Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Alex Jones' Documentary "END GAME" Is Now On UTUBE - END GAME Proves That Americans Are Being Targeted For A Global Zionist Dictatorship

"Jurisdiction over new areas of federal law enforcement has been assigned to the FBI. The CIA has been integrated into the FBI’s operating system, the FBI is opening new foreign offices [and the] FBI has negotiated a de facto merger with the Drug Enforcement Administration."

-Washington Post reporter Jim McGee

  • In 1997, Former Washington Post Reporter, Jim McGee, Exposed A Secret Police Force Being Implemented Within The United States, Which Included The Furtive Merging Of The FBI, CIA & DEA - This Was Four Years Before The Terrorist Attacks On 9-11-2001 Took Place & Offers Proof That The U.S. Federal Government Lied To Americans When It Stated That The U.S. Intelligence Community Was Not Sharing Privacy Information Regarding American Citizens, Prior To The Attacks On 9-11 & The Bush Administration's War On Terror Campaign!

  • 20 U.S. States Sue The Obama Administration To Have The New Communistic Health Care Law Thrown Out - If Americans Are Beginning To Sense That There's A Shadow Government Which Is Controlling The Obama Administration's Decision Making, It's Because There Is

  • House Resolution 1528 - Spy On Your Friends Or Get Locked Up In Prison - Can You Smell The Communism In America?

  • Editor's Note: Farwell wired computer to brain interface (brain fingerprinting technology) has been used in at least one court case in the State of Iowa over the past decade.

    However, the NSA has been using a wireless and more advanced version of the technology which Farwell has claimed to have invented, for decades; the direct result of a national brain fingerprinting program implemented by the National Security Agency in the early 1980's - See John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA to learn more about this abject violation of your Constitutional rights. Moreover, the NSA does not have the Constitutional authority in which to deploy such technology on an unwitting American public; nor does the NSA have the authority to violate your Constitutional rights to due process of law under the 6Th Amendment or your right to privacy under the 4Th Amendment.

    The Iowa court system's validation of this technology is an egregious threat to both of these Constitutional protections, and a clear sign of the dictatorship which lurks behind the Democratic facade of the shadow government that controls the United States of America.


  • "Do You Mind If We Fingerprint Your Brain?

  • "As An American Citizen, If You Value Your Freedom And Love Your Country 'END GAME' Will Scare The Living Hell Out Of You."

    - COINTELPRO Target

    James F. Marino

    Editor's Note: In the following documentary, shock jock Alex Jones stakes out the Bilderberg Group's 2007 annual meeting. The Bilderbergers are the international policy making arm of the House of Rothschild. In their secretive meetings (which thanks to some of the moles within this organization are no longer so secret), the Bilderbergers decide everything from what economic policies will be made to which countries they will wage wars against (Iran being the latest), while the global population remains completely unaware that the Bilderberg Group chooses the key politicians whom they will elect to office, long before these men and women have even become publicly known.

    This is further proof of what investigative journalist Mike Ruppert once said, regarding the Democrats and the Republicans; that both political organizations are essentially two different parts of the same snake - organized crime neatly packaged up for the American people's consumption.

    And used by the House of Rothschild to maintain control of the United States through their duplicity and complete deception of the American middle class.

    Jones also mentions legislation which was signed by George W. Bush during his tenure in the White House which will give future presidents of the United States total control of this country; bypassing the U.S. Congress altogether, while reducing the president of America to nothing but a dictator.

    Jones also discusses the Orwellian splitting up of the countries on this planet into three distinct groups; the European Union (which already exists), the North American Union (the merging of the United States, Mexico & Canada into one country), and the Asian Union; all three of which will be overseen by a global dictatorship controlled by the Rothschilds.

    Later in this documentary, Jones also discusses how the United States of America is already being divided up in the mid west, while Mexican companies are being given contracts to rebuild America's infrastructure for its New World Order inhabitants, while American construction companies are being forced to close their doors.

    There is no longer any doubt that the United States Federal Government is controlled by the House Of Rothschild through such secret organizations as the Bilderberg Group, and that the Federal Reserve System and its Internal Revenue Service "Bag Man," have for the past century been used to conduct a nefarious form of class warfare against America's middle class, while destroying our Constitutional rule of law, stealing our wealth, and gradually returning us to the very tyrannical state of indentured servitude, that our founding fathers were attempting to free themselves from in the 18Th Century - by breaking away from England and establishing the American colonies in the 18Th Century.

    Americans are right back to where we started in the 1700's, trying to free ourselves from the diabolical clutches of the House of Rothschild and the British Monarchy.

    Let's hope that we're more successful this time around, using the Internet and information age to learn lessons that we have failed to learn in the past in which to restore the American Constitutional Republic, while preventing history from once again, repeating itself.

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