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Former Federal Circuit Court Judge Stanley Sporkin's Failure To Ignore His Own Prejudicial Views Regarding Many Of The Trials He Has Presided Over Is An Outrage - In 1992 When Sporkin Dismissed John St. Clair Akwei's Civil Action Against The U.S. National Security Agency Sporkin Committed Yet Another Egregious Crime Against The American People

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The Mind Has No Firewall By Timothy L. Thomas - The Human Brain Is Completely Vulnerable To Being Electronically Accessed Through The U.S. Military Intelligence Complexes' Covert Use Of EEG Heterodyning Technology - This Means That Your Thoughts Can Be Remotely Accessed And Read - Even Manipulated - No Matter Where You Are - Even In The Privacy Of Your Own Home - So Why Is This Major News Story Being Ignored By The U.S. Media? Because There's A Media Blackout Regarding This Mind Control Weapon's Technology, And Why Those Of Us Who Know About It From Our Own Experiences As Targets Of This 21ST Century MKULTRA Program, Are Being Subjected To The Worst Violations Of Basic Human Rights In History

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Editor's Note: From the comments below, former circuit judge, Stanley Sporkin, has made a number of extremely bad and self serving decisions during his time as a federal circuit court judge in the District Of Columbia. In this author's opinion, Sporkin's worst decision was to dismiss John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the U.S. National Security Agency in 1992.

Sporkin's decision regarding Akwei VS NSA is especially important in the present day, since John St. Clair Akwei was exposing the NSA's illicit use of a national signals intelligence EMF scanning network, which according to Akwei, the NSA has continued to use to circumvent the 4Th and 6Th Amendent rights of American citizens, since the early 1980's.

What John Akwei describes in his lawsuit against the NSA is this Agency's use of an unconstitutional domestic spy network which makes use of EEG Heterodyning technology, that is used to interface the NSA's artificial intelligence computers with the unique brainwave print of any person living within the United States.

Since this EMF scanning network can be used to instantly identify and track the unique EMF signatures of any person living within the United States, its existence must be seen as a violation of the 4Th and 6Th Amendment rights of all American citizens.

Moreover, given the testimony of another government whistleblower by the name of Robert Duncan, who has described his knowledge of some of the mind control programs which the U.S. Military Intelligence complex is covertly using on a myriad of American citizens (as part of modern day version of MKULTRA), John St. Clair Akwei's case against the NSA is more pertinent now than ever before.

Given its importance, John Akwei should be able to have his case tried in a U.S. courtroom for the benefit of all American citizens, and especially those of us who are being illegally tracked by this Orwellian system, and tortured by way of the NSA's directed energy microwave weapons.

However, given the nearly complete abrogation of the Constitutional rule of law in this country, under the Patriot Act and other subsequently passed treasonous legislation, how can John Akwei or any other whistleblower try their case in court, when the very judges who should be hearing such cases are like Stanley Sporkin - controlled by more powerful influences within this government than your average citizen can possibly imagine?

Especially when the case this particular whistleblower is attempting to try, exposes the highest crimes of treason by a government against its own citizenry, ever documented.

Stanley Sporkin - A Corrupt Judge Whom Throughout His Career Perverted The Laws Of This Land

"Others have ably taken apart Judge Taylor’s opinion in the NSA case. So, I add a second example, the decision it tied as worst of all time.

In 1992, Judge Stanley Sporkin of the US District Court in D.C. decided the case of John Boehner (and more than 150 other members of Congress) challenging the latest congressional pay raise as unconstitutional under the newly ratified 27th Amendment. That was written by Congressman James Madison as part of the Bill of Rights, but not finally ratified until 203 years later.

In refusing to apply this part of the Bill of Rights to Congress’ latest cost-of-living raise, Judge Sporkin made the same three basic errors as Judge Taylor in the NSA case.

First, he ignored the law – an amendment drafted by James Madison and now finally ratified. Second, he ignored the facts, ruling that a COLA increase in pay is not really a raise.

But the most basic error by Judge Sporkin was to impose his personal whims on the case. And he left clues to his bias in the opinion itself, as did Judge Taylor.

Judge Sporkin actually used as 'evidence' his personal observations from decades before, when he saw a Congressman take a bribe.

Even laymen reading this know that no judge has a right to invent evidence out of thin air, without testimony or cross-examination.

Judge Sporkin’s decision was so bad that the Court of Appeals made no attempt to correct his errors. Instead, it simply ignored his decision, and wrote a brand-new one to replace it. In deference to his seniority, it didn’t say it was throwing his decision away, but just did it.

Normally, when a case has been butchered on the facts, it will be remanded to the trial court for review and a correct decision. The Court of Appeals did not return this case to Judge Sporkin, probably recognizing he would butcher the case, again."


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