Sunday, May 29, 2016

HAARP Is A Weapon Of Mass Destruction - Is The Middle East Being Targeted With HAARP Weapons? Was Egyptair Flight 804 Destroyed With A HAARP Weapon? / How Many Of The Meteors Being Recorded By Amateur Videographers Are Legitimate Meteors? And How Many Are HAARP Created Plasma Fireballs?

What Most Users Of The Internet Have Failed To Realize Is That The Internet Has Become The Primary Venue For Creating World Government And A Dual Class System Of Human Existence: The Investment Class And The Serf Underclass

Was Egyptair Flight 804 Destroyed By A HAARP Created Plasma Fireball?

Dr. Rauni Kilde Describes The NSA's Mind Control Technology & The Agency's Use Of Directed Energy Weapons To Torture And Murder People - Dr. Kilde Would Be Irradiated To Death As Punishment For Her Global Activism Regarding Through The Air Mind Control Technology And Electromagnetic Weaponry

*Is The Middle East Being Targeted By HAARP Weaponry?

**How Many Of The Meteor Sightings Are Actually HAARP Created Plasma Fireballs?

***Iranian City Experiences Temperatures Of Nearly 170 Degrees During The Summer Of 2015 - Was HAARP Technology Being Used To Cause This Tremendous Heat?

****Is The Pentagon Using HAARP Created Plasma Fireballs As A Form Of Covert Weaponry?

*****Mystery Deepens Regarding 2013 Waco Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion Now That Investigators Have Determined That The Explosion Was No Accident - Another HAARP Created Plasma Fireball?

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