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Three Coins In The Sewer - How The Department Of Justice, FBI & IRS Have Conspired To Defraud The American Middle Class Of Their Wealth

"The most powerful weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed"

-- Steven Biko

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Irwin Schiff - Author Of "The Federal Mafia"

Censured By A U.S. Judge

Written By James F. Marino

In 1977 Irwin Schiff wrote a book entitled, "The Biggest Con: How the Government Is Fleecing You," which described how the IRS was imposing the federal income tax illegally. At the time, Schiff's work received instant praise from the U.S. media, and Schiff quickly became a well respected voice in the tax honesty movement. During the 1980's Schiff would write several other popular books with the same theme.

How times have changed since the 1980's, when the NSA first implemented it Signals Intelligence EMF brain scanning network, the American people became unwittingly brain fingerprinted by the U.S. Federal Government, and the House of Rothschild began its final march towards making the United States part of its world government agenda, while decimating the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

Today, writing a book like this will not only get you censured by a federal judge who is used to cover up for the Federal Reserve - IRS fraud, it may also earn you prison time.

Irwin Schiff is presently serving a 13 year sentence in prison relating to tax evasion, and is due to be released in 2016. From the latest accounts, he is also being tortured in prison, oftentimes shackled, and denied the basic necessities in life, such as toothpaste.

While in prison Irwin has written another excellent book regarding the IRS tax fraud, entitled "The Federal Mafia," which became so popular that a judge ordered Schiff to stop selling the book.

Irwin is just one of many people within the tax honesty movement who've been attacked by the U.S. Federal Government, because they told the American people a truth that implicates this government in serious and treasonous crimes against the American citizenry.

Specifically, how the IRS is imposing the federal income tax without the legal authority to do so, while imprisoning American citizens for a non crime; failing to file a 1040 income tax return.

When you realize just how outrageous the Federal Reserve/IRS conspiracy against the American people is, it becomes impossible not to expose this crime, just as it has become impossible for this author to remain silent regarding the NSA's brain fingerprinting of the American people, and the agency's use of and torture of my person for the express purpose of non consensual human experimentation.

And even though the FBI and NSA have made the lives of this author's Family, as well as my own a living a nightmare, the situation would be far worse if I actually remained silent in regard to this atrocity that the NSA has been committing against the American citizenry since the 1980's.

Moreover, the fact that the FBI has been used to conduct an absolutely vicious and illegal psychological warfare operation against this author (as well as illegal smear campaign), even though the FBI has no authority to investigate my person and never has, and instead has elected to continue what can only be described as an insane attempt to cover up this brain fingerprinting program, serves as further evidence that the U.S. Intelligence community is guilty of brain fingerprinting the American citizenry, and will murder, by whatever plausible means necessary, any person who exposes this high crime of treason.

As far as I am concerned the FBI's attempt to utilize psychological warfare in order to force a person to commit suicide, is tantamount to the attempted murder of that person. And the FBI's slanderous campaigns are used to cover up crimes which the Bureau cannot answer for in a court of law. Especially when suborning of witness perjury would be involved in such cover ups. And suborning of witness perjury would most certainly be involved regarding any so called witness that the FBI would attempt to pony up against this author. Especially when taking into consideration my allegations regarding the FBI and NSA.

The Internet has become inundated with testimony by victims of the NSA's Signals Intelligence technology; those Americans whose calls and letters to their politicians regarding these crimes have been completely ignored; those citizens whose lawsuits against the Intelligence community for perpetrating these crimes against them, have also been ignored.

Irwin Schiff must understand this egregious violation of one's Constitutional rights as well as any American citizen, given that his thriving business of exposing the IRS for its fraudulent operations, was literally stolen from him, by preventing Schiff from selling educational books which he took his own time to research and write.

It is also ironic that a man with the same last name as the one who was largely responsible for the passage of the treasonous Federal Reserve Act, Jacob Schiff, the House of Rothschilds' United States representative during the early 20Th Century, should be attempting to right the wrongs done to Americans by the House of Rothschild, while being denied his Constitutional right to enter as evidence documentation which proves that the IRS is operating illegally.

A situation similar to that of tax protesters Ed and Elaine Brown, who were denied due process when a judge refused to enter into evidence, documentation which could have exonerated both Browns.

The federal government stole everything the Browns' owned, including their home and Elaine's medical office; both Ed and Elaine are presently serving long prison stretches for committing a non crime.

As for Irwin Schiff, his book "The Federal Mafia," is tremendously helpful to Americans in alerting them to the fact that the Internal Revenue Service does not now, nor has it ever had the authority to impose the federal income tax on the American workforce. Schiff has revisited this disturbing truth in recent years, having written this book while serving his prison term.

* The IRS began stating that the 16Th Amendment authorized it to impose the federal income tax, after the We The People Foundation tax honesty movement proved that Title 26 of the IRS tax code does not show any law which authorizes it to impose the federal income tax - something the IRS claimed Title 26 did. One must also wonder what changes the IRS is presently making in its recent updating of the IRS tax code? The American people should keep older copies of this tax code in the event that the IRS claims that it has suddenly found the passage within the IRS tax code which makes the income tax legal!

At this point the IRS is desperate enough to try something this outrageous, as the Obama Administration did with its sudden alleged discovery and murder of Osama Bin Ladin, and then the disposal of his remains into the ocean. These government miscreants must truly believe that the American people are morons who will accept whatever lies they tell us, and whatever crimes this government perpetrates against us.

Now that Judicial Watch has sued the Obama Administration in efforts to force it to show the photos which it claims of are of the U.S. Military's murder of Osama Bin Ladin (photos which are obvious fakes since Bin Ladin has been dead since 2001 from kidney failure), one must wonder what the Obama crime syndicate will do if a judge rules that they must release the photos of Bin Ladin? Clearly, Judicial Watch doesn't trust the Obama crime syndicate anymore than the American people do.

Moreover, in 2001 the FBI should have been forced to release the dozens of photos that it confiscated at the Pentagon and its surrounding area on 9-11-2001, since the FBI has been hiding this evidence from the American people for nearly a decade as part of the 9-11 false flag operation - either hiding it, or quite possibly having destroyed it knowing that at least some of these photos would have proven that the official account of of a 757 jetliner hitting the Pentagon was a lie, and from that point on, the official story would have unraveled like a cheap piece of twine.

As for being censured in order to maintain the IRS coverup, former IRS tax investigator, Bill Benson, experienced a nearly identical situation to that of Irwin Schiff, when he compiled thousands of pages of evidence which prove beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the 16Th Amendment, the article of the U.S. Constitution which the IRS claims authorizes it to impose the federal income tax, was never legally ratified by the three quarters of the U.S. States needed to make the 16Th Amendment into law.

Bill Benson was also censured by a U.S. Judge and ordered to refrain from circulating his book appropriately entitled: "The Law That Never Was."

However, while the Judge in the Schiff case ordered Schiff to not sell his book, The Federal Mafia, he made no such stipulation regarding the book's being offered for free.

Consequently, anyone who is interested in obtaining "The Federal Mafia" may do so by downloading it at Schiff's Website. And given that the IRS is becoming more desperate by the day to defend crimes against the American people, which are to anyone with a rationally functioning mind, indefensible, it's advisable that you download this book while you can.

Schiff claims that the book has been banned by the U.S. Federal Government. However, there are about ninety thousand used copies floating around since this book was first sold, many of which are often for sale on Websites like, so how a judge can determine that a book which has already been largely circulated is now banned from the USA sounds extremely dubious at best.

This ruling is nothing more than a punitive action against Schiff, to prevent him from earning a living from the fruits of his own labor.

It is also about desperation on the part of the Federal Reserve System and the IRS, since they have much to hide, which explains how ridiculous this judge's unconstitutional ruling is.

Based on such insanity, I suppose that the FDA would have had Americans heave up any Vitamin B17 we had ingested on the day that the Agency erroneously decided that B17 was dangerous to us. Or obtained a list of people who purchased Vitamin B17 and then stormed their homes to confiscate the substance from their kitchen cupboards.

This judge's ruling regarding Schiff's book on the IRS is about as insane.

Like the government's attack on marijuana, the attack on Vitamin B17 was strictly a financially motivated decision, since B17 is used to prevent cancer, which is caused by a vitamin deficiency; something the Rockefeller controlled drug trust in the United States has been aware of since the 1970's, yet has no intention of admitting to, given how heavily it profits from the cancer industry.

In fact, *Sloan Kettering Hospital's board of directors, which at the time of the Laetrile trials, included three Rockefellers, once seriously considered using Laetrile (a refined form of Vitamin B17) as an adjunct to cancer treatment. Seriously enough to have had Sloan Kettering conduct a major research study on the substance, overseen by Dr. Kanematsu Sugiara.

* Most people don't realize that Sloan Kettering gets its name from two General Motors executives who were tricked into donating extensive funds to the hospital in its early years, incorrectly believing that its board of directors were truly intent on curing cancer, instead of profiting off it as they have.

Moreover, Kanematsu Sugiara was considered to be an institution at Sloan Kettering, which is why the Rockefeller controlled board chose him to do the research. However, once the Rockefellers learned that they could not corner the market on Laetrile, Sugiara quickly lost his standing, and was discredited for his excellent research.

Sloan Kettering's board of directors' experienced a serious problem when considering its use of the refined version of B17: it was far superior to chemotherapy and radiation treatments, which could damage sales of these protocols.

And because it was a natural substance, the Rockefellers could not patent Vitamin B17, thus preventing them from gaining a monopoly on Laetrile therapy.

From that moment on Sloan Kettering's board of directors had only one interest regarding Vitamin B17 - how quickly they could convince the FDA to ban it from the United States.

As for The Federal Mafia, whether you have never heard of the IRS' commission of fraud by imposing the illegal federal income tax, or you have read about it in the past, Irwin Schiff's book will give you insights into the IRS' fleecing of the American workforce that you have in all likelihood never heard of before.

As previously stated, it would be wise to download this very informative book while you still can, since the House of Rothschild is getting very nervous that the American people are becoming aware of its centuries of crimes against them, and now looking to use legal means perpetrated through its control over U.S. legislators, to shut down the Internet in the near future - an act of outright Communism.

So read Schiff's book while you can. Especially since he has recently reported on his Webblog, that he is now being tortured in prison for having written The Federal Mafia.

What an appropriate title for describing how this crime syndicate of a government is really operating when one considers that when the We The People Foundation tax honesty movement sued the IRS to force it to show the organization the law which authorizes it to impose the federal income tax, yet another corrupt judge was used to protect the IRS, by ruling that the U.S. Federal Government does not have to answer the American public's questions.

This would be bad enough if the IRS was actually part of the U.S. Federal Government. However, the IRS is not part of the U.S. Federal Government and can be found nowhere in the organizational chart for the U.S. Treasury.

The fact is that the IRS is a private corporation chartered in the State of Puerto Rico, which was created for the sole purpose of conducting a covert form of class warfare on America's middle class, by imposing the unconstitutional federal income tax on the wages of the average American worker.

The IRS and Federal Reserve System are in collusion with the United States Congress to perpetrate this treasonous crime against the American people, which is why no legal action by the federal government has ever been taken against the IRS or the Federal Reserve System, since all three are partners in this criminal fleecing of the American working class.

The U.S. Justice Department and the FBI are also involved in this collusion, since they are aware that the Federal Reserve and IRS are operating illegally, yet have done nothing to alert the American people to this.

Once again, how appropriate the name of Schiff's book is, given the crime syndicate that operates in the United States under the facade of a federal government. A Zionist banking cartel that has found a clever means by which to takeover countries through the establishment of Communist central banks, which then loot the treasuries of these countries, subvert their governments, and deceive the citizens of these countries into laundering the House of Rothschilds' counterfeited currency through their own economies.

In the United States, the House of Rothschild has used the Federal Reserve System and its control over the U.S. Federal Government to commit all of these crimes, making Irwin Schiff's coining of this government as The Federal Mafia indeed apropos.

- James F. Marino

* The Rothschilds have a history of infiltrating the governments of countries whom these counterfeiters and money launderers establish their Communist central banks in, by getting their own representatives elected to office, and then perverting the laws to serve the Rothschilds' criminal agenda. The Federal Reserve Act, the 16Th Amendment and the recent Patriot Act are just a few examples of this perversion of government. The following book written by George Armstrong, entitled the Rothschild Money Trust is yet another of the excellent books written about history's most clever and evil counterfeiters and money launderers - The House Of Rothschild.

"The Rothschild Money Trust" By George Armstrong

Download Irwin Schiff's book at the following Website:

In His Book Entitled "The Federal Mafia" Tax Protester Irwin Schiff Implicates The Department Of Justice, FBI & Internal Revenue Service In A Criminal Conspiracy To Defraud The American Middle Class Of Its Wealth

Also See: Irwin Schiff Being Tortured In Prison

The Rockefeller Drug Trust's War On Cancer Fraud - Why After Four Decades Sloan Kettering Hospital Refuses To Admit That Cancer Is A Vitamin B17 Deficiency

"The Federal Mafia"

Important Notice - Please Read:

"On October 14, 2008, Las Vegas Federal Judge, Lloyd D. George pursuant to to a summary judgment (i.e. no hearing) gave the United States a permanent injunction, barring Cindy and myself from doing things we don't do anyway and asking me to remove from my website material that is also not there. (No I'm not kidding). On November 24, 2008 I filed a 23 page motion requesting Judge George to stay his injunction pending a review by the Ninth Circuit.

It is extremely important that you read both documents below, since they will provide you with unique and overwhelming proof the the U.S. Justice Department knowingly enforces the "income tax" in violation of law, while Federal judges, knowingly do the same thing. More proof that organized crimes in the U.S. begin with the Federal government.

After I posted Judge George's "Permanent Injunction" Ruling, and my response to it; the Court sent me its related "Order," to which I subsequently responded. In order to appreciate the full extent of the income tax hoax, I urge everybody to read all four documents. There is really not that much to read, considering how clear these show that the government is the one scamming the American People.

Below is the first of 4 documents organized, first the government followed by my response, then the order and then my supplemental response in PDF format."

- Tax Protester Irwin Schiff

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