often caught them off guard, and as such, many politicians hated him for it. Haines was also one of the first newscasters who stated that in his opinion, the way the World Trade Center Towers collapsed within their own footprint was an anomaly.

    Given the military intelligence complexes' covert use of directed energy weaponry, as part of its Active Denial Weapons' system, this complex can murder anyone, by targeting and tracking the unique bio-electromagnetic field which emanates from their own brain, and then using it as a remote form of GPS tracking device.

    Once the person is * "perfectly monitored" from a distance, they can then be remotely tortured or even murdered by way of directed energy weaponry.

  • * See: John St. Clair Akwei VS The National Security Agency

  • As such, Mark Haines may have been subjected to such signals intelligence remote surveillance of his person for many years, without ever realizing it, and targeted for murder long before the actual day that his murder was carried out.

    In this author's opinion, there have been many murders committed by such furtive means, including but not limited to those of some well known personalities, such as pop icon Michael Jackson, actress Brittany Murphy (and her husband Simon Monjack), the Monroe Institute's President, Laurie Monroe, conspiracy theorist Mae Brussell, eco-activist Judi Bari, actress Anna Nicole Smith (and her son Daniel), and America Freedom To Fascism producer Aaron Russo.

    This is why it is so crucial for the American people to learn about this Active Denial Weapons' System, and how it's being illegally deployed via spy satellite networks such as the National Security Agency's Echelon satellite array, and its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

    Unlike Mr. Spetrino, who is probably unfamiliar with the aforementioned electronic warfare technology, this author does not believe that foul play can be ruled out in the death of Mark Haines.

    Moreover, the fact that the media has not given any information in regard to Haines' death in more than two weeks, is evidence of a media blackout, and hence a conspiracy to cover up the real cause of death regarding the CNBC personality.

    The real question is why was Haines murdered, and who was responsible for committing this murder?

    - James F. Marino

    The following has been excerpted from Bill Spetrino's Blog:

    "Mark Haines cause of death June 9 autopsy official death certificate

    Posted on June 9, 2011, 7:21 am by Bill Spetrino

    "According to Pathologist David Durand, the Monmouth County medical examiner’s office this morning, which reports that Mark Haines died of 'natural causes,' namely 'congestive heart failure due to cardiomegaly.' The signing physician was apparently his personal physician, Dr. Eugeny Olenko of Forest Hills, N.J. Apparently there was a private autopsy.

    Durand even commented that cardiomegaly is NOT a disease and not a very accurate one in his opinion as a pathologist

    To me this opens up more questions than it answers. I never thought foul play was an option. However I just don't feel he died of “natural causes” either.

    There would be no reason for the initial news reports NOT to say that.

    Clearly something was being hidden from the media and Mark's thousands of fans.

    Did he have an enlarged heart given his smoking and obesity? Sure there are many factors which would cause that.

    Making more calls today stay tuned. However this report today ,while ruling out foul play leaves more questions than answers I'm afraid.

    - Bill Spetrino

  • News Anchor Mark Haines - Is He Another Member Of The Death By Electronic Warfare Club?
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