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The Sudden Death Of Football Legend Frank Gifford Remains Shrouded In Mystery - His Untimely Death, His Wife Kathie Lee's Strange Behavior, And No Autopsy In Spite Of His Death Being Ruled By Natural Causes, In Conjunction With The Fact That Frank Was Reported To Be In Excellent Physical Health, Has The Makings Of A Directed Energy Induced Murder, Which Is Why The Mainstream Media Has Avoided Talking About A Situation Which Simply Does Not Make Any Logical Sense

Vanity Fair Article Regarding Organized Stalking Targets Actor Randy Quaid And His Wife Evi, Which Describes How The Couple Became Fugitives Who Fled To Canada, After Publicly Exposing A Hollywood Plot To Murder Wealthy Actors Who Fell Out Of Favor With Hollywood Studios, Which Then Found Creative Ways In Which To Collect Their Insurance Policies And Raid Their Estates

The Sudden Death Of Football Legend Frank Gifford
Why Rumors Of Foul Play Won't Go Away

Was Sports Legend Frank Gifford Secretly Murdered With A Directed Energy Weapon? And If So Why?

Frank Gifford's death was barely covered by the mainstream media, with some Websites simply referring to him as entertainer Kathie Lee Gifford's husband. However, after this author questioned if foul play may have taken place in regard to Gifford's death, other bloggers have begun to ask the same question.

Especially when we consider that Kathie Lee Gifford recently stated that her entire family was shocked at Frank's sudden death. Kathie Lee has since stated that Frank Gifford had received the best medical checkup that he'd had in nearly a decade, just prior to his death.

Entertainer, Regis Philbin, a former long time co-host with Kathie Lee Gifford on "Regis And Kathie Lee" has stated that he and his wife had had dinner with Frank and Kathie Lee just a week before he died, and that Frank was the picture of health.

So how is it that Frank Gifford, who was reported to be in excellent medical health, dies suddenly of what is reported to be of natural causes, yet, there is no autopsy performed on his body?

How can the media report that Frank Gifford died of natural causes, when there was no autopsy or forensic toxicological report to confirm this?

The fact that there was no funeral makes Gifford's death even more suspicious. It appears as if the goal here was to draw as little attention to Frank Gifford's unexpected passing as possible.

Moreover, not long ago Kathie Lee Gifford nearly left the Today Show due to a nasty falling out with the News President of NBC, Deborah Turness. And this could have resulted in a furtive message (Frank Gifford's being killed) being sent to her to either stay in line, or to face far more serious consequences in the future. *Specifically, that she and those around her could face the same wrath; including her children.

*Kathie Lee Ready To Walk From Today Show After Heated Battle With NBC President

There are many former actors, some of whom are very well known, who have accused *Hollywood executives of engineering the deaths of actors who for one reason or another fell out of favor with the film and TV industries; even going as far as saying that a number of these actors have been murdered through the use of directed energy weapons.

*Vanity Fair Article Regarding Organized Stalking Targets Actor Randy Quaid And His Wife Evi, Which Describes How The Couple Became Fugitives Who Fled To Canada, After Publicly Exposing A Hollywood Plot To Murder Wealthy Actors Who Fell Out Of Favor With Hollywood Studios, Which Then Found Creative Ways In Which To Collect Their Insurance Policies And Raid Their Estates

If an actor has a substance abuse problem, all this does is offer plausible denial in murdering them. It has long been this author's belief that actress *Brittany Murphy was murdered after having had a very public falling out with Warner Brothers' executives, having been fired from doing a voiceover role for the move Happy Feet II.

*Brittany Murphy's Husband Accuses Warner Brothers Of Killing Her

The fact that Murphy's husband, the late producer Simon Monjack, died only five months after Murphy, after publicly threatening to sue Warner Brothers in the wrongful death of Brittany Murphy, only makes their deaths more suspicious.

And the few articles in Hollywood controlled rags used to demonize Monjack, while attempting to portray both Murphy and himself as drug addicts, only further raises suspicion that there is a Hollywood cover up involved here.

And that it is directly related to the untimely deaths of Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack.

What is also of interest here is that the official causes of deaths for both Murphy and Monjack was related to the same strain of pneumonia.

Only further complicating matters is that Murphy's estranged father hired a private investigator to investigate his daughter's death, who later claimed that both Murphy and Monjack were killed with rat poison.

While speculation will continue in regard to the mysterious deaths of these two people, what is not in question is that Brittany Murphy died during a very contentious and public dispute with Warner Brothers, and that her husband died only five months after she did, shortly after publicly accusing Warner Brothers of killing Murphy, and threatening to sue them in her wrongful death.

With their deaths, Monjack's intent to sue Warner Brothers also died.

So if you are thinking that something just doesn't sound right in regard to the official explanation for Frank Gifford's sudden death, you're not alone. Especially if as this author suspects, Frank Gifford may have been killed with a directed energy weapon, as punishment to Kathie Lee Gifford, for challenging NBC management.

In post 9/11, we are living in a world where classified technologies that operate through the air (the electromagnetic spectrum) have made it possible for some extraordinarily evil people operating from within our own Intelligence community, to experiment upon, torture and even murder anyone, once the unique EMF signatures from their bodies have been decoded; and with complete anonymity and impunity from prosecution for these horrendous crimes.

Frank Gifford was also a *wealthy man in his own right, worth millions of dollars. That alone could have been reason enough for those who murdered him to do so, with the intent of raiding his estate. He may have also had a very lucrative insurance policy which was paid out to his family after he died.

*Celebritynetworth.com gives an estimated wealth for Frank Gifford of $18 million dollars.

And this is in no way intended to reflect on Gifford's family, since those who orchestrate these horrific crimes have a tendency to also systematically remove those who are next in line to inherit these large estates.

And this means that both Kathie Lee Gifford and her children (as well as Frank's children from prior marriages) may also be in danger, which is why I post this information here.

There are many oddities to this particular situation, including Kathie Lee Gifford saying that after Frank died she threw a party, because that is how Frank would have wanted it.

Does that sound like normal behavior for a woman who just lost her husband? Whatever happened to grieving?

If Frank Gifford was murdered with a directed energy weapon, then he was being tracked by remote means via the electromagnetic spectrum and the EMF fields produced by his own body. And this could also mean that Kathie Lee Gifford and her children are also being remotely monitored via signals intelligence satellite without their knowledge, and unwittingly subjected to the implantation of computer generated thoughts into their own minds.

This may sound outlandish, however, this phenomenon is presently being reported by millions of people from a myriad of different countries, who describe what it is like to have their thoughts remotely read (synthetic telepathy) as well as manipulated, while they are subjected to constant Orwellian vigilante types of sadistic harassment; crimes involving Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment campaigns, which are used for the purpose of driving the targets of these crimes to a state of mental instability, so that they will either commit suicide, or do something that will result in their incarceration.

In other words a conspiracy to remove them from society, while completely circumventing their inherent rights as American citizens.

- James F. Marino

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