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FBI Behind The Eight Ball With Hillary Clinton Investigation/The Insanity Of Spending Two Billion To Put One Of Two Candidates In The White House, Both Of Whom Most Americans Dislike Intently

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Pentagon Media Propaganda Claims The Military Is Not Ready To Implement Directed Energy Weapons - I Guess The Pentagon Is Not Through Testing Directed Energy Weapons On American Citizens Yet, Before They Announce That These Weapons Are Ready For Military Use

"Spike In Small Plane Crashes Over Long Island Has Some Calling For Federal Intervention" - Were These Crashes The Result Of Signals Intelligence Or Directed Energy Weapon's Attacks On These Aircraft? If So, No Official FAA Investigation Will Ever Admit To This Even If They Determine It To Be True

It's Time To Abolish The Democratic And Republican Parties Since They Are Essentially A One Party System Under Rothschild Zionist Control

The Clinton Indictment Red Herring
When The FBI's Behind The Eight Ball

It appears that the $20 million in taxpayer dollars that the FBI has thus far spent in regard to its now infamous investigation of Hillary Clinton, has become a textbook illustration of the dangers of partisanship.

And moreover, why the Democratic and Republican parties have become nothing more than an ineffective fixture of Rothschild Zionism, and its attempt to undermine our once thriving Constitutional Republic, by replacing it with a corporation that continues to attempt to pass itself off as a legitimate form of government. One which should be expediently abolished.

FBI Director Comey, seems to have now found himself in a position of having to stonewall the American people, having likely been told by the head of the DOJ, that they will not indict Hillary Clinton no matter what evidence of malfeasance the FBI can produce in regard this carpet bagger.

So what is the FBI to do, when the Republican Party will not let up on Clinton, the Democratic Party will not indict her regardless of what she has done, and this investigation has created tremendous divisiveness within the Bureau itself?

It appears that the ad hoc solution that Comey and the Republicans have come up with, is to continue to drag out this investigation through November 2016, while constantly looking for more opportunities in which to dig dirt on the former Secretary Of State.

This is being done in an effort to maintain the negative publicity that the FBI has been able to thus far promulgate regarding Hillary.

In other words, if the Republicans can't prevent her from running for the Presidency, they can at least seriously damage her chances of winning the election by making sure that the FBI keeps its investigation open through November.

If Clinton loses to Donald Trump in November, then the Trump DOJ can allow the FBI to prosecute Hillary. That is unless Hillary has as much dirt on Trump and those who might attempt to prosecute her, as they have on her; which is a distinct possibility, given more than two decades in Washington politics, and how black mail is the stock in trade of both the Intelligence community as well as the U.S. body politic.

In this vein, one must wonder how many Clinton cronies the FBI will have investigated by the time November rolls around, and how many millions more dollars the FBI will add to the $20 million that it has thus far spent in this Republican fomented debacle?

Think about the irony here in which two of most corrupt presidential candidates in United States history - both of whom are intently disliked by the majority of the American people - are going to spend upwards of $2 billion dollars of other people's money on their quest to win the White House.

Did I say irony? What I meant to say was insanity.


In what may end up being the lowest voter turnout for a U.S. Presidential election in the past century, both presidential candidates are so unappealing, that American voters may simply refuse to go to the polls in November, as a protest to the lack of worthwhile candidates attempting to attain the highest political office in this country.

Hillary Clinton has (along with her husband) managed to avoid prosecution for a myriad of crimes she is alleged to have committed since her days at Arkansas' Rose Law Firm. And even the FBI does not seem to be able to prosecute her, for what the Bureau claims are a number of different crimes; not the least of which is using the Clinton Foundation as a slush fund to finance Bill and Hillary Clintons' lavish lifestyle.

*NBC News Poll Shows That Most Americans Don't Like Donald Trump Or Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump appears to have similar protections by the CIA, which through its furtive control of the U.S. media (Google: Operation Mockingbird), can stonewall any legitimate research done by investigative journalists, many of whom have already uncovered enough damaging information to keep both Trump and Clinton out of the White House.

So it would appear that in spite of the American people's complete disgust with Clinton and Trump, the Zionist banksters who secretly control Washington politics have now decided that either Trump or Clinton will be the next U.S. President.

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