Monday, September 18, 2006

Gang Stalkers Are Camera Shy

** Note that I have finally been able to add some of the photos. Some are blurry and all are fare enough away so that they are not about to incriminate anyone particular stalker, but they are still enough to document this crime.

Earlier today I wrote:

I had a few photos that were of a good enough quality that the perps did not want them posted here. Consequently the FEDS have blocked my ability to send them to this site. I will, however, continue to take photographs of these stalkers and post them as I am able to, in what is now unfolding to be an absolutely precedent setting violation of both Civil and Human Rights, and at the direction of the Federal Bureau Of Investigation, National Security Agency and Department Of Homeland Security.

As I have said in the past, the garbage that stalks me is very camera shy. Today they were very active running up and down the neighborhood even after I got my camera out. Of course, they are well aware that it is very difficult to photograph them from my window, since it is on a 90 degree angle to their vehicles, which are traveling at roughly 40 mph. This makes it tough to find the right combination of shutter speed and opening to get a clear image of them, and they are aware of this.

However, I was able to catch enough of some of these vehicles so that I could identify at least three of them as regular stalkers. The one photo of the Porsche Cayenne SUV is proof of this. Months ago I saw this stalker parked down in the culdersac at 2AM, just sitting around waiting for directions as to what to do in regard to my stalking harassment. Given the hour it was fairly quiet here. So this stalker was just taking a rest from their stalking activity when I surprised them.

There are times when things do actually quiet down from this stalking (usually in the early morning hours) so that I am able to catch these stalkers off guard, but it is rare that I am able to do so.

This afternoon, when one of the stalkers in a dark sedan pulled over to speak with another, and immediately became aware that I was about to snap their photo, they quickly sped off so that I could not get a clear photo of them. What's clear in this case is that these people KNOW THAT THEY ARE BREAKING THE LAW and do not want to be identified by their faces or license plates, since they were parked within such close proximity to my home.

I will continue to photograph these perps anytime I have the opportunity to, since they are human refuse and need to be exposed to the public. And make no mistake about this - they WILL BE EXPOSED TO THE PUBLIC -- names, faces, and criminal activity. It is just a matter of when.

I also want to state the following:

Every aspect of the crimes being perpetrated against me has been caused by FBI agent Raymond Migliore, who should be rotting in a federal prison for the federal crimes that he has committed against my person under the United States color of law statutes.

Ray, you are a cowardly bastard and you are now finally being exposed for the complete trash that you are.


These vehicles are just a few of the myriad of those which parade up and down the road in front of my home as a means of gangstalking harassment. Who's behind it? The NSA, FBI and Homeland Security. How did it all begin? An FBI agent by the name of Raymond Migliore decided to use the Bureau to wage his own personal vendetta against me. Now we have hordes of stalkers denying my Family and me our right to quiet enjoyment and many other protections guarenteed us by the US Constitution being violated by these gangstalking TURKEYS on a daily basis. The stalkers have also gotten my neighbors into the act and also drive vehicles either identical or similar to theirs in efforts to further confuse the situation.

**** September 29th 2006

I just took my motorcycle for a quick trip around the neighborhood and snagged the plate of a stalker whose been cruising through here for the past week. This vehicle was a late model white Range Rover NY Plate DRW-6894. It's driver was not too happy that I made them and jotted down the plate as they tried to speed away.

Again for the reader, this gangstalker's plate number is NYS Plate DRW-6894; Late model Range Rover -- White in color. Still another plate ID that I recently listed was off of yet another stalker vehicle. This one is NYS Plate D24 - 85F. This plate was on the back of a black Ford Pickup truck that has been stalking me for months - part of this organized stalking crew.

**** Update This evening I was out on my motorcycle riding for about 3o minutes and of course being vehicle stalked the entire time. When I returned home as I neared the intersection of Cowpath and Wenwood Drive, I noticed a car pulling up just quickly enough so that I would notice it was there. When I rode through the neighborhood I backtracked to see if the vehicle had left. But it had not. It was sitting on the side of the road with its headlights off at approximately 12:30 am on this Friday morning October 27th 2006.

The license plate number was AWM 9500. The car is a later model silver sedan driven by a female that I would estimate is between 20 and 30 years of age, with shoulder length hair. She was quick to exit the neighborhood when she realized that I had taken down her license plate number. What is a car doing parked on the street (which is illegal) at 12:30AM in the morning? This person was obviously up to no good. Upon her exit of the neighborhood three other cars showed up within the following few minutes - only one has left,with the two remaining cars probably just sitting parked here for the night. They are more than likely professional stalkers.

Here's a photo of a Nissan Murano. I believe that the stalkers use this vehicle because its name is similar to a derogation of my last name. For instance Murano is close enough to the word moron. And since my name is Marino, they get their point across, however subtley. The real issue is that I am not the one polluting my neighborhood by driving up and down honking my horn, squealing my tires, shouting insults, blasting my stereo, flashing my headlights and making a complete utter asshole of myself. These gangstalkers are doing just fine in that department on their own.

Two Photos Of Street Theatre -- The First Is Of A Perp Talking To One Of The Stalkers
Who Drives Through Here Regularly.

Here We Have A Closeup Of The Stalking Vehicle -- License Plate
NY CEB 3112 or CEB 3117 Vehicle -- Toyota Sequoia

Another stalker driving an SUV

This van pulled up and parked in front of my home while the two drivers changed places. Note that these unmarked vans (and the lack of windows in the center and rear portions of them) are common stalking vehicles, since they can conceal directed energy laser weapons and other "tools of the criminal trade" that these stalkers use to harass their victims.

Another photo of the same van this time with the driver now getting in the passenger door.

This van below showed up the day after I'd had a thought in regard to the different colors of flames we see in fire and wondered why blue is the hottest. Note the blue flame paint job. Now when was the last time that you saw a workman's van with blue flame racing stripes like you'd see on a hotrod? I've never seen one before. This is the type of interaction that those having their thoughts scanned by way of remote neural monitoring may expect.

We have thoughts which we deem to be private, only to be shown that our stalkers (in my case the National Security Agency) are using this technology to electronically access our thoughts, in what can only be termed as non consensual human experimentation -- which is illegal
and in violation of every Civil and Human right's laws in existence. So "WHY???" is the NSA breaking the law? I have had this type of interaction a myriad of times, thinking about a food which was then served the following day; a person who would suddenly show up at my door etc. The technology is real and more invasive then most people can possibly imagine.

The blue flame van -- IT has not been back since this photo was taken.

This Porsche Cayenne SUV has been stalking me for months
I once caught the driver parked in the middle of the night
sitting at the culdersac at the end of my neighborhood.
Not expecting me, he was less than pleased that I had
caught him taking a brief respite from his stalking activities.

For the past few months this Checker cab shows up daily It's no longer a working taxi. The driver leaves without picking anyone up.

This stalker driven SUV is a common sight on Wenwood Drive.
I wonder who pays for the stalkers' extensive fuel bills?


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