Sunday, October 17, 2010

An Obama-Clinton Ticket For 2012? As For Hillary Clinton, Never Has One Politician Done So Little For So Many As This Carpet Bagger

  • Clinton Gate - One Of The Most Criminal Administrations In American History & Now Americans Must Deal With The Prospect Of Having This Dragon Lady As Vice President In 2012? How Much More Of Hillary Clinton Can Americans Stand? And Can Anyone Identify A Single Achievement That Clinton Has Made Since Entering The Political Arena? This Author's Yet To Find One

  • Actress Jean Seberg's Support Of The Black Panther Party Subjugated Her To An FBI Counterintelligence (COINTELPRO) Black Operation, Which Resulted In Her Death At The Age Of 41 - Did Seberg Really Commit Suicide Or Was She Covertly Murdered By The FBI's Sociopaths In A Made To Appear Suicide? If So, Seberg's Death Won't Be The First Time That The FBI's Gestapo Has Murdered Someone This Way

  • What's The Real Purpose Of The Internal Revenue Service? Since Its Unconstitutional Inception, The IRS Has Served As A Venue For The House Of Rothschild, In Which To Perpetrate Its Covert Form Of Class Warfare Against The American Middle Class, While Enslaving Americans To A System Of Graduated Taxation Which Is Based On Communism

  • G. Edward Griffin's "World Without Cancer" - How The American Medical Association & Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital Have Gotten Away With Committing Genocide In The Murder Of Millions Of Cancer Patients

  • Who Really Murdered The Lindbergh Baby? The Same Organization That Murdered Presidents Abraham Lincoln & John F. Kennedy - Why? Because Like The Aforementioned Presidents, The Lindbergh Baby's Grandfather, Charles August Lindbergh, Was Considered To Be A Threat To The Survival Of One Of The House Of Rothschilds' Communist Central Banks In America - The Murder Of Lindbergh's Grandson Was Done To Punish The Lindbergh Family For Congressman Charles Lindbergh's Attempt To Prevent The Rothschilds' Federal Reserve Communist Central Bank From Being Created
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