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How Long Has The U.S. Federal Government Known About UFO's & How Long Have They Had Alliances With Extraterrestrial Biological Entities?

  • What Good Is Spending Money On Antivirus Software For Your Personal Computer, When Microsoft Has Built A Backdoor Into Its Windows' Operating System, Which Allows The National Security Agency The Ability To Remotely Access The Computer Of Any American Citizen? Of Course Both Microsoft & The NSA Have Denied Doing So Since The Following Article Was Published - However, Given The Intelligence Community's History Of Abject Deception, It's A Safe Bet To Conclude That The NSA & Microsoft Are Lying To The American People...

  • Excerpted From:

    Bob Jacobs' Testimony Regarding His 1964 UFO Sighting

    "At this point the most remarkable vision of my life came on the screen. Another object flew into the frame from left to right. It approached the warhead package and maneuvered around it. That is, this ... "thing"...flew a relative polar orbit around our warhead package which was itself heading toward the South Pacific at some 18 thousand miles an hour!

    As the new object circumnavigated our hardware, it emitted four distinct bright flashes of light at approximately the 4 cardinal compass points of its orbit. These flashes were so intense that each "strike" caused the I.O. tube to "boom" or form a halo around the spot. Following this remarkable aerial display the object departed the frame in the same direction from which it had come. The shape of the object was that of a classic "flying saucer." In the middle of the top half of the object was a dome. From that dome, or just beneath it, seemed to issue a beam of light or which caused the flashes described.

    Subsequently the warhead malfunctioned and tumbled out of suborbit hundreds of miles short of its target. This ... unidentified flying ... "thing" had apparently "shot down" an American dummy atomic warhead!

    The lights came on and Major Mansmann said, "Lieutenant Jacobs, were you or any of your people fooling around up there at Big Sur?

    "No sir," I answered honestly. I was shaking with excitement.

    "Then tell me ... what the Hell was that?"

    I looked Major Mansmann straight in the eye. "It looks to me like we got a UFO," I said.

    There was a stifling silence among the men in grey, civilian suits who continued to stare at me. Major Mansmann gave them what I can only describe as a "let me handle this" look.


    "Well," he smiled cordially, "let's just say it never happened. You are to say nothing about this footage to anyone. As far as you and I are concerned, this never took place, you understand?"

    I looked at the men in the grey suits. They were not smiling. I felt hot and anxious. I was sweating badly. I think I just sat for a minute looking blankly at Major Mansmann. I had just seen the most fantastic event of my life. It etched a path in my memory as deep as the one put there almost a year earlier when President John F. Kennedy had been shot to death in Dallas."

    - UFO Whistleblower Bob Jacobs

    Editor's Note: After this event, Bob Jacobs realized that the U.S. Air Force was covering up the fact that UFO's do exist. Understanding the importance of releasing this information to the public, Jacobs ignored a direct order from his superior, and went public with his accounts of recording a UFO craft disabling a guided missile. As a result of this, Jacobs was released from the Air Force, his military record was expunged, and to this day the Air Force denies that Jacobs had ever worked for them.

    Read Bob Jacob's full account of this UFO sighting at the following Website:

    The Big Sur UFO Filming - A Critical Analysis Of The Curious Events At Vandenberg AirForce Base, By Bob Jacobs
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