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As Americans Learn That A National Brain Fingerprinting Program Has Been Implemented In America They Will Become Obsessed With Exposing This Crime

Federalizing The National Guard - Another Sign Of The New World Order Global Dictatorship Creeping Into The United States Under The Zionist Controlled Federal Reserve System

FBI In Chicago And Minneapolis, Conducting COINTELPRO Raids & Terrorizing Peace Activists, Then Congress Wants To Know Why Americans Want The Patriot Act Abolished?

Is The NSA Reading Your Mind?

The Agency Has The Technology To Do So

fMRI And EEG Brain Scanning Technology Go Wireless

Written By James F. Marino

Remote Implantation Of Computer Generated Thoughts Into The Human Brain & Lie Detection Via Specialized Satellites As Orwell's 1984 Scenario Unfolds In The United States

"Without any contact with the subject, Remote Neural Monitoring can map out electrical activity from the visual cortex of a subject's brain and show images from the subject's brain on a video monitor. NSA operatives see what the surveillance subject's eyes are seeing. Visual memory can also be seen. RNM can send images direct to the visual cortex, bypassing the eyes and optic nerves.

"NSA operatives can use this *surreptitiously to put images into a surveillance subject's brain while they are in REM sleep for brain-programming purposes."

-- NSA Whistleblower John St. Clair Akwei

The United States Of America
A Nation Brain Fingerprinted & Lied To

As a target of non consensual human experimentation for many years now, this author has experienced computer generated thoughts and images implanted into my brain via the NSA's RNM technology; deployed via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network. The NSA will attempt to protect this technology citing National Security. However, for at least three decades the NSA has in fact used an advanced wireless form of the wired fMRI technology now being debated in legal circles within the United States, to conduct non consensual human experimentation on this author and myriad other citizens.

Another Attempt At Using fMRI In A U.S. Courtroom Has Failed, However The Attempts To Do So Continue

As just stated, the fMRI brain scanning technology which is presently being represented as a new wired technology - used in India's courts for the past few years until it was declared unconstitutional - is in fact a very old technology that the NSA has been using in a more advanced wireless form on the public since the early 1980's. The NSA has used this classifed technology in conjunction with another well recognized form of brain scanning - The EEG, or electroencephalograghy.

John Akwei Accuses NSA Of Electronic Torture

"The Plaintiff learned of RNM by being in two-way RNM contact with the Kinnecome group at the NSA, Ft Meade. They used RNM 3D sound direct to the brain to harass the Plaintiff from October 1990 to May 1991. As of 5/91 they have had two-way RNM communications with the Plaintiff and have used RNM to attempt to incapacitate the Plaintiff and hinder the Plaintiff from going to the authorities about their activities against the Plaintiff in the last 12 years. The Kinnecome group has about 100 persons working 24 hours a day at Ft Meade.

They have also brain-tapped persons the Plaintiff is in contact with to keep the Plaintiff isolated. This is the first time ever that a private citizen has been harassed with RNM and has been able to bring a lawsuit against NSA personnel misusing this intelligence operations method."

-- NSA Whistleblower John St. Clair Akwei

* The NSA has also brain-tapped members of this author's Family in order to keep my person isolated. In the process, the Constitutional rights of these Family members have also been violated by both the NSA and FBI. And the U.S. courts, the Congress and the Department Of Justice ignore the crimes committed by these organizations, because to publicly acknowledge them would also expose the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and its use in implementing a national brain fingerprinting program in the United States.

The NSA has committed very serious crimes using this technology, as well as outrageous violations of the United States Constitution, yet has managed to cover up its crimes by concealing them under the cover of National Security. The NSA has also used its covert methodology in which to threaten those who expose this crime, claiming that such information is in breach of the National Security Act. However, by using the cover of National Security in which to commit these crimes against the American people, it is the NSA that has breached its loyalty oath to protect and defend the United States Constitution, regardless of how elaborate the agency's whitewash to cover up these crimes is.

Moreover, the NSA has perverted the concept of National Security for the agency's own criminal agenda. And the hierarchy within the NSA considers itself to be above the Constitutional rule of law in the United States, which the American people will never tolerate.

"The NSA, Ft Meade has in place a vast two-way wireless RNM system which is used to track subjects and non-invasively monitor audio-visual information in their brains. This is all done with no physical contact with the subject.

RNM is the ultimate method of surveillance and domestic intelligence. Speech, 3D sound and subliminal audio can be sent to the auditory cortex of the subject's brain (bypassing the ears), and images can be sent into the visual cortex. RNM can alter a subject's perceptions, moods and motor control.

"Speech cortex/auditory cortex link has become the ultimate communications system for the intelligence community. RNM allows for a complete audio-visual brain-to-brain link or brain-to-computer link.

"Contained in the electromagnetic emission from the brain are spikes and patterns called "evoked potentials." Every thought, reaction, motor command, auditory event and visual image in the brain has a corresponding "evoked potential" or set of "evoked potentials". The EMF emission from the brain can be decoded into the current thoughts, images and sounds in the subject's brain.

"Two-way electronic Brain Link is done by remotely monitoring neural audio-visual information while transmitting sound to the auditory cortex (bypassing the ears) and transmitting faint images to the visual cortex (bypassing the optic nerves and eyes). The images appear as floating 2D screens in the brain.

"Two-way electronic Brain Link has become the ultimate communications system for CIA/NSA personnel. Remote neural monitoring (RNM, remotely monitoring bioelectric information in the human brain) has become the ultimate surveillance system."

- NSA Whistleblower John St. Clair Akwei

Nationwide Brain Fingerprinting In The United States

As Part Of A Global Dictatorship

fMRI & EEG Wireless Technology Used On The U.S. Population

As Americans come to realize that they have become unwitting targets of an illicit national brain fingerprinting program in the United States, and as part of a criminal agenda in which to electronically brand citizens as an adjunct to the world government that is presently being implemented on this planet, these citizens will no doubt develop a completely new lexicon. One which involves an understanding of the government's use of the electromagnetic spectrum in which to remotely invade the privacy of their own thoughts. This has been occurring for decades at the NSA, yet the mainstream media either knows nothing about it, or has been told to ignore the NSA's activities.

Over the past few years, a form of fMRI wired computer to brain interface technology was routinely used in India's courts of law until it was ruled to be unconstitutional.

The technology, known as functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), can be used for a number of purposes; including being used as a type of lie detector, which searches the brain electronically for thoughts and images.

However, serious questions remain in regard to how accurate the technology is, as well as the history of the U.S. Intelligentisia, which is characterized by illicit activities and outright deception. fMRI technology is already being abused by the National Security Agency, in its secretive brain fingerprinting of the American people, and brainscanning of unwitting American citizens, who have no idea that such egregious violations of their Constitutional rights has been taking place since the 1980's.

The National Security Agency has been using wireless forms of fMRI & EEG technology since the early 1980's, on myriad American citizens, as part of a secretive brain fingerprinting program which exists in the United States, yet which the NSA has refused to acknowledge.

This author cites a Freedom Of Information Act request filed by the *American Civil Liberties Union with several U.S. Intelligence Agencies: including the FBI, NSA, CIA and Department Of Homeland Security, in 2006. A clandestine spying program which from the claims of many citizens from a number of other countries, may well also be implemented by the NSA on a global scale.

* The ACLU filed this request not long after this author contacted the organization, alerting them to my concerns that the NSA is in fact using a wireless form of brain scanning technology on the public, and thus, violating the American people's rights to privacy and due process of law under the United States Bill of Rights. This author cited John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the National Security Agency as further evidence of this.

To my knowledge, the ACLU has never received a response to its FOIA inquiry.

Moreover, since this time, the Intelligence community, and in particular the NSA, FBI and DHS have fomented a vicious psychological warfare campaign against this author which also includes the vigilante hate crime of organized stalking, as well as an equally vicious smear campaign, replete with slanderous allegations, used in efforts to demonize my person, while attempting to exculpate these organizations from the crimes which they have and continue to perpetrate against this author. They have also used coercion in which to hold this author's Family hostage in this situation, while denying them their inherent rights as American citizens.

To say that the FBI and NSA, in particular, have lied in regard to the crimes they have perpetrated against us, is at the very least a tremendous understatement. Especially when taking into account the decades of non consensual human experimentation which the NSA has conducted against this author, and which the agency is now attempting to obscure from the public via its smear campaign against my person.

It has also become apparent that the intent of these organizations is to murder this author in any plausible way that they can, given that my allegations against them pertaining to a national brain fingerprinting program in the United States are true, and implicate the aforesaid in a criminal conspiracy in which to furtively overthrow the United States of America, using the Patriot Act in which to destroy the United States Constitution.

Furthermore, the clandestine implementation of such spy technology used in which to invade the privacy of one's thoughts, is illustrative of governments which base their political ideologies on oppression, not freedom.

This author will leave to the reader, the implications of the National Security Agency's use of a wireless form of fMRI technology on the American people. A technology exposed by one of the agency's own former employees.

In the following statement in a lawsuit filed against the NSA in 1991, former NSA employee, John St. Clair Akwei refers to the NSA's use of remote neural monitoring technology. RNM, is another name for functional magnetic resonance imaging of the human brain - fMRI.

Here, Akwei implicates the NSA in using a wireless form of fMRI technology against American citizens, without their knowledge or consent; thus depriving these citizens of their Constitutional rights to due process of law under the 6Th Amendment, their right to privacy under the 4Th Amendment, and their right to avoid self incrimination under the 5Th Amendment.

We can only imagine how the NSA agents utilizing this technology against American citizens would react if these agents, themselves, were alerted to the fact that their own inherent rights as American citizens had been violated so egregiously.

"NSA personnel can dial up any individual in the country on the Signals lntelligence EMF scanning network and the NSA's computers will then pinpoint and track that person 24 hours-a-day. The NSA can pick out and track anyone in the U.S. NSA agents in remote offices can instantly identify (using~ RNM) any individual spotted in public who is in contact with surveillance subject."
-- NSA Whistleblower John St. Clair Akwei

Given the aforesaid, terms such as signals intelligence, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), remote neural monitoring, wireless computer to brain interface and directed energy weaponry, will eventually become commonly understood by the people of this planet, as they awaken to a horror that only a minority of us have already become aware of in the present day.

As this occurs, the courts will become overwhelmed with issues of privacy that have never been addressed in the past, only because of this citizenry's ignorance of such highly developed spy technologies; technologies which include remote thought reading and manipulation of the mind.

Technologies which have been developed and deployed under top secret conditions, so that those who perpetrate these Orwellian crimes can carry out their agenda of establishing a global brain fingerprinting program, which will in effect, define the masses of this planet as little more than heads of cattle living under the oversight of the most advanced dictatorship ever created.

A technocratic society ruled via the automation of artificial intelligence computers which may in fact, one day destroy their very creators.

Free thought has already been condemned by the "powers that be" in the United States, as is evidenced by those within the media who have openly criticized the official 9-11 Commission Report as being a total fabrication; those who have now been blacklisted by this government for having done so. Moreover, any person living within the United States who openly challenges the official explanation regarding the terrorist attacks on 9-11-2001, is included in the type of blacklisting not seen since the McCarthy Hearings on Communism in the 1950's.

When Russell Tice, a former NSA agent with top security clearance at the Agency, made the following comment just before reporting that the FBI had begun to stalk and intimidate him into not testifying regarding information about the NSA (which Tice said would shock the American people), one must wonder if Tice was referring to the NSA's electronic brain fingerprinting of Americans? This as well as the Intelligence community's use of the Active Denial Weapons System, used in which to electronically torture and murder American citizens.

"I think the people I talk to next week are going to be shocked when I tell them what I have to tell them. It's pretty hard to believe."
- NSA Whistleblower Russ Tice

This covert move by the U.S. Military-Industrial-Intelligence complex in which to destroy our inherent rights to privacy under the United States Bill of Rights, is part of this Zionist shadow government's agenda to create a world government, based on a dictatorship.

The current shadow government in the United States has turned this once great nation into a country in which fear and abject secrecy have replaced freedom and the Constitutional rule of law.

Thus, the true battle which humanity will face in the future - the real World War III - will in fact be a battle between the human race and the newly established global Zionist dictatorship, which seeks to destroy the human mind, while creating a global hive mentality used to enslave humanity.

The House Of Rothschilds'

Declaration Of War On The United States

"That same year (1862) The Times of London publishes a story containing the following statement, 'If that mischievous financial policy, which had its origin in the North American Republic, should become indurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without a debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of civilized governments of the world. The brains and the wealth of all countries will go to North America. That government must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe.'”

-Source: Eustace Mullins' "Secrets Of The Federal Reserve"

The House of Rothschild and their minions as the masters of this planet, while turning the global proletariat into nothing but a slave race, which is why the Rothschilds and their agenda for a world government must be destroyed, along with any remaining vestiges of this cadre of evil.

"The victim, the innocent civilian target is locked on to, and unable to evade the menace by moving around. The beam is administered from space. The Haarp (2c) facility as military technology could be used to broadcast global mind-control, as a system for manipulating and disturbing the human mental process using pulsed radio frequency (RFR). What does all this mean? It means, to begin with, that you will need to come to terms - now, or in a few short years - with the fact that the U.S. Government has the technological capabilities to 'read your mind' 7b and interact with it. With or without your permission."

- Electromagnetic Warfare Expert Carol Smith, PhD.

Cognitive Liberty & Mental Surveillance

"The principle of mental sovereignty and cognitive liberty is predicated on the idea that one’s thoughts are one’s own, that the surreptitious control or outright manipulation of an individual’s mind marks an unacceptable invasion of mental privacy, and necessarily cramps freedom of thought by discouraging the production of new ideas via coercive psychological threat. Much in the same way that employee drug testing acts to control employee behavior, surveillance in general, affects the way people act. With mental surveillance, the question becomes how your thoughts do or don’t “behave” and how thinking is indirectly controlled under the auspices of surveillance. Presently, cognitive liberty is threatened by one important new technology that makes possible mental monitoring "

For more on the implementation of computer to brain interface technology, and how it is being used to destroy your privacy, access the following Website.

The Center For Cognitive Liberty & Ethics Website

Also keep in mind that even though the National Security Agency has been accused of utilizing a wireless form of computer to brain interface technology for decades, that few people know about this, and instead think of such technology as being perpetrated by the direct wiring of a computer to the human brain.

However, this notion is an extremely naive one, since it gives those who are unaware that wireless computer to brain interface technology (fMRI) is being used on a global scale (and by spy agencies like the NSA and CIA), the false impression that as long as their brains are not physically "wired" to a computer, their thoughts cannot be electronically decoded or manipulated.

However, exactly the opposite is true, since the electromagnetic field which emanates from a person's brain is what makes that person susceptible to the very types of satellite predation which former NSA employee John St. Clair Akwei describes in his lawsuit against the National Security Agency. And this is precisely why the U.S. Courts refuse to hear Akwei VS NSA, since Akwei does expose a national brain fingerprinting program in the United States.

-- James F. Marino

Read Akwei VS NSA here:

The Center For Cognitive Liberty & Ethics Website


Another Case Of Art Imitating Life

Hollywood Movie "SALT" Reveals Wireless fMRI Technology

fMRI technology is a reality that has been around for the better part of half a century. The U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complex has been using a remote form of fMRI for decades. However, the information they gain from this technology is inadmissible in a court of law, because it violates the targeted person's rights to privacy under the 4Th Amendment, the right to avoid self incrimination under the 5Th Amendment, and the right to due process of law under the 6Th Amendment.

Moreover, a U.S. Judge recently ruled that any information gathered via the Intelligence community's electronic spy programs cannot be used against American citizens in courts of law.

However, the recent debate over whether or not a wired form of fMRI technology should be allowed in U.S. courtrooms, serves as proof that there is a move by the U.S. Intelligence community to validate the use of fMRI in courts of law.

Once they have succeeded in doing so with the wired form of this technology, the Intelligence community will then attempt to grandfather in the wireless form of fMRI spying/remote interogation that the Intel community has been secretly conducting against American citizens for decades, while standardizing the wireless form of fMRI for use in American courts in the future.

Thus destroying the American people's right to due process of law under the 6Th Amendment. The fall of the United States Constitution and with it your rights as citizens of the United States.

India had been using a wired form of fMRI brain scanning in its judicial system until it was ruled to be unconstitutional. Moreover, if the technology is unconstitutional, than any person convicted based on fMRI should now have the right to have their conviction overturned.

The NSA in particular, has been accused by a former employee of using a wireless form of fMRI on the American population for decades. In 1991 he filed a lawsuit against the NSA which for all intents and purposes implicates the agency of secretly implementing a national brain fingerprinting program in the United States. However, the Washington D.C. court which was supposed to hear this case has steadfastly refused to do so, given its exposition of the NSA's treasonous crimes.

As such, the contents of this case have since that time surfaced on the Internet, and can be found through a search engine by typing John St. Clair Akwei VS The National Security Agency.

As for the movie "SALT," this movie is a case of art imitating life; showing the type of wireless fMRI technology that the NSA and CIA have for decades, used to electronically scan the human brain without the wires needed for standard fMRI interogation.

This author has been targeted for such wireless brain scanning by the NSA for more than 30 years, using my person for non consensual human experimentation.

So has former NSA employee John St. Clair Akwei, as well as myriad other Americans who don't even realize that they have been used as unwitting targets of such covert spying by a government agency.

This is the greatest scandal in American history, yet one which the mainstream media has been told to ignore - the clandestine brain fingerprinting of an entire nation - the United States of America. So you can understand why those of us who are promulgating this high crime of treason are concerned about being murdered by the U.S. Intel community; regardless of how plausibly they would attempt to deny having done so.

-- James F. Marino

Editor's Note: While still apparent, the FBI orchestrated vehicular organized stalking of this author has been reduced dramatically over the past few years. However, this stalking still takes place and is at times more aggressive. On a recent evening walk, a vehicular stalker pulled their vehicle from the lane in which they were traveling, into the oncoming lane which this author was walking in, and aimed their car directly at my person in an attempt to force me to jump out of the way.

This author merely kept walking as the car moved away from my person at the last minute. What this vehicular stalker did was to perpetrate the crime of criminal menace - a chargeable offense under Title 18 of the United States Code.

However, we are now living in a society which has become criminalized with its total disregard for the civil rights of other citizens; a society being controlled by a shadow government which has usurped our elected officials and police for its own criminal agenda, while attempting to murder those of us who refuse to accept this Zionist dictatorship's Orwellian doctrine.

This author will fight to the death to defend my country and the Constitutional rule of law, no matter how aggressive or evil the acts of those reprobates who continue to undermine the United States are, for these monsters are incarnated evil.
And their covert brain fingerprinting of our persons will lead to civil rebellion in the future, as the House of Rothschild and its evil minions are finally destroyed.

The torture of our persons will end, and those who've been perpetrating these horrible crimes against us will pay the price for doing so, including the intelligentsia; whose crimes now parallel the worst crimes in history; including the electronic invasion and manipulation of the human mind, for their own insidious agenda - and their pathological deception of a citizenry whom these organizations have betrayed from their inception.

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