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China Claims To Have Developed The World's Fastest Supercomputer - However, The Computers Used By The NSA Are By Far The Fastest & Smartest!

  • New York Judge Rules That Testimony Coerced For Intelligence Purposes Cannot Be Used In Criminal Trials - This Ruling Is Extremely Important When Considering That The Federal Bureau Of Investigation Regularly Uses Coercion Regarding Witnesses Whom The Bureau Also Uses As Witnesses In Trials Which Are Oftentimes Based On Trumped Up Charges -- Given This Ruling, And The FBI's History Of Committing Suborning Of Witness Perjury (Coercing Witnesses Into Lying), Many Defendants Who've Been Wrongfully Convicted Based On Such Coerced Testimony Should Have Their Convictions Overturned On Appeal

  • The U.S. Federal Government's Pathological Lies

    Then there's the Navy/FBI cover up regarding the U.S. Navy's accidental missile downing of TWA Flight 800 in 1996, which illustrates the U.S. Military-Intelligence Complexes' control over the media system in the United States - a situation in which an enormous conspiracy against the American people can be perpetrated right under their collective nose - and the media system will aid and abet this cover up.

    Had it not been for the research done by Jack Cashill & James Sanderson included in several of the books and articles which they've written regarding the TWA Flight 800 cover up, many of us would still be suspicious of the FBI's official and fraudulent explanation; yet have little more than this to confirm our suspicions.

  • More On The FBI's Cover Up Of The Facts Regarding The Missile Downing Of TWA Flight 800

  • The NSA Spying On 6 Billion People At Once?

    We are so steeped in the propaganda of the technological age that we really have no way of knowing just how fast the National Security Agency's Artificial Intelligence computers are. However, according to former NSA employee, John St. Clair Akwei, the NSA's computers are at least a few decades more advanced than any current technology that we know about; and that would also include China's latest supercomputer.

    "NUDT said that the computer's peak performance can hit 1.206 petaflops and runs at 563.1 teraflops using the Linpack benchmark developed by University of Tennessee computer scientist Jack Dongarra. Nvidia, however, said the machine set a new performance record of 2.507 petaflops.

    To put that kind of power in perspective, Tianhe-1A can do in one day what a basic dual-core PC would take 160 years to achieve working continuously, NUDT said."

    If the NSA's supercomputers are decades ahead of the Tianhe-1A, can you imagine their capabilities? Spying on every person on this planet simultaneously would be mere child's play. In fact, it's been said that the NSA's computers have the ability to spy on every person on this planet six times over - that's 36 billion people at once!

    Take this a step further and imagine a global dictatorship which uses the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network in which to electronically brain fingerprint every person on this planet, and you have the technocratic dictatorship nightmare that the House of Rothschild has for the past two centuries, always intended to develop in order to secretly control the minds of this planet's citizenry.

  • Isn't it time that you read Akwei VS NSA?

  • China Unveils World's Fastest Supercomputer
    By: Leslie Horn

    China has introduced the world's fastest supercomputer, asserting itself as a global technology power. The creation of the machine called Tianhe-1A thus supplants the U.S. as the creator of the most powerful machine.

    Tianhe, which means "milky way," was created at a research center at the National University of Defense Technology (NUDT) in Tianjin, China. According to a New York Times report, the machine is 1.4 times faster than Cray XT5 Jaguar, the now second fastest supercomputer that is housed at a Tennessee national lab.

    The system weighs 155 tons and has 103 cabinets that cover 1,000 square meters. Tianhe-1A's record speed is reached using 14,336 Intel Xeon CPUs and 7,168 Nvidia Tesla GPUs.

    NUDT said that the computer's peak performance can hit 1.206 petaflops and runs at 563.1 teraflops using the Linpack benchmark developed by University of Tennessee computer scientist Jack Dongarra. Nvidia, however, said the machine set a new performance record of 2.507 petaflops.

    To put that kind of power in perspective, Tianhe-1A can do in one day what a basic dual-core PC would take 160 years to achieve working continuously, NUDT said.

    Created by 200 computer scientists over two years, Tianhe-1A cost $88 million and consumes 4.04 megawatts of electricity. NUDT said it will be used "to process seismic data for oil exploration, conduct biomedical computing, and [to] help design aerospace vehicles."

    Officials from NUDT unveiled the lightning-fast machine Thursday at the Annual Meeting of National High Performance Computing in Beijing. Its release is especially timely. The official list of the world's top 500 supercomputers is released every six months, and it's set to be published next month. Dongorra told the Times that China's computer "blows away the existing number one machine."

    The U.S. was unseated from the spot briefly in 2002 when Japan presented a "machine with more horsepower than the top 20 American computers combined," the Times report said. Until now, the U.S. was the top dog after reclaiming the number one rank in 2004.

    The June 2010 top 500 list includes 291 U.S. machines, 145 from Europe, and 49 from Asia, NUDT said. Twenty of these machines are from China while U.S. supercomputers comprise the top 10.

  • China Builds The World's Fastest Computer

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  • Editor's Notation: After posting the following information, a Family member awakens in the middle of the night disoriented and with a headache. The Family member recovers quickly enough, making this author wonder if the headache and disorientation were caused via the same electronic warfare technology that this author is subjected to on a daily basis. This technology can be used to cause a myriad of physical and psychological symptoms, while giving those who utilize it complete anonymity in perpetrating these crimes.

    Moreover, the strange episode coincides with two of this author's computers being electronically tampered with. The keyboard to my desktop computer is disabled, while the NSA remotely accesses my new netbook computer in order to disable its antivirus software.

    This author reactivates this antivirus software only to find that this new computer now operates very slowly through my Internet service. However, the antivirus software indicates that this computer is not infected with a virus.

    Whatever damage the NSA may have done to this computer will have been done through a virus which is specialized, and able to avoid detection by this antivirus software. Either that or the NSA is artificially limiting this computer's bandwidth via its Signals Intelligence technology. A few years ago, the NSA was able to remotely block the signal from the router network in this author's home from my computer, while the signal to other computers was not electronically interfered with. Months later, the signal to the computer was mysteriously restored without making any changes to the router network.

    This is a further illustration of the false sense of security that antivirus software offers PC and McIntosh users, since the NSA can remotely access the computer of any American citizen without that citizen's knowledge.

  • Microsoft Accidentally Admits To Building A Backdoor Into Its Windows Software For The National Security Agency - After This Is Made Public, Both Microsoft & The NSA Deny Having Done So - Based On This Author's Experiences With The NSA's Electronically Hacking My Computer, I Believe That Both Microsoft & The NSA Are Lying To The Public And Have Deliberately Violated The 4Th Amendment Right To Privacy Of Every American Citizen Who Purchases A Computer With A Microsoft Operating System

  • Furthermore, the NSA can electronically tamper with a computer through such remote means, altering files, stealing information, and even planting information on the computer of an unsuspecting target, for the express purpose of entrapment.

    The NSA can also electronically tamper with a router network, thereby blocking the router signal as it's sent to a computer on this network.

    Imagine what the NSA can do to the human mind via its wireless computer to brain interface technology, and the deployment of said technology through the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

    Read John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the National Security Agency to learn more about the NSA's clandestine brain fingerprinting of American citizens, and Akwei's knowledge of the NSA's infrastructure.

  • Isn't it time that you read Akwei VS NSA?

  • "9-11 & The New World Order" - One Of The Better 9-11 Truth Movement Websites

  • The Pentagon Claims That The Mystery Missile That Was Seen Over The Skies Of Southern California On November 8Th, 2010 Was More Likely The Contrail From A Jetliner - So Why Don't I Believe The Pentagon? - Perhaps It's The Department Of Defense's Long History Of Committing Terrible Atrocities, While Pathologically Lying To The American People
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