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House Of Rothschild Frontman Barack Obama Already Starting On The Campaign Trail For The 2012 Presidency With A Promise To Tax The Rich

Barack Obama - "Tax The Rich"

More Empty Promises From This Illuminati Front Man

In today's Newsday daily paper, there's a photo of Barack Obama with the caption "Obama Budget Plan - Tax The Rich."

After more than three years of breaking many promises that Obama made the middle class during his 2008 election campaign, he's now laying the ground work for a 2012 run, while making further campaign promises that this House of Rothschild front-man has no intention of ever delivering.

Taxing the rich has always been a joke, since the IRS tax code makes allowances for the wealthy through tax loopholes, under the concept of tax avoidance (which the IRS claims is legal as opposed to tax evasion which the IRS claims is not), that middle class Americans cannot benefit by.

So Obama can even implement a flat tax as former presidential candidate Steve Forbes suggested years ago, without impacting the affluent, since the IRS tax avoidance rule will allow for the wealthy to dodge paying the federal income tax - whether it's a flat tax, or the Communistic system of graduated taxation that the American middle class has been subjugated to by the IRS since the organization's creation in the early 1900's.

The bottom line is that the federal income tax has always been used by the rich in America as a covert form of class warfare against this country's middle class. And the only way to compensate America's middle class, is to abolish the federal income tax altogether, and to restore the value of American currency by reinstating the gold standard.

However, in order to do this the Federal Reserve's system of counterfeiting and laundering currency must also be abolished. And the gold which the Federal Reserve began looting from the U.S. Treasury shortly after the Fed's creation in 1914, must be returned to the Treasury, since this gold is the property of the American people -not the Federal Reserve System.

The only logical way to remove the House of Rothschild from America is to destroy its means of imposing such class warfare - the Federal Reserve System and its collection bag man, the Internal Revenue Service. By abolishing the two, the House of Rothschild will lose its control over the U.S. economy, as well as its control over the three branches of the U.S. Federal Government.

This while repealing destructive legislation such as NAFTA and CAFTA, which have allowed corporate America to grow rich by farming jobs out to other countries with cheaper labor, while the average American worker is either forced to earn less or even worse, to end up jobless and homeless.

Unless such significant changes are implemented, the American middle class will eventually be reduced to the type of slave labor that was once perpetrated by the wealthy monarchies in the way of indentured servitude.

Once again, slaves to the British Empire and its Zionist money machine - The House of Rothschild. The most duplicitous counterfeiters and money launderers in human history.

In fact, by the late 18Th Century, the House of Rothschild feared that the newly created United States Republic and its debt free status, would eventually destroy the global monarchies.

It was this fear that resulted in the Rothschilds' fomenting of a plan to create a central bank in the United States, which would be used to counterfeit and launder the Rothschilds' bogus currency, which the Rothschilds would then secretly use in order to force the American people into a state of chronic debt.

This, while also taking control of the U.S. economy through the Rothschilds' counterfeiting and laundering of Federal Reserve Notes.

Federal Reserve Notes are backed by nothing of intrinsic value, and have been used to replace the gold that Americans used as legal tender until 1933. Moreover, every time that the Federal Reserve System creates a Federal Reserve Note, it creates a debt to the U.S. Treasury, which the American people are forced to pay back with interest, through the Federal income tax. The most clandestine form of class warfare ever created.

The Rothschilds first two central banks met with failure. However, their third central bank, the Federal Reserve System, has been operating in the United States since 1914.

The Federal Reserve's control over the U.S. economy has allowed it to usurp the power of the United States Congress, which, along with the President and his cabinet, are controlled by the Federal Reserve System.

Since the inception of the industrial revolution, the battle between the House of Rothschild (and its robber baron accomplices) and the rest of America's population has existed, only to grow far worse over time, as the Rothschilds have stolen nearly all of this country's wealth; while leaving tens of millions of Americans on the brink of destitution.

As has always been the case in regard to such class warfare, the pain and suffering which accompanies such warfare in the United States, have now brought with them those winds of change which have historically characterized the rebellions that have followed such subterfuge. Those battles, which from America's earliest days as a Constitutional Republic, were once fought, and will soon be fought again.

A Republic which the American middle class must reinstate if they wish to regain their sovereignty and freedom. A Republic which will again serve the interests of the American people, and not the Rothschilds and their ultra class of elitists; those whom for generations have learned to pervert government for their own criminal agendas, and through their political savvy and use of puppets like Barack Obama, George W. Bush and the myriad other mouth pieces of world Zionism; all of whom have aided and abetted the Rothschilds in their attempts to destroy this once great nation.

- James F. Marino

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