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UFO Abductee - Researcher - Author Dr. Karla Turner Speaking On The Phenomenon Just Months Before Her Death - Was She Murdered By A DEW Weapon?

NASA Astronaut Reveals Former Mind Control Program In The 1950s & '60s Involving Children

Citizen's Commission To Investigate The FBI - In The 1970's This Committee Uncovered The FBI's COINTELPRO Operations & Used The U.S. Media To Expose Them - However, The Media Has Become So Corrupted Since That Time, That Any Information Shared With The Media Exposing Current Crimes Being Committed By The FBI Or Other Intel Organizations, The Media Would Now Conceal From The Public

Was Dr. Karla Turner Murdered
For Exposing Pentagon Involvement
In The UFO Phenomenon?

Dr. Karla Turner, who became well known in the field of UFOlogy for the three books she'd written, as well as for being a guest speaker at many UFO conferences, is seen in the above video just months before she was stricken with a fast spreading cancer that ended her life - weeks after she was diagnosed.

For years, Dr. Turner had been investigating the experiences of many UFO abductees, and had also collaborated with another UFO abductee and investigator by the name of *Barbara Bartholic.

*In 2009, Bartholic was seriously injured and her husband killed, when their automobile was struck from behind by a speeding vehicle, which overturned the car they were riding in, ejecting both the UFO researcher and her husband.

Oddly enough, even though the second vehicle was badly damaged, neither the vehicle nor its driver have ever been found; only feeding speculation that this deadly collision was intentionally caused with the intent of murdering Barbara Bartholic.

Moreover, both Bartholic and Dr. Turner were anonymously warned to end their investigations on many occasions, and those UFO abductees who had contacted them for help, were also warned to end their contact with the two women.

However, both Dr. Turner and Bartholic continued to conduct these investigations while being subjected to the types of psychological warfare operations that are typical of the U.S. Military-Intelligence complex.

Both women also reported being abducted by government agencies which perpetrate their abductions of American citizens used for such non consensual experimentation, under the guise of UFO abduction (MILABS), in order to obtain information regarding the experiences that Turner and Bartholic had as UFO abductees.

These abductions occurred at night while these women were drugged and then transported to a military facility in which they witnessed many other abductees being interrogated by military personnel.

When Turner and Bartholic describe their experiences as abductees, other manifestations of a government imposed psychological warfare emerge as well.

The psyop campaign against both Turner and Bartholic, included strange sounds coming from within their homes, which can be perpetrated with the use of directed energy pulse beam weapons; strange phone calls in the midst of the night; black helicopter flyovers of their homes; both women being followed by government vehicles while travelling to UFO conferences that they were invited to speak at.

It is this author's opinion that the fast acting cancer which Dr. Turner was afflicted with and that ended her life in January of 1996, was caused by as the result of a directed energy microwave weapons' attack against Dr. Turner.

A weaponized spy satellite which was based on signals intelligence technology, could have been used to track Dr. Turner's brain's own unique electromagnetic signature, if her brain map had been secretly decoded by the U.S. Department Of Defense, and used to remotely target her person for a microwave energy weapon's radiation attack.

Many targets of such non consensual human experimentation (including this author) have reported a myriad of manifestations in regard to such directed energy weaponry.

This author also believes that many other well known UFOlogists who refused to end their research, or to become part of a government organized propaganda campaign to circulate disinformation regarding the UFO phenomenon, were also covertly murdered by way of directed energy weaponry.

Dr. Karla Turner's Three Books: "Taken" - "Into The Fringe" - And "Masquerade Of Angels" Can Be Downloaded At This Website In PDF Format

It is also this author's opinion that this microwave energy technology is used to torture and murder any persons whom the U.S. Military-Intelligence complex in take a dislike to, while violating the Constitutionally protected rights of these citizens.

Moreover, in addition to Dr. Karla Turner, this author believes that pop star Michael Jackson, EarthFirst! activist Judi Bari, alternative journalist Mae Brussell, America Freedom To Fascism producer, Aaron Russo, actress Brittany Murphy, her husband, producer Simon Monjack, and actress Anna Nicole Smith and her son Daniel, were just some of the better known personalities who've been covertly murdered by way of directed energy weaponry.

All of whom either died from fast acting cancers or sudden heart attacks.

I also think that privacy rights expert, Dr. Katherine Albrecht has been a target of these microwave energy weapons, as the result of the books she has written exposing the RFID industry, and the dangers of the RFID implanted microchip.

I believe that the Stage III breast cancer which Albrecht contracted a few years ago, was the result of her being targeted by a directed energy microwave weapon.

There is a great conspiracy within the U.S. Federal Government, to demonize any American citizen who has attempted to research any areas of interest which this government considers to be off limits to the public.

And while the government will tolerate the average amateur UFOlogist who is unknown, blogging about their opinions of the UFO phenomenon, it will not tolerate those *UFOlogists who've gained world renown for their research and writings in regard to this controversial subject.

That is unless these people have agreed to be used to serve as disinformation agents for the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, in which case, they can have very lucrative careers speaking publicly to millions of UFO enthusiasts, since they are being used to misdirect these people away from the truth regarding the UFO conspiracy.

As for the UFO conspiracy, since the midst of the 20TH Century, factions within the U.S. Military-Intelligence complex have not only known of the existence of extra terrestrial biological entities and UFO craft, but also interacted with EBE's; while spending perhaps trillions of dollars in which to construct facilities to conceal these beings from the American public.

* As previously stated, there appears to be an exception here, in that some UFOlogists who are also alleged to be UFO contactees, or even abductees, are allowed to profit from writing books and attending UFO speaking conferences, while others are murdered for doing so.

The only logical reason for this is that these people are being used for the purpose of government propaganda, in order to intentionally misinform the public regarding the UFO phenomenon, while those UFOlogists who have been murdered, have refused to become pawns in such red herrings.

Which begs the question: As for this dark and nefarious alliance, who's really in control of the United States, and for that matter the rest of this planet?

Humans or Aliens?

The U.S. Federal Government's intense secrecy on this subject and punishment of those who attempt to obtain such answers, only serves as cause for greater concern.

Moreover, there is the concept of interdimensional beings which Turner discusses, and which pioneers of astral travel such as Robert Monroe and Ted Rice have described in their writings.

In any event, for more than seventy years, the American people have been awaiting an answer from a government which remains intent on concealing this information at any cost, including the commission of murder.

What is for certain is that by maintaining such secrecy, instead of abating the public's natural curiosity in regard to such arcane subjects, this government has only provoked this curiosity.

Moreover, given the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' theft of Nicola Tesla's research and free energy technology, as well as the possible theft of an antigravity propulsion device which Tesla was said to have designed before his death in 1943 - and which was purported to have been incorporated into scale UFO-like craft designed by Dr. T. Townsend Brown (which was later seized by the U.S. federal government and given the highest security classification) - it is entirely possible that much of the UFO craft that we are presently seeing in our skies is based on Tesla's research on antigravity propulsion systems, and being flown by agents of the federal government.

As such, is it any wonder why the Pentagon would want to exploit the UFO phenomenon now more than ever, in an effort to cover up the fact that the Defense Department may very well have access to UFO like craft that are capable of traveling to planets within our own solar system, and quite possibly even to remote star systems?

- James F. Marino

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