Tuesday, October 23, 2012

YouTube Videos On Organized Stalking - Mind Control Weapons - And Other Crimes Being Perpetrated By The Global Military Intelligence Complex Continue To Be Unconstitutionally Removed From YouTube

Author Andrew Johnson Describes How Directed Energy Weapons Were Used To Destroy The WTC Towers On 9-11-2001 - Johnson Also Discusses The Research Done By Judy Wood, And The Conspiracy To Discredit Wood's Research Because It Proves That Directed Energy Weapons Were Used On 9-11-2001 - And That 9-11 Was A False Flag Operation Perpetrated By The U.S. Federal Government Against The American Middle Class

Andrew Johnson's book regarding the terrorist attacks on 9-11-2001 being caused by directed energy weapons, can be downloaded for free at this Website

Mind Control Via Satellite - A Belgian Website Which Describes These High-Tech Crimes Of Satellite Predation By The Belgian Government - Mind Control Experimentation Via Satellite Has Become A Global Problem Under The House Of Rothschild & Its New World Order, Which Has Usurped The Power Of Our Respective Countries' Own Governments And Is Now Using These Governments & Our Politicians To Destroy The Middle Class Of Each Of Our Countries - As A Result Of This No Citizen Of The Global Middle Class Is Safe From The U.S. National Security Agency's (NSA) Orwellian Signals Intelligence Satellite Spy Network

Editor's Note: As of last night, this author's Father is slowly improving after being attacked by a satellite deployed directed energy weapon on Saturday night.

Once at the hospital he suffered a violent seizure which resulted in his being given a drug which made him sleep for hours. When she arrived home, my Mom commented that she really thought that Dad was going to die this time.

He has been under directed energy attacks for years, and is constantly being physically tormented as directed energy weapons are used to cause symptoms which will last for months at time, only to end, while new electronically induced symptoms are created to harm him.

The medical community is used to as part of this plot, so that doctors either wittingly or unwittingly aid and abet these crimes. This has been reported by thousands of men and women who are the targets of this non consensual human experimentation and covert torture.

My Father is courageous in his attempts to stay healthy. He is diligent about exercizing and eating healthy, and works as hard as anyone I have ever seen in trying to maintain his health; which is a tremendous challenge, given these furtive exotic weapon's attacks.

My Mother arrives at the hospital a few minutes ago to say that she just saw my Father, and is amazed at the improvement in Dad's condition since yesterday. Mom is also courageous in her attempts to stay healthy in spite of also being attacked by this directed energy weaponry.

This is a further example of how a microwave frequency broadcast through the EMF spectrum via a satellite deployed directed energy weapon, can be instantaneously modulated to either increase or decrease its intensity, while increasing or decreasing the symptoms a person targeted for such non consensual human experimentation can experience.

This also proves that these weapons are being used to torture American citizens with plausibly deniability.

However, when enough Americans realize that this technology exists and is being used against them, they will force the Congress to dissolve these satellite based electronic warfare programs, since it has become quite clear that they are being used against American citizens.

Both of this author's parents have have stated on numerous occassions that no matter what they do, the minute they start to get ahead or feel better, the rug gets pulled out from under them.

To which this author replies: There is a very definite pattern to why this is happening.

The pattern is the result of a criminal conspiracy being waged against us as well as thousands of other Americans, by the FBI, NSA, and DHS; these organizations covertly oversee the organized stalking and directed energy attacks which we have been subjected to for more than a decade, and which have become a nationwide problem in the United States.

The more than 70 fusion centers in America which operate under a national network are overseen by Homeland Security & the U.S. Justice Department.

These fusion centers are being used under the Patriot Act, to completely circumvent the Constitutional rights of all American citizens, while many of us are being tortured and slowly microwaved to death within the so called privacy of our own homes. And by the shadow government in this country that operates out of its military intelligence complex, which since the false flag operation on 9-11-2001 is being used to destroy the American middle class.

* FBI/NSA have also been remotely tampering with this Blog since 2006, and have now had the spell check feature removed from it, in order to make it more time consuming to check the spellings of words used in this author's writings. This is an example of the myriad different ways which these Nazi minded men and women use to harass a target of psychological warfare.

Neuro Linqustic Programming Used In Organized Stalking Attacks - The FBI And DHS Are Constantly Removing Videos Like These From YouTube Because They Are Exposing The Vigilante Hate Crime Of Organized Stalking & The Use Of NLP As Part Of This Crime - As Well As The FBI, DHS & DOJs' Orchestration Of These Crimes

Also See: "The Department of Homeland Security has proposed to exempt its "Automated Targeting System" from certain Privacy Act provisions. The Automated Targeting System creates "risk-based" profiles of individuals traveling to, from, and throughout the United States. The profile contains a plethora of personal data, including, nationality, race, occupation, and biometrics. The System accesses and "ingests" this information from many sources, including government databases and commercial data aggregators. The DHS issued a Privacy Impact Assessment, which describes some of the privacy risks, including unauthorized access. In detailed comments to DHS in 2007, EPIC opposed the use of "risk-based" profiles. For more information, see EPIC: Automated Targeting System." Source: The Ominous Parallels Blog - The Webmaster Of This Blog, Donald Truax, Used To Post Daily, However Has Not Done So Since June 13 2012, Aftering Posting The Information Regarding DHS' Automated Targeting System - Is Mr. Truax Alright?

Another target of organized stalking and mind control experimentation describes the insanity of the men and women who perpetrate this Orwellian hate crime - Imagine someone with access to a directed energy weapon, using it to destroy an electrical appliance in your home because of something you ate. Or murdering someone as punishment for a piece of clothing that you wore, because it was a color that these government sanctioned psychopaths took a disliking to - As outlandish as this may sound, these types of insane crimes are taking place against thousands of citizens in the United States, and being perpetrated by a group of megalomanical men and women within the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, who are attempting to usurp the role of God in passing judgement on people

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