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FBI Whistle Blower Robert Wright Testifies To The Corruption Within The FBI's Hierarchy

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FBI Whistle Blower Robert Wright

Says FBI Could Have Prevented Attacks On 9-11-2001

Editor's Note: In the above video FBI Agent Robert Wright describes the FBI as an organization riddled with incompetent leadership, and the inability to conduct legitimate terrorist investigations.

Wright has also stated that the FBI is so poorly managed that it must be completely restructured, and that the organization should no longer be allowed to oversee terrorist investigations.

It's bad enough that Agent Wright has accused the FBI's upper management of being incompetent.

However, Wright also alleges that the FBI's hierarchy has intentionally obstructed justice, by refraining from conducting legitimate terrorist investigations, which brings to light the FBI's lack of a legislative charter, and along with the DOJ, their use as pawns by whatever administration is presiding over the White House.

While Agent Wright is not allowed to go into the specifics here, having been threatened by the FBI's hierarchy with criminal prosecution if he does so, former FBI translator - turned whistle blower - Sibel Edmonds, has implicated members of the FBI (as well as the Bush 43 Administration) in treasonous activities.

Perhaps Agent Wright has similar information which he was attempting to incorporate into a manuscript which he had been writing at the time that the aforesaid documentary was made.

As is the case with other government whistle blowers seeking to open a contemporary version of the Church Committee Hearings, Wright has been treated by the FBI as a traitor, rather than someone who genuinely wants the Intelligence community to function properly.

The fact is that the U.S. Intelligence community is involved in so much illegal activity, including its use of classified electronic warfare technology on American citizens, that this community could not survive any legitimate investigation into their covert operations. In fact, this author doubts that this government would be able to survive if the extent to which the U.S. Military Intelligence complex has violated the U.S. Bill of Rights is ever publicly acknowledged by our elected leadership.

And the U.S. Congress knows it.

In fact, no member of the Congress will dare to publicly admit that the terrorist attacks on 9-11-2001 were part of a false flag operation, which has since been used to destroy the Constitutional rule of law in the United States, under a fraudulent war on terror which is gradually being used to disenfranchise the American people of their inherent rights as citizens of this country.

This is why the Congress has refused to conduct such an investigation, in spite of the myriad requests from American citizens (as well as several former U.S. politicians) to initiate a formal investigation into both the U.S. Intelligence Community's foreign and domestic surveillance operations.

From his testimony, one is left with the definite impression that Agent Wright is of the opinion that the leadership within the FBI has intentionally and criminally avoided legitimate investigations into terrorist activities, including those regarding the attacks on 9-11-2001.

In taking into consideration the allegations made by FBI informant Emad Salem, in regard to his accusing the FBI of complicity in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in 1993, as well as the FBI's use in confiscating and possibly destroying evidence in the terrorist attacks on 9-11-2001 (as well as the missile downing of TWA Flight 800 in 1996), this would corroborate what Agent Wright has stated about the FBI's hierarchy intentionally taking no action in which to follow up on legitimate investigations into terrorism.

It also calls into question whether or not the FBI itself is being used to furtively perpetrate acts of terrorism for an agenda which is obviously not in the best interests of the American people, and that can then be concealed under the cover of national security.

Moreover, Agent Wright stated that his intent has been to furnish Congress with his information, for which the FBI threatened him.

In the same vein, former NSA agent, Russell Tice, was threatened by the FBI when he attempted to blow the whistle on activities within the NSA which are so horrific, that Tice stated that his information was going to shock the American people.

Tice never got the chance to furnish the Congress or the American people with his information, and has found himself to be the target of FBI surveillance since that time.

It is this author's opinion that even if Tice had been able to furnish the Congress with his "shocking" information about the NSA, that instead of exposing this scandal to the American people, the members of Congress would have immediately colluded to conceal it from us.

This would be especially true if Tice was going to corroborate the allegations made against the NSA by whistle blower John St. Clair Akwei, in regard to the NSA's domestic spy operations, and use of a Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network to track each American citizen with.

This author has been writing about this SIGNIT EMF Scanning Network and my experiences as a target of it for the past several years, while the FBI, NSA and DHS continue to conduct a furtive and illegal smear campaign against my person, which involves everything from decades of illegal surveillance and non consensual human experimentation, to the coercion of people who could corroborate my allegations, and the fabrication of evidence, witnesses, and quite possibly even the suborning of witness perjury by the FBI, in order to justify crimes against this author that neither the FBI nor NSA can conceal any longer.

Moreover, the fact that former Congresswoman, *Cynthia McKinney, never had the chance to have Congress vote on a bill which she drafted in which to open a new Church Committee hearing of the U.S. Intelligence community, offers further proof that the Congress does not want any legislation ratified which will result in its being forced to investigate agencies like the FBI, DHS, NSA, CIA and ARPA.

* Many people believe that the shoving incident that McKinney was involved in and which the media blew completely out of proportion (for the purpose of damaging her chance to be reelected), was staged by the Intelligence community in order to ensure that the Congress would not have to vote on McKinney's bill.

This is confirmed by the fact that Congress removed the bill from consideration after McKinney lost her reelection campaign, instead of taking a vote on the legislation in order to consider initiating a new investigation into the U.S. Intelligence community's operations.

If McKinney had been reelected and managed to obtain a vote on her legislation, the members of the House who refused to pass this legislation would have found themselves being scrutinized by the American people.

And this scrutiny would likely have resulted in the loss of their reelection campaigns, if only as a public vote of no confidence regarding the inability of these men and women to do the job which they have been elected to do.

This is especially important given that Cynthia McKinney was the only U.S. politician to openly acknowledge that the vigilante hate crime, organized stalking, is taking place throughout the United States, and was attempting to find a way in which to end this Orwellian crime.

This author also believes that the public smear campaign against McKinney was done with the intent of sabotaging her reelection campaign, which may have involved the rigging of her election. Specifically, McKinney was very popular with her constituents, and may have actually won the reelection. However, the smear campaign against her resulted in such negative media publicity, that this publicity could have been used to cover up the Intel community's rigging of McKinney's reelection campaign.

Of course this is just speculation. What isn't speculative, however, is that the Intel community does not want to be investigated, and will go to great lengths to punish any politician who attempts to do so, as we have also seen in the FBI's sabotage of Robert Torricelli's reelection campaign.

Given that the former *N.J. Senator was adamant about the Congress initiating an investigation into the Intelligence community's failure to prevent the terrorist attacks on 9-11-2001, Intel's answer was to use the FBI to destroy Torricelli's political career.

* The State of N.J. suffered the greatest number of casualties as a result of the attacks on 9-11.

Moreover, former representative, Dennis Kucinich, acknowledged that directed energy weaponry is being used by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex against American citizens. Kucinich even attempted to stop this from occurring by drafting legislation to prevent this electronic warfare technology from being deployed against American citizens.

However, his legislation was drastically altered before the Congress would pass it, and the fact that Kucinich had attempted to end this satellite predation, made him enough of a threat to the powers that be, that he lost his reelection campaign.

This is further proof that any politician who puts the interests of the American middle class before the corporate elite in this country is removed from office by any means necessary.

* In this author's opinion, few if any members of Congress want to be charged with the daunting task of conducting an investigation into an Intelligence community that is not only irrevocably corrupted, but also has the ability to destroy their careers.

As such, the Congresses refusal to initiate a modern day investigation into the U.S. Intelligence community is self serving, given the significant number of complaints being made by American citizens, in regard to the Intelligence community's domestic spying, and use of Americans for various forms of non consensual human experimentation.

Like the FBI, the Congress is no longer doing its job in protecting the interests of the American middle class. That is, if they ever have. And the smear campaigns and the completely illegal ways in which they are attacking those of us who are documenting the Intelligence community's use of through the air computer to brain interface of our persons, is a further example of how these government officials are attempting to conceal this outrageous domestic spying from the American people.

These politicians may be colluding with the Intel community in its attempts to murder those of us who are targeted by this electronic warfare technology.

However, we are telling the public the truth about being subjected to such satellite predation by U.S. Intel, and these officials are deceiving the American people when they deny this, because this technology can be used to instantly establish two way through the air computer to brain interface of any American citizen, without their knowledge.

As such, if the Congress will not investigate the U.S. Intel community, the American people must do so for themselves. And they can begin by reading Akwei VS NSA, since it's the most important lawsuit in American history.

And as we have seen in the case of former circuit court judge Stanley Sporkin's attempt to prevent Akwei VS NSA from ever being heard, this is one lawsuit that no U.S. Judge wants to try in their courtroom, fearing that doing so would result in the destruction of their judicial career.

- James F. Marino

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