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Donald Trump & The Great Wall Of Communist America - The Wall That Will Never Be Built / Why The FBI Should Stop Using The Media To Propagate The Belief That Former Teamster Boss Jimmy Hoffa Is Still Missing

Editor's Note: Scroll down past the post on Trump to read the one regarding Jimmy Hoffa.

Trump's Red Herring

The Wall That Will Never Become Reality
What's More: Trump Already Knows It

On October 11th, 2011, CNN Anchor *Lou Dobbs' Sussex County, New Jersey home was struck by a bullet, only feet from where Dobbs' wife was standing at the time.

*Lou Dobbs Quits His Job At CNN After His Home Is The Target Of Gun Fire

Dobbs obviously did not think that this was accidental, since earlier in the month someone had set a fire on his property. Dobbs reported the fire to police as being suspicious, however, he never bothered to call the police early on regarding the gun shots to his home.

In spite of this, he apparently took the threat very seriously.

I say this because on November 9th, 2011 (less that a month after the shooting at his home), the award winning newsman - to the shock of his regular viewers - announced on his evening broadcast, that it would be his last night on the program.

At the time, Dobbs gave little in the way of an explanation for his imminent departure.

However, it would later become evident that the trauma that Dobbs and his wife suffered a month earlier, after his home was targeted by gunfire, would become a furtive means of intimidating him into toning down his allegations regarding the North American Union, as well as his stance on immigration.

One must wonder at the time, given his hasty departure from CNN, if Lou Dobbs must have truly begun to wonder if he and his wife had become the targets of an assassination plot, secretly orchestrated by the federal government.

So why would the federal government want to silence Lou Dobbs regarding immigration?

Because corporate America thrives on the cheap labor that they obtain from Mexico, due to the lack of any legitimate border policing. And stricter immigration enforcement would close that loophole so that American corporations would have to hire more American laborers, or move their entire manufacturing operations to Mexico under NAFTA.

As it stands they need to do something, because foreign imports (especially those from China) continue to devastate the American manufacturing sector and the blue collar industry.

Bush 43 & The North American Union

In spite of the above concerns which are some of the drawbacks when operating in a global economy, it is far more likely that it was Dobbs' aggressive stance towards the Bush 43 Administration that got him into hot water.

Specifically, Dobbs' attempt to expose Bush 43's secret implementation of a program that would ultimately result in the dissolution of the United States and its land mass. A situation which would result in the merging of the USA, Mexico and Canada, while perpetrating what can only be described as an abject act of treason.

Yes, it would have been the latter that would have created the need to terrify Lou Dobbs to the point where he would be forced to tone down his concerns regarding the North American Union.

So here we have a situation in which Dobbs (once known for his tenacity as one of the most fearless media personalities), may have since been coerced into becoming a member of Rothschild Zionism's controlled opposition.


*The Security Prosperity Partnership Of North America Alleged To Have Been Signed By George W. Bush, Mexico's Vicente Fox And Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien In 2005, Has Been All But Ignored By The Mainstream U.S. Media

Moreover, while some have intimated that Dobbs was fired from CNN for cause, the reader should note that he was not fired. He left CNN of his own accord.

Furthermore, from what Dobbs' experienced, it is clear that inexpensive Mexican labor is more desirable to U.S. corporations than spending more money to hire American citizens to do the same job.

This was the primary reason for the passage of The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which was signed by Bill Clinton in the 1990s, in order to allow American companies to manufacture their products less expensively in Mexico; something which has for all intents and purposes devastated the manufacturing sector in the United States.

Consider that Bill Clinton is widely regarded to have had a positive influence on the U.S. economy during his time in office, when in fact his signing of NAFTA would later be used to devastate the average American blue collar worker.

So any claim that Donald Trump makes in regard to intimidating Mexico into building a wall between the United States and Mexico is being done purely for the purpose of getting Trump elected to office, so that he can take over the largest corporation in the world.

The United States Federal Government.

If Donald Trump actually attempted to prevent U.S. manufacturers from hiring Mexican labor - in an effort to create more American manufacturing jobs - he would lose every business connection he has ever made.

Trump will never build that wall, because it would destroy his business connections.

The reader should keep the following in mind regarding the Emperor Trump:

Historically, what is the first thing that most U.S. Presidents have done from the moment that they get elected to office? Break every election promise that they've made.

This is so common that it long ago became a cliché.

And if elected, Donald Trump will do the same thing, because Trump is no friend of the American working class. He was born with a platinum spoon in his mouth and has never known poverty.

He would likely also be the first U.S. President to fully support a global genocidal policy used to murder billions of people, so that the precious ecological resources that are left on this planet can be conserved for the investment class.

As a member of the Rothschild Zionist investment class, Trump has always been an exploiter of the working class.

In fact, Donald Trump is one of this planet's most disturbing examples of greed. A white supremacist whose racist, homophobic, misogynist, and overall generally horrible demeanor, defines him as the psychopath he is. A narcicist who lives in a $100 million dollar penthouse constructed atop one of the most egregious displays of greed ever created: Trump Tower.

How can he ever identify with the common folk when Donald Trump has absolutely nothing in common with them?

Moreover, in spite of their bogus display in public, Trump's family are little more than extremely well compensated employees, who risk being fired (or even disinherited) if they should utter anything that displeases their master.

What is most frightening, however, is how at least some Americans have actually bought into Donald Trump's P.T. Barnum act.

Trump's so called business savvy has more to do with gaming the system and learning how to get other people to pay for his business failures than it does with actually having any real talent as a businessman. For Trump is the equivalent of a three card Monte dealer. If you play his game you are always going to come out on the losing end of the deal.

Trump talks about negotiating to make a deal. However, his idea of negotiating is for you to either see the situation his way, or become the target of his considerable wrath.

As is the case at the present time with his use of the mainstream media to promote himself, Donald Trump just has to figure out a way of conning you into believing that by trusting him you are making a safe bet; even though he knows that you'll be taken to the proverbial cleaners once you do, because people like Donald Trump are the worst of parasites. They will fleece you until you have nothing left, then move on to their next victim.

Look at how Donald Trump changed his attitude towards many of the candidates whom he was running against for the GOP Presidential nomination. He belittled them every chance he got while the GOP was up for grabs.

However, now that it looks like Trump will be the GOP nominee, he has changed his attitude towards several of these participants; actually describing how they were for the most part pretty good people. That is, once he defeated them.

Trump is not just a flake. He is a true Jekyll and Hyde split personality who should terrify you - not as much for the fact that he is a dual personality - but instead because this split personality could very well end up in the White House come January of 2017.

And the fact that Ben Carson and Chris Christy were quick to align themselves with Trump so that they could become part of his cabinet in 2017, should equally disturb you, since this is not about who the best candidates are. But rather, a partisan grab for power between two political parties that long ago came under the control of the House Of Rothschilds' Zionist, global bankster crime syndicate.

Those who see the rest of the people on this planet as something they secretly refer to as "human capital."

Something to exploit as labor, and to then find a way to steal back from them what little they have earned through their efforts.

The unconstitutional income tax system in the United States, which we are erroneously told is authorized by the *16Th Amendment, is in fact nothing but a perniciously clever form of such class warfare; which is used against the average American worker under the guise that they are doing their patriotic duty to help support their government.

*Google: Bill Benson's "The Law That Never Was"

Donald Trump says he would not mind paying more in taxes. However don't believe it, because Trump probably pays little or no income tax at all, because his wealth allows him to avail himself of the IRS' tax avoidance clause.

Once again and for emphasis here: While the wealthy American citizen (Donald Trump and his ilk) avoids paying taxes under the concept of tax avoidance, the average American citizen can be prosecuted by the IRS under Title 26's tax evasion clause.

Even though Title 26 of the IRS tax code does not specifically authorize Americans to pay the income tax. It just lists the penalties for failing to do so. So here we have no law authorizing the IRS to tax your wages, yet, we have penalties if you fail to adhere to a law that does not even exist!

The insanity here boggles the mind.

Donald Trump's Failed Casinos

Casinos which are now going the way of the dinosaur. Not because gamblers have stopped enjoying the concept of betting on long shots, but instead, because the U.S. economy has become so devastating for the American underclasses, that those who once had the disposable income to piddle away on gambling, no longer have such financial means in which to do so.

The U.S. Stock Market works the same way. On the surface the markets appear to be more than just a venue for gambling, since the investor is inundated with a myriad of financial newsletters, whose publishers claim will help to increase their wealth.

The private investor is also lulled into a false sense of security, by believing that the Securities and Exchange Commission exists to protect the investment community.

When in reality, the SEC is just part of the grandiose plan to fleece the small investor out of what little they have, since the objective in this furtive type of class warfare is to ensure that the underclass is never allowed to accumulate any real wealth of their own.

The financial markets were initiated by the Rothschild family centuries ago, and in more recent years have been used to launder massive amounts of drug money for the global Intelligence community.

To make any real money here, you must understand that institutional investing is what drives Wall Street and the global financial markets. When the stocks the institutional investors purchase rise, they are sold for profit.

Then put options are placed on the same investments, so that when their price goes down, the institutional investors will still make money. If you have a sizeable portfolio to begin with so that you can qualify for the better brokerage programs, you can make a lot of money. However, you must have enough money to qualify.

And your average investor does not.

It is this average investor who is gulled into believing that he can make his fortune by such investing, when in reality the financial markets are manipulated by those companies who control institutional trading.

Constitutionalists Across America Are Being Silenced

Judge Andrew Napolitano's Eloquent Criticism Of The FBI Gets His Fox TV Program Cancelled - These Are Orwellian Intimidation Tactics Being Used By The FBI And Other Alphabet Agencies, To Silence Independent Journalists

In 2012, Judge Andrew Napolitano gave a powerful and convincing five minute speech on his Fox News program entitled "Freedom Watch." He did so in regard to the FBI's use of entrapment to perpetrate false flag terrorism in the United States, and how in most instances, the only terrorism that the FBI prevented was that which it attempted to create through its use of entrapment.

Napolitano all but called the FBI a terrorist organization.

As retaliation, the FBI used its furtive manipulation over the mainstream media, to get Napolitano's Fox News TV program cancelled a brief time later, with the bogus claim that the cancellation was due to the program's poor ratings.

What the FBI did here was a warning to Judge Napolitano to end his support of the U.S. Bill of Rights, and to stop criticizing the FBI publicly, which Napolitano has for the most part now complied with.

This is the sign of a police state, where even the most courageous people in the media become fearful of speaking out against the government. America became such a place after 9/11. However, the seeds for this Orwellian atmosphere were sown more than a century earlier, when the Rothschilds managed to blackmail President Woodrow Wilson into signing the Federal Reserve Act, which would become the catalyst in destroying the United States middle class.

Jimmy Hoffa's Whereabouts
Finally Laid To Rest

Editor's Note:

The FBI's decades' long involvement in the case of the missing Ex-Teamster, James Hoffa, has for years taken on a life of its own, when in reality the disappearance of Hoffa was probably far less mysterious than the FBI would have us believe.

In 2007, an effort was made to clear up this situation for the last time based on logic and the last sightings of Jimmy Hoffa in 1975. The research concludes that Hoffa was kidnapped from a restaurant by a friend, taken to a nearby Detroit, Michigan home and executed. His body was then taken to a nearby cemetery and cremated.

Since *Hoffa, either living or dead, was never transported across state lines, his missing person's case was never federal in nature, so the FBI never had jurisdiction in the case. By claiming that Hoffa was taken across state lines against his will, the FBI was able to justify its presence in the case.

*"I Heard You Paint Houses" Describes How James Hoffa Was Likely Murdered

Of course, this is why the case has remained unsolved for so many years, when by using Occams' Razor, the case can be greatly simplified with the aforesaid explanation; which makes as much sense as any of those previously generated by the FBI.

This explanation may lack mystery, however, it does give the reader a fairly good idea of what really happened to Jimmy Hoffa, and helps to clear up years of a mystery which has been largely sensationalized by the FBI through its use of the mainstream media, in order to promote the Bureau while profiting the media.

It's probably why the FBI has refrained from releasing the mountain of information that it has collected in regard to Hoffa over the past forty one years, since the Bureau would not want to admit that it may have known what really happened to Hoffa all along.

Perhaps the FBI has refused to release the 85 tapes it seized from the Pentagon and surrounding area on 9/11/2001, for similar reasons, because the FBI knows that the official 9/11 story is a complete falsehood being used to justify the destruction of American civil liberties.

FBI Muddies Waters Regarding The Case Of The Late Jimmy Hoffa, Looking To Justify Its Own Involvement In The Case, Even Though Hoffa's Disappearance Was Not A Federal Crime

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