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Flying Objects Instantly Changing Direction In The Skies Above Us - Are They Manmade Satellites Utilizing UFO Technology?

1913 Conversation In Which Colonel Edward Mandel House (Creator Of The Notorious Council On Foreign Relations), Confides In President Woodrow Wilson, How The Federal Reserve Act Will Be Used To Enslave The American People, While Reducing Them To The Status Of Serfs In A Furtively Created Feudal System

Is The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex
Using Advanced UFO Technology In Its Spy Satellites?

Written By James F. Marino

Around 2005, this author saw an anomaly very similar to that of another person, whose description I have listed at the end of this article.

I was looking skywards after it had become dark outside, and noticed what appeared to be a star that was moving. I was able to gauge its movement by using the outline of the trees in my backyard. The sky was clear at the time.

After traveling for about 15 - 20 seconds, the object stopped, and reversed in the direction that it had come. It then stopped again in roughly the area that I had first seen it begin to move. A short time later, cloud cover moved in and I lost sight of the object. At the time I was wondering if it was a man-made satellite. However, to my knowledge these satellites cannot change direction.

At least that is what we've been told. I say this cynically given the lies that the U.S. Federal Government AKA The United States corporation has been telling us for the past hundred and forty years. It was in 1871 that our American Constitutional Republic became this corporation (America has not been a country since then). From 1871 on, the American people have been legally defined as chattel - unwitting subjects of the British Monarchy - serfs - slaves.

And the fact that the National Security Agency has been used to secretly implement a national brain fingerprinting program against the American people, leads this author to believe that there is no act, in fact, no crime, which the U.S. Corporation will not commit against the American citizenry.

The British Monarchy's control over the educational system in the United States via the Rockefeller Foundation, has Americans referring to themselves as human beings, thinking that this terminology is a good thing. However, under British law, a human being is considered to be just like a corporation - a non person who has no sovereignty of their own.

The American people don't know this, nor do they have any idea that the proper term for a person under our national or organic Constitutional Republic should be a natural person - one who maintains their own sovereignty.

Moreover, how many of you realize that there are two American flags?

A military flag for use in a time of war, and a civil flag for use in a time of peace.

So why is it that during our lifetime, the U.S. Flag that we fly is the one flown in a time of war?

Because under British Admiralty law, the law which governs the American people under the U.S. Corporation, the President of the United States is considered to be the Commander-In-Chief, and each American citizen is considered to be an enemy of the United States corporation.

In other words, because the American people are considered to be an enemy of the British Monarchy's U.S. Corporation, the United States has operated as though it has been in a time of war since the U.S. Corporation was created in 1871.

This means that the control center for the U.S. Corporation, Washington D.C., a 10 square mile area known as the District Of Columbia, has been operating as though the United States has been in a continuous war since 1871, even though we have not. This is to maintain the war time powers that the U.S. Corporation has criminally passed into legislation, in order to deny the American people their inherent rights as members of the Constitutional Republic on which America was founded.

This is just one of myriad horrors that you will find if you research how the British Monarchy, House of Rothschild and the Vatican (which is controlled by the House Of Rothschild) fomented a plot to destroy America, using some very clever lawyers and bankers, who by drafting the most despicable legislation imaginable, infiltrated America and her people from within their own borders, and quietly stole their country right out from under them.

And in doing so they destroyed our freedom and our Constitutional Republic, and made us into unwitting subjects of the British Monarchy. Still worse, is that the American people have become so badly brainwashed through the British Monarchy's propaganda machine - the U.S. media - that few even understand that they have been reduced to the status of serfs.

And just as bad, that our organic Constitution, and our Constitutional Republic - our real government and not the bogus corporation that presently exists in Washington D.C. - originated in and still belongs in Philadelphia; not Washington D.C.

The 1913 conversation between Colonel Edward Mandell House and President Woodrow Wilson, which can be read at the following hyperlink, describes how this takeover of the American Republic was completed with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act and the creation of the House of Rothschilds' Federal Reserve System Communist central bank.

The Federal Reserve Act was used as an adjunct to the Legislative Act of 1871, to create an unconstitutional system of taxation. This illegal system of taxation, which is also used as a form of class warfare against the American middle class, is secretly used to pay tribute to the British Monarchy. Specifically, the 1040 income tax return that Americans are tricked into filing each year, is then used to steal part of their annual earnings, which is collected by the Internal Revenue Service, and then sent back to the Federal Reserve System, as payment on the interest which the Federal Reserve claims that the U.S. Treasury owes it for lending the Treasury the Federal Reserve's counterfeited Reserve Notes. In this way, the British Monarchy maintains control of the American economy, while using the U.S. Treasury, which is also controlled by the British Monarchy through the Federal Reserve System, to launder Federal Reserve Notes through the U.S. economy.

You can read more about this here:

1913 Conversation In Which Colonel Edward Mandel House (Creator Of The Notorious Council On Foreign Relations), Confides In President Woodrow Wilson, How The Federal Reserve Act Will Be Used To Enslave The American People, While Reducing Them To The Status Of Serfs In A Furtively Created Feudal System

As for the strange behavior of what appear to be man made satellites, and based on the following account by someone else who has observed this anomalous behavior, perhaps the U.S. Military Intelligence complex is now applying UFO reverse engineering to its spy satellites in order to give them more manoeuvrability. This would explain how they are able to instantly change direction. If not, what I saw must have been a UFO.

Moreover, do you really believe what the American media tells us about the purposes for the space shuttles which are sent into outer space, or what the international space station is really being used for? Dollars to donuts, you can bet they are being used for some nefarious conspiracy against the global middle class, as part of a furtive genocidal plot to exterminate us.

As for those who state that conspiracy theorists are just being paranoid, remember the saying: "Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not out to get you."

- James F. Marino

*Another person documents a similar situation regarding the instantaneous changing of direction regarding what appeared at the time to be a man made satellite:

Can satellites change direction?

"Saturday night we watched two satellites follow one another south to north. Not too unusual, but a little. We're in N. Michigan. I am a very experienced watcher of satellites, but I've never seen this: The second satellite slowed, stopped and began to travel due east. Is this possible?"

Additional Details

"Without any question it was not an airplane. Nor do I in anyway believe in flying saucers. It was a satellite, so there is now a satellite that can do what I saw. There simply is no other logical explanation."

Also See:

  • Wikipedia Information On Man made Satellites - How Can A Satellite Traveling At More Than 1500 Miles Per Hour Instantly Change Its Direction, At Times Even Reversing? What Is The Government Up To Now?

  • What Has The U.S. Federal Government Wrought In Its Decades of Covering Up The Existence of Unidentified Flying Objects & Extraterrestrial Biological Entities

  • The following post from the Website describes another situation in which someone witnessed what appeared to be a satellite instantly change its direction.

    Originally posted by dsm1664
    "I pointed out a 'satellite' to my friends. I watched it for 10-15 seconds travelling as you would expect. It then goes off at a 90 degree (ish, sorry, no protractor to hand!) angle at the same speed. Instant turn, no deceleration."

    "Dsm1664, interesting report mate and I witnessed something similar over Valencia last year - I have no idea what the object could have been but apparently the '90 degree turn' reports go back quite a bit - here are some from the Bluebook files:

    Project Bluebook unexplained UFO cases - right angle turn reports."

    May 1, 1952, George AFB, California. 10:50 a.m:

    "Witnesses: three men on the arms range, plus one Lt. Colonel 4 miles away. Five flat-white discs about the diameter of a C-47's wingspan (95') flew fast, made a 90degrees turn in a formation of three in front and two behind, and darted around, for 15-30 seconds."

    Sept. 15, 1968, near Ocala, Florida. 9:30 p.m:

    "Witness: missionary pilot Jay Cole, flying a Beech C-45 twin-engined utility plane. One light performed aerobatics for 15 minutes and then vanished. A second light appeared, heading toward them on a collision course, made a 90* turn and disappeared. Later, ground radar told them a target was following them. Sightings lasted 15 minutes."

    July 21, 1952, Converse, Texas. 4:30 p.m:

    "Witness: wife of USAF Capt. J. B. Neal. One elongated, fuselage-shaped object flew straight and level, made a right-angle turn and went out of sight at more than 300 m.p.h., all in 3-5 seconds."

    Nov. 13, 1952, Glasgow, Montana. 2:43 a.m:

    "Witness: U.S. Weather Bureau observer Earl Oksendahl. Five oval-shaped objects, with lights all around them, flew in a V-formation for about 20 seconds. Each object seemed to be changing position vertically by climbing or diving as if to hold formation. Formation came from the northwest, made a 90* overhead, and flew away to the southwest."

    Nov. 24, 1952, Annandale, Virginia. 6:30 p.m:

    "Witness: Lt. L. Brettner. One round, glowing object flew very fast, made right angle turns and reversed course during a 1 hour sighting."

    July 12, 1952, Annapolis, Maryland. 3:30 p.m:

    "Witness: insurance company president William Washburn. Four large, elliptical-shaped objects were seen to fly very fast, stop, turn 90* and fly away in 7-8 seconds."

    July 13, 1950, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. 5 p.m:

    "Witnesses: two skilled Arsenal employees including Mr. Washburn. one object, shaped like a bowtie, and like polished aluminum. Flew straight and level, then one triangle rotated 1/4 turn in the opposite direction and returned to its original position. The object then made a right-angle turn and accelerated away after at least 30 seconds."

    Jan. 10, 1953, Sonoma, California. 3:45 p.m or 4 p.m:

    "Witnesses: retired Col. Robert McNab, and Mr. Hunter of the Federal Security Agency. One flat object, like a pinhead, made three 360* right turns in 9 seconds, made abrupt 90* turns to the right and left, stopped, accelerated to original speed and finally flew out of sight vertically after 60-75 seconds."

    May 11, 1954, Washington, D.C. 10:45 p.m:

    "Witnesses: three USAF.air policemen at Washington National Airport. Two bright lights were seen on three occasions to fly straight and level, make 90* turns and fade. Each sighting lasted about 45 seconds."

    Feb. 27, 1967, Grand Haven, Michigan. 8:19 p.m:

    "Witnesses: Sheriff Grysen, wife and others. Large white light, with smaller red and green lights seen to the sides. Made almost instantaneous 90degrees turn to left, shot out over road and stopped, moving too fast to follow. Sighting lasted 1 hour, 11 minutes."


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