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In The 1930's Hitler Used IBM's Hollerith Machine To Catalogue The Jews - In Post 9-11 America Fusion Centers Are Being Used For A Similar Purpose

  • IX - The World's Most Private Search Engine? With The Way That The Global Intelligentsia Have Carved Up The Internet With Their Spy Technology, The Concept Of Privacy Is Gone On The Super Computer Highway No Matter Where You're Web Surfing

  • IBM's Hollerith Machine

    Editor's Note: The following map, courtesy of the ACLU, shows where fusion centers are either all ready in operation, or being setup. The red area which practically encompasses the entire continental United States shows where fusion centers are already in operation. The pink area is in reference to states which are in the process of creating fusion centers. The minimal gray area on this map represents the only state in the continental USA that at present has no fusion centers in operation - Idaho.

    However, this can change at any time. Clearly, the United States has been secretly turned into a surveillance police state, with most Americans being tricked into believing that this is to their benefit. During the 1930's, the Nazi party accomplished the same thing through far less technical means, with IBM's creation of the Hollerith Machine, which was used to catalogue Jews, as well as Hitler's creation of the Brown Shirt youth groups, who became the eyes and ears of Adolph Hitler's Third Reich. Click on the map to access the ACLU's Website and its information on fusion centers.

    Homeland Security Fusion Centers
    Are Overrunning the United States

    Given this egregious and treasonous attack on the American citizenry's inherent rights to privacy under the Bill of Rights, such an aggressive invasion also gives further credibility to John St. Clair Akwei's claims regarding the National Security Agency's use of a Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, to brain fingerprint the American people, while tethering each citizen's unique EMF fingerprint to the NSA's Echelon spy satellite array. Consequently, if you have not read Akwei VS NSA, this author recommends that you do so, by clicking on the GOOGLE: AKWEI VS NSA hyperlink below.

    How important is John St. Clair Akwei's precedent setting lawsuit against the National Security Agency?

    Devastating enough to the NSA's illegal domestic spying programs for the Agency to have used a corrupt federal judge to intentionally derail Akwei's lawsuit.

    *Former U.S. Circuit Court Judge, Stanley Sporkin, has a long history - first as an attorney, and later as a judge - of perverting the judicial system in order to conceal crimes being committed by the U.S. Intelligence community. Moreover, prior to becoming a federal judge, Sporkin served as general counsel to the CIA from 1981 until 1986.

    Fusion Centers Have Overrun The United States

    Over the past decade at least 72 fusion centers have been built in several different U.S. States. From 2007 to 2011 the number of fusion centers increased from 42 to 72. Why such a dramatic increase over a four year period?

    Because an increasing number of Americans no longer trust the media system in the United States, and are now obtaining their information via the Internet and the blogosphere.

    As such, millions of Americans now know that America was turned into a corporation in 1871, under the Legislative Act of 1871, and that under this legislation, the President of the United States is the head of this corporation, and the American people are considered to be employees of this corporation.

    In other words, human capital.

    They are now also aware that the federal government that exists in Washington D.C. is not the government that the United States was founded on based on the Constitutional Republic which was created in 1787.

    And more to the point, that the present corporate government in the United States is in a transitional phase as it is integrated into the Zionist world government which is presently being implemented by the British Monarchy, the House Of Rothschilds' Zionist Jew bankers, and the Vatican - the most powerful and corrupt triumvirate in the world today.

    This is why the number of fusion centers in the United States has nearly doubled over the last four years; the triumvirate behind their creation is now concerned that as enough Americans learn of this nefarious plot to murder tens of millions of us, that the American people will fight back through non compliance with the current British Monarchy controlled government.

    Hence the need for this triumvirate to expedite its plans to implement its Zionist world government.

    House Resolution 645

    Calls For FEMA To Build Prison Camps In America

    Barack Obama Signs Executive Order

    To Establish Council Of Governors

    In 2010 Barack Obama signed an Executive Order which created the "Council Of Governors."

    This council has been used to divide the United States into 10 different regions, which are to be designated as *prison camps, in the event of a national disaster.

    This council of governors is comprised of 10 members, each of whom will report directly to Barack Obama, or whomever is elected as the next U.S. President in the 2012 election.

    Like the FISA court, this council will simply rubber stamp whatever legislation the U.S. Corporation's president gives them to sign off on.

    *FEMA Concentration Camps - Locations And Executive Orders

    Furthermore, the leadership of the individual U.S. States will have no authority to act in such a situation, and will instead (just as the citizens whom they represent), be forced to follow the directives of this council of governors.

    As part of the covert plot to destroy the American people and what is left of this once great nation, House Resolution (HR 645) calls for the construction of several new prison camps to be built by FEMA. This is in conjunction with the REX 84 Program established years ago, to turn derelict U.S. Army bases into prison camps.

    During the following documentary, former Minnesota Governor, Jesse Ventura, found that many of these camps are already in existence, yet being sold to the public as residential centers.

    However, how many residential centers have you seen with two sets of barbed wire fences facing inward, to prevent the inhabitants of these "centers" from escaping? Inhabitants which include children.

    Fusion Centers Cropping Up All Over America

    On the surface, fusion centers have been represented to the public as terrorist watch centers. These watch centers are alleged to be financed by the federal government, and are supposed to be overseen by government organizations such as the Department Of Homeland Security and the Department Of Justice.

    However, there appears to be no legitimate oversight regarding how these fusion centers are controlled, and as a result of this, it has become clear that they are being used to spy domestically, while completely disregarding the inherent rights to privacy under the Bill of Rights 4Th Amendment, which all American citizens are entitled to by law.

    In other words, fusion centers are collecting data on all Americans and then sharing this information with government agencies.

    Fusion centers are also the catalyst behind the vigilante hate crime of organized stalking, which has now been networked throughout the United States, and used to turn our communities into a modern day version of Hitler's Brown Shirt youth groups, with neighbors spying on each other, and children being taught to spy on anyone and everyone - including their own parents and siblings.

    The age old military stratagem of divide and conquer is quite apparent here, since the objective is to create such a sense of fear and paranoia, that no American will trust anyone but themselves.

    And this artificially created state of fear will be used to control the American citizenry, while making them reliant on the federal government for what temporary survival they manage to obtain, since they will ultimately succumb to the new world order's genocidal plot to murder billions of people, in order to steal this planet's resources for themselves.

    Moreover, fusion centers operate based on the principle of psychological warfare.

    Specifically, the organizations are used to illegally collect information on all U.S. citizens, and this information base is then used to compile dossiers on all Americans.

    The information gained through this covert surveillance system can then be shared with other organizations and then used to conduct a psychological warfare campaign against any American citizen.

    There is also great concern that in order to initiate martial law, a pandemic will be caused through the intentional release of some type of biological or chemical weaponry, used to murder millions of Americans.

    The following documentary by former Minnesota Governor, Jesse Ventura, paints a frightening portrait of a war - not on terror, but instead, of terror.

    A war of terror which is presently being secretly propagated through these fusion centers, and under the cover of national security.

    Moreover, there is a horrifying segment in this documentary in which Ventura and Alex Jones are in Atlanta Georgia (home of the Centers For Disease Control), where they find tens of thousands of coffins capable of accommodating up to four bodies each, being stored.

    After they confront some state politicians in regard to what these coffins are for, tractor trailers suddenly move in and begin removing the coffins from the area.

    * Americans must also wonder how many millions of these coffins exist nationwide, as well as where they are being hidden?

    However, by the time the tractor trailers showed up, the damage had been done to those responsible for this high crime of treason, since the only logical reason for the existence of these coffins is to house the bodies of an enormous number of Americans.

    Moreover, and of equal concern is the total silence of the politicians in the United States, which only further serves to fuel this conspiracy, since they have been told to simply ignore any citizens who question what this government is up to. Such disregard for American citizens offers further proof that the present government does not consider the American people to have any inherent rights. So why are Americans tolerating this government, when it is clear that we need a new one?

    - James F. Marino

    Fusion Centers & The Police State

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  • "Stalking Victims Network.Net" - This Is Yet Another Of The Myriad Organizations That Has Surfaced On The Internet To Expose The Vigilante Hate Crime Of Organized Stalking - At This Point In Time The Exposition Regarding Organized Stalking Seems Almost Moot, Given That The Orwellian Creation Of Fusion Centers Throughout The United States Is Responsible For The Nationwide Network Of Organized Stalking Which Is Taking Place As A Form Of State Sponsored Terrorism, And That As A Result Of This, Post 9-11 American Society Consists Of Two Groups Of People - Those Targeted For Organized Stalking & Those Who Are Participating In This Vigilante Hate Crime Through Fusion Centers
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