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Access This Website From The Website And Choose The IXQuick Proxy Feature -- Directed Energy Microwave Weaponry & EEG Heterodyning Of The Human Mind -- Is Dr. Katherine Albrecht Being Targeted For Murder By Her Detractors In The RFID Industry? Is Albrecht An Unwitting Target Of EEG Heterodyning & Directed Energy Microwave Weaponry?

"SPYCHiPs" Co-Author Katherine Albrecht
Recovering From Cancer Treatment
Was This Cancer Caused By DEW Technology?

Are Her Detractors In The RFID Industry
Trying To Murder Dr. Katherine Albrecht 
Through The Covert Use Of  Directed Energy Weapons?
Author:  James F. Marino

Alternative journalist,  Mae Brussell, died from breast cancer after claiming that the U.S. Intelligence community was attempting to murder her. UFO researcher, Dr. Karla Turner, died from a fast spreading form of breast cancer after publicly stating that she was being threatened by operatives within the U.S. Military, to end her research. Eco-activist, Judi Bari, contracted and later died from breast cancer after the FBI's bombing of her automobile failed to kill her. Bari had been targeted by the FBI for a COINTELPRO operation prior to her death, and was in the process of suing the FBI when she died.

Were these courageous women given cancer after having been irradiated by a satellite deployed directed energy weapon? In this author's opinion this is exactly how these women were furtively murdered.

A few years ago,  after consumer  privacy rights' expert,  Katherine Albrecht, co-wrote the bestseller "SPYCHiPS,"   which has since caused her to be seen  by many as  the proverbial thorn in the side of the creators of Verichip and Digital Angel, Albrecht was  diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer.

Since that time,  Dr. Albrecht  has undergone a long and grueling treatment which has hopefully resulted in a complete remission from this cancer.

However, one must wonder given her persona as a champion of the right to consumer privacy and her public demonization of the RFID industry, if Albrecht - a prime candidate for being murdered in a plausibly deniable way if there ever was one -  has in the past been the target of signals intelligence satellite surveillance and  directed energy microwave weapons?

On her Website she is quoted as saying: "I had some pain around Christmas time. It felt like somebody was stabbing me in the chest with the tip of a pencil. I said that's kind of strange."

There are myriad targets of directed energy weapons' attacks who have stated that they feel sharp pricks to their skin, as if they are poked with the end of a sharp object such as a pin or pencil. In fact, this particular manifestation of  a microwave energy induced attack  is so common in targets of directed energy weaponry, that it has been included in a standardized list of electronic warfare manifestations that has been compiled from a survey taken from many targets of directed energy weaponry.

It is this author's opinion that Dr. Albrecht is  being covertly targeted for a "slow-kill" type of murder through the use of such electronic warfare technology, because of the work that she has done in exposing the secret agenda of the RFID industry - to ultimately get all Americans implanted with RFID chips.

What's more is that even though Albrecht is recovering from her treatment for cancer, if  she is in fact the target of repeated directed energy weapons' assaults without even realizing it, this may cause her cancer to return;  or even worse, to metastasize.

That is how insidious these EM weapons are, given their secretive use in both torturing and murdering people, while allowing those who perpetrate these crimes to do so with complete anonymity.

* Chemotherapy is very toxic and often deadly to cancer patients. It's unfortunate  that Albrecht did not travel to Germany or Mexico to do Laetrile therapy instead, which would have been a lot safer. However, she would have been criticized by the medical monopoly in the United States for endorsing quack medicine, when in fact it is this drug trust that endorses and practices their own dangerous medical quackery.

Over the past few years Albrecht has also become a well known broadcast personality on GCN (The Genesis Communications Network), speaking out against everything from the Federal Reserve System's counterfeiting and laundering of currency, to the clandestine intent of the New World Order, which has only served to further anger her detractors, including those  within the RFID industry.

Dr. Albrecht's expositions of RFID technology have caused this industry nothing but grief, not to mention a fortune in lost revenue from those would be customers who have since shied away from the technology, after it was proven that microchips which are implanted in the body can cause cancer.

There's also no question that while she has made many friends who are interested in learning more about the harmful effects of RFID technology,  Dr. Albrecht  has also made a myriad of very powerful enemies who have connections to those within the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, who have access to the types of directed energy microwave weapons that can be used to murder anyone via a weaponized  satellite.

Moreover, whistleblowers are regularly being murdered by way of such satellite deployed electronic warfare technology, while the public remains largely unaware that this technology even exists; much less that signals intelligence satellites which are utilized to target and track the human body by way of its unique electromagnetic signatures, can remotely lock onto that person's own EMF field in order to covertly perpetrate a directed energy weapon's attack against them.

Through the use of a technology known as *EEG heterodyning,  a person's brain can also be remotely interfaced with an artificial intelligence computer, which can then be used to remotely implant computer generated thoughts into their minds.  This  technology is a far more advanced version of synthetic telepathy than the fMRI brain scanning technology alleged to have been developed by Dr. Brian Farwell.   And it is EEG heterodyning of the human brain which the U.S. Military Intelligence complex is intent on using in the future, in order to undermine our judicial system,  while completely abrogating the American people's 5Th and 6Th Amendment rights to due process of law and trial by jury.

* Is Katherine Albrecht being subjected to the EEG heterodyning of the neural pathways within her own brain without realizing it?

If they have their way,  EEG heterodyning (through the air computer to brain interface)  will become the de facto method
 of determining an American citizen's guilt or innocence in a crime, regardless of how unconstitutional this technology is, or how flawed.

This *Orwellian crime against humanity is perpetrated through the U.S. federal government's furtive utilization  of a human brain mapping program, which has already been used to electromagnetically brain fingerprint the American people. 

Yet this is concealed from Americans under the cover of national security.  

* In April of 2013,  Barack Obama began publicly supporting  the idea of creating a federal brain mapping program under the guise that it could be used to study degenerative brain diseases such as Alzheimer's.  However, Obama's  notion is nothing but a red herring being used to conceal the existence of  a brain mapping program that was created in secret several decades ago, and which has since   been used as part of the U.S. federal government's   signals intelligence driven domestic spy program. 

An Orwellian  program which makes use of the unique EEG brain wave prints of Americans, and a Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, which is used to track us by way of these unique EMF signatures.

Given the adversity which she faces as one of America's best known and outspoken consumer privacy experts,   it would appear that Katherine Albrecht may now find herself  the unwitting target of such signals intelligence satellite predation.

In this author's opinion she became targeted for this satellite predation from the moment that the book she  co-authored, entitled:  "SPYCHiPS."  was published.

 From that time on  Dr. Albrecht has become a well known media personality.   Her appearance in  *Aaron Russo's documentary  "America: Freedom From Fascism"   was also viewed by millions of  American citizens who've seen this documentary on the Internet, making her even better known.

* The reader will also note how Aaron Russo became afflicted with terminal cancer after he produced "America: Freedom To Fascism"  and promulgated the conversations he was privy too with Nick Rockefeller - who told Aaron about the Rockefellers' intent to implant microchips in all American citizens, as part of the House of Rothschilds' agenda to create a world Communist government. It is reported that Aaron had been treated earlier for bladder cancer which was in remission. Could directed energy weaponry have been used to reactivate this cancer?

 As a target of MKULTRA who also admired the work that Aaron Russo was doing to expose Rothschild Zionism and its New World Order,  this author also finds it of interest that Aaron died on August 24Th, 2007 - my birthday.

Given what  I have experienced as a target of a second generation of the CIA's original MK-Ultra program (which is now conducted via the EMF spectrum) for decades and my first hand experiences as the target of such satellite predation,  I would be remiss if I did not voice my concerns in regard to  any person whom I believe might also be in danger as the result of this satellite predation.

And I do believe that  Katherine Albrecht  continues to be  unwittingly subjugated to such signals intelligence satellite predation, and that this predation was involved in causing the breast cancer which she has been afflicted with.   I publicize this in an attempt to prevent any further covert attacks on Dr. Albrecht.

*This signals intelligence predation can be directed at anyone via weaponized satellites, HAARP over the horizon radar, or GWEN and cellphone towers.

As such, if she is the target of such a furtive conspiracy, and I believe that she is,  then Dr. Albrecht will find herself being subjected to  the most egregious privacy rights' violations imaginable,  since this signals intelligence EMF scanning technology tracks us by our bodies' own unique EMF signatures, in the way that a heat seeking missile tracks an enemy aircraft.

As such, any part of the body can be remotely attacked via signals intelligence deployed microwave energy weapons, and any illness which a person may contract by natural means,  can be  artificially induced through the use of these classified weapons; weapons which are kept secret from the American people, under the  U.S. Inventions Secrecy Act of 1951.

For those of us targeted by this insidious system,  nothing is private. 

We have no physical privacy, nor do we have any privacy of thought.   The consequences of such an abject violation of someone's basic rights as a citizen of the United States are devastating.  And these concerns are now being voiced by thousands of Americans over the Internet, who publicly describe their own personal experiences, as targets of the Orwellian technocracy which the U.S. Military Intelligence complex has become.

The NSA's clandestine domestic spy operations  ( which includes the use of  both a brain mapping program and signals intelligence EMF scanning network -  to remotely interface their AI computers with the neural pathway of  the brain of any American citizen) are particularly disturbing. 

This is yet a further  illustration that since the treasonous passage of the Patriot Act in 2001, as part of the 9-11 false flag operation,  the U.S. Bill of Rights has been jettisoned from our legal infrastructure in the interest of expediting the destruction of the American middle class,  with the intent of incorporating the North American continent into a region of  Rothschild Zionism's world Communist government agenda.

As for Katherine Albrecht's conscientious research regarding RFID technology, what's that saying? Ah yes, no good deed goes unpunished.   Especially since Dr. Albrecht may now find herself the target of  privacy rights' violations that extend well beyond those which she has written  about in "SPYCHiPS."    The most abject of  privacy rights' violations being  perpetrated  by way of the type of dystopian society described by George Orwell in  "1984."  

Only far more invasive than even Orwell himself might have  imagined.

- James F. Marino

*** See:

"NSA personnel can dial up any individual in the country on the Signals Intelligence EMF scanning network and the NSA's computers will then pinpoint and track that person 24 hours-a-day. The NSA can pick out and track anyone in the U.S. NSA agents in remote offices can instantly identify (using ~ Remote Neural Monitoring Technology) any individual spotted in public who is in contact with surveillance subject."

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Editor's Note:

This author's Father  is starting a new prescription for an allergy.   At my recommendation he visited the local pharmacy today to show them the anti-seizure medication he is now forced to take as the result of a microwave energy attack to his brain,  which occurred this time last year.

 The CVS pharmacist whom he spoke with said that there should be no problems taking this medication.   It is unfortunate that we must take such precautions.

However, given the abjectly criminal ways in which the FBI and NSA are operating in regard to our persons,  it has become necessary to journal each day, so that we can  document that we are the targets of a federal conspiracy.    Any person targeted for such non consensual human experimentation must take certain precautions when taking medications, since  even if the medications are safe to take,  the federal agents who are subjecting them to signals intelligence satellite predation,  can exploit the person's use of the medication to attack them with a microwave energy weapon, using the plausible excuse that it was the medication that caused the reaction.

Directed energy weapons can also cause the blood vessels in the body to contract, which can result in a person's body temperature dropping noticeably,  which can result in the person suddenly experiencing hypothermia.   Dr. Robert Duncan has discussed this manifestation of microwave energy weapons on the human body, in some of the research he has published.  He has also described how directed energy weapons can be used to artificially cause
many illnesses in the body, including diabetes and cancer..

If  Dad has any negative experiences after taking this medication, such as heart palpitations or sudden chills,   I will be certain to document them here.    He is in much better physical condition than he was a year ago.   It is interesting to note this,  given that in December of 2012,  I began a daily journal to document these crimes, which gives the reader an indication of the outright psychopathology of the people perpetrating these crimes.

These weapons are deployed by way of the electromagnetic spectrum, and as such can be directed at any person, and any part of that person's body; including the human brain.    This is why I wrote the following article in regard to Dr. Katherine Albrecht,  since I believe that there is a very strong possibility that she is being targeted by directed energy weaponry, as punishment for the work she has done in exposing  RFID technology for the dangers it represents.

   And it is entirely possible, that the breast cancer which Dr. Albrecht has been afflicted with,  was caused by a microwave energy weapon.  If she is being targeted by these weapons,   then  the more people who know about this the better, since it may prevent those who seek to cause her any further harm from doing so.   This  will also focus more attention on the crimes being committed against American citizens by the U.S. federal government; especially when a person of some celebrity is being unwittingly attacked.   The objective here is to prevent the person from being harmed any further by these weapons and the federal psychopaths who use them against us..

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Editor's Note:

Editor's Note:    The FBI continues to remotely hack into this Website,  oftentimes  delaying access to the site for as much as an hour.  Even then,   once visitors  to this site attempt to access the myriad articles on this Website,   the FBI's psychopathic agents delay access to these articles,   in an attempt to prevent the visitors to this Website from reading them.

The FBI has also intentionally narrowed the bandwidth to this Website  so that the many videos which have been embedded to this Website will either not play properly,  or  play at all.

Moreover,  when this author cites movies that describe the use of CGI video morphing technology in order to clone a person's physical image  and then digitally animate it, the FBI has these videos removed from You Tube.

The latest of these videos is of a 1981 movie entitled  "Looker,"  whose theme involves the use of CGI video morphing technology to digitally clone and animate the images of actors,  news media personalities and politicians, in order to serve a political agenda. 

This author has accused the U.S. Military Intelligence complex of developing an advanced and highly sophisticated version of this technology,  which can be used to digitally animate the image of any American citizen for whatever reason this complex decides to.

Their counterintelligence operations come to mind here,   since they can use this technology to digitally clone and animate the image of any American citizen,  and then use the digitally created image of the person to portray them as a terrorist, given that the videos the government is promulgating of the person are completely faked through the use of  CGI video morphing technology.

It is also this author's opinion  that the FBI may very well be using CGI video morphing technology to clone and animate the images of American citizens who are the targets of COINTELPRO derived programs such as organized stalking and non consensual human experimentation, in an effort to demonize and dehumanize these people with the American public.

By doing so,  the FBI is completely circumventing the Constitutional rule of law; especially in its attempts to  abrogate the 4Th, 5Th and 6Th Amendments to the U.S. Bill of Rights.

What the FBI is engaged in here is the greatest cover up in American history.   An attempt to conceal from the American people that the CIA's MKULTRA mind control program of the 1950s has been resurrected, and is now being carried out within our communities through the EMF spectrum, and by way of signals intelligence satellite networks  and signals intelligence EMF scanning networks, like the one described by NSA whistle blower John St. Clair Akwei,  in his 1992 lawsuit against the U.S. National Security Agency.  Google: Akwei VS NSA for more on this precedent setting lawsuit.

This makes every American citizen a possible target of this Orwellian signals intelligence satellite predation,  since the U.S. Military Intelligence complex has secretly brain mapped and electromagnetically brain fingerprinted the entire U.S. population without their knowledge or consent.

Is it any wonder why the FBI  is conducting such vicious and slanderous smear campaigns against those of us who are exposing this scandal before millions of Americans?

However, as a federal agency,  you cannot deny an American citizen their Constitutional rights,  while fabricating information in regard to this person,  and confabulating stories which are then used to support the FBI's original fabrications, without the public eventually realizing that  not only is everything the FBI doing illegal, but even more to the point, that there's something seriously wrong with the FBI, as well as the U.S. federal government itself.

And there most certainly is,  given this government's  covert use of a  signals intelligence driven domestic spy program which is being furtively used to enslave each American citizen, by secretly cataloging their bodies' unique EMF signatures into a central government computer database,  which is then used as part of an illegal national brain mapping program.

And this author is the first person in American history to publicly accuse the U.S. federal government of attempting to electromagnetically enslave the American people,  through the theft of each American's  unique EMF brainwave print, which is then incorporated into a government central computer database, as part of an Orwellian signals intelligence driven domestic spy program.

Our body's EMF signatures have become a form of electromagnetic DNA which the U.S. Military Intelligence complex can use to track us via a signals intelligence EMF scanning network.   According to NSA whistleblower John St. Clair Akwei,  since the early 1980s  the U.S. National Security Agency has been using a Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network to instantly identify and remotely track any American citizen, by way of their body's own unique EMF signatures - including that person's unique brain wave print.  

Akwei has also stated that the NSA can use this SIGNIT EMF Scanning Network to interface the Agency's artificial intelligence computers with the neural pathways of any American citizen's brain,  for the purpose of remotely scanning that person's subvocalized thoughts.   Akwei  has stated that this SIGNIT EMF Scanning Network can also be used to remotely implant thoughts into an unwitting targeted subject's own mind.

This author can personally corroborate John St. Clair Akwei's claim, based on my experiences as a target of MKULTRA, and the EEG heterodyning (remote neural monitoring) of my own brain waves.  And this also serves as a further indication that the U.S. federal government has secretly implemented a national brain mapping program, which is being used to decode and store the brain maps of each American citizen, as part of a furtive and Orwellian program which is being used to enslave the American middle class.

This is the scandal that the U.S. federal government continues to cover up,  knowing that if the American people ever collectively learn of this horrible truth, that it will result in the abolition of the current government in Washington D.C.

And in an attempt to conceal this enormous scandal from the American people,  these so called federal agents are quite literally,  completely ignoring the rule of law in this country as they commit their atrocities against humanity, while conveniently making up their own rules as they go.

Instead of admitting to this atrocity,  they are instead involved in attempting to discredit those of us who are promulgating this information, in an effort to alert the general population in the United States to what is occurring right under their own collective nose; while the Intel community continues its attempts to demonize, dehumanize and ridicule our persons, by completely abrogating the Constitutional rule , as it applies to their violations of our civil rights, in an effort to cover up this hidden evil within the government itself.

However, there is simply too much at stake here to allow these federal criminals to destroy an entire nation of people under the pretense of protecting Americans from a terrorist threat,  when it is our own subverted and evil government that's become the terrorist.

And all of the FBI's smear campaigns and electronic hackings of our Websites is never going to change this fact, any more that these agents will be able to exculpate themselves from aiding and abetting these horrific crimes against the American people; crimes that continue to take place under the guise of the post 9-11 false flag war on terror.

The American people must awaken from this brainwashed matrix which they are presently living in, and be made to realize that we have been taken from within, by an enemy that has subverted our own government, in the interest of destroying our country and her people.

And that is exactly what they will continue doing unless we use our Constitutional rights as citizens of this once great nation, to resurrect our Constitutional Republic and to enforce it against any person or government agent who willfully commits acts of treason against the American citizenry.

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"NSA personnel can dial up any individual in the country on the Signals Intelligence EMF scanning network and the NSA's computers will then pinpoint and track that person 24 hours-a-day. The NSA can pick out and track anyone in the U.S. NSA agents in remote offices can instantly identify (using ~ Remote Neural Monitoring Technology) any individual spotted in public who is in contact with surveillance subject."

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