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Eustace Mullins, The Greatest Alternative Journalist Of The 20Th Century Was Even Being Smeared At The Time Of His Death Last Year

  • The House Of Rothschilds' Zionist Jew Bankers & Their War On Those Americans Who Attempted To Expose The Rothschilds' Control Over The United States And Its People, Through The Rothschilds' Federal Reserve System Communist Central Bank

  • Eustace Mullins' "A Writ For Martyrs" Describes The FBI's COINTELPRO Attack On The Late Author & The Bureau's Attempts To Covertly Murder Mullins


    By John Kaminski

    Bad weather and hard feelings have delayed funeral services for legendary political historian Eustace Mullins, who died Feb. 2.

    Uncharacteristic snow has covered the Appalachian Mountains, making an outside funeral impossible, but the resentment that has infected Staunton, Virginia over the last 50 years toward a writer who tried to uncover the darkest secrets of the world’s richest men remains in full force, a hatred of a man they perceived betrayed his country for telling these very secrets, and the truth.

    This hatred which so hurt Mullins during his exemplary lifetime of one shocking exposé after another is following him to his grave.

    Mullins’ caretaker Jesse Lee noted that the local newspaper ran a prepackaged 3-page smear job of Mullins shortly after his death was announced, and that numerous locals have made it clear to him that any public display of respect for Mullins would not be permitted by town officials. Of course, this was the tenor of Mullins’ life: tailed by J. Edgar Hoover, avoiding kidnap attempts by mysterious figures, and watching his parents die of apoplexy because of what the FBI did to them. Lee said a small, private family service would be held Wednesday (2-10), with cremation to follow, and burial in nearby Hebron Cemetery, which was Eustace’s preference.

    “There’s no way we can have a real funeral here,” said Lee. “He’s a national treasure. I plan to continue taking Eustace’s work around the country, following the same plan we did for the last 18 months, taking Eustace around to see his friends.” Thousands of people around the world are clamoring to acquire any of Mullins’ many works. As yet, no systems are in place for this distribution, and Jesse has no office from which to coordinate mailing. Stay tuned for further details.

    Nor is there any way at this time to make a meaningful contribution to the effort to distribute Mullins’ works. Again, more details will be forthcoming when the funeral matters are settled. John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida who has favorably reviewed many of Mullins’ works. Source:

  • Editor's Note" The FBI was the main source of slander regarding the late Eustace Mullins, who even wrote a book in regard to the FBI's COINTELPRO against his person.

    Mullins' parents were also routinely subjected to such COINTELPRO harassment by the FBI, just as this author's parents continue to be; while the FBI attempts to cover up its precedent setting violations of both my Constitutional rights, as well as the rights of several of my Family members.

    The FBI and NSA have found a plausibly deniable way in which to murder both this author and my Family, in efforts to obscure what have become the most egregious violations of basic human rights in American history. Just as they did with Mullins' parents through the FBI's years of torturous psychological abuse.

    However, what the FBI is most concerned about, is attempting to cover up the fact that the American people have been secretly brain fingerprinted by the National Security Agency. Something the Intelligence community took great pains to accomplish in 1992, when they used a corrupted U.S. Federal Judge by the name of Stanley Sporkin, to derail a legitimate lawsuit against the National Security Agency, which exposed the NSA's implementation of a national brain fingerprinting program in the United States.

    For decades, the NSA has utilized this technology in order to experiment on this author via its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, while using my person for various forms of non consensual human experimentation; particularly, a remote form of mind control research conducted by way of the electromagnetic spectrum, which qualifies as a modern day version of the CIA's MKULTRA program of the 1950's. For the past decade the FBI has also fomented a vicious psychological warfare campaign against my person and Family, in efforts to drive this author to the point of a complete mental breakdown.

    However, in 2008, when it became apparent that the FBI's years of psyops had failed, they then became far more aggressive in the smear campaign which they fomented against my person at the time this psyop campaign was catalyzed in 2003.

    The FBI has done so in efforts to justify the years of torture and its attempt to murder my person, both of which the FBI and NSA are guilty of.

    It was around 2005 that symbolism became the FBI's primary component in its demonization campaign against this author, using a myriad of psychological triggers in which to brainwash the public, including the use of colors and numbers, oftentimes used in conjunction with each other, to perpetrate this psywarfare campaign.

    Once this is done long enough, the target of such a smear campaign will become associated with these triggers, as the result of the vigilante community network, which the U.S. Intelligence community devised under the cover of the Bush 43 Administration's war on terror propaganda; done a short time after the terrorist attacks on 9-11-2001 took place.

    This network organizes outside of the mainstream media, in which to plot the murders of targeted individuals in the United States. This way, the media can be used in which to covertly demonize the targeted person while not needing to mention the names of the targets in its broadcasts, since these groups have already been brainwashed into associating specific triggers with specific targets.

    The cooperation of the public is gained through the typical brainwashing and fear tactics the U.S. Military-Intelligence complex has historically employed in their covert black operations. The public thus understands that if they fail to take part in these attacks, they will become targets of such attacks.

    This is in fact (along with the type of deceptive propaganda now being distributed throughout the U.S. Media and the politicians in this country) how Adolph Hitler managed to destroy Germany's Weinmar Republic within a matter of months, while turning Germany into a dictatorship through the Nazi Enabling Act.

    The same thing has now happened within the United States, as the Patriot Act has been used to destroy the United States Constitution, and with it the freedom that the American people once had. Moreover, with each year that has passed, and the FBI's subsequent failure to murder this author, this psyop campaign using such symbolism, has become more aggressive to the point of total lunacy; perpetrated by agents who are not only sociopathic in their attacks, but demonstrative of the incarnated evil that has come to characterize the House of Rothschild.

    These agents have spent tens of millions in taxpayer dollars in their attack on this author, when they have never had the legal authority in which to place my person under satellite surveillance, nor to use this author for the types of non consensual human experimentation that literally thousands of other Americans are now blogging about, in regard to their own experiences as targets of such satellite predation.

    What's at stake here for the U.S. Intelligence community is that the American people have begun to understand that John St. Clair Akwei, this author, and many other targets of the NSA's satellite predation, are telling the truth about the NSA's crimes against us, and that we are being irradiated by these satellite based weapons, and slowly murdered by those within the U.S. Intelligence community who are deploying them against us.

    And that these crimes are being perpetrated by way of a national brain fingerprinting program implemented by the National Security Agency.

    Moreover, as far as the FBI's claims regarding such targets, slander campaigns and coerced testimony only serve as further cover for the FBI's crimes, since the FBI's need to circumvent the U.S. Constitution is illustrative of the FBI's guilt, and intent to never answer to a judge or jury in regard to these crimes.

    The FBI/NSA directed energy attacks on this author have also become more aggressive, as the result of the failed psyop campaign which Intel began in 2003.

    I have now developed a chronic cough for more than a month which I am certain is being induced by way of directed energy weaponry. Whether it is the early stages of lung cancer remains to be seen, even though I am a non smoker. However, I have been targeted by this directed energy weaponry for nearly two decades, and far more aggressively over the past few years.

    Furthermore, many other targets of such government black operations have in fact been murdered by such electromagnetic warfare when contracting cancers which were created via such technology.

    The FBI is also being utilized in order to destroy the concept of Family in the United States, creating conflict amongst American families who understand that the terrorist attacks on 9-11-2001 were in fact a false flag operation, and that the House of Rothschild does control the United States through its Communist central bank, the Federal Reserve System - a glorified counterfeiter and money launderer which continues to be used by the Rothschilds in order to conduct a covert form of class warfare on the American middle class.

    The fact of the matter is that the American middle class has unwittingly had nearly all of its wealth stolen by the Federal Reserve System, through the Internal Revenue Service, while the Federal Reserve System has looted much of the gold bullion from the U.S. Treasury.

    This is why the American people were taken off the gold standard in 1933, while the U.S. Federal Government made it a crime to use real gold as legal tender. From that time on, Americans have been used to launder the Federal Reserve's counterfeited Reserve Notes and been tricked into using and accepting this bogus currency in the purchase of real estate, automobiles and myriad goods and services - while their gold has been stolen from them.

    As for the U.S. Intelligence community's use of directed energy weapons, there are thousands of Americans who are targeted for such attacks every day, as the House of Rothschild controlled dictatorship in the United States continues its agenda to murder those who will not acquiece to the Rothschilds' intent to create a Zionist world government. Thus bringing about the destruction of the United States with the incorporation of the land which now includes the USA, Mexico and Canada into the North American Union branch of the House of Rothschilds' Zionist world government.

    This world government will be composed of three separate branches which will include the European Union, the Asian Union and the North American Union. The American people have been lied to and abused in the worst ways imaginable; many of whom remain so abjectly brainwashed, that even when shown the truth, they refuse to believe it. Hopefully, those Americans who have managed to break their programming will stand against this shadow government and destroy it before it can finish off the American people and this country for good.

    - James F. Marino
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