Monday, March 28, 2011

Witness Testimony That An FBI Agent Threatened To Murder AIM Activist Annie Mae Aquash Months Before She Was Killed

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  • The FBI's Murder Of Annie Mae Aquash

    Editor's Note: The following post serves as further evidence that FBI agents regularly intimidate those whom the Bureau attempts to utilize in one of their COINTELPRO operations. The FBI's intimidation can even lead to murder threats, as is shown below, regarding the Bureau's intimidation of the late American Indian Movement activist, Annie Mae Aquash, just a short time before she was actually murdered. Most members of the American Indian Movement have long suspected that the FBI was responsible for the murder of Annie Mae Aquash, and are still attempting to hold the FBI responsible for this crime.

    This author is also certain that the FBI has made similar threats to members of my Family, in efforts to control them, in order to cover up the FBI's collusion with the NSA to illegally spy upon my person for decades, while using this author for a modern day version of the type of mind control experimentation that the CIA was conducting on American citizens during its MKULTRA program. MKULTRA began in the early 1950's and was officially ended in 1972, after the CIA was exposed for torturing men, women and even young children while attempting to use its mind control research program to create the ideal candidates to carry out covert assassinations.

    The program, which had more than 140 sub-projects, was officially ended at that time, however, went underground after that. This program is now being carried out on a much wider scale within the U.S. Military-Intelligence complex, with advanced forms of computer to brain interfacing technology perpetrated via *signals intelligence technology, which makes use of the electromagnetic spectrum, without any apparent paper trail this time around.

    * See John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the National Security Agency

    In such situations, the FBI nor its accomplices want to be challenged in regard to the crimes which they have committed - especially under cross examination in a court of law, where both the FBI and its witnesses would be subjected to charges of perjury for lying in efforts to cover up such crimes. And this applies to the following case, in which crimes that the FBI committed while conducting a COINTELPRO operation against the American Indian Movement in the 1970's, would be exposed to a jury.

    It is easier for the FBI to conduct a whitewash of the facts in such instances, while fomenting smear campaigns against anyone whom they have committed such crimes against, where the FBI can make any statements they care to, while avoiding being challenged by those whom they have committed such serious crimes against. The U.S. Justice Department is also expert at dragging out cases indefinitely in order to prevent the plaintiffs from seeking justice in such crimes, in the hope that these people will die before their cases can be tried. This usually results in their cases never being heard at all. However, in the rare instance when such cases are actually tried, the Justice Department has stonewalled these cases until many of the agents involved in these crimes are no longer alive, making it impossible to hold them accountable for their crimes.

    It is such stalling tactics that have encouraged FBI agents to commit crimes against American citizens, because they know that the DOJ can manipulate the legal system for its own criminal means. And this has allowed the FBI to become the extraordinarly nefarious example of organized crime that it has. An organization that remains unnaccountable for its actions, and which is under no legitimate government oversight. The fact that the FBI has never held a legislative charter and thus has no statutory basis for its existence in the United States, serves as further proof of this. The following was excerpted from the Website.

    "An FBI agent threatened the life of Annie Mae Aquash in the months before her murder, a friend of hers testified Friday. Candy Hamilton was called as a government witness in the case against John Graham, who is accused of killing Aquash in December 1975. Under cross-examination, Hamilton said Aquash told her that FBI agent David Price had tried to get Aquash to talk about what happened at the Jumping Bull ranch at Oglala on June 26, 1975, when two FBI agents were fatally shot. Aquash -- who had been in Iowa on that date -- wouldn't talk to Price, who allegedly became angry.

    'He said if she didn't start cooperating that he would see that she died,' Hamilton told jurors. Assistant attorney general Rod Oswald asked Hamilton if she was alleging that Price had killed Aquash. 'I don't think he pulled the trigger,' she said, "but I think he could make it happen.' Hamilton said she did not trust FBI or tribal police and hadn't told them about seeing Aquash, who had clearly been crying, in December 1975 at the Rapid City office of the Wounded Knee legal committee. Prosecutors believe Aquash was interrogated there by members of the American Indian Movement, who suspected she was a government informant."

    See the full article here:

  • FBI Agent Threatened To Kill AIM Activist Annie Mae Aquash
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