Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Is Barack Obama Using The National Defense Authorization Act As A Political Tool To Win Reelection In 2012?

Editor's Note: In the following video snippet, Senator Carl Levin states that Barack Obama requested that language which excluded American citizens from being treated as terrorists and denied their 5Th and 6Th Amendment rights to due process of law, be removed from section 1031 of the NDAA.

Since that time, Obama has threatened to veto NDAA if section 1031 is not altered in order to include language which prevents Americans from being treated as foreign terrorists.

If Levin is telling the truth, one must wonder if Obama simply changed his mind, or did he deliberately have Congress remove the language which protected Americans from being treated as foreign terrorists, as a political move to gain reelection in 2012, so that Obama could later veto this legislation until the Congress reinstated language which retained the American people's rights to due process under the Bill of Rights?

This way, the Congress is left holding the bag, while the Obama Administration show up on their white chargers at the last minute to save the Bill of Rights.

The following video regarding Senator Levin may not offer proof that Obama will fail to veto the NDAA in its present form, but rather, show that Obama is using the NDAA legislation as a political tool in order to regain the American people's confidence at voting time, by vetoing the NDAA in its present form.

However, based on the myriad allegations that virtually every presidential election in the United States has been rigged since the 1800's, if the people who put Barack Obama into office in the last election decide that someone else will be president in 2012, then the wild card NDAA veto will serve as Obama's grand gesture.

Mind Controlled Politicians?

The readers will remember that a few months ago, Senator Carl Levin had accused the U.S. Military of using psychological warfare on his person in order to manipulate Levin into voting to increase U.S. war funds for Afghanistan.

This brings to mind Levin's recent co-drafting of the National Defense Authorization Act. One must wonder if Levin's exposure to psyops is limited to propaganda, or if the Senator himself is braintapped by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex via computer to brain interface - something this author believes is not only possible, but probable.

In fact, I would be not be surprised in the least to find that every politician in the United States, is electronically tethered to a signals intelligence spy satellite network which remotely monitors their thoughts, in the same way that the NSA uses its SIGNIT EMF Scanning Network to remotely monitor the thoughts of this author and other targets of non consensual human experimentation.

Senator Carl Levin has stated that prior to his threat to veto the NDAA, Barack Obama asked that the language contained in section 1031 of the National Defense Authorization Act, which prevented American citizens from being included as enemy combatants, be removed from section 1031 of the NDAA.

If this is true, then why would the Obama Administration now threaten to veto this part of the NDAA, if Obama's intent was to apply NDAA to American citizens as well as foreigners in the first place?

Either Levin is lying or Obama is.

It is quite likely that Obama had the language removed from section 1031 of the NDAA, so that he could later veto it, in order to regain much of the voter support that he has lost over the past few years.

If what Levin has stated about the Obama Administration's asking Congress to remove the protections that American citizens had under section 1031 is in fact accurate, then Obama is likely using the NDAA as a political tool for his 2012 run at the White House.

One thing's for certain. The Congress is at its lowest approval rating in American history, and it understands that the American people no longer trust the U.S. Federal Government (and for good reason).

So even if the NDAA is vetoed by Barack Obama for political reasons, it will only be a matter of time before the Congress drafts new legislation which will be used to undermine the American people's ability to challenge this government's oftentimes treasonous actions, under the specter of being rounded up as a domestic terrorist.

Given that virtually every U.S. Presidential election since the 1800's has been rigged (even long before the days of the diebold voting machines), Obama's veto of the NDAA may help the American middle class to stay out of FEMA prison camps for awhile longer.

However, it will not get Obama reelected if those who control Washington politics from behind the scene want someone else in office. Someone who will pass a Congressional bill to put the final nail in the coffin our of Bill of Rights - like the present version of the NDAA does.

The bottom line is that unless the American middle class acts in concert to reinstate the Constitution that our founding fathers created, while jettisoning every treasonous appendage that has been forced upon us over the past hundred and forty years, such as the Patriot Act, the American middle class will eventually find themselves the targets of a furtive genocidal policy, propagated from within the shadow government that now controls the United States.

- James F. Marino

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