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"COLLAPSE" - A Documentary On The Work Of Journalist Mike Ruppert, Which Covers The Peak Oil Crisis & Its Long -Term Effects On The Human Race

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  • "People ask 'em the difference between a Democrat and Republican in Congress - like they don't get it: HERE'S HOW YOU GET IT: It's organized crime. It's just that the Democrats are the Gambinos, and the Republicans are the Genoveses. The people at the top, they act like it's a crap game. Like it's their crap game and their making lots of money. Every once in awhile, somebody at the table shoots eachother, but the moment ANYTHING comes in to disrupt their crap game - they all unite to protect it..."

    ~ Mike Ruppert

    Mike Ruppert's Documentary On Peak Oil


    Former From The Wilderness publisher, Mike Ruppert's documentary entitled "Collapse" continues to expose the Drug Enforcement Administration's fraudulent war on drugs in the United States . Ruppert first broke this story decades ago, when he described how after the oil embargo of the 1970's had ended the production of cheap oil, the laundering of drug money became the driving force behind Wall Street, and remains so to this very day.

    Ruppert has also proved that the war on drugs that the DEA claims to carry out in the United States is a complete fraud being used to cover up the CIA's own illicit drug operations.

    Moreover, Mr. Ruppert has stated that the CIA created the DEA as the direct result of the Watergate scandal, with the intent of maintaining unconstitutional protracted investigations on anyone whom the CIA took a dislike to, including U.S. Judges whom the CIA could not buy off.

    The late whistleblower, Charles August Schlund confirmed this in a lawsuit which he filed against George W. Bush; a lawsuit which the U.S. Courts refused to hear. Schlund was tortured by CIA operatives via the cochlear RFID microchips which were implanted in his person against his will, up until the day he died, in order to prevent him from seeing his lawsuit to conclusion. Charles regularly documented this torture, and included it in a petition to the court to have the implants surgically removed - which the courts never decided on. This man was being tortured by the CIA using its classified technology, and the U.S. Courts did nothing to stop Charles Schlund from being tortured to death!

    Ruppert also discusses the economic downturn in the United States and the theory of peak oil, which hypothesizes that the production of oil has reached its peak, that in the future oil reserves will be used up, and that the global population will wage war against each other in order to gain control of what little oil is left, rather than using their intellect in which to develop more simplistic , yet logical alternatives to this fossil fuel.

    Ruppert has also correctly surmised that the U.S. war in Iraq was a war for oil, and cites the three U.S. Army bases which permanently remain in Iraq, as well as the largest and most expensive and elaborate American embassy ever built by the United States in a foreign country.

    As Ruppert said in Collapse: "we're sitting on Iraq for its oil reserves."

    Moreover, Mr. Ruppert has (like so many others who've actually bothered to turn their *TV's and radio's off, while conducting their own independent research regarding the House of Rothschild and its control over the global economy through their counterfeiting/money laundering cartel), realized that our society is falling apart; that most of the people on this planet are still unaware of this; nor do they understand who's responsible for it, or the genocidal policy which has been implemented to murder billions of humans in the future, as part of this Zionist world government's plan to depopulate this planet for their own pernicious agenda.

    * The mainstream media in the United States has been told to completely ignore this, and for all intents and purposes, has become such an abject source of disinformation, that watching it is not only a complete waste of one's time, but also given its use as a source of brainwashing, Television (particularly news networks like CNN and FOX) has become extremely dangerous to the brain states of American viewers.

    Even radio broadcasts in America have become equally dangerous.

    However, with the advent of radio podcasts over the Internet, at least for the near future, Americans can listen to music without the constant droning of a broadcasting personality's voice, or the fund raising drives that have come to largely characterize the radio broadcast medium over the past few decades. The charitable trust - matching gifts con that public TV and radio stations have been using to fleece the public from the day that these "fund drives" were initiated.

    Furthermore, unless we act immediately to expose the House of Rothschild and its many tentacles, in order to destroy this cadre of evil, a human catastrophe of epic proportion is in our future, whether we choose to admit it or not.

    This author also agrees with the peak oil hypothesis, and sees the future of the human race as an extremely bleak one.

    That is, unless the global populous awakens in time to save themselves. However, what Mike Ruppert has completely ignored in "Collapse" is the use of the hemp plant as an alternative fuel which given its wrongful demonization, can ironically enough, be used to save the human race. Hemp can also be used to manufacture the myriad products that have historically been made from petroleum.

    Hemp-made products can be recycled after their use in ways that are far more ecologically friendly than the petro chemical products that we are presently dependent on oil production for. You can also burn a hemp product without releasing the harmful toxins into the atmosphere that you would if you burned a petrochemical product.

    Moreover, if it is legalized, any person can grow hemp on their own property; which gets back to what Ruppert was saying in regard to citizens once again farming their own land, tending to their gardens, and growing their own food.

    * Hemp was legal prior to 1937, when the newly created Bureau Of Narcotics was used by oil magnate Andrew Melon, to demonize hemp (and its marijuana derivative), out of fear that hemp could be used to produce products that would erode the oil monopoly's profits, while becoming a formidable adversary to the oil industry. At first, the powers that be placed a tax on marijuana hoping that this would persuade the public to end their usage of the substance.

    However, when the tax act failed to do so, legislation was passed in which to make the use of marijuana a crime. This was further enhanced by the Hobbs Act in 1951, however, the reasons for doing so clearly had nothing to do with any danger from marijuana, since no scientific research at the time proved whether or not the substance was actually dangerous. The smear campaign against marijuana was purely economical - the oil monopoly did not want any further competition from a crop which for 150 years prior to, and up until the midst of the 19Th Century, was the largest traded commodity on the face of this planet.

    In essence, what hemp would do for the human race is to allow us to live off the land the way that we were meant to; far removed from the industrialized and unnatural world that we have allowed the elite to propagate over the past two centuries. A paradigm that is being used to destroy not only the planet Earth, but her inhabitants as well.

    However, to bring about such significant changes in our lifestyles means a different type of sacrifice. One which focuses on a simpler way of life, like that lived by the generations who inhabited this planet long before ourselves and the advent of the industrial revolution. Those of our ancestors who likely never imagined how technologically sophisticated the human race would become, or the horrific damage that we would cause a planet that does not belong to us, but rather, has been entrusted to us.

    Hemp is the answer to our unhealthy reliance on petroleum products. The only question is will the people of this planet accept this fact and demand that the monopolistic powers that presently control the Earth adopt the propagation of hemp and its use in the manufacture of new oil-free-products, as a logical and ecologically friendly solution to this planet's present fuel crisis?

    The powers that be won't do it on their own because there's no way for them to monopolize the hemp plant the way that they've been able to monopolize oil production and sales; the same reason that the Rockefellers and Morgans wouldn't allow Nikola Tesla's free energy technology to benefit the American people a Century ago, instead burning down his Manhattan laboratory to make certain that Tesla's research on free energy would be destroyed. These radical energy ideas have always been a threat to the oil trust's criminal status quo, and even more to the point, there's little or no profit in it for them.

    - James F. Marino

  • Mike Ruppert's Documentary "Collapse" Can Be Seen Here

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