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Dr. Robert Duncan Interviewed On Coast To Coast - Why Doesn't So Called "Patriot" Alex Jones Interview Robert Duncan? Because If Jones Did, His Program Would Be Sabotaged The Way That Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory Program Has, Since The Former Minnesota Governor Did An Episode On Mind Control Weapons Entitled "The Brain Invaders"

Since Former Governor Jesse Ventura Interviewed Targets Of Mind Control Weapons In An Episode Of Conspiracy Theory Called "The Brain Invaders" His TV Show Has Been Sabotaged - Is Ventura Himself Now A Targeted Individual? If So, Is Ventura Being Targeted Because He Is The Only Person Within The Mainstream Media Who Has Tried To Expose The U.S. Military Intelligence Complexes' Nazi Ideals (Via Project Paperclip) And Use Of Electronic Warfare Technology On American Citizens?

Dr. Robert Duncan Interview Regarding Directed Energy Weapons And EEG Heterodyning Technology And Its Use In Controlling Your Thoughts By Remote Means

Editor's Note:The following article has been reprinted from an earlier post regarding the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' use of American media personalities for a second generation of MKUltra, which takes place by way of the electromagnetic spectrum, and involves the use of a technology known as EEG Heterodyning to interface artificial intelligence computers with their own unique brainwaves.

Texas Rangers' Announcer Dave Barnett - Is He The Latest Media Personality Used For Mind Control Experimentation?

American TV Reporters And Politicians
Being Used For Mind Control Experimentation
During Live Broadcasts
Author - James F. Marino

In the above video is radio announcer, Dave Barnett, being subjected to the EEG heterodyning of his brain, while announcing a Texas Rangers' game?

Barnett is the latest media personality to suddenly have an on air episode of speaking incoherently, in what appears to be yet another instance of mind control experimentation via the EMF spectrum.

Specifically, a form of remotely accessing the brain of any person using a technology known as EEG Heterodyning.

EEG Heterodying involves the remote interfacing of an artificial intelligence computer with the brain of any person through their own unique brainwave print.

Such remote "electronic hacking" of the brain will oftentimes adversely affect the targeted person's normal brain function.

EEG Heterodyning can also be used to steal a person's thoughts and to then catalogue these thoughts into a government computer database. Once this occurs, these thoughts can be cloned and later implanted into another person's mind.

This is nothing less than a ressurrected and advanced version of the CIA's MKULTRA mind control operation of the 1950's, which has now moved from the laboratory environment of the 1950's to our communities, homes, and minds - by way of the electromagnetic spectrum.

It would appear based on the testimony of several former goverment employees who've now turned to whistleblowing, that there are many different organizations operating within the U.S. Military Intelligence complex that are illegally using these "mind control weapons" on American citizens.

Sportscaster, Dave Barnett, was broadcasting a Texas Rangers' game earlier in the week when he began speaking incoherently. Barnett claims to suffer from migraines, which is being used as the cover story for several situations in which TV personalities have suddenly begun to speak erratically while on live TV.

Another cover story is that some of these people had seizures, as in the case of TV reporter Sarah Carlson.

However, the fact that this phenomenon has occurred with at least 20 newscasters who appear fine one minute only to then start speaking incoherently the next, is far too coincidental to ignore.

Especially since at least four of these situations occurred within a month or so of eachother in 2011, and that the Internet has now become a venue for thousands of accounts of such mind control experimentation by American citizens, as well as those citizens of many other nations - each of whose governments are members of NATO.

The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex Is Using EEG Heterodyning Technology To Ensure Their Control Over TV & Radio Broadcasters In The United States

The Internet Has Become Home To Thousands Of Websites Which Document Government Mind Control Experimentation On Americans, As Well As Those Citizens Of Many Other Countries

The sudden brain dysfunction of Dave Barnett is the sixth incident that this writer has documented in regard to this phenomenon in less than a year.

Given that these attacks are taking place on live TV, one must wonder if all reporters are being remotely EEG Heterodyned by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, as part of a clandestine mind control experimentation program, which would represent a modern day version of the CIA's MKULTRA program that was initiated in the 1950's.

If so, then any TV or radio personality can be instantly targeted for such a remote attack on their own brain, since the unique set of EMF frequencies for each person's brain (a brainwave print) has been catalogued within the NSA's computer database, and can be accessed through the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

According to Dr. Robert Duncan, there are similiar programs within the CIA and Pentagon which were implemented in the mid 1970's. Duncan has stated that a program known as TAMI (Thought Amplifier - Mind Interface) was secretly implemented against the American people in 1976.

Based on his explanation of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, in his 1992 civil action against the U.S. National Security Agency, John St. Clair Akwei has described similar technology to TAMI, in which EEG Heterodyning is used to remotely synchronize the NSA's artificial intelligence computers with the brainwave print of any American citizen, without that citizen's knowledge or consent.

This author has been the target of the NSA's illegal remote neural monitoring of my thoughts through the EEG Heterodyning of my person (by remotely accessing my brainwave print and synchronizing it with the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network) since the 1970's, while using this author as a target of a modern day version of MKULTRA.

The FBI/NSA slander campaign against this author is being used to conceal their non consensual human experimentation of my person from the American people.

For more on the NSA's use of EEG Heterodyning to remotely access the unique brainwave print of each American citizen, Google: John St. Clair Akwei VS The NSA. Also Google: The Matrix Deciphered by Dr. Robert Duncan.

The readers should also keep in mind that it is illegal for the NSA, CIA or Pentagon to spy on American citizens, even though these organizations have been doing so since their inception.

In regard to the NSA, this agency has been spying domestically since 1952, as the result of the UK/USA Treaty. This clandestine agreement was created in the late 1940's and has enabled the NSA to circumvent its own charter by using the British Intelligence community to spy on the United States, while the NSA spied on Great Britain.

Then the organizations would simply exchange their information, while violating the Constitutional rights of their own citizenry.

The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network has taken this crime to an entirely new level, through the Agency's furtive brainscanning of American citizens, via the use of EEG Heterodyning technology, and a secretly implemented national EMF fingerprinting network.

According to NSA whistleblower John St. Clair Akwei, the NSA has been deploying its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network against the American people since the early 1980's.

As for the timeline, in 1981, Ronald Reagan signed an Executive Order (12333) which gave unprecedented authority to the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, to spy domestically. Even though the Military is expressly prohibited from spying in the United States; as is the U.S. Intelligence community, with the exception of the Federal Bureau Of Investigation.

However, the FBI has never even had a legislative charter in which to operate in the United States, because the FBI was never created through the legislative process by the U.S. Congress as it by law must be, but instead was created by the Executive Branch of the Federal Government.

This offers further proof that the FBI was never created as a legitimate federal police force, but instead as a secret police force like the Stasi or KGB.

The FBI has also never investigated one of the myriad complaints by American citizens involving the organized stalking crimes these people have been subjected to, nor has the FBI ever investigated any complaints relating to the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' use of EEG Heterodyning on these citizens, regarding their use in a modern day version of MKULTRA mind control experimentation.

"Rangers Broadcaster Barnett OK After Bizarre On-Air Moment"

Also See:

Dr. Rauni Kilde, A Target Of EEG Heterodyning Computer To Brain Interface - In This Video Kilde Talks About The Swedish Government's Use Of Many Of Its Own Citizens As Unwitting Mind Control Experimentees

American TV Reporters Are Being EEG Heterodyned Via Signals Intelligence Satellites And Phased Radar Arrays

The following are several videos which show American reporters in the midst of a TV broadcast, when they suddenly start speaking non sensically.

There have been other instances as well, including TV reporters from other countries experiencing similar difficulties, which appear to be caused by the EEG Heterodyning of their brains. EEG Heterodyning occurs when an artificial intelligence computer is synchronized with the specific frequencies (brainwave print) of a person's brain. The computer is then used to access the person's subvocalized thoughts without their knowledge or consent.

This author has also included a video of former President Bill Clinton just moments before he speaks on national television. Clinton is in an obvious trance, as is a reporter in the video following Clinton's. Robin Meade is shown in a trance while on a live television broadcast, only to awaken from the trance to realize that she is on live TV.

Can you imagine Barack Obama suddenly speaking complete gibberish in the midst of a national TV address? It could happen, since Obama's brainwave print can be accessed in just the way that the media personalities' brainwave prints have been accessed in the videos on this Website.

This should give you a real warm feeling about whoever is heading up the White House, given their own vulnerability to the predators within the U.S. Military Intelligence complex who secretly use this EEG Heterodyning technology on a largely unwitting American public.

To quote Dr. Robert Duncan: "Your Brain Has No Firewall."

This means that once it has been breached and the unique frequencies of your brainwave print decoded, you are now an electronic slave of the U.S. Military-Intelligence complex, who can be subjected the EEG Heterodyning of your person at any time, without your knowledge or consent.

All American citizens are "electronic slaves" of the U.S. Military Intelligence complex."

I have also included a video in which Columbia University professor, David Buckner, is speaking with Glenn Beck in regard to how U.S. Treasuries have become toxic assets as the result of the 2008 sub prime mortgage collapse, when Buckner suddenly collapses while on live TV.

In this author's opinion, Buckner was targeted by a directed energy weapon, which caused him to faint. At the time that he was targeted, he was commenting negatively in regard to Wall Street and its deceptive practices.

Ironically enough, the media in the United States doesn't have to report on such mind control experimentation, since from the following videos, it's become evident they are being unwittingly used as non consensual human experimentees, in order to demonstrate EEG Heterodyning technology for our general population, through live television broadcasts.

Bill Clinton In A Trance Before National Address

Reporter Robin Meade In A Trance

David Buckner Hit By A Directed Energy Weapon
While Talking To Glenn Beck?

And since the only organizations in the United States who have access to the types of classified technology which can be used to adversely affect the human brain through the use of EEG Heterodyning technology reside within the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complex, there's no need to speculate as to who has the capability to remotely access a person's brain for such non consensual human experimentation.

We know that the U.S. Federal Government is responsible for these horrendous crimes, and that the politicians in the United States, as well as the mainstream media, will be used to conceal the truth about these weapons from the American people.

It would also appear that Judge Judy Sheindlin has also become a target of this remote experimentation on the human brain, after Sheindlin began to speak incoherently during the taping of an episode of her TV show, and was rushed to the hospital.

Is this evidence that the media is remotely brain-tapped via EEG Heterodyning? And if the media, the first line of disinformation for the New World Order is brain-tapped, then what about the politicians in our respective nations?

Are they EEG Heterodyned as well?

The seventh of the following videos describes the use of transcranial magnetic stimulation of the brain, which can be used to turn off certain areas of the brain. This technology can be deployed via the EEG Heterodyning of a person's brainwave print.

What U.S. Government programs are behind these atrocities? According to Dr. Robert Duncan, programs known as TAMI, SATAN and MIND.

Each of the next six videos shows a different TV reporter suddenly experiencing what can only be described as artificially induced brain dysfunction via the EEG Heterodyning of their own brainwave print.

In the first video, newscaster Sarah Carlson is seen speaking fine during a TV broadcast, only to begin speaking incoherently a short time later. The media was quick to state that Carlson is an epileptic and had a seizure during the program.

However, Carlson never fell out of her chair, nor did she convulse. Instead, she finished her incoherent rambling and appeared to be fine.

Had she actually been targeted by a microwave weapon, a seizure in her brain could have been remotely induced, as they were in the brain of this author's Father on at least two occasions.

Moreover, are we to believe that the other newscasters in the videos listed below were all having seizures on air?

Especially when each of these instances occurred within the span of a single month.

These reporters were clearly being used for some form of non consensual human experimentation.

The research discussed in the seventh video involves the use of wired technology to conduct transcranial magnetic stimulation of the brain.

However, there's no doubt that a wireless form of this technology deployed via satellite, can be used to furtively target any person by their brain's own unique set of bioelectric resonance/entrainment frequencies, just as the following reporters were.

This author is aware of this from my own experiences as a target of government mind control experimentation. The FBI, NSA and DHS are presently engaged in an illegal smear campaign against my person in regard to my writings as a target of non consensual human experimentation and EEG Heterodyning.

The FBI and DHS have been attempting to murder this author for the past decade, through a vicious psychological warfare campaign which was perpetrated in an effort to suicide my person, and which has ultimately failed.

As such, the smear campaign which these agents of Satan have since promulgated against my person and that is based on much outright slander, is the only method left (short of outright murder) in which to conceal these crimes from the U.S. population.

A population that is unwittingly being targeted by the very EMF weapons that this author writes about on this Website.

Also See: Are U.S. government microwave mind-control tests causing TV presenters' brains to melt down?

This furtive use of EEG Heterodyning - or what this author refers to as - through the air computer to brain interface technology on private citizens - no longer involves just isolated incidents.

There are literally thousands of people living within the United States, as well as thousands of citizens from other countries, describing their own experiences as targets of mind control experimentation.

And there are likely millions more who don't yet realize what's happened to them.

In the following instances in which TV reporters suddenly begin to speak incoherently while during a live broadcast, it's obvious that EEG Heterodyning and a remote form of transcranial magnetic stimulation of the brain was used to adversely affect certain areas of their brains.

One moment they are speaking fine, yet the next they are rambling incoherently.

One reporter, Sarah Carlson. sounds as if she is speaking in tongues, and from a version of the video which has been used to study the audio portion of what Carlson is saying, it appears that she may in fact have been speaking in tongues at the time.

But then again, EEG Heterodyning can be used to clone the thoughts of another person into your own brain, so it is possible to completely change an individual's personality by secretly using EEG Heterodyning to interface an artificial computer with that person's brainwave print.

From the accounts of many of the men and women targeted for remote thought reading - mind manipulation - they have reported similar types of manifestations, as subjects of non consensual human experimentation.

As a target of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network and the covert EEG Heterodyning of my brainwave print, this author has experienced such thought blanking, in addition to myriad other manifestations of computer to brain interface.

All of which the government will attempt to deny, while using furtive psychological warfare operations against my person in an attempt to drive me insane. And these psyop attacks are typical of the ways in which the government attempts to destroy the myriad men and women who are legitimate targets of EEG Heterodyning technology, and non consensual human experimentation.

This is without a doubt the best evidence that the U.S. Federal Government is driven by a Nazi ideology that is gradually being used to destroy the United States of America and her predominant middle class.

You can take this information and use it to educate yourselves, because as citizens of the global middle class, you are all EEG Heterodyned whether you realize it or not.

And you are all targets of the greatest conspiracy against humanity in the history of the human race - the electronic enslavement of your own mind, by a global world government with various regions that now serve the New World Order's agenda for a central government, a central religion (Zionism), and a central monetary system.

- James F. Marino

Target Of MKULTRA Since The 1970's

TV Reporter Sarah Carlson Suddenly Starts Speaking In Tongues?
Was She Remotely Brain Tapped?

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Another TV Personality Starts Speaking Erratically - She Didn't Suffer A Stroke Or Seizure Even Though Microwave Weapons Can Cause Both - She Was EEG Heterodyned

Foreign Reporter Jana Cermakova, Has Trouble Speaking During A TV Broadcast

Another Newscaster Subjected To EEG Heterodyning Memory Blanking

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Of The Brain Via EEG Heterodyning Can Turn Off Certain Areas Of Your Brain As Has Been Shown In The Case Of Several TV Personalities Who Began Speaking Gibberish For No Apparent Reason

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