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The 2005 "7/7" British Bombings Were Another False Flag Operation Like The False Flag Operation By The House Of Rothschild On 9-11-2001 In America

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  • Regarding the National Security Agency's Secretive Use Of Wireless Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technology On The U.S. Population Without Their Knowledge - “There is a sacred realm of privacy for every man and woman where he makes his choices and decisions – a realm of his own essential rights and liberties into which the law, generally speaking, must not intrude.” -Geoffrey Fisher

  • Editor's Note: One will notice in the following documentary that the terrorist attacks perpetrated against the city of London in 2005 were nearly identical in their method of operation to the terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington D.C. on 9-11-2001. The attacks took place during the time that military training exercises were taking place, the purported terrorists would turn out to be patsies, and the British media, like the U.S. media, would become part of the operation, through their use as tools of disinformation.

    What this means is that both the attacks on 9-11-2001 in the United States and the terrorist attacks in London on 7/7/2005, were military-intelligence operations, used to further the destruction of our constitutions, and to justify the fraudulent war on terror, which in reality has become a war of terror being perpetrated by said military-intelligence complex, and at the direction of the House of Rothschilds' Zionist Jew bankers (who are really glorified counterfeiters and money launderers), and the British Monarchy; both of whom control the three branches of the U.S. Federal Government through the Federal Reserve Communist central bank.

    The "7/7" Ripple Effect

    2005 Bombings On British Citizens
    MI5/Mossad False Flag Operation

  • John Anthony Hill, the creator of "7/7" The Ripple Effect" was arrested and tried as a terrorist simply for creating the above documentary and circulating it - Fortunately, a sane jury refused to convict Hill on such an absurd charge and Hill is now free

  • House Of Rothschild - Zionism - British Monarchy

    The following is an article regarding why the Zionist controlled British Monarchy should be abolished. Actually, the writer of this article has much stronger words for what he believes should happen to the British Monarchy. However, this person, who is English by birth and inclination, is well aware that the British Monarchy is in league with the House of Rothschild, regarding the murders of millions of people and the oppression of billions of others.

    He is also aware that like the English, the American people are also *subjects of the British Monarchy, through the House of Rothschilds' creation of the Federal Reserve System Communist central bank.

    * Unlike the English, the American people are unwitting subjects of the British Monarchy, falsely believing that since the United States broke free from King George III in the 18Th Century, that they are free.

    However, Americans were free for a time, until the British Monarchy relied on the House of Rothschild to take America from within her own borders (like the proverbial Trojan Horse), with its establishment of a Communist central bank.

    The Rothschilds have had *three such banks in the United States since the 18Th Century, however, only the Federal Reserve System has been successful in enabling the British Monarchy to destroy the United States Constitution, just as the Rothschilds used their own London banking cartel to destroy England's Constitution.

    * The Rothschilds' first two central banks in America were prevented from renewing their charters, which resulted in two wars fomented by the Rothschilds in order to punish the United States for refusing to allow the House of Rothschilds' central banks to flourish in America.

    The War of 1812, was the direct result of the United States Congresses voting not to renew the First Bank Of The United States charter (the Rothschilds' first central bank in America). The Civil War of 1863 was fomented by the Rothschilds as punishment for President Andrew Jackson's veto of the United States Congress vote to renew the Rothschilds' second central bank in the United States - The Second Bank Of The United States.

    The Rothschilds learned their lessons well with the failures of their first two central banks in America, and made certain with their third bank, the Federal Reserve System, that they would get their own representatives elected to office, in order to pass further unconstitutional legislation which would prevent the U.S. Congress from auditing the Federal Reserve System or from revoking its charter.

    This is the only reason why the Federal Reserve System's charter remains, since the Federal Reserve has been used to single handedly destroy the U.S. economy through its creation of inflation. This inflation is the direct result of counterfeiting its currency and then laundering it through the U.S. Treasury and American economy.

    Through its illegal control of the U.S. economy, the Federal Reserve System has also furtively taken control of the three branches of the U.S. Federal Government. As such, even though it has the responsibility to do so, the Congress has not audited the Federal Reserve System in more than fifty years.

    Moreover, the President of the United States is the only member of the U.S. Federal Government who chooses the person who will serve each new term as chairman of the Federal Reserve.

    However, the president chooses this person from a list of men chosen by the Federal Reserve's own Board Of Governors, so it is the Federal Reserve itself who really chooses the person who will serve as head of the Federal Reserve System.

    This is the real reason why Zionist Jews have been in control of the Federal Reserve for most of its existence, since the Federal Reserve has always been overseen by the House of Rothschild and its Zionist Jews. All central banks, regardless of which nations they are established in, are overseen by the Rothschilds.

    Moreover, the creation of an intelligence community in both Great Britain and the United States followed the House of Rothschild-British Monarchy's usurpation of our respective countries with these central banks.

    These intelligence communities continue to be used to spy on us, and to destroy our inherent rights to privacy and due process of law; all under the guise of protecting the citizenry in these countries.

    The 1948 UK-USA Treaty was the first major collaboration between the intelligence communities in the United States and Great Britain, in which to spy on their own citizens. By 1952, this Treaty involved the use of an information exchange, in which British Intelligence was used to spy on Americans, and the National Security Agency was used to spy on Great Britain, and then both organizations would exchange the information they gathered on us, thus bypassing our inherent rights under our Constitutional rules of law.

    This is why the citizenry must be made aware that alphabet agencies like the NSA, CIA, DHS, FBI, MI5 and MI6, are diametrically opposed to the citizenry, and must make war on us in order to achieve the goals of the Rothschilds and the British Monarchy. Specifically, the creation and implementation of a Zionist world government with one economy and one ideology used to replace all formalized religions - world Zionism.

    Thus, this man's outrage is certainly understandable, when one considers the outright duplicity of the Zionist-Rothschild-British-Monarchy union, and the crimes which they continue to perpetrate against the American middle class as well as Europe's middle class.

    It should be said that if most Americans actually realized what this author and the writer of the following article already understand about the House of Rothschild and the British Monarchy, as well as their furtive control over the United States through this criminal empire, that these citizens would be equally enraged and moved to similar, yet hopefully, less vulgar expressions of such truths.

    - James F. Marino

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