Monday, August 23, 2010

On Today's News 12 Long Island News Program A Former Military Pilot Says He Was Flying Over Long Island When He Saw A Missile Strike TWA Flight 800

The FBI Has A Long History Of Lying To The Public

The FBI Also Lied About TWA Flight 800

On a segment of today's Long Island News 12 program, a former military helicopter pilot by the name of *Fred Meyer, reported that on the night that TWA Flight 800 exploded, he was flying over Long Island when he witnessed a ground to air missile heading straight for TWA Flight 800 before it struck the doomed airliner.

* A statement made by Meyer shortly after he witnessed the missile take down of TWA Flight 800:

  • "The helicopter pilot eyewitness -- Fred Meyer, a lawyer and Vietnam veteran Naval aviator -- said at the briefing that, 'Based on two combat tours, it is my firm belief to this day that it was military ordnance.' The government theory, he said, is 'a government excuse for something -- totally mystifying. I know what I saw.'"

  • More than 200 other eyewitnesses who also saw a missile collide with TWA Flight 800, reported this to the Federal Bureau Of Investigation, yet found that the FBI completely ignored their testimony.

    The FBI, who'd been used by the Clinton White House in which to illegally take over the investigation from the Federal Aviation Administration, has been lying to the public ever since.

    Why did the FBI ignore all of these eyewitnesses when their testimony overwhelmingly suggested that the 230 persons on TWA Flight 800, were the victims of a missile attack?

    Because 1996 was an election year. And the Clinton Administration did not want the controversy of a terrorist attack on U.S. soil to damage Bill Clinton's chances of being reelected to a second term in office.

    The FBI's cover up of the fact that TWA Flight 800 was accidentally shot down by a U.S. Navy missile during a training exercise off the coast of Long Island, was strictly a political move by the Clinton White House & Clinton DOJ, in which to avoid any negative publicity in regard to this terrible tragedy.

    The DOJ/FBI propaganda/disinformation campaign regarding TWA Flight 800, is yet another example of why the DOJ and FBI exist under the Executive Branch of the United States Federal Government, instead of the Judicial Branch.

    They are political pawns of whichever House of Rothschild controlled presidential administration is occupying the White House at any given time.

    And the proof of this in regard to TWA Flight 800, is that *the seven million dollar red herring which the FBI served up to the American people (like the bogus Warren and 9-11 Commission Reports), is still being promulgated by the Zionist controlled mainstream media in this country - even though most Americans now believe that TWA Flight 800 was in fact shot down by a missile of some kind.

    *The FBI's faulty fuel tank fabrication

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  • The *U.S. media continues to be a Zionist controlled network of pathological liars used to deceive the American public.

    *What surprised this author was that News 12 even interviewed a person who saw the missile downing of TWA Flight 800. Is the *Dolan Family getting tired of being used as a tool of the Rothschilds' disinformation?

    *The Dolans own News 12

  • TWA Flight 800 Was Accidentally Shot Down By A U.S. Navy Missile - The Faulty Fuel Tank Theory Was A Complete Smokescreen
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