Friday, May 27, 2016

O.J. Simpson Ties To The CIA And Drug Trafficking - Could The Murders Of Simpson's Wife Nicole Brown Simpson And Her Friend Ron Goldman Have Been Orchestrated By The CIA To Create A Race War? And Was O.J. Simpson Himself A Target Of The CIA's MK-Ultra Program?

The NSA's Use Of Psychotronic Mind Control Technology On Professional Athletes Is Extremely Disturbing, As Is The Use Of Directed Energy Weapons To Either Enhance Or Adversely Affect An Athlete's Performance - Psychotronics & Directed Energy Weapons Can Be Used To Manipulate The Outcome Of Any Sporting Event, Be It The America's Cup, The Triple Crown, or Wimbledon, For The Purpose Of Winning A Gambling Bet, Without Anyone (Except Those Using This Technology) Suspecting That This Technology Had Been Used - Least Of All The Athletes Whom The Technology Was Used On

Editor's Note: Is it possible that the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman by defendant O.J. Simpson, were orchestrated by the CIA? And that prior to these murders, Simpson was being used as part of a CIA drug trafficking operation in Los Angeles? Could Simpson, himself, have been a target of MK-Ultra?

Was OJ Simpson Tied Into CIA Drug Trafficking And Was The Murder Of His Wife Orchestrated By The Agency? Was Simpson Himself A Target Of MK-Ultra Mind Control And Was The Murder Of His Wife And Her Friend Ron Goldman Perpetrated By The CIA In The Interest Of Creating A Race War?

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