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Another Former Acquaintence Of This Author Is In Trouble With The Law - Has The FBI Been Illegally Spying On This Person For Years?

Is The FBI Spying On Former Acquaintences Of This Author?

First there was the unexpected retirement of a former physician of this author; a doctor who had fought for years and spent tens of thousands of dollars to successfully defend his medical practice against unjust claims of wrongdoing, who then quite suddenly closed his medical practice shortly after this author reported that this doctor had been used by the FBI as part of a COINTELPRO entrapment scheme which I have alleged the FBI has conducted against my person for decades.

Then there was a former cardiologist of this author's who now stands accused of placing a hidden camera in the changing room of a bathroom within his medical practice, which the police say was used to spy on patients undressing. This doctor maintains his innocence. Is he guilty of the allegations or was he setup in some type of entrapment scheme orchestrated by Intel?

Now, a former college professor of this author's who at present works as the "top aide to Westchester County board Chairman William Ryan" is being accused of misappropriating funds.

It must be noted here that the coincidence of former acquaintances of this author finding themselves under recent investigations is uncanny.

Especially when considering my allegations regarding collusion between the FBI and NSA that involve *illegally spying upon my person for decades, the result of an FBI agent who decided to use his position within the Bureau to violate my civil rights by committing myriad crimes under the color of law.

*As well as the NSA's use of my person for non consensual human experimentation (a modern day version of the CIA's MKUltra program being conducted by way of satellite).

This author must now wonder how many people with whom I have been acquainted in the past are presently under the type of illegal satellite surveillance that I have been subjugated to for decades. A scandal so immense, that Intel has been forced to wage an aggressive smear campaign against my person (replete with outrageous lies) in order to discredit my allegations, and a powerful indictment in regard to just how outrageous the spying being conducted by these domestic spy agencies within the Intel community is.

In a day and age where any person living within the United States can be unwittingly subjected to the remote neural monitoring of their brainwaves via a remote form of computer to brain interface (The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network), one can only imagine how many American citizens are being denied their Constitutionally protected rights, by being subjected to illegal interrogations via such spy satellite predation?

Conservatively speaking, there must be millions of Americans subjugated to such egregious satellite tracking & spying, while never knowing that virtually every move they make and every thought they have is being electronically vacuumed up by the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network for the purpose of extrapolation, while the inherent rights of these citizens is completely destroyed. This is an immense government criminal conspiracy against the American middle class.

This author must also now wonder if Mr. Gary Kriss has been under illegal NSA satellite surveillance for decades as the result of once being a college professor of this authors?

If the NSA has been spying upon me since around 1980 this is certainly possible, since I was still a college student at the time and taking courses being taught by this professor. I should also add that in this author's opinion, Kriss was an excellent professor who did not cater to his students, but instead taught them to rely on their own ability to research their interests and to report on this research in a professional manner.

He was not the type of professor whose course one would take to obtain an "easy A," but instead, one who would demand the best from his students, and nothing less. When I had spoken with a friend who had taken one of Kriss' advertising classes a semester earlier and asked how the course was, he said that Gary was an extremely tough professor and that most of the students had had a difficult time in earning more than a C+ in the course. In understanding this, this author made certain to follow Kriss' lectures very carefully in the three courses which I took with him, which resulted in earning two A's and a B+. I cite this simply to prove that Kriss was a very tough professor, however, fair to those students who understood his demanding expectations and who dedicated the requisite time needed in studying his course material.

The main issue that this author continues to focus upon regarding the Intel community in the United States involves the egregious violations of privacy that are supposed to be protected under the 4TH Amendment to the United States Bill Of Rights, which U.S. Intel agencies (including but not limited to like the NSA, CIA, FBI & DHS) are in the commission of violating in the most abject of ways. Americans cannot allow these federal agencies to continue to commit such outrageous violations of our privacy, without making these agents accountable for their actions. Such violations are an open provocation to Americans to defend their rights as citizens of this country, and to dissolve those agencies that do not operate within the parameters of the United States Constitution.

The intent of such agencies remains clear: to destroy our inherent rights as Americans by disregarding the very legislation which was created by our founding fathers in order to protect us from an overbearing government. Therefore, our agenda must be to enforce these inherent and inalienable rights and to hold accountable any agent operating within federal, state, or local government who willfully violates these rights under the color and cover of law.

Such agents are criminals who must be prosecuted. For such prosecutions will send a clear message to those agents who believe that they are above the U.S. Constitutional rule of law, that they will be held accountable for the crimes which they commit under the color of law, regardless of their excuses for having done so. Until such time as these rules of law are enforced, those of us who are exposing these *crimes will continue to be subjected to such egregious spying, slanderous smear campaigns, and torture via satellite deployed directed energy weapons, while our legislators take the easy way out by simply ignoring the crimes that these agencies continue to commit against us.

*Especially the crimes of satellite predation committed via Intelsat (including the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network) which include myriad forms of non consensual human experimentation.

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