Saturday, July 25, 2015

My Mother Is Under Aggressive Directed Energy Weapon's Attack Causing Her Heart Rate To Artificially Slow Down In An Effort To Murder Her/ How The Baby Boom Generation Became The Unwitting Subjects Of A Signals Intelligence Driven Prison System

The FBI's Use Of Chemical Warfare On The Branch Davidians And The Fire Covertly Started By The FBI Which Killed Over Seventy People, Including More Than Two Dozen Children

FBI Agent Who Murdered Ibragim Todashev Was A corrupt Ex LA Cop Who Likely Fabricated The Information He Claimed To Obtain During An 8 Hour Interview With Todashev - Todashev Was Executed Because He Could Have Helped To Expose That The Boston Marathon Bombing Was An FBI False Flag Operation

How The FBI Uses Murderers As Informants

The New Underworld Order By Christopher Story Describes Rothschild Zionisms' Complete Subversion Of The British And U.S. Federal Governments, As Well As How Our Leadership Serve This Zionist Cabal And Its Satanic Minions; While Pretending To Represent The Interests Of The Citizenry - Story Was Murdered Not Long After He Published This Excellent Book, And In Fact Wrote The Book As His Epitaph, Out Of Concern That He Was Going To Be Murdered For Having Written It

Ferguson False Flag Included Staging And Media Manipulation

HAARP Technology Being Used To Create Dome Over Iran Causing Record Heat Wave That Results In Temperatures Rising To Over 165 Degrees

Those Who Take Part In The Vigilante Hate Crime Organized Stalking Are Total Satanic Garbage

Did You Know That Data Brokers Collect Information On Every Person Who Uses The Internet And Then Sell This Information About You To Marketing Companies?

New Book By Ex Secret Service Agent Claims That Bill Clinton Is Involved With Yet Another Woman (A Busty Blonde This Time), And That The Clintons' Marriage Is A Total Sham - A Marriage Of Convenience As Part Of Their Objective To Regain Control Of The White House If Hillary Is Elected President

HAARP Engineered Drought In California Continues To Devastate The State's Population

Was Fashion Photographer Helmut Newton Subjected To A Signals Intelligence Induced Murder In 2004? Newton's Photography Has Always Been Highly Regarded By The Fashion Industry, However Also Considered To Be Extremely Perverse Which Earned Him Much Criticism From The Far Right - Newton's Automobile Had Just Left His Residence When It Suddenly Accelerated At Great Speed For No Apparent Reason, Just Before Crashing Head On Into A Wall - Newton Was Alone In The Car At The Time And Died From His Injuries - Could The Computer In His Car Have Been Remotely Sabotaged To Cause An Unintended Acceleration Event, In Order To Intentionally Cause This Deadly Crash? Given What We Now Know About The NSA And Its Ability To Remotely Hack Into The Computer Of An Automobile As Well As The Recent Hacking Into The Computers Of Many Chrysler Automobiles (Including Jeeps), It Is Entirely Plausible That Helmut Newton Was Murdered - I Also Believe That Many People Are Targeted For Such Covert Murders Using Signals Intelligence Satellites To Remotely Tamper With The Steering, Accelerators And Brakes In Automobiles, And That CBS Personality Bob Simon As Well As Noble Prize Winner John Nash And His Wife Were Killed In Automobile Crashes When The Computers In The Vehicles They Were Driving In Were Remotely Tampered With - Even The Drivers Themselves Could Have Been Subjected To The Remote Neural Monitoring Of Their Minds Via Computer To Brain Interface In Order To Cause Them To Temporarily Lose Consciousness

Over 1000 First Responders To The World Trade Center On 9/11/2001, Have Since Died Of Lung Cancer, Yet As Part Of The 9/11 False Flag Cover Up, The U.S. Medical Community Has Conspiratorially Refused To Acknowledge That The Asbestos Which Was Circulated Throughout Manhattan On 9/11 Is Responsible For These Deaths - Three Fireman Who Developed Cancer Because Of The Asbestos They Inhaled On 9/11/2001 All Die Within Hours Of Each Other After Being Murdered With A Directed Energy Weapon - This Is How Directed Energy Weapons Can Be Used For The Purpose Of Psychological Warfare - These Situations Almost Always End Up Being Covered In The Mainstream Media So That Those Who Are Subjected To These Psyops Are Made Aware That Someone Else Has Been Covertly Murdered As The Result Of The Psyops Perpetrated Against Us - The Number Three Has Been Used As One Of Myriad Psychological Triggers Against This Author For Years - If A Person Is Ill It Just Makes It That Much Easier To Murder Them Using Plausible Deniability, Such As America Freedom To Fascism Producer Aaron Russo's Dying Of Cancer On My Birthday - I Admired Russo's Film And Frequently Wrote About Him Before He Died - As Another Example Of These Freakish Situations, After I Publish A Tribute Website To Actress Amanda Peterson, She Later Dies Unexpectedly At The Age Of 43 - Both Russo And Peterson Were Likely Murdered With A Directed Energy Weapon, As Have Been Many Other People, Who Were Arbitrarily Killed Off As Part Of The Psyop The FBI And NSA Have Been Conducting Against This Author Since 2003

The Zionist Controlled Media's Increasing Sexploitation Of Women, Who Are Being Sexed Up By The Producers Of Their TV Shows, In The Interest Of Increased Viewer Ratings - Such Sexploitation Of Women Has Also Gone Well Beyond The Mainstream Media And Internet

8/26/15 - Donald Trump Fearful Of Being Murdered By Mexican Drug Lord?

Donald Trump recently offended Mexican drug lord, El Chapo Guzman, who is alleged to have placed a $100 million bounty on the head of Trump to bring him to Guzman dead or alive.

Perhaps this is the primary reason that Trump is now attempting to stay in the Presidential race. To have an even higher public profile than usual, in order to dissuade El Chapo from coming after him.

Then again, the entire situation sounds more like some CIA propaganda stunt than anything else. Especially since the CIA and El Chapo are competitors in the illicit drug business.

That is, unless El Chapo secretly works for the CIA...

The reader will remember that when the late John Gotti was questioned by a federal court judge in regard to whether or not the Gambino crime family dealt in illegal drugs, Gotti candidly replied that they didn't, because they could not compete with the federal government. This was in direct reference to the CIA's global drug manufacturing and trafficking operations, which are used to support the CIA's black budget.

This is the reason why many have joked that the CIA should stand for Cocaine Import Agency.


Donald Trump continues to display mind controlled behavior with his erratic, and oftentimes unpredictable actions. His latest rant inadvertently referring to Fox News' anchor, Megyn Kelly as a bimbo, is just one sign that either Trump's brain is being remote neurally monitored/manipulated, or that he's just taking his buffoonery too far.

Perhaps a little of both.

Others have claimed that the verbal war between Kelly and Trump is all being staged by Fox in order to boost her program's ratings, which is also possible, since her ratings have been higher since her debacle with Trump began.

In any event, if by some miracle the powers that be decided to make Donald Trump their next puppet president, he'd accomplish nothing for the American people, since he would spend all of his time insulting anyone in politics who disagreed with him.

He'd keep very busy.

However, where Trump would succeed is in using/abusing the office of U.S. President to conduct his own personal business dealings, utilizing his position to make sweet heart deals with those whom he would ordinarily not be able to conduct business with.

As the tyrant he secretly is, Trump would have weekly, covertly carried out executions for those whom he believed were plotting against him.

I can also see him signing an Executive Order to erect a gold plated statue of his person as the central fixture of worship in every city in the United States.

Oops, did I say gold plated? I meant solid gold, since after all, we are talking about the carbon life form version of the ultimate archetype of greed.

I can see his new edict now: You must bow before "The Donald" as the sun rises and as the sun sets or face the consequences.

Moreover, it isn't presidential to call someone a bonehead, or a bimbo or other uncomplimentary adjectives.

The GOP is attempting to do damage control, since Trump's belligerence and buffoonery may have been amusing at first, however, it has since worn thin and is seriously damaging them.

He's downright obnoxious, and as U.S. President, Trump's Apprentice-type Caligula persona would make him downright dangerous.

One Hitler was bad enough.


Attorneys For Sir Han Sir Han In Danger Of Being Murdered By U.S. Alphabet Agencies?

Yesterday, a casino tour bus was cut off by another vehicle, which resulted in the bus crashing into a building. *Nine people were injured, including the driver, who was reported to be in critical condition.

The reader will note that this author has regularly written in regard to how over the past decade, the media has been reporting on a bizarre phenomenon in which automobiles regularly crash into homes, buildings, recently even the emergency room to a hospital, as the result of either subjecting the drivers of these vehicles to mind control via computer to brain interface, or actually sabotaging the computers in the vehicles themselves in order to force the automobiles to crash.

Perhaps a combination of the two.

*The reader will notice that we once again have the number 9 (The media has since reported numbers of injured people ranging from 6 to 7 to 8 to 9).

I think they finally settled on 6 injured. However this number may be revised as well.

The number 9 has been used as a psychological trigger by the FBI in its psyop against this author, since I inquired if the 9Th Amendment to the U.S. Bill of Rights was being used by the DOJ, FBI and DHS, in order to conduct Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment on millions of American citizens, through fusion centers and the FBI's Fascist Infragard program.

*Google: the use of psychological triggers which serve as a form of psychological brainwashing against a targeted subject.

The reader will also note that this accident (likely created through the mind control of the driver who cut off this tour bus) occurred only a few hundred yards from where the legal co-counsel for Robert F. Kennedy convicted murderer, Sir Han Sir Han, has a legal practice.

This may mean nothing, however, given the psychological operations that the FBI conducts against this author each day, it could suggest their intent to use furtive means in which to harm (or even murder) this person in the future, since this attorney's attempt to free Sir Han Sir Han by producing evidence that exonerates him in the murder of RFK, has been a threat to the U.S. Intelligence community's framing of Sir Han Sir Han in the murder of Robert F. Kennedy.

Specifically, if Sir Han Sir Han is innocent in the murder of RFK, then someone else had to have murdered him. And that would open a new investigation into Kennedy's murder, in which the CIA and FBI have long been thought to be involved.

Moreover, the fact this attorney is involved in attempting to expose a government cover up in regard to the frame up of Sir Han Sir Han, pertaining to the murder of Robert F. Kennedy, has more than likely already placed her under NSA electronic surveillance. And the same is probably true of her co-counsel.

The attorney's name is Laurie Dusek, and coincidentally, she and her family were neighbors of this author's in the 1960's. I document this here in an attempt to save her life, in the event that there is a covert plan to liquidate Laurie for her attempt to free Sir Han Sir Han (whom I also believe is innocent of murdering JFK, and was framed by the CIA and FBI, as part of a plan to keep RFK out of the White house). I do the same in regard to her co-counsel, Attorney William Pepper, since those who are perceived for whatever reason to be a threat to this military intelligence complex, can often become the targets of murder plots, sometimes planned out years in advance, for the purpose of plausible deniability.


A plane crash which took place in Bethpage, Long Island last week involved another strange scenario, in which after the pilot, *59 year old John Milo experienced engine trouble, he was directed to land at an old airstrip on the Grumman aerospace facility in Bethpage.

The mystery here is why did an air traffic controller who should have known that this airstrip was no longer in existence, tell this pilot to proceed to the airstrip anyway?

It is nearly impossible to believe that the air traffic controller could have made such a mistake.

Was the incorrect information done intentionally to get him to crash?

The reader will notice that the pilot was *59 (a regular psychological trigger that the FBI has been using against this author for years, since I was born in 1959). Moreover, was his plane's engine deliberately tampered with using signals intelligence technology, in order to cause his plane to crash?

8/23/15 - The CIA's Creation Of ISIS & The Index Finger Real Meaning Is Death To America And Her People -- So Why Are So Many U.S. Politicians And Media Personalities Using The Index Finger? -- To Symbolize Their Role In Rothschild Zionism's Destruction Of The American Middle Class - It Really Means Allegiance To Rothschild Satanism -- How The U.S. Military Intelligence Complexes' Extrajudicial System Of Capital Punishment Against Innocent American Citizens, Has Become A Plague On The United States And Her Citizenry

FBI Fascist Infragard Program Being Used To Create A National Network Of Vigilante Terrorists Across The Continental USA - No One Is Safe From This Evil Predation

Author Angus Mackenzie died of brain cancer in 1994 after completing a book on the CIA and its crimes against the American people. Angus was like so many other whistleblowers, a likely target of signals intelligence driven directed energy weapon's extermination.

Having suddenly developed terminal brain cancer as punishment for having written his expose on the CIA and its ties to Nazism.

The U.S. Military Intelligence complex has murdered so many American citizens during the existence of this complex, using furtive means, that their domestic victims could number in the tens or even hundreds of thousands, from the time that the Intelligence community was officially created at the end of World War II.

With the advent of directed energy weapons which can be focused with surgical precision at any coordinates on the face of this planet, the CIA and alphabet brethren including but not limited to the FBI, NSA and DHS, can remotely target the unique EMF signatures produced by any American citizen's body, and be used to murder that person with total anonymity.

This is the ideal weaponry for cowards, who can sit behind a computer screen and with the aid of an Artificial Intelligence computer and signal intelligence satellite, experiment upon, torture or even murder any American citizen of their choosing.

No one is immune from such satellite predation.

Those whistleblowers who in some way adversely affect the military industrial intelligence complex, can also be secretly dealt with through such effective Orwellian punishment.

Especially when the CIA, NSA, and FBI are regularly using directed energy weaponry to carry out capital punishment death sentences on American citizens, who have never even been arrested; much less tried or convicted of a capital, or for that matter, any other type of crime.

Why has one the best known opponents of capital punishment, Sister Helen Prejean, been completely silent on this issue, or those which involve the thousands of Americans whose complaints to the Congress and White House (in regard to their use as targets of non consensual human experimentation, torture and murder) have been completely ignored?

We are now living in abject tyranny. We've become a nation of sheeple whose leadership have evolved into the functionaries of a Satanically driven global dictatorship, which operates under regions of what once were legitimate governments and nations.

What is the most obvious sign of this subversion? The fact that our rights as a citizenry no longer exist, and how we are subjected to the false flag terrorism of our own subverted governments, as well as a society which now operates based on both vigilantism, and a blind allegiance to an inherently corrupted and evil authority.

8/22/15 - Hollywood's "Breaking Bad" TV Series Used To Promote Methamphetamine Use In Teens And Young Adults Has Led To A Murderous Plague In America

Just Zionist Hollywood's way of conducting a public service to protect your children for you.

During the time that this TV series was running 2008 - 2013, Crystal Meth use increased significantly in the United States and the United Kingdom, proving that Hollywood is more interested in its profit margins than in it is in protecting your children.

The story line behind "Breaking Bad" is in reference to a former teacher who is dying of lung cancer, who teams up with one of his former students to manufacture Crystal Meth, so that the two can become drug dealers and profit from the Methamphetamine explosion.

Who was this TV series aimed at? American and British teenagers and 20 something's.

Methamphetamine has been around for nearly two centuries, after having been created by a Japanese chemist. And Adolf Hitler was also rumored to be a regular user of the drug during the 1930s and '40s.

However, Methamphetamine did not gain the popularity in the United States that it now has, until a woman by the name of Lori Arnold (the sister of actor Tom Arnold - former husband of actress Roseanne Barr) began to recognize how profitable this drug could become.

Once this occurred, Arnold became one of the most powerful drug dealers in the United States, making millions of dollars a year manufacturing and distributing Crystal Meth.

And before her arrest, she was responsible for the propagation of Crystal Meth across the United States, and the devastation that this highly addictive and deadly hallucinogen has caused in the lives of thousands of American teenagers, and young adults over the past two decades.

In the United States alone, Crystal Meth use has surpassed cocaine and heroin combined, and is even more addictive and deadly.

In fact, Crystal Meth has become the most dangerous and addictive drug in the United States, where more than $20 billion dollars is spent annually, treating this drug addiction.

And with only a four percent success rate, Crystal Meth has also become a plague on American youth.

Moreover, its ingredients can be readily found and used by the meth labs that now dot the landscape across this country, which turn out massive amounts of this product each year, that is secretly shipped across state lines.

Have you also noticed how along with the intentionally contracted economy and the hopeless situation that many young Americans are now experiencing in not being able to find employment, that there are an increasing number of legal drugs being offered for them to become dependent on?

Such as K2 for example - synthetic marijuana. Or the legalization of recreational marijuana in certain areas of Colorado and Washington State.

However, the marijuana that exists today is far more potent than the marijuana that was grown during the 20Th Century. And the fact that it is often secretly mixed with stronger drugs, and even those with hallucinogenic properties, means that a drug that was once considered to be safe by its users can now be very dangerous.

This sudden availability of these drugs is based both on the profit motives of individual states, as well as to destroy the minds of the youth in the United States. And this conspiracy is no longer limited to just minorities either, since it is being directed at the entire youth culture in this country.

There is a very real conspiracy by the Zionist elite class to destroy the global middle class, as part of a genocidal depopulation agenda.

And they are using every means possible in which to do so.

And this comment has nothing to do with anti-Semitism, since Zionism is a Satanic political ideology and Judaism is a formalized religion.

As such, the concept of anti-Zionism should become international in scale, until this House of Rothschild implemented plague on Jews and the rest of the people on this planet, is completely eradicated.

8/21/15 - Rotational Directed Energy Attacks Continue.

My Father is being hit with directed energy weapons again causing fatigue and nausea.

Obama claims that the United States does not torture or murder its own citizens, however, this is a blatant lie. The FBI and NSA are using directed energy weapons to torture millions of Americans who are being attacked within their own homes, while being denied their Constitutional rights to due process of law.

For the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, directed energy weapons and the NSA's Remote Neural Monitoring technology have become the primary means for committing such crimes against humanity with total anonymity.

And the psychological warfare programming that is delivered via our cable TV programs is used in an effort to drive us to become psychotic, while the FBI and NSA deny committing these terrible crimes.

*On 8/22/15, the movie Judgment At Nuremburg is shown this evening as part of the psychological warfare operations that this author is subjected to every day.

The murderous psychopaths who perpetrate this psychological operation attempt to imply that this author is anti-Semitic in regard to my written works, when in reality I have always defended the Jews for what they suffered at the hands of the Nazis.

And I always will.

However, I have written extensively about the Rothschild dynasty and their role in fomenting the Holocaust, as part of their plan to liquidate Jewish wealth, in order to force Jews to flee the countries that they were living in, and move to a singularly Jewish state.

A venue where the Rothschilds could exploit all Jews for their Zionist world Communist government agenda.

Including Ashkenazi Jews.

This would later occur with the Rothschilds' founding of the Israeli Zionist state in 1948; one of the primary goals of the first Zionist Congress which was founded in 1897.

Most of the movies made in regard to the Nuremburg Trials were financed and created by the Zionists in Hollywood. And that means that the movies were based on more Zionist propaganda than actual fact.

The fact is that several thousand Nazi war criminals were smuggled into the United States by the CIA in the late 1940s under Project Paperclip and the Nazi Rat Line. And these torturers and murderers of the Jews were given lucrative employment within the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, while being used to duplicate an Americanized Third Reich in this complex, which exists to this very day.

Moreover, the United States federal government completely ignores the Nuremburg Code which was created after the Trials, as well as the Geneva Convention, which are supposed to prevent the types of torture that millions of Targeted Individuals in the United States are presently being subjected to, by way of directed energy weapons attacks and vicious psychological warfare operations.

Crimes against humanity that the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches of the U.S. federal government continue to completely ignore.

All done under the Patriot Act, and carried out under directives issued through the U.S. Department Of Justice, FBI, and U.S. Department Of Homeland Security; all done by way of fusion centers and the FBI's fascist Infragard program, which is being used to completely subvert corporate America, in the interest of creating a national vigilante based terrorist organization.

As part of this vigilantism, vehicular stalking is used as an adjunct to these Orwellian tactics in order to intensify the psychological abuse.

We have become a society that is controlled by Satanists.

Actress Amanda Peterson Dies Mysteriously At The Age Of 43 - Was She Murdered With A Directed Energy Weapon?

For All Of Her Talent And Beauty, And The Promise Of A List Stardom, Amanda Turned Her Back On Hollywood Decades Ago After Being Relegated To B Actress Status, And As Punishment For Using Her New Found Fame To Criticize Hollywood Studios For Typecasting Many Of Its Teen Stars As "Party Animals" - Which Amanda Rightfully Believed Prevented Most Young Actors From Going On To Careers As Adult Actors - Or When They Actually Did Obtain Employment As Adult Actors, Becoming Typecast Due To Their Earlier Roles

Editor's Note: 8/20/15 - What Is Taking So Long In Regard To The Autopsy And Forensic Toxicological Reports Pertaining To The Cause Of Death For Actress Amanda Peterson?

In early July, the media claimed that the toxicological and autopsy reports in regard the death of Amanda Peterson were going to be made available to the public by early to mid August, and here we are approaching the end of the month and there is still no report in regard to what Amanda actually died from.

It is this author's opinion that Amanda Peterson did not die of natural causes, and was instead the subject of *foul play. I also believe that it is quite possible that Amanda was targeted by a directed energy weapon which was used to murder her as she slept, using the cover of either suicide or a physical ailment.

*Amanda left Hollywood more than two decades ago, however, having knowledge of criminal malfeasance in regard to some very powerful studio moguls, that could have brought this entire industry down. This is what made these people nervous when Amanda announced that she was planning to write her autobiography. And it was likely what eventually got her murdered.

Over the past few years Amanda had really started to turn her life around after years of battling drug addiction. She had set goals for herself, including finishing an autobiography that she had started several years ago, which included the 15 years that she spent as an actress in Hollywood.

According to a number of her friends Amanda was planning to return to public life.

And this was making the aforementioned Hollywood executives very uncomfortable.

I truly think that Amanda Peterson was murdered in what I believe will eventually be reported to have been an accidental drug overdose, which will be used to cover up a directed energy weapon's induced murder that was used to prevent Amanda from finishing her autobiography and exposing these people.

And that once again, Amanda's autobiography was going to expose a major scandal in Hollywood that would have caused irreparable damage to the entire entertainment industry.

I also believe that the toxicology and autopsy reports regarding her death have been completed, and that they are being withheld from the public because they will raise more questions in regard to her death than they will answer; only increasing public concern that Amanda was murdered.

I find it of interest that lately the media reports in regard to many of the deaths of high profile people such as actors and sports' personalities, omit the actual cause of death. The media simply reports that the person died of natural causes.

If the person died in an accident such as a plane crash (such as composer James Horner) the actual cause of death is omitted. In the case of *Horner, it would have been difficult to conduct an autopsy given that his remains were charred in the plane crash he died in.

*That is if the victim of this plane crash really was James Horner and not someone else. Actor, Harrison Ford, has no idea how fortunate he was to survive his recent plane crash, since it was more than likely staged as a furtive Illuminati murder, used to liquidate the aging Hollywood legend, while sending sales of Ford's many characters' celebrity merchandise through the roof. Harrison should take his wife, Callista Flockhart's advice and stop flying altogether. He should also avoid taking unnecessary risks which would give those who seek to harm him the plausibly deniable opportunities in which to do so.

So the official report is that Horner died of blunt force trauma. A standard explanation for those whose bodies are incinerated in what appear to be *accidents in which dental records are needed for the purpose of identification.

*These types of "accidents" are ideal for serving as red herrings, when the Intelligence community seeks to murder someone with plausible deniability.

We can only imagine how many people have been covertly murdered through the use of such accidents by the global military intelligence complex over the past century, since their idea for successfully removing suspicion from themselves in killing a target, often means murdering others around the target, since they offer plausible deniability in such furtive murders.

For those who would say that a group of people who would destroy an entire airliner or building for the purpose of killing someone whom they seek to remove from this planet, are insane, the fact is that agencies like the CIA, NSA and FBI have been committing such atrocities from their inception.

As for sanity, don't bother looking for it in the alphabet community because you will find that it is nowhere to be found. What's worse is that in their own brainwashed minds, they truly believe that no matter what they do; no matter what atrocity they commit; they are justified in having done so.

And they routinely murder politicians and media personalities who attempt to stand up for the rights of the citizenry, which is why most politicians and media personalities have become puppets who operate based out of fear for their own lives, should they in some way accidentally threaten the status quo.

Take the following situation in regard to the late British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook, who was probably murdered with a directed energy weapon back in 2005 while still in office, after making the following statement. Cook's murder served as a warning to other politicians not to expose this CIA false flag operation publicly, or suffer the consequences.

“The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al-Qaeda, and any informed intelligence officer knows this. But, there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an intensified entity representing the ‘devil’ only in order to drive TV watchers to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the United States.”

– Former British Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook

**Friends And Family Shocked At The Sudden Death Of British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook, Who Suffered A Heart Attack While Hiking With His Wife - Cook Was Probably The Victim Of A Directed Energy Weapon's Induced Heart Attack

Thus far there has been no report in regard to the investigation of James Horner's aircraft. Specifically what caused it to crash. Could Horner's plane have been sabotaged?

Could signals intelligence technology have been used to cause the engine in the plane to stop working? Or could directed energy weaponry have been used to interfere with the airflow under the wings of the plane which would have caused it to lose lift, and drop out of the sky?

In the instance of the sudden reticence within the controlled media to describe the actual causes of death for many of the more high profile people, why not just report what condition killed the person instead of fostering speculation that foul play may have taken place?

Because many of these people are not dying of natural causes as the media is reporting, but are instead being murdered through the use of classified weaponry maintained by the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complex, and as part of a clandestine and evil program that involves radiation intelligence research, and the non consensual human experimentation of American citizens.

For instance, when football hall of famer Frank Gifford recently died unexpectedly, why did the media refuse to publish his cause of death?

And stranger still, why would his wife, TV personality Kathie Lee Gifford, report that Frank died on a beautiful Sunday morning?

If your healthy husband suddenly ups and dies while he is sitting down having breakfast, what would make the day he died on a beautiful day? If anything, it would have been a very sad and tragic day.

This just confirms my suspicions that media personalities are under mass mind control via computer to brain interface, and that we are truly living in an insane asylum type of atmosphere in post 9/11 America.

8/19/15 - When will the American people realize that the war on terror is a complete and utter Zionist implemented fraud, that our own subverted government is helping to propagate?

"The latest whistleblower is David Steele, a 20-year Marine Corps intelligence officer, and the second-highest-ranking civilian in the U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence. He is a former CIA clandestine services case officer, and this is what he had to say:

“Most terrorists are false flag terrorists, or are created by our own security services. In the United States, every single terrorist incident we have had has been a false flag, or has been an informant pushed on by the FBI. In fact, we now have citizens taking out restraining orders against FBI informants that are trying to incite terrorism.

We’ve become a lunatic asylum.”

“The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al-Qaeda, and any informed intelligence officer knows this. But, there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an intensified entity representing the ‘devil’ only in order to drive TV watchers to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the United States.”

– Former British Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook

* Source:"Every Single Terrorist Attack In America Has Been A False Flag Operation


FBI Infragard Program Is Neo Fascism

As an example of the FBI's Gestapo program called Infragard, which gives the FBI statewide oversight of the businesses in the United States, any business in America can now be used by the FBI to commit furtive crimes against a Targeted Individual, with plausible deniability.

This also applies to businesses such as landscapers, exterminators, plumbers, electricians and any other type of business which caters to the homeowner.

As an example of this, a few weeks ago an exterminator that we have a contract with stopped by for an inspection. He checked the stations set up around our home as is standard practice for these visits, then left a status report that the system was working properly.

A week later this author noticed *two ant hills in the area around our patio which were not there before this exterminator showed up.

* As it turns out, these are not ant hills. They are the domain for a nest of Sphecius speciosus. More commonly known as Cicada killers or killer bees.

The representative from this company was more than likely told to plant these eggs in the area where they later hatched. And by an FBI Infragard handler.

Our landscaper claimed to put down weed killer on our lawn, which was largely free of weeds. A week later we have an outbreak of weeds all over our lawn.

Whatever he put down enhanced weed growth.

What is important to note here is that this landscaper was very reliable and did a good job for us. He showed up on time and his prices were reasonable.

Then the trailer that he keeps his landscaping equipment in was vandalized and some of his lawnmowers were stolen. Since that time he has become very unreliable, and his work is often done carelessly.

He does not want his equipment vandalized again, and this is how the FBI controls him and his business, through the types of intimidation tactics that are usually associated with traditional forms of organized crime.

This is another example of how the FBI can take a competent business owner, and corrupt them, as part of that cancer that we call Infragard.

The FBI's Orwellian Infragard program and how it is being utilized to turn American businesses into domestic spies who infiltrate American communities, is a classic example of the type of fascist nationalism which characterized Hitler's Germany in the 1930s, after Hitler and his cabinet carried out the burning of the Reichstag Building, as part of a false flag operation which then allowed Hitler to find a plausible excuse to attack Poland, while becoming the dictator of Germany.

Except now we have this malignant cancer networked throughout the United States as the direct result of the American version of the Reichstag burning - the 9/11 false flag operation.

It is only fitting that FBI director, James Comey, has claimed to have once been a Communist during the days of the Carter White House. Perhaps he still is, since the FBI's complete disregard for the U.S. Bill of Rights is right out of the novel 1984.

Comey is also well aware that the FBI's violations of this author's civil rights are so extreme, that the FBI is attempting to use Congress to conceal these crimes from the American people, while the FBI continues to use the Satanic Patriot Act in order to foment a completely illegal slander campaign against this author, as revenge for exposing the greatest scandal in more than a millennia.

The NSA's electromagnetic enslavement of the American people, through the secret implementation of a Signals Intelligence EMF Fingerprinting program.

When was the last time that you saw the FBI cowardly hiding behind Congress in order to cover up the crimes its agents have committed under the color of law?

This is how precedent setting the FBI's crimes against this MK-Ultra whistleblower are.

The FBI's violations of the Bill of Rights in this instance have become so outrageous and insidious, that they make the late J. Edgar Hoover seem like a humanitarian by comparison.


Zionist Hollywood's conspiracy against actors who don't publicly support the Israeli Zionist state. Spanish actors, Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz are the most recent targets of this conspiracy. And actor George Clooney is experiencing Hollywood's wrath for marrying a beautiful Iranian woman who has publicly condemned Zionism, while supporting both Iran and Palestine.

As a result, the Zionist media has been hell bent on destroying Clooney's marriage to his wife, Amal, since they tied the knot.

While George appears to be doing everything possible to save his marriage, his acting career will likely suffer because of it.

In spite of what actors like Clooney, Bardem and Cruz are experiencing, they are far more fortunate than those Hollywood actors who have been covertly murdered through the use of directed energy weapons, because they attempted to take on Hollywood's studio elite. Although there have been many, the late actress Brittany Murphy comes to mind here, since she died under mysterious circumstances while being involved in a very public skirmish with Warner Bros. Studios.

And the fact that her husband, Simon Monjack, died only months later after threatening to sue Warner Brothers in the wrongful death of his wife, only fuels suspicion that both Murphy and Monjack were murdered by Warner Brothers' executives to avoid a legal confrontation.


Fukushima, Japan - Will the nuclear fallout in Japan eventually render the country uninhabitable? And what about the Japanese race? The radiation fallout in Japan is much worse than the Japanese government has admitted to. In essence, it is the result of a nuclear war without the actual war itself taking place.

The Japanese Government Is Lying About The Extent Of The Radiation Exposure In Japan, And How Japanese Citizens Are Continuing To Develop Cancer And Die From Radiation Leaked During The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Meltdown In 2011

Will The Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster result in the deaths of millions of Japanese citizens, ultimately developing and succumbing to cancer?


Given its ability to remotely surveille the entire U.S. population in real time by scanning the electromagnetic spectrum for the unique EMF signatures broadcast by any American citizen's body, while also remotely monitoring the neural pathways of any American citizen's brain (via computer to brain interface), the National Security Agency's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, has become the real life equivalent of George Orwell's Big Brother.

8/18/15 - NSA Remote Neural Monitoring Of The Brain

The FBI regularly circulates audio visual footage of this author as I walk around my property. The video will be used in an attempt to discredit allegations that I make in regard to the FBI/NSA conspiracy being perpetrated again my person. I recently documented how I have only used the sprinkler system to water our lawn once this entire season, because of HAARP created rainfall which takes place each week.

So today, a Family member insists that the lawn be watered with the sprinkler system. This is done so that the audio visual footage of this author turning on the sprinkler can be used by the FBI and NSA to discredit my allegation about HAARP, as they claim to have footage of my watering the lawn.

This is typical of the chicanery perpetrated by these Satanists, and how they routinely, intentionally mislead the public in order to conceal their own crimes.

The most obvious incident that this author has experienced, in which something that I have seen in regard to a movie was then decoded from the evoked potentials of my brain, and then carried out in real life by the NSA, involved the signals intelligence induced murder of Young & Rubicam executive Suzanne Hart. On the evening before she died I had watched a movie called Paperman (1971), in which a woman in the movie was crushed to death by an elevator that was tampered with by remote means, in order to cause her death.

The following day Suzanne Hart was crushed to death in a freak elevator accident that involved the elevator violently moving as Hart entered it, trapping half of her body as the elevator shot up to the next floor. The force of the elevator was so intense, that Suzanne's body was cut in half as a result of this covertly perpetrated murder.

During the same morning that this occurred, a van with the name Hart painted on its side was parked in the road in front of my home for several hours, as part of the Organized Stalking street theater that I have been subjected to since 2003.

The van was parked to alert me to the fact that Suzanne was murdered in the same way that the woman in the movie Paperman was killed. These crimes are made to sound outlandish in order to discredit those of us who are targeted for such MK-Ultra mind control experimentation, when we report them.

However, what are the odds of seeing a movie in which a woman is crushed to death by an elevator, then on the following day, a woman who has the same last name as that painted on the side of a van parked in the road in front of your home that same morning, is crushed to death by an elevator in real life?

The odds are about as remote as the three firefighters who contracted cancer on 9/11, dying hours apart on the same day back in 2014. Each of whom was likely murdered with a directed energy weapon.

Suzanne Hart was the target of a signals intelligence induced murder; not an accidental death due to the negligence of Transel Elevator Corporation. Her family, and Kathleen Mullahy are suing the wrong the people. They should be filing suit against the NSA.

However, if they did, they would never live long enough to see the lawsuit to fruition. That is, if they could ever actually even file the lawsuit in the first place, which is highly improbable.

The *following is an excerpt from an article in the **Gothamist, which describes an eyewitness account of what happened when Suzanne Hart entered the elevator.

**Eyewitness To Suzanne Hart's Death Describes The Carnage That She Saw

*"The woman who witnessed her co-worker crushed to death in a freakishly horrifying elevator accident last month plans to file a lawsuit, according to court papers obtained by the Daily News. Kathleen Mullahy, a Queens resident who has worked as an executive assistant at ad firm Y&R (formerly Young & Rubicam) for 12 years, had just entered the elevator at 10 a.m. on the morning of December 14th when everything went horribly wrong. As Y&R exec Suzanne Hart was stepping inside, the elevator violently shot up, and Hart was fatally crushed, with half her body still inside the lift. Suffice it to say, Mullahy is still traumatized.

Mullahy and another unidentified man were trapped inside the elevator with Hart for over an hour before first responders could extricate them. One Y&R employee previously told the Daily News 'it looked like a grenade went off in there.'" According to legal documents, Mullahy has since been unable to enter an elevator 'out of fear of bodily injury and/or death.'"


The other day a single engine plane crashed on the Long Island Railroad tracks in the town of Bethpage. The pilot, Joseph Milo (*59 years old), was killed in the crash, and his passenger (who remains hospitalized), was critically injured.

*The reader will note yet another instance where the age of the pilot (59) is one of myriad psychological triggers used by the FBI as part of the psychological warfare operation conducted against this author. Was the plane intentionally sabotaged using signals intelligence technology? Recently, composer James Horner was killed when his plane crashed. And actor Harrison Ford was seriously injured when his plane crashed after its engine had stalled and he could not get it restarted. The number of Ford's classic plane was *50 (another psychological trigger used by the FBI against this author - The name James Horner was another form of psychological trigger for this author, since the name James and the word Horn are often used as part of the psyop against this author - Horn is also constantly emphasized by automobiles passing our home, honking their horns, as part of the Organized Stalking vehicular street theater that I am subjected to).

8/17/15 - The media reports on the murder of Edina Hines, step granddaughter of actor Morgan Freeman, after Hines is stabbed 16 times. Hines' boyfriend was by found by police, standing over her body screaming Biblical scripture, and friends say that he was attempting to exorcise the demon out of Hines.

Hines was 33 years of age, a Satanic number regarding Freemasonry, and 16 has been another psychological trigger regularly used by the FBI in its psyop against this author, because I was 16 when I was first targeted by the NSA to be an unwitting subject of MK-Ultra mind control experimentation.

This may be yet another mind controlled ritual murder done as part of the psyop against this author.

Morgan Freeman has undergone a personality change over the past several years, and is more than likely under MK-Ultra mind control himself.

We can often see him flashing Illuminati symbols in his movies, as well as when he is photographed in public. Actress, Roseanne Barr, has also claimed to have several different personalities, and has publicly stated that MK-Ultra mind control programming rules Hollywood.

Tennis star, Serena Williams, who has become the target of directed energy weapon's attacks over the past few years, also claims to have six different personalities, and even has names for each of her personalities; including one for the professional tennis player whom she describes as a warrior.


Zionist Propagandist William Pinocchio Maher
Exploits Sister Helen Prejean

The hypocrisy in the Roman Catholic Church continues to be problematic, since the House of Rothschild has secretly controlled the Vatican for the past two centuries; as well as the Papacy.

This author recently read about the RC Nun, Sister Helen Prejean, and the work she has done to combat the death penalty.

Prejean would later become famous as the result of the movie Dead Man Walking, about a Louisiana inmate on death row whom Sister Prejean befriended, and later counseled; even attending this inmate's execution. Prejean has attended several further executions of prison inmates since that time, and developed a reputation as a fierce opponent of the death penalty.

Along the way, she has also become an author and media personality, most recently appearing as a guest on Zionist propagandist, Bill Maher's "Real Time With Bill Maher" cable TV program, while Prejean and her cause were exploited by the Zionist media for their own purposes.

While Sister Prejean's work in battling the death penalty is commendable, what is of greater concern is how she has completely ignored the millions of men and women in the United States who are currently being subjected to the torture and murder of their persons, within the so called privacy of their own homes - through the illegal use of directed energy weapons and vigilante hate crimes dubbed Organized Stalking, by federal agencies like the FBI, DHS and NSA.

Unfortunately, if Sister Prejean were to attempt to expose these Orwellian crimes, she would find herself no longer a welcome guest of the Zionist media in the United States, and instead, a likely target of these directed energy weapons, herself.

Sister Prejean would find the same situation if she were to publicly admit that 9/11 was in fact a false flag operation that the Bush 43 Administration was complicit in, and that the entire body politic in the United States has since adopted the official 9/11 lie, while taking part in this treasonous crime against the American people.

This is the abject hypocrisy of formalized religions in the modern day, as they are forced to comply with the official 9/11 lie, or face the consequences.

They have become like water, in that they take the path of least resistance, while adopting to the deceptions being perpetrated by the Zionist controlled government in the United States.

So how are formalized religions representative of God, when those within their hierarchy take part in the 9/11 deception?

8/16/15 - Tennis Star Serena Williams Under ELF Attack Again? It is this author's opinion that for the past few years, tennis star Serena Williams has been the target of directed energy weapon's attacks. Her performance in a 2014 Wimbledon double's match with her sister, resulted in Serena being forced to drop out of the match due to an EMF directed energy weapon's attack.

*Williams, also claims to have six different personalities, and even has names for each of her personalities; including one for the professional tennis player whom she describes as a warrior whom you do not want to mess with. If this is the case, then Serena is the target of an MK-Ultra program known as Monarch. And this would qualify her as a mind control slave with several alternate identities.

The media and sports worlds are both inhabited by such unwitting targets of Monarch mind control programming, who can be triggered to do whatever they have been programmed to do with the correct psychological triggers. These people are also often unwittingly subjected to directed energy weapons' attacks.

During Wimbledon 2014, Serena was so exhausted that she could hardly stand up during the match. And her eyes had this vacant look about them, which is indicative of computer to brain interface.

Serena has also stated on more than one occasion, that at times during some of these matches she could not get her body to do what she wanted it to do. An indication that she is being subjected to a form of transcranial magnetic stimulation of her brain by way of NSA computer to brain interface, which interferes with the way that the brain communicates with the body.

Allegations were even made that Serena was pregnant, had a virus, was on drugs, or inebriated. However, all of these allegations turned out to be false.

This prompted this author to state that in the future Serena's tennis play would be remotely affected without her knowledge.

That when left alone she would play fine, however, when she was targeted with an ELF wave her tennis play would suffer.

Serena is an unwitting target of NSA non consensual experimentation, and is being remotely tracked via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, by way of the electromagnetic spectrum, and the unique EMF signatures being produced by her own body. Other people have noticed Serena's strange and uncharacteristic behavior and questioned if she may have been chipped when she was hospitalized a few years ago, after the cut she received on her foot caused her to suffer a blood clot in her lung.

While this is possible, I think that it is more likely that Serena is experiencing what she is because of the Crip Walk dance that she did in celebration of winning Wimbledon in 2013, which was perceived to be an offensive slight to the British Monarchy.

So now the technology is being used in a furtive way to teach her a lesson for what the Monarchy believes was Serena's disrespect for them.

Recently, alternative media personality, Jeff Rense, reported that he was nearly killed after being targeted with a directed energy weapon, which caused him to lose consciousness while *driving his car. His car was badly damaged, yet Rense was fortunate to survive the wreck, even though he was seriously injured and for a time in a coma.

*For several years I have been warning the public in regard to how the computers in their automobiles can be remotely tampered with through the use of signals intelligence technology, and I have also publicly questioned if the NSA was responsible for the unintended acceleration issues in regard to a number of automobile manufacturers, going all the way back to the 1980s - and the unintended acceleration issues with the Audi 5000. This may have been the result of signals intelligence driven corporate espionage carried out by the NSA against Germany.

Rense has been speaking out against the House of Rothschild and its Zionist agenda for a world Communist government for a number of years, which has gotten him blacklisted by the U.S. government.

And it could easily result in Rense's being murdered.

Google: Akwei VS NSA and Signals Intelligence EMF fingerprinting program, and NSA Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

Yesterday, Serena again appeared to be the target of an EMF weapon's attack during her semi-final tennis match in Toronto. The crowd was stunned to see Williams ousted by unranked teen player, Belinda Bencic. After the match Serena exhibited the type of exhaustion someone targeted by an ELF wave would display.

Pay special attention to Serena's eyes, which were vacant looking after this match, during the post match interview. Serena almost looked hypnotized and ready to fall asleep on camera.

With a person subjected to such non consensual experimentation, the eyes often manifest a vacantness due to computer to brain interface, as we have seen in the instances of media personalities Sarah Carlson, Mark McAllister, Serene Branson and Anderson Cooper.

In other words there's a temporary lifelessness or deadness to the eyes because the person's brain is being remotely interfered with.

There are many other well known media personalities who are subjected to such non consensual human experimentation, however, the aforesaid were recorded during live broadcasts which have since been uploaded to YouTube. What these media personalities were subjected to is known as transcranial magnetic stimulation of the brain, which interferes with normal brain function. This is why they were having difficulty reading off a teleprompter, and did not make any sense in regard to what they were saying. They realized that something was wrong, however, instead of stopping, they just kept on trying to read and making further mistakes.

This is what occurs when your brain is remotely interfaced with an Artificial Intelligence computer, without your knowledge or consent.


Donald Trump Is The Poster Child
For Rothschild Zionism's New World Order Satanism

As Donald Trump continues his charade as presidential poser, and the media pollsters artificially boost his ratings for the sake of their own sensationalistic parasitism, how long before Trump's ties to organized crime become a major issue in this election?

His shameless exploitation of anyone and anything that he feels can keep him in the *public eye continues to earn him criticism. Even the brother of a woman who was recently murdered by an illegal immigrant has publicly accused Trump of exploiting his sister's death for Trump's own political gain.

*Like suddenly being called to jury duty today (8/17/15), which was an obvious setup to show the American people what a conscientious candidate and man of the people this paint by the numbers P.T. Barnum really is.

**Or like calling Mexicans rapists and thieves, when Trump's ex-wife Ivana has publicly accused Trump of raping her on at least one occasion.

Trump's response was that it is not possible to rape your wife, however, this is an outright lie.

Ivana Trump: "Donald Trump Raped Me"

If a man forces his wife into having sex without her consent, that is rape.

Trump talks about deal making and his billions of dollars in wealth, even though he has filed for bankruptcy on several occasions, based on bad business decisions that he made, which the American taxpayer ultimately had to pay for.

In reality, why is Trump showboating and wasting our time?

It's because he is being used by the Democratic Party to make certain that Hillary Clinton is elected to office, by acting as a spoiler to make sure that more qualified Republican candidates don't receive the media visibility they need to get them more public attention.

Moreover Donald Trump is an obnoxious, sociopathic huckster and Zionist shill, with long time ties to organized crime, and who is competing with some very well connected people in this campaign, whose powerful families maintain many decades of ties to the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, and their classified weaponry.

These are people whom "The Donald" should not go out of his way to offend, lest he and his own family suffer the devastating consequences for having done so.

As it is, Hillary Clinton, herself, is dealing with the Bush family's alliance with the CIA, and the CIA's powerful influence over the media and justice department, to make her life a nightmare of red tape, which will continue for as long she stays in this campaign.

Hillary and Bill are no strangers to White House politics and when in the White House, regularly used government agencies like the FBI and IRS to conduct bogus investigations in regard to those whom the Clinton's considered to be a threat to their dominance over Washington.

So if it's not her E-mail servers it will be something else Hillary, because the media is obsessed with everything Hillary.

The mainstream media loves her. That is they love to hate her, because she is extraordinarily controversial and draws public attention the way that the Pentagon's HAARP created plasma fire balls attract evening star gazers.

Jeb Bush is more even keeled. He is blasé, a generic politician if you will, who in spite of this, will be in the presidential race come late 2016, and more than likely sitting in the White House come January of 2017.

Why? Because the Zionist power base that quietly oversees Washington politics has already decided that Jeb will be the next U.S. President.

However, Bill and Hillary also have powerful connections within the Intelligence community, who want to see her in office.

What does this mean? Forget about the current crop of Republican candidates for U.S. President, or Bernie Sanders, because they aren't going to be around in the late stages of this election campaign.

Besides, Hillary and Jeb are part of the same Zionist one party system of politics that fraudulently passes itself off as a two party system, and whose elected officials are beholden to these Satanists.

The presidential race will likely be between Jeb and Hillary, with the only real questions left being, just how nasty will their campaigns get, and how many billions of dollars will be spent between these candidates in their quest to call 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue home?

8/15/15 - Computer To Brain Interface Being Used On Both The Human And Animal Population In The United States - The following video of a rabbit and deer playing together has amassed over two million views on the Internet.

Video Of A Deer And Rabbit Being Subjected To The Remote Neural Monitoring Of Their Brains, Via NSA Signals Intelligence Computer To Brain Interface - The NSA Can Subject You To The Same Non Consensual Experimentation Via Its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network As the Result Of A National EMF Fingerprinting Program

What few if any realize is that this is more than likely just another example of computer to brain interface (psychotronic technology), where the brains of these animals are being remotely interfaced with artificial intelligence computers. Who's the culprit? The NSA.

I first began witnessing very bizarre behavior being displayed by animals in 2003. Birds would act strangely, repeatedly flying to the roof of our home and then back to a specific tree in our backyard.

Geese would repeatedly circle the sky above our home, sometimes for several minutes before leaving. Entire flocks of birds would touch down on our front lawn and stay for minutes at a time before leaving.

Then often show up again within the hour.

A few years ago a pair of geese spent about a week living on our property. Then they flew away as suddenly as they'd arrived.

Fox and deer, not common in our area for at least thirty years due to all of the home development during that time, appear to arrive on cue, due to the remote neural monitoring of their own brains via NSA signals intelligence computer to brain interface.

Oftentimes their arrival will be based on some psychological trigger that the NSA has attempted to condition my person to.

For instance, a red fox will show up two days in a row, and then not appear again, based on the psychological trigger 2.

Squirrels and chipmunks have spent a lot of time on our patio, and instead of running away when we entered the patio, would stay where they were and observe us. One particular chipmunk would show up on the patio every time this author would enter the patio. It would start chirping to get my attention. One day while I was having lunch, I noticed the chipmunk playing in one of the shrubs. A brief time later, the chipmunk was sitting on a brick wall which surrounds our patio, eating an acorn, watching me as I had lunch.

I thought how strange it was that the chipmunk would be having his lunch at the same time that I was. That was before I learned about the NSA's remote neural monitoring technology, and how it can be used to remotely access the neural pathways of the brain.

I have seen a Labrador placed into a sound sleep within a matter of seconds as a result of subjecting the animal to ELF waves. ELF waves represent the lowest frequency in the electromagnetic spectrum, and can have the same effects on people.

A significant number of men and women who have found themselves the subjects of such non consensual human experimentation have reported similar situations.

The NSA has developed proprietary technology which is used to track the unique EMF signatures produced by the human body, which has, as part of a signals intelligence EMF fingerprinting program, been used to turn the electromagnetic spectrum into an invisible prison which is used to house the American people.

A signals intelligence driven prison system that was created in direct response to the post World War II Baby Boom generation, in order to secretly electromagnetically brand us like a gigantic herd of cattle.

It's no coincidence that the Zionist financed Nazi shadow government in the United States, has used such furtive means in which to enslave us, anymore than it is a coincidence that the polio vaccines which we as the Baby Boom generation received as children, were deliberately contaminated with cancerous tissue from the organs of Green Rhesus monkeys.

And how this has resulted in many Baby Boomers developing different forms of cancer as they have aged, as their immune systems become more compromised.

As Americans you may think you are free. However, you certainly are not.

You are the unwitting slaves of a signals intelligence driven electromagnetic prison system that exists all around you.

8/14/15 - Nigata Japan: World renowned cyclist and professional aquascaper, Takashi Amano, died last week at the age of 61 from cancer. Two decades ago, Amano founded the international design firm, Aqua Design Amano, which he used to create an entirely new genre of decorating aquariums, that has since revolutionized the way in which aquarists now plant their aquariums.

Amano, also a former professional champion cyclist, was an award winning photographer, whose photographs of nature won him accolades the world over. He was involved in a project that concerned photographing all of the natural rain forests on this planet, when he became stricken with terminal cancer.

Takashi parlayed his artistic talent to create an entirely new genre within the aquarium industry, with what he simply referred to as The Nature Aquarium.

Using myriad different types of plants from his native Japan, as well as uniquely styled rocks from his country, Amano created aquascaping designs for custom aquariums featured as the center pieces in many corporations around the world.

By the late 1990s he began catering to the aquarium hobbyist, when he focused part of his business on the pet retail industry.

To say that Takashi Amano's creations are breathtaking is an extreme understatement.

There is nothing quite like them, since Amano's aquascapes represent what can only be described as living works art.

Many of his custom aquascapes can be seen by typing Takashi Amano into Google, and choosing the images feature.

Another Victim Of Fukushima's Nuclear Disaster

Takashi Amano lived in Nigata, Japan, less than 100 miles from Fukushima, where the nuclear disaster occurred after a HAARP created tsunami struck Fukushima back in 2011.

Amano developed cancer since that time, and is more than likely one of millions of victims of the radiation fallout which circulated across Japan in the aftermath of this artificially created catastrophe.

Japanese Government & Mainstream Global Media Covering Up How Deadly The Fukushima Radiation Leak Is, And The Enormous Numbers Of Japanese Who Have Since Developed Cancers From This Radiation As It Circulates Over The Country

With his death, the aquatic community has lost an enormous talent and visionary who died far too soon.

The American people must demand that Congress stop appropriating funds for the Pentagon's HAARP facility in Gakona, Alaska. And there must be a global ban on HAARP by other nations who maintain access to this technology, as well as directed energy weaponary, in the future.

Including Russia.

8/13/15 - If you look for strange anomalies in the mainstream media, you'll find more of them you could ever possibly imagine. Especially where Zionist Hollywood is involved and Satanism rules a mostly unwitting group of men and women, who know little about the mind control technology that they are exposed to daily; or the extent to which their own minds have already been brainwashed and remotely fused with a vast signals intelligence driven electronic surveillance system.

Even though this furtive brainwashing is clearly manifest in a myriad of ways. For instance, Kelly Ripa recently dying her beautiful blonde hair, electric blue, while acting as though doing so was perfectly normal; just as the recent fad of many female Hollywood celebrities shaving part of the hair on their heads is equally as bizarre. As is the tattooing of their bodies.

And no ladies, you don't look better half bald then you do with a full head of hair no matter what you are told. And ink is supposed to be applied to paper, not skin, which is extremely unhealthy since it is absorbed through the skin and enters your bloodstream.

This is the real danger involving the NSA and computer to brain interface via the electromagnetic spectrum, since your mind can become the target of an experiment by those who are truly evil incarnate, to manipulate your thoughts and actions without your ever realizing what is being done to you.

And since it has already been scientifically proven that most of the human race has been classically conditioned to operate on a herd (monkey see, monkey do) mentality, that it is very easy for the U.S. Intelligence community to manipulate those personalities whom we see in the mainstream media daily, in order to influence the thoughts of the citizenry.

Also consider the recent situation in which actress Kelly Ripa is alleged to have broken her left foot during a dance class, while a week later her husband, actor Mark Consuelos, is alleged to have torn his left calf muscle while exercising.

Some people have eluded to the fact that some of these actors have actually faked their injuries, including comedian Jimmy Fallon, who over the past few years has allegedly suffered unintentionally self inflicted injuries to his fingers on two separate occasions.

I say allegedly because to my knowledge no one has actually seen the injuries to *Fallon's fingers with the exception of the physician(s) who has allegedly treated him.

*On 8/22/15 the media reports that Jimmy Fallon has chipped a tooth. Is Fallon deliberately harming himself? And if so, for what reason?

A photo that has recently surfaced on the Internet which is purported to be of Fallon's damaged digit looks more like he tried to hack it off, then accidentally damaging his finger during a fall.

Yet how do we know for certain that the photo is legit?

Now while it is entirely possible that these injuries are real, if for whatever reason they are not, then one must wonder if there is something going on in Hollywood that involves a conspiracy which is covertly supported by the mainstream media and medical community, that involves an abjectly insane plot to deceive the public through such malevolent chicanery.

And if so, what is the purpose of this deception?

However, if the injuries to Kelly Ripa and her husband, Mark Consuelos, are real, what are the odds that a husband and wife (both in the entertainment field) would be injured in separate incidents (where they would end up with casts on their left legs) within a week's time, while both were exercising?

The odds would have to be as remote as the three first responder fire fighters who all contracted lung cancer as the result of the 9/11 false flag operation, and who all died on the same day, only hours apart - in what were likely directed energy induced heart attacks, strokes or aneurisms.

How remote is this? Well, you'd have better odds of winning a major lottery.

And if the injuries to Jimmy Fallon's fingers on two separate occasions over a period of a few years are legitimate, then once again we have further anomalies.

Especially if mind control or directed energy weapons were used to cause these injuries, where people could be unwittingly physically harming themselves through such mind control experimentation, yet never realize it.

Your Brain Is A Computer

Remember that the NSA can program your mind via signals intelligence computer to brain interface, while your brain is in a delta state and you are in REM sleep.

Given that virtually all people experience REM sleep on a regular basis, this means that the NSA can remotely program any person whose brain map has been secretly decoded by the agency. And if this author is correct in regard to my allegation that the NSA decodes the EMF brain maps of all Americans at the time we are born under the cover of national security, then any American citizen can be instantly EEG heterodyned, and unwittingly subjected to the entrainment of their minds via NSA computer to brain interface.

In other words programmed like a computer, without your knowledge.

The reader must remember that NSA mind control first focuses on the high profile people in the media, because they are the most recognizable, and oftentimes wield great influence over public opinion. And this falls in line with the CIA's Operation Mockingbird program to use the mainstream media as its own source of propaganda and disinformation.

So the Intelligence community keeps these celebrities on a very short leash as they do the body politic.

Moreover, the body politic in America as well as the mainstream media are presently exhibiting what can only be described as symptoms of computer to brain interface, which involve the subjugation of their minds to an Artificial Intelligence digital computer network, and on the largest scale ever documented.

And the same can be said for the global media.

8/12/15 - The more the NSA and the FBI attempt to conceal the NSA's covert enslavement of the American citizenry by secretly decoding the unique EMF signatures from the bodies of the American people, the more obvious it has become that the NSA has committed this Satanic crime against humanity.

Some direct quotes from Akwei VS NSA which you as American citizens should pay careful attention to, since the NSA has used the electromagnetic spectrum to secretly enslave you.

"A subject's bioelectric field can be remotely detected, so subjects can be monitored anywhere they are.

With special EMF equipment NSA cryptologists can remotely read evoked potentials (from EEGs). These can be decoded into a person's brain-states and thoughts. The subject is then perfectly monitored from a distance.

NSA personnel can dial up any individual in the country on the Signals Intelligence EMF scanning network and the NSA's computers will then pinpoint and track that person 24 hours a day.

The NSA can pick out and track anyone in the US.

The NSA, Ft Meade has in place a vast two-way wireless RNM system which is used to track subjects and non-invasively monitor audio-visual information in their brains. This is all done with no physical contact with the subject. RNM is the ultimate method of surveillance and domestic intelligence. Speech, 3D sound and subliminal audio can be sent to the auditory cortex of the subject's brain (bypassing the ears), and images can be sent into the visual cortex. RNM can alter a subject's perceptions, moods and motor control.

Speech cortex/auditory cortex link has become the ultimate communications system for the intelligence community. RNM allows for a complete audio-visual brain-to-brain link or brain-to-computer link."

*John St. Clair Akwei Attempts To Expose The NSA's Signals Intelligence Imprisonment Of The American People In 1992, When A Corrupt Judge Controlled By The CIA (Judge Stanley Sporkin Of Iran Contra Notoriety) Prevents Akwei From Prosecuting The NSA In Court

Is The Jade Helm Military Exercise A False Flag Operation By The Pentagon To Subjugate The American Middle Class To Martial Law Under The Directives Of The Rothschild Zionist Global Police State?

8/11/15 - Another HAARP phenomenon. Two years ago I commented in regard to how the Pentagon could use its Alaskan HAARP phased antenna array to be of tremendous benefit to the American people, by artificially creating rain across the United States so that the reservoirs in our states would always be full of water.

Given how important water is to the survival of the human race, and that HAARP can be used to create rain at any coordinates on the face of this planet, by stimulating the ionosphere, the Pentagon should be using this technology to end its artificially created droughts in the State of California and several other Western U.S. States.

Artificially created rain would also allow us to conserve water and thus have lower water bills each month, because we would no longer need to use sprinkler systems to water our lawns.

Consider as a nation what the annual savings would be for each household, not to mention how much water we would be able to conserve each year if this technology were used to serve the common good.

Not long after I made the above statements, I noticed that during the summer we began to have rain a few times each week. Even when the weather forecast did not predict rain for a particular day of the week it would rain regardless of this.

This has been just another example of the types of non consensual human experimentation, that this author and other members of my Family have been subjugated to over the past decade.

Moreover, over the past few years we are also witnessing all types of bizarre weather anomalies around this planet that can be directly attributed to *HAARP technology.

*The 165F temperature which turned an Iranian city into a human oven last week, serves as further proof of this.

In fact, during the summer of 2014, I rarely even bothered to use the sprinkler system to water our lawn, given that it was raining several times per week. Now in August of 2015, I have only watered the lawn just once this entire season (going all the way back to spring and the month of May). And our lawn looks much better than one would ever expect it to, given the fact that it has not been watered by way of a sprinkler once this Summer.

Just rain a few times each week.

As a result of this HAARP related anomaly, our monthly water bill is uncharacteristically low for this time of year, because we have not found it necessary to use our sprinkler system.

I have also described how for the past decade, in the late evening and early morning hours, I routinely see flashes of aquamarine colored light in the sky over my neighborhood before it begins to rain. No lightning or claps of thunder. Just the aquamarine flashes of light across the sky.

I saw the same aquamarine flashes of light on the evening of 3/22/13, when what the media reported to be a fireball passed over the Northeastern portion of the United States.

I was outside at the time taking a walk when I saw the sky light up, and what I am now certain was a HAARP created plasma fireball streak across the sky directly over my home.

All I could think about at the time was how the Pentagon could direct such an artificially created plasma based ball of fire at a large city to cause a major catastrophe, which the citizenry would have attributed to some type of religious message from their angry God.

As a target of MK-Ultra and non consensual human experimentation for most of my life, this author has witnessed events that are completely atypical of any norm that I have ever known.

And I am certain that the military intelligence complex in the United States maintains access to classified technologies that could revolutionize society in a positive way.

However, the military mindset, has ensured that it would take a miracle for this complex to ever use this amazing technology to serve the common good.


Has Internet shock jock, Alex Jones, fled Texas to avoid being murdered during the Jade Helm 15 false flag military training exercise? It appears that Alex Jones has suddenly taken a European vacation and is not scheduled to return to the United States until after Jade Helm has ended.

Bill Cooper exposed Jones as a CIA provocateur years ago, and died a few weeks later, when Cooper was murdered by a SWAT team within yards of his own home, as likely revenge for outing Jones on his own radio podcast.

Rumor has it that Texans are now concerned that Jones has been used as part of a false flag operation by the CIA to foment a civil war in the United States.

And that Jones has outlived his usefulness to the CIA and is now under the threat of being liquidated.

One must wonder if Jade Helm is being used as the catalyst in which to bring about a militarized police state in America. And if so, when will this operation circulate from the Western part of the continental USA, eastwards?

Or has this Operation already been used to quietly infiltrate all 50 states in the Union, where our cities and towns are already under Jade Helm occupation without our knowledge?

Was this the primary purpose for the Boston Marathon bombing false flag operation?

A test in advance of Jade Helm, to determine how effectively the U.S. Military could quickly invoke a state of martial law in a small area of the city of Boston, where American citizens were driven from their homes without any warning, and in complete violation of their Constitutional rights.

After all, as an unarmed citizen, how much of a threat are you to a small battalion of soldiers heavily armed with weaponry, who could easily be used to decimate your town?

And how many of you believe that it was members of The Craft who actually carried out the Boston Marathon bombing (with the foreknowledge of the FBI), while the completely brainwashed Tsarnaev brothers were used as little more than scapegoats in this false flag operation, and any of their associates who could have corroborated this, have since been murdered in order to prevent this from occurring?

As for Alex Jones, is he really just taking a vacation, or has Jones in fact fled the United States in fear for his life?

Alex Jones Flees United States To Avoid Being Murdered After Being Accused Of Working With The Federal Government To Foment A Civil War In America

Or is this entire situation just another piece of CIA disinformation, used to keep the conspiracy theorists in America in a state of confusion? If that's the case, Jade Helm will turn out to be exactly what the media has reported it is.

And Alex Jones will return to Texas in September 2015, to continue his podcasts.

The CIA's objective with the conspiracy theorist community is to discredit them whenever possible, and through myriad forms of propaganda that are routinely disseminated throughout the Internet by the Agency's own well placed propagandists - a trademark of Project Mockingbird.

Of course, if the CIA did not have a history of acting in the worst interests of the American people while perpetrating treasonous crimes against us, the conspiracy theorist community would not need to spend its time focused on what the CIA is or is not doing.

In regard to Alex Jones, Jones could be easily liquidated by way of an NSA directed energy weapon attack, which would be done under the cover of a heart attack or some other plausible excuse for his death.

Except that no one in the alternative media who is familiar with Jones would believe the official explanation for his death.

And that would defeat the purpose of the CIA's black op to eliminate Jones, since it would only focus further unwanted public attention on the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complex.

Whether Alex Jones is the target of a conspiracy to murder him or not, what should not be in question any longer is that the U.S. federal government is under the control of the House of Rothschild, and being used as part of a conspiracy to gradually exterminate the American middle class, as part of Rothschild Zionism's intent to create a world government; while the Zionist elite class is used to reduce the size and status of the global population from billions of citizens to millions of slaves.

It appears that Jade Helm may well be used as part of this Satanic agenda against the American middle class, since there is no longer any doubt that there is a very real conspiracy to destroy the United States and to murder the American people using every means available; including the use of HAARP as an instrument of weather warfare, which is at present being used to induce a global famine, the likes of which the world has yet to see before.

8/10/15 - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency claims that some of its workers accidentally released toxic waste into the Animas River, which Arizona has been using to cope with its drought conditions.

It is difficult to believe that this was accidental. Especially when taking into account the drought condition in this part of the United States, and the closing of a number of supermarkets in this part of the country, as well as the Jade Helm 15 military exercise that is taking place at this time in roughly ten U.S. states.

It is as if the military is secretly attempting to militarize these states by quietly orchestrating these environmental disasters, which include both HAARP manipulation of the weather for weather warfare, and creating intentional hazards like the one regarding the Animas River, under the cover that they were caused by accident.

I have a very disturbing suspicion that the Zionist presence within the U.S. government believes that they have lost control of the people in this country, and are planning a full scale military takeover of the American middle class under Jade Helm, beginning with the continental Western U.S. States.


More Directed Energy Weapon's Induced Vandalism - Another member of this author's Family reports that their air conditioner was damaged during a recent storm that could have been created using HAARP weaponry. The air conditioner could have been damaged with directed energy weaponry, while the storm was used as a plausibly deniable excuse to allow for the signals intelligence induced vandalism.

This is the same Family member whom the FBI orchestrated the firing of and has since prevented from obtaining a new job. The Family member is now forced to put their home on the market. This Family member's boss and best friend also contracted brain cancer a few years ago and died within months of being diagnosed.

She had been very helpful in preventing the FBI's attempts to get this Family member fired from their job. However, once she was gone, the FBI was able to aggressively sabotage this Family member's career in order to get them fired.

I believe that this woman's brain cancer was caused through the use of a directed energy weapon, and as punishment for helping this Family member.


Frank Gifford Passes Away Unexpectedly - This author notices that the media reports that football great, Frank Gifford, passed away unexpectedly this past Sunday at the age of 84; just days *before his 85Th birthday.

*Actress Amanda Peterson died in July, just days before her 44Th birthday, and I believe she was murdered with a directed energy weapon. Is this a new trend in Satanic Ritual Sacrifice, using directed energy weapons to murder people just before their next birthday?

Given the insanity of those who deploy these weapons against us, anything is possible in regard to the depraved ways in which they operate.

All the media will say is that Frank Gifford died of natural causes. This excuse for death is being used more frequently in the case of high profile people who die unexpectedly, because there are now so many Targeted Individuals blogging about these deaths, and inquiring as to whether they are in fact covertly perpetrated ritualistic murders caused by artificially induced heart attacks, strokes, or aneurisms, that the media has been told to omit the cause of death whenever possible.

This began several years ago after media personality, Mark Haines, died unexpectedly, and this author questioned if foul play could have been involved in Haines' death. Even if directed energy weapons had been involved.

The company he worked for, CNBC, was very reticent in regard to how Haines died, which only increased public suspicion that Mark Haines may not have died of natural causes.

To this day the public has never been told what caused Mark Haines' death, even though many people have wondered if he took his life, or could have been murdered in a made to appear suicide.

HAARP designer, Bernard Eastlund, died unexpectedly after publicly describing how HAARP could be used as a weapon of mass destruction. Eastlund's cause of death was never released, because he was probably murdered with a directed energy weapon, and the scarring left to the tissue in his body (particularly his heart) could have caused a forensic pathologist to question how the scarring was caused.

As for Frank Gifford, if he actually died of a stroke, heart attack or aneurism, then Frank Gifford's death may not have been the result of natural causes, in spite of what the media has been told. If Frank died of any of the above, there are many people within the TI community who will wonder if he was murdered with a directed energy weapon. And question why.

As far as this author knows, Frank Gifford was in good physical condition at the time of his death; not suffering from a long illness which was eventually expected to take his life.

And I have seen first hand how quickly a directed energy weapon can physically incapacitate someone. These weapons are truly horrifying in their capabilities, since they are deployed by way of the electromagnetic spectrum with surgical precision, and can be directed at any American citizen, by remotely targeting the unique EMF signatures produced by that person's body.

And this means that Frank could have been killed with a directed energy weapon, and his cause of death is being deliberately kept from the public because of this.

Having made this allegation, will the media now report on Frank Gifford's cause of death? And if so, will his cause of death be based on the truth, or a fabrication?

Rest in peace Frank. You were one of the most talented players ever to take the field.


After I post the following on 8/9/15, the local fire department shows up in my neighborhood last evening as part of the *psychological warfare operation that the FBI and NSA have been conducting against this author since 2003.

*As is typical of the NSA's Remote Neural Monitoring of the neural pathways of this author's brain, two days ago I had a thought in regard to how it had been sometime since the fire department had been in my neighborhood. Then, a day later the fire department shows up in my neighborhood.

The NSA uses the same tactics when I see a movie in which someone is killed, and then I read in the news a day or two later that someone has died the same exact way, as the direct result of the NSA causing the person's death.

I have experienced this phenomenon far too many times for it to be a coincidence.

Both the fire department and police department have been regularly used as an extended part of this psyop, just as neighbors, the USPS, delivery services including UPS and FEDEX, and every other means which offers psychological warfare value, have been and continue to be used for such criminal menace.

The fire department will receive a phone call from the local fusion center which is charged with orchestrating these crimes under DHS and DOJ oversight, and then commit fraud, by creating a reason for them to bring their vehicles into our neighborhood under false pretenses.

This is a completely inappropriate use of the fire department, since they did not show up to put out a fire or to answer a call regarding a legitimate medical emergency. Instead, they were used strictly for the purpose of carrying out a psychological warfare operation against this author.

The NSA's signals intelligence technology is also routinely used to set off carbon monoxide detectors in the homes in neighborhoods in which Targeted Individuals live, in order to justify a fire department's entering the neighborhood for the express purpose of harassing a Targeted Individual who lives in that neighborhood.

This phenomenon has been reported throughout the United States as well as in virtually every country on the face of this planet, since the 9/11 false flag operation took place.

Directed Energy Weapons are also used either on the Targeted Individual, Family member of the Targeted Individual, or other neighbors of the Targeted Individual, in order to justify a fire department's entering the neighborhood of the TI for the purpose of conducting additional psychological warfare against the TI.

This is an outright fraudulent use of the fire department by a fusion center, which puts the lives of citizens who might actually need the fire department for help in jeopardy, in the event of a real fire or medical emergency; since the fire department's personnel are being used to conduct a furtive psychological operation against a Targeted Individual, which takes them away from the job which they are either hired or volunteer to perform.

This is just one example of the complete breakdown of our society under such Satanic legislation as the Patriot Act, and the cancerous network of Gestapo fusion centers that it has spawned over the last decade; which are now being used in conjunction with the signals intelligence prison system that has secretly been deployed against the American citizenry as part of the 9/11 false flag war on terror operation.

Moreover, since all Americans are EMF fingerprinted by the NSA, no American is immune from being subjected to the NSA's Remote Neural Monitoring of their thoughts, or the manipulation of their minds by remote means, through the NSA's utilization of its psychotronic technology.

Google: NSA Psychotronic Weapons Used In Mind Control Operations On The American People

8/9/15 - Directed Energy Weapons' attacks against this author and other members of my Family have been taking place for the past two decades. HAARP weapons have also been used to cause damage to our property by knocking trees down, and tearing them out at their roots - even though the trees were healthy.

Moreover, even though several members of my Family refuse to publicly acknowledge that these attacks are taking place, they now take precautions in efforts to minimize the damage from these attacks, because they know that the FBI and NSA are using directed energy weapons on us.

Moreover, after I described to my Father how HAARP can be used to alter weather patterns in order to artificially manufacture a hurricane, tornado, flood, or any type of disaster that appears to be natural in its origins, I document how different trees on our property have fallen without any wind or rain condition which could have been used to knock these trees down.

I also reminded him that Hurricane Sandy, a HAARP artificially created storm, which was actually headed out to sea before it mysteriously turned around and began traveling inland to cause massive devastation to Long Island and other areas in the Northeastern part of the United States, occurred on my parents' Wedding Anniversary - 10/29/12.

Our property sustained so much damage from Sandy and the HAARP technology used to cause this hurricane, that a photo of our property was included in the local Village newsletter documenting Sandy and the damage that it caused to our area.

Even though he will not publicly admit that HAARP is responsible for Sandy or the many different trees being knocked down on our property over the past decade without any logical explanation, a week later Dad calls the town we live in to obtain permission to remove a few large trees which are located close to our house, and then hires a tree service to remove the trees - even though they are healthy.

The service was expensive and serves as further proof that other members of this author's Family, including my Father, know that we are the targets of directed energy weapons' attacks, which also involve the use of the Pentagon's HAARP system.

My Father is well aware that the FBI and NSA are responsible for these covert attacks on our persons, as well as the directed energy attacks that hospitalized both of my parents on more than one occasion over the past 12 years.

He is also well aware that he has been used by the FBI in the vicious psychological warfare operations that the FBI has been illegally conducting against this author for the past decade, yet knows that he would be murdered if he ever publicly admitted to this.

This is the story of how an American Family have become enslaved by the FBI within the privacy of our own home, while the Constitutional rule of law and the U.S. Bill of Rights are completely and criminally disregarded.

And how the FBI used this covert means of enslavement and the threat of murder, to coerce falsified testimony from members of this author's Family, as part of the greatest COINTELPRO fabrication in United States history.

Moreover, my Family members are too terrified of being murdered with these weapons, to admit that these Orwellian crimes are being perpetrated against us by these government psychopaths through such covert Satanic Ritual Abuse.

The same is true of the Families of all legitimate targets of COINTELPRO and the vigilante hate crime Organized Stalking, which has now become an international plague on the human race.

Moreover, no member of Congress will admit that these crimes are taking place because they fear they will be murdered by the military intelligence complex if they do.

Because of this we are living in a nation whose own leadership operate out of abject fear that if they do or say anything that threatens the Zionist power base in the United States, their political careers will be destroyed, their own families will be attacked, and they may very well be murdered for attempting to expose the Zionist regime that has controlled the United States since the 9/11 false flag operation was perpetrated in 2001.

Along with Zionist Israel, Great Britain and Saudi Arabia, the U.S. federal government under the Satanic Bush 43 Administration, colluded to take part in the mass murders of 3000 Americans on 9/11/2001, which has since led to the murders of millions of other people.

Yet these treasonous Satanists who were long ago damned, expect us to allow them to get away with these crimes against humanity, while the NSA enslaves us through the signals intelligence EMF fingerprinting and electromagnetic enslavement of our persons, so that they can carry on their organized crime syndicate business as usual.

Well this is one American who is going to fight to the death to expose these criminals to make sure that these reprobates don't get away with their mass murders of Americans or other citizens who were used as pawns in the 9/11 false flag operation.

And to ensure that those who have used my person as well as myriad other Americans for mind control research under this modern day version of MK-Ultra are made to answer for the outrageous crimes that they have and continue to perpetrate against us; which include the most horrendous violations of basic human rights ever documented.

As for the Zionist controlled media in the United States; they have become the promulgators and prostitutes of the House of Rothschild and its Satanism.

And they will with their malice and complete inhumanity, eventually reap the abject evil which they have sown.

8/8/15 - Yes The FBI & NSA Are Using Directed Energy Weapons To Murder People As Part Of The COINTELPRO Psychological Warfare That These Satanists Are Conducting Against This Author

The Intel psychopaths who regularly hack into my Blogger account, hack into one of my E-mail accounts, and change the password so that I can't access the account. This occurs after I E-mail a retailer in regard to perishable merchandize which was damaged, when the FBI had the USPS deliver the package this merchandize was in two days late.

The retailer was kind enough to offer to send new *merchandize, however, there is no guarantee that the FBI's Satanists won't use USPS to tamper with the parcel again. I have found the United States Postal Service to be a regular participant In Organized Stalking crimes, and indicative of the Orwellian disease our society has become under that cancerous legislation we refer to as the Patriot Act.

*I'll document if this product shows up or not, and if it is damaged or not.

*As is usually the case, after I post this information the FBI restores access to my E-mail account, as part of this gaslighting psyop.

These psyops are annoying. However, it is the psyops that involve their covert murders of people based on a movie that I watch, or something else that I see or do, which is truly terrifying.

This has occurred on several occasions, however, the most obvious was after I watched the 1971 movie Paperman, in which a woman is crushed to death by an elevator, after the electronics in the elevator are remotely tampered with.

The following day a woman by the name of Suzanne Hart was crushed to death by an elevator for real, while a van with the name Hart painted on its side was parked for hours in the road in front of my home. As a target of Organized Stalking since 2003, I am routinely subjected to myriad forms of street theater which are used for the purpose of psychological warfare.

*The electronics in the elevator were remotely tampered with (just as they were in the movie Paperman), by using signals intelligence technology to force the elevator door to close on Suzanne Hart, as she was attempting to enter the elevator.

This was the first time that such street theater was actually used in regard to this author, to furtively convey the fact that someone was being murdered as part of this psychological warfare operation against my person.

I have been subjected to a **phenomenon which involves the murder of people after I see someone being murdered in a movie I watch. After I watched the 2005 movie Dark Water, in which the body of a girl is found in a cistern water tank atop a building on Roosevelt Island, the body of a young woman by the name of Elisa Lam is found in a cistern water tower on the roof of a hotel, in real life just days later, during the same week that I saw the movie Dark Water.

**People Are Being Murdered As Part Of The FBI/NSA Psychological Warfare Operation Being Conducted Against This Author - Actress Amanda Peterson Is Another Victim Of This Conspiracy

Also consider that a video camera in an elevator in the building captured images of Elisa Lam entering the elevator and appearing to be very concerned that someone was following her. Notice the fact that Elisa was seen in an "elevator" before her death, and Suzanne Hart's being crushed to death in an elevator; which I had documented on this Website prior to Elisa Lam being found dead in the cistern water tank.

The elevator incident was added to let me know for certain that Elisa was murdered just as Suzanne Hart was.

So Suzanne Hart and Elisa Lam did not die by accident. They were murdered as part of the psychological warfare operation that this author has been subjected to by the FBI and NSA for the past 12 years.

A situation that is so outrageous, that several members of my Family have been blackmailed by the FBI to cover up these crimes, while the FBI continues to foment a completely slanderous and illegal smear campaign against my person.

Yesterday, one of the TV commercials broadcast into our home was for an autobody shop. The commercial showed the same vehicle that a Family member drives. The vehicle in the commercial was completely demolished. The vehicle which the Family member owns was going to be used by this Family member to take a trip out on Long Island today.

Suddenly the plan to use this vehicle has changed, and another vehicle is going to be used to make this trip. This is the type of plausibly deniable, psychological warfare that the FBI under COINTELPRO, conducts against this author and other members of my Family 24 hours a day.

As a target of MK-Ultra for the past forty years, the FBI and the NSA have become desperate to murder this author in any way possible, while demonizing my person through the use of a completely illegal and unconstitutional slander campaign, that involves fabricated evidence and fabricated witness testimony.

In the history of COINTELPRO, the FBI has never before fabricated as much evidence, coerced as much fraudulent testimony, suborned witness perjury as extensively, or blackmailed as many Family members into supporting the FBI's slanderous allegations, as the FBI has done in order to conceal its decades of crimes against this author, and other members of my Family.

The FBI is covering up a scandal in regard to the NSA's EMF brain mapping of the American people, that is eventually going to lead to the abolition of the NSA.


Donald Trump
A P.T. Barnum Type Huckster
Has Americans Wondering If His Presidential Run
Was Just A Political Spoof

As I stated a few weeks ago, Donald Trump was being used as a spoiler to denigrate the Republican Party while making headlines with his announcement of running for the presidency.

He has since succeeded in doing both.

And now he will likely exit just as quickly as he entered.

Given Trump's buffoonery, there is little doubt that his campaign has fizzled since the first presidential debate. This debate was like all presidential debates, nothing but propaganda theatrics, since the Zionist shadow government in America already know who is going to be the next president short of some unexpected event. All presidential elections in America have been rigged since the Rothschilds took this country over with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act.

In this author's opinion this horserace will ultimately be between the person who has already been secretly chosen to be the next U.S. President: Either Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton. I think that Bush will officially win in a close race.

As for horse races being rigged, American Pharaoh's winning the Triple Crown will go down in history as the biggest sports fix of all time, while this fine animal was exploited for the purpose of profit.

Simply put, those who control professional sports decided that it was time to have another Triple Crown winner, so they rigged the series in order to create one. The last two Super Bowls were the subjects of controversy because they were rigged.

The gravity defying catch in the last few seconds of the 2014 Super Bowl (now known as Deflategate) and half of the lights going out in the stadium during the 2013 Super Bowl to cause a large delay in the game. Also consider the bizarre America's Cup series in 2013 where the American team set a precedent by coming back from a huge race deficit to win 8 consecutive races in order to secure the America's Cup from the challenger country.

(This was of course accomplished with HAARP technology by manipulating the wind currents on the race course).

8/7/15 - Pentagon False Flag Operation claiming that Russia hacked the Email accounts of the U.S. Department Of Defense's Joint Chiefs Of Staff.

Russia has been under Zionist media attack ever since Vladimir Putin paid off the debt that Russia owed the Rothschild central bank in Russia, and is now in the process of installing a banking system that excludes the Rothschilds from controlling the financial system in Russia.

In other words, Putin is kicking the Rothschilds out of Russia.

The United States should do the same with the Federal Reserve. Specifically, since the Federal Reserve counterfeits its currency then circulates it through the U.S. Treasury, the Treasury can print its own paper currency interest free.

In fact, since the currency has no real value and is instead only a perceived worth, the Treasury can print as many trillions as the Federal Reserve claims it is owed.

Once this is accomplished a U.S. President who actually has the courage of the late John F. Kennedy (none of those running for 2016 do), could sign an Executive Order to abolish the Federal Reserve Act, and shut the Federal Reserve down, while kicking the Rothschilds out of the United States.

This would go a long way towards ending the Rothschilds' autonomy over the global economy, and result in its eventual destruction, along with its Satanic agenda for a world government dictatorship.

This has led to the Zionist controlled media *demonizing Russia and Putin every chance they get, as well as the U.S. Military Intelligence complex perpetrating false flag operations around the globe, that Russia is being blamed for, including the shooting down of Malaysian Air Flight MH17.

*As an MK-Ultra whistleblower I know exactly how the Russians feel.

The latest allegations by the Pentagon are more than likely another U.S. Intel false flag operation, like the claims made by the FBI and Sony, that North Korea was responsible for hacking Sony's computer database; which we now know both Sony and the FBI lied about.

This was done as punishment for North Korea's alliance with Russia, in an attempt to destroy the House of Rothschild and its plans for a world Communist government.

What we as Americans are seeing with all of these false flag red herrings, is a very desperate attempt being made by the Rothschilds to save their world Communist government agenda, which appears to be in real jeopardy for the first time in over a century.

This desperation on the part of the House of Rothschild could very well lead to their perpetrating much more aggressive false flag operations in the United States, including another 9/11 type event in this country, which will result in the implementation of full scale martial law.

The more desperate the Rothschilds become, the more likely this deadly scenario will become a reality.

Thus, we should pay careful attention to the Jade Helm 15 alleged military exercises now taking place in several U.S. states, because they may in fact be a cover for a covert takeover of the United States, by the U.S. Military, under the National Defense Authorization Act.

U.S. Military Training Exercises
Can Be Deadly To American Citizens

The reader should keep the following salient observations in mind regarding Jade Helm 15:

In July of 1996, the U.S. Navy was conducting a training exercise off the coast of Long Island, when at least one ground to air missile collided with TWA Flight 800, destroying the airliner and killing the 230 people on board.

A cover up quickly ensued in an effort to remove any responsibility from the U.S. Navy, in the destruction of Flight 800; regardless of whether it was deliberate or accidental.

Google: Sanders/Cahill research on TWA Flight 800

The FBI was called in and used to fabricate a scenario that involved a faulty fuel tank, in order to exculpate the U.S. Navy from any wrong doing. The order came directly from then U.S. President, William Jefferson Clinton, who did not want a scandal regarding the Navy's shooting down of an American airliner over U.S. soil, to damage his chances at reelection that year.

On the morning of 9/11/2001, the U.S. Military was conducting war exercises (at least that is what the media told the American people), and on the day of the Boston Marathon bombing, a group called The Craft was supposed to be conducting a military training exercise in Boston, in the same location that the bombing took place.

For this author, the Jade Helm 15 military exercise appears to be heading in the same direction as the above. If so, what false flag terrorism will take place next? And in what state(s)?

And perpetrated in an attempt to prevent the American people from forcing the Congress to abolish the Federal Reserve Act and to shut the Federal Reserve System down.

I have found it interesting that some alternative journalists have questioned why several supermarket chains have closed a number of supermarkets in several of the states in which Jade Helm 15 is taking place.

Is this being done in order to create an artificial food shortage?

The House of Rothschild has been intent on creating a global system of slavery for three centuries and are not about to allow Russia or North Korea to stand in their way.

However, with the possibility of many governments abolishing the Rothschild banks in their own nations, in the interest of destroying any chance that the Rothschilds have in creating their world government, the House Of Rothschild is now in serious jeopardy, and they will likely provoke World War III before they will give up on their agenda to create world government; just like they provoked World War II with their Reichstag false flag operation and attack on Poland under Hitler and the Third Reich, in the 1930s.

If I were the American people, I'd be very concerned about the FEMA prison camps that are located throughout the United States, because they were constructed for us in the event of a military takeover of this country, under Rothschild Zionism.

Allegations By Pentagon That Russia Hacked Its Servers? - Is This Another Pentagon False Flag Operation?

8/6/15 - Signals Intelligence Technology Fused With Directed Energy Weapons Have Created A Global State Of Tyranny - The Iranian People Were Subjected To Oven Temperatures For Several Days As The Result Of HAARP Weather Warfare

The searing and record setting heat wave that has affected the Iranian people for the past several days has now subsided (at least for the moment), no doubt in large part to the allegations from many other countries in addition to many American citizens, that the U.S. Department Of Defense was ordered to commence this furtive HAARP attack on Iran.

This is what occurs when the global military intelligence complex loses the concept of plausible deniability in the commission of its crimes against humanity.

It can no longer perpetrate these crimes with anonymity.

With temperatures as high as 165F recorded in Iran earlier this week, there's little doubt that HAARP was used to create this weather anomaly. This is another example of Israel's Zionist control over the U.S. federal government, in spite of the U.S. President's intent to carry out his nuclear weapon's agreement with Iran.

What the Zionist leadership in Israel wants the Zionist leadership in Israel gets. No matter what it takes and no matter how many people are tortured or murdered.

Barack Obama is now witnessing for himself the tremendous influence that Rothschild Zionism has over the U.S. federal government, when the Pentagon is used to turn Iran into an *oven, through the U.S. Department Of Defense's covert use of its HAARP induced weather warfare program.

What does this mean? That the Pentagon does not want this deal with Iran to take place. And that could be very dangerous for Barack Obama.

*The reader will note Governor Mike Huckabee's earlier comment just prior to the HAARP attack on Iran, in regard to how the Obama Administration's nuclear arms agreement with Iran would eventually result in another Holocaust being perpetrated against the Jews.

Huckabee also mentioned the ovens used by the Nazis at the time, indicating his likely foreknowledge of this covert HAARP attack on Iran and the "oven dome" which this country has been under for the past several days.

Moreover, the Governor's knowledge of the history regarding the Holocaust needs some revision, since the Nazi party was brought to power by the House of Rothschild, and as part of their intent to create an international hatred of Jews which would force all Jews to consolidate in one country for their own safety; while the Rothschilds used their creation of anti-Semitism to exploit the suffering of the Jews during the Holocaust for their own Communist world government agenda.

Huckabee also ignores the fact that Zionist Israel, hypocritically and erroneously claims to represent the interests of all Jews, while creating false flag terrorism against Jews in an effort to force them to flee their countries, and to immigrate to the Israeli apartheid state.

A deception perpetrated against all Jews since Israel was founded by the Rothschilds in 1948, as part an earlier aspect of this program which was commenced with the creation of the first Zionist Congress in 1897.

This is yet another unpopular truth that no U.S. politician who intends on remaining in political office will ever publicly admit to, because the House of Rothschild controls the U.S. federal government, just as it controls the State of Israel; through their Communist central banks.

This artificially created heat wave in Iran was just an aggressive form of intimidation against the Iranian people; a warning to Iranians and those leaders who support an Iran nuclear weapon's program, of how easily HAARP can be used as a form of weather warfare against any country.

The fact is that HAARP could have been used to raise the temperature in Iran much higher than the 165 degrees that it did, which could have resulted in the genocide of the Iranian people. And this illustrates just how dangerous the HAARP program and directed energy weapons are, since they can be used against any nation in the same way.

Russia also maintains a HAARP system, so that it is secretly understood between the military in both the United States and Russia, that this scientific stalemate exists between the two countries.

This is why it is imperative that the HAARP programs which exist globally must be permanently shut down.

Moreover, it was Alaskan Senator, Ted Stevens' attempt to expose HAARP for the weapon of mass destruction that it is, that got him killed. Stevens was initially responsible for obtaining a significant amount of government funding for this program, however, after finding that it was not going to be used in the way that he thought it was, Stevens attempted to warn the American people, and was duly liquidated - like so many other U.S. politicians over the past two centuries who attempted to show some concern for the American citizenry.

*The reader will note how Senator Frank Church died at only 59 years of age, not long after his Committee discovered serious crimes being committed by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, which he brought to the attention of Congress.

It was the Church Committee which was ultimately responsible for Congresses' forcing the CIA to shutdown its original MK-Ultra program.

Unfortunately, the CIA quickly resurrected this program in secret along with the NSA and other alphabet agencies, who decided to exploit the unique EMF signatures of the body and the electromagnetic spectrum, in order to conduct non consensual mind control research on an unwitting American public.

Under the original MK-Ultra program, such non consensual human experimentation was limited to a laboratory environment. However, with MK-Ultra II and all subsequent unethical and illegal programs, the electromagnetic spectrum has since been used to turn the United States into an enormous laboratory, where any American citizen can be chosen at will to become the unwitting subject of such non consensual human experimentation.

For his attempt to protect the interests of the American people, Senator Church was duly liquidated, having been seen as a threat to the future of the Military Industrial Intelligence complex in the United States.

And the same is true for HAARP's designer, Bernard Eastlund, who was also covertly murdered, after Eastlund publicly described how HAARP can also be used as a weapon of mass destruction by the Pentagon, by artificially manipulating the ionosphere and the normal *Jet Stream which surrounds the United States.

*What Is The Jet Stream And How Does It Affect Our Weather?

After former government scientist, Tom Bearden, wrote a book in regard to how HAARP can be used as a weapon of mass destruction, he was subjected to a directed energy weapon's induced heart attack that nearly killed him. This is how easily these high tech weapons can be used to experiment upon, torture or even murder anyone.

Especially a nation of citizens who have been secretly EMF fingerprinted by their own government, so that the unique EMF signatures which are produced by their bodies can be remotely searched for by way of a Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network; a network which scans the electromagnetic spectrum for the EMF signatures produced by any American citizen, whom the NSA decides to place under signals intelligence EMF surveillance.

To say that this electronic surveillance system has been used to electromagnetically brand each of us like a head of cattle is if anything, an understatement.

Since at present, there is no effective way of being able to block the EMF fields which are created by our own bodies, from the NSA's Human Intelligence technology, and its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

In George Orwell's novel "1984" the surveillance system used in his fictional dystopian society consisted of spy cameras placed all over this society. Every street corner, every business, every home. However, nothing in 1984 was as outrageous as the signals intelligence domestic spying that the NSA is presently utilizing against the American people, by decoding the EMF signatures from our bodies and then using them as part of a signals intelligence driven prison system which is used to house us.

8/5/15 - Since most Americans know that 9/11 was a false flag operation, and that the four flights, 175, 11, 93 and 77 never actually hit the WTC, Pentagon or crashed into a wooded area of Shanksville Pennsylvania, whatever became of the 1,116 passengers who were alleged to have flown on these jetliners on 9/11/2001?

Where Are The 1,116 Passengers That Were Alleged To Have Flown On Flights 175, 11, 93 and 77 On 9/11/2001? Were They Executed As Part Of This False Flag Operation In Order To Maintain Continuity In The 9/11 Inside Job? Did Many Of These Passengers Even Really Exist Or Were The Passenger Manifests For These Airliners Faked As Part Of The Most Elaborate Black Operation In Recent U.S History? Why Did The FBI Claim That Three Black Boxes Which Had Been Found In The World Trade Center Debris Were Not Found? And Why Did The FBI Deny Recovering These Black Boxes? Why Did The Family Members Of Flight 93 Have To Sign A Non Disclosure Statement Before Hearing What Was On The Flight Recorder That Was Alleged To Have Been Recovered From Flight 93? Why All The Secrecy Behind What Occurred On 9/11/2001, Unless This U.S. Government Has A Lot To Hide?

8/4/15 -

The Newsday Zionist Propaganda Machine

Is Typical Of The Perversion Of The Mainstream Media

The Newsday Long Island daily paper has been used by the FBI as part of the psychological warfare operation conducted against this author for more than a decade.

The FBI's Satanic web of deceit, now under the direction of James Comey (who once claimed to be a Communist earlier in his life, and who now serves the Federal Reserve's Zionist regime) continues to involve an increasing number of organizations, as this Americanized Gestapo attempts to use covert means by way of a brainwashing technique known as Neural Linguistic Programming, in an effort to demonize this MK-Ultra whistleblower, by brainwashing the general population.

This occurrence takes place in the U.S. media on a daily basis, through both broadcast as well as print media. As an example of this, today, Zionists, Senator Charles Schumer and his Hollywood actress cousin, Amy Schumer, take part in this clever deception by appearing in an article in Newsday regarding gun control.

Schumer and his cousin use a textbook example of how Neural Linguistic Programming is utilized to secretly link this author with the *59 year old shooter who recently murdered two people in Louisiana. The article calls for tougher legislation in regard to gun control, claiming that the shooter, John Russell Houser, had a history of violent behavior and should not have been allowed to purchase a firearm.

The fact is that **Houser was allowed to purchase this firearm because he would eventually be used in the commission of a violent crime, which is now being used to serve as yet another excuse to abolish the Second Amendment.

** The name Houser is used in this case as an inside joke by Hollywood and relates to the fictional character played by actor John Cryer (Maxwell Houser) in the 1980's movie "Hiding Out."

* I was born in 1959, thus the regular use of the number 59 by the FBI as a psychological trigger in these psyops, and the fact that *John Houser was chosen to commit these crimes for his suitability as a psychological trigger in the FBI/NSA psychological warfare operation being perpetrated against this author, simply because he is 59, was already programmed as a Manchurian Candidate, and owned a firearm!

* Contrary to what the FBI would admit to, the Bureau knew about John Houser long before he committed murder, because Houser is yet another MK-Ultra Manchurian Candidate.

We can only imagine how many of these unwitting assassins there are in the United States, since because they are programmed by remote means while in REM sleep, your average neighbor could become a mind controlled killer without ever realizing it.

*Google: Government mind control, NSA Remote Neural Monitoring of the brain, organized stalking, computer to brain interface, to learn more about how these crimes are being perpetrated against millions of Americans whose complaints the Congress has completely ignored.

Specifically, and as outlandish as it sounds, the FBI and NSA are using mind control weaponry on many different Americans for the express purpose of carrying out covert forms of criminal activities (oftentimes murders), so that these people can be used to reinforce the psychological link that the FBI has conditioned the American public to identify with this author.

The FBI also deliberately colluded with the NSA to use John Houser to murder two people so that Houser could be used as part of the FBI psychological operation that has been illegally conducted against this author for more than a decade. As far as the FBI and NSA are concerned, the people who were murdered as well as the shooter himself, were tertiary to this operation, since I was the primary target.

In other words, their lives were sacrificed just so the FBI could use them as another means in which to furtively demonize this author with the public, and in knowing that the FBI could publicly deny this if I made the claim, as I now have.

For those who have access to Newsday, you will also notice that directly below this article on Houser, is an article on convicted shooter James Holmes (also an MK-Ultra target who was also used as part of the FBI psyop against this author), in an effort to further the psychological connection with this author, who is also named James.

Even though I have never murdered anyone. Nor do I have any intention of doing so.

Notice that *Amy Schumer states that she will not mention the name of the shooter, even though Houser's name is mentioned in the article, because of her indirect reference to this author; whom through the FBI's NLP brainwashing, the public has now been classically conditioned to relate to me.

*Schumer really is a good actress based on the fraud she perpetrated in today's Newsday, and also an unwitting subject of aggressive MK-Ultra brainwashing herself, which may also involve Monarch Beta sex kitten programming; a CIA program that many Hollywood actresses are unwittingly subjected to, which involves the use of splitting their personalities to create alter identities that can be used for different purposes.

Actress Marilyn Monroe is alleged to have been the first Monarch mind controlled Hollywood Beta sex slave.

Charles Schumer, as has been the case with the entire body politic in the United States, will also pathologically lie to the American people, by categorically denying that the vigilante hate crime Organized Stalking has become the most commonly perpetrated crime in the United States; even though there are millions of American citizens who are being targeted by a network of fusion centers, and subjected to this Orwellian crime.

And that the U.S. Congress has been inundated with complaints from thousands of targets of these crimes each year, yet has never even attempted to do anything to end these crimes.

In fact, the only United States politicians who have done anything to expose Organized Stalking and to end this vigilante hate crime, are former Representative Cynthia McKinney, and Congressman Dennis Kucinich.

So this should confirm the criminal conspiracy within the U.S. federal government that involves the subversion of our Constitutional rule of law.

And both were not reelected to office as punishment for their attempt to draft legislation which would end Organized Stalking crimes, as well as the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' use of spaced based weaponry to experiment upon, torture and murder American citizens.

Kucinich drafted legislation which would have made it a crime for the U.S. Military Intelligence complex to use directed energy weapons on the American people. However, Congress refused to pass this legislation until all of the meaningful information was removed from this legislation.

As a result the Act which was passed into law became useless.

As for the Schumer Zionist tag team's covert attempt to link this author with John Houser, first off, I do not have a history of violent behavior, nor do I have criminal record; nor do I own a firearm; nor do I intent on procuring a firearm.

And given what I have experienced as a target of MK-Ultra and how easily an Agency like the NSA can remotely access the neural pathways of any American citizen's brain, in order to program them during REM sleep, I would not recommend that people purchase firearms.

The reader will note that these gun related massacres are always perpetrated by people who own firearms, because they are remotely programmed to perpetrate these atrocities, as part of a covert program by the U.S. federal government to abolish private gun ownership in the United States.

The mass murders that we are reading about in the mainstream media (including the 32 people killed at Virginia Tech a few years ago) are all the result of NSA MK-Ultra mind control programming via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and conducted as part of the Agency's "Radiation Intelligence" research program.

In most instances these crimes are committed by people who are licensed to carry firearms, which furnishes the NSA with access to the names of all Americans who legally own guns.

What better way to create a nation of mind controlled assassins, then to have a list of Americans who legally own firearms, any of whom can then be remotely programmed in their sleep to become Manchurian Candidates!

As an example of this, people who purchased firearms to protect their own families, have often been programmed in REM sleep to use these very weapons to murder their families or others, as part of this covert program to demonize firearms with the public.

The reader must also remember that your brain is a form of computer. And that once the unique code to your brain has been decoded by the NSA, your brain can then be remotely entered and programmed without your knowledge.

And the fact that the Schumer tag team would attempt to take part in this covert deception of the public is just a further example of the abject chicanery of the FBI, who is also responsible for the demonization of this author, and an aggressive attempt to violate my Constitutional rights through such total chicanery.

Moreover, what the Schumers have done here in regard to this furtive attack on my person may be plausibly deniable as are all FBI COINTELPRO operations, however, Senator Schumer and his Hollywood, actress cousin, are both well aware of their public deception, and the criminal conspiracy presently being waged by the FBI and NSA against this author.

And Amy Schumer is also well aware of the Hollywood conspiracy against this author, which is why she allowed her recent celebrity to be exploited by her cousin Chuck, and Newsday, for the covert purpose of demonizing this author with the public.

There is no rule of law here because it is the federal government who is perpetrating criminal activities under the color of law, and attempting to abrogate the law in order avoid prosecution for perpetrating these crimes.

In addition, I have been subjected to criminal activities by both the FBI and NSA for the past four decades, which involve the worst violations of the 4Th Amendment and basic human rights that have ever been documented in United States history; including being illegally tracked by the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network for the past forty years, and used as a target of MK-Ultra mind control research.

The reader will eventually find that my allegations in regard to the NSA's decoding of our bodies' unique EMF signatures as a means in which to both track and enslave us by way of the electromagnetic spectrum, is not only accurate, but that I also made this allegation because I understand that this system is extraordinarily dangerous, having been created as a covert means of enslaving the human race, while also being used as part of the genocide of the human species under the House of Rothschilds' world Communist government.

Their goal is for the elite to take complete control of this planet, and to kill the rest of us, while leaving a small group of people who will function as slaves until they are no longer needed.

My exposition of this situation is the real reason for the FBI's aggressive and covert attack on my person, given their fabrication of evidence and the slander campaign which the FBI continues to perpetrate under the color of law.

The real question becomes how can the FBI attempt to be taken seriously as law enforcement when their acts are not related to upholding the Constitutional rule of law in the least, but instead, conducting furtive acts of terrorism which completely violate this rule of law in every imaginable way?

As port of this criminal activity, the FBI is using covert means to try this author in the court of public opinion, while the FBI attempts to completely and criminally abrogate the Constitutional rule of law; including the right to due process.

Something that the FBI has absolutely no legal authority to do.

And it appears that every time the FBI attempts to find a means in which to prosecute this author based on some trumped up charges, that when they are prevented from doing so, these agents simply continue their criminal activities against this author with the intent of maintaining this COINTELPRO operation indefinitely.

Under the Patriot Act the FBI has indeed become a Satanic cesspool of criminals who willfully torture and murder American citizens using directed energy weapons, while protecting the Zionist cabal that controls organized crime in the United States under the Federal Reserve System.

There have even been former FBI agents who were asked why the FBI has never investigated the claims in regard to the Federal Reserve System's counterfeiting and laundering operations, who have stated that they knew about the Federal Reserve, however, that if they attempted to do so, their careers with the FBI would have been quickly terminated.

U.S. politicians have been told the same thing.

The vicious and completely illegal propaganda/slander campaign against this author has been conducted by the FBI using the mainstream media in the United States going back to 2003, after I discovered an FBI entrapment scheme involving their use of a Great Neck psychiatrist to entrap this author.

The Great Neck psychiatrist, who as it turns out is also a Zionist, committed a number of crimes in doing so, including fraud and grand larceny.

Since 2005 I have been exposing the FBI's crimes against my person under COINTELPRO; as well as the NSA's use of my person as a target of MK-Ultra mind control research over the past forty years.

Furthermore, my written works in regard to Rothschild Zionism and its Satanic control over the people on this planet has also made me the target of a Zionist conpiratorial attack by Hollywood, for helping to expose the Satanic roots of Tinsel Town, and its use of mind control on many of the actors who appear in Hollywood's feature films.

If my writings had not has such a negative impact on these criminals, they would not be attacking my person as aggressively as they are; regardless of how furtively they have done so.

I am also publicly accusing the FBI of secretly promoting a negative campaign in regard to this author that is based on fabrication, confabulation and a host of other deceptions, which involve coercion and suborning of witness perjury, that is as precedent setting in its violations of the U.S. Bill of Rights, as any COINTELPRO operation ever conducted in this country's history.

Why do you think that the FBI has conducted this covert slander campaign using Neuro Linguistic Programming as a form of brainwashing the public, instead of operating through the U.S. Judicial system?

Because of the FBI's own abject criminality, and the fact that from their inception, these agents never had the legal authority to place this author under electronic surveillance.

8/3/15 -

Long Live The Jews
How All Jews Including The Ashkenazi Jew
Were Deceived By The House Of Rothschild

May Rothschild Zionism Be Banned From This Planet

And This Planet's Inhabitants
Freed From This Satanic Ideology

As Rothschild Zionism and their Satanic ideology to take over the human race with the creation of a world Communist government continues to unravel, Zionists are aggressively exploiting Judaism and the non Zionist Jews for their own criminal agenda, in the hopes of surviving.

The Zionist state of Israel, which was created by the Rothschild dynasty in order to use their concept of anti-Semitism to obtain protection for themselves, by exploiting the suffering of the Jews during the Holocaust - which the Rothschilds financed by bringing Hitler and the Third Reich to power - is now fearful that Barack Obama has empowered Iran with the means in which to destroy Israel. The fact is that there is no need to destroy the Israeli state, and there never has been.

What needs to be destroyed is world Zionism and its Satanic ideology, while Israel is turned over to the Jewish people, who can then work towards the goal of Middle Eastern peace. A society where Jews and Palestinians can live amongst one another in peace, without the Rothschilds using Jews - including Ashkenazi Jews, who have been deceived by the Rothschilds since the late 1800s - as pawns in the Rothschilds' world government agenda.

A world without Rothschild Zionism will mean that the Communist central banks that have been used to counterfeit and launder their counterfeited currency in our nations will cease to exist. The covert form of slavery known as the income tax will be repealed since the Treasuries in our respective nations will once again be used to coin and regulate currency interest free, and our currency will again have real value.

It will also mean that we will no longer have the Rothschilds secretly using their control over our nations to foment wars between us. And without wars, our military intelligence complexes can be dramatically reduced in size, while a significant amount of the enormous budgets for these complexes can instead be spent on the citizenry.

With the destruction of Rothschild Zionism, we can take back our governments, as well as our monetary and educational systems. We can have more transparent governments and leadership who are actually held accountable to the citizenry instead of corporatism and the Rothschilds' investment class.

Our media systems will once again belong to us, instead of Rothschild Zionism and its Satanic propaganda machine, that has for far too long functioned as a sewer of demonic deception.


Today, I was noticing all of the massive computer screens on the floor of the Fox News room as well as the New York Stock Exchange, and considered how extreme the EMF radiation being produced by these screens is. And how easily this radiation can cause cancer in those Fox employees who are seated near these screens for many hours each day.

These TV personalities are being irradiated all day long and likely suffer from many different manifestations of this, including but not limited to sleep disorders which they attribute to something else.

Even though the newer screens are not as dangerous as the older computer screens, the EMF fields given off by these monitors are still dangerous, when one is exposed to them for 40 or more hours each week.

If an employee at Fox were to test for this radiation using a gauss meter, they would probably be astonished to learn just how high the levels of radiation in the Fox news room really are.


In keeping with the use of psychological triggers against this MK-Ultra target, today's Newsday daily paper reports that "nine" people died in a shooting yesterday in New York, when someone at a party began shooting party goers. This was another mind controlled shooting using NSA computer to brain interface, and the Agency's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

Moreover, a "nine" year old boy died this past weekend after he was "accidentally" struck in the head with a baseball bat during a practice swing.

Was this really an accident or just another mind controlled event?

The number nine (9) has been used over the past few years as part of the psyops against me, since I inquired as to whether or not the Ninth Amendment to the U.S. Bill of Rights is being used to perpetrate the vigilante hate crime dubbed Organized Stalking.

The reader will also note the death of nine church goers in Baltimore, MD a few months ago by an MK-Ultra Manchurian Candidate named Dylann Roof.

Those who have been reading this Blog regularly over the past decade are familiar with the FBI/NSA use of numbers as psychological triggers, which are used as part of the psychological operation that these murderous psychopaths have been illegally conducting against this author for the past decade.

People are being mind controlled (NSA Remote Neural Monitoring) into perpetrating these crimes as part of this Satanic psyop, and many other targets of MK-Ultra have reported similar situations, in which people are murdered as part of the psyops they are subjected to. In most instances the deaths make the headlines so that we learn about them, and can relate to how they were in some way pertinent to the psyops being conducted against us, as subjects of this mind control research program.

Last night's episode of "60 Minutes" (another tool of the Zionist media machine in America) focused on the U.S. Military's dependence on spy satellites to gain intelligence on other countries, and how these satellites could easily be damaged or destroyed by lasers.

This program may have been a repeat given that it is summertime, or a new broadcast.

However, what has become clear is that there are millions of Americans who are being targeted by satellite based weapons which are controlled by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, and this complex is now concerned that their covert programs are in jeopardy because of our complaints to Congress and local state legislators.

However, if the Military Intelligence complex in its *Nazi mindset, did not secretly engage in the non consensual human experimentation, torture and murder of American citizens, they would not be presently facing the enormous criticism and backlash that they are.

*Google: Project Paperclip and how the U.S. Military Intelligence complex was subverted by Nazis who were smuggled into the United States by the CIA after World War II

These weapons are supposed to be used for "defensive purposes" against attacks by foreign powers; not to experiment upon, torture and murder American citizens, as they are presently being used for.

Capabilities of NSA Operatives Using RNM
"There has been a Signals Intelligence network in the US since the 1940s. The NSA, Ft Meade has in place a vast, two­ way, wireless RNM system which is used to track subjects and non-invasively monitor audiovisual information in their brains. The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network can track anyone in the United States. This is all done with no physical contact with the subject. RNM (Remote Neural Monitoring of the brain) is the ultimate method of surveillance and domestic intelligence. Speech, 3D sound, and subliminal audio can be sent to the auditory cortex of the subject’s brain (bypassing the ears), and images can be sent into the visual cortex. RNM can alter a subject’s perceptions, moods, and motor control. Speech cortex/auditory cortex link has become the ultimate communications system for the intelligence community. RNM allows for a complete audiovisual brain-to-brain link or brain-to-computer link."

- John St. Clair Akwei

“Anti-Semitism” is today the petrol that fuels the tasks of the Zionist movement and a central and sturdy foundation in the Israeli intimidation strategy, for both internal and external purposes, a foundation maintained by a tremendous propaganda system. The parallel between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism is intentional propaganda of the Zionist movement and its creation – the state of Israel. This propaganda is based on the outrageous Zionist assumption that the state of Israel represents all Jews in the world from a political and ethical perspective, even if they don't wish this. This propaganda is aimed at two primary goals: to transform Jews throughout the world into a living shield of the Zionist policy, thus hiding the crimes of Israel, and to undermine the personal security of Jews so that they will immigrate to Israel."

- Alternative News Media Website

Editor's Note: 7/31/15 - How Blogger aids and abets the FBI/NSA conspiracy against this author. Blogger has allowed the FBI and NSA to remotely tamper with this Blog for the past decade, making the statistics information on the Blog useless, while these psychopaths have done everything possible to get this Blog deleted.

Why? Because this Blog offers an historical record of the most grievous violations of the U.S. Bill of Rights, by agencies of the federal government, including but not limited to the FBI, NSA, and DHS, in regard to an American citizen, that has ever been documented.

After I post yesterday in regard to how these alphabet agencies tamper with my Blog by falsely showing that European Union Internet surfers visit this Website, when Websites which compile statistics on this Blog show that the site only has American visitors, the FBI uses Blogger to send the following hoax message, as yet another part of this psychological warfare operation; which proves that the FBI can corrupt any person, and any organization in the United States through its use of the Satanic Patriot Act.

For further emphasis, this Blog has been online for the better part of a decade, however, only after I mention how the FBI and NSA tamper with this Blog's statistics, by showing a European Union presence on this Blog that does not really exist, does the FBI have Blogger send the following message today as part of this hoax:

"European Union laws require you to give European Union visitors information about cookies used on your blog. In many cases, these laws also require you to obtain consent.

As a courtesy, we have added a notice on your blog to explain Google's use of certain Blogger and Google cookies, including use of Google Analytics and AdSense cookies.

You are responsible for confirming this notice actually works for your blog, and that it displays. If you employ other cookies, for example by adding third party features, this notice may not work for you. Learn more about this notice and your responsibilities."

7/30/15 -

How The Baby Boom Generation In America
Became The First Non Consensual Subjects
Of A Signals Intelligence Based Prison System

To those media personalities who secretly glean information from this Blog as part of the FBI/NSA psychological warfare operation conducted illegally against this author, which you then furtively circulate in your broadcast programs using NLP protocols, your job historically has been to propagate an ignorant society, whom through such ignorance, unwittingly surrenders their inherent rights as a citizenry to a corrupted corporation.

One which passes itself off as a government.

Internet search the phrase "How the U.S. Congress destroyed our Constitutional rule of law in 1871, with its creation of a corporate Constitution for the corporate government in Washington D.C." The Legislative Act of 1871.

This corporate constitution allowed the House of Rothschild and British Monarchy to destroy our Constitutional Republic, and to create an Anglo/Zionist corporation, which resulted in the furtive enslavement of every person born in America from that time forward; since they would become human capital for this corporation with their birth and the issuance of a U.S. birth certificate. In other words, a slave nation.

The Signals Intelligence Enslavement
Of U.S. Media Personalities

You in the media may think you are free. However, you are the slaves of this corporation, just as we are. And if you ever speak out against this corporation, you will quickly learn just how enslaved we as a citizenry really are.

You are the puppets of Rothschild Zionism, performing on their stage, and used for the express purpose of lying to the American people; whether you do so wittingly or not. Internet search CIA Project Mockingbird to learn of the conspiracy that you have been unwittingly used to perpetrate against the American citizenry.

As media personalities in the United States, you should also view YouTube videos of Sarah Carlson, Mark McAlister, Serene Branson and Anderson Cooper being subjected to the transcranial magnetic stimulation of their brains via NSA computer to brain interface, while doing live TV broadcasts, in order to understand how easily your own brains can be remotely affected in such adverse ways.

This also occurred with TV personality Judy Sheindlin (Judge Judy) and a number of other high profile people in the media a few years ago, in regard to covert mind control research being done by the U.S. Intelligence community, as part of an NSA mind control research program performed under the cover of "Radiation Intelligence."

And because we as Americans have all been *EMF fingerprinted (including the decoding of our own unique brain maps) by the NSA, as part of its signals intelligence driven domestic spy program, any American citizen can be instantly subjected to this signals intelligence predation of their own minds without realizing it.

* This EMF fingerprinting program has also allowed the NSA to design a domestic signals intelligence based electronic surveillance system that is capable of decoding our subvocalized thoughts, which as evoked potentials, are unintentionally projected into the electromagnetic spectrum every time we have a thought.

This is done as part of the radiation intelligence program that the NSA has been conducting against the American citizenry since the 1970s.

What does this mean to you?

That this signals intelligence driven domestic spy program allows NSA signals intelligence satellites to scan the electromagnetic spectrum for any types of words or phrases that would be considered to be of interest to the Agency.

Moreover, because each American citizen has been EMF fingerprinted by the NSA (including brain mapped), when an NSA digital computer decodes this information, it can also instantly identify through EMF fingerprinting, which American citizen actually had these thoughts.

So the next the time you have a thought please remember how easily what you think can be scrutinized by the NSA, even if you have never expressed this thought to anyone else.

There is also at present a conspiracy to destroy humanity through the implementation of an Artificial Intelligence driven society, which the NSA under Pentagon oversight is spearheading; a crime against humanity which will reduce the average person to that of a robotic being controlled through Artificial Intelligence technology.

Moreover, the fact that you, the mainstream U.S. media have been subjected to such brainwashing (yes Neural Linguistic Programming is a form of brainwashing) means that you are not even functioning based on your own independent thoughts any longer, however, instead, the thoughts of those who have propagated this brainwashing of your persons.

Given this, you are indeed a significant part of the problem, and serve as proof of the effectiveness of the CIA's Mockingbird program, in hijacking the U.S. media for their own criminal agenda, which began decades ago. Mockingbird has since reduced the mainstream media in America to a source of propaganda for the Zionist investment class in this country, who secretly control the three branches of government in the United States, through their oversight of the Federal Reserve Communist bank.

Moreover, why not write about how you have been used as pawns and furnished with thousands of specific words, phrases and objects which continue to be used as psychological triggers, and as part of the aggressive and completely illegal psychological warfare/slander/murder campaign that the FBI (under Robert Mueller and now James Comey), DHS and NSA have been conducting against this author for the past decade; and as revenge for this author's exposition of the NSA's EMF fingerprinting of the American people, as well as my experiences as a target of MK-Ultra for the past forty years?

Or how I am illegally tracked via the electromagnetic spectrum by the EMF signatures produced by my body, through the NSA's use of a Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, that is used to remotely scan the electromagnetic spectrum in order instantly identify the unique EMF signatures given off by any American citizen's body, as part of a signals intelligence EMF fingerprinting program that was secretly implemented against the American people by the NSA during the 20Th century, and done as the primary means in which to enslave the Baby Boom generation.

The FBI/NSA COINTELPRO campaign against this author is being perpetrated as revenge for both my documenting the experiences I have had as perhaps the longest target of an MK-Ultra mind control research program, since the Intelligence community began using the electromagnetic spectrum to interface artificial intelligence computers with the minds of an unwittingly American public, as well as for my public allegations regarding the NSA's use in decoding the EMF signatures from our bodies - which are then used as a way for the NSA to remotely identify us, by scanning the EM spectrum for these unique EMF signatures - which also function as an electromagnetic form of DNA fingerprint.

The electromagnetic enslavement of the entire U.S. population was accomplished by the early 1980s under Reagan Executive Order 12333, which privatized treasonous programs being conducted by the U.S. Intelligence community, by allowing this community to hire private companies to carry out domestic spy operations that the U.S. Intelligence community is forbidden from conducting by their own legislative charters.

What we have here are the most precedent setting violations of the U.S. Bill of Rights in American history, and by the U.S. federal government and its alphabet agencies.

Moreover, the hierarchy of our military intelligence complex, and in particular the intelligence community, have been reduced to the state of predatory, sick minded, murderous voyeurs, who illegally spy upon the American citizenry within the privacy of our own homes, while subjecting us to a furtive form of enslavement that involves the EMF fingerprinting of all Americans.

Many of whom are routinely tortured by way of this technology, while others are also murdered.

This egregious violation of our Constitutional rights is perpetrated through the use of both signals intelligence and three dimensional thermal imaging audio visual spy satellites, while these Satanic reprobates use the Bill of Rights for toilet paper, and American citizens as non consensual human experimentees, to test this government's latest classified weaponry on.

All of these horrendous crimes perpetrated under the cover of national security and the color of law.

Bill O'Reilly
The Patron Saint Of Rothschild Zionist Propaganda

The founder of the organization Black Lives Matter has publicly criticized Bill O'Reilly's support of the police when blacks are routinely murdered by them. The fact is that Bill O'Reilly is a hateful closet white supremacist who despises blacks and sees them as being inferior to whites and other races.

O'Reilly, a wife beater whose ex wife, Maureen McPhilmy, now maintains legal custody of both of their children, is the consummate, mean spirited bully.

When his wife left him, after he dragged her down a flight of stairs by the throat, in their Manhasset home (this testimony made by his teenage daughter who witnessed the assault), O'Reilly actually used his influence to have the detective that McPhilmy was dating and later married, investigated by internal affairs; even though the detective was not suspected of any wrong doing.

O'Reilly also attempted to use his influence to get his former wife excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church, saying that he wanted her to go to hell.

Mean spirited? Bullying? This is one hateful bastard.

Bill O'Reilly is a megalomaniac who in his psychopathology, thinks he is the emperor of tabloid journalism, and who brown noses authority with the same type of zeal that a student brown noses their teachers for good grades, because he knows just how powerful the hierarchy within the U.S. Military Intelligence complex is, and as a power hungry hate monger himself, O'Reilly needs all the support he can get.

Moreover, O'Reilly does not have the courage to state how the men and women in the U.S. Military who serve us faithfully are being used as pawns and sacrificed to fight unnecessary wars for profit, by the Zionist elite, who control the Executive branch of government in this country, as well as the hierarchy of its military.

And for their own greed and self interests; served up in the media as nothing but false patriotism, in order to excuse their mass murders of any country's citizenry whom they believe interferes with their own hegemonic ideology.

If Bill O'Reilly were to run for a presidential election, his goal if elected would be to turn the United States into a military junta.

In reality, O'Reilly is a sellout to Rothschild Zionism; completely under the control of his Satanic masters. He is the archetype of the controlled media personality who says what he is told to say, and never, ever strays from it.

O'Reilly's real talent is as both disinformation agent and actor, for which he is paid millions of dollars each year.

The right wingers at Fox News have become just as useful in the promulgation of disinformation, as the far leftists at CNBC; both of whose media personalities function as entertainers on this CIA Mockingbird stage of propagandist lies.

Radio personalities, Opie and Anthony have as much credibility, which isn't exactly saying much, since they're indicative of the complete and utter cesspool that talk radio has become in the modern day. A few decades ago, they use to refer to Howard Stern as the cesspool of the radio waves, however, Howard has quite a bit of competition these days and in many respects his depraved antics pale in comparison to those of some of his contemporaries.

In fact, for all of their rhetoric and attempts at creating controversy, we have a single minded Zionist controlled media system in this country, just as we have a one party system of government, since the Democrats and Republicans are in fact two different sides of the same Zionist coin.

We have a one party political system that is based on Communist ideology, who allow the Communistic Rothschild central bank in America to continue to operate its counterfeiting/laundering operation, while attempting to destroy those few legitimate investigative journalists who are exposing this Satanic attack on the American middle class.

To paraphrase from the late journalist John Swinton: The media are the property of wealthy men: they are intellectual prostitutes who are paid to lie to the public, as part of the agenda of these evil men. The intellectual part of this statement may have applied during Swinton's day, however, even that is now absent from today's mind controlled plug and play media system; where men and women are used as puppets, and in this day of digital TV, oftentimes replaced with computer driven CGI versions of themselves.

See: Black Lives Matter Co Founder Asks If Bill O'Reilly Wants A Country Where Police Kill Black People Daily - Of Course O'Reilly Does - He Just Won't Admit To It

7/29/15 - Since I created this Blog in 2006 the FBI and NSA have been tampering with it. The stat's are rigged to show that most of this Blog's visitors are from Europe, when in reality most of this Blog's visitors are from the United States.

The traffic ranking has also been tampered with so that the number of visitors is reported to be significantly lower than they really are. Another Website has the visitor rating at well under Alexa's one million ranking, while Alexa has the rating at over 4 million.

A few years ago after this Website surpassed an Alexa 500,000 ranking the FBI began freezing the Website so that it would not download at all, out of concern that given what I was documenting, this Website would have quickly surpassed the 100,000 rating.

Given the increase in the psychological warfare operations that the FBI has subjected both this author and other members of my Family to over the past few months, they are obviously concerned that the public is gradually beginning to understand that my allegations in regard to the NSA decoding the EMF signatures of our bodies is true, and what this will mean to this corrupted government once the public learns of this treasonous betrayal of their trust.

Every second of our waking day is subjected to psychological warfare. Vehicular stalking all day long, our TV programming, phone, e-mail, snail mail, personal conversations; even the products brought into our home are done for the purpose of serving as psychological triggers. And no one will admit to this total subversion of our Constitutional rule of law.

The FBI continues to interfere with the download time of this Website in an effort to prevent visitors from entering the site, because the Bureau is well aware that they have perpetrated all of the crimes against my person that I have publicly accused them of, while attempting to prevent the American people from learning that we have as a nation been electromagnetically fingerprinted by the NSA; and that both the FBI and NSA, as well as DHS are using directed energy weapons to experiment upon, torture and even murder American citizens while we are in the privacy of our own homes.

There have been a number of instances reported in the media lately in which people have been injured (some seriously) by falling trees, after the trees have fallen for no apparent reason.

This author has written in regard to how dozens of trees have been knocked down on my property over the past decade, by way of directed energy weaponry. In most instances there was no wind at the time that many of these trees fell. And oftentimes I would hear a cracking sound shortly before a tree would fall as they were being weakened by directed energy weaponry. In virtually every instance, the trees were torn out at their roots, even though the roots showed no signs of having rotted away.

Specifically, this was not a case where the trees were dead and fell as the result of roots that had rotted away. I have also heard the sound of wood cracking just before large tree limbs have collapsed. These trees were destroyed through the use of HAARP technology, or what the U.S. Military secretly refers to as either geophysical manipulation of the weather, or weather warfare.

Who controls the HAARP system in this country? The U.S. Department Of Defense.

Several Children Injured After Tree Falls Unexpectedly

And it now appears that as part of the psychological warfare operation that they are conducting against this author, that HAARP is being randomly used to knock trees down on unsuspecting citizens, with plausible deniability.

Just the other day the news reported that a woman was injured when a large tree came crashing through the roof of her home. Today the media reports that several children were injured when a tree fell for no logical reason.

A few weeks ago two children were also seriously injured when a tree fell for no logical reason.

In this author's opinion, based on many years of being targeted by directed energy weapons, these trees were intentionally taken down using HAARP, and with no regard for the safety of the people who were injured.

We are also seeing in the media, reports in regard to many automobiles that are being crashed into homes, because the steering systems in these vehicles were taken over by remote means.

Other Members Of My Family Continue

The FBI COINTELPRO attack against another member of this author's Family has now involved this person's being forced to sell their home, since the FBI is preventing this person from being able to obtain another job, after the FBI orchestrated this person's being fired from their last job more than two years ago.

This person's best friend and business associate was also very influential in initially preventing the FBI from being able to get this Family member fired from their job. However, she suddenly developed *brain cancer and died within months of being diagnosed. Almost immediately after this occurred, the FBI was able to orchestrate this Family member's being fired from their job.

*There is little doubt that she was targeted with a directed energy weapon which resulted in her developing brain cancer. The reader will recall how during the late 1990s, Eco-Activist, Judi Bari who had been targeted by the FBI for years as part of a COINTELPRO operation against EarthFirst! was in the process of suing the FBI, when she suddenly developed breast cancer, which she later died from.

In all likelihood, Judi was also the target of a directed energy induced murder by the FBI, in an effort to prevent her from being able to try certain FBI agents for their conspiracy to destroy the EarthFirst! eco-activist group.

In 1990 Judi was nearly killed when a bomb which the FBI had planted underneath the driver's seat in her car exploded.

When this plot to murder her failed, the FBI then sought to prosecute Judi as a terrorist, claiming that she had built the bomb and was transporting it when the bomb accidentally went off.

However, a forensic investigation would later exonerate Judi by proving that the bomb which went off in her car was actually placed under its driver's seat, and not on the floor behind the seat as the FBI had claimed.

This finding removed suspicion from Judi Bari, and instead placed in on the FBI, who quickly invented a story for the media in regard to a terrorist whom the FBI claimed had been in the area at the time the bombing had taken place.

However, when the FBI failed to actually produce the suspect, its credibility was further damaged, and the FBI to this day is considered by many to have actually planted the bomb in Judi Bari's automobile in an attempt to murder her, and as punishment for her participation in publicly exposing the California logging community for destroying California Red Wood trees.

This is just another example of FBI COINTELPRO, and in this instance, the aggressive criminal conspiracy that the FBI continues to perpetrate against this author and other members of my Family, in what is turning out to be the most outrageous and precedent setting violations of the U.S. Bill of Rights in United States history.

Hundreds of thousands of hours of illegal spying, signals intelligence related vandalism, non consensual human experimentation, torture with directed energy weapons, vicious psychological warfare operations and attempted murder, fabrication of evidence, coercing witness testimony and suborning witness perjury, while using NLP brainwashing on the U.S. media and American public, as part of the FBI's demonization campaign against this author. All perpetrated by FBI, NSA, and DHS agents under the color of law.

7/27/15 - Today, this author is aggressively targeted with an *ELF wave that causes tremendous fatigue. These types of directed energy weapon's attacks can be used to either enhance the energy which travels through the body, or to diminish it within a matter of seconds.

*I recently read that Jeff Rense was injured in a car accident, and that Rense has claimed that he was targeted with a directed energy weapon, which caused him to lose consciousness while he was driving.

This is certainly possible, since a directed energy weapon can be used to target the brain as well as heart by remote means.

Consequently, a person's *heart rate can be remotely increased or decreased by a significant number of beats in order to cause hypo or hypertension. The heart can be remotely caused to skip beats, or stop and then restart.

*I believe that actress Amanda Peterson was subjected to a directed energy induced murder by giving her a heart attack as she slept; and as part of the FBI/NSA psychological warfare operation that I have been subjected to for the past decade.

Less than a year ago I created a tribute Website to this fine actress and in it described my belief that Amanda Peterson was the target of a conspiracy to drive her out of Hollywood.

At the time I wasn't sure exactly why *Amanda's promising career had fizzled out as quickly as it had given her talent and beauty. However, since that time I have learned that in spite of her success in the movie Can't Buy Me Love, Amanda's use of her new found fame to publicly criticize Hollywood studios for the way in which they stereotype teenage actors (causing many of them to become typecast while damaging their careers) - resulted in Amanda's being perceived as a malcontent and rabble rouser, which resulted in her promising acting career being derailed, and by those very Hollywood executives who had previously decided to publicly promote Amanda as their next big female star of the 1980s.

*Amanda had gained instant fame with Can't Buy Me Love, and with this, millions of new fans around the world, who could never understand why her career did not skyrocket after her performance in this blockbuster movie. Now we know why.

As for the use of directed energy weapons to cause heart attacks, this author was subjected to directed energy attacks on my heart throughout the 1990s on a daily basis, as part of the non consensual human experimentation that I have been subjected to for decades, so I am certain that the NSA has the ability to kill someone whom they are remotely tracking via the EM spectrum by causing a heart attack.

The directed energy attacks were aggressive during this time, however, they were reduced at the time that the Organized Stalking program against my person began in 2003.

I am still subjected to directed energy weapons' attacks, however, they are now used in conjunction with a very aggressive psychological warfare operation.

The more I read about well known personalities being targeted with directed energy weapons, the more that I am certain that the allegation that I began making in 2005 in regard to the NSA being used to EMF fingerprint the American people, is true.

And moreover, that Americans are the unwitting subjects of an electromagnetic prison system that was created through the use of the electromagnetic spectrum sometime after World War II ended, and a signals intelligence based EMF fingerprinting program was initiated through the Rockefeller Foundation and the American Medical Association - to ensure that the NSA would be able to instantly locate, track and remote neural monitor any American citizen, by scanning the electromagnetic spectrum for the unique EMF signatures produced by that person's body.

This program continues in the modern day in which the EEG and EKG fingerprints (and perhaps even more information in this day and age) of children from the time they are born, are catalogued into the NSA's computer database as part of a signals intelligence driven domestic spy program, which is used to instantly track and monitor any person living within the United States.

In the early 1900s, inventor Nikola Tesla had tried to convince the U.S. Military to allow him to construct an electromagnetic shield over the United States, which could have been used to prevent future attacks by other countries from the air.

The Military refused Tesla's offer. However, it appears that they took his idea for protecting the United States via such an electromagnetic shield, and decided to instead turn it against the American people, by using the electromagnetic spectrum as the means in which to enslave the U.S. population; by decoding the unique EMF signatures from our bodies and using the EM spectrum as the means in which to remotely monitor our bodies' own unique EMF signatures.

In other words, a very diabolical form of slavery.

Jeff Rense's claim of being attacked with a directed energy weapon also serves as proof that Rense is being remotely tracked by the NSA via his body's own unique set of EMF signatures, and by the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

Rense's automobile could have also been remotely tampered with by *hacking into its computer. Who's the likely culprit? The U.S. Military Intelligence complex. Probably either the NSA or CIA.

*Many of our automobiles have had their computers remotely tampered with by the NSA. Several years ago the computer in one of our SUVs was remotely tampered with constantly.

Mechanics could not get the vehicle's engine to idle properly no matter what they did.

Eventually, we had a rebuilt engine installed which at first operated fine. Then the engine would no longer idle properly regardless of which mechanic worked on it. The problem was related to signals intelligence sabotage of the computer in this SUV, and by the Satanists operating under the NSA.

As for Jeff Rense, fortunately he survived his near fatal crash. However, will he survive the next one? And will this constant furtive threat on his life force Jeff to tone down his broadcasts, since he must now be concerned with further attempts being made on his life. Especially given how he is constantly speaking out against Rothschild Zionism and their intent to create a Communist world government.

As this author has stated in many of the articles that I have written over the past several years, if the public knew what the NSA was capable of doing to their automobiles by remote means, no one would ever drive an automobile again.

With the sophisticated computer systems found in today's automobiles, once you have entered your automobile, the NSA can lock you in, start the vehicle by remote means, shift the automobile into drive or reverse, steer the vehicle, accelerate or brake the vehicle, and even disable the braking system so that the vehicle will crash.

What does this mean? Consider the millions of automobiles on today's roads whose computers can be remotely hacked into via computer to computer interface.

And what is an automobile that is loaded with a full tank of fuel? A remotely guided bomb with a group of unwitting passengers on board. Multiply one of these vehicles by the millions on the road today and what you have is a weapon of mass destruction which most people have never thought of - their own automobile.

The fact that the directed energy weapon's attacks on our persons are routinely taking place also proves that we are remotely tracked by the NSA via the electromagnetic spectrum, and by the unique bioelectric resonance entrainment frequencies that are produced by our bodies and brains, and which are catalogued into the NSA's computer database.

It is this author's opinion that at least some of these unique EMF signatures are sent to the NSA from the time we are born, as the direct result of an EEG brainwave print and EKG heartbeat print being taken from each child before they leave the hospital. And that this bioelectric information is then sent directly to the NSA and added to a file that is created whenever someone in the United States is born.

By doing this, the NSA is able to electromagnetically brand each citizen like a head of cattle, whom the agency can then instantly track by scanning the electromagnetic spectrum for this person's unique EMF signature set.

The EMF signatures produced by our bodies are the equivalent of an electromagnetic form of DNA which can be used to instantly identify us out of hundreds of millions of other Americans.

This is a covertly implemented form of slavery against the American people, however plausibly deniable it may be.

And while it is plausibly deniable, there are thousands of Americans documenting similar attacks on their persons through the blogosphere. For some of these Websites Google: Directed energy weapons, EMF weapons, microwave energy weapons, AKWEI VS NSA, Computer to brain interface, organized stalking, electronic harassment, mind control via the EM spectrum, mind control weapons, signals intelligence satellites, over the horizon radar.

The directed energy attack that I was subjected to today is just one example of the types of plausibly deniable torture that the NSA and FBI subject this author and other members of my Family to on a regular basis.

Since posting the following, my Mother is feeling better. However, while the fatigue is not as extreme as it was, she is still experiencing manifestations from this directed energy weapon's attack, which means that the frequency she is being targeted with has been reduced. However, not turned off completely.

The fact that these weapons are used to remotely lock onto to the unique EMF signatures produced by the body means that once your body's own unique set of EMF signatures has been decoded by the NSA, the agency can then remotely track you 24 hours a day.


The latest directed energy weapon's attack is taking place against this author's Mother. She is experiencing extreme fatigue due to in what my opinion are ELF waves, and the artificial lowering of her heartbeat by way of directed energy weaponry.

The demons who take part in the vehicular stalking of our persons have also become extremely aggressive, dangerously racing their automobiles up and down the road in front of our home.

And I expect that medical personnel at the local fire department as well as police department have already been warned in advance that they may be called as part of this attack. Especially since it has been a few years since they were last called.

This is further proof of how these attacks take place on a rotational basis, where they are directed at different Family members and through the use of different symptoms, which are the manifestations of these radiation attacks.

These attacks against us have become so common that we know that it is only a matter of time before one of us is murdered by these Satanic psychopaths. I post this here in an effort to end this directed energy weapon's attack, since it is quite obvious that directed energy weaponry is being used to cause these symptoms.

Fusion centers overseen by the DOJ and DHS have been used to create a national network of criminals who operate throughout society, and in total violation of the Constitutional rule of law and the U.S. Bill of Rights.

Which provokes a very important question in regard to all Targeted Individuals: How can the U.S. Justice Department attempt to utilize Title 18 USC to prosecute someone whom they have subjected to such serious criminality, when by committing crimes under Title 18 USC, the FBI and DHS agents involved in these crimes would be subjected to the same criminal penalties?

The bottom line is that if you want to be respected as law enforcement, you cannot violate the laws of this country and then hypocritically ignore your own crimes when you do.

The Wounded Warriors Project Is A Fraud Exploiting Veterans By Using Their Images, And Then Failing To Compensate Them For The Use Of These Images, While Stealing Millions Of Dollars Obtained Fraudulently By This Bogus Scam, Through Administration Costs

Security Expert States That The FBI Fabricated The Entire Story About North Korea Hacking Into Sony's Corporate Network, And That The Hack Was An Inside Job - Was This Done As A Publicity Stunt To Promote The Movie The Interview, Which Was Of A Poor Quality And Not Well Received By The Public?

Elon Musk Space X Rockets Being Blown Up Using Signals Intelligence Technology And Directed Energy Weapons, Because Space X Wants A Cut Of The Boeing/Lockheed Government Pie Contract To Launch U.S. Satellite Payloads Into Orbit?

Editor's Note: 7/28/15 - The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network is now being used as the primary means of making George Orwell's "Thought Police" concept a reality.

The NSA's artificial intelligence computers are used to scan the electromagnetic spectrum for any thoughts that the American people are having which would be considered to be of a belligerent nature. Under NDAA anti-terrorist legislation, the term belligerent has been chosen as the main guideline for determining if a person living within the United States has committed an act which should be prosecuted.

The only thing standing between Americans and the NDAA is a signing statement made by Barack Obama, which states that American citizens are not subject to the NDAA.

However, this signing statement can be retracted once Obama leaves the White House, which would subject all Americans to the NDAA's belligerent act clause.

The fact is that the term belligerent covers such a substantial range of actions which are not related to any type of terrorism, that anyone who publicly or even privately states anything that is negative in regard to the federal government can be subjected to arrest without due process of law, and treated as an enemy combatant.

The readers must also now consider that the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network has been designed to identify the unique evoked potentials of all American citizens, and been configured to select certain words, terms, and phrases which an NSA cryptologist can then be alerted to, in order to investigate the person who had these specific thoughts.

So it is no longer just your E-mails and phone conversations that the NSA is interested in, since the thoughts that you have while in the so called privacy of your own home can be remotely decoded, read and subjected to the scrutiny of this Orwellian organization, while your body is remotely tracked via the EM spectrum and artificial intelligence computers for the rest of your life.

If this is not a furtively implemented form of slavery against the entire U.S. population, I don't what it is.

7/27/15 - Today on The Five, presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee, was discussing the importance of holding Iran responsible for routinely saying that they are going to destroy Israel.

They also mentioned the Jewish Holocaust, in which millions of Jews were killed, however, neither Huckabee nor any member of The Five ever mentioned the 40 million people who were murdered as the result of Stalin's Ukrainian Holocaust.

The Ukrainian Holocaust Kills 40 Million - Why Is It That The Jewish Holocaust Is Constantly Being Emphasized When The Ukrainian Holocaust Which Killed Six Times As Many People Is Completely Ignored And No Less Important?

This is another example of the *Zionist control over the mainstream media, and how they have written their own distorted account of history in order to serve their own agenda.

*Zionism is not part of Jewish culture and never has been. It is instead a dangerous political ideology that was created by the House of Rothschild in 1897, with the founding of the first Zionist Congress, under a man named Theodore Herzl.

Zionism has also always been contrary to the teachings of the Torah, and has since spawned tremendous controversy between the Jewish Orthodoxy and those who refer to themselves as reformed Jews (otherwise known as Zionists).

Through their control over the Zionist Congress, the Rothschilds fomented a conspiracy to fund Adolf Hitler as part of their plan to liquidate the assets of Jews who lived in Germany and Poland. This was done as part of the Zionist conspiracy to create an international hatred for the Jews through their creation of anti-Semitism, in order to force all Jews into accepting the solution that the Rothschilds' change agents had decided on for them.

To create a singularly Jewish state in which to consolidate all Jews in order to exploit their culture so that it would serve the Rothschilds' agenda for a New World Order one world Communist government.

This is an unpopular truth that is completely ignored by the Zionist media globally.

The Rothschilds want global Communism, and that is exactly what they are attempting to achieve with their world government agenda.

Part of this world government conspiracy was realized with the founding of Israel in 1948. And Israel has since that time been under the control of the Rothschild dynasty, and functioned as an apartheid state, where Zionists have conspired to denigrate those Jews whom they consider to be their intellectual inferiors. Including Sephardic Jews.

See: Intentionally Created Russian Famine Kills Tens Of Millions - Why Is This Holocaust Ignored When The Jewish Holocaust Has Received Such Global Attention? Especially Since More Than Six Times As Many People Died In The Russian Holocaust

7/26/15 - Once we begin to understand the covert and pernicious use by our own subverted governments, of the electromagnetic spectrum, as a means in which to enslave us, only then can we begin to recognize how this signals intelligence implemented system is used to adversely affect world events.

“He who controls the entire electromagnetic spectrum will dominate the world.” – V. I. Vernadsky (1863-1945)

All government leaders are mind controlled by means of interfacing artificial intelligence computers with the neural pathways of their brains, via signals intelligence EMF fingerprinting programs and signals intelligence EMF scanning networks.

Based on this author's observations as a target of both COINTELPRO and MK-Ultra for many years, the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network appears to be synchronized with three dimensional thermal imaging audio visual satellites. Together they are used to remotely surveille a person who's been unwittingly targeted for such violations of their civil liberties.

Since they are synchronized, a three dimensional thermal imaging audio visual satellite will follow the signal sent to it by the signals intelligence satellite that is used to remotely monitor the *EMF signatures of a targeted subject's brain.

*Google: Akwei VS NSA and the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network

This surveillance takes place 24 hours a day, and also allows for the non consensual experimentation of this person. And even the torture or murder of this person with plausible deniability.

Consider how this technology can be used on our politicians, judges, and even the president and vice president of the United States, in order to both remotely monitor as well as manipulate their thoughts via computer to brain interface.

Those who control this system within the global military intelligence complex (in particular an Agency like the NSA) are the real puppet masters, whose puppets are the body politic in each of our countries.

According to former NSA employee Russell Tice, when asked who the most powerful person in the United States is, Tice replied, whoever heads the National Security Agency.

That should give the reader some idea of the extraordinary capabilities of this organization, given that they dominate the electromagnetic spectrum.

Because of this, we live in a world of virtual reality; a matrix where history is orchestrated in advance and carried out with a specific agenda in mind.

Consider this in regard to the world government that the House of Rothschild is presently implementing under the global war on terror false flag operation.

In other words, that with the right technology, history can be made to order, instead of unfolding naturally.

This is Rothschild Zionism at its most Satanic. And the mainstream media under world Zionism is nothing but a circus. A tool of propaganda used in which to create an ignorant society, instead of a well informed one.

George Orwell once stated that the further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will despise those who tell the truth.

In our society we have two types of truth: a convenient truth and inconvenient truth.

The convenient truth is harmless to a criminal government since it in no way threatens their operations. Those who promulgate such convenient truths are seen as heroes and applauded by the controlled media as being patriotic.

Such false patriotism has come to characterize our own countries.

However, the inconvenient truth is perceived in an entirely different way. For an inconvenient truth threatens a criminal government and its leadership, as well as the status quo that they attempt to enforce on their citizenry.

Those who promulgate inconvenient truths are seen as a threat to a criminal government, whose intent is to conceal these truths from the citizenry. Consequently, those who promulgate such truths are often demonized and dehumanized, while being subjected to furtive campaigns to murder them.

The rule of law is completely absent in such instances, because it is the criminal government itself which arbitrarily enforces such laws when they are convenient, yet hypocritically, totally ignores the same laws when their own criminality is involved.

In America we have become such a nation.

7/25/15 - This past week the media reports in regard to how certain auto manufacturers' vehicles are being taken over by remote means by Internet hackers with access to software that enables them to tamper with the computers on these vehicles. Jeeps were of particular concern.

The vehicle's steering, braking system, acceleration, door locks and other features of were able to be controlled by remote means during a test done by two men who are more than likely being financed by the military intelligence complex, as part of this red herring.

Specifically, this blaming of Internet hackers is being done as a smokescreen by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, in order to conceal the NSA's use of this technology to perpetrate these crimes.

Since the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network operates by way of the electromagnetic spectrum, there is no way for an automobile manufacturer to protect the computers in its vehicles from an electronic hack by the NSA. And the NSA is probably given the code to each vehicle in the USA once the vehicle is manufactured, which would enable the NSA to access the computer in the vehicle owned by any American citizen, by using *computer to computer interface.

* If the NSA can remotely access the computer in your automobile via the electromagentic spectrum, having been given its computer code, then the NSA can also remotely hack into your brain once your brain map has been decoded by the NSA. Google: John St. Clair Akwei VS The U.S. National Security Agency, to learn more about how the NSA is able to remotely access the brain of any American citizen, by scanning the electromagnetic spectrum for the unique EMF signatures given off by your own brain.

Chrysler Recalling 1.4 Million Cars To Repair Software Defect That Allows Internet Hackers To Access The Computers In Its Vehicles

This author has been writing about this for the past six years, describing how the NSA routinely hacks into the computers in several of our automobiles, opening and closing door locks by remote means, and even setting off the alarms in these automobiles while we are driving them. This as well as remotely tampering with the electronic gauges in these vehicles, as well as even remotely draining their batteries by remote means.

The most recent signals intelligence attack involved the NSA's tampering with the key fobs on one of our vehicles, so that the fobs had to be taken back to the dealer to have them reprogrammed (notice the terminology here as it pertains to reprogramming the mind of a Targeted Individual). And only one of these key fobs now operates.

I have also publicly accused the NSA of using signals intelligence technology to perpetrate corporate espionage regarding the unintended acceleration issues in a number of automobile manufacturers including Toyota and Hyundai, beginning with Audi in the 1980s.

And I have also questioned if the NSA was involved in the death of Rolling Stone investigative journalist Michael Hastings, after Hastings' car struck a tree at a high rate of speed killing him instantly. And if this furtive murder was done using signals intelligence technology to take over the computer in Hastings' *Mercedes, and as revenge for the article (The Runaway General) written by Hastings in regard to former General Stanley McCrystal, which resulted in McCrystal's being forced to resign from the Military in disgrace.

*Hastings had just purchased the Mercedes a brief time before the crash occurred. Could the car's computer have been remotely tampered with at the dealer? Or was the tampering done solely through the use of the NSA's signals intelligence technology?

Another Murder Committed With Directed Energy Weaponry?

On 7/24/15, this author is informed that the brother of a friend of my Father's dies unexpectedly of a heart attack while exercising in his swimming pool on 7/23/15. The reader will note that on 7/21/15 I had written in regard to how strange it was that a person died in actress Demi Moore's swimming pool, since in the 2006 movie, Half Light, Demi's character's young son drowns in the canal behind her home.

Then, only three days later, after having written about this, I am told that the brother of a good friend of my Father's dies suddenly of a heart attack while exercising in his swimming pool on 7/23/15.

I say that I am told, because I am also routinely subjected to gaslighting tactics as part of this psychological warfare campaign, in which I am often told things that are not true, in an effort to discredit my extensive documentation of these crimes, and my experiences as a target of MK-Ultra since childhood.

These demonic protocols are used in an attempt to drive a sane person to insanity.

However, when it involves the covert murders of people, through the use of directed energy weapons, the allegations are almost always accurate.

And that means that these people are being murdered as part of the psychological warfare operation that I am subjected to each day - however outlandish this may sound.

The brother's name is Bruno Caracciolo, and ironically enough, he owned a funeral home on Long Island.

Is Bruno another victim of the FBI/NSA psychological warfare operation that is being conducted against this author and other members of my Family?

These types of anomalies in which people are being murdered with directed energy weapons have been part of the psychological operation that I have been subjected to since the Organized Stalking of my person began in 2003. And I am also certain that actress Amanda Peterson was murdered a few weeks ago through the use of a directed energy weapon, and as part of this psychological warfare operation.

Amanda died in her sleep on 7/3/15. And her death likely resulted from either a directed energy weapon's induced heart attack, stroke or aneurism, regardless of what the coroner's official report will claim.

7/23/15 - Directed Energy Attacks Resume: For the past week my parents have reported experiencing tremendous fatigue and burning sensations within their bodies. These are manifestations of the directed energy weapons' attacks that we are routinely subjected to by both the FBI and NSA; whose crimes against humanity have become unprecedented - in addition to the unprecedented slander campaign that the FBI and DHS continue to promulgate against this author, in order to conceal thousands of crimes that these Satanists have perpetrated against me going back roughly 40 years.

To say that the FBI agents involved in these crimes - as well as FBI Director James Comey, who continues to conceal these crimes from the American people under the cover of national security - have become more aggressive in their criminality against this author is an understatement.

For the past decade they have been fabricating information in regard to this author and then circulating it as fact, as part of this COINTELPRO operation. What FBI Director Comey does not want the American people to know is that as American citizens, we have all been subjugated to an electronic surveillance system which tracks us by way of the electromagnetic spectrum, and via the unique EMF signatures produced by our own bodies.

And, moreover, that this act of treason is so outrageous, that there is no way that this government could survive this scandal if they ever admitted to it.

Moreover, the plausibly deniable crimes that the FBI and its provocateurs are perpetrating against my person remain crimes nevertheless, regardless of how these agents conveniently ignore their own criminality.

The hypocrisy of the FBI given its so called position as the top law enforcement agency in the United States remains unprecedented.

When the FBI foments a conspiracy to brainwash the American citizenry against another American citizen, by using psychological warfare to link that citizen with a myriad of different psychological triggers, that the public will then be conditioned to instantly identify with that citizen, what we have here is a complete deception by the FBI, as well as a criminal conspiracy to deny that person their Constitutionally protected rights as an American citizen.

Crimes committed under the color of law are punishable under Title 18 USC. However, when the crimes are committed by FBI agents, I am certain that Director Comey would prefer to ignore Title 18 altogether.

After all, violating an American citizen's civil rights hundreds of thousands of times over the course of many decades, is not something that the FBI would ever want to admit to in a U.S. Court of law.

Moreover, this covert method of torture by way of both directed energy weapons and psychological warfare, is also being concealed from the American people by the three branches of the U.S. federal government, who are taking part in the destruction of the United States and our Constitutional rule of law, under the 9/11 false flag operation.

When the FBI is used to take part in false flag terrorist operations like 9/11, Oklahoma City and the Boston Marathon bombing, and to then block any legitimate attempts to uncover the real perpetrators in these crimes, we have become a nation that is ruled by criminals.

As such, Americans now find themselves as citizens residing in a country that has neither a legitimate government nor leadership. A citizenry who are in fact under attack by the criminals who have subverted our government and Constitutional rule of law.

America as a society is now becoming criminalized.

Because of this, the American people are now the slaves of the Zionist investment class in the United States, whose allegiance to Satan and the New World Order - as well as their control over the military intelligence complex under Rothschild Zionism - will eventually result in the genocide of the American middle class.

Because we have all been electromagnetically fingerprinted by the NSA, Jews are no longer the only victims of oppression, since under Rothschild Zionism, all ethnicities and religions in America have become the subjects of oppression by those incarnated evil who propagate the Zionist political ideology and its destruction of humanity.

It was the Rothschilds' creation of the 1St Zionist Congress that resulted in the international hatred for the Jews, and which also resulted in the Holocaust (yes, Zionists were responsible for financing Hitler), and the segregation of Jews to the Zionist state of Israel after World War II.

The only reason that so many Ashkenazi Socialist Jews became Zionists, is because they were deceived into doing so, after the Rothschilds' fomented a plan to create an international hatred for the Jews, in an effort to create a singularly Jewish state.

The Holocaust so devastated the Jews that they were forced to flee Europe, and to accept the Rothschilds' only means of survival for them - moving to Israel. While some Jews later moved to the United States, where Israel to this day controls the U.S. federal government through the Rothschilds' oversight of the Federal Reserve System.

In other words, the Rothschilds wanted to be able to have more effective control over the Jewish population. However, Jews were satisfied where they were, having shared their culture and adapted to the other cultures of the people whom they were living with.

So the Rothschilds decided to change the course of history by creating an artificial hatred for the Jews, which would then force them to leave the countries they had established themselves in, and to adapt to a new way of life under a Zionist controlled state.

Today many Jews are learning of this deception and distancing themselves from Israel and the Zionist ideology.

7/22/15 - *After posting the following information yesterday, today the FBI hacks into my E-mail account and changes the password so that I cannot access the account. The FBI routinely perpetrates such acts of electronic sabotage, as part of the psychological warfare campaign that these psychopaths have been conducting against this MK-Ultra and COINTELPRO target for decades.

The FBI is nothing but an organized crime syndicate whose hierarchy is controlled by Satanists.

*After I post the above information, access to my E-mail account is suddenly restored. This is just one example of the types of gaslighting tactics that the FBI and NSA utilize in their psychological warfare campaign against my person. And while these gaslighting tactics may be annoying, they are far less harmful than the murders committed by these psychopaths as part of the same psychological warfare operation.

On an aside, in the run up to the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, Americans are witnessing more than just political theatrics this year.

In this author's opinion Donald Trump wants to be the next U.S. President as much as he wants to have a root canal. Consequently, his recent entrance onto this stage has absolutely nothing to do with winning the next presidential election, but instead, doing what Trump does best - playing the character of his abjectly arrogant public persona for the sheer purpose of entertainment value, and by doing so, acting as a spoiler to the other Republican candidates who are legitimately interested in running for the Presidency.

On a daily basis Trump shocks the public with another outrageous statement promulgated to gain him more attention. And whether that attention is positive or negative does not seem to matter to him in the least.

One must wonder if Trump has secretly received some type of compensation by the Democrats for his buffoonery - making the Republican Party look bad - as well as the likely ratings boost in the media since he announced his plan to run for U.S. President, because Donald Trump is the modern day equivalent of P.T. Barnum.

How fitting, given the circus that he is presently participating in.

7/21/15 - For the past decade I have been documenting many of the different anomalies that I have been experiencing as a target of MK-Ultra for many years now, including a phenomenon which involves the NSA's carrying out a situation in real life, based on what I will see in a movie.

Given that I am the subject of *computer to brain interface via the electromagnetic spectrum, and have been for the past 4 decades, I routinely experience what it is like to have computer generated information both remotely implanted into my mind as well as the extracting of my own thoughts via this technology (remote neural monitoring).

Google: NSA Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network

Today the media reports in regard to a man who drowned in a swimming pool owned by actress Demi Moore. Not long ago I watched a movie with *Demi Moore called "Half Light" (2006) in which Demi's character's young son drowns in the canal behind her waterfront home. Now in a case of life imitating art, someone dies in Demi's swimming pool. I experience these types of phenomena routinely, and many people have been murdered as a result of this.

*Two days after I write this (7/23/15) the brother of a friend of my Father's has a heart attack while exercising in his swimming pool and dies.

The most obvious of these situations occurred after I watched a movie called Paperman (1971) in which one of the female characters is crushed to death by an elevator, after the computer that is used to automate the building the elevator is located in, is remotely tampered with for the express purpose of killing this woman. The following day a woman by the name of Suzanne Hart is killed in real life when the elevator she is attempting to enter closes on her leg, and drags her to the next floor of the building.

During the morning that this occurred, a van was parked in front of my home with the name Hart painted on its side. The NSA controller who perpetrated this horrible crime wanted me to know that they murdered Suzanne Hart using the exact same means that the murderer used in the movie Paperman - remotely tampering with the electronics in the elevator.

There is no doubt that the NSA used signals intelligence technology to remotely tamper with the electronics on this elevator in order to kill Suzanne Hart. Suzanne did not die by accident. She was murdered, and as part of the psychological operation that I am subjected to 24 hours a day.

Many targets of such non consensual human experimentation have reported similar experiences in regard to something that they see (watching a movie) or do - if something they do is unacceptable to those who monitor them by remote means (something as simple as purchasing an article of clothing that is an unaccepted color or eating a food that is not permitted) these controllers will then harm or even kill someone as punishment for doing this. The person targeted for injury or murder can be chosen arbitrarily, based on their suitability as a psychological trigger, which has been used to negatively affect the psyche of the person being subjected to this mind control research.

The lives of people mean nothing to these Satanic controllers who are the very definition of a psychopath, since they believe that humans are essentially nothing but a herd of cattle whom they can experiment upon, torture or even murder, anytime they decide to. The public has no concept of the evil that lurks within the recesses of the shadow government that controls the United States.


Whether it's CGI, live programming, or a combination of the two, one of the TV programs that is used aggressively in the FBI/NSA psyop against this author is "The Five."

A few years ago I wrote an article in regard to how computer graphic imagery was eventually going to be used to revolutionize the entertainment industry by completely replacing Hollywood and TV actors with their CGI clones. The major benefit is the cost, since Hollywood would save billions each year in salaries that they would no longer have to pay to actors. Instead, actors would be able to license their images to the motion picture industry, while artificial intelligence computers are used to digitally recreate them.

For a case of art imitating life, the reader should watch the 1981 movie entitled Looker, whose plot is based on creating computer generated versions of actors, who sell their images to a film studio in return for an annual salary.

I am certain that I have seen many examples of this technology being used to digitally recreate many of the Hollywood and TV personalities that we see in broadcast media in the present day. And the fact is that this CGI technology is so advanced that you could not possibly tell the difference between the digitally created image of an actor or TV personality, and the person themselves.

You would actually think that you were seeing the real person, with all of their mannerisms, an even physical characteristics such as moles.

This technology is that detailed, and has become that flawless.

It also means that we can no longer tell if what or whom we are viewing on our TV screens is real, or a complete fabrication using this technology.

As for The Five, whether this programming is CGI or not, it's as though the FBI simply takes my conversations at home and then distributes them to everyone in the mainstream media, for the purpose of furtively commenting on my observations, while using the 4Th Amendment for toilet paper.

And all because I really did help to expose a clandestine program within the Military Intelligence complex in the United States that involves the federal government's decoding of the EMF (Electromagnetic Flux) signatures of each American's body, which then enables the NSA to instantly scan the electromagnetic spectrum for these unique EMF signatures; thus enslaving us to this Orwellian signals intelligence driven domestic spy program.

Many other targets of such MK-Ultra non consensual human experimentation have described similar experiences to my own, referring to this phenomenon as a real version of "The Truman Show."

This Orwellian system of electronic surveillance really does exist and is part of a future Communist world government that the leadership of this planet are already quietly implementing under the global war on terror campaign.

Google Akwei VS NSA, the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and NSA Signals Intelligence EMF fingerprinting program.

"The Five"

And The Dumbing Down Of The Mass Media

The Five, in spite of its recent popularity, is essentially just another example of the gossip genre that has come to characterize far too many of today's TV programs.

As for the regulars on this program, Dana Perino looks more like a C movie actress than anything else, searching for the credibility of a newsperson that she has never been able to obtain, and likely never will. As a White House press secretary under Bush 43, Perino also routinely engaged in outright lies which were promulgated by the PNAC/Zionist controlled White House, in order to conceal their involvement in the 9/11 false flag operation.

Perino also insulted the most respected and perhaps the finest member of the White House press corps in U.S. history, when Perino rudely berated Helen Thomas for asking logical questions in regard to Israel's occupation of Palestine, and stated that Israel should get out of Palestine.

There is a vacantness in Perino's eyes that truly has this author wondering if she may in fact be an MK-Ultra Monarch target subjected to Beta programming, which may involve multiple personalities. A disinformation artist who was used by Bush 43 to take part in the deception of the American people, and God knows what else.

Author Richard Behan wrote an excellent book in regard to the Bush 43/PNAC controlled White House, and the role that they played in the 9/11 false flag operation, and what they gained by fomenting illegal wars on Afghanistan and Iraq under the Zionist flag.

See:The Fraudulent War On Terror - The Facts About The Bush Administration's War On Terror

Dana, why don't you do your audience a real favor and mention Richard Behan's book, on The Five this evening. You won't because if you did, The Five would have one less co-host by tomorrow, and millions of Americans would learn for certain that 9/11 was an inside job. And any relationship that you have had with the Bush family would be dissolved.

Remember what they did to Dan Rather and his staff after they did a story on Bush 43's being AWOL during the time that he was supposed to be serving in the National Guard? They were fired for telling the truth.

Also consider the following statement by one of the great journalists of his day, John Swinton: "If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone. 'The business of journalists is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of the mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it, and what folly is this toasting an independent press?

We are the tools of rich men behind the scenes. We are jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes."

Nothing has changed, Dana. Instead the subversion of the media system has only become worse since the CIA's Mockingbird program was initiated in 1948, and has since been used to turn the mainstream media in the United States into a controlled pawn of disinformation for the CIA.

Consider the statement made by the late CIA director William Casey in regard to the CIA's intent for the Mockingbird program: "Our job will be complete when everything that the American people believe is a lie."

As for Eric Bolling, a brooding 50 something year old who is constantly looking for a battle to fight, yet, never seems to find a worthwhile one, might do well by taking a course in anger management. This guy always has this scowl look on his face and appears to be ready to hit somebody. He is the textbook example of the guy with a chip on his shoulder.

There's little doubt to anyone who has actually watched The Five more than once, that Kimberly Guilfoyle is the real brain trust on this program. Beautiful and highly intelligent, she looks bored to tears most days, which makes one wonder how much longer Kimberly can sustain such boredom before she moves on.

Guilfoyle also serves as an excellent example of the sexploitation of attractive young women by the mainstream media. Specifically, how attractive women are used as eye candy in order to attract male viewers.

The reader will also note that when Kimberly appears on The Five, she is always seated at the side of the table closest to the camera, wearing a short tight skirt, while repeatedly dangling her leg throughout the program, in order to attract the attention of male viewers.

The producer of The Five is clearly exploiting Kimberly's sexuality in order to increase The Five's viewership, and it seems that Kimberly is more than willing to accommodate him in the interest of higher ratings.

Political strategist, Bob Beckel, should consider himself fortunate for having been fired from this show, since Beckel, if anything, looked even more bored than Kimberly Guilfoyle while he was on this program.

The reader will also note how TV shows are referred to as programs. The term program is fitting given how Television is used as a furtive means of programming us, by secretly influencing our thoughts.

The fact that Guilfoyle and Beckel both appeared to be as bored as they have been while hosting this program, only further supports the myriad claims of just how inane The Five's material really is.

In fact, The Five is so bad that they should pay us to watch it.

In this author's opinion, "The Five" itself has never had any real substance, and will gradually experience a continuous drop in its rating share until it's cancelled.

This makes one wonder what brainless program "The Five" will be replaced with in the future, given that the general dumbing down in the mainstream media will continue until the public wises up to this conspiracy to vegetabalize (Sic) them, and refuses to subject their grey matter to this assault on their sensibilities.

As for Greg Gutfeld. The last five words of the last line of the above paragraph sums him up best ...

Can you imagine Greg, who must qualify for the Guinness Book Of World Records' most annoying TV personality in the history of broadcasting, and Bill O'Reilly teaming up in the future as Fox's most vile and mean spirited tag team? If this should ever occur, the public will then truly see the absolute depths of what today's news media is capable of.


Over the past decade our cable TV programming has been used as just one of myriad forms of psychological warfare. All programs are in some way remotely tampered with. CGI video morphed programs are routinely used, which contain CGI images of actors and fabricated news programs, rather than the video of the actors themselves and the real programs they are on. The programming often makes special emphasis of the New World Order agenda, which is concealed from the public under the cover of social reform.

Today, a Charlie Rose interview with Bill and Melinda Gates, as well as Warren Buffett, was broadcast as a tribute to these people for all of the so called good they have done with their vaccination program. Whether this program was CGI or not, the broadcast is typical of the disinformation that the controlled Zionist media in the United States uses as a means in which to deceive the American people.

The vaccines that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have supplied for third world countries were deliberately contaminated, and as part of the genocidal program that Bill and Melinda Gates (as well as Warren Buffett) are secretly taking part in. Tens of thousands of children have been murdered through the use of this vaccination "extermination" program.

Moreover, today's media personalities have become so aggressively regulated that not one of them will risk saying anything during a broadcast that is not politically correct and acceptable to the owners of these vehicles of news distribution.

Contaminated Vaccines Purchased Through The Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation Have Killed Thousands Of Children From Third World Countries Which The Gates And Buffett Continue To Deny

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