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The House Of Rothschilds' Use Of The U.S. Military Intelligence Media Complex In Brainwashing The American People

  • The House Of Rothschilds' 18Th Century Plot In Which To Take Over The United States By Establishing One Of Their Communist Central Banks In America

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    The House Of Rothschild Has Their

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  • "Americans Target Of The Largest Media Brainwashing Campaign In History"

  • The Brainwashing Of The Average American

    This has become so typical under the Zionist controlled media in the United States, that even the most intelligent of Americans will ignore information that should be common sense to the entire population.

    For example, this author speaks with a Family member regarding the House of Rothschilds' covert takeover of the U.S. Treasury with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913.

    This treasonous legislation allowed for the creation of the Federal Reserve Communist central bank. The same year, the American people were told that the 16Th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was passed, when this legislation was never ratified by the three quarters of the U.S. States needed to make it a law.

    Secretary Of The Treasury under President Woodrow Wilson's Administrati0n, Philander Knox, blatantly lied to the American people when he stated that the 16Th Amendment was legal.

  • Author Bill Benson's "Law That Never Was" Is Proof That The 16Th Amendment Was Never Legally Ratified & Has Thus Been Applied Criminally In The Form Of An Illegal Tax On The American Workforce

  • The 16Th Amendment also allowed for an unconstitutional federal income tax to be levied on the American work force, through the creation of the private corporation known as the Internal Revenue Service. Since 1913 this treasonous fraud has been perpetrated by the House of Rothschild against the American people.

    This author then states to said Family member, that since the Federal Reserve System prints debt instead of actual money, hence the name reserve note (instead of bank note which denotes something of intrinsic value such as gold), that the Federal Reserve can print all of the Federal Reserve Notes it cares to, because its currency is fiat (counterfeit), instead of being based on something of intrinsic value.

    And this means that the Federal Reserve does not need the Federal Reserve Notes it collects from the American people via a federal income tax on their wages, fraudulently imposed by the Internal Revenue Service under the never legally ratified 16Th Amendment.

    Moreover, based on the findings of the Grace Commission, a blue ribbon panel created in the 1980's (at the request of President Ronald Reagan) in which to determine where all of the money collected by the U.S. Federal Government is spent, the Grace Commission found the following:

    That 100 percent of the federal income tax which Americans pay and are told is used to finance the daily operations of the U.S. Federal Government, is in fact instead paid back to the Federal Reserve System on the interest that the Fed charges to the U.S. Treasury for printing this fiat currency, and lending it to the U.S. Federal Government. This when the Treasury could be printing its own currency interest free, thus incurring no debt and eliminating the Federal Reserve System, while ending its furtive control over the American people.

    The Grace Commission found that not one cent of the federal income tax is used to operate the U.S. Federal Government.

    The U.S. Congress has lied to the American people, as have the Federal Reserve System and Internal Revenue Service, in regard to where the federal income tax really goes.

    So why are Americans forced to pay a federal tax on their wages if it is not being used to finance the U.S. Federal Government?

    The only logical answer is that the federal income tax is being used by the Rothschilds and their Zionist elite, as a form of class warfare against the American middle class, who are unable to avail themselves of the types of tax loopholes that the elite class takes advantage of in which to oftentimes avoid paying taxes altogether -- or what the Internal Revenue Service refers to as "tax avoidance." This as opposed to tax evasion which the IRS prosecutes. The IRS is setup to allow the rich to profit through tax avoidance, while punishing the middle class by denying them any loopholes in which to take advantage of the IRS' tax avoidance system.

    The federal income tax has prevented the American middle class from establishing any real wealth of their own and has instead been used to gradually reduce this class to a state of serfdom.

    The most disturbing part in all this is that through its use of the U.S. Media in which to brainwash the American people, the Federal Reserve System has managed to convince Americans that its worthless paper fiat notes are in fact worth something of intrinsic value, when in reality they aren't.

    The American people (as well as those citizens of all countries with Rothschild central banks) have been duped into believing that Federal Reserve Notes are a legitimate form of currency which can be used to purchase goods and services.

    And this enormous deception is the only reason why the entire economic system on this planet has not yet collapsed under this precedent setting financial scheme.

    Moreover, once the American people collectively understand that the Federal Reserve's fiat currency has been used to enforce a secretive form of class warfare against them, they will refuse to acknowledge the Federal Reserve Note as anything but a form of counterfeited currency, used to replace the American gold bullion which the Federal Reserve cleverly stole from the American people under the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, and Gold Confiscation Act of 1933.

    To illustrate how effective the Federal Reserve System's brainwashing has been on the American work force, the Family member whom this author was describing this to merely stated that this country needs the money, so the Internal Revenue Service's federal income tax will have to remain.

    Why did all of this information not "register" with this person?

    This Family member is a very intelligent person who must clearly understand that if the Federal Reserve is counterfeiting its currency, it can print all of the fiat notes it requires, without having to place an unconstitutional tax on the wages of the American work force.

    However, this person has become, like the tens of millions of other Americans in the now dwindling U.S. work force, completely brainwashed by the Federal Reserve System and its control over the media system in the United States. This Family member also states that those who are posting blogs describing the Orwellian crimes they are being subjugated to under this Zionist police state ( such as this author's blog) are going to get themselves in trouble.

    These government rat bastards have wantonly denied us our inherent rights as American citizens, while using us for non consensual human experimentation, and subjecting us to vicious psychological warfare programming which is intended to force us to such a state of desperation that we commit suicide.

    Something this author has no intention of ever doing.

    And this Family member states that we are going to get into trouble?

    Said Family member is clearly brainwashed and never identifies specifics here. However, the threat of a government crack down against those citizens who are documenting the crimes that this government continues to perpetrate against us is a clear sign that our Constitutional rule of law has been completely disregarded.

    In other words, the latest angle which these government criminals are attempting to play is in denying that they are committing these crimes against us, while accusing us of fabricating information against them.

    This is the consummate sign of a dictatorship which masquerades as a democracy, when these so called legislators would allow for such crimes as well as the covert demonization of our persons to take place, and then claim that no such crimes have occurred. This while attempting to criminalize the 1St Amendment when we use our right to freedom of speech in which to describe what these miscreants have and continue to subject us to.

    So is it any wonder why the Zionist controlled Congress in the United States now wants to give Barack Obama the power to shut down the Internet (and its powerful alternative media - the Blogosphere) under the pretense of protecting Americans from terrorism? Their real interest is to turn the Blogosphere into yet another source of the same type of controlled disinformation that the U.S. Media has become over the past sixty years, while destroying the 1St Amendment to the U.S. Bill of Rights for good.

    Total government control over the alternative media; the last venue for free expression on this planet. Another monopolistic conquest by the House of Rothschild if we let them get away with it; which we won't.

  • The Senate's Internet ‘Kill Switch’ Bill Will Give Barack Obama The Power To Shut Down The Internet For Four Months At A Time

  • Moreover, the denial by this Family member ( a good person whose life has also been badly damaged by the FBI), that the crimes this author reports on are taking place, is a further illustration that it has become inconvenient for people (even threatening to them) to use their minds in which to expose and solve such devastating problems, and that they are instead brainwashed into conveniently ignoring any controversial issues which adversely affect them. Their once fertile minds are being destroyed in what has become yet another of the House of Rothschilds' global crimes against humanity.

    What is perhaps most telling here is that the entire American population has been brainwashed into unwittingly laundering the Federal Reserve System's counterfeited currency in order to make legitimate purchases. And the merchants who sell these goods and services in the United States have also been duped into accepting this fiat currency in place of real money (gold and silver coinage).

    The same thing is true of the rest of the industrialized world, which has unwittingly played the role of money launderer for the House of Rothschild and its Communist central banks.

    However, over the past few years a precedent has been set by both Iran and Venezuela, since after years of accepting Federal Reserve Notes for the purchase of their oil, these countries no longer recognize the Federal Reserve Note as legal tender; something which will eventually have devastating consequences for the Rothschilds and their network of central banks.

    Once the rest of the industrialized nations follow suit (and they eventually will), they will refuse to accept Federal Reserve Notes as well, and the Rothschilds' U.S. Dollar will lose its position as the global reserve currency as it should have done long ago.

    However, the problem doesn't stop there.

    Since virtually all currency circulated around this planet from the Federal Reserve Note to the Euro is issued by a Rothschild Communist central bank and thus counterfeit in its origins, the only way in which to reinstate a monetary standard which will not suffer from inflation is for the global populous to go back on the gold standard.

    And in order to do so the House of Rothschild and its counterfeiting and money laundering practices must be condemned and its fiat currency abolished globally.

    All forms of currency must revert to the gold standard, whether it's the U.S. Dollar, European Euro, or any of the myriad other currencies used in exchange for goods and services sold both domestically and internationally.

    It's time for the House of Rothschild to give back the gold that it has stolen from this planet's citizenry.

    So when you go to buy that car or home you've always wanted, you'll be paying for them with gold; the paper you carry in your wallet will have no value, except to represent the gold that you have in your bank account - how our global monetary system used to work before the House of Rothschild destroyed it along with the value of our currency.

    -- James F. Marino

  • Read Eustace Mullins' "Secrets Of The Federal Reserve" To Learn More About The House Of Rothschilds' Patented Method For Taking Over Countries Whose Resources The Rothschilds Seek To Steal For Themselves, By Establishing Communist Central Banks (Like The Federal Reserve System) Which Are Then Used By The Rothschilds To Take Control Of A Country's Money Supply, Government And Economy - While Waging A Form Of Covert Class Warfare On That Country's Middle Class In Which To Steal Their Wealth - This Is The Best Book Ever Written On The House Of Rothschild, Its Communist Central Banks, & Its Global Counterfeiting/Money Laundering Operations
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