Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Blue UFO Over Virginia Last Night... Is It Flown By An EBE Or Human Pilot? Or Is It Just A Satellite Deployed Hologram?

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  • The Global Military Intelligence Complex

    And The Gullibility Of The Citizenry

    Over the past few decades alone, there have been thousands of sightings of UFO craft around the world. And while there's little doubt that some of these craft are real, and either piloted by extraterrestrial biological entities or human pilots, some are most certainly computer generated holograms deployed via specialized man-made satellites.

    And this explains why these craft can appear out of thin air, while disappearing just as quickly without making a sound; since they're not real.

    As the citizens of this planet begin to understand the sophistication of the satellite networks which exist miles above us, they will also begin to recognize that these networks are being used to capitalize on everything from satellite tracking humans via our own unique bioelectric fields, to remotely reading our thoughts, while creating an illusory world replete with virtually anything the creative (and oftentimes disturbed) minds of the operators of this technology can dream up on their own.

    The types of satellite generated holograms like the one seen in the above video, are typical of many of the UFO sightings which have taken place throughout this planet over the past few decades; both mesmerizing and confounding those who witness them.

    The difficult part nowadays isn't in identifying a UFO; it's in determining which ones are actual physical objects (as well as who's flying them), and which are satellite projected holograms.

    One thing's for certain - the one above sure ain't no 747 or weather balloon!

    In all likelihood, this particular UFO is just a computer generated image that a programmed satellite flicks around the sky, the way that you aim that glint of sunlight that reflects off your wristwatch onto the wall or ceiling of a room.
    How the intelligentsia amuse themselves while entertaining, yet oftentimes scaring the hell out of the masses. And speaking of amusing themselves, take a look at a post which appeared in the news today regarding what the Pentagon says may be the contrail from some type of missile; yet the Department Of Defense is not worried about it?

    You think that the DOD isn't concerned because they had something to do with firing this thing, that scientists are trying to reason may be a giant contrail from a jetliner? And then of course there's the blue UFO...

  • Pentagon Not Concerned About A Mystery Missile Over California On November 8TH, 2010?

  • Con is the right word alright. Two days ago we have the blue UFO over Virginia, and now a mystery missile over California?

    Once again it would seem that the Pentagon's messing with our minds.

    - James F. Marino

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